Rape-Gangs Revisited: Third-World Pathology Triggers First World Pathology, as British Authorities Ignore Asian Sex Trafficking of Children for Fear of Racial Unrest

When I was a leftist, I used to sneer at Christianity for being irrational and mandating belief in impossible things. Well, let’s compare the cults. Christianity mandates belief in a single miraculous birth 2000 years ago in Palestine. Leftism — the religion of the well-educated, morally superior elites who run the West — mandates belief in billions of miraculous births over many millennia and much of the earth’s surface. Clearly, leftism is by far the more irrational cult.

One human race, one human brain

But why does leftism believe in billions of miraculous births? Because it insists that human beings didn’t evolve different brains and psychologies as they migrated into different environments, stopped inter-breeding, and differentially acquired new genes from separate human species like Neanderthals, Denisovans, and ghost populations in Africa. According to leftism, there is only one human race and only one human brain. Swedes and Somalis, Tibetans and Tongans, Moldovans and Māori – they’re the same under the skull. They’re all capable of exactly the same high performance in all fields of intellectual endeavour.

The reality of race vs the lies of leftism

Or so leftism claims. This makes it by far the more irrational cult. Christianity has a mechanism for the miraculous virgin birth of Jesus Christ, namely, divine intervention. Leftism has no mechanism for its billions of miraculous births, because it doesn’t believe in the supernatural. Instead of supplying a mechanism, it simply insists that we’re all the same under the skull. And when Somalis and other Blacks don’t match Swedes and other Whites in intellectual endeavours, leftism dishonestly updates concepts from Christianity. Why do Blacks fail? Because Whites wilfully and wickedly prevent them from realizing their sky-high potential. In short, Whites are guilty of the sin of racism. And some Whites are also guilty of blasphemy, in that they deny leftist dogma and attribute Black failure to Black genetics. Here at the Occidental Observer, for example, we blasphemously believe in racial differences and claim that different races are genetically adapted to different environments and cultures.

Insist on the biologically impossible

But that doesn’t plumb the full depths of leftist irrationality and belief in biological impossibilities. Leftism doesn’t only insist that brain-evolution was miraculously prevented among human beings. It also insists that brain-evolution was miraculously reversed. Somehow human beings have abolished the neurological and psychological differences that had previously existed between the males and females of our ape-like ancestors. And so leftism proclaims that women are capable of exactly the same high performance as men in all fields of intellectual endeavour. When women fail to match men, leftism again attributes this to sin and blasphemy. Men are guilty of sexism and some men blasphemously believe that women’s brains are different for genetic reasons.

Yes, the cult of leftism has a two-step recipe for creating a better world. First, insist on the biologically impossible. Second, bash the unbelievers. If it weren’t for racism and sexism, non-Whites and women would be performing at exactly the same high level as Whites and men. But as I’ve often pointed out, leftists are not genuinely interested in creating a better world and improving the lives of non-Whites and women. Leftists are interested in power and privilege for themselves, which is why they abandon their own principles whenever reality contradicts leftism. For example, the small Yorkshire town of Rotherham is a stronghold of leftism. It is also a stronghold of rape-culture, where the Labour council and the very pro-Jewish Labour MP, Denis MacShane, ignored the organized rape and sexual trafficking of working-class girls by grossly sexist men who embodied the very worst aspects of misogynistic patriarchy.

A simple choice: admit the truth or censor it

How could this happen? It happened because the girls were White and their abusers were brown-skinned Pakistani Muslims. This contradicted leftist ideology, which pretends that women and non-Whites are all victims of brutal White men and their hate. Leftists in Rotherham had a simple choice: they could either admit the truth and help the victims or deny the truth and help the cause of leftism. They didn’t hesitate: they denied the truth and allowed the Muslim rape-gangs to flourish. But Rotherham is, as I’ve said, a small Yorkshire town. In my article “Rape-Gangs Unlimited,” I predicted “that much bigger scandals remain uncovered in cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield and Bradford.”

Sure enough, in 2020 there’s a reluctant report in the Guardian about a small part of the non-White rape-culture that flourished in the northern city of Manchester, another stronghold of leftism:

Victoria Agoglia, killed by leftism and Islam

Up to 52 children may have been victims of a sex abuse scandal in Greater Manchester, with most offenders getting away with their crimes because of errors by police and children’s services, the Guardian has learned.

