In the Land of Lies: Seeing, Saying and Pseudotopia, Part 1

It seems such an obvious truth: In regione caecorum rex est luscus — “In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king.” But the English writer H.G. Wells turned the proverb on its head in his short-story “The Country of the Blind” (1904), one of the cleverest and most profound ever written. Wells’ story describes a sighted mountaineer who, while climbing in the Andes, discovers a hidden valley where the inhabitants have been blind for generations.

Seeing is Sinful

Does the sighted mountaineer become king of the valley? Far from it. Socially speaking, his faculty of sight isn’t merely a disadvantage but a dangerous curse. The blind tribesfolk are not impressed by his claims to possess an additional and superior sense:

He spoke of the beauties of sight, of watching the mountains, of the sky and the sunrise, and they heard him with amused incredulity that presently became condemnatory. They told him there were indeed no mountains at all, but that the end of the rocks where the llamas grazed was indeed the end of the world; thence sprang a cavernous roof of the universe, from which the dew and the avalanches fell; and when he maintained stoutly the world had neither end nor roof such as they supposed, they said his thoughts were wicked. (“The Country of the Blind”)

It turns out that, in the land of the blind, the two-eyed man is a heretic. It would be even worse in a land where, for religious reasons, people merely pretended to be blind. Or rather: it is indeed worse in a land of pretended blindness. Britain is like that. So is the rest of the ethnically enriched West. It is heretical to comment on certain highly visible aspects of the world. Instead, we have to pretend that they’re not there and either remain silent or state the opposite of the truth.

“There is only one race — the human race!”

Britain is not a Utopia but a Pseudotopia — a Land of Lies. The biggest and foulest lies swirl in the vast sewer of what the left would call “racial discourse.” Here are a few of those lies:

  • There is only one race — the human race.
  • All races are equal in intellectual, moral and civilizational potential.
  • Mass immigration from the Third World enriches the stale pale nations of the First World.
  • Any White resistance to ethnic enrichment must be crushed before it leads to a Second Holocaust.
  • When non-Whites fail, it can only be because of White racism.

Stephen Lawrence, Black martyr

These lies are reinforced constantly by every medium of official propaganda and public education, but sometimes the storm of mendacity rises to a hurricane. Britain has experienced one of those hurricanes in 2018. First, this year is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the martyrdom of our new patron saint, St Stephen Lawrence, the Black teenager who was murdered by a White gang in London in 1993. Second, the government is accused of mistreating members of the so-called Windrush Generation, that is, the saintly non-White immigrants who began arriving in Britain after the Second World War.

Never let reality intrude on ideology

The first ship to carry these immigrants was called the Empire Windrush. In the words of the dedicated virtue-signaller Jeremy Corbyn, the immigrants came here “to rebuild” the country. Corbyn’s words were echoed by Gary Younge, the Guardian’s chief Black intellectual, who said that the Windrush Generation “came here from the Commonwealth to rebuild Britain.” Not to help rebuild Britain, but to rebuild it all on their ownsome, despite being, in those distant days, a tiny fraction of the population. In other words, they were supermen and superwomen, armed with miraculous powers that made any one of them worth many thousands of mere British Whites. Or so Corbyn and Younge are pretending. After all, the left never let reality intrude on ideology.

Culture of critique by a Black enricher

And the reality, of course, was that the non-Whites of the “Windrush Generation” were of low average IQ and came from clannish, corrupt cultures with no history of economic success or intellectual achievement. They were not suited to life in an advanced technological society and the ordinary Whites of Britain objected loudly to their presence right from the beginning. Britain’s treacherous elite responded to these White objections by passing harsher and harsher laws against free speech and free association.

Roy Hattersley and his Jewish wife

The so-called Labour party, which was founded to champion the White working-class, instead sided with the elite and the predatory capitalists who benefited from cheap labour. And Labour was proud of its treachery. Just look at Roy Hattersley, a former deputy leader of the party who served as MP for the working-class Whites of Sparkbrook in Birmingham. He has boasted that “For most of my 33 years in Westminster, I was able to resist Sparkbrook’s demands about the great issues of national policy — otherwise, my first decade would have been spent opposing all Commonwealth immigration and my last calling for withdrawal from the European Union.”

Britain is not a democracy

We can be certain that Hattersley joined loudly and enthusiastically in the chorus of execration that followed Enoch Powell’s so-called “Rivers of Blood” speech in 1968. Powell spoke up for ordinary British Whites, opposed mass immigration, and became the most popular politician in the country. But Britain isn’t a democracy and he was driven out of respectable society by the treacherous elite. Roy Hattersley summed up the attitude of the elite when he asked this rhetorical question: “Should I, in 1964, have called for what a clear majority of my constituents, and most of the country, undoubtedly wanted — the repatriation of all Commonwealth immigrants?” His answer: of course not. He did not want the majority to have any say in their nation’s future. But if Britain had been a democracy, there would have been no need for repatriation, because the non-White “Commonwealth immigrants” would never have arrived in the first place.

