Funding Both Sides: How Jewish Money Controls British Politics

It’s very easy to criticize Boris Johnson, the current prime minister of Britain and leader of the so-called Conservative party. Johnson is dishonest, devious and a dedicated shabbos goy. He serves Jews rather than Whites and Israel rather than Britain.

MP Portraits Project in The Reasons Room..

Sir Keir Starmer, Creature of the Swamp

But there is one pit of depravity that Johnson has never plumbed and one crime against decency that has never besmirched his soul. He’s not now and never has been a lawyer. His dishonesty is natural, not nurtured, and he did at least try to reform Britain’s lawyer-and-humanities-graduate-infested government bureaucracy. He’s surrendered now and appointed a Jewish swamp-creature called Dan Rosenfeld as his Chief of Staff. But he did try. Keir Starmer, the current Labour leader, will never surrender because he’ll never fight. He sides automatically with government bureaucracy and slithered easily to the top of it during the previous Labour government.

Toasting the President of Israel

Starmer became head of the Crown Prosecution Service, Britain’s very politically correct overseers of the law, under Tony Blair. In other words, he is a lawyer. And that’s a very bad sign for working-class Whites whom the Labour party was explicitly founded to defend. Like the lawyer Tony Blair and the lawyer Barack Obama before him, Starmer heads a party that supposedly champions the downtrodden workers against the greedy bosses. But the Labour and Democratic parties long ago abandoned the workers to side with the bosses. And that means that they side with Jews against Whites. Blair and Obama both rose to power on a tide of Jewish money and media support. Starmer hopes to do the same. He’s married to a Jewish woman and has performed the goy grovel enthusiastically at the Jewish Chronicle:

Labour leadership frontrunner Sir Keir Starmer has revealed he participates in Friday-night dinners with his family, at which his proudly Jewish father-in-law says prayers. Speaking to the JC [Jewish Chronicle], the Holborn and St Pancras MP said he felt comfortable attending family and communal “barmitzvahs, weddings, and funerals”.

The married father of two children also said he had “no issue” with standing for the traditional toast to the president of the state of Israel at Jewish weddings. He told the JC: “I don’t have any issue with that — or with any of the traditions.” (Sir Keir Starmer opens up about his family’s Friday night dinners, The Jewish Chronicle, 5th March 2020)

Note that Starmer has a knighthood, which is a sure sign that the hostile elite sees him as no threat. When he spoke to the Jewish Chronicle, he was campaigning to replace Jeremy Corbyn, a politician who will never receive a knighthood because he isn’t interested in Jewish money and has never followed Jewish orders. Indeed, in a well-regulated world Corbyn would never have become Labour leader, because he had little support in the party’s pro-Jewish senior ranks. But he was put on the leadership ballot to make it look more diverse and won an easy but unexpected victory, because he was very popular with ordinary Labour members.

The Unwatched Web: how rich Jewish organizations control British politics

When he became Labour leader, Corbyn didn’t end the party’s tradition of working tirelessly against the interests of Whites. But he did end the party’s tradition of working tirelessly for the interests of Jews. And that’s why he was demonized as an “anti-Semite” and finally driven from office. Starmer isn’t going to make Corbyn’s mistakes. Not only is he married to a Jew, he has happily accepted money from at least one very rich Jewish businessman. In April 2020, the Jewish Chronicle reported that Starmer “had been targeted by hard-left activists after it emerged that Sir Trevor Chinn, a Jewish philanthropist, had donated £50,000 to his leadership campaign.” The activists were making the horrific allegation that Starmer would somehow be influenced by the Zionist Chinn simply because Chinn had given him large sums of money and helped him become Labour leader.

Jewish Philanthropist Sir Trevor Chinn

As all decent people know, that isn’t how rich Jews operate. They give money to politicians out of pure goodness of heart and with absolutely no expectation of return. Who but a vile anti-Semite would think that Chinn was trying to control or influence Starmer in any way? As the Jewish Chronicle pointed out, Chinn is a “philanthropist.” He works for the greater good of humanity, just like the Jewish “property developers” Zak Gertler and Richard Desmond, who have given large sums to the Conservative government. It’s pure coincidence that Tories “accepted a donation from Richard Desmond shortly after Jenrick approved plans for a £1bn housing development by the property developer.” In his previous incarnation as a pornographer, Desmond also donated large sums to Tony Blair’s Labour government.

Buying both sides

Desmond’s donations to both Conservatives and Labour are further proof that rich Jews are impartial philanthropists — Desmond obviously ignores politics and gives for the love of giving. Of course, no-one accused Jeremy Corbyn of being influenced by Jewish money because he didn’t accept any. But that’s precisely why he had to be demonized and driven out of the Labour leadership. Unless Jewish millionaires like Chinn, Gertler and Desmond are funding both sides of British politics, how can people be made to understand that Jewish money comes with no strings attached?

During the previous Labour government, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were ardent Zionists because they accepted the justice of Israel’s cause, not because Labour’s chief fund-raisers were first the Jew Michael Levy and then the Jew Jonathan Mendelsohn (both are now members of the House of Lords). And during the current Conservative government, David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson have been ardent Zionists because they too accept the justice of Israel’s cause, not because the Conservatives’ chief fund-raisers have been first the Jew Sir Mick Davis and then the Jew Sir Ehud Sheleg.

“Israel first, Britain second!” — Tory Party Treasurer Sir Ehud Sheleg

Despite the importance of his role as Conservative Party Treasurer, the Jewish millionaire Ehud Sheleg is almost unknown to the general public. Few people would even recognize his name. Even fewer know that he is an Israeli citizen, born in Tel Aviv, and has openly stated that Britain takes second place in his affections: “I was brought up, albeit in Israel, with the sentiment of very strong ties to Britain. In the family of nations, this has to be my favourite one. Second to my homeland, of course.” But why should anyone be interested in such biographical trivia? Only a vile anti-Semite would suggest that Sheleg might seek to influence government policy for the benefit of Jews and Israel, rather than for the benefit of Whites and Britain.

Keir Starmer certainly isn’t going to raise any uncomfortable questions about Sheleg’s role in the Conservative government. He would be denounced as an anti-Semite if he did, of course, but that doesn’t explain Starmer’s silence. He’s silent because he doesn’t see anything wrong in Israel-firsters like Sheleg and Chinn being in control of British politics. Starmer has a Jewish wife and is funded by Jewish millionaires. Like Boris Johnson and Tony Blair, he’s a wholly owned subsidiary of Zionism Inc. I don’t think he will ever become British prime minister, but if he does, we will hear a familiar refrain: “Meet the new boss — same as the old boss!” Britain’s anti-White and pro-Jewish politics will proceed as before. Gold guides goyim and Jewish money controls British politics. See above.

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  1. Margit
    Margit says:

    The first article on your site I found genuinely disappointing not to say abhorrent . Leave aside the uneducated spelling errors (he plumbed..??? Laugh out loud). The class hatred which makes the author side with extreme leftwing radicals like Corbyn just because he hates Jews (and sides with Palestinian terrorists) – no please, that isn’t the intellectual level I’m used to from your publication. Please no more of that!

    • plumbright
      plumbright says:

      Before you treat us to any further plumbing of the depths of your ignorance, you might want to grab a decent dictionary and look up “plumb”. And while you’re in there, have a glance at “hubris”. You might gain a little insight into your perception of the intellectual pinnacle from which you look down on us.

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        Very well said, my friend! There is always a pretentious middle-class prat desperate to show his “superior breeding” and/or “intellectual capacity”. To make things worse, he/she dares to criticize a man like Tobias Langdon, the author of so many excellent articles!

