Conquest by Consciousness: Blacks and Translunatics as Anti-Matter in the Worlds of Whites and Women

Anti-matter has hit the headlines recently. Metaphorically speaking, that is. If anti-matter literally hit the headlines in a newspaper or on a computer screen, there would be a huge explosion. Matter and anti-matter annihilate each other when they meet, disappearing in a blaze of deadly radiation. Scientists have long known this, but they didn’t know whether anti-matter responded to gravity in the same way as matter.

The antithesis of Whiteness

Now they know that it does: it falls rather than rises. That’s why anti-matter is in the headlines. One simple fact took decades to verify because anti-matter is so rare in our material universe and so hard to manufacture. In a literal sense, that is. In a metaphorical sense, anti-matter is very common and leftists are manufacturing more of it all the time. What am I talking about? I’m talking about Blacks, Muslims, and other non-Whites. They represent a kind of anti-matter in Western societies, opposite to Whites in all socially and culturally consequential ways. Blacks in particular are the antithesis of Whiteness in everything from skin color to behavior. On average, they’re unintelligent, unproductive, uncivilized, unable to match White achievements but above average at murder, rape, robbery, and theft. Blacks destroy what Whites create, but they don’t disappear in the process. They’re a kind of ever-lasting anti-matter that annihilates without being annihilated.

And that’s precisely why leftists are so eager to sanctify Blacks and to import more of them into the West. At the moment the sanctification is reaching new heights in Britain: October is Black History Month here. That’s the official and inaccurate title, anyway. As I’ve said previously at the Occidental Observer, I prefer the unofficial but accurate title of Black Bullshit Month. It’s bullshit, for example, to claim that Roman emperor Septimius Severus (145–211 AD) was both Black and British because he was born in Africa and died in Britain. That’s a willful trashing of history and ethnography, but the Left’s love of diversity disappears when leftists have lies to promote and propaganda to spout. In scientific reality, the continent of Africa is very racially diverse. South of the Sahara, it’s home to many different kinds of Black; north of the Sahara, it’s home to races that aren’t Black at all, like Arabs and Berbers.

Septimius Severus: Black African (from Wikipedia)

The horrible sins of imperialism and slavery

In leftist fantasy, the Sahara disappears, the Arabs and Berbers are erased, and ancient Africa becomes an exclusively Black continent. That’s why leftists pretend that Septimius Severus was Black simply because he was born in northern Africa. They also pretend that a group of Roman soldiers stationed on Hadrian’s Wall were Black. The now-famous Aurelian Moors came from northern Africa too; therefore leftist logic dictates that they too were Black. In fact, no: the Aurelian Moors were from a non-Black race like the Berbers. But something strange seems to be going on here. Why do leftists want to pretend that Blacks were an important and everyday part of Roman civilization? By leftist standards, the Romans were guilty of the huge and horrible sins of imperialism, colonialism, and slavery. The very words “empire,” “colony,” and “slave” come to us from Latin. But leftists don’t want to associate Blacks with evils like those, of course. They want Blacks to be associated with the grandeur, prestige, and great achievements of Rome, while keeping the bad parts strictly for Whites.

BBC broadcasts bullshit #1: ahistorical nonsense about allegedly Black Romans

BBC broadcasts bullshit #2: Blacks were central to Tudor England

For another good example of this, take the BBC’s lies about Blacks having “Been Here From the Start” in Britain. In a video aimed at impressionable and uncritical children, a Black actor dresses in various White costumes and sings that “For ten thousand British years some Brits have looked like me.” That’s right: because neolithic inhabitants of Britain may have had dark skin, Blacks have been “Here From the Start.” It’s like using light-skinned Albinos in Africa to pretend that Whites have always been part of African history. But the BBC wouldn’t do that to African history, of course, because the lies and ahistorical nonsense go only one way: to aggrandize Blacks and dispossess Whites. Elsewhere in the video, the Black actor appears in Roman armor and promotes the now widespread lies about Septimius Severus and the Aurelian Moors being Black. Roman uniforms are grand and glorious, and leftists love portraying Blacks in gilded breastplates and scarlet cloaks. And in Tudor finery.

