Leftists Lie, Children Die: Murder, Mutilation and the Malignancy of Muslim Migration

The late, great Larry Auster did it in three words. He captured the essence of a complex socio-political phenomenon and told us exactly how we should behave towards that phenomenon. Yes, he did all that when he wrote these three words: “Islam is evil.” It’s an accurate description of Islam and an acute prescription of how we should treat Islam. Evil is both dangerous and infectious, so Auster’s insight tells us very clearly that we should not interfere in Muslim nations and that we should not allow Muslims to inhabit our own nations.

Leftists lie, Lola dies: the 12-year-old French girl raped and butchered by Muslims

But the West is presently controlled by another evil ideology, that of leftism, which is why we’ve done the exact opposite of what Auster’s insight tells us we should do. We’ve been invading and interfering in Muslim nations for decades and we’ve been allowing Muslims to flood into the West for decades. Leftists have lied about this flood, telling us how much it enriches the West. Well, France has just seen more horrible proof that leftists are wrong and Auster was right. Islam is indeed evil and, metaphorically or otherwise, Madame Guillotine needs to start meeting and greeting the traitors who presently control France. On the 14th October 2022, the body of a 12-year-old blonde French girl called Lola was found stuffed into a suitcase in a heavily enriched district of Paris. She had been raped, strangled and mutilated. And there was a small but possibly sinister detail: she had the numbers 1 and 0 written on her feet for yet unexplained reasons.

Too gruesome to be ignored

A 24-year-old woman, “Dahbia B,” and other enrichers from Muslim Algeria were soon arrested on suspicion of the murder. From CCTV footage at the apartment where Lola lived near her suspected killer, it was plain that the murder was planned and that Lola was familiar or even friendly with the Algerian woman. It also emerged that the woman was in France illegally, having overstayed her permission to stay there as a student. In August this year, she had been issued with a OQTF, obligation de quitter le territoire français or “order to quit French territory” within thirty days. Alas, she hadn’t obeyed it. Not many illegal migrants do obey such orders: “only one in ten,” according to the BBC. It’s yet another example of how the political elite in France are overseeing le Grand Remplacement, the Great Replacement, of the native White French.

Meanwhile, the cultural and media elite in France have minimized or ignored the heavy price in murder, rape, theft and misery paid by ordinary Whites for the treachery of the elite. But the murder of Lola was too gruesome to be ignored. The rape, murder and mutilation were bad enough, but she may have been mutilated before she was strangled. And she may have had numbers written on her feet because her murderers were planning to sell her body for its organs. But there’s another unpleasant twist to the story. Lola’s parents don’t want her murder to be “exploited” by the right:

Lola’s parents, who met [the French president Emmanuel] Macron this week, have pleaded with politicians to stop exploiting their daughter’s death, after her photo was displayed at a far-right demonstration in Paris on Thursday. They asked that “any use of the name and image of their child for political ends immediately cease and be removed” from the internet and in protests, their lawyers said. The request was made so they could “honour the memory of their child in peace, respect and dignity”. (“Parents of girl found in suitcase urge French politicians to stop exploiting death,” The Guardian, 21st October, 2022)

Like the leftist French elite, Lola’s parents seem to want this story to disappear as soon as possible. The obvious conclusion is that her parents are also leftist. Otherwise, you’d expect them to be leading the demonstrations about the murder and demanding the enforcement and toughening of France’s migration laws. But no: they want to “honour the memory of their child in peace, respect and dignity.” That’s a leftist reaction. Or a guilty and self-centered one. Or both. After all, it was the parents’ choice to live in a district enriched by Muslims and it was their daughter who paid the price.

More Muslims, more child-murder

Whatever else is going on, Lola’s parents appear to have heeded the leftist advice issued after the murder and mutilation of dozens of children in Manchester in 2017. A Libyan Muslim “born and bred in Britain” detonated a suicide-bomb amid the happy crowd leaving a pop-concert, whereupon leftists promoted the Oasis song “Don’t Look Back in Anger” as giving the best possible advice for the victims, the families and friends of the victims, and the wider society. Leftists want us to believe that the murder and mutilation of children by a suicide-bomber is just one of those things. Nobody could have seen it coming and nobody could have prevented it. And if — or rather, when — something like that happens again, the same advice will apply: “Don’t Look Back in Anger.” Lola’s parents seem to agree with leftists in Britain, which is why I conclude that Lola’s parents in Paris are leftist too.

And what about Kriss Donald’s parents in Glasgow? I think they are leftist too, because they did not respond with anger to the horrible murder of their son by enrichers from another part of the Muslim world. Kriss Donald was a 15-year-old schoolboy snatched from the street in 2004 by Imran Shahid and other thuggish Pakistani criminals seeking revenge on a random White after a fight in a nightclub. Thanks to police inaction and official sensitivity about “community relations,” Muslim criminals in Glasgow had started to believe that they were above the law. But there was no public enquiry into the horror created by that police inaction. Led by Imran Shahid, the criminals drove their White victim for hundreds of miles before returning to Glasgow and carrying out a gruesome murder. Kriss Donald was repeatedly stabbed, then doused in gasoline and set on fire. The murderers then fled to Pakistan, but were eventually extradited and put on trial for murder. “Ironic” is an over-used word, but I think it is definitely ironic that the trial produced the “first-ever conviction for racially motivated murder” in Scottish history.