Unlike Britain, the East European nation of Hungary is a democracy. Its people have been given a chance to say whether or not they want to be enriched by non-White immigration. Their answer has been a decisive no: they have just voted overwhelmingly to re-elect their anti-migration prime minister Viktor Orbán, who has become the Enoch Powell de nos jours. He is a hate-figure for Europe’s xenophilic elite, who constantly ask: How can Orbán say that non-White and Muslim immigration would be bad for Hungary when Hungary has never experienced it? It’s an extremely stupid and disingenuous question. Orbán and millions of other Hungarians know that non-White immigration would be bad for their nation because they can see what it has done to Britain, France, Sweden and Germany. Unlike those enriched nations, Hungary does not suffer from suicide-bombing, rape-gangs, female genital mutilation and exotic Third-World diseases. If Hungary allowed mass immigration, it would certainly acquire those pathologies.

Hungarian hate-thinker Viktor Orbán

“Objective news about migration…”

To the left, it is deeply shameful that Orbán should oppose mass immigration by pointing at its bad effects on Western Europe. This an extract from one of the many anti-Orbán articles published by the Guardian:

“Hungarians are bombarded by fabricated news about migration and shameless xenophobic propaganda on a daily basis,” said Kornel Klopstein, who has helped set up what has become the Nyomtassteis movement, which prints its own newsletters containing information to counter the government propaganda. … “Bringing objective news about migration to people can help them to make better decisions in the upcoming elections,” said Klopstein. (‘Ghettos and no-go zones’: Hungary’s far right fuels migrant fears ahead of vote, The Guardian, 28th March 2018)

Kornel Klopstein does not agree with the Hungarian majority, so it’s interesting that he does not have a Hungarian name. Is he Jewish? The “poet and translator” George Szirtes is certainly Jewish and has attacked Orbán again and again in the Guardian. For example, he’s claimed that Hungary is on the verge of becoming a full-blown autocracy and that Orbán is “invoking every antisemitic trope in the book” in his criticisms of the pro-migration Jewish billionaire George Soros. Another Jewish writer, Gideon Rachman, wrote in the Financial Times that Orbán’s criticisms of Soros are “laden with anti-Semitic imagery.” It’s odd, then, that the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated Orbán on his victory. Netanyaju does not support anti-Semitism.

Jewish Good-Thinker Gideon Rachman

And what does the SJW Kornel Klopstein mean by the phrase “objective news about migration”? I assume that he means the ludicrous propaganda peddled by SJWs in the West. For example, the Guardian has breathlessly reported that “German initiatives are equipping new arrivals with the skills to alleviate the country’s worker shortage.” Yes, an “Afghan cop” has become a “German nurse,” so we don’t need to worry that most new enrichers in Germany are unqualified or even illiterate and that White German taxpayers could be facing a bill of a trillion euros to cover welfare, housing and medical care for those enrichers.

Schwimmen Macht Frei

As I said: the left never let reality intrude on ideology. For another example, meet a German SJW called Günter Schütte. According to the Guardian, he has found a magic key to turning clannish, corrupt Third-Worlders into model citizens of an advanced First-World society. Herr Schütte is, in the Guardian’s entirely straight-faced words, “Germany’s first swimming instructor to specialise in helping to cure refugees’ fear of water.” The article continues:

[W]hen Schütte realised that many refugees who arrived in Wolfsburg were families from countries with little open water, and that many children had been traumatised by the journey across the Mediterranean, he decided that swimming could become a tool for better integration. … If Schütte thinks that swimming can help young asylum seekers find a path in the country they now call their home, it’s because he believes that water doesn’t just counteract the pull of gravity. The pool is meant to be a faith-free zone. “In my swimming course, religion has to go to the back of the queue,” he says over a plate of pasta with pumpkin ragout prepared by his wife. “We swim together, no matter what people believe in. That is something that is very important to me and that I am very frank about.” (How swimming lessons change the lives of refugee children, The Guardian, 21st April 2018)

Problem solved! This kind of idiocy has to be taken seriously in Pseudotopias like Britain and Germany. In Hungary, by contrast, politicians speak the truth about mass immigration and xenophilic Jews like George Szirtes and Gideon Rachman do not have a decisive influence on immigration policy. If Jews did have a decisive influence, Hungary would open its borders to the Third World and begin to suffer all the pathologies of non-White enrichment: mass murder, rape-gangs, dead cartoonists, honour killings, female genital mutilation, grope-festivals, in-breeding and exotic diseases.

Anti-Racism Kills Blacks

Hungary would also acquire two new state religions: Holocaustianity and minority worship, both of which are flourishing in the Pseudotopia of Britain. At the heart of minority worship here is the martyr-cult of our new patron saint, St Stephen Lawrence. He was the victim of a very rare crime: White-on-Black murder. Just as in the United States, most inter-racial violence in Britain, from murder to rape, is committed by non-Whites against Whites, despite non-Whites still being a minority of the population. The left is not interested in this statistical truth  or the reality of anti-White predation and hatred that underlies it. Instead, the left is interested in power. The martyr-cult of Stephen Lawrence is admirably suited to advancing the power of the left.

