Civilization vs Savagery: Black Criminals and the Traitors Who Import Them

Irony. It’s another over-worked term in modern popular culture. But there are times when it’s perfectly appropriate. The Dutch academic Dr Jeroen Ensink devoted his life to improving water-supplies in the Third World, thereby helping non-Whites to lead healthier lives and raise more children. He had worked everywhere from Pakistan to Malawi, but in 2015 he was based in London and “working on a large study” on the Congo for the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Random Attacks

Dr Ensink was happily married and had just celebrated the birth of a daughter to his wife Nadja Ensink-Teich. On 29th December 2015 he left his home in north London to post some cards announcing the birth to his friends and relatives. That’s when he encountered a psychotic stranger, who stabbed him to death in a “random attack.”

I’m an incorrigible thought-criminal, so when I first heard about the killing I naturally leapt to a hate-filled conclusion. White victim? Random attack? Vibrancy will be involved, I thought. Sure enough, the psychotic killer turned out to be a 23-year-old Nigerian called Timchang Nandap. And yes, it is indeed a tragic irony when a Black from the Third World kills a White who has devoted his life to helping Blacks in the Third World.

Civ vs Sav #1: Dr Jeroen Ensink and Timchang Nandap

But the death of 16-year-old Christina Edkins in 2013 was simply tragic. She too was killed in a “random attack” by a psychotic stranger, as I described in “Biology Beneath: Exposing the True Costs of Mass Immigration.” Again I leapt to a hate-filled conclusion at the time and again I was right. The killer Phillip Simelane was Black, but he came from Swaziland, not Nigeria like Timchang Nandap. Otherwise the two cases are remarkably similar. Both killers had long histories of crime and psychiatric problems. They should have been in jail or secure mental hospitals, not roaming the streets. That’s what Christina Edkins’ relatives said then and that’s what Dr Ensink’s widow is saying now, as an enquiry into his death gets under way in London. She wants “answers” from the authorities about a crime that she says “should never have happened.”

Civ vs Sav #2: Christina Edkins and Phillip Simelane

But she is, I’m afraid, a deluded liberal exactly like her late husband, because she is not asking the most important question: Why was Timchang Nandap in the White nation of Britain in the first place? Blacks cause huge problems in the West and supply nothing that White nations need. They are much more prone not just to crime, violence and welfare-dependency, but also to the most severe forms of mental illness. En route to his “random” killing of Dr Ensink, Timchang Nandap announced that he was “the Chosen One” and the “Black Messiah.” If Britain’s mainstream journalists were honest, they might have drawn parallels with an even worse Black killer in London, the psychotic Robert Torto. But mainstream journalists are not honest, so Mr Torto has stayed where liberals know he belongs: in oblivion.

A forgotten hate-criminal

And who was Robert Torto? He was a Ghanaian religious maniac who announced that he was the “Son of God” and conducted a fire-bombing campaign in 2006 to rid London of sin and infidelity. He successfully burned two Muslims to death after throwing a petrol-bomb into their shop, but he was arrested before he could turn his attention to the gay clubs and mosques on the “To Do” list found by police at his home. If he’d been White, he would now be a notorious hate-criminal and his horrific crimes would be regularly re-visited by official propaganda. But he was Black, so he’s long-forgotten. The criminal Berlinah Wallace will eventually be the same. As I described in “The Bestial of British Re-Booted,” she threw sulphuric acid on her White ex-boyfriend Mark van Dongen in 2015, leaving him with such horrific injuries that he committed suicide. Like Dr Ensink, Mark van Dongen was Dutch. Like Timchang Nandap, Berlinah Wallace was Black.

Civ vs Sav #3: Mark van Dongen and Berlinah Wallace

But she came from South Africa, not Nigeria. Africa is a huge and varied continent. Indeed, there is much more genetic diversity among Black Africans than in the rest of the world’s population combined. Unfortunately, none of that genetic diversity codes for civilization and sustained intellectual achievement. Tiny White nations like Scotland, Sweden and Hungary have contributed far more to science, mathematics and art than all the teeming millions of Africa. And Whites from those nations make many more valuable contributions when they emigrate to larger nations like England and America. Blacks from Africa, by contrast, are a permanent burden on the White nations that host them.

No skin in the game

And that brings me to another tragic irony in modern Britain. It just has been announced that there will be prosecutions of a senior police officer and other men responsible for supervising a soccer match in 1989 at which ninety-five fans were crushed to death. However incompetent they may have been, the men have my sympathy. Crowd-control is a difficult but thankless job. If you get it right, people take your success for granted. If you get it wrong, you’re covered in opprobrium. But the prosecutions are probably a good thing. They mean that the police have what Nassim Taleb calls “skin in the game.” When the police make mistakes, it’s right that they answer for them.

Meanwhile, British citizens responsible for many more deaths and much more suffering walk around in no fear of the law. The Jewish immigration minister Barbara Roche oversaw a vast increase in Third-World immigration under the smirking war-criminal Tony Blair. The officials at that soccer-match in 1989 did not know that their actions would lead to nearly a hundred deaths. At worst, they were incompetent. Blair and Roche knew with absolute certainty that increased immigration from the Third World would lead to thousands more murders, rapes and woundings. Indeed, they knew that it would permanently harm Britain. For merely one example, let’s take the “more than 200,000” Somalis who came to Britain under New Labour. Tom Bowyer’s devastating biography of Tony Blair points out that “most” of the Somalis were “untrained and would be dependent on welfare,” so “the Home Office could have refused them entry.”