Imran Shahid, a well-nourished child-butcher

The laws mandating tougher sentences for “racial motivation” were introduced by leftists and aimed at Whites, because leftists portray Whites as the cruel and brutal oppressors of gentle and virtuous non-Whites. That portrayal is a leftist lie, as the murder of Kriss Donald very clearly demonstrated. But although the murderers are serving longer sentences because their crime was “racially motivated,” they are not finding their time behind bars much of an ordeal. Photos reveal that Imran Shahid is an even bigger thug than he was before his sentence. Literally so: he is eating very well and spending a lot of time lifting weights in a prison gym. According to a report about his sentence in one Scottish newspaper: “He was demanding better food than everyone else. Other Muslims are getting half a chicken but he was demanding a whole chicken every day — and he got it.” If Imran Shahid gone to a Pakistani jail instead, he would not be issuing demands like that. People starve to death in Pakistani jails rather than feasting on chicken and pumping iron. Pakistan is a very corrupt and violent country, where sexual abuse of all kinds is rife and marriage between close relatives guarantees the birth of large numbers of mentally and physically handicapped children, decade after decade after decade: “In Pakistan, half of the population marry a first or second cousin, more than in any other country. In rural areas this can be 80%.”

Christianity fights evil, Islam feasts on evil

The consequences of mass migration to Britain by Muslims from Pakistan were therefore utterly predictable. The rape-gangs of Rotherham and many other British towns and cities are an expression of authentic Pakistani culture. So are the ever-growing numbers of mentally and physically handicapped Muslim patients in the same enriched towns and cities. On the negative side, such patients are a huge expense to White tax-payers in Britain. On the positive side, such patients give British doctors a chance to see genetic diseases that are rare or non-existent among stale pale native Brits, whose attitudes to inbreeding are shaped by Christianity, not by Islam. What Christianity abhors, Islam embraces. Like Lola’s murder in France and Kriss’s murder in Scotland, the endless and enormous production by Muslims of mentally and physically handicapped children is more proof of Auster’s summation: “Islam is evil.”

But let’s be fair to Muslims: they are not the only migrants who are enriching Britain with evil. There is in fact a closer parallel for Lola’s murder in France than the murder of Kriss Donald in Scotland. That closer parallel is the murder of Mary-Ann Leneghan in England. She was a 16-year-old White schoolgirl raped, tortured and stabbed to death by a gang of enrichers in 2005. But only one of the gang was a Muslim and he wasn’t its leader. The leader and other members of the gang were non-Muslim Blacks. I wrote about them in an article called “Black Saints, White Demons” and contrasted the long-forgotten story of Mary-Ann Leneghan with the endlessly repeated story of Stephen Lawrence. On any objective reading, the prolonged and premeditated murder of Mary-Ann Leneghan by Blacks was far worse than the quick and casual murder of Stephen Lawrence by Whites. But the murder of Mary-Ann Leneghan revealed the truth, whereas the murder of Stephen Lawrence could be used to reinforce a lie. I’ve already mentioned the lie: it’s endlessly promoted by leftists and it states that Whites are cruel and brutal oppressors of gentle and virtuous non-Whites.

Jews lie, goys die

The leftist love of that lie explains both why Stephen Lawrence is the center of an official martyr-cult and why Mary-Ann Leneghan was forgotten long ago. And no single leftist has done more to promote the martyr-cult of Stephen Lawrence than an energetic Jew called Dr Richard Stone. But Dr Stone hasn’t just worked hard on behalf of Blacks and their criminality. You’ll also find him among the many Jews who have proclaimed that “Muslims and Jews are natural allies.” Those Jews never fully explain the proclamation, but it’s obvious what they mean: Muslims and Jews are natural allies against White Christians.

And that’s where Auster’s insight comes in useful again. If Islam is evil, then so are the Jews who see Muslims as natural allies. QED. Auster was himself racially Jewish, but he converted to Christianity and didn’t hate Whites or Western civilization. That’s why he opposed Muslim migration rather than, like powerful Jews across the West, doing all he could to increase it. Jews have always been at the heart of the leftist propaganda-machine that churns out lies like “Diversity is our strength” and “Islam is a religion of peace” and “Black failure is caused by white racism.” The murders of Lola in France, Kriss in Scotland and Mary-Ann in England prove that when leftists lie, children die. And children will keep on dying as long as we allow leftists to keep on lying.

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  1. Patrick Pappano
    Patrick Pappano says:

    I guess it has been forgotten that back in the 1960s, the little black boy, Emmet Till, visiting the deep South from Chicago, was killed and mutilated. Mrs. Till, the boy’s mother, insisted on an open casket funeral so the world would see what they did to her boy.

    • Jason Stewart
      Jason Stewart says:

      How as Emmet Till mutilated? I’ve never heard that in this tired example of earth white evil. We all know he did something of a sexual crime towards the shop owner. For some reason, Jewish media doesn’t reveal what Till was accused of. They keep it tightly knit. However, Emmet Till’s father, Louis Till, was convicted of raping an Italian woman. Black males are grossly over represented in sexual crimes, especially against other men, when in incarcerated. Why focus on Emmet Till when we can look to Mona Nelson, a black woman that took a blow torch to a 10 year old white boy’s ears, eyes, lips, nose, and penis before eventually killing him. Do you remember the name, Emmanuel Arnada? The black man that randomly threw a white body from a mall balcony. How about Channon Christian, and Christopher Newsom, the white couple that was kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered by a group of bored black people. Deborah Evan’s was shot in the head by her black ex-boyfriend, who she had a restraining order against, while his mixed nephew, and his nephew’s black girlfriend proceeded to remove her fetus from her stomach, only to later butcher both of her young white children. Cannon Hinnant, the white grandchildren of Dr. Lesslie that were murdered by black ex-NFL player Philip Adams. How many more examples would you like me to provide?

