Labour’s Shame: How The British Labour Party Betrayed Its Founding Principles

The newly published report on anti-Semitism in the British Labour party couldn’t be more damning. The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) spoke to dozens of witnesses as it investigated how Labour had repeatedly and remorselessly betrayed Britain’s Jewish community. Once the party had been their natural home; now it had become their sworn enemy.

Weeping with shame

Denis MacShane, the former Labour MP for the Yorkshire town of Rotherham, wept with shame as he stood before the EHRC and confessed that he had worked for decades on behalf of rich and powerful Christians in far-off London while ignoring the powerless working-class Jewish girls being raped, prostituted and murdered by vicious Christian gangs in his own constituency. “As a staunch socialist and life-long feminist, I was elected to defend the interests of working-class Jewish girls above all others,” Denis sobbed. “And I betrayed that sacred trust.”

Racked with remorse: Denis MacShane

Other witnesses from Rotherham revealed that the Labour council there had deliberately suppressed details of Jewish suffering at Christian hands for fear of upsetting “community relations,” while Sarah Champion, MacShane’s successor as MP for Rotherham, described how she had been thrown out of the Shadow Cabinet by Jeremy Corbyn for speaking out against the Christian rape-gangs in defence of her working-class Jewish constituents.

Labour was founded to defend Jews

Another Labour MP, Ann Cryer, said that the horrific abuse of Jewish girls by Christian gangs elsewhere in Britain had been ignored since the 1980s by Labour-controlled institutions and by Britain’s most powerful Labour-supporting newspaper. “I couldn’t get The Guardian interested,” she recalled sadly. “Its reporters seemed paralysed by political correctness.” The veteran Labourite Roy Hattersley made another shame-filled confession, revealing that, during his decades in parliament, he had always refused to act on his Jewish constituents’ clearly expressed opposition to mass immigration by bigoted and violent Christians from the Third World.

Those are only a few examples of the horrific anti-Semitism uncovered by the EHRC as it probed the foul and fetid depths of Labour’s betrayal of the Jewish community. Under Tony Blair, the Labour government had ignored the rape and murder of Jews even as it opened the borders to mass immigration that destroyed the livelihood of Jews, caused crime to flourish, and forced Jews to flee their traditional districts. The EHRC report concluded with these ringing words: “The very name of the Labour party — from the Hebrew Laab, ‘Serve,’ and Ow’r, ‘the Jews’ — proclaims its founding commitment to work tirelessly for the Jewish community. Labour has betrayed its very reason for existence by allowing the Jewish community to suffer for so long and in so many ways.”

Back to reality

Well, that isn’t what the EHRC report into anti-Semitism really said, of course. Jews in Britain haven’t been suffering any of the things I described above. No rape, murder, beatings, impoverishment and ethnic cleansing for them. Instead, the Labour party inflicted all those things on the White working-class. In reality, the MP Denis MacShane worked for Jews in far-off London while ignoring the rape and murder of White girls by Muslim gangs in his Yorkshire constituency. Mass immigration has impoverished and ethnically cleansed the White working-class, not Jews. The Jewish peer Lord Glasman served in Blair’s government and witnessed what he called “a terrible situation where a Labour government was hostile to the English working-class.”

The rich Jewish lawyer Rebecca Hilsenrath

The rich (and homosexual) Jewish lawyer David Isaac

The Labour party is still hostile. And the Equality and Human Rights Commission doesn’t care in the slightest. After all, the EHRC is headed by two rich Jewish lawyers, Rebecca Hilsenrath and David Isaac. The EHRC works against White interests, not for them. That’s why it ignored the genuine crimes committed by Labour against the White working-class and focused on threats to Jewish interests. Inter alia, the real EHRC report exposed and attacked Labour anti-Semites who “referenced conspiracies about … Jewish power and control” or “accused British Jews of greater loyalty to Israel than Britain.”

Friends of Israel in very high places

What are rape and murder compared to horrific truth-crimes like those? For example, it should be utterly unacceptable that a national newspaper in Britain could openly proclaim that Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) is “the biggest lobbying group in Westminster, holding lunches for 700 guests, making countless Downing Street visits, and developing contacts throughout Israel and the Middle East.” That’s shamelessly feeding conspiracy theories about “Jewish power and control” and about how Jews have “greater loyalty to Israel than Britain.”