Some of the police officers involved in the 2004 case are still serving and the police watchdog has been called in to re-examine if there was any wrongdoing. The revelations came as an independent report found that the police investigation into child sexual exploitation failed vulnerable girls in care after being shut down prematurely — partly because senior officers prioritised solving burglaries and car crime.

Operation Augusta was launched in 2004 by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) following the death of 15-year-old Victoria Agoglia, who died of an overdose in 2003 after being injected with heroin by a 50-year-old man. …

The report found that although Augusta identified 16 child victims and 97 potential perpetrators — mostly men working in the restaurant trade — only three were convicted at court. The operation was shut down prematurely in July 2005, with the force blaming a lack of resources. As a result, most of the affected children — white girls aged 12 to 16 in care in Manchester — were “failed” by police and children’s services, the authors concluded.

[Greater Manchester police assistant chief constable Mabs Hussain] denied any suggestion that the original inquiry was inadequate because offenders were mostly from an Asian background: “There was no suggestion that there was any fear, from the evidence I have seen.” [This is false; see below]

The report suggested GMP failed to learn lessons from the curtailed operation, noting that nine years after Victoria’s death, nine Asian men in Rochdale were found guilty of sexually exploiting vulnerable young white girls. Burnham commissioned the research after Margaret Oliver, a detective on the Augusta team, went public criticising GMP in the aftermath of the Rochdale case.

“Don’t believe any of this rubbish that police have learned from their mistakes. I worked on an almost identical operation in 2004, Operation Augusta, which had identified dozens of young victims and dozens of suspects,” she said in a media interview in 2017. …

Operation Augusta identified various restaurants and takeaways in south Manchester where suspects were employed. Intelligence suggested that offenders were targeting care homes within the city of Manchester area, particularly one home used as an emergency placement unit for children entering the care system, which the report authors said “maintained a steady supply of victims” for the perpetrators, who befriended the girls as soon as they arrived. …

Joanne Roney, chief executive of Manchester city council, said: “This report makes for painful reading. We recognise that some of the social work practice and management oversight around 15 years ago fell far below the high standards we now expect. We are deeply sorry that not enough was done to protect our children at the time. While we cannot change the past we have learned from it and will continue to do so to ensure that no stone is left unturned in tackling this abhorrent crime.” (Police errors may have let abusers of up to 52 children escape justice, The Guardian, 14th January 2020)

In fact, a senior police officer from Rotherham has said that “With it being Asians, we can’t afford for this to be coming out,” admitting that the force ignored sex abuse by grooming gangs for 30 years for fear of stoking racial tensions — glaring testimony to the complicity of British elites in the immigration catastrophe.

And who can believe that their leftist enablers are sincere in their sorrow over what happened? Joanne Roney and her fellow leftists aren’t “deeply sorry” about the consequences of their own ideology. Nor was the leftist Joanna Simons, “the chief executive of Oxfordshire county council,” after a very similar scandal in the southern city of Oxford back in 2013. Simons said: “We are incredibly sorry we were not able to stop it any sooner. We were up against a gang of devious criminals. The girls thought they were their friends. … These are devious crimes that are very complicated.”

One of the victims told a trial how she was made to have sex with ‘at least 100 Asian men’. Asif Ali and Tanweer Ali (right) got terms of terms of 10 years and 14 years respectively. (Daily Mail caption)

“B” is for Brazen

In Oxford, one of the devious criminals, Mohammad Karrar, covered his tracks by ringing social workers and threatening violence against his victim, his victim’s family and the social workers themselves if he was prevented from seeing her and carrying on his abuse. An official report said that Karrar was “brazen in his exploitation of Girl D and acted in the belief that the authorities would never challenge him.” The b-word also appears in the Manchester scandal, where the death of Victoria Agoglia “exposed a network of paedophiles brazenly abusing young people in care… [who] should have been brought to justice but, appallingly, most [of them] escaped and some were left to reoffend.”