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      What is your evidence Jeremy Corbyn “hates jews”? How can any rational thinking person claim to know what any person hates? Isn’t the entire proposition so absurd it just makes a fool out of the claimant? Are you a fool lady? If not, prove it.
      And even if Corbyn hated Jews, so what? He wasn’t standing for PM of Israel. In a free country, a man should be entitled to hate what and who he likes, when or where he likes, as if its even anyone else’s business, lest he make it so.
      Corbyn didn’t hate Jews, even those making this slander the loudest understood it was just a smear, the only morons takin in were the usual brain-dead herd.
      It was tempting to support Corbyn simply because he had all the right enemies, but at bottom he was simply a 1970’s leftist throwback who hadn’t moved with the times. Plus he was weak. Plus although it was quite impossible for an English gentleman of his vintage to be “woke” Those around him him would push him in this direction. So even although he’d wage war by proxy on the English white working class, fulfilling the Jews cultural aims, he couldn’t be relied on to give an amen to every crime America wrangled Israel out of at the UN.
      A pity. Because as soon as we break from America and stop acting as it’s bitch, we’ll be swiftly kicked out the UN Security Councill, which might bring a little sanity to British polititions. Plus we could give up the ridiculous Trident system the Americans don’t even let us have full control over. Yet we pay for it all. Great deal that. But what am I saying!? British politicos get to strut about Washington DC, like people actually give a shit about them.
      Now, if their was a cause to have our hospitals filthy, our underclass drugged and forgotton, our school leavers unemployable, our shores undefended from invaders, while our warships defend Israel or annoy Russia, then spending billions on this pointless Cold War monstrosity is it.

      • Kristoffer
        Kristoffer says:

        ‘Whites’ aren’t victims, especially those in the upper classes and ruling elites. No sympathy for them whatsoever.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Are you a Catholic? Yes. Are you a Protestant? Yes. What about you, Orthodox? Yes. Muslim? Yes. Buddha? Confucius? Hindu? Sikh? Pagan? Sure, yeah, that’s me, how’d you guess?
        Are you a Jew? Aarrrgghhh, how DARE YOU, who do think you are? Got a problem with Jews, yeah? What even business is it of yours? Are you saying my nose is big, is that it? Think we steal all your money do you, think we are incapable of an honest days’ work? That’s TEXTBOOK, TEXTBOOK! antisemitism.
        I thought all you fascists and racists had died out by now, I could get you arrested yby the way. What’s wrong, upset some of us survived the Holocaust? Want to Holocaust us again do you? You’re just racist, Judophobic pond life, what is it with you freaks hating blacks, ‘spanics and everyone that doesn’t look like you!
        – And so on, and so on . . . . . . . .

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      First of all, get off from your high horse. Tobias Langdon and most of the readers here at TOO do not need your lectures on English grammar. Assuming there was a spelling error, so what? Does that tiny, insignificant error override the value of the article? From your pathetic and smug point of view, it obviously does.

      From your expression “extreme left-wing radical” it is clear that you live in the past and also that you must be a conservative far more concerned with class distinctions than the survival of our race.

      Tobias Langdon NEVER sided with Corbyn. He just pointed out that Corbyn, while still a race traitor and champion of “diversity”, did not grovel to Israel, that is all. You must live on another planet or are braindead to say something as stupid as “Corbyn hates Jews”. Unfortunately, he doesn’t, otherwise, he would have said something about their evil role in the destruction of Great Britain. Corby, like many lefties, is just a moron who attacks Israel for its brutal treatment of the Palestinians, posing as a champion of the downtrodden. Personally, I could not give a damn about the Palestinians. My only concern is my people.

      I am sure Tobias Langdon could not sleep thinking of your undeserved and idiotic critique. (LOL)

  2. conrad gaarder
    conrad gaarder says:

    The author did not praise Corbyn. In fact he says Corbyn works against the interest of white people. All he said is that Corbyn is not a Jew-slave.
    “Plumb” may not have been the best word to use, but it is not misspelled.

  3. Kristoffer
    Kristoffer says:

    ‘Jews and Whites,’ as if Anglos and Jews haven’t been interconnected from banking to The Royal Family for centuries. Another low quality article on this site.

    • Trenchant
      Trenchant says:

      If Jewish crypsis weren’t so prevalent, the interconnections you mention wouldn’t need highlighting. The vast majority of the population is completely unaware of them.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      There is a difference between elite whites who sell their soul for golden shekels to betray their ethnic underclass, who they are supposed to be representing, and elite whites who don’t. The former get waved into all the high positions of power, while the latter are hounded out of public life.
      I believe the latter group understood this war was finished at the end of WWII, while most could see even before it started (Pound, for example) allying with monstrous genocidal blood-drenched Jewish criminals against a democratically elected popular regime who’d dragged its nation out the gutter was a bad idea.
      They may have broken a few windows, but they had no mass murders to their name when war began. We allies supported, provided material and intelligence to the most evil regime in history.
      As always, Jewish gold won in the end. Churchill being the absolute worst offender and traitor in this regard to the British people.

    • JM
      JM says:

      “…Anglos and Jews haven’t been interconnected from banking to The Royal Family for centuries…”

      Would you care to elaborate on your oh so “superior” and dismissive opinion? We are all ears.

      • Kristoffer
        Kristoffer says:

        Except they have been. Anglos love and admire Jews while denigrating Irish, Italians, Slavs in the U.S. Both the Robber Baron plutocracy in the U.S. and the degenerate scum remnant of The English Aristocracy intermarried with them considerably. Whether you like it or not, Anglos are a degenerate people whose degeneracy predates Jewish ascendancy in contemporary times.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          What’s your beef with ‘Anglos’? I feel we have a bog-trotter on our hands here. The Anglo elite is disgusting and depraved, but so is the current ruling German class. Even worse is the ruling Scottish class, under mad-dog wee jimmy krankie they’ve lost the plot. I used to think hostile elites imported Third World trash into our nations as a battering ram against our societies, but the Scottish government drench us in speech codes, hate crimes and white-shaming when we don’t even really have any coloureds. Not compared to most other Western nations.
          Most elites at this point in history have decided to wage war on their populations, for whatever reason(my guess is that the dark forces, as represented by Jewish power, is currently strong) even the Israelies do it.
          Something like a French Revolution might not be a bad thing considering how it woke the European ruling class of that time up a little.

    • Kevin MacDonald
      Kevin MacDonald says:

      The article discusses current connections between Jews and British elites and certainly doesn’t deny that it’s been going on for a long time. Mr. Langdon is well aware of that. Your comment is pointless.

  4. Rick
    Rick says:

    England and Englishman.


    They are no more. It’s now an island of witless, gutless cretins. Ian Thomas is an example of the modern Englishman. Thomas is White and a mouthpiece for the English branch of BLM.

    Recently, in a taxpayer-funded advertisement on behalf of Black History Month, Thomas claimed that White people are: “Genetically defective descendants of albino mutants”:

    Lovely stuff. Just think if a prominent Indian personality with a LinkedIn profile publically said that Indian people are “Genetically defective and descendants of negroised mutants”.

    He’d only say it in India once. And if he did not immediately leave India upon saying it, his cake-hole would not be capable of ever uttering anything again. I imagine the pathologist would have to pick his teeth out of his rectum to identify him.

    But what might happen to the Englishman, Thomas? How will this witless POS be punished? Well, he won’t be punished. In England, he can denigrate and insult the White natives and then walk the streets at will with his woke chest puffed out.

    The English White natives simply have not got the guts to deal with him, or even push back on him. Just like the cretinous cowards hadn’t the guts to deal with the “Asian” rape gangs that have spent the last 3 decades raping their daughters and sisters. And they are still at it, according to many reports.