But the martyr-cult is not at all suited to protecting ordinary Blacks from violent crime. In the United States, the self-righteous activists of Black Lives Matter have been responsible for thousands of unnecessary deaths:

We’ve been repeatedly assured over the last two years that there is no such thing as a Ferguson Effect, that Black Lives Matter couldn’t possibly be contributing to a higher homicide rate. We’ve also been assured that it’s all very complicated and it will take years to disentangle.

Also, the homicide spike isn’t at all national, it’s just in a few cities like Baltimore and Chicago. As I point out below, the latest Chicago surge in murders began in January 2016, immediately after or coinciding with four BLM-driven triumphs of liberalism over the Chicago Police Department from late November 2015 to early January 2016.

But Chicago is murky compared to Baltimore, where the current high rate of homicides can be dated to April 27, 2015, the day of the BLM riot over Freddie Gray’s death. This may be the single most clear-cut case in the history of social science. … (Well, There’s Your Problem Right There, Baltimore, Steve Sailer, 28th September 2017)

Something similar happened in Britain after the MacPherson Report, an enquiry into the death of Stephen Lawrence that described the Metropolitan police in London as “institutionally racist.” The police stepped back from policing Blacks and more Blacks were murdered as a result. Violent crime against Whites also rose and the MacPherson Report undoubtedly made the police even less willing to act against the non-White rape-gangs at work in places like Rotherham and Oxford. Furthermore, the Report, commissioned by the highly authoritarian New Labour government, allowed that government to abolish the “800-year-old” legal safeguard against double jeopardy, or repeated prosecution for the same crime.

Gerontophile rapists and triple-murderers

In short, the martyr-cult of Stephen Lawrence has been extremely bad for Britain. But any mainstream politician or journalist who dared to say so would be treated like Enoch Powell and driven out of respectable society. Instead, ordinary Whites are supposed to writhe in shame every time the mournful features of Doreen Lawrence, the martyr’s mother, appear in the British media. It’s a surreal situation, because Lady Lawrence, who was ennobled by the cuckservative David Cameron in 2013, came to Britain from the extremely violent and corrupt Black nation of Jamaica, where the police carry out “hundreds of illegal killings” every year, according to the impeccably liberal Amnesty International. Official propaganda insists that Black Jamaican immigrants have made a “massive contribution” to Britain.

Doreen Lawrence and her Trotskyist lawyer Imran Khan

And indeed they have: for example, they have committed a vastly disproportionate number of murders and rapes here. The gerontophile Delroy Easton Grant, who raped scores or even hundreds of elderly White women, came to Britain from Jamaica. So did Theodore Johnson, who performed the remarkable feat of murdering three of his female “partners.” So did the violent gang that used the rape of White women as an initiation rite. But those Jamaican over-achievers flash through the British media like meteors, briefly glimpsed and then gone for ever. Stephen Lawrence and his mother, by contrast, are permanent fixtures in the political firmament, blazing forth as symbols of Black victimhood and White villainy.

The Ruling Stones

But Doreen Lawrence isn’t very intelligent and didn’t become prominent by her own efforts. She is the leading figure in the martyr-cult, but she didn’t create the cult or ensure its permanency in British public life. Instead, just like the NAACP in the United States, the martyr-cult was a Jewish creation. Its guiding intellect was the cold and calculating Dr Richard Stone, a former head of the Jewish Council for Racial Equality and a dedicated advocate of the need for Jews and Muslims to unite, as “natural allies,” against their shared White Christian oppressors.

Mainspring of the martyr-cult: Dr Richard Stone

Alas, Dr Stone’s work to forge a Jewish-Muslim alliance has been far less successful than his work to promote the martyr-cult of Stephen Lawrence. Dr Stone has very effectively promoted the lie that Whites are an ominous and ever-present threat to the well-being of non-Whites. The truth is completely the opposite. Non-Whites are a massive threat to Whites, not vice versa. They are also a massive threat to each other. In the twenty-five years since Stephen Lawrence was martyred, thousands of Blacks have been murdered by other Blacks in Britain. In 2018, Blacks and other non-Whites form the vast majority of those both committing and falling victim to knife-murders and acid attacks in London.

End of Part 1.

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  1. Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson says:

    Your invocation of The Country of the Blind is perfect, Dr Langdon. Its illustrative power is tantalising though. So far, you have revealed only the one basic truth of that power: In our society, ‘the two-eyed man is a heretic’, just as HG Wells’s two-eyed man, Bogotá, is the deluded and dangerous lunatic in his.

    The blind, of course, in both societies, are irreparably incapable of seeing the light, and they will do violence to those who are possessed of that capacity. But they do have their peculiar self-glorifying myth: in our society, they are kind, they are all love-not-hate, and when they throw their book at you, it is for the good of the society they wantand we do not.

