Swirled World War: Jews Carry on Lying about the Demographic Disaster They’ve Imposed on the West

In 2007 a White Canadian pedophile called Christopher Paul Neil tried to taunt the police. He released photographs of himself abusing Asian boys onto the internet, but he’d concealed his identity by distorting his face into an unrecognizable swirl. He thought he was being clever. He was wrong: he was in fact being very stupid. It was easy for computer scientists to reverse the swirl and reveal his face. Shortly after that, he was serving five years in a Thai jail.

Swirl unswirled: cunning pedophile Christopher Neil isn’t so cunning after all

I think he got off very lightly, but I also think he provides a useful metaphor for the world we currently inhabit. It’s a swirled world, because Jews and their allies have tried hard to distort reality and conceal the central Jewish role in the demographic disaster they’ve imposed on the West. Jews thought they were being clever when they opened the borders of Western nations to the Third World and relentlessly demonized Whites to the non-White hordes that flooded in. Time and again, Jews have described Muslims and other non-Whites as their “natural allies”:

Alas, the war in Gaza has proved that non-Whites and Jews are in fact natural enemies. Who could have seen that coming? Not the oh-so-clever Jews, it seems. Jews and their allies have watched in horror as Hamas-fans have flooded onto the streets of cities across the West. For example, a blogger at the anti-Islamist site Gates of Vienna (GOV) is wringing his hands about what is now happening in Germany. There’s a “plague of Jew-hatred and mass demonstrations in support of Hamas.” But who’s to blame for the plague? GOV is in no doubt about that: it sarcastically hails “Angela Merkel, Protector of the Jews”:

More than any other single person, former Chancellor Angela “Mutti” Merkel is responsible for the influx of millions of inassimilable third-world invaders into Germany, and the resulting violence and insecurity that now plague the country. Along with all the enrichment comes the current plague of Jew-hatred and mass demonstrations in support of Hamas.

And now Mutti pleads for the safety of Jews in Germany. Shouldn’t she have thought about that back in 2015? (“Angela Merkel, Protector of the Jews,” Gates of Vienna, 10th November 2023)

Like the pedophile Christopher Neil, GOV is trying to create a swirled world and conceal heinous crimes. But it’s easy to reverse the swirl and unmask the criminals. Just go to Wikipedia and have a look at the “List of awards and honours received by Angela Merkel.” You will see that she has long been showered with acclaim by Jews and Jewish institutions:

Awards and Honors

2008 B’nai B’rith Europe Award of Merit
2010 Leo Baeck Medal [awarded for special efforts in German-Jewish reconciliation]
2011 Light unto the Nations Prize from the American Jewish Committee
2011 Prize for Understanding and Tolerance from the Jewish Museum Berlin
2012 Heinz Galinski Award [awarded in the name of a former president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany]
2013 Lord Jakobovits Prize for European Jewry from the Conference of European Rabbis
2014 Recipient of the Israeli President’s Medal
2015 Abraham-Geiger Prize [awarded by “Abraham Geiger College, the first rabbinical seminary in Germany after the Holocaust”]
2017 Elie Wiesel Award
2020 Buber-Rosenzweig Medal [awarded by the German Coordinating Council of Societies for Christian-Jewish Cooperation

Honorary degrees

2007 Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2011 Tel Aviv University
2018 University of Haifa
2021 Technion, Israel Institute of Technology (from the “List of awards and honours received by Angela Merkel” at Wikipedia)

When Angela Merkel opened Germany’s borders to barbarians from the Third World, she was doing exactly what Jews wanted. Indeed, she was effectively acting under Jewish orders. Jews thought they were cleverly distorting Germany’s demographics for their own benefit. It now turns out that the swirled world they’ve created isn’t so good for Jews after all. Weakening and dispossessing the philosemitic White majority was a very stupid thing to do.

Swirled World versus Third World

But Jews and their allies aren’t able to admit this. Instead, they’re still libelling the White majority. Take the way Hamas-fans in the West have been tearing down posters of kidnapped Jews. How cruel and uncaring! There are lots of videos of these poster-rippers in action and one thing is glaringly obvious: almost all of them are ethnic enrichers with brown or black skin. Now look at a propaganda video issued by Lightsight Media and the World Jewish Congress (WJC):

Swirled World: Jews portray poster-rippers as White-skinned and blonde

Third World: in reality poster-rippers are overwhelmingly non-White

White-skinned Jewish victims from the propaganda-video:

It’s a case of Swirled World versus Third World. Lightsight Media and the WJC have chosen to portray “typical poster-rippers” as a pair of White-skinned women, one of whom has blonde hair (both of the actresses may in fact be Jewish). The Jewish victims in the video, who watch sadly and helplessly as the blonde and her companion tear down their posters, are also white-skinned — “They look just like you!.” “STOP DOING IT,” the video pleads.