    To learn a bit more about Ian Thomas, I checked his online profile. His mindset is interesting; the witless buffoon informs visitors to his public profiles that he’s a “He/Him”.

    Who’d have ever correctly guessed this middle-aged English POS was male by looking at his photograph!?!?

    If you want to experience what woke POS like Ian Thomas, Boris Johnson (of the Ashkenazi bloodline) and Keir Starmer do to a First World country, you just need to pay a cursory visit to England.

    Try a short stay in cesspit London: Negros are treated like Sacred Cows in this loser city. It’s actually dangerous to use the sidewalks in London. Blacks don’t like to ride their (most likely stolen) bicycles on the streets. They much prefer the sidewalks. They find the sidewalks are preferable when they cycle to sell their drugs, and when returning home after committing their daily series of muggings and shoplifting.

    I kid you not, you could be on the sidewalk of London’s premier shopping street, Bond St, with your children in tow, when suddenly, out of nowhere, a Negro or two or three would come around the corner on a bicycle with their heads down and pedaling like drug crazed lunatics.

    It’s an effort to keep out of the way of these drug-addled criminal idiots as they pedal furiously along sidewalks across London, and in many other English cities. The cretinous English natives don’t object, they just scurry away with their lame heads down.

    The British Negros get a thrill out of cycling on the sidewalks rather than on the streets. They’re defying authority, cocking-a-snook to Whitely.

    They younger Negros also use the experience to practice the art of grabbing purses and phones. As they approach unawares pedestrians, they’ll suddenly swerve towards them and guage their reactions. This is the way the young ones practice the timing and learn how to successfully grab a phone or purse from unsuspecting pedestrians.

    The English police make absolutely no attempt to drive these Black vermin off the sidewalks. It’s very obvious in England that Black “Human Rights” gives the British Negros the status of Sacred Cows.

    On top of this, English police, particularly in London, are probably kept too busy raping and murdering women and covering this up, to be too concerned with Negros using stolen bicycles and mopeds to hunt and scavenge like hyenas along the sidewalks of their cities.

    Then there’s the Palace Theater in London, where the English “upper class” (such as Thomas, I presume) go to be entertained. For about 5 years, up to the time when England locked down in March 2020, just outside the main entrance of this theater, about twenty meters along the street, there would be a regular gang of Blacks doing what they do best, hawking drugs.

    Just spitting distance from the Palace Theater and the crème de la crème of English society, Black drug dealers very openly peddled drugs to junkies. And when the junkies had gotten their supplies, the drug dealers would then begin to aggressively hawk their wares to ordinary passers-by, sometimes getting highly aggressive if they were refused.

    I was familiar with this area for a number of years, and during this time the Negro drug dealers remained unmolested by London’s finest.

    Human Rights, no doubt, protected the Negros. But to hell with any rights that an ordinary visitor to this area might expect. In fact, I would not be in any way surprised if the POS British government actually gave their drug dealing Negros furlough payments to make up for loss of profits when the Covid-19 lockdown drove them off the streets – the modern Ashkenazi English are actually very capable of this type of stratospheric stupidity.

    On another High Street (the English call their main shopping streets by this name) in a London borough, I on many occasions witnessed Negros openly hawking drugs at all hours of the day and night. Once in broad daylight in high summer as I exited a subway I was accosted by a Negro trying to sell me drugs. I quite quickly rebuffed him and as I walked away, he and his 4 or 5 henchmen began to hurl insults after me.

    He and his gang of henchmen had absolutely no fear that the police might be called. And if a White did call the “English” police, there’d be a chance that slobbering police officers from the ethnic demographic would show up. And then, disregarding evidence, side with the drug dealer and his cronies when they accused the White of having been racist to them.

    I could write a book on cesspit England and the disgusting spectacle of the Black demographic being sucked-up to and cosseted no matter what vile crimes they commit.

    Types of vile crime that the Black demographic commit in London: White old age pensioner went to a park in front of his home and asked a gang of Negro trash to lower the volume of their jet-engine decibel music. He got shot dead for his troubles.

    And when this happened, the BBC and dirt-rag Guardian could well have run a week-long series of programs and articles showing the White English natives how the Negros suffer severe systemic racism. And the White English cretins would eagerly suck up every word.

    A couple of years ago, China issued warnings to its citizens, telling them not to visit England. And that if they couldn’t avoid going, they were to be constantly aware of wandering into no-go zones. And to be on guard against getting violently attacked, stabbed or robbed by the new “British”.

    This warning was very much needed and correct. And China still issues this warning to any of its citizens that travel to cesspit England.

    I rolled on the floor laughing a few years ago when the English media heard that China was issuing this warning. The “righteous” English media went into a frenzy, making demands that China apologize.

    The English prick journalists that called for this apology could probably have looked out their windows as they typed it and seen Negros in the act of committing crimes on tourists.

    Ian Thomas is a perfect example of what the modern English man is, and of the utter cesspit hell-hole that England and the English are today. Today it’s a stain on the earth, and truth be known, it always was.”

    The Ashkenazi have ruled England since the loser Cromwell invited them back to it in the seventeenth century. Cromwell, the Religious Puritan, invited a sect of Satan worshipers to his and his country’s bosom because he was stuck for money.

    And the English think that they and their history are and were so clever! The Ashkenazi are nearing their end and all they are going to leave of England is a putrid empty shell.

    When the Ashkenazi and their stinking English puppets are gone, there will be a shining new dawn for humanity.

    • T.Gilligan
      T.Gilligan says:

      Rick, as a Londoner I can attest to what you have seen and no doubt experienced. That is why writers like Tobias Langdon are invaluable to people who want questions answered about society and societal problems. Mr.Langdon’s illustrates with the matrix of tentacles and influence that is putting the mocking in ‘democracy’.
      The latest litter of Blacks coming of age in London are I perceive to be 2nd generation Nigerians or some other West African nation of Bantu origin. Unfortunately, I am exposed to their behaviour when travelling in London: one incident was after alighting from the overhead train and proceeding down the stairs sticking to left side, a mid or late-teen black was rushing up the stairs with a bike over his shoulder, and as I refuse to fawn and act empathically to his futile haste he shouted angrily back at me. A young white male in his twenties a little further down the steps looked at me nervously (he was on the wrong side of the stairs) This is not unusual as I look at black males (females, also) of any age tend to waste the time of all around – for example, insisting on stopping the bus driver from leaving the bus stop after ample time is given and he open the exits doors again.
      The flip-side of that is blacks like to barge past as your getting off transport or queueing.
      I triggered some Bantu’s yesterday by blaring out classical music as I was painting my front door:”F**king blank” – I could not understand the rest.
      A few weeks ago my girlfriend had her bag pulled from shoulder, injuring her hand as she fell to the ground, by a mulatto black and as is the case, the only ‘policing’ is dependent on CCTV coverage for this road.
      Doing the most simple chores entails making plans to react to avoiding the unavoidable; this is life now reduced.

      • Rick
        Rick says:

        Thank you for replying civilly to my comment, despite my clearly displayed venom and anti-English sentiment.

        I’m not anti-English per se, just greatly annoyed at the collective and docile way English people accept their enslavement.

        I’ll mention another disgusting cowardly act I personally witnessed in a London park. For a period of time I used to walk through this park as a shortcut.

        On quite a few occasions as I passed through it there would be a collection of Negros gathered in a particular corner of it clearly cooking up Class A drugs – their use of a naked flame to prepare or fry the drugs was very obvious.

