“She Ain’t Heavy”: How Denying Race Means Promoting Rape

“He ain’t heavy: he’s my brother,” sang the Hollies in 1969. A few decades later, an enterprising individual in the northern English city of Leeds could have sung an interesting new variant on those lyrics, namely: “She ain’t heavy: she’s my next rape-victim.” Yes, late one night in 2015 the individual in question literally carried an unconscious woman through the streets as he looked for a convenient place to rape her.

The race of the rapist

Well, I’m a racist, which is short for “racial realist,” so when I saw the relevant headline in the Guardian, I made a prediction about the race of the rapist. Sure enough, I was right:

Man caught on CCTV carrying woman through Leeds admits rape

A rapist who was caught on CCTV carrying his victim through Leeds city centre before he attacked her has admitted his guilt nearly seven years after the incident took place. West Yorkshire police released the footage in 2015. It showed a smartly dressed man now known to have been Austin Osayande carrying a woman through deserted streets. Police said the 24-year-old victim had been walking to get a taxi home at about 5am after a night out with friends.

Osayande, 40, was not caught until last September when he was arrested in connection with a separate sexual assault. On Thursday at Leeds crown court, Osayande pleaded guilty to one count of rape and one count of sexual assault by penetration. He was remanded in custody and a sentencing hearing was scheduled for 23 February. Police said at the time that the CCTV footage showed a man, who had the appearance of a doorman, “walking with purpose” around the city centre before approaching the woman. He was described as black, aged 30 to 40, tall and with a shaved head. He was wearing a long black overcoat and black trousers. …

Police said the man appeared a number of times on CCTV cameras. One piece of footage showed him loitering in a car park. Another showed him approaching a woman at 4.45am. “The other footage we have released shows this man walking around Leeds city centre and we strongly believe he was looking for someone to attack before he focused on the victim,” said Twiggs. … Leeds Live reported that Osayande, of Leeds, previously denied the charges but replied “I’m guilty” to the two charges when they were formally put to him on Thursday. (Man caught on CCTV carrying woman through Leeds admits rape, The Guardian, 28th January 2022)

“She ain’t heavy: she’s my next rape-victim” — the Black serial rapist Austin Osayande at work

But you could say “She ain’t heavy” in another sense of the victim. And of all other victims of non-White rapists, particularly White ones. The victims don’t weigh heavily in leftist ideas about rape and rape-culture. In fact, they don’t weigh at all. I was surprised that the Guardian referred explicitly to the race of the rapist:  “He was described as black.” Otherwise the Guardian and other leftist media have reacted to this grotesque crime exactly as you would expect: by refusing to give it the loud and continued publicity it deserves. It should have inspired a slew of outraged commentary about misogyny, toxic masculinity, and the horrors of rape-culture. After all, the crime was perfect for feminist posturing. But the criminal most certainly wasn’t. He was Black and leftists refuse to admit the truth about Blacks and rape. The vile racist stereotypes are all true: Blacks commit much more rape and in worse ways. Gang-rape, for example, is a Black speciality. One of the most horrible things I have ever read is this candid description of the genuine rape-culture that exists among Blacks in the United States:

It was the first day of summer vacation. I was fourteen years old and had just completed the eighth grade, marking the end of my junior high school days. I was sitting at home, watching TV, when the telephone rang. “Hello,” I said.

“Yo, Nate, this is Lep!”

“Yo, Lep, what’s up?”

“We got one. She phat as a motherfucka! Got nice titties, too! We at Turkey Buzzard’s crib. You better come on over and get in on it!”

“See you in a heartbeat.”

When I got to Turkey Buzzard’s place a few blocks away, Bimbo, Frog Dickie, Shane, Lep, Cooder, almost the whole crew, about twelve guys in all, were already there, grinning and joking like they had stolen something.

Actually, they had stolen something: They were holding a girl captive in one of the back bedrooms.