What effect will this guilt-tripping Jewish propaganda have on vibrant non-White poster-rippers? None whatsoever. Psychological techniques that work against individualist and weakly ethnocentric Whites do not work against collectivist and strongly ethnocentric non-Whites. As a non-White poster-ripper said when confronted by a Jewish woman: “I don’t care! Fuck Israel! You’re pieces of shit! Go cry!” And look at the White-skinned and rich-looking Jewish victims in the WJC propaganda-video. Jews have spent decades demonizing Whites and Western civilization to their non-White “natural allies.” Now they want Muslims and other non-Whites to accept that rich white-skinned Israelis aren’t part of the wicked West and are, in fact, poor oppressed victims of non-White Palestinians.

“Limited edition Liberty Stick”

It won’t work. Nor will the propaganda of the manipulative and mendacious Mark Steyn. Like the pedophile Christopher Neil, the neo-conservative Steyn is Canadian; like Christopher Neil, Steyn is trying to distort reality and conceal heinous crimes. Neil used a swirl; Steyn is using a stick:

The SteynOnline Liberty Stick (limited edition) $100.00

Own your very own limited edition SteynOnline Liberty Stick — and help support Mark’s case against the fraudulent “hockey stick” graph created by the litigious Michael E Mann.

The stick features foundational documents of liberty, from Magna Carta to the US Constitution — so now you can not only wave that constitution, you can shake it, menacingly! Each stick will be signed and numbered by Mark himself. (SteynOnline Liberty Stick, 2023)

Steyn is relying on the ignorance of his gullible readers when he flourishes Magna Carta and the US Constitution as “foundational documents of liberty.” Yes, as Andrew Joyce has pointed out at the Occidental Observer, Jews played a central role in the creation of Magna Carta. But it was a negative role, because the nobles were protesting against King John’s tyranny and the Jewish usury that enabled it. As Joyce notes: “John was profligate, incompetent, and utterly beholden to his Jews and their ability to provide him with seemingly unlimited funds for his misadventures on the Continent.” But Magna Carta failed to end Jewish predation on the White Christian majority, so in 1290 Edward I expelled the Jews from England.

Losing the Swirled World War

Did England miss its Jews? Not in the slightest. Homogeneity proved to be our strength and England entered a golden age. The framers of the US Constitution didn’t think that diversity was a blessing either: 500 years after Edward I issued his Edict of Expulsion, the stale pale male Congress passed the Naturalization Act of 1790, restricting citizenship to “free white persons of good character.” So Steyn’s Liberty Stick conveys the opposite of his intentions. Liberty depends on excluding Jews, not on aiding them in their self-inflicted misfortunes. Liberty also depends on preserving the Whiteness of the West.

Jews have used the Third World to create a Swirled World in which Whites are demonized as vicious villains and non-Whites are celebrated as virtuous victims. But that Swirled World turns out to be not-so-good for Jews after all. Naturally enough, Jews and their allies double down on what has worked so well in the past: lies, distortion, and guilt-tripping propaganda. Alas for them, they’re going to lose the Swirled World War.

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    • charles frey
      charles frey says:


      01 As before;excellent site. Very suitable as a Statement of Defense when indicted by an unrecognizable US Jutsice System: after BB’s JUDICIAL COUP premieres in America [ and Canada ] following its Jerusalem off-Broadway production. In all seriousness, I would use your site as a basis for such, were the necessity to arise.

      02 May I suggest, that you add Madoff, Steinmetz, Kholomoiski, S B-F, and the remainder who largely escaped to GB, and the 64 who attendended their chief fraudster’s 65th birthday party at demonstratively Churchill’s former home. And of course the Grimmbrothers’ story on Browder and his [non]lawyer Magnitsky, having defrauded the Russian tax authorities of ca, 230 millions. Camouflaged by dozens of registered companies with little more than an address.

      03 Also, you could create an archive from the daily , succinct, brief ” Daily Reports ” on the Gaza war by the reliable HAARETZ daily. This would be worth more than its weight in gold for all future historians who only have Wikipedia in their toilet tissue dispensers.