    We see Bogotá succumb: he decides to submit to the demand of the blind that he allow the blind surgeon to put out his eyes. He acknowledges that strength is on the side of the blind majority; you cannot hold out against them, sound of body and mind though you are; you have to become one of them, even if the cost is your conspiracy in your own degradation. Otherwise, you live the life of the relentlessly feared and persecuted.

    At this point, we know exactly what you might be leading to, Dr Langdon: we have seen this happen to some of our own, the heretics: they have been hounded into voluntary blindness, having lost faith in the value of the light/truth. They now work against us.

    In Wells’s story, we have a happy ending: Bogotá sees the light again in the beautiful morning that was supposed to be his last sighted one. He takes advantage of the light of day when the blind sleep, and he escapes. But unlike Bogotá, none of us heretics has anywhere to run to escape the treacherous blind. So what is too happen?

    Please, Dr Langdon, bring on Part II. Do not leave us to suffer on this cliff-hanger. 🙂

  2. Karen T
    Karen T says:

    Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Ahmed Hussen is a Somalian immigrant. He arrived in 1993, attended college on a government grant, and a decade later became national president of the Canadian Somalian Congress. Under his leadership they joined with the Canadian Jewish Congress to establish the Canadian Jewish -Somali Mentorship Project and his political career within the Liberal party was born. He recently had the affrontery to appear on Ted Talks and whine about Canada’s systemic racism.

      • Karen T
        Karen T says:

        He’s a fine looking, well spoken young man but he’s powerless, a bone thrown to us White dogs. Canada at the end of WW2 was predominantly White. Today, Whites here are on the road to minority status. Entire cities have been inundated by Asians, Africans and Middle Easterners. I don’t judge people by the color of their skin but these newcomers do and I resent being cajoled into becoming a grovelling, apologetic foreigner in my own country, forced to move to a small town to be among my own kind.

    • VJ
      VJ says:

      The Jews are our enemies. They have always undermined white societies. They are evil, deceitful demons who must be removed along with their disgusting pet invaders.

  3. Franklin Ryckaert
    Franklin Ryckaert says:

    A possible reason why the Hungarians cannot be made enthusiastic of accepting primitive non-white invaders (euphemistically called “refugees”) is that they already have their intractable minority problem : Gypsies.

    Some demographic information about this minority :

    “…In Europe there are 8.5-10 million Gypsies. In Hungary today their estimated number is between 600,000 and 700,000. In 1971 there were 320,000 Gypsies and by 1993 their numbers grew to 500,000. In 2006 they constituted 6% of the population; if the current demographic trends continue by 2030 Gypsies will constitute 10% and by 2050 15% of the population…”

    Source : Hungarian Gypsies (Roma) : Past and Present (Part 1).

    Here is a graphic picture of their problem :

    • PaleoAtlantid
      PaleoAtlantid says:

      The Gypsy problem is also present in Britain, particularly England, where there are estimated to be at least 20,000 Slovak Gypsies in residence, all on full benefits of course. That figure does not include Romanian Gypsies.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        01 And there is an estimated 1 MILLION in the US: having begun before the Revolution.

        02 Either in 43 or early 44, my aunt, doubling as nanny for my younger sister and me, brought us home after shopping for groceries on our food-stamps.

        We lived in the solidly upper middle-class Berlin district of Steglitz, in a large condominium. Two units per floor, surrounding an inner court, visible through large windows from the staircase.

        I vividly recall circa twelve or fourteen unkempt people in said inner court; men, women and a disproportionately large number of children. My aunt cautioned us, that they were gypsies and not to go near them, as they ” stole ” children and the rest of their sustenance.

        The building door was unlocked during Hitler’s time and there was no sign of any transport outside. The hausmeister was not live-in.

        Sleeping in ample parks was forbidden, so they chose our court for comparative safety. But why in this district when they would have deemed a working-class district more
        ‘ understanding ‘ ?

        Hitler’s investiture and subsequent concentration of gypsies was circa ten years prior. So, how come ???

        03 In 93 I took charge of a large renovation of the famous Strandcafe in Luebben [ GDR ], SSE of Berlin, which had been returned to the wife of a good friend. Gorby’s wife Raisa visited there with her East-German Communist retinue.

        After work I entered a supermarket for provisions, minutes before its closing with no other customers in sight. . A female staffer, positioned at its door, ran into its center, yelling:
        ” They are coming – they are coming ! “, causing me to wonder who warranted such an announcement wrought with so much apprehension.

        Seconds later, circa two dozen ” customers ” entered, the women too corpulent, dressed in flowing, shop-lifter designed clothes and containers. The staff were helpless: no Police in sight.

        They consumed most of their booty right in the parking lot, littering it with rappers and containers.

        Their international organization speaks, inter alia, of their cleanliness, honesty and family values. In good company. The hesitancy of the ‘ sensitized ‘ Police is understandable.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            “littering it with rappers” was a Freudian slip.”

            Charles: Is that a snare-drum-and-cymbal flourish I hear in the background?

            Apropos the Gypsies’ international organization, about twenty-five years ago, my publishing chores required me to be in touch with a part-gippo British professor named Ian Something who was then occupying an endowed academic chair at a major uni in Texas.