Lord Polack at Conservative Friends of Israel

Which national newspaper said that about Conservative Friends of Israel? It was the Jewish Chronicle, the same newspaper that has just issued a special edition in celebration of the EHRC report into Labour’s anti-Semitism. The Chronicle described CFI like that during a scandal about how the CFI’s shadiest and most powerful official, the Jewish Lord Polack, had guided the Conservative politician Priti Patel to secret and unminuted meetings with Israeli politicians on Israeli, British and American soil.

The most pro-Israel war-criminal in British history

If a shady lobbyist called Mahmoud Rafsanjani or Dmitri Bogdanov had guided Priti Patel to secret and unminuted meetings with Iranian or Russian politicians, the Jewish Chronicle would have been thundering about conspiracies and demanding Patel’s resignation. But it’s fine when Jews do the same underhanded things for Israel’s benefit. And it was also fine when Tony Blair’s Labour government, funded and controlled by Jews like Lord Levy, betrayed the White working-class whom Labour was founded to serve. Blair is a war-criminal who has always worked for Israel, bankers, big business and the military-industrial complex, not for the working-class. That’s why he’s now worth more than £100m and why the Israeli newspaper Haaretz said that Blair is “generally regarded as the most pro-Israel prime minister in British history.” Marie van der Zyl, head of the Jewish Board of Deputies, has recently “praised Mr Blair as a ‘true friend’ of the Jewish community.” In other words, Blair followed Jewish orders, so it didn’t matter that he was a dedicated enemy of Labour’s traditional supporters in the White working-class.

Then the dim narcissist Blair left office and in time the dim Marxist Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader. Corbyn opposed Blair’s mass-killing in the Middle East and has never wanted to be a millionaire. In other words, he wasn’t prepared to follow Jewish orders for financial reward. And that’s why he was relentlessly demonized as an anti-Semite and has now been suspended from the Labour party. He refused to grovel in contrition when the EHCR report was published. I think he was right not to grovel. But Jeremy Corbyn wouldn’t be ashamed if the EHRC published a truthful report into Labour’s genuine and decades-old crimes against the White working-class. As I’ve said before, Labour is better regarded as a criminal conspiracy than as a political party. Under pro-war, pro-plutocracy Blair, it conspired against the White working-class on behalf of Jews. Under anti-war, anti-plutocracy Corbyn, it conspired against the White working-class on behalf of Muslims, Blacks and other alien invaders.

Pro-Black bureaucrats and anti-White Jews

George Orwell wrote the following in Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949): “Even the names of the four Ministries [in his fictional dystopia] exhibit a sort of impudence in their deliberate reversal of the facts. The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation.”

In real 21st-century Britain, the Labour party concerns itself with attacking the working-class. And the Civil Service, overseen by a so-called Conservative government, concerns itself with working against civilization and for barbarism, as a recent article by a pseudonymous journalist has revealed:

On 3 June [2020], Jonathan Slater, Permanent Secretary of the Department for Education, responded to the DEFRA [Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs] Permanent Secretary Tamara Finkelstein’s call to “fight racism” by tweeting the Black Lives Matter hashtag and declaring his quest to “tackle the whiteness of Senior Whitehall” (both these Whitehall heads are white, incidentally). …

Our supposedly impartial civil service is institutionalising far-left identity politics. It has fallen prey to networks of entryist activists like Project Race who, like BLM [Black Lives Matter], are adept at disguising neo-Marxist ideas as kind-hearted truisms. The influence that senior civil servants have granted these activists stops junior civil servants speaking against them, which in turn allows senior civil servants to broadcast patently absurd or partisan views with total impunity. One junior civil servant has described to me a non-stop, daily bombardment of “anti-racist” activism at work since the BLM protests began. Because no-one questions it openly, the woke browbeating continues as if it were no more controversial than a stationery audit. The evidence above is only the tip of the iceberg, but it’s already wedged deep into the ship’s hull. It remains a mystery why Captain Boris [Johnson] [and] First Officer [Michael] Gove … haven’t sounded a vigorous alarm about any of this. (The BLM takeover of Whitehall: Why don’t ministers care about the politics of their civil servants?, The Critic, 18th August 2020)

