In the Land of Lies: Seeing, Saying and Pseudotopia, Part 1

It seems such an obvious truth: In regione caecorum rex est luscus — “In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king.” But the English writer H.G. Wells turned the proverb on its head in his short-story “The Country of the Blind” (1904), one of the cleverest and most profound ever written. Wells’ story describes a sighted mountaineer who, while climbing in the Andes, discovers a hidden valley where the inhabitants have been blind for generations.

Seeing is Sinful

Does the sighted mountaineer become king of the valley? Far from it. Socially speaking, his faculty of sight isn’t merely a disadvantage but a dangerous curse. The blind tribesfolk are not impressed by his claims to possess an additional and superior sense:

He spoke of the beauties of sight, of watching the mountains, of the sky and the sunrise, and they heard him with amused incredulity that presently became condemnatory. They told him there were indeed no mountains at all, but that the end of the rocks where the llamas grazed was indeed the end of the world; thence sprang a cavernous roof of the universe, from which the dew and the avalanches fell; and when he maintained stoutly the world had neither end nor roof such as they supposed, they said his thoughts were wicked. (“The Country of the Blind”)

It turns out that, in the land of the blind, the two-eyed man is a heretic. It would be even worse in a land where, for religious reasons, people merely pretended to be blind. Or rather: it is indeed worse in a land of pretended blindness. Britain is like that. So is the rest of the ethnically enriched West. It is heretical to comment on certain highly visible aspects of the world. Instead, we have to pretend that they’re not there and either remain silent or state the opposite of the truth.

“There is only one race — the human race!”

Britain is not a Utopia but a Pseudotopia — a Land of Lies. The biggest and foulest lies swirl in the vast sewer of what the left would call “racial discourse.” Here are a few of those lies:

  • There is only one race — the human race.
  • All races are equal in intellectual, moral and civilizational potential.
  • Mass immigration from the Third World enriches the stale pale nations of the First World.
  • Any White resistance to ethnic enrichment must be crushed before it leads to a Second Holocaust.
  • When non-Whites fail, it can only be because of White racism.

Stephen Lawrence, Black martyr

These lies are reinforced constantly by every medium of official propaganda and public education, but sometimes the storm of mendacity rises to a hurricane. Britain has experienced one of those hurricanes in 2018. First, this year is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the martyrdom of our new patron saint, St Stephen Lawrence, the Black teenager who was murdered by a White gang in London in 1993. Second, the government is accused of mistreating members of the so-called Windrush Generation, that is, the saintly non-White immigrants who began arriving in Britain after the Second World War.

Never let reality intrude on ideology

The first ship to carry these immigrants was called the Empire Windrush. In the words of the dedicated virtue-signaller Jeremy Corbyn, the immigrants came here “to rebuild” the country. Corbyn’s words were echoed by Gary Younge, the Guardian’s chief Black intellectual, who said that the Windrush Generation “came here from the Commonwealth to rebuild Britain.” Not to help rebuild Britain, but to rebuild it all on their ownsome, despite being, in those distant days, a tiny fraction of the population. In other words, they were supermen and superwomen, armed with miraculous powers that made any one of them worth many thousands of mere British Whites. Or so Corbyn and Younge are pretending. After all, the left never let reality intrude on ideology.

Culture of critique by a Black enricher

And the reality, of course, was that the non-Whites of the “Windrush Generation” were of low average IQ and came from clannish, corrupt cultures with no history of economic success or intellectual achievement. They were not suited to life in an advanced technological society and the ordinary Whites of Britain objected loudly to their presence right from the beginning. Britain’s treacherous elite responded to these White objections by passing harsher and harsher laws against free speech and free association.

Roy Hattersley and his Jewish wife

The so-called Labour party, which was founded to champion the White working-class, instead sided with the elite and the predatory capitalists who benefited from cheap labour. And Labour was proud of its treachery. Just look at Roy Hattersley, a former deputy leader of the party who served as MP for the working-class Whites of Sparkbrook in Birmingham. He has boasted that “For most of my 33 years in Westminster, I was able to resist Sparkbrook’s demands about the great issues of national policy — otherwise, my first decade would have been spent opposing all Commonwealth immigration and my last calling for withdrawal from the European Union.”

Britain is not a democracy

We can be certain that Hattersley joined loudly and enthusiastically in the chorus of execration that followed Enoch Powell’s so-called “Rivers of Blood” speech in 1968. Powell spoke up for ordinary British Whites, opposed mass immigration, and became the most popular politician in the country. But Britain isn’t a democracy and he was driven out of respectable society by the treacherous elite. Roy Hattersley summed up the attitude of the elite when he asked this rhetorical question: “Should I, in 1964, have called for what a clear majority of my constituents, and most of the country, undoubtedly wanted — the repatriation of all Commonwealth immigrants?” His answer: of course not. He did not want the majority to have any say in their nation’s future. But if Britain had been a democracy, there would have been no need for repatriation, because the non-White “Commonwealth immigrants” would never have arrived in the first place.