            It happens that Ian was the founder and then still the head of such a goodthink international shakedown institution dedicated to eliminating the kind of naughty, naughty, naughty slander that you plainly just concocted in your preceding comment. As I was to learn, Ian and his employees and epigones spent most of their waking hours chasing down publications that carried articles wherein Gypsies were referred to as anything at all save what Ian claimed was their preferred term for themselves: the Roma, or the Roma people. Given Ian’s success in acquiring more abject apologies than a healthy mid-nineteenth-century Chiricahua Apache warrior had acquired white man’s scalps, I incline to think that he had a rather grand supply of kosher funding to draw upon in his campaign for compassionate, honest treatment of his historically slandered and beleaguered people.

            So, Charles, when he tracks you down and calls you, tell Ian that his former editor from Macmillan says hi. OK, Charles?

          • pterodactyl
            pterodactyl says:

            Pierre de Crayon “Ian and his employees and epigones spent most of their waking hours chasing down publications that carried articles wherein Gypsies were referred to as anything at all save what Ian claimed was their preferred term for themselves”
            A comic in England (Viz) in the 80s had a comic story called ‘Thieving Gypsies’ and there was a huge outcry.

            A man was arrested a few years ago in England and his DNA taken and his computers seized just for allegedly writing in an internet blog ‘they can do what they likey’ where ‘likey’ rhymes with a ‘racist’ term for a gypsie. The comment was a reference to planning permission. It was a council blog and the police jumped to attention when the council called them

        • T
          T says:

          A most interesting post Charles Frey.

          Curiously in the United States, despite the pc culture, the Gypsies are one of the few ‘protected’ groups that can be spoken about relatively freely (ie ‘warts and all’) in certain instances regarding general characteristics as a group. I’ve noticed this particularly in regards to businesses that deal with either selling or buying from the general public. In the former, just as the incident you’ve described at the market, I’ve observed employees being warned by public notice on bulletin boards to be on the lookout for ‘Gypsies’ (and not using the formal pc term ‘Roma’) entering the store in large groups and while some distract store workers others will physically grab huge swathes of merchandise and then flee the store. In regards to Gypsies selling merchandise to businesses I’ve also personally observed this frankness as to incidents (seemingly more so than with others) as to problems regarding the quality and actual substance of the goods sold by them as compared to what had been promised. For whatever reason, the Gypsies (or if one prefers, Roma) hasn’t apparently gotten the pc clout to completely prevent truthful and frank discussion about them and problems regarding their interactions with others…yet.

          Related to this, years back I read an account of a church worker (IIRC in a newspaper) attempting to work with Gypsies and sincerely attempting to help them. He reported having great difficulty in this in that that people’s apparently ancient spiritual mythology literally taught them along the lines that all peoples of the world were theirs to prey upon and plunder. It was blunt, pretty dark, and very negative as to the reported beliefs they had, and it surprised me both in that sense and that it was even published. This was years back and I may not be remembering the details entirely accurately. Perhaps someone here could elaborate more fully on the Gypsies/Roma worldview?

    • Sophie Johnson
      Sophie Johnson says:

      Franklin, you are absolutely right: no Hugarian would disagree with you. But it is also true that Hungary is, on the Schwengen Agreement, a ‘border state’, and it is therefore responsible for vetting asylum seekers for legitimacy. Where they are not vetted to the satisfaction of the Schwengen country to which they proceed, that country can send them back to Hungary. All that entails a huge cost. Worse (and this was a prevalent opinion) Merkel’s plan was to cream off the most useful ‘asylum seekers’, and return the rest to Hungary. (Ironically, it is now Germans in their thousands who are seeking refuge in Hungary against the outrages of Merkel’s ‘asylum seekers’ in Germany.)

      • Irene
        Irene says:

        Sophie: What you say is ridiculous! After Orban took power 800k Hungarians immigrated, lots of them to Germany.
        Orban is the strongest supporter of Turkey’s EU bid. Corrupt Orban has been selling Hungarian EU passports to rich Arabs, the Chinese etc..
        Not a single German moved to Hungary or the East!
        Stop spreading fake news!

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Here’s Irene’s latest anti-white dropping translated into English:

          “So what are you gonna believe, huh? What I tell you, or your lying eyes?”

        • Charles Frey
          Charles Frey says:

          Irene, you are forgetting or ignoring Germany’s ” Granny Export “. The forcible relocation of those impecunious, formerly tax and pension-paying German seniors, who, through whatever circumstances, cannot afford the expensive Seniors Homes in Germany.

          They are ” relocated ” to cheaper countries, including Hungary. In all probability some of your referenced {{{ Hungarians }}}, like too many Israelis, prefer Berlin.

          I once e-mailed Merkel at her personal address with a cost-cutting scheme: In order to at least defray the diesel fuel cost of delivering her [ then ] four gifted and/or subsidized U-Boots to Israel, they should take the Danube, Black Sea, Dardanelles route there, and simply stash her unaffordable German seniors on deck, dropping them off en route.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      Gosh, I can’t understand why Hungarians wouldn’t want the same enrichment displayed in your link.