Of course the rape-gangs were – and are – “brazen.” There is a lot of inbreeding in Britain’s vibrant Muslim communities, which reduces their average IQ even further, but non-White rapists don’t have to be intelligent to understand how leftism works. If you’re non-White, you’re a victim and leftists will allow you to express your vibrant culture as you please. Then the leftists will pretend that they’re “deeply sorry” and “incredibly sorry” about allowing you to rape, torture and run child-prostitution rings.

No martyr-cult for White girls

But leftists are not sorry and have not abandoned the lies and irrationality that allow rape-gangs to flourish. As you can see above, the leftist Guardian is still weaselling about the crimes in Manchester. It says “Up to 52 children” when it should say “100s or 1000s of White girls.” It says that the authorities made “errors” when it should say that the authorities made deliberate, Guardian-approved choices to ignore crimes of which they were fully aware. It uses the generic term “man” and “men” to conceal the full truth. Who was responsible for the sexual abuse? Why, it was “men working in the restaurant trade.” And who injected 15-year-old Victoria Agoglia with a fatal overdose of heroin in 2003? Why, it was “a 50-year-old man.” The Guardian is happy to reveal the sex of the criminals, because that assists the leftist lie that women are the helpless victims of brutal sexist men. But it conceals the race and religious background of the criminals, because that contradicts the leftist demonization of White men and White Christianity.

But it wasn’t Christianity that killed Victoria Agoglia: it was an alliance between leftism and Islam. She was fatally injected with heroin by a non-White Pakistani Muslim even as the leftist authorities in Manchester were fully aware that she was “being repeatedly abused, raped and plied with drugs by predatory paedophiles.” The leftist authorities – police and social services – did nothing to help her. That is far worse than the murder of Stephen Lawrence, the Black teenager who was stabbed to death by a White gang in London in 1993. The police in London allegedly failed Stephen Lawrence after his death. The police in Manchester indisputably failed Victoria Agoglia for many months before her death. But only Stephen Lawrence has become the centre of a leftist cult that incessantly bewails the racism of the White British and the “institutional racism” of the British police.

Laura Wilson, killed by leftism and Islam

Laura Wilson was also ignored. She was the 17-year-old White girl stabbed to death in Rotherham in 2010 by two Pakistani Muslims whose activities, once again, were fully known to the leftists responsible for what they would laughably call Laura’s “welfare.” And there have been many other White women and girls in many other British towns and cities who have died at the hands of non-Whites even as the leftist authorities knew that they were being harmed and were at risk of murder. But none of those White victims have leftist martyr-cults because their deaths don’t assist the cause of leftism and the leftist pursuit of power.

The life-cult and the suicide-cult

On the contrary, their deaths flatly contradict leftism. We are not all the same under the skin and non-White failure is not caused by White racism. Mass immigration from the corrupt, tribalist and highly illiberal Third World causes huge and growing harm to Britain and all other White nations that are subject to it. Christianity believes that “the truth shall make you free.” Leftism believes in lies, censorship and enslavement.

When the Western world was Christian, it achieved astonishing things in art, literature, music and science. When the Western world turned leftist, it began to die. Leftism is a suicide-cult that has to be destroyed. And it will be destroyed, because the truth about racial and sexual differences won’t be suppressed for very much longer. An ideology built on fantasies and lies is like a house built on sand. When floods sweep away the sand, the house will fall. When science sweeps away the fantasies and lies, the ideology will fall.

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  1. Nikandros
    Nikandros says:

    It was Christianity that allowed Jews to take a foothold in our societies in the first place. Why were the Jews spared conversion during the Middle Ages when hundreds of thousands of pagans were not? As for race, Galatians 3:28 states that race is unimportant, it only really matters if one is a Christian or not. White racial consciousness during the heyday of Christianity must have existed in spite of Christianity, not because of it. If there are New Testament verses in favor of ethnonationalism and racial separation, I would like to know them. All that being said, Christianity is not without merit, and it played a pivotal role in the development of Western Civilization. However, it is still fundamentally flawed where it matters most…on race and the Jewish Question.