But if Blacks are so important in British history, does that mean they share the blame for the horrible crimes committed by the British, like slavery and colonialism? Of course not: the BBC want to associate Blacks with the grandeur, prestige, and great achievements of Britain while keeping the bad parts strictly for Whites. Indeed, leftists are already starting to pretend that there would have been no great achievements in the West without Blacks. Just as they’ve tried to steal the greatness of Britain and the Roman Empire for Blacks, so they’ve tried to steal the greatness of the American space program and Moon landings:

[O]n November 24th, 2015, President Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian award, to a 97-year-old [Black] woman named Katherine Johnson, saying of her that “from sending the first American into space to the first moon landing, she played a critical role in many of NASA’s most important milestones.” Charles Bolden, the NASA Administrator at that time, said that “she’s one of the greatest minds ever to grace our agency or our country” and that “Katherine’s legacy is a big part of the reason that my fellow astronauts and I were able to get to space.” Dr. Dava Newman, NASA’s Deputy Administrator, said that “she literally wrote the textbook on rocket science. … At NASA, we are proud to stand on Katherine Johnson’s shoulders.” The award ceremony was soon followed by the best-selling book Hidden Figures and then by the film version, a critical and box-office hit. In both the book and the film, Katherine Johnson was the leading character.

Her story had seemingly come out of nowhere. None of the NASA interviews of the veterans of Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo had mentioned her, nor had any of the autobiographies or histories written about the manned spaceflight program. How could such an important figure have been so completely ignored? The natural next step for NASA would have been to re-interview the surviving veterans who had been associated with the accomplishments attributed to Katherine Johnson, seeking to explain how this gaping hole in the story had come about. That didn’t happen. (The Portrayal of Early Manned Spaceflight in Hidden Figures: A Critique, introduction by Charles Murray)

The heavily White “Black genius” Katherine Johnson (image from Wikipedia)

It didn’t happen because leftists don’t want their lies and distortions to be exposed. Yes, the heavily White Katherine Johnson was a hardworking and competent mathematician, but she was a small cog in a very big machine designed, built, and powered by White men. Without Blacks, America would still have got into space and landed men on the Moon. In fact, as Paul Kersey has often pointed out, if it weren’t for Blacks and the trillions of dollars wasted on them, America might well have landed men on Mars by now. Blacks are a drag and a drain on any civilization stupid enough to host them, but that’s precisely why leftists pretend that Blacks are an essential part of the West — and have “Been Here from the Start.” Inverting the truth is central to the leftist hunt for power, as Orwell described in his great satire Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949). In the book, the Ministry of Truth presides over lies, the Ministry of Plenty over famine, the Ministry of Peace over war, and the Ministry of Love over torture. The Ministry of Truth was, of course, inspired by Orwell’s days at the BBC. He also satirized how leftism re-writes history and appropriates great achievements for its own ends:

In his own schooldays, Winston remembered, in the late fifties, it was only the helicopter that the Party claimed to have invented; a dozen years later, when Julia was at school, it was already claiming the aeroplane; one generation more, and it would be claiming the steam engine. (Nineteen Eighty-Four, part 2, chapter 5)

The Party in modern America — the leftist industrial-mendacity complex — is claiming great White achievements for Blacks: Katherine Johnson put men on the Moon, Gladys West pretty much invented the Global Positioning System (GPS), and so on. Orwell was satirizing this kind of leftist propaganda more than sixty years ago. But another White writer, Walter de la Mare, offers another important insight into what leftists are doing. Not all of their propaganda about Blacks is based on lies. Yes, it’s a lie that a very important figure like Septimius Severus was Black and that the Black Katherine Johnson was a vital figure in the American space program. But it is true that there was a Black trumpeter called John Blanke in Tudor England. In her “critically acclaimed” book Black Tudors: The Untold Story (2017), the Jewish historian Miranda Kaufmann celebrates the presence of Blanke and a few other Blacks in Tudor England amid millions of Whites. But her celebration is dishonest, because those Blacks were insignificant by any objective standard. They did nothing Whites couldn’t have done just as well or better and Tudor England did not depend on them in any way. So why do Kaufmann and other leftists make so much of their presence?