  4. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Bravely and well written, Mr. Langdon.

    My maternal grandfather was Magyar (Hungarian) and he was a good and courageous man. I think most Magyars are. And, the Magyar women are beautiful!!!

    Let us never give up; we will prevail.

  5. Trenchant
    Trenchant says:

    To what extent did Jewish lobby groups contribute to civilian weapon-control legislation in the UK?

  6. Phillip Rodgers
    Phillip Rodgers says:

    I believe Operation Trident (an effort to stop massive- for Britain- black on black homicide with a focus on gun crime) was started only a few years after the demonization of the Metropolitan police in the media regarding Stephen Lawrence. Most people do not remember this today but the effort to paint the Metropolitan police as institutionally racist (I.E fundamentally biased against blacks) was started years before The McPherson report coined the term in 1998. The result was that when I was 12 years old my multiracial area of London (not even the blackest area by far) had a higher gun crime rate per capita than New York. Now admittedly New York had undergone a massive decrease in crime thanks to Guiliani and the three strike rule but for a country where handgun ownership had never been popular and handguns were all but banned in 1995 this was simply incredible and I remember many outraged headlines in local newspapers decrying it. Operation Trident was eventually wound up- no prizes for guessing why, you understand it was too effective in stopping blacks killing one another. In particular it made it alot more difficult for yardies straight off the boat from Jamaica to acquire Uzis and fire them out of car windows while driving. Yes seriously. The blacks basically complained that it targeted them too much and that was that. Now things have devolved even further and it’s not even gun crime they have to worry about. Young black kids are murdering each other with knives even before they are old enough to graduate to firearms (to acquire even an inadequate firearm- say one that has been shoddily reactivated from an inert weapon- in Britain is quite difficult and requires a bit of gumption and money that 13 year olds generally do not have). Add in throwing caustic chemicals into peoples faces in order to snatch their handbags/phones and I fully expect that eventually we will devolve into caveman mode where they just club one another to death like in the Rwanda massacres- yeah you thought it was all done with cheap Chinese machetes (supplied via Israel) no they literally went back to the stone age and just smashed on another’s heads in.

    As an aside the narrative that the reason Stephen Lawrence never got justice was institutional racism (as if the Metropolitan Police had a secret charter written by the KKK in invisible ink held somewhere in their offices) is particularly insidious. The actual reason why the killers were never prosecuted is hardly ever mentioned these days and I cannot give full details as being potentially libellous my comment might not be approved (Britain’s libel laws are antiquated- it would not be potentially libellous under American law). Essentially one of the men who attacked him (not one of the most obvious two who are regularly featured in the media) had a father who was a quartermaster for what was then and is now the major crime lord in east London. This man was not a gangster in his own right he was merely a Liutenant who mainly dealt with logistics for his boss (although he liked to pass himself off as a mister big in his own right). He called in favours that were owed to his boss from the Metropolitan Police and that is the reason that the investigation was spiked from the get go. If anyone believes that I am spreading conspiracy theories all of this is attestable public fact featured in all major newspapers but conveniently left out when we decide that London’s major Police force is incurably ‘racist’ instead of being just generally corrupt. One is a liberal fiction designed to nurture grievances amongst blacks and disenfranchise Whites and the other is a serious problem even to this day as many, many Police corruption scandals have shown. I would not have gotten rid of Britain’s ancient and vital double Jeopardy law by getting a second conviction rather I would have gone after the corrupt detectives who ruined the first attempted conviction in the first place. I believe (although I could be mistaken) these people were allowed to retire instead of being prosecuted.

    Stephen Lawrence didn’t get justice because there was something wrong with the Police, just not the thing you might have been led to believe.

    NB I have been trying to red pill a relative of mine recently. I asked this person if Caribbean blacks had been ‘invited here to help rebuild the country’ (yes as laughable as this is it really is the narrative that has been pushed) why would Britain choose a population whose own efforts at free labour after the abolition of slavery were so woefully inadequate? Indian coolie labour had to be imported to the Caribbean to replace the blacks as they would not work for cash wages. In time these hard working Asians moved up into the middle man minority section of Caribbean life and were of course deeply resented by blacks (some things never change). The conservative writer V.S Naipaul is the descendent of the people. I asked my relative why if at the time Britain controlled three quarters of the globes surface (the traditional delimitation of the extent of the British empire) then why would they choose (out of all of their colonial subject peoples) a population that literally had to be replaced because they would not perform simple agricultural labour without coercion? The fundamental illogic of this proposal made my relative think. I then asked why not just get your labour from the island next door- Ireland one of Britain’s traditional sources of cheap labour and a massive contributor to the rebuilding of Britain. I also pointed out that Jamaica has an i.q of 70 which is in the borderline mental retardation category. Hardly choice human material. Andrew Joyce has an excellent introduction to the real Empire Windrush (a former German troopship- truly we fought on the wrong side) story and needless to say there was no ‘invitation’ (much less one to help rebuild the country) just a constant and unyielding demand that this alien unassimilable people be repatriated. That lasted until it was made a crime by hate speech laws instituted by the (((usual suspects))).