Masters of Mendacity

But Barbara Roche “granted [them] ‘exceptional leave to remain’.” Somalia is a failed state riven by clan warfare and corruption. The average IQ of Somalis appears to be 68 — yes, a jaw-dropping sixty-eight. Even if they weren’t inclined to criminality, Somali immigrants will always form a permanent — and expanding — underclass of tax-eaters. Of course, Somalis are heavily inclined to criminality. Barbara Roche committed huge crimes against Britain and she has never answered for them. Instead, she serves as “the chair of the board of trustees” at the “Decidedly Jewish” Migration Museum in London, which pumps out lying propaganda about the way migration has “enriched” Britain.

Mistress of Mendacity Barbara Roche

I hope that Blair’s and Roche’s immunity from prosecution ends sooner rather than later. When it does end, it will be easy to prove that they acted in full knowledge of what increased Third-World immigration would do to Britain. It will also be easy to prove the motives for their crimes. Blair was a shabbos goy betraying British Whites in return for money and political success. In her own words, Roche entered politics “to combat anti-semitism and xenophobia in general.” Atomizing British society has been “good for the Jews.” But it has not been good for Jeroen Ensink, Christina Edkins, Mark van Dongen and countless other British Whites. The same is true in every other Western nation where Jews and their shabbos goyim have committed the huge crime of exposing civilization to savagery.

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  1. Pat Kittle
    Pat Kittle says:

    Anecdotal as well as meticulously documented evidence now makes it beyond obvious these (((people))) are primarily responsible for coldly calculating the ruination of Mideastern Muslim countries as well as Western countries, with their prime directive, as always, being what they perceive to be Good-for-the-Jews.

    They richly deserve to face war crimes tribunals where they are charged with genocide. Let’s help make it happen.

    PS: To everyone at this bold & fact-based website, THANK YOU.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Pat Kittle – the ordinary blacks in S Africa want to take over even though they know for certain that it is going to be bad for the blacks. They know S.Africa will end up like Zimbabwe. They know this, but cannot stop themselves taking S.Africa on the same path. This proves that they are obeying something more powerful than ‘perceived interest’. Call it their racism/ tribal instinct – whatever it is called, it arises from their animal behaviour side that controls them. What we conclude is that this aspect of their behaviour that drives them to (a) favour their own tribe (b) feel hostile to other tribes – we conclude it is more powerful than self-interest.

      Maybe it is the same with the Jews and they know that bringing down the West is NOT in their perceived best interest, but they cannot stop themselves, as they are following their animal behaviour wiring, as we all are (although ours is different and lacks the hostility to other tribes). If this wiring tells them to be hostile to other tribes – even to those who help them – if this is their wiring they will follow it even in the knowledge that it is against self-interest.

      • Jacobite
        Jacobite says:

        There are Leftist Jews in Israel. Siding with the Arabs. Talk about flying on auto-pilot — even in the Promised Land they can’t stop trying to destroy the society they live in.

      • Joaqim Kleinschmitt
        Joaqim Kleinschmitt says:

        I find it hard to believe that most South African blacks have the mental capacity to see what the end result of their killing or driving out the whites will do to their country. They are acting on impulse, living just for the moment and when they are driven to that point, by their own leaders, jews or marxists, they just react, (as Africans do best) and loot, rob or rape without any thought as to what they are doing.

  2. Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson says:

    How many big-salary-pullers from public institutions of the likes of Barabara Roche are there? What have we done to apprehend then? Nothing? Well then, we deserve them.

    Another thought: How many of the likes of us are pulling big salaries from Israeli public institutions for foisting unsavoury people on Israel? None? Why? (Giggle.)

    • Tired of this nonsense
      Tired of this nonsense says:

      ‘What have we done to apprehend then? Nothing? Well then, we deserve them’

      Yes because it is our fault that an alien tribe infiltrate our societies with the intent to exploit us. Yes because Jews do what they openly and the majority of us are aware but we just haven’t done anything.

      Let me tell you for every Barbara Roche there are 10 times as many crypto Jews or people with Jewish ancestry who sympathise with them. The moral onus is in the nation wreckers- the people who profit from decadence and dissolution and the people who cover for them. The people who ruined Rome, the people who let the Muslims into Visigothic Spain (just as they are doing today) the people who betrayed Germany. Don’t come here and spread that ‘it’s our fault’ sh*t because it isn’t.

      I’ve called Jews and their sympathisers out in real life and believe me they don’t like it-they wage a scorched earth campaign because ultimately their success relies on deception. The moment that they know you are Jew aware is the moment they set out to destroy you. Please take this basic bit*h assessment back to wherever you dragged it out from. Jews and Whites are not the same one side is open and honest about ethnic conflict the other side engages in deception and does things in deliberate bad faith.