Turkey Buzzard’s parents were away at work. I learned that the girl was Vanessa, a black beauty whose family had recently moved into our neighborhood, less than two blocks from where I lived. She seemed like a nice girl. When I first noticed her walking to and from school, I had wanted to check her out. Now it was too late. She was about to have a train run on her [be gang-raped]. No way she could be somebody’s straight-up girl after going through a train.

Vanessa was thirteen years old and very naive. She thought she had gone to Turkey Buzzard’s crib just to talk with somebody she had a crush on. A bunch of the fellas hid in closets and under beds. When she stepped inside and sat down, they sprang from their hiding places and blocked the door so that she couldn’t leave.

When I got there, two or three dudes were in the back room, trying to persuade her to give it up. The others were pacing about in the living room, joking and arguing about the lineup, about who would go first.

That train [gang-rape] on Vanessa was definitely a turning point for most of us. We weren’t aware of what it symbolized at the time, but that train marked our real coming together as a gang. It certified us as a group of hanging partners who would do anything and everything together. It sealed our bond in the same way some other guys consummated their alliances by rumbling together in gang wars against downtown boys. In doing so, we served notice mostly to ourselves that we were a group of up-and-coming young cats with a distinct identity in a specific portion of Cavalier Manor that we intended to stake out as our own.

After that first train, we perfected the art of luring babes into those kinds of traps. We ran a train at my house when my parents were away. We ran many at Bimbo’s crib because both his parents worked. And we set up one at Lep’s place and even let his little brother get in on it. He couldn’t have been more than eight or nine. He probably didn’t even have a sex drive yet. He was just imitating what he saw us do, in the same way we copied older hoods we admired. Different groups of guys set up their own trains. Although everybody knew it could lead to trouble with the law, I think few guys thought of it as rape. It was viewed as a social thing among hanging partners, like passing a joint. The dude who set up the train got pats on the back. He was considered a real player whose rap game was strong.

I think most girls gave in when trains were sprung on them because they went into shock. They were so utterly unprepared for anything that wild that it freaked them out. By the time they realized that they’d been set up, they were stripped naked, lying on a bed or in the backseat of a car, with a crowd of crazed looking dudes hovering overhead.

I always wondered what went on inside girls’ heads when that was happening to them. Afterward, most girls were too ashamed and freaked out to tell. They knew that if they snitched to the cops, the thing would become public news and their name would be mud. But every now and then, some chick squealed, and somebody caught a charge. Then guys got their buddies to go to court and testify that the girl was a footloose ‘ho’ whom they each had boned.

Most girls seemed to lose something vital inside after they’d been trained. Their self-esteem dropped and they didn’t care about themselves anymore. That happened to a girl named Shirley, who was once trained by Scobe and so many other guys that she was hospitalized. After that, I guess she figured nobody wanted her as a straight-up girl. So Shirley let guys run trains on her all the time.

Taken from Makes Me Wanna Holler: A Young Black Man in America by Nathan McCall (b. 1955), Professor of Afro-American Studies, Emory University (see here and here)

That’s what Blacks do to Black women and girls in the United States. But Blacks in all Western nations  disproportionately target White women, as the Black revolutionary Eldridge Cleaver (1935–1998) boasted way back in 1968: “Rape was an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man’s law, upon his system of values, and that I was defiling his women—and this point, I believe, was the most satisfying to me because I was very resentful over the historical fact of how the white man has used the black woman. I felt I was getting revenge. From the site of the act of rape, consternation spreads outwardly in concentric circles. I wanted to send waves of consternation throughout the white race.”

Black rapist Eldridge Cleaver with his Jewish friend and supporter Elaine Klein

How do leftists react to the completely open and unashamed avowal of rape-culture by Blacks like Cleaver and McCall? It’s simple: they ignore it and continue to promote the fantasy of Blacks as saintly victims of White oppression. By doing so, they allow the genuine rape-culture of Blacks and other non-Whites to continue unchecked. But leftists do worse than that. They don’t merely refuse to interfere with non-White rape-culture: they incite non-Whites to commit more and worse rape.