    • W.J. Thistlethwaite
      W.J. Thistlethwaite says:

      Why did the Jews get some slack when the pagans didn’t? Because Christianity worships the same psychopathic OT Creator God. Jews and Christians are people of the same God-fearing, page turning, Abrahamic scriptural narrative. Pagans had no book. That Jews and their tribal god were Semites not European didn’t matter a whit because the new universalist paradigm made everyone coequal in theory and codependent on redemption from Original Sin which could only be granted by the Church.

      • H. L. Mencken
        H. L. Mencken says:

        The terrorist Charlemagne definitely had a fable for Jews.

        “The presence of Jews in France under Charlemagne is documented, with their position being regulated by law. Exchanges with the Orient strongly declined with the presence of Saracens in the Mediterranean sea. Trading and importing of oriental products such as gold, silk, black pepper or papyrus almost disappeared under the Carolingians. The Radhanite Jewish traders were nearly the only group to maintain trade between the Occident and the Orient.[16]

        Charlemagne fixed a formula for the Jewish oath to the state. He allowed Jews to enter into lawsuits with Christians. They were not allowed to require Christians to work on Sunday. Jews were not allowed to trade in currency, wine, or grain. Legally, Jews belonged to the emperor, and could be tried only by him. But the numerous provincial councils which met during Charlemagne’s reign were not concerned with the Jewish communities.”


        He wasn’t “not concerned” about the Saxon communities. He had 4,500 pagans decapitated in a single day in 782 AD.

        • Thorgrun
          Thorgrun says:

          The terrorist, Charlemagne, now has a medal named for him, an award given to madam Merkel, Churchill and the first to receive this ‘nod’ of approval was the author of the plan for the EU, his, ‘highness’, Cloudnenhov-Kalgeri. Beheading, torture, mass interments and forced relocation of the Saxons and later other Germanics came with the ‘fire and sword’ conversion of pagans. It is my opinion that this ‘scorched earth’ warfare caused a reaction and set off what today is called the Viking Age, which at first was most likely pre-emptive war.

  2. D.M.
    D.M. says:

    A great article. I think his analysis of leftism is exactly right. Leftism has taken over Christianity’s former role (during the life of Galileo and later, Darwin) as science denier, particularly in regards to biological evolution.

  3. Michael Williams
    Michael Williams says:

    Nazir Afzal, who was the Chief Prosecutor for the North West of England and overturned a previous decision not to prosecute “Asian grooming gangs” because of fears of appearing racist, has recently stated, “there are no Asian grooming gangs, they are Pakistani !” He has received numerous threats from the Muslim community but has refused to back down, he is to be commended.

  4. JRM
    JRM says:

    It wasn’t just Islam and Leftism that killed these girls. It was a combination of Leftism, Islam, and virtually extinct White Patriarchy.

    Why was the welfare of these individual girls entrusted to State actors instead of White Fathers? Did the White Father suffer from State-promoted guilt in relation to the “Asian” men raping his daughter? Or had the father simply moved on to sleep or cohabitate with a different woman who wasn’t the Mother of the victim? That failure can be laid on Feminism, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Leftism, Inc.

    I get sick of the overused phrase “perfect storm”, but these girls were apparently caught in a perfect storm of Leftism, Government and Media Jews, Islam, Feminism and a profound absence of White Ethnocentrism.

    At bottom, a good healthy dose of White Ethnocentrism would have saved the day by largely preventing any of this to occur in the first place.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “I get sick of the overused phrase “perfect storm”…”

      Interesting. I didn’t know the phrase was even being used by anyone, except myself, let alone that it was overused.

      I’ve been using it regularly for years in the following sense:

      Who needs a Conspiracy Theory when you have the Facts of Cultural History, the Patterns of Human Behavior, and the Reality of Current Events aligned like a Perfect Storm and staring us all right in the face?

      I’ve used that one countless times in lots of places, including here at TOO. And I’ll use it again, because it’s worth repeating.

      But, honestly, I’ve never come across it once in all of my many travels across the worldwide web.

      And, no folks, I’m not implying I started its use in that way.

      In fact, on the contrary, I’m saying something far more important, ie; that anything any of us might say that very well might be original to us, is more than likely part of a much larger cultural convergence.

      That’s where people, unknown to each other, have very similar and sometimes quite exact responses to specific problems both of them are facing and struggling to solve.