        A colleague had warned me that he had been accosted in this park in the middle of the day by a crazed Negro demanding money. The Negro threated to attack him when he refused to give him money. Thus, whenever I entered this park I kept my eyes wide open.

        One particular day as I went through this park I noticed the Negro druggies were in their usual corner with naked flames clearly visible. I then noticed that three police officers had walked into the park from the opposite direction.

        Expecting they might have something to say to the Negro drug users, I delayed (rubber necking). I sat on a bench and fiddled with my phone so as to look busy. The three London police officers approached the gang of drug users and had what seemed like a civil how-do-you-do type chat with them. And then walked away.

        The Black druggies remained in place with their Bunsen burners fired up. It really was as if the three police officers had simply checked if the Negros needed anything. A welfare check, as it were!?!?

        But then the police officers did something I could hardly believe. As they walked away from the gang of Negro drug users, they spotted a White man who had ducked behind a hedge, which ran alongside a wall, to obviously relieve himself.

        Between the hedge and the wall, in this filthy little park, hardly anyone would have seen him. It wasn’t a Class A crime. No persons were offended. But the police officers – who had just practically assured the drug imbibing Negros that they had nothing to worry about – gave this White man a loud, vitriolic and very public dressing down for (supposedly) having peed behind a hedge. By the way, the three police officers were Whites.

        They spent about 15 minutes publicly berating this White man for the suspicion of having gone behind a hedge to urinate. And this just a few seconds after encouraging and legally endorsing the vilest crime committing scum that have ever been bred.

        One of the police officers was female, but a female that probably uses the he / him pronouns. It was clear from hearing her speak, and her body language, that she was pure ill-bred trailer trash. A middle-aged colleague with her also came across as an utter buffoon.

        Some normal police officers who are ordered to ignore Negros in the commission of crimes, might manage to adjust their moral compass and obey.

        But what vile trash are the police officers who not only follow illegal orders to ignore Negro crimes. But who will – within seconds of having skulked away from a gang of Black criminals in the perpetration of a Class A drug crime – publicly mock, abuse and berate a person suspected of having peed behind a bush in a park which was almost deserted, save for the drug using Negros.

        Peeing behind a bush, a misdemeanour if ever there was one.

        The answer to this is that the globalist Cabal have stuffed London’s police with the type of immoral and low intelligent trash who’ll eagerly follow orders to crush and walk on their own race.

        The UK is in the process of building two super prisons, and have plans to build two more in the very near future. How strange that after decades of prison overcrowding, that the UK government have suddenly embarked on the construction of 4 gigantic super prisons.

        If the clown Boris and Carrie-Antoinette his current knob-sucker decide to order Sars CoV-2 vaccine refuseniks into these high-tech prisons, I suspect the vast majority of British police are of the type that will unquestionably carry out these orders.

        Of course, the entire Western world is in the same boat. The US, though, might survive. The rural police forces have not been reconditioned to serve the Cabal. And in those cities where police forces have been overrun with Globalist serving sycophants, the fired police officers will still process firearms and many, I believe, will use their training and expertise in the right direction if a rebellion occurs.

        There’s no doubt a rebellion will occur soon in the US. How violent it will be is the only question. When it begins in the US, citizens in the UK and Western Europe should heed it as a warning bell. The Cabal are aware that if an uprising kicks-off in America, it will very soon spread to Europe.

        It is historical and genetic that like communities take lead from each other, and in the face of a unified threat will act in concert with each other. When it kicks-off in the US, the Cabal in the UK, Europe, Canada and Australia are going to clamp down very hard on anyone they perceive to be rebellious, nationalist or patriotic. For them, the first indicator of a rebellious person with be their refusal to take a poisonous “vaccine”.

        I wish you well, and hope we communicate thirty years from now in the type of world which the bible promises us if we hold fast against evil.

        The words of American Founding Father Thomas Paine:
        If ye love wealth better than libertyThe tranquillity of servitude better than the animating contest of freedomGo home from us in peace We ask not your counsels or your armsCrouch down and lick the hands which feed youMay your chains set lightly upon youAnd may posterity forget that you were our countrymen

        • T.Gilligan
          T.Gilligan says:

          Rick, I worked for a famous department store in Knightsbridge for a few years and mentioned to a customer who phoned-in from Thetford in Norfolk; I said in passing that Tom Paine was from there (I was reading his biography). His one word response was “Traitor”.
          A brief experience with London police about 6 years ago: he asked me what I was doing; I duly told him I was scraping off prostitute stickers put up on public posts by Romania or Albania pimps. The policeman warned me that I was causing criminal damage. Similar scenario last week: this time a police(boy), who looked small enough to put in my top pocket, was walking behind me as I was plucking litter out of some shrubbery and leaving it on the pavement; he said to me “I hope you’re not leaving that there”. My response was “Yes, I was leaving it there (on the pavement) as there weren’t any street bins close-by”. He was beckoned away by his more experienced handler. The timid police are scared of blacks and this is in large part due to liberal whites (whom I detest) in politics, in the media who don’t back up clearly what the only defense against anarchy.
          The hypocrisy of a comment writer crying ‘racist’ on this page is an irritant when the consider the violence meted out on Europeans/British people; if any group of people needed the iron-fist approach for their own well-being and longevity, its blacks without a shadow of doubt.
          Rick, may I ask what your nationality is?

      • Leon Haller
        Leon Haller says:

        But how do the British justify this? In America, we’re stuck with blacks due to the after effects of slavery (one reason I’m unsympathetic to neo-Confederate claims: they shouldn’t have brought African slaves here; they lost their war; all of us have to deal with the consequences). But what do Britons think? Surely the majority can’t honestly believe that these African criminals actually belong in England? (Of course, white Americans are similarly moronic, so I shouldn’t be that surprised whatever the truth.)

        • T.Gilligan
          T.Gilligan says:

          Leon, We don’t have a democracy here: In the 2011 general election campaign one of David Cameron’s election pledges was to bring down mass-immigration to ‘the tens of thousands and not carry on with immigration levels of hundreds of thousands per year’. Naturally, the reality was the latter range continues to this day.
          British people are too frightened to be outed as “racist, zenophobe” and just want get on with lives and ignore the inner-city demographic transformations.
          So therefore, the ‘Liberal’ tyranny rules by acquiescence and apathy. The propaganda wing being the media who admires anyone from a chaotic-war-torn country “wants a brighter future and make the UK their home”.

          • Leon Haller
            Leon Haller says:

            The problem, though, the real moral and racial rot, is much deeper. If Britons REALLY wanted to stop this invasion, they could have voted BNP, couldn’t they? Last few election cycles, they could have voted at least UKIP (or whatever the current quasi-nationalist party is; I’ve lost track of UK politics since the BREXIT passage in 2016). They are worse than Americans because you have a Parliamentary system, and thus some real choices. Of course, masses of Republicans whites here could have voted for Pat Buchanan in the 90s, running in part on an anti-immigration platform, but they didn’t. And of course, Frenchman long ago could have elected J-M Le Pen, Germans AFD, etc.

            All these sadly missed opportunities simply bolster my long term thesis (which I have stated here many times): whites as a whole are evolutionarily defective, and will go extinct unless those of us who are sane gather into a handful of sovereign nations where we can be the electoral majorities – and then proceed to create a teleological racial state specifically dedicated to white preservation (and, I believe necessary, eugenic improvement). Otherwise, whites will continue to be what we have been for the whole postwar era, only in ever worse shape due to continuing (as well as past) mass immigration (along with ever-rising miscegenation and intensifying cultural marxist indoctrination): powerless minorities destined for genetic extinction.