That article should be read by all intelligent Whites in Britain, before they begin fighting back against the hostile elite that intends to destroy them. Alas, it won’t be. It was written under the pseudonym of “Justin Elderman” by someone (possibly Jewish) who rightly fears that using his real name would harm his career and perhaps even his physical well-being. And look again at the question raised by Mr Elderman: “Why don’t ministers care about the politics of their civil servants?” He didn’t answer the question, but he had given his readers a big clue here:

On 3 June [2020], Jonathan Slater, Permanent Secretary of the Department for Education, responded to the DEFRA [Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs] Permanent Secretary Tamara Finkelstein’s call to “fight racism” by tweeting the Black Lives Matter hashtag and declaring his quest to “tackle the whiteness of Senior Whitehall” (both these Whitehall heads are white, incidentally). (The BLM takeover of Whitehall)

Tamara Finkelstein works for Jews

I don’t think Tamara Finkelstein regards herself as “white” any more than her brother Daniel Finkelstein does. No, both of them regard themselves as Jewish, not as White. The powerful bureaucrat Tamara Finkelstein proudly states that she is “Joint Senior Sponsor of the Civil Service Jewish Network” in her Twitter profile, while the powerful politician Daniel Finkelstein is a Vice President of the Jewish Leadership Council and has waxed lyrical in the Jewish Chronicle about “That mysterious sense of Jewish connection,” which ensures that “most of my best friends are Jewish.”

Anti-White activists Tamara and Daniel Finkelstein

Daniel Finkelstein is a senior figure in the so-called Conservative government that is ignoring the anti-White activism of senior bureaucrats like his sister Tamara Finkelstein, a BLM-supporting “Race Champion” in the Civil Service. Finkelstein himself belonged to the leftist Social Democratic Party in his youth. Then he joined the Tories in 1990 and began campaigning to “modernize” the party — that is, to turn it into something that worked solely for Jewish interests, having abandoned its conservative principles and the historic White Christian nation of Britain.

White Lives Don’t Matter

In 2020, the “modernization” is complete. The not-at-all Conservative party is thoroughly Finkelsteined. It has a Jewish treasurer, Ehud Sheleg, an Israeli plutocrat who openly admits that he makes “my homeland” of Israel his first concern. And all the most important posts in the government are held by kosher-certified Friends of Israel: the part-Jewish, part-Turkish prime minister Boris Johnson; the fully Jewish foreign secretary Dominic Raab; the Indian-Hindu chancellor Rishi Sunak; and the Indian-Hindu home secretary Priti Patel. These not-at-all Conservatives have done nothing as anti-White activism sweeps the Civil Service. But can you imagine what they would do if senior bureaucrats began a campaign against Israel in support of Palestinians? They would respond instantly, banning the anti-Israel campaign and sternly rebuking bureaucrats for breaking their strict code of political impartiality.

As it is, the Tories are doing nothing, because Jewish interests are not being challenged by anti-White activism and Black Lives Matter. On the contrary, Jewish interests are being strengthened. As Kevin MacDonald has described, BLM and Antifa are footsoldiers in what can be called a “Jewish coup” against the historic White nation of America. The same applies in Britain. But don’t expect the Equality and Human Rights Commission to take any action when Whites and their interests are harmed. In Brave New Britain, White Lives Don’t Matter.

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  1. William Gruff
    William Gruff says:

    Jews are addicted to bragging about themselves and the power they wield, however, should anyone not of their kind draw attention to it, he is immediately smeared as ‘antisemitic’ (sic).

  2. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Thanks for another splendid, somewhat nauseating essay on their ” full-spectrum “, self-admitted assault on us.

    A question for better informed readers here, than am I: If a Presidential candidate has to be born in the US, how can Kabala Emhoff, become President – even by planned succession ?