      At a time when so many of us are searching for a common and reliable organizing principle that can be used to unite us, it’d be well worth our time to think long and hard about the behavioral phenomenon of cultural convergence.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      I agree. However, my view is that the elite Jews have infiltrated, not just the “left”, but all parties in the political spectrum. The purpose is to have them self alter, at which they have been immensely successful. Jews have been compared to parasites, and this may be true of the “elites”. The most successful parasites do little harm to their hosts. That may have been the case at one time, but certainly not in the last 50 years.
      What most people fail to understand, is that the “real” or “old” left, at its core, is actually quite conservative. It understood immigration was a tool of finance capitalism. It was on the front lines of fighting globalism and trade deals, which are again, the tools of finance capitalism. Finance capitalism is a fancy name for economics by elite Jews controlling who gets the capital.
      In my teen years, I had summer jobs in unionized factories. There were, in those days, a fair number of Eastern European immigrants working in the plant. The “Anglos” had no problem complaining about the “DPs taking our jobs”. While the shop floor wasn’t screaming “f#*king Jews” when the Jewish company president made decisions that affected them, they were certainly whispering it, and that went straight through to the union business manager.
      In a nutshell, no “real” or “old” leftist advocated for lowering the standard of living for the working class or society as a whole, which is exactly what is being done by the mislabeled “leftists” of today.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      It seems that the jewmasters want to eventually eliminate all Whites whom resist ((( their ))) enslavements ( ie. noncompliant Whites ) .

  5. Alfred
    Alfred says:

    As always Tobias is fascinating. TOO has the best writers on the internet. Clearly. As Dr MacDonald was a bit on the left in an earlier time it does not surprise me that Tobias was also. GOOD MEN will wake up as soon as they read the TRUTH. Which is becoming increasingly difficult as the tribe continues its shutdown of wherever the internet reveals the TRUTH.

    “When the Western world was Christian, it achieved astonishing things in art, literature, music and science. When the Western world turned leftist, it began to die.”

    I do think this recent article by a Jewish fellow, David Cole, explains this all quite a bit…

  6. Tom
    Tom says:

    One way to look at the current struggle in the West is that between freedom and the leftist mythology of human discrete equality. Equality and freedom cannot co-exist with one another. If one wins, the other loses. Currently, equality is winning simply because the West is replete with high priests that indoctrinate generation after generation of malleable minds into the equality religion. As I see it, the only credible attack on the religion can come from a standpoint of freedom – freedom from a state power that seeks to engineer human associations away from voluntarism and forcefully into weird and abnormal sociological molds. The return to laissez-faire, as the fundamental human right over all others, is the answer to the equality plague.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      The basic problem always has been and will continue to be about the distribution of resources ; which includes __ fiat money , people , political power , oil , land , water , food , air , clothing , shelter , medicals , education , law enforcers , jobs , media , and so on .

      Equality is usually a cop-out meme for the huge multitudes of political simpletons aka retards .

      Histories show the struggle for life-sustaining resources ( includes people and money where religion also includes both ) is relentless ; and when that struggle is not actually lethal it is usually potentially lethal except among sheeple other than when they are not engaged in romantic conflicts that sometimes are deadly . Women that sell the same sexual services for the same equal price to all customers are called prostitutes .

  7. RobertDolan
    RobertDolan says:

    “Leftism” is a cover for the naked self interest of the jews.
    Of course leftism is irrational and hypocritical……the overall goal is the
    jewish domination of all humanity…..and to accomplish this end all competitors
    must be vanquished. Whites happen to be in the way, so whites must be destroyed.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      The trouble is exacerbated by suggesting that “the left” or “leftism” is a monolithic bloc. It isn’t, and never has been.
      When Clifford Douglas developed his “Social Credit” economic model, he worked with the Guild Socialists to develop it. The model recognizes that compound interest is the law of diminishing returns for all but the banks. Social Credit is certainly “left” of middle of the road conservatism, but by no means anywhere near Marxism.
      The same can be said for the “left” Liberal government in Canada of the 1930s. It nationalized the privately owned central bank, noting that political freedom only comes from restoring the control of currency to the government. At the same time, Prime Minister King stated that Canadians did not want their society changed through large scale immigration. As an extension of that, the pressure to allow “fleeing” Jewish immigrants resulted in a cabinet minister, when asked how many should be allowed, replied “None would be too many”.
      The left/right paradigm has been dead for 40 years, but people haven’t recognized it.

