Crypto-Jews, German Guilt, and the Wittenberg Jew-Pig

“Here on our church in Wittenberg a sow is sculpted in stone. Young pigs and Jews lie suckling under her. Behind the sow a rabbi is bent over the sow, lifting up her right leg, holding her tail high and looking intensely under her tail and into her Talmud, as though he were reading something acute or extraordinary, which is certainly where they get their Shemhamphoras [hidden name of God in Kabbalah].
Martin Luther, 1543 

During my early years researching the Jewish Question I was particularly struck by the strident and flamboyant nature of medieval and early modern anti-Jewish folklore and related art. I recall being fascinated at the strangeness and creativity of tales like the 16th-century Jewish woman said to have given birth to twin piglets,[1] the common 15th-century belief that Jewish males menstruate,[2] and speculation that Jews buried their dead with small rocks to throw at Christ in the afterlife. As with much of Jewish history and the historiography of anti-Semitism, the subject of anti-Jewish folklore has been dominated by Jewish scholars. My first introduction to the topic was thus The Blood Libel Legend: A Casebook in Anti-Semitic Folklore (1991) by the Jewish UC-Berkeley folklorist Alan Dundes (1934–2005), widely regarded as the field’s pre-eminent, and perhaps only, expert. In the book, as one might well expect, Dundes strips anti-Jewish folklore of context and presents instead a collection of “evil” and “dangerous” fantasies lacking any logical or rational basis.

Aside from the work of Dundes, direct scholarly engagement with the subject of medieval anti-Jewish folklore has been relatively rare, with most Jewish scholars preferring to probe medieval artistic linkages between Jews and the Devil (see, for example, the work of Robert Bonfil, Marvin Perry, and Frederick Schweitzer) rather than some of the more outlandish or colorful “memes” that then circulated. Almost all of these scholarly accounts utilize medieval anti-Jewish folklore as a means of denigrating and indicting medieval Christianity as irrational and prejudiced, and ultimately as the fons et origo of an equally irrational and prejudiced modern anti-Semitism. An explanatory account of medieval and early modern anti-Jewish folklore informed by historical context remains to be written, despite admirable and broadminded texts like The Singular Beast: Jews, Christians, and the Pig (1997) by Claudine Fabre-Vassas. This is a project I am giving serious consideration to undertaking. As luck would have it, it’s also becoming somewhat relevant again.

Of all the artistic manifestations of anti-Jewish folklore, few are more acute, vehement, and scatological than the imagery of the Judensau, or ‘Jew-Pig.’ In brief, the image, depicted in woodcuts or in stone (often on churches) between the 13th and 15th centuries, is an allegorical reference to Jews drawing sustenance from the Talmud, with Jews shown suckling from a sow and/or examining or eating its feces. The association of Jews with pigs in medieval Christian folklore was longstanding, owing something to the known aversion of the Jews to pork, and produced an array of stories and imagery that flagrantly ignored the ancient dietary commands in Leviticus. In one legend, for example, the aversion to pork dated from the time of Christ, when a sneering Jew challenged Christ to guess the contents of a barrel that the Jew knew to contain a slaughtered pig. Unknown to the Jew, the pig had been removed and his own children were hiding in the barrel. When Jesus answered that the man’s children were in the barrel, he was mocked and told there was a pig inside. “Let them be pigs then,” replied Jesus, and the children were transformed into piglets. From that day onward, so goes the tale, Jews avoided eating pork because for them that would be cannibalism. One suspects that seriousness was never a primary concern in the development of such folk tales — they served as entertaining and memorial “memes” to impart the message that Jews were different and were to be avoided.