Unlike Britain, the East European nation of Hungary is a democracy. Its people have been given a chance to say whether or not they want to be enriched by non-White immigration. Their answer has been a decisive no: they have just voted overwhelmingly to re-elect their anti-migration prime minister Viktor Orbán, who has become the Enoch Powell de nos jours. He is a hate-figure for Europe’s xenophilic elite, who constantly ask: How can Orbán say that non-White and Muslim immigration would be bad for Hungary when Hungary has never experienced it? It’s an extremely stupid and disingenuous question. Orbán and millions of other Hungarians know that non-White immigration would be bad for their nation because they can see what it has done to Britain, France, Sweden and Germany. Unlike those enriched nations, Hungary does not suffer from suicide-bombing, rape-gangs, female genital mutilation and exotic Third-World diseases. If Hungary allowed mass immigration, it would certainly acquire those pathologies.

Hungarian hate-thinker Viktor Orbán

“Objective news about migration…”

To the left, it is deeply shameful that Orbán should oppose mass immigration by pointing at its bad effects on Western Europe. This an extract from one of the many anti-Orbán articles published by the Guardian:

“Hungarians are bombarded by fabricated news about migration and shameless xenophobic propaganda on a daily basis,” said Kornel Klopstein, who has helped set up what has become the Nyomtassteis movement, which prints its own newsletters containing information to counter the government propaganda. … “Bringing objective news about migration to people can help them to make better decisions in the upcoming elections,” said Klopstein. (‘Ghettos and no-go zones’: Hungary’s far right fuels migrant fears ahead of vote, The Guardian, 28th March 2018)

Kornel Klopstein does not agree with the Hungarian majority, so it’s interesting that he does not have a Hungarian name. Is he Jewish? The “poet and translator” George Szirtes is certainly Jewish and has attacked Orbán again and again in the Guardian. For example, he’s claimed that Hungary is on the verge of becoming a full-blown autocracy and that Orbán is “invoking every antisemitic trope in the book” in his criticisms of the pro-migration Jewish billionaire George Soros. Another Jewish writer, Gideon Rachman, wrote in the Financial Times that Orbán’s criticisms of Soros are “laden with anti-Semitic imagery.” It’s odd, then, that the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated Orbán on his victory. Netanyaju does not support anti-Semitism.

Jewish Good-Thinker Gideon Rachman

And what does the SJW Kornel Klopstein mean by the phrase “objective news about migration”? I assume that he means the ludicrous propaganda peddled by SJWs in the West. For example, the Guardian has breathlessly reported that “German initiatives are equipping new arrivals with the skills to alleviate the country’s worker shortage.” Yes, an “Afghan cop” has become a “German nurse,” so we don’t need to worry that most new enrichers in Germany are unqualified or even illiterate and that White German taxpayers could be facing a bill of a trillion euros to cover welfare, housing and medical care for those enrichers.

Schwimmen Macht Frei

As I said: the left never let reality intrude on ideology. For another example, meet a German SJW called Günter Schütte. According to the Guardian, he has found a magic key to turning clannish, corrupt Third-Worlders into model citizens of an advanced First-World society. Herr Schütte is, in the Guardian’s entirely straight-faced words, “Germany’s first swimming instructor to specialise in helping to cure refugees’ fear of water.” The article continues:

[W]hen Schütte realised that many refugees who arrived in Wolfsburg were families from countries with little open water, and that many children had been traumatised by the journey across the Mediterranean, he decided that swimming could become a tool for better integration. … If Schütte thinks that swimming can help young asylum seekers find a path in the country they now call their home, it’s because he believes that water doesn’t just counteract the pull of gravity. The pool is meant to be a faith-free zone. “In my swimming course, religion has to go to the back of the queue,” he says over a plate of pasta with pumpkin ragout prepared by his wife. “We swim together, no matter what people believe in. That is something that is very important to me and that I am very frank about.” (How swimming lessons change the lives of refugee children, The Guardian, 21st April 2018)

Problem solved! This kind of idiocy has to be taken seriously in Pseudotopias like Britain and Germany. In Hungary, by contrast, politicians speak the truth about mass immigration and xenophilic Jews like George Szirtes and Gideon Rachman do not have a decisive influence on immigration policy. If Jews did have a decisive influence, Hungary would open its borders to the Third World and begin to suffer all the pathologies of non-White enrichment: mass murder, rape-gangs, dead cartoonists, honour killings, female genital mutilation, grope-festivals, in-breeding and exotic diseases.