            WE MUST BECOME ELECTORAL MAJORITIES SOMEWHERE! We can only do that via white nationalist global relocation and peaceful demographic conquest of our own.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          The English working class have always been against immigration of blacks, Indians and Pakistanis. They marched for Mosley in the 30’s and marched for Powel in the 60’s. They always said the exact same thing in all opinion polls, we don’t want them, and we want them sent back. Identical to what it is now.
          They did everything they possibly could to avoid to the misery and human carnage of mass immigration from the Third World, short of armed revolution.
          But as with every other concern of theirs, they were totally ignored, treated with contempt. We call this system, where you get the exact opposite of what you want, ‘democracy’.
          The German people, and to a lesser extent the Italian and Spanish, had a system where they got basically what the majority of their people wanted, and when they weren’t content with their relative systems of government, were ecstatic over them.
          So we fought a hellish war to destroy their systems, and save ours, and have used our ‘luck’ in living in our evil system, with it’s hostile, alien elite, that gradually over time degrades and destroys one of the happiest and most charmed civilisations humans have ever created on earth, as the moral justification of our elite to rule over us.

          I remember the tabloid phrase “broken Britain”, it was everywhere a generation or so ago, as basically an admission that the elite had broke something that was given to them in working order. It operated as a kind of exortion to the elites to fix things before it got too late. As much as the phrase admitted a happy, content society had been ruined by the stupid ideas of the left, there was a kind of lingering hope in the phrase that if we could just alert the establishment to how bad things really were . . . . Broken Britain becomes a Britain that can, could, have been fixed. We are well past those days now.

    • Edward Harris
      Edward Harris says:

      Rick, at least the people in the British Isles pay their way, unlike the (redacted) aka Poles,Hungarians etc. in Eastern Europe.
      That is why the unwanted are constantly moving to Western Europe and the English speaking World.
      Can’t you hear the begging bowls where you live?
      When in the EU the UK put just under 1/4 Trillion Euros in the begging bowls instead of spending the money in the former colonies in Africa where it would have done some good.
      These things will continue to happen as long as the UK is occupied by the unwanted and more and more disliked USA.
      Yankee go home!
      Remember Russians and Iranians are nice people unlike the East Europeans invading Palestine withYankee help, although, of course, the invaders have nothing but contempt for all Americans.

    • Swan
      Swan says:

      It’s the same story throughout the west. It my home town here in (((America))), I remember as a small child how things were before diversity and multiculturalism. Suffice it to say that the local police station the time was a small one story bldg & the most a cop had to deal with was locking up drunks to sober up on a Saturday night. Now it’s a huge bldg., & they have gang units, narcotics units etc. We used not even lock our doors at night. Not any more and it’s getting worse by the day.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Rick: I generally agree with you. I am not anti-English or hate the English people, but I am just sick of their disgusting cowardice. I have an excellent English friend/comrade and the things he tells me would make my blood boil if such a thing was possible. He is also sick about it but he is right; it is a sign of the times and the result of a clever, methodical brainwashing that has been going on for at least, 60 years.

      However, that does not excuse the cowardly and disgusting behaviour of 90% of the British (let’s not forget that the great majority of the Scots, Welsh and Irish are also crap). OK, to be fair I must say that the situation in France is very similar and I assume most Frenchmen are as gutless and despicable as their neighbours across the Channel. I believe that nowadays most White men and women are trash who do not care for their race nor their heritage. It is infuriating but that is the logical consequence of our defeat in 1945. I said “our” because regardless of my ethnic/national Italian background, which is irrelevant in the end, I consider myself just a White man, an Aryan, fully aware and proud of my heritage, therefore I think is wrong and stupid to hate any White nation. Let’s face it, most Whites, particularly Western Europeans and the Anglos (USA, Australia, etc) are crap, but that is the reality and we must deal with it.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        You are 100% correct, we, as in Europeans, totally lost WWII, no matter the ‘official’ result. Actually, we couldn’t have lost it more.
        What fascinates me so much is just how aware the leading non-koshar thinkers of the time were aware of this.
        Every single one of these once household name public intellectuals from Britian, America, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy etc have been memory-holed by the victor’s of that war, due to their death-hold over our culture.
        It’s really amazing the patriotic elites of the time allowed the Jews to gain this monopoly over all aspects of OUR culture, in all nations, when the Protocols warned that that was exactly what they planned to do.
        My only guess is that two mind-blowing European civil wars in less than half a century, coming right on the heels of the most optimistic and prosperous era of European history, simply obliterated their confidence, or their justification to rule, and perhaps took it, as the sensitive, gentle, cultured men they were, that they and their people were in some way damned, over the the outrage to God and all forms of decency they had all proceeded over.
        But you can get some of this stuff on the fantastic archive of books on the Unz website. Reading pre-war books compared to kosher, post war books, is like the difference between making love to Miss Universe, versus your wife of 40 years you’ve grown contemptuous of.

  5. Al Ross
    Al Ross says:

    Quick Cure :

    Any British passport holder who has right of citizenship in a foreign country will now relinquish his British passport .

    He will , if he wishes to continue residence in Britain , be permitted to continue his business ( as long it is not registered overseas , a privilege of citizens , ) .

    All remaining aliens must be satisfactorily audited for income tax , long – term welfare dependency and criminal records. Any failures in these respects will mean goodbye.

    Biblical genital excision should be forbidden.


  6. Stuart
    Stuart says:

    Boris Johnson is of Jewish descent. His mother was granddaughter of Elias Avery Lowe a Russian Jew. He is also Turkish. His grandfather was Ali Kemmel.

    • Kristoffer
      Kristoffer says:

      Boris would not be considered ‘a Jew’ under any criteria unless one considers a drop of ‘Jewish blood’ makes ‘a Jew,’ no matter how remote. Not even Nazis went that far.

      • Rick
        Rick says:

        The Jew line is passed down along the female line. It’s to do with the fact that people can be 100% sure who their mothers are, but there can be always some doubt in regards who the real father is.

        There’s no doubt Boris can break bread with the Ashkenazi.

        As for the Nazis, if they could prove you had a Jewish ancestor 500 years ago, you were classed as a Jew.

        You might find it interesting that Hitler’s mother’s father was most likely an Ashkenazi Jew. Perhaps Hitler raged against the Jews because they rejected his artistic abilities, and his rage was really to do with his belief the Ashkenazi had denied him his birthright.

        Did you know that Ashkenazi controlled Royal Dutch Shell handed thousands of barrels of fuel over to the Nazis to assist them to invade the Netherlands. Or that IG Farben kept very close contacts with American corporations throughout the war?

        Or the Nuremberg trials: only 10 people were jailed and 7 executed (or maybe the other way round). Either way, there was not much justice considering the victors claimed 6 million Jews, among many millions of others, had been murdered.

        Just 17 people were responsible for all this murder!?!? Or a show trial. And the break-a-way sect of Ashkenazi Jews who rebelled and followed Hitler (like Lucifer rebelled against God) were forgiven and welcomed back into the main fold that ruled the Soviet Union, the US and Western Europe.

        One thing for sure, is that WW II was not what a lot of people believe it was. The Nazis, the Bolsheviks and the US elite were/are big into Satan worship and child sacrifice. Look at the last four letters in Ashkenazi and you get Nazi. A coincidence? Or symbolism? What’s in your face if you take a look is the Cabal is very big on symbolism. Take president Biden the other day, he said in answer to a question: “We’ll get it done, in six days, or six minutes, or six months”. 666? Was this a coincidence?