The specific implication of the Judensau image is that Jews, in their spiritual blindness or as a result of possessing a perverted nature prefer to seek spiritual nourishment from something filthy and disgusting (the Talmud), rather than a pure and healthy source (the New Testament). The Judensau is thus not mere folklore, but part of a broader pattern of theological allegorical imagery concerning blindness and perversion among Jews that emerged during the period, and it can be seen as a more brutal rendition of the same themes present in Synagoga, the depiction of a young, downcast, and blindfolded woman, sometimes with a serpent, and carrying a broken lance ( a possible allusion to the Holy Lance that stabbed Christ) while Tablets of the Law or Torah scrolls slip from her fingers. The more subtle and tasteful rendition of the latter led to it becoming more ubiquitous (Synagoga adorns the Notre Dame in Paris and features on Cathedrals throughout France, Germany and England), while the former is predominantly, if not exclusively, a feature of the medieval German ecclesiastical architectural landscape. There are around 30 surviving examples of the Judensau left in Germany, but their time may soon be at an end in large part due to the efforts of a Jewish ‘convert’ to Christianity who has made it his mission to have them removed from every church and cathedral.

Synagoga, as depicted on the exterior of Notre Dame, Paris

The crypto-Jew at the heart of this particular drama is Dr. Richard Harvey, a political leftist, a senior researcher with Jews for Jesus, and a former academic dean at All Nations Christian College. Harvey is following a well-established pattern. A common theme with crypto-Jews operating within Christian spheres is that their activities concentrate very heavily in advancing Jewish interests against Christian norms, and this invariably involves attempts to adapt Christian theology and culture to become less hostile towards Jews and Judaism. While Jewish involvement in the development of Vatican II is perhaps the ultimate example of such activity, other examples of Jews continuing to pursue Jewish interests within Christianity include Jewish networking within the early Jesuit Order and even the single-handed actions of Jewish ‘convert’ and warden Marsha Ra in ensuring that the ‘anti-Semitic’ Ezra Pound was denied a place in the Poet’s Corner of the Cathedral of St John the Divine in New York. Ra explained to reporters that Pound “was giving anti-Semitic radio broadcasts while my people [my emphasis] were being gassed,” and that Pound was “not representative of Christian values.” The New York Times later reported that it was the Jewish Ra who organized a petition, based on “Christian values,” to block Pound’s inclusion. And, like Ra, Harvey’s campaign against the Judensau image appears to have begun with a 2016 petition at calling for the removal of the famous sculpture from the walls of the Wittenberg cathedral.

In the petition, Harvey shows little understanding or patience for the nature of medieval religion in general. He is apparently oblivious to the theological point being made by the imagery of the Judensau and even seems rather protective of the aspects of Judaism mocked in the artwork. He complains:

The sculpture continues to cause offence and defame Jewish people and their faith. It needs to be removed to another location so it is not publicly displayed on the external wall of the church, and properly housed and explained elsewhere. Otherwise Jewish people continue to experience the antisemitic power of such an abusive image, and their worst fears about the nature of the Christian faith are confirmed. If the Church is truly repentant over such images, it must take steps to remove them from such prominent display.


Dr Richard Harvey

I find the last two sentences particularly interesting as examples of the phenomenon whereby Jews engage in dialogue as a disguised Other while covertly maintaining their set of core interests. Harvey is clearly a Jew and he obviously perceives the Judensau, on strictly Jewish terms, as an affront on a personal, cultural, and religious level. The alluded to “worst fears about the nature of the Christian faith” are of course his own fears, and these fears (that Christianity and its art is a powerful force for anti-Semitism) are quite probably the motivating agent behind all aspects of his activism. The appeal to White/Christian guilt at the close of the paragraph is simply classic Jewish rhetoric, while the lurch to censorship is a quintessential aspect of the ceaseless Jewish search for control and security.

Thanks to decades of intensive psychological manipulation, guilt and censorship are certainly not rare in modern Germany. In 1988, German Church authorities consented to have an ‘explanation’ and commemorative plaque, designed by sculptor Wieland Schmiedel, placed beneath the Wittenberg Judensau that read:

The true name of God, the maligned Chem Ha Mphoras which Jews long before Christianity regarded as almost unutterably holy, this name died with six million Jews, under the sign of the Cross.