      • Pat Pappano
        Pat Pappano says:

        You have provided all the examples needed and I am aware of more in Africa testifying on the unsuitability of mixing societies. The Jews have the Holohax and whites have the much larger assault of forced integration. The point I was making was that displaying mutilated loved ones is one of the weapons we must use. Sandy Hoax was successfully promoted by the very same device, passing a law cutting off public access to photos of dead human victims. The result is the “news” of loss of life without the proof.

    • Nick Antic
      Nick Antic says:

      Your lies show who is behind that mask. Till was a rapist who was hung for his crimes by two Whites and two blacks.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      I trust you’re being facetious.

      The body taken from the river some days after Till’s death and displayed in an open casket was so badly mutilated and so disfigured by the water that the pathologist and the coroner declared it unidentifiable. Most interesting of all, they could not even say with certainty whether the body was white or black, let alone whether it was that of Emmett Till.

      These facts were well known to Mrs. Till when she arranged the funeral. Her scandalous decision to conduct the funeral with an open casket demonstrates a callous disregard for civilized human sensibilities and strongly suggests that profiteering, not moral suasion, was her true motive in burying a body that might easily not have been that of her son.

      Finally, though it is now an article of (((Establishment))) faith that the acquittal of the white men who were accused of his murder constitutes insuperable proof of their guilt—after all, they were white, nominally Christian, and southerners, so what need have we of actual evidence!—the facts are as follows. (1) The two white men were indeed acquitted. (2) A persuasive case has been made that the boy’s uncle, who had taken in the young troublemaker because his mother didn’t want him around, had Till killed so that he, the uncle, could collect $400 from a life insurance policy on Till’s life that the uncle had taken out, with himself as beneficiary, when he brought Till into his home. Note especially that Till was not visiting his uncle, as is always said nowadays. Till was living with him because the fear Till engendered in those around him got him kicked out of his family home.

      So much for the legend of poor Emmett Till, the victim of white racists and white racism.

      • Pat Pappano
        Pat Pappano says:

        The greatest safeguard to white society is total public access. Had there been total public access we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in. The mess we’re in??? Unable to oppose the force that has us down because we don’t who it is, they are too strong, and they have us bribed into submission.

    • Schmidt
      Schmidt says:

      Emmett was sexually harrassing a married white woman. Her husband took out the trash. Little to do with the article you are commenting on.

    • Pat Kittle
      Pat Kittle says:

      As the likes of you knows perfectly well, Negro-on-White crime is absurdly more common than White-on-Black crime.

      The literally $$$ TRILLIONS $$$ in freebies Whites have given Blacks only seems to increase their hatred & contempt of Whites.

      And we know (((who))) keeps fanning those White genocidal flames, don’t we.

  2. Charles Lindbergh
    Charles Lindbergh says:

    Dr. MacDonald, Dr. Joyce,
    This article is troubling. Not for “racism”, or “hate” or any of those NLP labels, but for the “Breitbart” level of cognition, or lack thereof. What’s going on guys? Are we saying, now, that this is the sort of writing that facilitates the discussion by OUR best minds about the threat of OUR extinction?

    Just wondering where we’re at here in current year…

  3. Strange World
    Strange World says:


    Among the whites, there is clear insecurity when it comes to finding a group identity. This is obviously the result of systematic indoctrination. Or is the matter in reality quite different, is lack of pride in the collective individual maturity?

    One wonders, however, where this new (or old?) “pride” of the Negroes in their own kind comes from? Apparently it is a kind of collective “victim pride”. The supposedly oppressed is in a position to generate some kind of “moral surplus.”

    My definition of pride is generally merit-based. Pride in one’s origins can perhaps be a nobleman, but this pride is really conceit.

    Am I “proud” to be a German? Hitler would have drilled into me to affirm this. One belongs to a “historically great people” (“You are nothing, your people are everything”).

    But without one’s own contribution, this is logical nonsense. I could just as well be “proud” of not having a bald head or flat feet because of my genes. Or proud not to have died of leukemia as a child. Or not to have been born as an ant.

  4. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    “Don’t Look Back in Anger” was the anthem bleated out by the gathered crowd in Manchester to commemorate the young adults and children whose lives were avoidable lost because of the ‘magic soil’ theory of (once) civilised Great Britain can have in that any uncivilised person from Libya, or any other atavistic country becomes civilised purely because their born in GB. A security source told the Daily Mail ‘He (Salma Abedi) was British and we had to save him’ he was fighting in his ancestral home during the civil.
    Two other innocent English young killed by Pakistani’s and Bangladeshi’s are Christopher Yates and Richard Everitt in the 2000’s.
    I say “Look Back in Anger, Look forward with Menace” and damn the closers of truth.

  5. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    After witnessing and hearing the extremist woke left actions and rhetorical justifications leads me to believe that the Jewish globalist agenda seeks to destroy the pillars of traditional Western Civilization: 1) Jews seek the destruction of white/s as people as a race, as one ethnic racial/political/social/biological/sexual entity..in other words END/erase white/ness from the (Historical) human experience past/present/FUTURE. The jewish globalists hope to accomplish this objective by mass immigration, race mixing, using white guilt, feminism, gay.lgbt policies, abortions, reproductive policies, to diminish whites demographic print to nothing 2) Destroy and make a mockery of the ELECTORAL Western DEMOCRACY. Since jews are less than 1% of the worlds population and jews only account for about 6% of the local/national demographics in their countries of residence. In a true democracy one vote one man jews dont have a chance to win vrs goyim (whites)..Thats why jews are financing/attacking the legitimacy of all Constitutional order in all countries. Jews want illegal aliens/non citizens to vote, no ID laws,vote by mail, online, etc. all these measures will reduce elections to a mockery festival like a beauty pageants. The outcome is irrelevant ..fewer and fewer people will vote, and elections will be decided by powerful rich jewish elites before hand. 3) Destroy CHRISTIANITY Catholicism and all its non catholic denominations. Christianity Historically gave Western Nations the ideological/Moral.Spiritual bases to develop cohesively as Europeans, as Americans, as ONE nation/al entities. The great Christian defeat of the Muslim forces into Europe allowed the West to develop and achieve greatness in Industry, commerce, academics, sciences, political philosophy, laws, etc. For the jews to rule globally UN/oppose they must end Christianity..summarizing the jews SEEK to destroy White/s Christian Democracies/elections to be able to rule for their own benefit/profits.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” Christianity Historically gave Western Nations the ideological/Moral.Spiritual bases to develop cohesively as Europeans, as Americans,”…