  3. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    Atomizing British society has been “good for the Jews.”
    Humans are controlled by animal behaviour programming – more than we think we are. This is what controls behaviour, not logic or self-interest. For example, the white self-hating BBC and all other British TV broadcasting stations hate white S.Africans with an intensity so extreme it is hard for an ordinary person to imagine. They are doing everything they can to facilitate the downfall of the whites there, yet there is no money reward, no power reward, no reward to come to anyone when the banks collapse there & the whole place finally reverts to tribal warfare. Despite no money or power rewards – there is nothing in it for anyone in fact – the left in the British MSM are totally dedicated to the cause of the downfall of whites over there.

    For example, they are intensely keen on keeping the racism of the blacks out of the news so as (a) not to make people sympathetic to whites (b) not to put pressure on the British government to actually accept genuine (white) refugees for a change

    The example of S.Africa shows that the white Left are HIGHLY MOTIVATED yet there is no outcome “good for …” (insert any group).as the motive. So ‘good for X’ is not the motive.

    This leaves only the motive – of hatred, in this case hatred of the better that is the origin of all the hatred of the lefty whites for whites.

    Lefty Jews no doubt also share this hatred of the better as a motive

    But the Jews might have another motive in addition to this one that they share with the white lefties – the tribal hostility to any other tribe that we see in other races – especially in arabic ones. Once again, if tribal hostility to ANY OTHER TRIBE no matter how friendly the tribe is, if this hostility is in the genes then logic and self interest will not be able to counter it. They will remain hostile even when it is not ‘good for them’.

    Whether the motive is lefty-hate or arab-tribal-hostility the outcome is the same – they join the Left in trying to sink the luxury liner that provides them with safety and security.

    The reason the whites cannot appreciate this tribal hostility – and tribal behaviour generally – is because they themselves are non-tribal.

    Just look at the hatred in Twitter for white-hating whites including from Js – no way can such intensity arise from having worked out that there is some benefit in a cost/benefit analysis followed by formulation of strategy. Such hate can only arise from inner instincts that these people are wired with.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      I think it would be wise not to tar all “the left” with the same brush. I have met people, in many places, who would be considered Trotskyists on the “old” political spectrum, but are are opposed to immigration in general, and large scale immigration in particular. They see immigration as a capitalist tool to keep the masses in poverty. While these types may share the “anti racist” views of the antifa types, it really only kicks in once immigrants white or non white are granted landed status. At that point, they become part of the downtrodden masses.
      The “left” today are brain addled useful idiots whom the (((globalists))) have successfully indoctrinated. There is no concept of society of any sort. Ironically, in the UK it was Margaret Thatcher who kicked the door open on that one with her ‘there is no such thing as society, only people’ mantra. In the US, it was the neocon Israel-firster infested Reagan Administration that brought the idea to the fore.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        I accept there are different types of lefties. An ordinary person who has accepted the culture of the left *for now* due to following the culture is just a ‘useful idiot’ and not a true lefty. Such types can under some circumstances switch loyalties to the Right (especially if they are mugged or raped). In the same way right-wing people help the Js but are not doing it from deep conviction, and their eyes can be opened too)

        I would define a true lefty as one whose inner thinking makes them hate better people or countries, and makes them also lack conventional moral thinking (which puts a value on truth and the good of mankind) They identify with lower types of humans, although they themselves might be intelligent and socially successful and wealthy. Perhaps this is in the wiring and cannot be shifted. Surely only deep and permanent wiring can explain the following:

        A girl in Germany helping refugees at a camp was murdered, then the father at the funeral asked for donations to help the refugees.

        In other words self interest or personal experience cannot shift the views.Only deep wiring can explain this.

    • Rerevisionist
      Rerevisionist says:

      This (or something like it) must be true. Any group of animals has its herd activities, no doubt an outcome of the way their bodies are put together, and the way the mind (or whatever it’s called) supervises its domain. Almost all children, unless they are prevented or locked up etc, learn to walk, chat, play, and grow up to work, gossip, join groups. Nobody forces them to do these things; it has to be largely instinct. And some instincts lead to aggression, secrecy, inability to learn, cruelty, energy and effort; or whatever it may be. And of course the whole package must be inherited, probably to a large extent, since the machinery was ‘successful’ in reproducing. One of the appalling side-effects of Jewish control of money, and hence of a lot of modern ‘research’, is that any attempt to understand Jews and other races is instinctively opposed and harmed by Jews. Jewish American ‘skeptics’ show the type. Probably including Clinton Richard Dawkins.
      NB can I just comment on ‘Puritanism’. This was part of the whole Jewish/Cromwell package, as in fact the huge effort put into the ‘King James Bible’ must have been. They wanted poor, hard-working, God-fearing (=Jew fearing), underlings.

    • David Mogan
      David Mogan says:

      I think a lot of it is that the only non-jews who are allowed to get into the upper echelons of power in the journalistic profession in Britain and most other western countries are those that have no scruples and are obsessed with money and power and will do anything to obtain it. If this means pushing their grandmother’s wheelchair down a flight of steps or allowing 4 million whites in South Africa to perish. So be it, the end justifies the means.

  4. Sursum corda
    Sursum corda says:

    Well did St Paul describe the Jews as the enemies of all mankind. Any land where they are in charge or where judaizing of any kind takes place, a hell on earth is generally created.