This combined example of Christian indulgence of Kabbalistic terminology and capitulation to Jewish war narratives wasn’t enough to sate Dr Harvey’s appetite for obliteration. In his petition he continues:

It is insufficient. … We appreciate the fact that the church decided to do something to explain and express regret, but do not believe God died in the Holocaust, and this is again an improper use of the name of God. In 2017, the 500th anniversary of Luther’s launching of the Protestant Reformation, it is time to remove this statue and replace it with something more honouring to the God of Israel, respectful of the Jewish people, and bringing dignity to a Christian place of worship instead of retaining a sculpture that is unseemly, obscene, insulting, offensive, defamatory, libellous, blasphemous, anti-semitic and inflammatory.

There’s a lot to unpack here, but we might begin with the oddity of a representative from a group purporting to be ‘for Jesus’ insisting on respect for a name for a godhead derived from a Jewish occult-esoteric text. It is in the second sentence that we see Harvey’s goal in full — not just the removal of the centuries-old sandstone relief which mocks Jewish occult-esotericism, but its replacement with a philosemitic image that will please Jews and further modify Christian thinking in a pro-Jewish direction. Again, this conforms to broader patterns in Jewish activism, whereby the censorship of dissent and the dissemination of pro-Jewish narratives often occur in tandem.

As well as launching his petition, in 2016 Harvey also wrote a cringe-inducing poem on the issue and published an anti-Judensau manifesto of sorts at Premier Christianity, the UK’s leading Christian magazine. In this essay, titled “Why Martin Luther’s home church must remove its antisemitic statue,” Harvey states: “As a Jewish believer in Jesus I have found few things more offensive than a statue on the outside of the church, where carved in a sandstone sculpture is a Judensau (Jew-pig) that mocks Jews, Judaism and the Jewish Messiah, Jesus.” I had to read the last few words twice, because in no way can the Judensau be interpreted as mocking Jesus, nor has any historical or contemporary analysis of any depictions of the Judensau ever made such an assertion. The Judensau was always intended as a defence of Christian doctrine against the absurd arrogance of Talmudic Judaism. One assumes that Harvey had his doubts about relying on a defence of Jews alone in his piece, and thus chose to manipulate his readership (overwhelming of the charismatic evangelical variety) with a blatant and incendiary falsehood. Harvey doesn’t mention the overwhelming scholarly consensus that the Judensau is an attack on the Talmud — the same set of texts that depict Christ boiling in excrement — so he simply invents the notion that the Judensau is an obscene attack on Jesus Christ and hopes that this will be sufficient to rouse the evangelical readership to join him in his activism against Wittenberg.

In October 2016, Christianity Today published yet another article on the Judensau issue, this time by another “Messianic Jew” named Deborah Pardo-Kaplan. Pardo-Kaplan explained that the anti-Judensau project is a joint venture by Messianic Jews [crypto-Jews] and an organization called the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary. The Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary is a very strange, but extremely pernicious, product of de-Nazification. It was founded in 1947 by Basilea Schlink, the sister of a semi-famous theologian and a religious leader and writer in her own right who had been investigated by the Gestapo twice for philosemitic activities. Beginning in the late 1940s, Schlink advanced what some scholars have called a “theology of guilt,” which blended ardent Christian Zionism with a groveling and unceasing repentance to Jews. Schlink even moved to Israel in 1957 to work as a nurse in order to do “practical repentance for not only what the Nazis had perpetrated, but also for ‘the 2,000 years of Jews’ suffering because of Christianity.’”[3] Today the group exists almost exclusively to promote obedience and servitude to Jews and, contrary to its name, the group refrains from evangelism and does not attempt to convert Jews to Christianity. In short, the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary, which is staffed mainly by very elderly philosemitic women, is an ideal partner for crypto-Jews seeking a Christian face for their activism.