It’s characteristic of leftism that it promotes what it claims to oppose. Rape is no exception. Leftists have vastly increased rape in Western nations by doing two things: first, by opening the borders to Third-World immigration; second, by instilling resentment in non-Whites with incessant propaganda about White racism. That is, leftists don’t merely import non-White men with a much higher propensity to commit rape: they incite those men to commit rape against White women.

Labour’s betrayal of the working-class

They then do their best to deny and censor the truth about the rapes they have so assiduously promoted. Before he was imprisoned for fraud in 2013, the Labour MP Denis MacShane had spent many years proclaiming his passionate support for socialism and women’s rights. Meanwhile, right under his nose in his Yorkshire constituency of Rotherham, White working-class girls were being raped, beaten, and prostituted on an industrial scale by enterprising gangs of Pakistani Muslims. Decade after decade MacShane did nothing. He was too busy working on behalf of Jews in far-off London. And they were grateful for his efforts: after he was jailed, the Jewish Chronicle saluted him as one of the “greatest champions” of “the Jewish community.”

But MacShane wasn’t supposed to be in politics to champion Jews: as a Labour MP, he was there to champion the White working-class. Instead, he betrayed the White working-class. He wasn’t alone: the so-called Labour party has been betraying Whites for many decades. The former Labour deputy-leader Roy Hattersley has openly boasted about his own treachery in the Guardian: “For most of my 33 years in Westminster, I was able to resist [my white working-class constituents’] demands about the great issues of national policy—otherwise, my first decade would have been spent opposing all [Third-World] immigration and my last calling for withdrawal from the European Union.”

The Jewish fathers of race-denial

Denis MacShane has always been one of the Jewish community’s “greatest champions.” Roy Hattersley has a Jewish wife, just like Keir Starmer, the current leader of the Labour party. All this is no coincidence, because Jewish fund-raisers and lobbyists are firmly in control of both sides of British politics, which is why the interests of Whites are not merely neglected but vigorously and viciously opposed. At the same time, the race-denial of Jewish Marxists like Stephen Jay Gould, Richard Lewontin, Leon Kamin and Steven Rose continues to corrupt government policy and public discourse in Britain and all other Western nations. Race-denial insists that all races are the same under the skin and capable of exactly the same high achievement. It follows, therefore, that only one explanation is possible when non-Whites under-achieve by comparison with Whites. The all-powerful malevolence of White racism must be at work once again:

White applicants to civil service scheme accepted at far higher rate, figures show

White applicants to the government’s elite graduate scheme are three times more likely to win a place than their black counterparts, new analysis shows. A record number of graduates applied to join the UK government’s civil service fast stream between 2019 and 2021, with more than 160,800 external applicants for just 3,290 places, a success rate of just under one in 50. However, the figures show that the chances of success differed greatly for separate ethnic backgrounds.

People from black African or Caribbean backgrounds had a success rate of one in 137 when applying to join the fast stream between 2019 and 2021. In comparison, white applicants had a success rate of one in 44, while Asian applicants had a success rate of one in 77 to join the scheme. Overall, ethnic minority representation improved slightly, from 19% in 2020 to 23% in 2021.

Anneliese Dodds, the shadow secretary for women and equalities, described the figures as a “disgrace” and said it showed “just how far ministers are falling short of their promise to make the civil service the UK’s most inclusive employer”. She attacked the “Conservative incompetence and denial of the existence of structural racism” for allowing these disparities to exist. … Dodds, who is also the chair of the Labour party, said: “It’s a disgrace that young people from black backgrounds are still three times less likely than their white counterparts to win a place on the government’s elite graduate scheme. … Conservative incompetence and denial of the existence of structural racism are creating barriers to success for young people from ethnic minority backgrounds. Labour has a plan to dismantle those barriers and support talented black, Asian and minority ethnic people to reach their full potential, with a new race equality act to tackle structural racial inequality at source.” (White applicants to civil service scheme accepted at far higher rate, figures show, The Guardian, 23rd Jan 2022)

Anneliese Dodds is completely wrong about those patterns of achievement. It is not “structural racism” that explains them: it is thousands of years of divergent evolution among geographically separated races of human being inhabiting very different environments with very different psychological and physiological challenges. Blacks literally have smaller brains, on average, than Whites and those Black brains are not adapted for the literacy, conscientiousness, and self-control required for competent performance in the civil service.