    • James
      James says:

      Yes he did. He also spoke of Israel of the flesh. When will stupid White(Adam) realise Jews are not Israel. The Camp of the Saints are being surrounded by all nations before our very eye

  5. Dave
    Dave says:

    What happened was that the Enlightenment gave us lofty ideals like “all men are created equal”, this assertion being “self-evident”, so no actual evidence required. The original Enlightenment thinkers made unprincipled exceptions for non-whites (e.g. the “merciless Indian Savages” described in the same document), but the “wink-wink, not really” part of any philosophy tends not to get passed down to subsequent generations.

    So the European ruling class, including the Jews among them, *really believed* that they could compensate for low birth rates by importing merciless savages from the third world, because that’s what they were taught since childhood at their elite schools, where all non-white students had been rigorously selected for (relatively) high IQ and good behavior. As a result, their society, the source of all their wealth and social status, is now collapsing much faster than if they’d done nothing, and they’re having an “oh shit, we’re all going to be hanging from lamp-posts” moment.

    None of this addresses the root cause, which is suicidally low white birth rates, and the root cause of *that* is giving rights to women. As John Adams pointed out, nature has already made women the masters of men, as they decide which men are fit to reproduce, so let’s at least pretend that the men are in charge.

  6. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    Short, simple and direct. Also well-reasoned and well-written. One of the best articles on the consequences of mass immigration I’ve ever read. But the real reason this is such a good article is because it inspires organization. And that’s what we need above all else.

    There are lots of us who instead of responding on cue to the intellectually simple-minded, reality-inverting, impossile to believe in, non-stop anti-White, anti-Western propaganda with fear and guilt, respond to it with disgust and outrage. We’re a lot like the abused children who when they becomes adults start to fight back. They figure, “We already know what it’s like to be hit and devalued, and we’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by fighting back and loving ourselves. So, here goes!”

    And speaking of random attacks, a prediction: to the extent organization is difficult for us, one can expect a rise in random attacks on the masters of mendacity.

    Oh, and finally, the photo of Barbara Roche reminds me of a saying from the Ancient Greeks, “Ugly Face, Ugly Soul.”

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Ugly eyes = ugly face = ugly soul. ‘ Balanced ‘ by a surplus of caloric intake below that part the photographer might have deemed unflatteringly disgusting; triple or quadruple of that Geneva caloric minimum allowed through the blockade per person per diem by the Israelis into the Gaza Ghetto; which, itself, mustn’t be compared, under penalty of law, with that of victimology-copyrighted Warsaw.

      Backed by a bank of possibly real books, as opposed to furniture store display dummies, to insinuate erudition, perhaps even rabbinical irrefutable wisdom.

      Similar feelings vis-à-vis that murderer of that sweet girl, who is either spewing invective, rapping, or pointing to his mouth-full of 3,000 dollar publicly funded braces, which a laid-off Kentucky coal miner could only dream of providing to one of his kids.

  7. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    1) Roche is not a traitor, as has been pointed out at TOO many times in the past.
    She, as with most cases like (((hers))), is a Jew, not a Brit, so her classification as a traitor should be changed to enemy agent and she should be charged under UK espionage laws.

    2) Moreover, from where I sit, since the (((Banking Cohort))) through to the Aristocracy on down to, at minimum, the upper-middle bureaucratic-management scum in many sectors of society are all culpable on some level and ought to probably be charged with either treason or espionage and executed or punished accordingly for their crimes.
    The Somalis, being functionally retarded, are largely pawns in this game and can not be expected to have behaved any differently than they have…
    In fact, they were (((imported))) into White Societies precisely because they can be relied upon to behave just as they have…
    Somalis, as with other boarder-line Third World retards, have done what they normally do and should IMO simply be given the choice between voluntary surrender and repatriation to their respective sh!t-holes or be subject to a modified nationwide “…Fox Hunt…”. The only debate on this front should be about what to do with the remains.

  8. Bill R
    Bill R says:

    Good article, Mr. Langdon, as far as it goes. We must never forget, however, as Dr. MacDonald teaches us, that if it hadn’t been for the tradition of radical egalitarianism and moralistic self-punishment invented by Puritans in Britain and colonial America, none of this Jewish subversion would have ever gained a foothold.

    • Hatecrime Hotline
      Hatecrime Hotline says:

      That was Anthony Ludovici’s and William Gayley Simpson’s viewpoint, and it is the correct one. Puritanism itself was a Hasid-ification of Christianity. Everything healthy about Christianity was cut away from it and what was left was dark, empty and life-rejecting nonsense.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        Unless memory cheats me, Max Weber posited the ” Protestant work ethic ” and commensurate material rewards during this life as being different from Catholics, who purportedly sought reward, salvation and bliss after death. [ More fatalistic and conveniently politically/economically less demanding in the here and now ].

        This work ethic can not possibly have been part of a Hasidic conspiracy aimed at Puritanism, because they know nothing about labor. Even the MSM too often reports on their mainly New Jersey, but also mid-state New York enormous, not only personal but also group-organized welfare and housing subsidization frauds into the millions, based on un- and underreported income.