Sister Joela Krüger, a 74-year-old leader within the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary, is at the forefront of the joint effort to remove the Wittenberg Judensau, complaining that “the Jews and Israel are blasphemed by showing such a sculpture.” Read that again, because if showing the sculpture commits blasphemy against Jews and Israel, then one has to ask precisely what god or gods Krüger is worshipping. The connection appears to be that the Jew-worshipping Krüger and the crypto-Jew Richard Harvey were both members of a US advisory group named Wittenberg 2017, formed in 2015 to prepare projects relating to the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Because of the gullibility and ineptitude of the organizers of Wittenberg 2017, these frauds, kooks, and subversives have been largely successful in promoting their agenda in both the Anglosphere and Germany. Harvey’s strategy, built mostly on guilt and lies, is working. Ansgar Hörsting, the president of the Evangelical Free Churches of Germany, has now declared the Judensau is guilty of crimes against vibrancy, telling Christianity Today ““If the church is a vibrant place of worship, a ‘Judensau’ sculpture has no place within it.” The comedy intensifies with news that the new pastor at Wittenberg has promised to “erect another memorial with words of condemnation and repentance.” Evangelicals allied to the Wittenberg 2017 group have declared they “are working towards grieving, repenting, and requesting the removal of this offense.” One member recalls how, at a “June 2016 gathering, Lutherans and Catholics joined together in repenting to the Messianic Jews in our midst.” How deeply touching.

Unfortunately for Harvey and his allies, the period 2016–18 saw much groveling and handwringing but little actual progress. This is now beginning to change as Jews diversify their tactics and broaden their search for support. In yet another bizarre twist involving converts and guilt, in May a German Jew named Michael Düllmann filed a legal complaint demanding the removal of the Wittenberg relief on the grounds that the church was abusing and insulting him and other Jews; he insisted it was “legitimiert fortwährend Antisemitismus” [“legitimizing ongoing anti-Semitism”]. The complaint was dismissed by a regional court on May 24, with the court ruling that the fact that the church had not removed the relief could not be considered abuse. Düllmann has said he plans to appeal, but the AfD (Alternative for Germany) party has now also petitioned to keep it in place.. The interesting aspect to this particular instance of activism is that Düllmann is not ethnically Jewish but rather another example of an elderly, guilt-ridden German who, after being subjected to decades of propaganda, finds some kind of comfort in giving themselves over to Jewish interests. In Düllmann’s case, he simply went further than those like him in the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary and underwent a full conversion to Judaism.

Agitation against Judensau sculptures in other locations is likely to intensify. Indeed, in 2005 the Judensau at Regensburg Cathedral was targeted by the Munich Jewish ‘action artist’ Wolfram Kastner, who staged protests in front of the church building and declared: “”For centuries, these depictions have caused murder, robberies and degradation.” Kastner, I should add, has a string of criminal convictions for property damage because “virtually every Nov. 1 since 1993, he has gone to a cemetery in Salzburg, Austria, and snipped ribbons from wreaths laid at the graves of veterans of the Waffen SS.” In 2001, he received permission for a klezmer group to play a song in the cemetery at the same time as those honoring the Waffen SS members were accompanied by a marching band. In Bayreuth, for instance, the heavily weathered depiction of a Judensau at the town church was removed in 2004. Since then, a plaque hangs in its place with the inscription: Unkenntlich geworden ist das steinerne Zeugnis des Judenhasses an diesem Pfeiler — “The stone testimony of the hatred of the Jews on this pillar has become unrecognizable.”

Ironically, the only hope that the Judensau may be retained in Germany is if it gains the uneasy support of those Jews who wish to see it retained as an example of European anti-Semitism and want to use it as an emotional battering ram against Christians. Ben Barkow, director of the Jewish propaganda group, the Wiener Library, has called for the Judensau at Wittenberg to be retained, adding that: “It is an authentic monument to a dreadful past.” David Jacobs from the Jewish Historical Society agreed that the Judensau “should be left as it is but visitors should have all the information necessary to contextualize it. This should be prominently displayed at the site, not hidden away, so they don’t see the images and leave disabused.” Danny Stone, chief executive of the Antisemitism Policy Trust, said: “This shocking carving symbolizes the ugly reality of antisemitism in the eyes of its creators. Rather than remove it, I’d support an accompanying educational board which highlights the grotesque anti-Jewish imagery for passers-by and details the importance of due diligence and outspoken opposition against antisemitism.” In other words, the Judensau should be weaponized on behalf of Jewish interests.