A Jew centers insignificant Blacks in White history: Miranda Kaufmann’s Black Tudors (2017)

Well, Kaufman is pursuing a typically Jewish anti-White agenda. She isn’t interested in Blacks for their own sake, but for the sake of distorting British history,  diluting British identity, and dispossessing Whites. Nevertheless, there’s something else going on in the leftist celebration of insignificant Blacks like John Blanke. And I think that something was captured by the great White writer Walter de la Mare (1873-1956) in one of his poems, when he describes the solipsistic megalomania of the emperor Napoleon during the French retreat from Russia:

“What is the world, O soldiers?
      It is I:
I, this incessant snow,
  This northern sky;
Soldiers, this solitude
  Through which we go
      Is I.”

The poem says that by being conscious of the world, Napoleon claimed possession of it and solipsistically absorbed it into himself. Leftists want Blacks everywhere in British history because they want a similar process to apply. For example, if even a single Black was present in and conscious of Tudor England, that Black could somehow claim possession of it. Tudor England was inside a Black brain, therefore a Black was, in a mystical sense, possessing and sustaining Tudor England. That’s what leftists are trying to pretend. And Blacks are very happy to accept the pretence. After all, it’s not difficult to encourage solipsism and megalomania in Blacks. But it is difficult to find grandeur and great achievements in Black Africa and its history. That’s why leftists create fantasies like Wakanda and why the anti-White Black artist Kehinde Wiley has appropriated a famous and impressive image of none other than Napoleon:

Great White art appropriated by the anti-White Black Wiley Kehinde (image from SmartHistory)

Jacques-Louis David (1748–1825), the French White who created the original painting, was a great artist working in the great White tradition of classical art. His painting embodies not only his own artistic talent but also the technological prowess of White civilization. It’s easy to take bright unfading paints and sturdy canvas for granted, but it’s also wrong. There are centuries of effort, experiment, and innovation behind an artwork like David’s Napoleon Crossing the Alps. And what about the rich fabrics Napoleon is wearing and the horse he is riding? Blacks in Africa never invented oil paints and delicate brushes, never matched White skill in textiles and dyes, and never domesticated any African equivalent of the horse, despite the abundance of large mammals there. The Jewish scientist Jared Diamond has written anti-White fantasies about “African cavalry mounted on rhinos or hippos” making “mincemeat of European cavalry mounted on horses.” But his words remain exactly that: fantasies.

“Undomesticable” zebras domesticated by the Jewish zoologist Walter Rothschild (image from Wikipedia)

Diamond claims that Africa’s mammals weren’t “domesticable.” What he means is that Blacks weren’t capable of domesticating them. But Blacks are fully capable of appropriating White achievements to aggrandize themselves and attack Whites. The Black Kehinde Wiley is celebrated by leftists when he appropriates White classical art and sneers at White civilization by replacing an important (and handsome) White figure like Napoleon with an anonymous (and ugly) Black. I don’t think that Walter de la Mare was right in his portrayal of Napoleon as a solipsistic megalomaniac. Even if he was, no-one could deny that Napoleon was a genuinely great man, highly intelligent and hugely competent. There has never been a Black equivalent of Napoleon, because intelligence and competence are in much shorter supply among Blacks than among Whites. On the other hand, solipsism and megalomania are not at all in short supply among Blacks. Take the deeply absurd but also viciously murderous Black dictator Idi Amin (1925–2003), who liked to dress in impressive Western uniforms and who gave himself the title of “His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, CBE, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular.”