        Nevertheless the complaining tax payers are hateful anti-Semites, to be tamed by the state and INEXPLICABLY on the rise, according to the ADL, SPLC and their voluminous Disney ilk.

        Torah memorization from toddler to death, from dawn to dusk, baby-making with the unclean female through a sanitizing hole in a bedsheet, gluttony to effect that characteristic girth, letting others serve in the forces and domineering their women, is all they know.

        Despite this institutionalized diva-sloth, people like their guru macher-Rabbi Schneerson manage to become millionaires and gain representative access to the Oval Office for their photo ops; in turn lending them useful credibility in the eyes of the goyim excessive beer swillers as well. Displayed as a vital, certified, de facto part of the to be accepted, ruling Ueberklasse.

      • Bill R
        Bill R says:

        @Hatecrime Hotline. There are plenty of people who would differ with you, and instead give a little more benefit of the doubt, and show a little more generosity of spirit, to this great population of White men known as the Puritans, as well as other Protestants spanning centuries, that Dr. MacDonald has implicated in this fashion. These were the White men who built America and gave it its character, a character which was a great friend to the White race while their influence held sway, and perhaps whose greatest flaw was its ultimate willingness to admit large numbers of Jews and Catholics, since it was only after that development beginning in the late 19th century that America increasingly ceased to be such a friend, culminating in the 1965 immigration act, which brought an end to that friendship altogether and which, of course, was a Jewish project that employed an Irish Catholic as its political figurehead in the Senate.

        I find it highly doubtful that any other large population of Christians living at the time, such as Catholics, could have done as well here as did the Puritans and other Protestants, making the uncharitable maligning of such a large and phenomenally successful population of White men particularly hard to swallow coming from a supposed White advocate of Dr. MacDonald’s caliber.

        As I observed in comments I posted for Dr. MacDonald’s recent article “The Puritan Intellectual Tradition in America,” we have plenty of examples in the New World in which Catholicism took root and came to dominate, and none of those countries have proved any beacon of hope to the ethnic interests of Whites. Indeed, the radical racial egalitarianism of Roman Catholicism has, in fact, manifested itself so thoroughly since the discovery of the New World, that the untold millions of nonwhites they have won over as converts mean, as I said in those other comments, that White extinction need not even be a hiccup in the long march of their history.

        I find it interesting that, wherever I have encountered this peculiar anti-Puritan strain in alt-right quarters — proving, by the way, that the “culture of critique” is hardly an exclusively Jewish one — it has always gone hand-in-hand with a conspicuous absence of analysis or even comment regarding what any existing alternative would have meant for America, Catholicism being the most obvious of those alternatives. Yet, one would think such an analysis quite appropriate if, after all, the point of introducing a thesis in the first place about the “pernicious” influence of Puritans and their “intellectual decendants” (which essentially means Protestants in general) is to serve as a lesson to us Whites about the kinds of attitudes and doctrines that lead to trouble for our ethnic interests, and therefore should be avoided.

        This is especially imperative if one takes the argument to as extreme a degree as you do, and asserts that “everything healthy about Christianity was cut away from it [in Puritanism] and what was left was dark, empty and life-rejecting nonsense” (a thoroughly crude, dishonest, and Jewish-Hollywood-propaganda style portrait of Puritan society, if there ever was one; it would be interesting to know, by the way, in what branch of Christianity you think is to be found all the light, full, and life-affirming good sense that those mean, scowling, humorless Puritans cut away — or need I ask?).

        So I say to such as Dr. MacDonald, if you’re going to tell us what was bad, tell us what would have been just as bad, or worse, or better, that we may absorb the lesson not only more thoroughly, but more profitably as well. And if there was nothing better, and his thesis is correct, then, barring an accident of history, the present fate of Whites was inevitable, and he should say so, knowing, of course, that that entails a thesis and a lesson far different from the one Dr. MacDonald puts forward, which has singled out one strand of belief among Whites for special blame.

        Finally, in practical terms, I see this at best debatable stance about America’s founding White stock little more than another source of division among Whites which is hardly something we need at this time, to say nothing of being among the last things one would expect a genuine White advocate to want to encourage. As a blogger at a website called Vanishing America II has observed, “Dividing Anglo-Americans, or at least old-stock, British-descended Americans [with this ‘Puritans as ultimate villains’ thesis], serves somebody’s agenda — but not ours.”

        • Jacobite
          Jacobite says:

          Other American Protestants hated the Puritans/Yankees as much as any Southerner or Catholic. Recall that the Puritans didn’t immigrate to America from England – they’d been living in the Netherlands for many years after they left England due to popular demand. After burning some witches and chasing the few normal people out of Massachusetts, they dropped Christianity for Unitarianism (at most, there is one god), Transcendentalism, Abolitionism. Prohibitionism, Spiritualism, Christian Science, and any other forms of morally-superior do-goodism around. They tried to secede from the Union because they disagreed with the War of 1812, then started the Civil War to unleash the merciless African savages on the white people of the South who did secede. It was Yankee psychos who funded and armed “Potawatomie John” Brown to bring his unique mass-murdering terrorism to Kansas, where he massacred numbers of white Protestants to influence the vote on slavery there. Yankee empathy almost never extended to fellow white Americans. Reconstruction, a purely Yankee operation, was based on a white-hot hatred of white people. Never try to mix the Puritans/Yankees with other European Protestants; neither the Puritans nor the Protestants will appreciate it. The Mason-Dixon Line wasn’t a patch on the New York-Connecticut border between America and Yankee-land. The Old Yorkers (Dutch) fought to hold the line, but the farmers in Connecticut got so rich that they could afford any farm in NY. They were extraordinarily obnoxious, preening A-holes. My only fond reminder of my time in Boston was the old “Codfish Aristocracy” ditty: “Welcome to the city of Boston, land of the bean and the cod, where the Lodges speak only to Cabots, and the Cabots speak only to God.” Ay, and divil take the protty bahstids.