      04 I would do all of the above, if only I had not failed the exam at the end of the book COMPUTERS FOR DUMMIES.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        01 Regarding my recommendation on relying on HAARETZ ” DAILY WAR REPORTS “; received minutes ago:


  1. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    After the trans-westerners discovery, the whirlwind war.
    Tobias Langdon never runs out of imagination.
    We could also call this desire to camouflage the truth, the war of ” trompe l’oeil. ”
    Otherwise, I’m glad this article mentions that odious propaganda video.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so vile, and yet our enemies always seem fertile in ignominy.
    Reality reversal: two placid young blond women vs. agressive non-white women.
    Dismayed Jews who look like perfect-featured Norwegians (except for the typical old Nebbish schmuck).
    The looks full of righteous indignation and infinite sadness at these inherently bad and so morally inferior white people !
    Finally, this video seems to conclude by saying : no, we won’t leave ! At last, an exclamation of truth: the parasites don’t want to leave our Pays de Cocagne!
    But it’s not the rightful owners of these white countries who want to drive them out (alas), but the other parasites they’ve had the stupidity to import.

    And no, non-whites are not vulnerable to old tricks like the Holocaust and guilt-tripping, because our enemies have themselves placed them on the pedestal of super-victimhood !
    For example, in France, Holocaust documentaries and the reading of Anne Frank diary have long been mandatory in schools . The diary was turned into a play and performed in all schools, which are now predominantly Afro-Maghrebi. Alas! the guilt-tripping that worked so well with the little French was a complete failure with their replacements, and the play had to be stopped: the non-whites made fun of poor Anne Frank, and when the actors playing the evil German soldiers came to arrest the holy Jewish family, non-whites shouted threats, and pointed to the place where the eternal Jewish victims were trying to hide. What a fiasco!!

  2. GirlinTexas
    GirlinTexas says:

    Whilst I’m glad to see people protesting against Israel, I too first thought, this eruption of Whites/European angst is more a reflection of non-white/Muslim immigrants, en masse, in western societies. The protest videos in London were dismal; the English faces were a minority,

    I’m not certain the entire recent conflict was not orchestrated for some nefarious reason; maybe more middle eastern immigration into Europe. I see several nations are queuing up to be the first to receive the refugees.

    I’ve always wondered how it was possible for the Jews pushing the multicultural nonsense on western people to have no idea, whatsoever, how Africans/Mexicans/South Americans/Arabs, etc, would be handled without White battering rams? Those caped crusaders, thrusting at that old wall, don’t really seem masculine enough to defend America/Europe.

  3. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    Jews haven’t entirely lost. Some Latinos are Evangelical, now. Euro whites worship Jews. And old whites, Boomers as CC would say, serve them.

    Revolver News, sometimes Zerohedge, Breitbart, and probably lots of other sites try to control whites for Jews. Trump, Kennedy, “anti-Trump” Dem candidate (Biden for now): All pro-Jewish.

    They have massive, awesome power. China isn’t controlled, because they don’t have half-Chinese Jews in the oligarchy, yet.

    But it is massive to have cults worshipping you. Are Mormons pro-Israel? Without evidence, I expect many Korean and Japanese Christians are. Jews might have influence in Saudi Arabia and Turkey. They supposedly want a larger pan-Turkish movement. They are strong. Jews have some power in Russia supposedly but not domination.

    • Peter London
      Peter London says:

      There is at least one pure Japanese person who converted to Judaism via Christianity. Google ‘Abraham Kotsuji’

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        I just can’t believe he’d be accepted as Jewish by all Jewish groups. I bet his autobiography would be interesting. Very interesting tale.

        If someone brings the Eddas and Sagas “back” as a religion, what values would it hold? So many “pagans” seem to just go about like Bonobos, not even minding who impregnates them and vice versa. The actual pagans didn’t behave like that. And I’ve seen transhumanism advocated.

        We just have such little remaining. What we do have is likely not very authentic.

        In the Ra Expeditions, Thor Heyerdahl mentions white bearded men traveling from the Middle East to the Americas, probably landing in MesoAmerica (I forget). They wielded religion. So, whites used to use this religion stuff.

        But I don’t want some fake religion. Jews seem to not even believe in an afterlife. I’m amazed at how Israel attempts to apply “Jewish values” based on the Old Testament.

  4. Hoodman
    Hoodman says:

    None can be allies with Juden. It is the only culture where shame, honour and dignity does not exist. Everything is up for exploitation.

    The nearest is Hindus which must explain Y they go the distance to recruit them.

  5. christine schmael
    christine schmael says:

    They are not Jews.
    The rebels of Judah lost that status when they rejected Messiah.
    Only geuine Christians are Jews.

    Look up the prophecies of the Zohar, and the rabbis’s (false) interpretation of Daniel 2.

    They believe that Islam must flood the West (“Edom”) and take down Christiainty.befre their non-existnet Moschiach can come.

    In reality, however, it is Judaism that is Bibical Edom.
    1948 was the invasion of the Holy land by Antichrist (Ezekiel 38).

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