      Europe is kaput ;
      the good ol’ USA is kaput ;
      and Christianity is kaput .

      Powerful jewish global media psy-ops ,
      beginning no later than about 2500 years ago with the linguistic sabotage of the vernacular of the ancient Tower of Babel engineering project

      ( and now additionally involving infiltrations and subversions of nations ) ,

      have successfully dissolved/weakened
      much if not most of
      Christian cultural cohesions
      to the point of irrelevance .

  6. Apple bringer
    Apple bringer says:

    How was Lawrence Auster great?

    He was a dishonest dissembling Jew. This author (who dislikes Scottish, Irish and English people) should know better. Look up Tanstaffl’s (age of treason blog) interactions with Auster.

    Or is the author another mixed breed purer-than-thou Jew pretending to be White?

    Leave us alone.

    [mod. comment: No, this author HATES Scottish, Irish and English people. But not the Welsh, for some reason.]

    • Captainchaos
      Captainchaos says:

      When it comes to having racial consciousness the British is their entirety are a lot of useless wankers. For some reason Brits just seem irredeemably flakey and diffident on the issue. Even Swedes are ahead of Brits these days in that Sweden has a reasonably well performing nationalist party.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      Lawrence Auster, in my view, was a mixed bag. He had many good things to say, and I appreciated his website. I’m sure he had his fair share of internal and emotional conflicts being that he was Jewish, and yet a voluntary convert to Christianity at the same time. I suspect his commitments to his Jewish ethnicity got the better of him at times. He was flawed just like the rest of us. He could also be quite moody on occasion, and he was sometimes curt with his readers. Maybe this was due to the cancer he was struggling with or for some other personal reasons?

      Mr. Auster was often very insightful, and he rightly recognized the problem of mass third-world immigration to the West. He parted from his ethnic brethren in that he did not see it as a good thing. He was at least intellectually honest enough to admit that Jews were behind most of it.

      I did not get the impression at all from reading Lawrence Auster’s articles that he hated Whites or western civilization. If anything, in his own way he was trying to preserve it. I recall one article in which he lamented the kind of society America had morphed into compared to the kind of society it once was during the 1940s and 1950s. He longed for that kind of America- an America that was at least 90% White at the time. Almost everything that Mr. Auster wrote about was a form disdain for modern liberal America. He wanted badly for Americans to throw off the shackles of liberalism. This strongly suggests to me that he was no enemy of western civilization.

  7. Apple bringer
    Apple bringer says:

    ‘and didn’t hate Whites or Western civilization.’

    Gibe me a break he admitted on his deathbead Jews were behind it all

  8. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    My late elder brother was a Theologian at Cambridge. He was on a committee that prepared the syllabuses for the various courses. He resigned because when Islam was discussed only the good bits were put in and the bad bits were left out.
    The dishonesty annoyed him.

  9. Hairy Persian Guy
    Hairy Persian Guy says:

    Some nuance, Mr. Langdon, please.

    By saying”Islam is evil”, you forget that the biggest enemy of ISIS is the Shia world. Iran and its allies, Hizbollah, Asaad, et al., took on ISIS, and, in the process, saved untold numbers of Christians in the ME. Putin, last white leader for sanity, has Chechens fighting for him.

    Islam has been in Europe for centuries and whites have been Muslim for that long, too: Bosnians, Albanians, Chechnians, Dagestanis, etc.

    Ramzan Qadyrov, the president of Chechnya, is a fine physical specimen of white manhood. The average Paki isn’t. Comically enough, the Paki featured in your article is whiter than some Greeks I’ve seen.

    You make the common mistake that so many others make in this “movement”; namely, conflating Islam and race. The Paki groomers are just that: Paki. They’re not practicing “Muslim behavior”. They are practicing criminal behavior which predominates with Pakis in a country/ppl they view inimical. I’ve seen photos of some of these grooming gangs and one finds a Sikh thrown in. No Muslim group would include a Sikh. Indeed, you make it sound as if every time the call to prayer sounds, it’s time to gang rape a woman. Take it down a notch.

    Instead, you should be learning from Muslims, like Hizbollah, on how to form a grassroots, paramilitary movement, beloved by Christians in the ME, which MILITARILY confronts Israel and which has a social network for its ppl. In fact, the Shia world is the only one confronting Zio-America and one who is fighting for tradition, patriarchy, etc.

    I’d be happy to debate.

    And I’m an atheist, btw.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      “Islam is evil” is about as nuanced and qualified as accuracy and truth permit. Your atheist’s advocacy for this fundamentally warped excuse for a religion is plainly dishonest. Fortunately for the gullible among us, it is also so poorly presented as to be unconvincing.