  9. T
    T says:

    Meanwhile, British citizens responsible for many more deaths and much more suffering walk around in no fear of the law.

    In regards to the Anglosphere the direct political and spiritual forebear of today’s self described ‘progressive’ and ‘liberal’ ran the show regarding the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. They (the elites and their hangers on involved) had and do have a far more extensive knowledge about race, albeit of a perverse and corrupt nature, than most individuals do whom simply want to have their race be left alone and unmolested, as part of this unholy trade involved breeding slaves for purpose. These elites knew well beforehand exactly what the violent results would be to this forced and unnatural ‘mixing’ of peoples and races.

    The below excerpt is from a book published in the United States in 1870 and is the projected future for 1970. The book makes plain that the ‘immigrants’ have only been imported in to the country to be exploited as so called ‘cheap labor’. One result of this enmasse predation conducted by diktat is that the random act of ultraviolence against the unsuspecting individual(s) is an every day occurrence on the city streets of the future.

    A kriss is a knife.

    pg 526

    it would not surprise us to know, that in one of his fits of jealousy against Englishmen and Americans, he [a discarded ‘immigrant’] had assassinated some friend of ours.

    ..we have entered the purlieus of the lowest classes of the Chinese, Hindoo, and Malay population. Here is an opium shop, and on benches under the verandah lie ghastly -looking men and women, under the influence of the potent drug. They seem dead, and to have died in horrible agony; but soon one of them, and presently another, raises his head, and propping it up with one hand, looks around with an idiotic expression, and calls in utter wretchedness for more of the poison. If denied he presently raises up again, and may
    commit murder or become a violent maniac. A little farther on a crowd are gathered, who suddenly start and fly for their lives. A stalwart Malay, whose face is so malignant with all evil passions that it would make a capital study for Gustave Dore in his next picture of Satan, and who is maddened with vile liquor and opium has rushed out and is running amok, striking and stabbing with his gleaming Kriss every one in his way. Yet farther on the Hindoo, sleek, graceful, and eminently handsome in form and feature, but treacherous and deceitful, bows very humbly and obsequiously, but it would not surprise us to know, that in one of his fits of jealousy against Englishmen and Americans, he had assassinated some friend of ours to whom he had been equally obsequious and polite.

  10. Drou
    Drou says:

    This is an article that is so very true, it is a shame that more people do not express the truth as this one does. I shall save this to my files as I may need to refer to it at a later date. I am shocked that the British people are so totally unaware that the invasion of this nation by humans of lesser capacity was instigated, encouraged and praised by the most evil collection of people to have ever existed on this planet. I firmly believe that if they were totally annihilated this planet would be a far better place for the rest of us.

  11. exlib
    exlib says:

    Nothing less than the death penalty for Blair and that satanic bitch. I would let them choose hanging or firing squad.

    • Hatecrime Hotline
      Hatecrime Hotline says:

      They are only the most prominent features of the external face of the evil. I’m not sure we could produce enough rope if we were to bring ALL of those genuinely responsible to a ‘People’s Tribunal’!

  12. dolph
    dolph says:

    Yes, it’s absolutely true. Jews use blacks against whites.

    Never, ever forget the alliance, whether acknowledged or not, between jews and blacks. Understand that, and everything else falls into place and you will be cured of delusion. Both of these groups have a pathological hatred of all other humans, including whites, arabs, indians, asians, etc. But in particular whites.

    Because we are everything they are not. Would I be driven to insanity if I was jewish or black? Possibly, but that’s not the point. The point is, they are an existential threat. They are a separate group that poses an eternal threat. Trump or not, America has already fallen to the jews and blacks in 2018 and is headed for terminal bankruptcy and collapse.

  13. Rob Bottom
    Rob Bottom says:

    Don’t forget the co-conspirators in the press and media. What would our media landscapes look like, if it was not in control of the traditional enemies of the truth?

    • PaleoAtlantid
      PaleoAtlantid says:

      Most of the various Churches are also in on the act, perhaps even co-conspirators.

    • Hatecrime Hotline
      Hatecrime Hotline says:

      And business and finance, particularly large Marketing organisations that move hell & earth to make miscegenation and reverse sexual dimorphism appear ‘en vogue’, especially to impressionable young white females who wish to raise their perceived ‘status’ by any means possible.