        What’s for sure, is that Biden is way too dumb to dream this up himself. He was told what words to use, and this use of 666 was a message from the Cabal to some group of resistors — perhaps to those that hacked into and shut down Facebook and other big tech companies a few days ago.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          “Perhaps Hitler raged against the Jews because they rejected his artistic abilities, and his rage was really to do with his belief the Ashkenazi had denied him his birthright”

          Perhaps. But isn’t it more likely he raged against them for thr exact same reasons everyone else in recorded human history has raged at them, reasons that I really don’t need to go into here?
          I’m always for original arguments, i give you that, but I doubt Hitler felt rejected by a people he believed sabotaged and betrayed his nation in its most vulnerable hour, and were all the main leaders of the basically Satanic revolutions they were trying to fire up all over the man’s Fatherland.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          There’s no doubt organised Jewry, who were by this time to a man Zionists, who aren’t secular at all, they trace all their roots and meaning to Biblical times, wanted an anti-Semite government in Germany, hence Hitlers biggest financiers were the directors of Germany’s two biggest banks(do I even have to mention their ethnicity?)
          Followed much further down the line by by Frence arms manufacturers.
          This was confirmed by the last Weimar PM in a letter to Churchill, but this was kept out of the official histories, why? because official histories are victor’s history BS for morons.
          If Hitler had help from the Satanic world cult, I wouldn’t be surprised, they stick their huge ugly beaks in everywhere, but they lost control of him, hence Hitler allying with the peasants, farmers and labourers against the elites, raising every German’s standard of living, and his plan to remove Germany from their evil economic system of exploitation, something with which he had great support, all over the world.
          (This is all well documented, if you can gather up all yon that wasn’t memory-holed by Jews. On a side note, just exactly how evil is destroying the actual real history of of our species for selfish, temporary political gains? And that’s the generous interpretation, a harder man would say they do it just because they hate humanity)
          The Satanic cult also created the October putch in Petrograd, but lost control of that nation after the war, when Stalin rid the motherland of the Jews, the Satanic agents on the ground.
          A similar thing with Putin, obviously they helped him into power, but Putin played them like a fiddle, and decided instead of just robbing and raping the Motherland, he’d look after its people. Hence their hatred for him.
          Same with China. Xi no doubt was helped into power, but again played them for fools and decided his love for China was more than his love for being a disgusting criminal pedophille.
          The world elite, with unlimited wealth based on control of the money supply, are powerful, no doubt, but power corrupts, and the current crop are embarrassingly corrupted, not just in the obvious way, but in competence especially.
          They hold America, because come on, look at America’s top public leaders.
          A Tucker Carlson, with, say, a dozen tight advisers who really *get it*, surrounded by a couple hundred absolute patriots, no Jews allowed, with the MAGA army behind them, could yank that nation back from the brink.
          The scum really aren’t as competent as they seem.
          All they’d need to do is fire the top ranks of every single government agency, as that’s where all the traitors are, at the top, middle management is just full of honorable competent guys who can’t get promoted because they aren’t willing to be corrupt.
          Obviously to make the thing work as well as it could, you wouldn’t promote the diversity hires, but the idea is just do it all at once.
          There would be absolutely zero difference in the decibel tone of jettisoning 5000 diversity hires, and saying you didn’t think George Floyd was quite up their with Ghandi and Jesus.
          So just do it. They can only screach and wail(don’t they remind us of a certain group) so much.
          “It can’t be done because Democrats control the voting system and they’ve corrupted it”.
          Then refuse to vote in any election without paper votes on the day.
          Democrats/the Satanic cult wouldn’t be the problem, it would be your RINO Republicans. The MAGA army would just have to get on those sell outs like a junkyard dog.
          There’s only going to be probably one more chance to save America without a war, this is it.
          We is Scotland care about America much like our forefathers 2000 years ago would care about the internal politics of Rome, as they would effect us just as much.

          Look, our enemies have been planning our enslavement since Biblical times. And the day is getting late. If there is anything our people need, it’s ideas. Well, I’ll continue to try put together the best I can. And if whites in power take anything from these so much the better.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Yeah but Turkish don’t exactly tell you much, that’s like in a hundred years from now explaining some charleton was from New York, so he must have been an ‘American’. Jews gather in power centres then when they begin to decline, they absolutely infest and run them into the ground. The Otoman Empire was decaying for years, you wouldn’t be able to swing a cat in Constantinoble without striking a crypto-Jew.
      Exactly whats happening with America. Boris will be a Donmeh if not a fully fledged Sabattian-Frankist, with the blood of a million Christians staining his family legacy.

      It doesn’t even matter if he came out with records proving whatever, as the entire world is just one entire big lie and hoax these days. Which is good, as building on lies is to build on sand. No one else wondered why British or American life hasn’t improved one bit in the last 50 years? Then compare that to the previous 50. We are going backwards and I thank God for it, the sooner this system of evil comes crashing down the better. I just hope China and Russia stay strong, as someone will have to help rebuild.

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        50 years of fake money:

        “Lenin is said to have declared that the best way to destroy the capitalist system was to debauch the currency. By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and, while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some. The sight of this arbitrary rearrangement of riches strikes not only at security but [also] at confidence in the equity of the existing distribution of wealth.

        Those to whom the system brings windfalls, beyond their deserts and even beyond their expectations or desires, become “profiteers,” who are the object of the hatred of the bourgeoisie, whom the inflationism has impoverished, not less than of the proletariat. As the inflation proceeds and the real value of the currency fluctuates wildly from month to month, all permanent relations between debtors and creditors, which form the ultimate foundation of capitalism, become so utterly disordered as to be almost meaningless; and the process of wealth-getting degenerates into a gamble and a lottery.

        Lenin was certainly right. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.” John Keynes, The Economic Consequences of the Peace

        [The money up to 50 years ago was only partly fake]

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          I’d very much doubt Lenin dreamed that stuff up, it just seems standard Jewish operating procedure going back to at least the middle ages if not before.
          As the de facto head of the most agressive Jewish move against Christendom ever, the he’d be well aware of the type of conversations the conspirators were having.
          You’d probably even find that passage put in a similarly way in the Protocols.

  7. Bernard Franklin
    Bernard Franklin says:

    I know that what you wrote is true. I have done my own research daily since 1945 when I realized we shouldn’t be at war. The English Mother country should have joined up with the German Fatherland. But before we could Zionists, who formed Israel in 1945 started the second-world-war. I have my own website Which was developed over 40 years. I take no notice of TV news or newspapers. They tell the people what they want them to believe. Only around 16% of the public are free thinkers which is why Britain and it’s White European race has been destroyed. I live in a little village away from towns, but even here the white European people I see, who look like they are British start to speak a foreign language. We no longer hang murderers. Up until the 1960’s murders were rare, perhaps one or two a year. Now the murderers are mainly black and they are allowed a free hand in their murders. The only so-called crime where you can end up in jail is where a Briton tries to defend his nation. I will repeat go on to my website you can download pages, visit other sites and download books. On some pages you may have to return to start to move on.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      If anything shocked the British people more than the Moors Murders, it was the realisation that our gutless MPs had done away with hanging a year or two before. Wasn’t in any manifesto, no one voted on it, was a private members Bill, just like divorce, decriminalisation of drugs, removal of preventative police foot patrols, and abortion.
      We call this farce ‘democracy’.
      Its all a total and complete sham. No one voted for feminism, faggotry, immigration, deindustrialisation or trannyism either.
      Nor did we get a say in any of our stupid, self defeating wars.
      The masses are allowed to vote for Punch or Judy every few years, and in this way are made responsible by our participation in the fraud, and so we can then be blamed.
      It’s the sickest system known to man.

  8. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    “Just like the cretinous cowards hadn’t the guts to deal with the “Asian” rape gangs that have spent the last 3 decades raping their daughters and sisters. And they are still at it, according to many reports”

    It’s actually more like 7 decades.