The cannibal conqueror Idi Amin, a hater of Whites who eagerly appropriated Whiteness

Idi Amin claimed to be conqueror of the British Empire and leftists are portraying other Blacks as, in a sense, conquerors of the Roman Empire. Septimius Severus and the Aurelian Moors weren’t Black, but yes, there were tiny numbers of Blacks within the boundaries of the Roman Empire at one time or another. Leftists pretend that simply by existing there and being conscious of the Romans’ great achievements, those Blacks somehow took possession of the Empire. Something similar explains Jewish lies about America being a “nation of immigrants.” Jews themselves didn’t build America or risk their lives carving civilization from wilderness there — let alone sometimes lose their lives in horrible ways to Indian tribes. No, Jews arrived in a fully formed nation built by Whites and claimed possession of it by right of consciousness. That’s how America became a “nation of immigrants.”

Translunacy and trans-Westernism

But that conquest-by-consciousness hasn’t stopped with Blacks and Britain or Jews and America. It also applies to translunatics and womanhood. A so-called transwoman is a man who asserts that the contents of his consciousness — his subjective emotions and opinions — permit him to overturn biological reality and invade female territory. Because leftism preaches equality and practises hierarchy, leftists deny that women have any right to resist this invasion, just as they deny that Whites have any right to resist the invasion of their territory by non-Whites. Transwomen are higher in the leftist hierarchy than women, just as non-Whites are higher in the leftist hierarchy than Whites. The higher group can invade and occupy the territory of the lower group. If members of the inferior group resist, leftists will condemn them as bigots and haters — transphobes or racists.

This parallel between translunatics and non-White migrants is why I use the term “trans-Westerners” for Blacks, Jews, and other non-Whites who now reside in the West. Like transwomen, they’re claiming an identity that doesn’t belong to them and like transwomen they harm those who are genuinely entitled to that identity. Leftism denies the harm and claims that transwomen and trans-Westerners are more authentic and more deserving of their stolen identities because they (or their migrant ancestors) made an active choice to cross a border. This is a transwoman claiming to be more of a woman than real women:

Trans people are MORE of a woman, or a man, than their cisgender counterparts. Because trans people spend their entire lives fighting to be recognised as their gender. They undergo humiliating tests and invasive questioning to be allowed to transition. They spend hours correcting your misgendering, fighting for gender confirmation treatment, for the right name on their paperwork. (“All Men (And Women) Are Equal,” Huffington Post, 10th March 2018)

And this is a trans-Westerner claiming to be a more of a Westerner than Whites:

I deserve to be here more than you do because I risked my life to get here. You were just born here by chance. I chose here, you didn’t even choose it. @slawariwanm (The non-White Ariwan on Twitter, 21st June 2023)

These claims of superiority are nonsense, of course. Invasion and occupation do not entitle one to an identity that others have created. And leftists would never say that Whites became African or Amerindian by invading and occupying Africa and America. But they applaud transwomen and trans-Westerners for doing what they condemn in Whites. That’s because leftism condemns creators and applauds annihilators. Just as Blacks are anti-matter in White spaces, so transwomen are anti-matter in female spaces. They destroy women’s privacy and security, deprive female athletes of their rightful prizes, and sometimes assault and murder real women.

Annihilators and their anti-matter

Blacks do most of that to Whites, but there’s one big difference. Thanks to genetically mediated male advantages in strength, speed, and spatial ability, transwomen are genuinely more powerful and athletic than real women. But Blacks aren’t more intelligent and creative than Whites. On the contrary, they’re less intelligent and creative. That’s why leftists have to lie about Black achievements and pretend that Blacks have been an essential part of Western civilization.

In fact, Blacks are anti-matter for the West, destroying everything they touch in a blaze of chaos, noise, and violence. But the real Occidental Annihilators are Jews like Jared Diamond and Miranda Kaufmann, who peddle lies and distort history to aggrandize Blacks and dispossess Whites. Naturally enough, Jews like Gayle Rubin and Judith Butler have also been central to the cult of translunacy. Blacks and translunatics are anti-matter in the world of Whites and women, but Jews are the annihilators who manufacture and distribute that anti-matter.

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  1. Devon
    Devon says:

    I love your articles, always full of great facts and evidence to back up your arguments, but they don’t half enrage me lol

  2. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Thank you for your courage in writing this, Tobias.

    If there were just a thousand of you our fears would be gone.