As Jews divide among themselves over how best to abuse these Christian European monuments, one wonders at the lack of Christian vitality in the affair. Where is the spirited defense of the original theological message of the Judensau? Where is the counter-argument being made that all religions of the medieval and early modern periods—including Judaism— cast the most vicious aspersions possible at their rivals and enemies? Why the silent, groveling capitulation? And what would Martin Luther make of his descendants? Five centuries after the Reformation, one suspects he would have wondered why he bothered.

[1] L. Roper, Witch Craze: Terror and Fantasy in Baroque Germany (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2004), p.41.

[2] D. Biale, Blood and Belief: The Circulation of a Symbol between Jews and Christians (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2007), p.105.


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  1. Charles Staples
    Charles Staples says:

    Thank you for another splendid article. Exposing crypto-Jews and their activities is more important now than ever.

  2. Rob Bottom
    Rob Bottom says:

    One need only ask them what came first: the Talmud or the Judensau? It seems to me the Talmud was the first to cause offense, therefore if the Jews want the Christians to remove the Judensau they will offer to remove the offending passages in the Talmud beforehand. Of course, as the hypocrites they are, they would never dream of doing that. As usual, their own attitudes and behavior reveal the true origin of so-called antisemitism.

  3. William Gruff
    William Gruff says:

    How like Goebbels’ brilliantly caricatured cartoon Jew, whose name escapes me*, Dr Richard Harvey looks. Looking at him I smiled at the futility of his efforts at crypsis.

    * I hope some kind reader will enlighten me.

  4. JRM
    JRM says:

    To Dr. Joyce, if you haven’t already acquired a copy, you should seek out “Die Juden in der Karikatur” by Eduard Fuchs for your research.

  5. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    I was told by a student that the pig farms in Eastern European Jew Convert Descended Occupied Palestine( aka Israel) are all 18 inches above the ground and are therefore not in the land of Israel. The farms produce White Meat not Pork.
    If what I was told is true the Judensau cannot be in the land of Germany, because I am sure that it is more than 18 inches above the ground.

  6. Gene Urtel
    Gene Urtel says:

    The quote of Martin Luther which Dr. Joyce used was from paragraph 59 of Luther’s book, “Vom Schem Hamphorus und Geschlecht Christi (1543). Google this title, and scroll down to the “Back to Luther” website if you would like to have an English translation of it. To keep Luther’s quote in context, you had better read the rest of his book.

    Furthermore, this Judensau sculpture (confer Wikipedia) on the formerly Roman Catholic, Stadt-und Pfarrkirche of Wittenberg dates from 1305, two centuries before Luther was there.

    Keep in mind that “In the early years of the Reformation Luther criticized the treatment of the Jews. He directed his criticism especially against the [Roman Catholic] church for its inhumanity and for its failure to acknowledge its missionary obligations. He hoped, as he expressed it in his first tract, entitled ‘That Christ was Born a Jew’ (1523), that ‘if we treat the Jews fairly and instruct them in the Word, many of them will become Christians’…. In his Table Talk, Luther proposed, as late as 1537, to expound the Christian faith for the Jews once again in the hope that some might be converted” (Theodore G Tappert, “The Lutheran Companion” [21 April, 1948]).

    What is more, Dr. Joyce said, “From that day onward, so goes the tale, Jews avoided eating pork because for them that would be cannibalism.”

    This is incorrect.

    From the time of Moses down to the time of Christ, God made a covenant with the children of Israel, and commanded them, as part of their religious duties, not to eat unclean animals, such as pigs, as a reminder to them to keep themselves spiritually unspotted from unclean (unholy) things. See Leviticus 11:4 & 7. Confer Acts 10:9-16.

  7. Recomber
    Recomber says:

    To Andrew Joyce what is your definition of a crypto-jew? How are such people to be defined? Is not it possible that there are many unacknowledged?