      Muslims have been in the Balkans for six hundred years or so for one reason only: the invading Muslim Turks, with their characteristic open-mindedness and tolerance for diversity,* allowed a great many people to choose between forcible conversion or death. Many chose the latter, but the Albanians—who have since become one of the world’s most ruthless criminal communities—accepted conversion. Is it any wonder that their Balkan neighbors (admittedly, not the most mutually cooperative group of peoples the world has ever seen) still loathe them?

      I notice that you also somehow neglected to mention the unspeakable crime of devshirme, which since the seventies the (((Establishment))) has been pretending never happened. Fifty-plus years of falsification and suppression of knowledge of Islamic perversion and criminality: welcome to the Judaized post-Christian West!

      • Hairy Persian Dude
        Hairy Persian Dude says:

        Atheism is irrelevant to seeing that (predominately Shia) Islam is the only living faith which is fighting off Modernity as well as Israel and its golem, America. Comparing a pious and modest Muslim young woman to her secularized white American and Western European coeval (who is BBC-friendly, if not BBC-crazed) is yet another example that this religion has something to teach us. The Shia world has built a Resistance to Israel, defeated ISIS (with its ally, Russia), and saved innumerable Christian lives. What’s Nordic Man doing now? Pathetic.

        That Evola had nothing but good things to say about Islam, and that Guenon, Lings, Burkhardt, and Schuon all converted to Sufism is yet more proof that Islam has something to offer.

        If the Ottomans forced the Balkans to convert or die, they sure failed at it. Don’t hyperbolize.

        The Albanians are criminals because of Islam? Even Bosnians (who are Muslims) dislike Albanians. Is that because of their different form of Islam? So are the Mexicans drunk drivers and pedophiles because of Catholicism? In fact, I’ve seen plenty of drug cartel operatives wearing crucifixes. What is it with Catholics and crime? What is it with Protestants and meth? Your argument is risible.

        Devshirme? How was that Ottoman practice indicative of Islam and not realpolitik? How was Ottoman practice indicative of ALL of Islam? A more apposite question is why do you blame Islam for everything bad? Do you realize how much you resemble the (((enemy))) and its lemmings you deride for their monothematic hatred towards whites?

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          I agree that blaming the gang-rape ‘problem’ on Islam is wrong.
          It’s as dumb as blaming the The Troubles in Ireland on Christianity.
          In both cases, the least religious are the ones causing all the problems.
          If we must have Asians living among us, I’d prefer them to be chilled, mosque-attending Muslims who followed a basically Third-World view of life, than have them totally assimilated First-World Westerners. Violent, drug-taking, drinking, whoring, Godless, etc.

          As for the atheists, no-one bothers them, Christians haven’t been on their back here for over 100 years.
          But before they evangelise their pagan ways, maybe they should ‘do something’ that proves their religion is any use to man or beast.
          Even if they could point to something an atheist movement or collective has accomplished?
          Something positive?
          If not, we are all sick to death hearing about the glories of atheism.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Do you realize how much you resemble the (((enemy))) and its lemmings you deride for their monothematic hatred towards whites?

          Tired, clichéd slanders from an apologist for the perennial enemies of the West and its Christian foundations are not going to ruffle my feathers. Emicho may not see that Muslims’ degeneracy flows inevitably from Islam itself, but others do.

          Your hair and your falsehoods are evidently both at home in Persia. Keep them there. The last thing the West needs now is another outsider like you pushing his way in.

          • Hairy Persian Dude
            Hairy Persian Dude says:

            When you have nothing to say in response, just bloviate. The funny thing is, and here’s a real world difference between Islam and your cant; to wit, the former actually has the ability to make demands while the latter is “sound and fury, signifying nothing”.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            “Emicho may not see that Muslims’ degeneracy flows inevitably from Islam itself, but others do.”

            That sounds more like your own personal opinion to me than some sort of set-in-stone fact.
            But if that’s the case, how come the worst Muslims, the most *degenerate* ones, are always the least pious? The least Muslim?
            Shouldn’t it be the other way around, if your theory is correct?

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            [Islam] has the ability to make demands …

            Your sort is good at making demands; it’s a characteristic of those who have nothing to think with.

          • Hasbarasauce
            Hasbarasauce says:


            “But if that’s the case, how come the worst Muslims, the most *degenerate* ones, are always the least pious? The least Muslim?”

            Presumably this is an example of how the “least pious” “worst Muslims” are always the ones that are “most *degenerate*”:

            Aisha was Muhammad’s third and youngest wife. […] Islamic sources of the classical era list Aisha’s age at the time of her marriage as six or seven and nine or ten at its consummation. In a hadith from Sahih al-Bukhari, Aisha recollects having been married at six years of age. Ibn Sa’d’s biography holds her age at the time of marriage as between six and seven, and gives her age at consummation to be nine while Ibn Hisham’s biography of Muhammad suggests she may have been ten years old at consummation. Al-Tabari notes Aisha to have stayed with her parents after the marriage and consummated the relationship at nine years of age since she was young and sexually immature at the time of marriage; however, elsewhere Tabari appears to suggest that she was born during the Jahiliyyah (before 610 C.E), which would translate to an age of about twelve or more at marriage.


            And who are big fans of the un-pious and un-Muslim Prophet Muhammad? The un-pious and un-Muslim Islamic State (presumably they call themselves “Islamic State” to be sarcastic):

            The secret operation on the Syrian-Iraqi border last week, witnessed by journalists for The New York Times, was so far the only reunion of Yazidi women from Iraq and the children they had while sexually enslaved and raped by their Islamic State captors.


            Are you Muslim yourself, Emicho? Or maybe Jewish?