Anti-Racism Kills Blacks

Hungary would also acquire two new state religions: Holocaustianity and minority worship, both of which are flourishing in the Pseudotopia of Britain. At the heart of minority worship here is the martyr-cult of our new patron saint, St Stephen Lawrence. He was the victim of a very rare crime: White-on-Black murder. Just as in the United States, most inter-racial violence in Britain, from murder to rape, is committed by non-Whites against Whites, despite non-Whites still being a minority of the population. The left is not interested in this statistical truth  or the reality of anti-White predation and hatred that underlies it. Instead, the left is interested in power. The martyr-cult of Stephen Lawrence is admirably suited to advancing the power of the left.

But the martyr-cult is not at all suited to protecting ordinary Blacks from violent crime. In the United States, the self-righteous activists of Black Lives Matter have been responsible for thousands of unnecessary deaths:

We’ve been repeatedly assured over the last two years that there is no such thing as a Ferguson Effect, that Black Lives Matter couldn’t possibly be contributing to a higher homicide rate. We’ve also been assured that it’s all very complicated and it will take years to disentangle.

Also, the homicide spike isn’t at all national, it’s just in a few cities like Baltimore and Chicago. As I point out below, the latest Chicago surge in murders began in January 2016, immediately after or coinciding with four BLM-driven triumphs of liberalism over the Chicago Police Department from late November 2015 to early January 2016.

But Chicago is murky compared to Baltimore, where the current high rate of homicides can be dated to April 27, 2015, the day of the BLM riot over Freddie Gray’s death. This may be the single most clear-cut case in the history of social science. … (Well, There’s Your Problem Right There, Baltimore, Steve Sailer, 28th September 2017)

Something similar happened in Britain after the MacPherson Report, an enquiry into the death of Stephen Lawrence that described the Metropolitan police in London as “institutionally racist.” The police stepped back from policing Blacks and more Blacks were murdered as a result. Violent crime against Whites also rose and the MacPherson Report undoubtedly made the police even less willing to act against the non-White rape-gangs at work in places like Rotherham and Oxford. Furthermore, the Report, commissioned by the highly authoritarian New Labour government, allowed that government to abolish the “800-year-old” legal safeguard against double jeopardy, or repeated prosecution for the same crime.

Gerontophile rapists and triple-murderers

In short, the martyr-cult of Stephen Lawrence has been extremely bad for Britain. But any mainstream politician or journalist who dared to say so would be treated like Enoch Powell and driven out of respectable society. Instead, ordinary Whites are supposed to writhe in shame every time the mournful features of Doreen Lawrence, the martyr’s mother, appear in the British media. It’s a surreal situation, because Lady Lawrence, who was ennobled by the cuckservative David Cameron in 2013, came to Britain from the extremely violent and corrupt Black nation of Jamaica, where the police carry out “hundreds of illegal killings” every year, according to the impeccably liberal Amnesty International. Official propaganda insists that Black Jamaican immigrants have made a “massive contribution” to Britain.

Doreen Lawrence and her Trotskyist lawyer Imran Khan

And indeed they have: for example, they have committed a vastly disproportionate number of murders and rapes here. The gerontophile Delroy Easton Grant, who raped scores or even hundreds of elderly White women, came to Britain from Jamaica. So did Theodore Johnson, who performed the remarkable feat of murdering three of his female “partners.” So did the violent gang that used the rape of White women as an initiation rite. But those Jamaican over-achievers flash through the British media like meteors, briefly glimpsed and then gone for ever. Stephen Lawrence and his mother, by contrast, are permanent fixtures in the political firmament, blazing forth as symbols of Black victimhood and White villainy.

The Ruling Stones

But Doreen Lawrence isn’t very intelligent and didn’t become prominent by her own efforts. She is the leading figure in the martyr-cult, but she didn’t create the cult or ensure its permanency in British public life. Instead, just like the NAACP in the United States, the martyr-cult was a Jewish creation. Its guiding intellect was the cold and calculating Dr Richard Stone, a former head of the Jewish Council for Racial Equality and a dedicated advocate of the need for Jews and Muslims to unite, as “natural allies,” against their shared White Christian oppressors.

Mainspring of the martyr-cult: Dr Richard Stone

Alas, Dr Stone’s work to forge a Jewish-Muslim alliance has been far less successful than his work to promote the martyr-cult of Stephen Lawrence. Dr Stone has very effectively promoted the lie that Whites are an ominous and ever-present threat to the well-being of non-Whites. The truth is completely the opposite. Non-Whites are a massive threat to Whites, not vice versa. They are also a massive threat to each other. In the twenty-five years since Stephen Lawrence was martyred, thousands of Blacks have been murdered by other Blacks in Britain. In 2018, Blacks and other non-Whites form the vast majority of those both committing and falling victim to knife-murders and acid attacks in London.

End of Part 1.

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