  8. 9593
    9593 says:

    As to Richard Harvey’s references to the god of Israel, Marcion, the early Christian bishop of Sinope (Turkey) developed a considerable following to exclude the Old Testament from the canon. It is apparent from reading the Bible, that the god of the old testament is not the same being as the god of the New Testament. We can speculate as to why the inclusion of the Old Testament by the prevailing Christian leaders. It is likely that the people in power found the tribal hate theme useful for inspiring colonialism, enslavement, and grabbing other people’s stuff.

    A subtle contradiction prevails: One treatment for insiders – quite another set of rules for outsiders. Lengthy study is required to figure out who is in and who is out..

    The monuments should stand as accurate portrayals of what was going on in that era. The Soviets were careful to “Photoshop” with a razor blade to remove the images of “liquidated” Commissars from the archives. Destroying evidence to destroy History.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      I am not a religious expert, by any stretch of the imagination. However, in the early mists of my Lutheran Catechism, prior to the schism, I recall that the explanation for the inclusion of the OT was to demonstrate how the “old” chosen had strayed from the covenant. The NT is the path for the “new” chosen to follow the covenant. The OT was there for reference, not to follow.

  9. Jochen
    Jochen says:

    Then they will replace yhe word sculpture with ” cathedral, church, Cross,

  10. Trenchant
    Trenchant says:

    Excellent scholarship from Dr. Joyce. Interesting that philo-Semitic activism should come from Messianic Jews, denied aliya and regarded with suspicion by their brethren.

  11. Thim
    Thim says:

    The Wittenburg Jew-pig dates from 1305, then. Wondering what the good people of Germany had suffered at the hands of these rats in order for that kind of sculpture to go mainstream. Maybe it was nearly as bad as what we are getting from them today.

  12. T Anderson
    T Anderson says:

    A very important book to read on medieval ‘anti-semitism’ is “Jew as Ally of the Muslim, Medieval Roots of Antisemitism”!
    In short it pointed to the Jewish treason from within in tandem with the Muslim assault on Spain; Muslims and Jews worked together and when the Jews were booted from Spain their “Muslim enemy” gave them refuge!

    Sounds identical to every Masonic “revolution” since, including 911 and the subsequent “Red Terror” attacks not only on our people in general, with this “Stasiland”,[Funder] targeting of individual intelligentsia, but now against our children in school!

    Notice how our “Red Terror” is in tandem with their fake altruism and ‘social justice’ slogans; this is identical to what the same treasonous crew did in Russia according to ‘samizdat’,[Russian Christian dissident pamphlets].

    Cntrl F” search for samizdat on the following page:

    What Jews are doing in American aligns perfectly with what they did in Russia!

    • One Tribe
      One Tribe says:

      With the conquest of Mesopotamia by Islam, the centres Rabbinical Phariseeism ‘went underground’. The adherents of Rabbinical Phariseeism flowed with the Muslim armies west across the top of Africa, interbreeding with the local populations along the way.
      During this time, they came to ‘serve’ the crusading Islam, in key administrative positions, amongst which was tax collection and other civil administrative functions.
      So it was in ‘Muslim’ Spain that most of the administration was carried out by, ‘jews’, leading up to the time of ‘christian’ rebelling/reconquest of southern Spain.
      Up until that point, ‘Muslim’ Spain had become the ‘capital’ for ‘the jews’, upon the Inquisition period, an otherwise understandable reaction to the ‘Muslim’ occupation (administered, in their traditional manner, by ‘the jews’), the ‘central control’ of this group again ‘went underground’, while many ‘jews’ dispersed across western Europe, from this western migration across Africa, descendants from who/what ever the ‘Haibru’ actually were in Mesopotamia. (later this group would eventually be superceded by the ‘eastern approach’ Khazar rabbinical pharisees convert culture, and eventually absorb/adopt the illuminati techniques of extreme covert activities, ‘hiding’ amongst ethnic northwestern European-cultured institutions.
      The key point here being that the, so-called, ‘jews’ collaborated with the Muslims, analogously as they collaborated with the socio-economic elite in Europe, who were almost exclusively Catholic, up until reformation, then increasingly ‘protestant’ afterwards.

      most of the basis on my insight is derived from “The Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed; a very worthwhile read.