  10. Robert Pinkerton
    Robert Pinkerton says:

    “Female circumcision”so-called is an abomination that has no place in the West.
    It is my real-world personal opinion that any person party to an act of this atrocity should, upon conviction, be shot, his or her total estate confiscated to the benefit of the – legitimate – victim.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Female circumcision sure does shock us, white people I mean. Like, how did this thing even get started?
      It’s a comical culture-shock, and your reaction is most people’s I’d presume.
      I remember reading some paper from the 1970’s where some liberal American woman went to Africa to study the phenomenon.
      I just remember how open-minded she was, not like today’s AWFLs. Also I recall she explained the tradition was kept going by the older women of the clan, even although they all went through it themselves.
      Now why would that be?
      Looking at today’s Western women, I think it’s blazingly obvious. It’s just a crude way of controlling the sexual power of young girls, because if you leave no controls on them, they go off the hook and wreck the society.
      No doubt there were African tribes who didn’t practice FGM, but none of those societies survived. But the ones that did, they did survive.
      We don’t need to go that far, but these African mud-hut dwellers, and Muslims too, have much to teach us modern whites about women.
      And it’s not just for men’s benefit, why should a women who’s wrecked her sex appeal by having six children, by doing her duty to her people, be of less worth in society than some young slut who’s done nothing for us?
      The way older women pump their faces full of garbage to chase their youth is a walking indictment of feminism.
      If feminism was to help females, why do they concentrate on young girls who don’t need any help, and throw in the trash women who’ve done right by us?
      Because feminism is a worse cancer than Judaism. By a country mile.

      • Raeto West
        Raeto West says:

        @emicho on ‘feminism’ – It is (or should be) well-known that all the leading ‘feminists’ are Jews. I pointed out before that it is essential that people learnt to see the patterns that Jews use, even in what superficially seem totally different topics.

  11. John
    John says:

    “White French”, this is redundant as French People are European aka White. Accepting this redundancy is also a trap because it is implying that French People can be black, yellow, brown, red, so, if 60% of France is Arab then it is still France – it is not.

  12. Deb
    Deb says:

    As a mother, I find it appalling that neither set of parents valued the lives of their children over those of the killers. Considering the unfathomable fear and pain those children went through is beyond heartbreaking. I would gladly surrender my life for the life of any one of my children but then, I strongly oppose killing a child in the womb, as well. It is truly unfortunate that the parents identified in the article were blessed with children they were undeniably unworthy of raising.

  13. Bigmo
    Bigmo says:

    For a while i thought the Counter Jihad movement was dead. Lol. This brings me back to the 2015 – 2017 Twitter days. That Malmo Sweden and Frankfurt Germany days. The Birmingham rape gangs and mayor of London thing. Taqiya, rapefugees and goats. Lol.
    It ended with Richard Spencer displaying the Palestinian flag on his Twitter account with the Free Palestine logo. And now he’s a complete NATO loving Neolib. Lol
    I’ve never seen a movement emerge so fast and collapse even faster than the Alt Right.
    Three years? Wow. Lol.
    But it looks our guy here is trying a comeback. Lol

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      The ‘Counter-Jihad’ Movement was 100% Kosher, but the Alt-Right wasn’t.
      The Alt-Right had more Feds in it than the old Communist Party USA, it was then banned and crushed.
      Nothing like that happened to the Counter-Jihad thing.
      That Spencer is a NATO, vaxx, feminist & Biden shill is pure over-kill. At least no-one can say he’s not telling us all exactly what he is. He deserves respect for that.
      But the Palestinian thing has nothing to do with it, we are all Palestinians now. Every day our situation deteriorates more & more towards their level, and in a way it’s justified.
      Our people mostly ignored the Palestinians for *decades* simply because those who did stand up for them were left-wing tossers.
      When faced with self-hating, limp-wristed lefties trying to speak for rag-heads blowing things up, we preferred the oily excuses of Jews dressed up as Westerners speaking English.
      I understand how this happened, but it was a catastrophic mistake and we are all paying for it now.
      I wonder what was in the Palestinian’s vaxx? The blood runs cold just thinking about it.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      You are right about one thing: your comment is off-topic.

      This is a serious forum—a least it used to be—not a lunchroom billboard. Consider restricting your remarks to the relevant and worthwhile.

      • Strange World
        Strange World says:

        You seem to have missed a fundamental principle that applies to forums: What a forum is, decides in the place the owner of a web page and its adminis, in the second place ALL commentators together, and not only individual “readers”, who misjudge in their “meaning”, and want to reprimand others, because they do not succeed to read over comments “disliked” by them without their own “comments”. Take me, as a shining example: I never read your comments (unless you accosts me) so I usually don’t form an opinion about them, let alone compulsively communicate this opinion to you.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Do you really think Putin believes the dumb leftist agi-prop the KGB once used to demoralise America?
      Doesn’t the KGB teach not to get high on their own supply?
      Even the way he linked it to what the Romans allegedly did to Carthage, it’s just a tale.
      And RT is run by a 1960’s era vintage Armenian hippy leftist.
      Read Putin’s latest speeches on America, it’s much more on point, talking about a spiritual battle between good and evil, Christians and Satanists.
      None of this Marxist gibberish about muh poor Injuns and negros.
      No-one with a brain believes that garbage.
      Even Russia has got a sort of weird histography for their low IQ masses, where the gentle peasant Ruskies are nothing but peaceful settlers who keep getting attacked from the West by Vikings, Franks, Crusading Teutonic Knights and right up to Nazis.
      And there is a straight line running through all of them. It’s the same energy with all of them.
      When all Russia ever did was protect Europe from the Asiatic hoards.
      It’s just as simple(and moronic) a tale as penniless white trash Europeans turning up at the edge of a ginormous continent and deciding to genocide everyone out of pure badness.
      Just because someone sais something, doesn’t mean they mean it.