Foundations of fantasy

But leftists ignore the hate-facts about White and Black difference that have been uncovered by anatomy, genetics and psychometrics. And here I think we can see that many right-wing commentators are wrong when they say that leftism is “materialist.” Leftism is actually the least materialist of ideologies, in that it is the least realistic of ideologies. It pursues power and revenge, not truth or justice, and is fuelled by lies and fantasy, not by facts and reality.

And in some ways, the dishonesty and deceit of leftism give it an advantage. Leftists can travel much faster to their goal of power because their ideology is unburdened by the need to understand the world and avoid unintended consequences. But in another way, leftism is fatally undermined by its reliance on lies and fantasies. You can build a power-structure higher and faster when you don’t care about its foundations. But the foundations are decisive in the end, as this parable by Jesus points out:

7:24 Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock: 7:25 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock. 7:26 And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand: 7:27 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it. (Gospel of Matthew)

Leftists have built their power on sand, and floods of upheaval and conflict are coming throughout the Western world. Great will be the fall of leftism. After that, our job will be to re-build the West on firm foundations: the rock of reality and recognition of racial difference.

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  1. Mariana Bell
    Mariana Bell says:

    It’s horrific.
    So is the white slag stereotype who passes out in the street after “a night out with friends” whether she is raped or not. But at least she is not frightening and the only damage to the rest of us is vomit on pavements.

    • William Gruff
      William Gruff says:

      ‘But at least she is not frightening and the only damage to the rest of us is vomit on pavements.’

      There is always the very real risk of serious damage to men from false rape allegations made by drunken sluts, and that risk _is_ frightening.

  2. Robert Henderson
    Robert Henderson says:

    Humans being social animals need signals to alert them to who is and who is not a member of their group.

    The most basic prompt for humans to decide who is a member of the group is their physical appearance.
    The variety of human external difference is startling , for example from the Nordic type to the Pygmies of tropical Africa. Indeed, if the same taxonomic rules were applied to homo sapiens as are applied to non-human species it would not be a surprise if some at least would classified as subspecies.
    Of course humans can provide physical markings which allow humans to identify members of this group or that group . At one end there is tribal scarring at the other end the adoption of distinctive dress.

    Following physical appearance there comes behaviour, most especially the language spoken and the accent used.

    The more complete and unambiguous the signals the greater the trust in the group.

  3. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    Perhaps it was less irony than prescience when the “evil” Enoch Powell stated 40+ years ago “In the end, the Labour party could cease to represent labour. Stranger historic ironies have happened than that.”
    A friend in the UK, who was not Labour friendly, said at the time of “old time” Labour leader John Smith, ‘if the socialists don’t win next time, we’re all doomed’. Smith died “suddenly” and Blair installed as party leader. After a year of Blair as PM, he was convinced the UK was doomed and started his plans to emigrate.
    As for the “fast track” applicants for Government positions, my guess would be that a closer examination of the successful applicants would reveal a large disproportionate number of them were from the tribe whose name must not be spoken.
    As I have been saying for over 30 years, the left/right political paradigm is dead and buried. When all political parties spout the same globalist gibberish, you know who the owners are.

  4. Marcus Baskett
    Marcus Baskett says:

    Recognition of racial difference is what we have already except we’re not on top another “race” is. Particularly and distinctly, not a worthy goal of white European gentile. On the other hand, if we’re being targeted and selected for extinction by another race on a superiority trip (which we weg’s have never been interested in as a whole regardless of the misconceptions and false accusations) then we’re forced to become concerned racially. It wasn’t us that started this preoccupation with the “races”. The mining of a cultures ability to produce wealth is a sickness of the oppressor and requires us at this point to legislate protection to preserve our rights Now, so as to preserve a better future for humanity for all, not to preserve “our race” ie because of any false notion -whether among us or from the perceived outside looking in- that we are the best and/or smartest. No, such an order is in fact already in place currently and has been foisted upon us by racists. Simply put, we wealth creators are in a current situation of a form of a defacto slavery mastered over by Jewish finesse and it’s slowly killing us off as a people. We’re being “mind”(objectified) of and stripped of the fruits of our own labor. At this point, it cannot be considered anything other than abuse. And if we don’t stop it no one will and humanity will begin it’s descent towards extinction as the current food chain order will shift in the apex predators we have in check at the moment will multiply exponentially and become bosses to us again.