  14. PaleoAtlantid
    PaleoAtlantid says:

    We uncritically assume that bastards like Blair are willing jew-tools, but what if they are in fact authors of these anti-White policies and farm out the policy implementation to Jews?
    Here is what David Atchison, Senator for Missouri, said in 1854;
    “We are playing for a mighty stake. If we win, we can carry slavery to the Pacific Ocean. If we fail, we lose Missouri, Arkansas and Texas and all the territories.”
    It doesn’t get much clearer than that! Atchison was a White man, implacably hostile and opposed to ‘free soil’ and the formation of White farming communities in the American west of the 1850s and 60s.
    People like Blair are not new. They hate us and our ideas of a living wage and a chance to prosper in a free White society. Unfortunately White lives have always been cheap and we are witnessing another chapter in the age-old battle between the White working man and globalist plutocratic forces.

  15. Edmond Morrison
    Edmond Morrison says:

    It is a pity we cannot reprint/publish this article in the UK. We are bound and gagged by the Race Laws. Truth apparently according to one (((British))) judge – IS NO DEFENCE!
    We need White Nationalist Solidarity supervised by a White Nationalist World Union or similar.
    Editor White Voice

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Eddy, Ernst, in the mid 80s was forbidden to write about all things of concern to him. Instead — he disclosed the profitable, infighting kosher-certification racketeering, imposed on all consumers of almost everything, in the interest of an infinitesimal number of orthodox Jews, couched in exhortations to
      ” support the Jews ! ”

      The Truth is no Defence dictum, in its perversion, is nevertheless, judicially, the fountain of wisdom, justice and logic:

      a Jews formulate and enact LAWS protecting them from even ” perceived ” insults. Thus enabling them to persist in their whoring campaigns.

      b Someone consequently calls them a whore, and they conveniently perceive themselves to have been offended.

      c This makes it incumbent on the fool judge, following the law, to declare, that the Truth is no Defence. Imposed ” Jewish Logic “.

      d My other favorite [ or in your case favourite ], is the principle of ” Judicial Notice “, by which the courts have been obliged to chisel in Massada-quarried stone, what historical academia is still wrestling with, namely the guestimate number of victims, methodology or typhus and venues of the purportedly ‘ only ‘ regrettable Holocaust [TM] in history.

      To keep out of your apparently reconstituted Star Chambers Court on the secluded top floor of Westminster, in-House, so to speak, with Blair’s protected, blessedly late Lord-pedophile Janner, why don’t you try Ernst’s method: tongue securely pressed against the cheek ?

      Greetings to your readers !

  16. Hatecrime Hotline
    Hatecrime Hotline says:

    It is important to remember that these creatures still contain the same genetics that made their ancestors primitive savages that were not adverse to (what we consider to be the abominations of) cannibalism and sadistic torture. The ONLY thing that prevents these most of these savages from resorting to their default settings is that those ‘settings’ have – for the time being – been over-ridden by white tutelage. As soon as that white tutelage is gone (and in time it surely will be) the default savagery will return in their behaviour, they will return to instinctive behaviour, and there will be no more ‘code’ for them to live by. Post-Hitler white civilization is degenerate and in advanced decay as far as we are concerned, but even in that state, to the Negro, it keeps him ‘domesticated’.

  17. JJ
    JJ says:

    Tobias Langdon. Many thanks for your insightful essays documenting the rot destroying Britain. In Islington, where grovelling “anti racists” Corbyn and Thornberry reside, there have been many Whites killed by Blacks. Here are some of them..Jonathan Zito. Ricky Smith. Martin Dinegan. Richard Whelan. Ben Kinsella. Jeroen Ensink. Alan Cartwright. Iuliana Tudos.
    There are others too, but this is in a single borough! ALL IN ISLINGTON.
    Ricky Smith was a hard working young Dad, brutally murdered while out with his girlfriend, it was a race hate attack, and as it was never labelled as such, they were able to keep it low profile, so as to maintain their mass deception of White people and continue peddling White Guilt. Ricky’s family have to endure watching the hoax of black victimhood mass marketed by the media scum when they have had no justice themselves.

  18. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Tobias, you clearly have outlined the answer to these ‘ random and rarefied’, murders (by proxy), and therefore, the decision making chain-of-command should rightly face a highly putative and critical environment to discourage this deeds with a fatal legacy. Public ignominy, financial ruin and long sentence in gaol; behind bars and steel doors,having to co-exist with the new ‘British’.
    My multicultural experience on Sat.7th July: Went to the local mini-supermarket near home was served by a young male Pakistani placing my wallet and key in the space for scanning items- some shopping and lottery tickets, moments later I am being squeezed aside by a large male negro and I push back. The negro asserts that the space is allocated for his till and I was in the wrong position-(my paraphrasing). The Pakistani manager serving himself affirmed this…Was I tempted to ask this civilised specimen however sarcastically, ‘Heard of the polite manner and request “excuse me?”
    Another 3 examples on a shopping trip of dumb bi-ethnic arrogance, however, it’s mid-afternoon on this very hot and humid and as I approach the queue for self-service tills there are two male negros standing half-naked for all to behold! Nation builders indeed…

  19. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Sunday I viewed a documentary that was broadcast in June (for timely reasons) on BBC2, or Traitorous Broadcasting Service: For educational purposes I recommend all TOO readers watch-‘ Grenfell: A Hidden History’.
    20 mins in the above program, a ‘refugee’ from the Nazi and the Soviet gulags, (quoting the narrator), called Peter Rackman evicted ‘whites,’ and installed ‘Black families’ in their place; the West Indians who thought the streets of London were paved with gold and wanted to come to the mutha country. It is most interesting for the omissions as much for the inclusions- for example Rackman Jewish identity; and for terms like ‘ whites’.
    What started as a class divide:ruling elites in the 19th century vrs the poor, etc evolved into the ‘racist’ whites vrs the poor new darker skinned innocent people from the colonies.
    This ‘history’ is a case study in the propaganda apparatus that is the BBC and is therefore essential viewing.