      • Strange World
        Strange World says:

        A fallacy of many self-proclaimed “patriots” today is that if our leaders are all corrupt criminals, Putin must be a nobleman and the last remaining savior of the White Race. Whether Putin is a blessing for the Occident will probably ultimately be decided by the course of history. It should be taken into account that for 80 years his country has considered itself the victor over “barbaric fascism”, that is, over all the values it represented. Moreover, Putin’s relationship with Judaism and its representatives is anything but a good sign. Naivety and good faith could also be a fatal mistake in this case. Putin seems to care a fat lot about the survival of white Europeans and/or “Anglo-Americans”.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          Because Putin wore a small Jewish hat, because Putin was in a synagogue, because Putin was a WEF Young Global Leader, because Putin once had tea with Kissinger.
          Of course a leader must do such things, how far would he have got if on career day one he declared a savage blitzkrieg against world Jewry?
          If his first act was to demolish the holocaust museums and bring the yellow stars back?
          Sure, we’d all cheer, but is this what we actually want?
          I’m not really meaning to attack you, I know you don’t think this stupid stuff, but know one else points these dumb things out.
          To critique Putin, who along with Kanye West is our current champion, folks need to do better than ‘but I saw a picture some place . . . .’

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          You are correct, Putin will do exactly 100% the same as what we in the West will do for him, absolutely nothing.
          That doesn’t mean he isn’t a ‘good thing’ for us.
          So he wore the hat and shook hands in the synagogue, what did you expect him to do?
          Demolish the Holocaust museums and send the Cossacks on a pogrom?
          The Jews grease our leaders in a cryptic way, don’t you reckon a KGB trained Russian nationalist might do the same?
          ‘But he met Kissinger!’
          Who cares!

  14. Pat Kittle
    Pat Kittle says:

    I was raised in part by kind Christians who I hated to disappoint when I could no longer believe their theology.

    I hesitate to be offensive, but some folks here freely dispense their contempt for atheists, so here’s a definition of Christianity:

    “The belief that some cosmic Jewish Zombie can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him that you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.”

    Sorry, that’s just too much of a stretch for me. I know & know of really decent religious people. FWIW, some of my favorite music is religious, “Amazing Grace” being Exhibit A.

    Anyway, regarding Mideastern criminals in the West, I DO NOT want them here. But they did not want us there either:

    “Would It be Justifiable to Kill and Sacrifice
    Half-Million Jewish Children for Whatever Reason?
    A Moral Twist on the Madeleine Albright Question”

    — ( https://www.unz.com/jfreud/would-it-be-justifiable-to-kill-and-sacrifice-half-million-jewish-children-for-whatever-reason-a-moral-twist-on-the-madeleine-albright-question/ )

    Let’s not forget (((who)))’s behind the curtain.

      • Patrick Pappano
        Patrick Pappano says:

        Just for yucks, in the face on such unbelief, I will declare my full faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And I recall vividly that Abraham believed and it was accorded to him as an act of righteousness.

  15. Robert Penman
    Robert Penman says:

    Where possibly I would show Muslims that we have a common enemy in the Jew, while at the same time standing firm for our people. It is very difficult, but the number one enemy is the Jews and is going to take a great deal of humanity to deal with this threat. The other problems will remain, but might be manageable without Jewish interference.

  16. Boulder
    Boulder says:

    Only a Christian revival will solve this, and you know it!
    Hitler betrayed you, and many here knows that, but push the Jewish race narrative anyway, and that is by logic.
    Nazism was a Jewish invention.

    • Robert Penman
      Robert Penman says:

      I am not certain how a Christian revival will save us? Especially with the fact that it is connected to Judaism via the Old Testament, plus so many Christians seem to become Zionist!
      Adolf Hitler fought to save humanity from the Jews, it was the leaders of Western nations such as the USA, and British Empire who betrayed not only us, but all Humanity.

        • Patrick Pappano
          Patrick Pappano says:

          The Jews you see today are fraudsters from the Russian steppe and bear no relation to Biblical events. Remember the Bible is the story of the Israelites not the Jews presumably from Judah. And remember also it was Joseph who was blessed not Judah. Judah was passed over.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        … [Christianity] is connected to Judaism via the Old Testament, plus so many Christians seem to become Zionist!

        Yes and no. The Jews’ interest in the Old Testament is largely limited to passages where God promises them things. Almost invariably omitted when such references are made are the requirements God imposes upon the Jews in return. This is hardly surprising, because as the books of the Major and Minor Prophets indicate in detail, the Jews of the Old Testament were a largely degenerate society for whom taking came as a reflex but giving in return was more trouble than it was worth.

        All in all, for the past thirteen hundred years at least, the book that has had the place of honor in Jews’ formation and consciousness has been the Talmud, which is a chronicle of hate directed against mankind as a whole (cf. 1 Thes 2:15) but with especial focus on Christ and Christians.

        As for Christian Zionism, although there is indeed a lot of it around, its extent is still notably exaggerated by the (((powers that be))). The Evangelical and Fundamentalist “leaders” that the (((media))) make much of get their importance inflated as a payoff for playing ball.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        “I am not certain how a Christian revival will save us? Especially with the fact that it is connected to Judaism via the Old Testament, plus so many Christians seem to become Zionist!”