    • T
      T says:

      …the demonization of the Metropolitan police in the media regarding Stephen Lawrence. Most people do not remember this today but the effort to paint the Metropolitan police as institutionally racist (I.E fundamentally biased against blacks) was started years before The McPherson report coined the term in 1998.

      The United States has apparently been something of a model for Britain in this demonization of the police in regards to blacks. When you want to bring about revolutionary racial changes in society, in this case using blacks as something like a bludgeon, you extra-judicially neutralize and cripple the police in their actions regarding that portion of the population so that you’ll have a relatively free hand and limited interference from that quarter. It matters not that the police are by and large simply enforcing existing laws.

      A very similar situation happened in the US in the very late 1960’s and early 70’s when the police were then demonized as well, but a lot of the neutralization then seemed to be towards broader police work in general, ie not just blacks but towards ‘anti-war protestors’ (whom in many instances were led by Marxists), drug use, etc. Just as today police would get false emergency calls, and then upon arrival be ambushed by someone with a rifle firing at them from the bushes. Instead of people getting in the faces of police and interfering with their work using cell phones as they do today to record their every move, then they were using traditional still and super eight movie cameras instead.

      Getting back to the present, just now while listening to the national news, they announced the arrest of the person believed to be the ‘Golden Gate’ murderer/rapist in California and rather than using the term ‘police officer’ instead described him as having formerly been a ‘cop’ for a time, the newcaster it seems adding a bit of ‘attitude’ in to it when pronouncing the term.

    BEIR BUA says:

    Just found your discussion on Red Ice and located your website thence

    Great to encounter the truth-Jewish psychopathology needs to be outed before we can understand/defeat it

    Not surprising that Stone saw Islam-Judaism as allies. Koran seems to be a bastard child of Talmud/Torah

    All the best

    • Richard Card
      Richard Card says:

      You are right. In 1971 “Institutionalized Racism” was a red herring concept used in Home Office sociologist research on police trainees. To test for gullibility, malleability and career move compliance.

      I reported it via my MP as dangerous research and received a Home Office commendation for alone not succumbing to peer pressure compliance called “Canteen Mafia effect”

      I resigned a year later.

  8. Vehmgericht
    Vehmgericht says:

    It is no coincidence that Stephen Lawrence Remembrance Day is to be ‘celebrated’ on April the 22nd, for that is the day before St George’s Day. Any ‘historic English’ person wishing to celebrate his or her nation’s patron saint will now need to reflect upon whether it would be ‘sensitive’ or ‘appropriate’ do so. This is a calculated slap in the face to English patriots, to all White Britons, and to Europa herself!

  9. tadzio308
    tadzio308 says:

    A featured lie is thus herein described: “Any White resistance to ethnic enrichment must be crushed before it leads to a Second Holocaust.” One should object this usage of the term ‘Holocaust’. If such lamentable events are to be enumerated it would be more correct to term the feared result of White resistance to genocide as the Third Holodomor.

    As the Holocaust was in no small measure induced by Jewish engineered starvation of some eight million Christian Ukrainians it should be renamed the Second Holodomor. The inaccurate, misleading term Holocaust should be retired from common language and reduced to its proper historical significance. The death toll was less than the ethnic leansing in the Ukraine but it has not been professionally vetted as factual due to limitations on research and free speech in most of Europe

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      T, you are entirely correct with your quantitative and sequential classification.

      Recall the disgusting, short Video I posted some time ago, in which the ADL’s Abe Foxman, supported by a considerable retinue, lectures a Ukrainian Minister to avoid the comparison between the Ukrainian holocaust and that of the Jews.

      ” Yes, yes, I understand ” was the Ukrainian’s reply, obviously envisioning Wall Street behind 800,000 plus per annum Foxman’s de rigueur thinly veiled threat.

      Subsequently asked by the video reporter in the hallway about guilt, the wife of a Jewish delegate opined, oh, yes, we use that quite frequently: before being consequentially hustled off by her handler.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        I invite everyone here to google ” Images of the Holodomor “. Then click on ” Starvation ” and attempt to find a difference between those photos and those of the holocaust; except for the degree of their publication. Jewish universalism at its truest when protecting Kaganovich [ son of Cohen ] and his hundreds of henchmen.

        Scroll down 35 rows of the Starvation photos and you will find a photo in that row’s center, of a pitiable previously very pretty young girl with black, shoulder-length hair, and large accusatory eyes, entirely lacking clothes, clinging to a door-post to prop herself up.

        Her body entirely stunted from malnutrition, and though I’m not a pediatrician, impossible of repair. Impossible to catch up with her normally-developed much larger head: having simply atrophied below it.

        I had to briefly interrupt my conversation with a Ukrainian organization’s archivist today, while I silently wept, while trying to discover her identity or more of the date and location of that photo. A work in progress.