  5. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    …” apex predators we have in check “…

    Let us be clear about this ;
    any “we” that has “apex predators” in check
    would necessarily be [ super apex predators ] .

    Have no doubt , there has never been a herd of sheep nor of sheeple that have put the totality of their predators in check except by linguistic sophistry about a rigged event such as putting caged lions in the middle of a corral packed full of sheep whom are said to have the lions in check .

    In particular , if a Christian sheeple herd decides and then proceeds to defeat or eliminate their predatory jewmasterss , then the herd would necessarily be [ super predators ] and would not actually be “sheeple” .

    For even more linguistic clarity , God Almighty himself could not exterminate predators without becoming a predator .

    • marcus baskett
      marcus baskett says:

      Actually no. “apex predator” is an English term, not an Mammuthus primigenius or Kodiak bear’s to misappropriate. yeah lets be clear. when English speaking blacks or hispanics use the terms racist or nazi directed at whites, there in lies an anemic lack of perspective of illogicalities starting with false premise – same with jews. eg, when Indians or Indian-victims of white savagery advocacy groups claim there was already a N American civilization and that whites stole it from the natives, or whatever… and\or the jewish historical spin on the truth about whites bringing diseases to the Americas that killed off the natives… when in reality that’s an intellectually dishonest way of explaining that the migrating western whites had a more evolved and advanced immune systems than natives had. we didn’t bring diseases, we brought better immunity to diseases. if Indians died as a direct result of whites better immunities take it up with evolution, not the USA
      I’m fairly new here and I have a 4th grade education level due to having been plagued with “learning disability” (act or sat) since 3 grade because of an injury that occurred in summer between school seasons, so please excuses any grammatical and\or spelling errors as you should still find syllogistically sound reasoning in my arguments in my perspectives.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        Welcome and don’t sell yourself short. Good reasoning based on a better than average knowledge of the subject matter, with a good vocabulary.

        None of us here were born the geniuses we unarguably are. I too still have trouble with absolutely correct punctuation: so I finally gave it the finger; content with my 6th grade accomplishment.

  6. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    I reckon this whole rotten edifice of rule by Jewish globo-homo is going to come crashing down soon. You can feel the quickening.
    We should be taking the Leninist position of being for anything that brings the revolution on ASAP, as the longer it goes on, the worse it is for us.
    For me, I’d like to see no retribution at all for the ethnics who came here and prayed on our people, them all just leaving will be enough. I’d even support giving those with nothing 20, 30 grand out of the pot, after we’ve liquefied all the assets of those who have something.
    Even the Muslim gang rapists can leave prison and go, it really isn’t their fault they did what they did. You can’t blame dogs for acting like dogs.
    Some might be against this, say it’s a bit gay to let these exploiters, rapists, financial swindlers off too easy. But half the point would be so we could focus our vengeance on those who really deserve it, those of our own kind who’ve betrayed us on a Biblical scale.
    The virtue-signaling left have to be the worst human beings in history. Even the most blood-soaked Jews have the excuse that they were at least programed that way, and brought up in a demonic cult. Gate-keeping ‘conservatives’ are pretty treacherous as well, but white leftists are on a scale all of their own.
    They are moral cowards because they refuse to face reality. Physical cowards you can forgive, but moral cowards are evil, because at bottom they know they cause misery to innocents with the horrors they support. They all make an internal decision at some point to carry on believing nonsense and hurting others, because they prefer that to facing up to hard, cold reality.
    The main problem will be dreaming up punishments that fit the crimes, but I reckon we could do it.

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