      • JRM
        JRM says:


        “The left/right paradigm has been dead for 40 years, but people haven’t recognized it.”

        I completely understand what you are getting at here, but I think the matter might be better stated by saying “The left/right paradigm now contains meanings and references it did not contain 40 years ago; and it also has shed elements over those same years that once distinguished the two different modes of thought.”

        Like Ann Coulter said about Bernie Sanders, to paraphrase, “if he would go back to his original position on illegal immigration I’d vote for him”.

        I would not go that far, but it is very obvious that the Left we have today is not the old Left that celebrated White blue-collar workers. We now have a Left that celebrates “POC” and sexual-preference minorities.

        But it’s the Left we’re stuck with, as well as our weak-willed “Right”, that we will probably continue to call by those names, because everyone essentially knows who is being referred to by those categorical binaries. It remains useful shorthand, and we will know when it is truly obsolescent when people quit saying it.

      • Harbinger
        Harbinger says:

        I do agree that the left-right paradigm has been dead for over 40 years, more precisely closer to 60. The left, essentially, sold out in the 60’s, then completely under the control of communist Jews, who were approached by the ‘right wing’ Jews and told that if they spotted attacking the banks and corporation, they’d have full support for their civil rights movement and identity politics. So out went old, nationalist Labour, that fought for the rights of the working class and in came the new Labour, fighting for the sisterhood, the LGBT and the immigrants. Cultural Marxist teachers were prevalent in colleges and ‘red brick’ universities by that time.

        So essentially, the British became the tennis ball, between the extreme left wing communist Jews and the right wing zionists. The only problem is, the right wing zionists, just happened to be right of the communists, but not right of classic liberalism. The right wing conservatives were infiltrated by these national socialist Jews, whose nationalism was only for Israel.

        What we have today is a communist left wing against a national socialist, zionist, left wing. There’s been a paradigm shift. There is no right wing in politics, just as there’s no right wing in the msm, academia, entertainment, law and order. The British, indigenous that is as that’s the only true Brit, are merely the ping pong, being battered back and forth by one side of Jewry’s globalist brigade, promoting Aldous Huxley’s vision, open borders, multiculturalism, multiracialism, feminism, LGBTQP+, and mass immigration against the other side of Jewry who promote Orwell’s vision, helping the opposite side with much of their cultural demolition of European civilisation, but pushing for all Jews to move to, the son to be created, Greater Israel.
        In other words “heads Jews won, trails non Jews lose”.

  8. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    Long go, I read that a Minister in the UK said that the Americans had ordered the UK Govt. to admit Windians because the USA did not want them.
    The Germans were ordered of admit Turks because the USA wanted Turkey in NATO.
    I do not know why the Yankee Stooges in other countries admitted Moslems.
    I once tutored the son of a friend of Stalin’s family who were friendly because I had a great uncle who was awarded the Order of the Red Banner and knew Stalin.
    The family used to say Moscow was Communist but the Russians did not give it away to the Africans. TheYankees gave Europe away.
    I was Jewd and loath Israel and Zionism but I find it amusing that the Yankees who have destroyed Europe are now drowning in a Black Sea and Spanish Maine.

  9. bruno
    bruno says:

    London, in many ways, is similar to the 90 plus unofficial official City States in Amdom. The symptoms are not hard to see. If you inject carcinoma into a healthy body and continue to feed it, it metastasizes. Sometimes the death is slow and at other times it’s more rapid. As for including Christianity into your piece, many within EuroMan’s community adhere to that. Consequently, your path can only cause disunity. There are only three ways that once-GB can survive: (1) Revolution; (2) Having a Strong Man politico (highly unlikely due to the success of MSM indoctrination); (3) Relocation (as difficult as it sounds Russia and recently China have proven it’s viable). Lastly, those within once-GB, who want their progeny to continue EuroMan’s survival, had better leave that political state. Unfortunately, most have to labour and have children. Thus, moving contains many pitfalls.