      • Seraphim
        Seraphim says:

        Far from going underground with the Muslim conquest of Mesopotamia, the Talmudic Academies of Sura, Pumbedita (today’s Fallujah), in Babylonia, also known as the Geonic Academies, were the center for Jewish scholarship and the development of Halakha and flourished from roughly 589 to 1038 AD.
        The Geonim/Gaonim- singular Gaon) were their presidents and were the generally accepted spiritual leaders of the Jewish community worldwide in the early medieval era, in contrast to the Resh Galuta (Exilarch) who wielded secular authority over the Jews in Islamic lands. The Exilarch was the leader of the Jewish community in Babylon during the era of the Parthians, Sassanids and Abbasids up until the Mongol invasion of Baghdad in 1258. The position was hereditary in a family that traced its descent from the royal Davidic line.
        Some moved to the West, not so much in the wake of the Muslim conquest, but at the request of ‘King Charles’ (Charlemagne) to the Caliph Harun al-Rashid that he ‘dispatched one of his Jews (by the name of Makhir) of the seed of royalty of the House of David’, granting to him and his heirs extensive lands around Narbonne and the title of Nasi (Prince). Makhir is said to have founded a Talmudic school there “which vied in greatness with those of Babylonia and which attracted pupils from many distant points”.
        According to a Jewish tradition “Makhir and his descendants were close [inter-related] with the King and all his descendants”. The Carolingians were a bit Jewish! It is to be noted that Charlemagne was called the ‘new David’.
        Still in the 14th century the place of residence of the Makhir family at Narbonne was designated in official documents as “Cortada Regis Judæorum”.
        That would solve the problem of the origin (Babylonian or Rhenan) of the ‘mysterious’ Radhanites, the Jewish merchants operating the trade between the Christian and Islamic worlds during the early Middle Ages (approximately 500–1000). Their trade network covered much of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and parts of India and China (the Silk Road) and were involved up to their neck in the trade of white slaves (black as well, of course).

  13. Jacobite
    Jacobite says:

    Some time in the past, I read a very extensive article describing Jewish attacks on the Passion Play at Oberammergau. Where could I find more info on this subject, which seemed outrageous even for Jews.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        Thanks from me as well: splendid memory. Definitely a very worthwhile re-read which garnered a deservedly and probably record-breaking 225 COMMENTS.

        Rabbi Boteach’s comments about Christians and Jews getting together to defend the MAJESTIC state of Israel, are a little much, even for Jewish chutzpah, but unmistakably indicative of their intentions and work-in-progress.

        Again: very worthy of a re-read. Includes quotes from the daughter of one of the [[[ personages ]]] involved in holding the gun to the Head of the Vatican, during the resulting V – II DIKTATS.

  14. michaelfury
    michaelfury says:

    “And for this between the jaws of his vise

    Of hate-blind armies in his service

    He seized their fatherland. From the air

    He razed their cities with satanic fire

    And burned their homes and loved ones alive

    While in the sky and fields and streets they gave

    Their last. His fictions assured his minions

    Their cause was just, his orders starving millions,

    His occupiers defiling mothers and daughters

    In marathons of lust and hate. With laughter

    They vandalized anything beautiful.

    Monuments, churches, museums full

    Of statuary they made rubble,

    Become in victory his lawless rabble.

    In the desolation they called peace

    He determined never, never to release

    Any Aryan soul from the affliction

    Of his reckless hate and its direction

    To the end of demoralization.”

  15. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    During the autumn of 68, on my first week-end attending the Freie Universitaet Berlin, [ along with Rudi Dutschke, visited by Cohn-Bendit ] I obtained a visa from the East Germans to visit my aunt, uncle and four cousins in Dessau, of Junkers 52 and Bauhaus fame. My aunt and uncle met, assembling Ju 52s, after which my uncle was deployed to the south-west of France to defend Kriegsmarine U-boot pens. He gained his commission there and left for Russia; was taken prisoner but escaped with five others, hidden at night by Russian peasants, fed and supplied by them and partly escorted through the necessarily roadless wilderness. 1000 kms. back to the German lines: with one loss fording a river.