    • Guest
      Guest says:

      Peter Rachman was the most notorious slum landlord in modern British history (“rachmanism” entered the jargon of the time) and his empire in the London property market involved prostitution as well as subdivision of properties to avoid then existing and inadequate rental laws. His conduct in Britain is mirrored by that of Jewish slum landlords in the US and I have seen lists issued by American cities (New York, for example) of those landlords who are the worst offenders of property and health laws with Jews predominating in them. Your computer’s search engine will provide you with an extensive history of Peter (Petrec) Rachman’s record as a slum landlord on Wikipedia and in many newspaper articles.

  20. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    To add to my previous comment regarding ‘Grenfell: A Hidden History’, Rachman the shyster was credited with inadvertently spreading multi-‘culturism’. This line was spoken with great smugness by the main narrator.
    Another TV program well worth a view for his sheer hysterical tone broadcast a couple of years ago, this time on Channel 4, is ‘Britain’s Most Racist Election’. Full anti-indigenous, white hatred in overdrive! It really has to seen to be believed.

  21. JJ
    JJ says:

    Islington has suffered terribly because of third world immigration. There is nothing, absolutely nothing even vaguely beneficial about it. All the White victims in Islington, demonstrate without any doubt, that Mr Langdon is correct , THird worlders presence is a threat to us. And those who pretend its the other way around are deceitful scumbags.

    Ben Kinsella’s sister, whose well meaning efforts in campaigning against knife crime are misguided and merely an elephant in the room type smokescreen, asks, in a recent edition of the ultra-liberal Evening Standard, “why Ben?”
    Well, Let’s join the dots. Why Jonathan Zito? Why Ricky Smith?Why Richard Whelan? Why Alan Cartwright? Why Jeroen Ensink? Why Martin Dinegan? Why Iuliana Tudos? Anyone not worked it out yet?

    • T.Gilligan
      T.Gilligan says:

      JJ, Deceitful and obsequious scumbags is precisely what they are! With entire cities Roche’d and deracinated of British/English people the illiberal media still hunt out any scentilla of dissent,tarring indigenous British with same clichéd labels-‘bigot’, xenophobe, etc, yawn….
      Every British/English family of every British victim should without question receive substantial compensation: Jimmy Mizen’s killer is an Arab/Turk – the taxpayer of the UK funds his term in HMP. My solution: return him and his family to his parents/grandparents country of origin and the goals there within. If the ethnic shoe had been on the other foot…white killers and victims of foreign origin..riots, enquiries, payouts and a national decade of mourning.

  22. A Swain
    A Swain says:

    Which is why their public utterances and actions (recorded) will eventually be their collective death warrant as no court of law hearings shall be required.

    Yes, it means their arrest and execution when the political climate takes a turn for the better which is inevitable as it’s impossible to hold back the tide of righteous reckoning when the momentum reaches its pinnacle and releases its all-consuming burst of protracted built-up energy.

  23. mark green
    mark green says:

    White beauty.

    To what extent does the physical ugliness of so many black Africans (as well as Jews) factor into their hostility to White Europeans?

    I think that it’s fair to say that Jews are both attracted to, as well envious of, white perfection in physical form. Look at those glorious Greek and Roman statues. Witness the unrivaled magnificence of European art. There’s nothing like it in the world!

    For all their intellectual prowess, Jews can’t hold a candle to White physical beauty, not to mention White achievement in art and architecture. This gap may explain why (((Hollywood))) invented the mean-spirited (and false) stereotype of the ‘dumb blonde’. This racial put-down is surely connected to Jewish envy of European beauty. There is a ‘beauty gap’ between most Jews and white gentiles.

    This deficit surely rubs the ‘chosen people’ the wrong way. Our children are cute and adorable like no other race. And so are our magnificent women.

    Jews wonder: Why would G-d imbue his favorite family with physical features which are so un-pleasing to the eye?

    Africans are even more disadvantaged. They surely sense this deficiency all the more.

    These immense physical differences are another reason to keep races separate. Jealousy helps no one.

    We must cherish and protect the white genome. Among the human race, it’s rare and exceptional. Other races want it diminished or destroyed.

  24. JJ
    JJ says:

    TGilligan. Hammer on nail. And also Robert Knox, not that far away from where Jimmy Mizen was murdered. Robert had a part in one of the Harry Potter films. Imagine if it had been the media’s desired but much less frequent villain/victim script. They would have made him into a martyr cult, and his name would be known, all the Harry Potter actors would have been on the telly talking about him. But predictably……nothing.

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