    You’re wrong here. The English has been individualistic for hundreds of years, outside a few who have a close family, they have zero clan or tribe to back them up. Plus the courts, police, polititions, social services, councillors and MP’s were squarely 100% for the little English girls being raped, tortured and pimped all around the country.

    So what exactly were the English working class supposed to do? The 5 or 10% of these abused children who actually had fathers did all they could to rescue their daughters, but going against the Pakistani pedophille gangs would bring down the entire force of the English state on you.
    The rest of the girls were either single mother products or in ‘care’. And be in no doubt, England ruled over these garbage, low IQ Muslims in India, they knew all about their pecadillos. As soon as they arrived on our shore they instantly began to pray on you Hindu and Seek girls, but these communities organised civil defence units to hunt down any of theirs’ gone missing.
    So the Pakis naturally started on the one group who had no protectors. You thing British intelligence wasn’t aware of this?
    Another contributing factor to this was Thatchers selling off of the nations Council housing stock, which broke up communities that had been stable since the industrial era, and atomised whites even more.
    Even to this day, you are correct, it goes on like nothing has happened and a main reason, forgetting for a second the Jeaish elites hatred of whites, is the feminist refusal to attach any blame onto the girls themselves. If all these pimped girls would be ruthlessly shamed as no good, disgusting, paki-shagging whores, it would do more than anything to stop these young girls from getting into their taxis in the first place.
    These girls know this is wrong, but they do it anyway because not hurting female feelings is more important to feminism than thousands of girls being sold into sex slavery.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Another aspect of this unhinged willingness to get into these taxis and enter their exciting life of torture, gang rape, sexual humiliation and degradation, is the way it is drummed into all white females they owe blacks and browns something.
      They don’t read the news, so they don’t see blacks and browns are extermly dangerous and have extreme hostility and contempt for all whites, especially young white girls trained by Jews to dress as sluts.
      The only POC they see are loving, caring, responsible blacks as portrayed in the Jewish media they they brain washed with. They really are lambstotheslaughter.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        It also doesn’t help that most of these gang rapes and tortures of the little white girls are filmed on phones and sent over to the cousins in the homeland.
        There must be ginormous amounts of child porn produced in Northern English working class towns and sent over to Pakistan.
        Where exactly is Interpol in all this?
        And would we be getting as many young men paddling across the Channel if it wasn’t for this filth?
        Truly, if there is ever a reckoning for this, it won’t be pretty. I just hope the Pakistanis are left alone. They are just doing what comes natural to them, what their forefathers have done since time immemorial. Ask the Hindus.
        We all know whe the real criminals are.

  9. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thank you for this succinct, and informative piece, Tobias. I especially liked how you always came back to the spider web of labeling that the Jews have mastered.

    Any questioning of the motives of Jews and a person is tossed into that web- ‘you’re a vile anti-semite!,’ never to escape being eaten by the Jewish constructed politically correct culture Tarantula.

  10. londonstone
    londonstone says:

    The unfortunate problem is that the Brits – or should that be the English? – have, as regards the majority at least, got in natural selection terms / future ethnos prospects what they deserve for their sloth, insouciance, cowardice, degeneracy and pursuit of money over blood relation. As the terrain theory applies to the health of the body, so it applies to the health of the soul. Nothing will change unless and until the Brits (English) suffer enough to bring them back to an appreciation of the value of ethnic solidarity over self-preferment. Divided they stand, and divided shall they fall.
    (Just adapting here the sentiments expressed by Revilo P. Oliver in his 1969 filmed speech for the National Youth Alliance).

    A few factoids and surmises:

    1. is Alexander Boris [etc] Johnson actually a goy? I always understood him to be a mamzer and certainly by his own proud admission, a living advertisement for ‘biodiversity’. He brings to mind the expression used by Benjamin H. Freedman in his splendid Willard Hotel, Washington DC speech: “Turco-Finn Mongoloid”. (In similar mold is that creature Tzipi Livni).

    2. Jeremy Corbyn is in no sense anti-Jewish, unless one considered him a self-loathing mamzer.

    3. Corbyn may have been hounded over the (imo unsubstantiated) claims he allowed institutional “anti-Semitism” to exist in the Labour Party on his watch. Where he did affront the Powers That Should Not Be is where in the simplicity of his ignorance (and his naive idealism it might be said) he dared to mess with the usurers:

    “Early Day Motion 748
    Date tabled: 18.11.2013
    Primary sponsor: Mitchell, Austin
    Sponsors: Hopkins, Kelvin Corbyn, JeremyFlynn, PaulMcDonnell, John
    Total number of signatures: 5

    That this House notes that the hundredth anniversary of the Bradbury Pound on 7 August 2014 is a welcome reminder of the historic precedent for public credit as the sound basis for debt-and interest-free Treasury money and therefore the sound alternative to the national debt and interest-bearing bank money; congratulates the Forum for Stable Currencies for having promoted the public credit since 2002; and urges HM Treasury to follow John Bradbury’s model and address social, economic and political issues across party lines in one fell swoop and avoid wholly unnecessary austerity cuts.”

    4. What sort of name is “Starmer” and what might he have in his woodpile?
    On a separate note: why when at the CPS did he not prosecute Jimmy Saville – was there *really* a lack of evidence? Or what did Saville have on The Establishment?

    There’s more but I can’t be bothered.

    btw good comment @Rick.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Saville was all over the Royal family, he was on intimate terms with Charles and Diana, he was Knighted for God’s sake! You think the British security services didn’t know all about him?
      There are only two options. The British state was in complete ignorance of Saville as a beast(impossible) or he was used by them as a precurer of girls for the elite, hence his protection by vicinity to the RF from the entirety of Fleat Street, half of Sheffield, and any damn fool who could access the Internet who knew all about him.
      Our elite is off-the-charts depraved, it’s also utterly bamboozled by it’s own lies, hence the Prince Andrew interview.

      The Jews are currently asset stripping all wealth from the USA, their people have a future of poverty even worse than they face now ahead of them. I not sure if they will do the same to us though.
      And it’s all deserved. 50 million innocents killed in the womb since Roe, you reap what you sow, for me, the cleansing fire cannot come soon enough.

      • Rick
        Rick says:

        You should search online for the video clip taken be a Swedish tourist in 2015 which shows a naked boy, about 10-years-old, using a rope made from bedsheets attempting to climb from an upper story window of Buckingham Palace. He got about halfway down and then fell.

        In relation to this, the British dismissed it, saying they never got a report, despite it being posted online. Buckingham Palace said, “No comment”.

        He was probably a “plaything” kept for the pleasure of Prince William, Charles or some other Royal male.

        Then check online for a photograph showing Prince William’s wife outside a hospital, showing the world her firstborn. She wears a dress identical to the one wore by the main character in the movie, Rosie. This movie was about a woman who was impregnated by Satan.

        Check out the Cabal, they can never resist using Satanic symbolism.

        The Queen, when once asked, said “there are only 2 Christians in my family, me and my mother”.

        I suspect Prince Philip (God damn his soul), Charles and William are Satanists. Perhaps Harry is not, which adds up because Charles isn’t his father.

        Perhaps it was the pedophilia and devil worshiping that drove Princess Diana mad and now has her son Harry drooling from his mouth and firmly under the thumb of an American mulatto?