        Christianity is connected to to Judaism in a way to proclaim that evil Satanic Jews killed our Lord and Saviour in the most hideously sadistic, and cruel way imaginable. And to make a point of the Jews claiming the blood of our Lord on the Jewish race for all time.
        Would you prefer it if it wasn’t connected in such a way? Would Christians be more awake to malicious Jews if they didn’t make an appearance in the NEW CONVENT as the worst of all possible enemies? As basically evil incarnate?
        Jews care as much for the Torah as real Christians do for the Book of Mormon.
        These demons are Talmudists.

        As for Christians becoming Zionists, it’s not all that surprising, they abandon the True Faith, they take up environmentalism, feminism, Third-Worldism, all sorts of violently retarded nonsense, I’d think much less of the Jews if they didn’t take advantage of this lunacy and create a Zio-cult for these idiots.
        In fact if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be Jews in the first place.

        I agree with the last part though. Those leaders, with their ginormous empires, picking on a medium-sized, civilised central European nation with no empire was diabolical, and are burning in Hell right now if justice exists in the universe.

  17. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    Same guy under different names.

    As I found out, these funny Kraftwerk
    substrates under the name “Robot”
    originate from a solo entertainer from
    Münster named Carsten Weidenhaupt.

    Mr. Weidenhaupt, a well-behaved family man and
    employee of the German Federal Railway (note his
    vest with the “DB” sign) can also play acoustic music
    in all styles with mostly ironic and socially critical lyrics.

    Was he even the author of these two alle-
    gedly “new” Kraftwerk songs, which were
    never officially confirmed by Kraftwerk?

    Also nice. At that time, Bill Gates was
    still considered a hero and not a fraud.

  18. Armoric
    Armoric says:

    • “Like the leftist French elite, Lola’s parents seem to want this story to disappear as soon as possible. The obvious conclusion is that her parents are also leftist.”

    The mainstream media said the parents wanted to distance themselves from the political agitation. But according to French nationalist websites, the parents did not disavow the anti-immigration protests carrying the portrait of their daughter.

    The Jewish media has denounced the far-right’s tasteless political exploitation of the murder. As everyone knows, the Jews are the masters of good taste and good manners. They think it’s morally wrong to try to stop our genocide by hijacking the emotion caused by the murder of White children. On the one hand, the (((mainstream media and political parties))) are dedicated to the non-stop creation and political exploitation of anti-white phony narratives. George Floyd and Anne Frank are good examples. On the other hand, they think that showing Lola’s picture is inappropriate.

    Judging by their former activity on social networks, it seems that Lola’s parents may have had some sympathy for Marine Le Pen’s political party. At least, that’s what I heard in a video. But Marine Le Pen finally decided to stay out of the demonstrations, maybe to distance herself from the “far right”.

    While some Jewish activists were denouncing the political exploitation, Éric Zemmour’s Jewish team launched the website “ManifPourLola”, planning street demonstrations, and asking people to add their emails to a petition. The website has now been removed. At the same time, (((fact-checkers))) were warning the population against fake news: no, there had been no plan to steal Lola’s organs.

    Some people questioned the role of Clotilde Lepetit, the lawyer for Lola’s parents. Why did they need a lawyer in the first place? Her twitter is full of Jewish activists and seems to indicate that she is a leftist. My guess would be that she is Jewish too. She seems hardly qualified to be a spokesperson for the parents.

    (((Mariane))) Magazine reported: “Lola’s family demanded on Friday that “all use of their child’s name and image for political purposes be stopped and withdrawn”, at events and on the Internet, said their lawyer, Clotilde Lepetit.”

    But the anti-immigration activist Damien Rieu, as reported by the site Fdesouche, spoke to the family friend who was in charge of collecting aid for the funeral, and he said the parents had nothing against the protests.

    • “she had been issued with a OQTF, obligation de quitter le territoire français or “order to quit French territory” within thirty days. Alas, she hadn’t obeyed it. Not many illegal migrants do obey such orders: “only one in ten,” according to the BBC”

    One in ten, or more likely one in a hundred. Unless you accidentally step on a Jewish person’s foot, in which case you are back in Algeria before the end of the week.

    • Armoric
      Armoric says:

      There is a government and media tradition of lying and manipulating people after an interracial murder so it can’t be used politically. Until a few years ago, each time a Muslim terrorist killed a few people in France, the government and the media would try to channel the popular reaction by staging demonstrations and writing editorials in favor of unity between French people of all races, in defiance of the terrorists and especially the nationalists.
      For example, in 2015, after a few cartoonists from Charlie Hebdo were gunned down by two Algerian brothers, a huge “unity rally” took place in Paris, with people waving the sign “je suis Charlie” (I am Charlie), which doesn’t mean anything. I guess the government took the initiative to print the meaningless signs and hand them out. Anyone holding a sign “Stop immigration!” would have been told to take it down immediately.
      At least, the Jews didn’t try to organize a “unity rally” after the murder of Lola.

  19. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    @mod :

    FYI , my ISP Pc wi-fi signal has been getting intermittently cancelled almost every day for up to as much as a few hours at a time for the past month . In fact , it was just cancelled a few minutes ago for about 2 minutes .

    The ISP tech said that recent nationwide solar flare interference has ended and his network signal diagnostics indicate that my Pc wi-fi signal is being jammed by unknown sources for which the company does not have the technical capability ( as does the fedgov ) to easily locate and indentify the jamming entity .

    I told my ISP tech that the jammer may be in any one of three apartments next to mine : above , beside , and across the hall ; and that the CIA/mafia is fully capable of putting anyone as a covert agent tenant in any Federal section 8 apartment anywhere in the USA . There are of course other possibilities for the source of the intermittent signal jamming . You know my suspicion .

    FWIW .

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