  3. Robert Henderson
    Robert Henderson says:

    It is quite clear that the process was a stitch up.Much as it pains me to say so I think Corbyn has right on his side in this matter. He was factually correct in saying the number of complaints was tiny and the The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). – see below – was clearly seriously biased – any judge or set of judges in a normal court who were so biased would almost have been forced to stand down.
    In a now deleted article, the Jewish Chronicle, which has routinely attacked Corbyn over allegations of antisemitism, praised the Conservatives’ appointment of both Isaac and CEO of EHRC Rebecca Hilsenrath:

    There is a strong Jewish presence at the top of Britain’s equality watchdog. David Isaac, new chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, took up office this week, joining Rebecca Hilsenrath, who was made chief executive of the body last autumn.

  4. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    The East Europeans who believe in the Jewish Myth were not wanted in the UK. The Sephardi Jews tried to keep them out. They were allowed in because Cassels promised to pay the gambling debts of the degenerate KE7.
    This is well known.
    2 of the 7 men who created the Labour Party were my great uncles.
    They wanted the working people of the UK to have a better life. Immigration harms the working class
    I believe that this insane immigration since WW2 has been forced on the UK by the US State Dept. and is not the fault of Labour.
    Europe is occupied by the USA.
    The USA is occupied by the East Europeans of the Jewish Myth.

  5. Adam Hartman
    Adam Hartman says:

    If only Blacks could hear how Jews speak of them when they leave the room!

    If only more goys could hear how Orthodox and Liberal Jews loathe each other!

  6. Martin Webster
    Martin Webster says:

    On 30th October the Daily Telegraph posted an outrageous article from columnist Angela Epstein. Her article is here:

    In her reaction to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission’s report on anti-semitism in the Labour Party when led by Jeremy Corbyn, she demanded that the Labour Party revise its rules so as to prevent “anti-semites” from being admitted into its membership, let alone stand as its election candidates.

    More than that, she suggested that British electoral law be revised to prohibit anybody deemed to be an “anti-semite” from being nominated in elections and that all “anti-semites” holding elected office be evicted from their posts.

    After making such un-British and undemocratic demands, this Jewess had the impudence to round-off her tirade by asserting that “… as Jews, we have a cultural disposition to forgive…”.

    I felt compelled to try and balance the outpouring of philo-semitic commentary provided by Epstein and other members of the Telegraph’s monstrous regiment of Jewish harpies, so I submitted the following short letter for publication to its editor.

    Needless to say, it wasn’t published.

    Martin Webster

    From: Martin Webster
    Date: Friday, 30 October 2020 at 19:24
    To: The Editor – Daily Telegraph
    Subject: Angela Epstein: ‘Keir Starmer must go further to axe Corbyn from Labour over anti-Semitism shame’ | D.Telegraph | 30/10/20
    Is Angela Epstein proposing in ‘Keir Starmer must go further to axe Corbyn from Labour over anti-Semitism shame’ (Daily Telegraph, 30th October) that electoral law be changed to make it illegal for anybody who is — or who Jewish organisations consider to be — anti-Jewish, be prohibited from standing in elections, or if holding elected office, evicted from their post?
    Isn’t it the purpose of democracy to allow the electorate to determine who should become MPs, local councillors and so forth? Who does Ms Epstein think should ‘vet’ the validity election nomination papers under her proposals: municipal Returning Officers (as at present) or, say, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, or the Jewish Leadership Council, or the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism — or perhaps all three?
    Jewish exultation over the defeat of the former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is to be expected, but Ms Epstein’s assertion “… as Jews, we have a cultural disposition to forgive…” is a trifle exaggerated. Has she never during annual Purim festivities eaten ‘hamentashen’ (Haman’s ears)? These are triangular pastries smothered with red jam, which commemorate the dismemberment of one of the Persian empire’s leaders, Haman, along with 75,000 of his followers, in the 4th century BC.
    Yours faithfully,
    Martin Webster
     Address & telephone
    contact data provided