  10. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    “Today’s most powerful religion is leftism—the religion of the well-educated, morally superior elites who run the West. And their beliefs are quite irrational.”

    If this is true, and of course it is, then they can’t be “well-educated.”

    The subject of Education, or, Learning, would be a great area for TOO’s talented staff to explore.

    Exactly what does it mean to be educated?

    How does the teacher know that what they are teaching is worth learning?

    Leaving that deadly question aside, it’s only right that I give my own point of view on the matter.

    Since all great writers are great teachers (or at least provide the reader with an opportunity to learn) I’ll quote one of the greatest, Nietzsche. In such matters it’s best to let the experts speak.

    from Human, All Too Human Aphorism 265

    The school has no more important task than to teach rigorous thinking, consistent reasoning, and cautious judgment.”

    Couldn’t agree more Freddy.

    Question to TOO writers, readers, commenters.

    Where is anyone learning this?

    You all know the answer to that.

    Then there’s this gem from the late great educator and cultural historian Jaques Barzun that makes me want to stand and cheer.

    “Schools are not intended to moralize a wicked world but to impart knowledge and develop intelligence…”


    “…with only two social aims in mind, to prepare to take on the world’s work, and, perhapds, in addition, lend a hand in improving society, AFTER schooling is done.”

    Depressingly, the above was written 30 years ago and after Barzun was asked (begged) to contribute to the then heated and, very public education debate (those old enough will remember the stir created by books like The Closing Of The American Mind, which, for all its faults, at least opened up the seemingly endless but ultimately fruitless discussions about the quality of education in the United States).

    And in those comments from 30 years ago he was responding to the request to revisit his writing on the rapidly declining state of education in the USA from 40 years before that!!!!

    I could continue but I’d never stop. Simply because, when you research this difficult to research subject of education (difficult because so obviously fact-based, heartbreakingly sad and, therefore, extremely depressing) the evidence we have to indict the conspirators who collectively and deliberately wrecked our teaching-learning institutions (all of them) so they could more easily acquire and secure power seems to go on forever.

    In any event, you get the idea.

    The hostile elite, their useful idiots and their proxies are NOT well-educated – at all.

    And this is their Achilles Heel.

    You simply can not manage and sustain a civilization more complex and unpredictable than ever before without an element of mind.

    It’s seems exasperating that this point needs to be made. But it does.

    But, since the elite have lost their mind, it’s best not to engage them or their supporters on the subject and, instead, direct one’s comments to those who care about restoring the forgotten conditions of teaching and learning.

  11. Max Heiliger
    Max Heiliger says:

    It is also very insulting to include Muslim Pakistanis as “asian”, given that they are not asians in any genetic sense. These were not Chinese men “working in restaurants”, nor were they Buddhists. Essentially, we have here the evil mindset of the misogynist and paederast founder of Islam.

  12. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    This essay reminds me a lot of the story in “Rambo: Last Blood.” Unfortunately, the character, Rambo, is pure fiction. I do not like using the word, ‘Left,’ when describing socialists and their allies. It is too vague. “The Left” does not appear on ballots. In the US, the word is ‘Democrat,’ which does appear on ballots. ‘The Left’ means ‘socialist/commie/fascist,’ reflecting an ideology which rejects the Moral Law and the basis of Western Civilization, fundamental reliance on logic and Reason. Socialism has an official science, sociology. Vlad Lenin, famous Russian commie, dictator, economist, moralist and community organizer explained the core of socialist most succinctly: “A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth.” Socialists do not study, analyze and report the truth. That’s old fashioned. Socialists “socially construct” the truth. Sociologists explain that the truth is what the government along with other important institutions says is the truth is the truth. When the government says that Bruce Jenner is a woman, he is a woman, that is the end of the argument. The same goes for any other Reality, like the existence rape gangs among brown-skinned peoples. However, I do have a gripe with the issue of IQ and race. In the US, Democrat intellectuals (socialists) have made Blacks and Hispanics their special project. They have promised them everything for their votes, Equality, being perhaps the most visibly important. Yet, these ‘minorities’ fail to meet expectations in schools and in various occupations demanding intellectual competence. The usual answer is “racism,” lack of funding and lack of sufficiently aggressive political control of “white people.” These intellectuals, however, never bring up the issue of IQ and race. So-called “right” wingers do that for them. They supply the excuses. That is all wrong. For example, in Chicago Democrats have run everything important for some 80 years. They run the schools, the government, the police, the newspapers, the entertainment, the universities and colleges (some are world-class institutions) and even the Catholic Church. In Chicago, even the Republicans are Democrats (not kidding). So, why do Black kids die of stray bullets almost every week in Chicago? Democrats have total control and this is the best that they can do? And, we, normal people, let them get away with this? Democrats promise, in every election, that they will fix things, poverty, racism, sexism etc. Yet, in a city where they have total control, they regularly produce crime and misery for the very populations which they claim to protect. The time has come for some serious accountability.