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          Thanks, what would be a good web page for info on William, Charles, Philip being Satanists? I agree, Charles is Harry’s father, I’m a monkey’s uncle.
          Puts a new spin on the obvious shake down him and his wife are doing to The Firm. They are nothing if not good intertainment.
          This could actually get pretty good, as Harry’s self pity, + Megan’s intergalactic ego, couldnquite easily lead to an early ‘covid’ death for one of the morons.
          Female narssacists like Meghan are like an abyss, they have no bottom or end point, she will just run this horror show until someone stops her, and it ain’t going to be Harry, truly a limp-wriated pathetic excuse for a man ever seen?

          See? Only as the Jews take over America as it’s rotten to the core, same for UK, same for the Royal Family. A Jewish problem is not a cause of a nations ills, it’s a consequence. Cancer isn’t the cause of the old man’s illness, its the consequence.

  11. kolokol
    kolokol says:

    I always liked Jeremy Corbyn, because he had the (((right enemies))) – otherwise, he was too decadent and “woke”. But they’re all terrible. And he is certainly better than “Sir” Keir Starmer (- so that’s the new Layba Potty leader).

    The following quote from the article explains why –
    “When he became Labour leader, Corbyn didn’t end the party’s tradition of working tirelessly against the interests of Whites. But he did end the party’s tradition of working tirelessly for the interests of Jews. And that’s why he was demonized as an “anti-Semite” and finally driven from office.”

  12. Leon Haller
    Leon Haller says:

    Does anyone have good intel re what the real present demographics of UK (and esp England) are? Mendacious WIKI claims whites still make up 87% of UK, but I’m not that ignorant. In terms of “boots on the ground” (so I ask to include best estimate for illegal aliens), am I naive in estimating that whites still make up perhaps 80% of the UK? Surely the real number is not below 75% (though perhaps the indigenous British number is, due to East Europeans and Jews inflating the official “white” number)? What’s going on over there? Do at least Tories talk about reducing or halting immigration? It seems as though Anglo-Saxons around the world (eg, Canada) are the world’s biggest cuck jackasses. Why might that be? Anglo-individualism, which produced such successes in the past, has now proven evolutionarily maladaptive in a retribalized world of modern communications and transportation where there has also been a Third World population explosion.

      • Al Ross
        Al Ross says:

        The original ” Jewish support ” was supplied in Roman times by Christians , almost all of whom, prior to slave – appealing proselytisation , were immigrant Jews .

        Anyone who rightly complains about antebellum hero statue destruction should look to its etiology in Ancient Rome . The (((Christians))) destroyed “pagan” statues ( the Golden Calf myth redux in occupied territory ) with vast zeal.

  13. Christopher Caudill
    Christopher Caudill says:

    Tobias Langdon, like KMac himself, Andrew Joyce, Laurent Guyenot and others, is one of our most articulate and fearless writers. Of course he is attacked by the usual suspects and their servants – he is over the target! Bless him and may he continue to sow confusion to our enemies. Whether we can admit it to ourselves or not, we all crossed the Rubicon some time ago.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      This article is dated, this comment is last, so I’m going to ramble a bit, be warned, but if anyone does see it, and wants to know who else online tells the absolute truth, without cuck-ass, pussy fear of Judaism, then you can add Andrew Anglin to the list. I’m amazed Mr MacDonald doesn’t promote him to his audience, as Anglin has takes on current events that are truly, astonashingly gifted.
      I presume Mr MacDonald doesn’t like the Anglin trolling and humour, which I’ve heard can be off-putting for sensitive souls(I’ve no idea, the entire concept is incomprehensible to me). Anglin may be our most effective Jewish enemy, but he isn’t actually racist. As in “racist” in whatever way you mean. Unless dispising what Jews do to our people is racist, but I personally am more and more of the persuasion that Jews aren’t a race, as to be a race they would need to be fully human, which I’m not sure that they are.
      Anglin is now, or a certain number of his perceptive articles are, being published in the Unz review.
      Although I’ve so much respect for Unz I’d never manage to verbalise it down in words, I believe he *is* controlled opposition. But don’t take that as a reason not to read him, you really aren’t 2021 Internet educated if you haven’t read his American Pravda series.
      It’s just that he is not in the truth class of Anglin, Tobias Langdon, KMac himself, Andrew Joyce and Laurent Guyenot, who you know are absolute truth tellers and fearless of Jewry.
      Even us commentors on this site, while we are not in fear of Jewry, rationally we actually should be, because as technology progresses, every word we write is being stored in some air conditioned vault in Isreal, to be brought out to damn us at our future show trial, if the need ever arrises.
      All I say is, F that. If it happens it happens. It’s far, far too degrading on the soul to cuck yourself to Jews by self censoring.
      I’d rather go to a camp with self respect, knowing I’d done at least everything in my own pathetic level of power to awaken our people, or shine a light on their lies.
      But really its not even at all about that, it simply about speaking the truth as we see it, as a free born man, like you could do anywhere on the Internet once, and in a country with free speech, this should be protected by the law, not hounded by the law.

      What these Jews have done to our nations . . . . .

      One last man who should be followed. Richard D Hall is I believe the only independent real journalist left living in Britian. He absolutely smashed the Maddie McCann phy-op to smithereens, solved the Dando murder(?), blew the official Manchester Arena bombing to shreds, as he did the ridiculous ‘killing’ of Jo Cox MP, plus a hundred other aspects of wonderful truth telling. His work on 9/11 is as respected as any in the field.
      He doesn’t hide from Jews, he just doesn’t obsess over them the way we do.
      We find them so bloody interesting, because they are always the very first characters you meet no matter what rabbit hole you go down.
      Hall’s interests are different, he comes from more a sci-fi, fake NASA, energy weapons, animal mutilation, etc angle, futuristic stuff, secret space programs, you know what I mean.
      Plus, being British, Jews simply aren’t as visable in the public eye as they are in America. They actually often still try and pull off their helpless, persecuted minority status every now and then over here in their own publications, which would just be beyond absurd in America.

      *Just as an exercise, has anyone ever typed in “rising antisemitism” into Google, and compared the results with “antisemitism on the decline”?
      I think the results would be interesting. If no one has ever done it, its obviously because its so bloody obvious what the results would be!

      What about David Icke? In my eyes he is a living legend, a heavy weight truth teller to knock anyone out the ring. Seeing Icke get a roaring reception at an anti lock down march brought a tear to my eye, considering where this guy started from.
      No American will ever undersjust just how humiliated this guy was, nationally, and how widespread this humiliation was in the early 90’s, as there is nothing in modern history to compare it to.(actually if you watch the full clip, Wogan isn’t as cruel as he appears in the cut scenes, and he has since apologised on air to Icke. Wogan is old school)
      Icke isn’t controlled opposition, but there is a fair few important matters he is really gone on. He still thinks China under Xi is cult controlled. He believes the cults’ fairy tales about the Nazis.
      He is right there is no virus, so you just got to take the good from him and ignore the bad.
      And please, do NOT be put off every time he uses “fascist” as a pejorative. He actually means uber-authoritarian, which is what the word has actually come to mean in British English. It’s even more obvious he’d use this particular phrase as he comes from the old left, where this usage originated.
      Yes, he’d be better, and more accurate, saying totalitarian, as fascist nations in the 30’s had more 100x more freedom than we do now. And you can only reach totalitarian under Jews, as only they have the necessary misanthropy to initiate it.
      I don’t think he’d lie on purpose, but then again, I don’t know if he has admitted what everyone presumes happened vis-a-vis the lizards, that he was punked by the CIA to discredit the bombshell truths he was putting out there.
      Plus he doesn’t appear to accept the blindingly obvious fact that an advanced energy weapon took down the twin towers.
      But so what, thats his business.
      Obviously there are loads more truth tellers with no fear of Jews out there, I just giving you guys some I’ve followed for at least 5 years+ and so can vouch for.

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