Jordan Peterson, again

Meanwhile Jordan Peterson, who went with Ben Shapiro to Israel to have a meeting with Netanyahu, is all in for Israel. Completely unbalanced. No mention of the blockade, the vicious occupation, ethnic cleansing, apartheid. Just another establishment figure no matter how much he rails against the WEF and says politically incorrect things about gender. See his Twitter page:

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  1. Jimmy Joe
    Jimmy Joe says:

    I am not a Hitlerite, and also reject any madness to bring anything constructive into this world through war, aggression and conquest. My family has paid a priceless tribute through the fallen in two world wars alone. A war of aggression to get ahead of the other side may very well be a vital survival measure, but not on the collective level. Those who worship the devil will go to hell with him. Nevertheless, this fanatic seems to express more truth than his opponent.—Part-1—.mp4:d—Part-2—.mp4:c—Part-3—.mp4:6—Part-4—.mp4:c

  2. Robert Tate
    Robert Tate says:

    Netanyahu is worshipped by some on the right, because Israel is the the ethnostate they wish European countries were. Nixon didn’t like the Jews,but loved Israel

    • Gens
      Gens says:

      In this part Israel is great actually and right.
      It’s about their expansion not patriotism. Fixed borders and ethnostates brings back stability to world and guarantee of keeping variety of cultures in the world. Evil starts when you put hand outside your homeland not if you put walls to defend it. No war in name of defence is a defence. Lack of clear ethnic borders was cause of most of wars. Including one in Ukraine with huge russian minority and this in Yugoslavia. Lack of Kurdish states makes middle east unstable the same way countries with minority rule get in time unstable as Syria. Belgium is a dysfunctional multiethnic state exactly because of lack of internal coherence. Streets in France and Sweden burn only because of aliens let in inside and rule that disregards interests of host nation.

  3. Some Visitor
    Some Visitor says:

    Not without a certain scurrility that Henry and his “non-Jewish Zionist” (self designation) interviewer do not communicate in their native language. Henry says there are too many Arabs running around in Germoney. Who lured them there and established them as “equal citizens”? As always, evil Germans, the bogeymen of Jews.


    The German-born former U.S. Secretary of State, 100 y/o Henry Kissinger calls for Germany’s unrestricted support of Israel, “in extreme cases also militarily”. Kissinger made his comments at his country home in Connecticut, USA, in an exclusive interview with Axel Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner for WELT-TV.

    About cheering Arabs on Berlin streets after the Hamas terror attack on Israel, Kissinger, who as a Jew had to flee Germany before the Holocaust, says: “This is painful.” He also sees the cause in Germany’s asylum policy: “It was a grave mistake to let in so many people of completely different cultures, religions and beliefs, because it creates interest groups in the countries.”

    As U.S. Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger helped end the Yom Kippur War 50 years ago in tireless travel diplomacy, when Israel had already been unexpectedly invaded once by Arab neighbors. The German-American does not rule out a further escalation of the current war, including an Israeli attack on Iran, which supports Hamas.

    Israel, he said, gave the Palestinians back their land when it withdrew from Gaza in 2005, but still did not get peace in return. “You can no longer make concessions to people who have shown by their actions that there will be no peace. There must be punishment.”

    He said he expects the European Union to make it clear to states that want to intervene in the war that they will pay a price for doing so. After all, what happened to Israel could also happen to Europe. The wars against Ukraine and Israel are a fundamental attack on the international system.

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