  13. Susan
    Susan says:

    There have been a lot of anti-racism propaganda efforts in Christian churches that have been effective at giving many Christians blind spots about races and Jews. I’ve witnessed this lately in communicating about both to several 90 year old conservative women. (They are a generation ahead of me.) One immediately said, “I believe all races are equal!” and “Judaism is a religion, not a race.” They have been reluctant to question their long-held beliefs. For an example of church-based anti-racism efforts of yesteryear, go to ebay and search for a “Race Relations Sunday African American National Council of Churches” poster. It’s dated Feb. 13, 1944. Asking price is $450. Race Relations Sunday was and is still ongoing a program with liturgies posted online from some Protestant denominations. In Britain, there is Racial Justice Sunday.

  14. r1b1
    r1b1 says:

    Liberals are the useful idiots, those higher up know what’s what.

    The rape teams are imo the intended outcome of their (Third World) unsolicited presence. From the German context and disregarding more recent instances:

    Germany Is Our Problem – Henry Morgenthau (1945)
    Germany Must Perish – Theodore Kaufman (1941)
    What to do with Germany – Louis Nizer (1944)
    The Morgenthau Plan [Suggested Post-Surrender Program for Germany] – Henry Morgenthau (1944)
    The Horror on the Rhine – E.D. Morel (1921)

    It’s not just a psychological and low-level physical war on the indigenous population that’s being waged by or with UK government connivance, it’s genocide, particularly the forced breeding of Muslim-mulattos by the conquerors.

  15. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    [mod comment: people who can’t punctuate properly make their arguments look stupid. This may be worth bearing in mind in future.]

    Christianity , both the catholic and protestant versions , is a religion of self-enslavement to the hyper-political chosenite jewmasters . Christrianity is a slave oriented religion of sheeplism . The vast majority of muslims do not like the jewmasters whom all are aware of that fact . The jewmasters ( whom are mostly a secretive globalist cabal of elites such as high rank luciferian Freemasons , powerful zionists and treacherous jesuits ; a.k.a. ILLuminati ) are driving the sheeply christians into the islamic hordes or vice versa . The resultant slaughters are performing and will continue to perform a depopulation function that is not favorable to the sheeple . Time for a new religion — or continue to accept the inexorable slaughter that will eventually attain biblical proportions .

  16. T
    T says:

    The ‘great replacement’ was attempted in the 19th century with the intention of ‘importing’ tens of millions of Chinese into the United States and Australia as wage slaves, ie so called ‘cheap laborers’.

    These plans fell through however with the US Chinese Exclusion Act circa 1880 and Australia’s ‘White Only’ policy circa 1900.

    In the midst of this replacement effort in the Spring of 1874 the Pall Mall Gazette of London published an editorial lamenting the resistance that this effort was running into in the United States and Australia.

    ‘Race’ was specifically identified as the primary impediment that the replacement scheme was running into, a state of affairs decried by the Gazette.

    Reading TL’s article it seems the US and Australian public were right (and the platitudes of the Gazette wrong) to have ‘a dread of what might happen’ to those ‘of their own race’ in regards to mass immigration.

    The 19th century ‘progressive’ forces pushing this didn’t give up however and simply double-downed with today’s ‘anti-race’ campaign known by the euphamism as ‘anti-racism’.

    They were not going to give up their profits.

    “A dread of what might happen if capitalists could command and control these vast hordes of workmen as against men of their own race, has made the labouring class, at any rate, blind to their good qualities.”


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