  7. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    Slightly off topic, but I recall discussing the political situation with a Liberal Democrat friend during John Major’s tenure as PM. My friend’s family were landowners and somewhere in the mists of time, ancestors held some low level title. John Smith had been elected leader of Labour, at the time, and understanding the realities of being a Liberal Democrat, said “unless the socialists win next time, we are all doomed”. In his opinion, the CON-servatives were becoming so hated by the population that nothing short of a miracle would prevent Labour from becoming government, From the little I knew about Smith, he was more traditional Labour than Corbyn. He then died “suddenly” and out of nowhere comes Tony Blair to take over. I am aware that there are many who believe there are gaps in the narrative surrounding Smith’s death. On a parallel, BNP founder John Tyndall was convinced that the intelligence services had infiltrated all political parties, including the BNP. He became suspicious that Nick Griffin, whom he had brought into the Party, was that plant, and Tyndall was kicked out of the Party he had founded. Intelligence services in the “5 Eyes” plus Israel, operate as one. It’s not a great leap to think Smith was offed to install Blair, and that the clown currently inhabiting Number 10, is another one of their projects.

  8. Adam Hartman
    Adam Hartman says:

    If only Blacks could hear how Jews speak about them when they are not present.

    If only more philo-Semites could hear how orthodox and liberal Jews speak about each other.

  9. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    With all respect, I think you’ve been taken in by founding myths of the so-called ‘Labour’ Party. As everyone here appreciates, Jews tell lies; if they take part in any issue, deception surfaces.
    Looking back after about a century, it’s clear enough, if you start an objective survey, that ‘Labour’ never did anything pro-British as opposed to pro-(((British))).
    For miscellaneous evidence for the genesis of Labour:
    [1] Bernard Shaw’s wife funded LSE. I haven’t checked her out, but probably there was some English or Irish Jew connection.
    [2] Shaw admired Stalin.
    [3] All Labour MPs went to public school.
    [4] People like Tony Robinson, a Jew shit, were unthinking Labour voters.
    [5] During the 12? year ‘National Government, Labour did nothing to avoid jew-promoted world war.
    [6] Post war ‘Labour’ included free admission to commonwealth immigration into UK. Pre-war Labour did little about Jew flooding into the UK
    [7] Labour (and suffragettes and other mob meembers) must have had a lot to do with WW1, encouraging the non-Jew cannon fodder. [8] Labour did nothing about Jew control of money, including the Fed. They were happy with the ‘great depression’ hoping it would lead to war.
    [9] Labour did nothing during WW2 to reveal truths about Jews.
    There’s a huge amount pointing in the same direction, including of course behaving like Denis McShane. Don’t be taken in by pompous expressions and virtue-signalling.

  10. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    01 I corrected my above error regarding KH’s citizenship at birth in the subsequent essay by KM.
    02 Hopefully, that won’t disqualify me from reminding the readers here, that the within essay must be read in conjunction with the two, ca. 54 minutes Al Jazeera videos, documenting general Jewish UK subterfuge, spying, influence-peddling, etc., engendering the resignation of one Israeli ambassador.

    Ditto for their video on the US.

  11. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    A deep personal regret of mine is voting for the Blair government of 1997. I have come to understand that we do not have ‘democracy’ here in the West: whereby a set of policies that appeal to the English voting public are put forward as pledges and pacts, and that upon being elected to government that group or party of politicians enacts the wishes previously set forth in a manifesto. Does not happen.
    Hebrew/Israeli involvement and reach in almost every aspect of Great British life was something that I was hitherto unaware of until the past 5 yrs; so entrenched was the exalted victim(hood) persona of Jewish people in my psyche. Hence my looking at the ‘Community Security Trust’ webpage last night, whose spokesman Mark Gardner appears periodically on the Nick Ferrari breakfast radio show on LBC. On the above website is the case of a young man call Joshua Bonehill-Paine who was given a 3-year and 4-month gaol sentence for “incitement to hatred” in December 2015. He had produced flyers calling for the ‘Liberation of Golders Green’ an area of North West London with a heavy Hebrew presence and had a poster with the slogan ‘Anti-Jewification Event’. No demo took place and he was tried and locked up for the ‘incitement’ thought-crime.
    In the meantime, anti-white bile is spewed out at every opportunity by middle-media muppets who love sounding sanctimonious to anyone of ‘colour’.
    Democracy? Shamocracy! It’s money, hegemony, and to its core, its nothing but a pure, unalloyed hatred of ethnic Welsh, Irish,Scottish, and English people.

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