    • Heimdall in Africa
      Heimdall in Africa says:

      Totally agree. I’m still in this ‘shithole country’ South Africa. Degrding rapidly. All due to black dysfunction. When you compare them to the Romans or Greeks (or Egyptians), its ludicrous.

  3. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    Great article.
    I know the term is overused (and discredited by a certain German movement of the last century), but if blacks embody anti-whiteness, Jews seem to perfectly embody anti-Aryanism. Or indo-europeism ?
    Aryan sounds better.
    Even if the Aryan heritage is completely degraded in India, the Indo-European principles of truth and order (dharma) can still be found in its religious doctrines. Jews and Semites in general are the anti-Aryans and a-dharmic peoples (enemies of cosmic order) par excellence.
    The Aryan places truth at the center of everything, while the semite subsists on lies.
    The Aryan reveres physical bravery. The semite always chooses devious means.
    The Aryan reveres generosity and selflessness, while the semite thrives on and idolizes gold.
    In politics, the Aryan pursues freedom, the semite servility and despotism.
    The Aryan creates civilization, the semite destroys civilization wherever he settles.
    Blacks and Jews have much in common. Sort of enhanced negroes.
    The writer Céline said that the great ancestor of the Jew was the Negro. It’s symbolic. But I think this has been confirmed by genetics (10% negroid blood (including askhenazi) is not insignificant when you consider the enormous consequences of very small genetic differences). This could also explain their delirious, irrational infatuation with all things black African, in music, arts, sexual obsessions…It’s not only to harm whites, it’s a mania.

  4. Flavia
    Flavia says:

    This was absolutely superb!!! I almost don’t know where to begin. You’ve provided a new angle on the biological and historical usurpation White people and women are enduring in your connection between consciousness and possession. That was very interesting. (I’ve always wondered about the inherent contradiction between Blacks having “always been there” and the history of European conquest. But you explain that away quite nicely. Per the left, Blacks get all the grandeur without having to spend the grit. Really, really good.)

    By the way, Tolstoy’s view of Napolean was far more critical than de la Mare’s. In War and Peace, it is clear that Tolstoy HATES Napolean as he relentlessly mocks his narcissism throughout the entire book. (It’s very enjoyable to read those various expressions of hate!!)
    However, that being said, you are certainly correct that Africans haven’t accomplished a single item on the complicated trajectory from which 19th century painting emerged. And that idiot’s re-do of The Prime Consul Crossing the Alps is absolutely risible. I mean, how embarrassing!!

  5. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    Oh yes. I wanted to add that this black “artist” doesn’t even know how to use a basic computer graphics tool : he just erased and replaced, then added a background that doesn’t fit with the rest . His curtain? Is not adjusted in size (too difficult: you have to calculate a percentage with the program), and the choice of colors, not different enough, “masks” instead of revealing the central figure.
    A 6 years old white child would do better.
    Sorry for this aside, but it just goes to show the level of bullshitery.

    • Xenavo
      Xenavo says:

      “Sorry for this aside, but it just goes to show the level of bullshitery.”

      You don’t need to apologize — it was an interesting and pertinent comment. Thank you.

  6. Wilburn Sprayberry
    Wilburn Sprayberry says:

    Tobias Langdon,

    Excellent article – thanks so much! One part stands out as immediately important & useful: your discussion of Katharine Johnson & the August 2023 emergence (finally, after 8 years), of serious, scholarly, pushback against the Hidden Figures phenomenon. “The Portrayal of Early Manned Spaceflight in Hidden Figures: a Critique,” introduced by Charles Murray & written by two old NASA-hands, engineer-mathematicians who were there & actually did the critically important work or worked alongside the men who did it, that Katharine Johnson is now given credit for in the teaching of American spaceflight history. I followed your link & read the entire thing. It’s not just a critique of certain exaggerations or inaccuracies in Hidden Figures, it thoroughly refutes the whole idea that Katharine Johnson (who has replaced Werner von Braun as the architect of early American space-flight in the popular imagination, thanks to Hidden Figures) made any contributions at all to American space-flight beyond helping with the data used to set up the tracking network on the ground. In fact, Murray describes the parts of Hidden Figures dealing with Katharine Johnson’s role in NASA, Project Mercury & Apollo, not as exaggerations, or misinterpretations, but as outright fiction, then backs it up with a formidable amount of evidence. But why did it take so long for this pushback to occur? Murray explains this. Short version: fear of being called racist. Long version: go read it yourself – it’s worth it. Thanks again, TL, for bringing this important development to our attention.