    Never one to miss a historical or cultural site, I encouraged my cousins of similar ages, to accompany me to nearby Wittenberg. Though seeing the Judensau, it meant nothing to me; but I rather enjoyed sitting in Luther’s own chair in his study, despite or because of its being roped off: with a sign ” Zutritt Verboten “.

    On the trip home we were stopped by a Volkspolizei patrol, which radioed for an additional one, not so much to protect the first Peasants’ and Workers’ Paradise on German Soil, as to thoroughly investigate my Boston-purchased 68 Mercury Cougar, lacking headlights [ retractable ] and with only a single North Carolina [ Chapel Hill ] license plate on the back.

    My uncle, an avowed and uncowed Christian, filled in most of what I had failed to observe at the Church, including the symbolism of the Judensau.

    The portrayal of the Judensau in this article does not coincide with the actual sculpture, which is oriented from left to right, 8 meters off the ground, but apparently is a front page depiction on one of Luther’s other books. None of which detracts from Dr. Joyce’s splendid analysis.

    Dr. Harvey’s real name is Hirschland, immigrants to Germany from some part of Moravia, before settling in the UK. It remains unclear to me whether he is the son of a director who succeeded to the management of a Jew-owned Commercial College in Magdeburg, who was indicted by the Gestapo for sexual perversions with underage young female students at that school; sentenced to ten years of penitentiary and then shipped to Auschwitz, where he purportedly died in 43.

    If so, his tale has a problem. He would have to be at least 73, which seems unlikely; by his photo and youthful energy displayed in the only ten minute video of him, crammed full of information pointing numerous times towards Dr. Joyce’s assessment of his motivation. Or his father would have to had survived; and migrated to the UK. In other words a blend of innumerable Wiesels and Epsteins.

    Either his father survived, or it was an uncle. You figure it out. The video is crammed with photos of the Church, the sculpture and dozens of his personal experiences and above all the holyer than thou reasons for his ” conversion “. We must remember that ” Evangelical ” in German, merely means Protestant, bereft of its Anglo meaning.

    Google: Judensau-The Wittenberg Jew-Pig and Luther’s anti-Judaism.

    While I look for another video, regrettably in German, where the last court case, the litigants and their lawyers are pictured and the main converted Berlin Complainant is interviewed and of course pictured. The shots and scenes themselves pretty well tell you what is going on.

    May I think out loud, that Hirschland’s real ancestry, with possible paternal connections to the child-molester, may warrant a second look by Dr. Joyce, given that his research is comparatively fresh.

  16. Sobran's Ghost
    Sobran's Ghost says:

    Excellent article. As a Christian, it is clear to me that Evangelical Christianity, particularly the Charismatic segment, has largely been infiltrated, weakened, and hijacked by Jews. Philosemitic, Christ-denying doctrine abounds.

    Dr. Michael Brown & Sid Roth are a few more examples of the ongoing Hasbara, philosemitic, attack the “enemies” of Jews & Israel using a Christian mask operation being carried out within Christianity. Dr. Michael Brown’s Jewish fangs came out in his recent interview of Ted Pike when Ted relayed that Dr. Brown was employing the typical “subterfuge” that is employed to whitewash the Talmud.

    You mentioned Jews for Jesus. Enjoy as this “Jewish believer in Yeshua” denies the Jews killed Christ and tries to pin it on the Romans. Pure sophistry.

  17. Achilles Wannabe
    Achilles Wannabe says:

    This is one of the best articles I have read on this site and I have read a lot of them. It is so interesting to find out about our actual Medieval past as well as what the Tribe is trying to do to it. I tried reading some Medieval history back when but somehow it lacked a resonance. I think the stuff was written by Jews but I was so deracinated I didn’t even particularly notice.

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