        Anne Frank and her multiple betrayals by those individuals and foundations who handsomely profited from her, both financially and propagandistically, needs a sister. Like the girl you’ll discover on that photo.

  10. Michael Adkins
    Michael Adkins says:

    It’s time African communities in the United Kingdom and the Untied States police and fund themselves.

  11. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    According to one of Attlee’s Ministers, the Americans ordered the UK Gov. to begin admitting West Indians to the UK at the end of WW2. Before this the West Indians had gone to the USA and the Americans wanted to stop this.
    Churchill’s daughter Sarah lived with a Negro in the Islands. She was 3 months pregnant when he hospitalised her for 2 weeks.The child survived ( in the 60’s).
    Does anyone know what happened to the child?

  12. Karen T
    Karen T says:

    I believe that Tobias Langdon’s excellent essay was summarily summed up in the little gem of a movie Withnail & I , when Uncle Monty laments that England was “shat on by Tories, shovelled up by Labour.” The fall of England is illustrated by the recent comment in a state owned Chinese newspaper that refers to it as “an old European counry apt for travel and study.” I weep for Brittania, though not a drop of her blood flows through my veins. And this fall of the once glorious empire occured almost immediately after she aided Jewry’s victory.

  13. T
    T says:

    But Doreen Lawrence isn’t very intelligent and didn’t become prominent by her own efforts. She is the leading figure in the martyr-cult, but she didn’t create the cult or ensure its permanency in British public life. Instead, just like the NAACP in the United States, the martyr-cult was a Jewish creation. Its guiding intellect was the cold and calculating Dr Richard Stone, a former head of the Jewish Council for Racial Equality and a dedicated advocate of the need for Jews and Muslims to unite, as “ natural allies,” against their shared White Christian oppressors.

    Being that it’s often the ulterior motives that tell the tale, this could also be seen as divide and conquer, divide and rule…ie the Roman colonia, the Irish Plantation, etc. While those European peoples which were colonizing have ceased the practice (ie in Africa, Asia, South America, etc), and rightfully so, it seems the Jewish people themselves whom have a homeland fit the profile of ‘founder’/settler colonists in regards to Europe.

    The paper excerpted from below delves into the dynamics of colonisation and is entitled Between National and Local: Political Mobilization among Mizrahim in Israel’s ‘Development Towns’ and was written by two Israeli university professors. Mizrahim is more or less simply another name for Sephardim.

    …the immigrants usually serve three main functions: cheap labor to replace native groups; settlement in the ‘frontier’ (periphery); and control over the natives and their land (Stasilius and Yuval-Davis, 1995). These dynamics generally result in the maintenance of hegemony

    Settler Society and the Making of Ethno-Classes

    Israel’s development towns are key components in the making of a Jewish settler society in Israel/Palestine. This geographical-historical setting is central to the understanding of the Mizrahim as a marginalized ethno-class. Settler societies have generally been established by Europeans who settled other continents and dominated indigenous peoples by seizing and ethnicizing space, economy and politics (Stasilius and Yuval-Davis, 1995). In order to advance the project of nation- and state-building, the new settling regime had to ‘import’ immigrants who entered society at a status lower than the dominant group – the ‘founders’ – but higher than the indigenous ‘natives’.

    To advance the project of territorial ethnicization, the immigrants usually serve three main functions: cheap labor to replace native groups; settlement in the ‘frontier’ (periphery); and control over the natives and their land (Stasilius and Yuval-Davis, 1995). These dynamics generally result in the maintenance of hegemony held by the dominant European group (usually identified with ‘the state’), by distancing the immigrants from the centers of capital and political power (McGarry, 1998). Meanwhile, the immigrants are contributing to the important national project of settlement, which provides them with a sense of belonging and certain material gains from the settling state. Culturally and politically, however, they are marginalized, while the natives find themselves entirely excluded (Stasiulis and Yuval-Davis, 1995)

  14. T
    T says:

    At the heart of minority worship here is the martyr-cult of our new patron saint, St Stephen Lawrence.

    If a person really wants to know how those powerful elements of the elites and hangers on of the Anglo-Saxon and Jewish peoples that push multi-culturalism sees the ‘immigrant’ all they need to do is examine the term ‘migrant stocks’ which says it all. These elites, right along with their gasoline stocks, grain stocks, and bluefin tuna stocks, keep a close eye on their ‘migrant stocks’ as well, the latter being their term for the ‘immigrants’.

    Being that chattel slavery and its trade rather than being abolished was quite literally and simply monetized with the introduction of wage slavery (ie the cheap labor/mass immigration system) to the world by these US and UK elites (and by implication these same elites didn’t reform in their brutal and callous disregard towards humanity, both towards their own and towards others) it ought not be surprising that they see these immigrants as merchandise and barely human, if it all, just as they saw their chattel slaves.

    They didn’t reform from their chattel slave dealing/owning days.


    the goods or merchandise kept on the premises of a business or warehouse and available for sale or distribution:
    “the store has a very low turnover of stock”

    merchandise, goods, wares, items/articles for sale, inventory

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