    • ruralguy
      ruralguy says:

      Excellent post, Wilburn. I read the reference. It confirmed what I thought. I worked many years in the Aerospace industry. Orbital Mechanical equations are usually derived by Phds, or those with MS degrees. The giveaway, when I saw the movie, was her title as a “computer.” In those days, that was a tech aide position, not even an engineering postilion, as noted in the reference.

      In text books, Orbital Mechanical models are often expressed in Hamiltonian or Lagrangian Equations, thus obits can be determined by global convergence (closed forms). They are extraordinarily beautiful. But, in the real world, this beauty is sorely lacking. Orbits must be calculated step by step, Newtonian fashion, because of nonlinear effects and phenomena, as noted in the reference. That was her job. She was the equivalent of an adding machine, multiplying and adding results from the previous step (system state) to get the next step, a few seconds in the future. Rinse, wash, and repeat. About the same level of accomplishment as someone washing their hair. Yes, she wrote a technical paper on what she was doing, including the orbital-mechanical equations she was using. That was common. Everyone was encouraged to do that, even tech aides. It helped develop skills in those employees.

      Schools are now showing this film and teaching her expanding accomplishments which keep growing day by day. Wikipedia is now claiming her work was “critical to the success of the first and subsequent U.S. crewed spaceflights.” Soon, the nation will adore this genial soul for having single-handedly discovered sliced bread and apple pie. I worked with people from those 1960-era space programs. There were thousands of them that accomplished the impossible. It’s criminal to steal their valor, as Hollywood and Schools are doing with Katherine Johnson.


      • Wilburn Sprayberry
        Wilburn Sprayberry says:

        Thanks, ruralguy. Someone of your technical background must have been even more outraged at the ludicrous claims about “the Black Ladies who saved NASA” than I (merely an enthusiastic layman) was. I grew up during the glory years of the American space program, from 1958 – 1973, followed it closely, read countless articles & many books, & I never heard of these women. I refused to see the movie which had even more utterly false assertions about Johnson & the others than the book. (E.g., in the movie Katharine Johnson is present in Mission Control during Glenn’s mission & supports the idea that his retro-pack straps be left on instead of jettisoned before re-entry due to the – as it turned out, false – warning light indicating Friendship 7’s heat shield may have come loose, which might have saved the mission & Glenn’s life if that was actually the case. Of course, she was no where near Mission Control – the entire incident is made-up.) But I did read the book & it simply didn’t have the ring of truth about her space-flight trajectory virtuosity that NASA supposedly could not do without. I recall at the time some early grumblings & expressions of disbelief from retired NASA guys about John Glenn demanding “the girl check the trajectories before he agreed to fly the mission,” but they soon died down, for reasons (fear of the doubter being labeled a racist) that Murray alludes to in his commentaries. So…I’ve been waiting for this pushback for years, although it may be too late, unfortunately. Millions of American schoolchildren are growing up not knowing who Werner von Braun even was, & believing heroic, brilliant, black women got us into space & to the moon.

    HANNES says:

    Limitless American hypercapitalism: a jackpot for only a few, a nightmare for everyone else. Performance and success have no relation whatsoever. What will the “American” Castro do with two billion dollars? Presumably, according to strict American custom, he will squander it all without rhyme or reason instead of giving his oh-so-poor compatriots a share.

  8. A Viewer
    A Viewer says:

    If they had only known that the inmates were urgently needed “neo-Germans” to increase the burden on the social system, they would certainly have refrained from the chase. After all, border controls have been abolished and even this “state” itself is smuggling in invaders on a grand scale. Now, as usual, there will again be accusations of “racism” against the police…

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