Mark Steyn Lies As Naturally As He Breathes: A Master-Class in Mendacity on behalf of Zionism and the ADL

Mark Steyn is a highly intelligent man and an excellent, erudite writer. I admire (and envy) his ability to write so much so fast and so entertainingly. Unfortunately, Steyn is also a liar and fraud. And I can prove that very easily.

Mark Steyn, the porky-purveying Pied Piper of Zionism (“porky pie” is Cockney rhyming slang for “lie”)

Here goes. As Kevin MacDonald set out in two recent articles at the Occidental Observer, the Fox broadcaster Tucker Carlson has recently tangled with the rabidly anti-White, ruthlessly pro-Zionist liars and censors at the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). And Carlson doesn’t seem to have come off worse. The dispute began after he correctly said that the Democratic Party in America wants to import a new Democrat-voting electorate of non-Whites and “dilute the political power of current registered voters.”

Steyn knows whereof he speaks

The repulsive Jonathan Greenblatt, Inquisitor-General of the ADL, immediately condemned Carlson for supporting “replacement theory,” a “white supremacist tenet” that “is antisemitic, racist and toxic.” He said: “Tucker must go.” But Carlson didn’t go. Instead, he struck back at the ADL, pointing out that the organization opposes population-replacement in firmly Jewish Israel even as it supports population-replacement in ever-less White America. Mark Steyn discussed the dispute in an article imposingly titled “The Perversion of Public Discourse.” When Steyn talks about perverted discourse, you should listen, because he knows whereof he speaks. Indeed, he can’t avoid knowing about perverted discourse, because he practises it so often himself.

Jonathan Greenblatt, Inquisitor-General of the ADL

Steyn’s priority is to serve Jewish interests, not the truth. He doesn’t want his goyish fans to recognize the truth about Carlson’s dispute with the ADL, because the ADL’s attack on Carlson was a blatant example of anti-White activism by a strongly ethnocentric Jewish organization. Accordingly, Steyn assumed his well-practised role as the Pied Piper of Zionism and began piping a seductive tune of falsehoods. He wanted to pretend, first, that Jonathan Greenblatt is a typical leftist, rather than a typical ethnocentric Jew; and second, that the ADL is corrupt in typically leftist fashion, rather than typically Zionist fashion.

Big bad goyim corrupting Jewish rubes

As I’m sure Steyn himself won’t need telling, two trusty weapons in the armoury of the perverted discourser are suppressio veri and suggestio falsi. In the first, you mislead by suppressing what is true; in the second, you mislead by suggesting what is false. Steyn used both in his article. Here he is skilfully wielding suggestio falsi: “Jonathan Greenblatt, the Obama hack who now runs the Anti-Defamation League, demanded that Fox fire Tucker.” Steyn is falsely suggesting, first, that Greenblatt is an essentially minor figure corrupted through his association with the big bad goy Barack Obama; and second, that Greenblatt has in his turn corrupted the formerly pure ADL.

In reality, Obama was a minor figure corrupted by Jews who shared Greenblatt’s ethnocentrism, as you can see in this very interesting mainstream article from 2008 about the “Chicago circle” of Jews who “nurtured [Obama] all the way to the top”:

Writer Toni Morrison famously dubbed Bill Clinton “the first black president” – a title he fervently embraced. Abner Mikva, the Chicago Democratic Party stalwart and former Clinton White House counsel, offers a variation on that theme. “If Clinton was our first black president, then Barack Obama is our first Jewish president,” says Mikva, who was among the first to spot the potential of the skinny young law school graduate with the odd name.

“I use a Yiddish expression, yiddishe neshuma, to describe him,” explains Mikva. “It means a Jewish soul. It’s an expression my mother used. It means a sensitive, sympathetic personality, someone who understands where you are coming from.” …

Abner Mikva: The Mensch who managed Obama

Obama’s circle of Jewish patrons and advisers widened further in 1992 when he became involved in a voter registration drive that brought him into contact with Bettylu Saltzman, a liberal activist (and daughter of the late Philip Klutznick, a former commerce secretary and shopping mall developer). Saltzman says she knew from the moment she met Obama that he would someday be president. … “As Jews got to know him, they recognized a kindred spirit, not someone who came down from Mars,” Mikva said. Rabbi Arnold Wolf, of KAM Isaiah Israel synagogue across the street from Obama’s Chicago home, was another early backer. Like Mikva, he sees what he called Obama’s “Jewish side.” … (Barack Obama: The first Jewish president? Chicago circle nurtured him all the way to the top, The Chicago Tribune, 12th December 2008)

Mikva was also one of the powerful Jews—others include Sean Wilentz, Elizabeth Holtzman, Ted Weiss, Geoff Stone, and Larry Summers—who greased the rather undistinguished (i.e., very few publications from an elite academic) Elena Kagan’s path to the Supreme Court—a classic case of how Jewish ethnic networking operates.

Barack Obama, like Tony Blair in Britain, was a narcissistic shabbos-goy of mediocre intellect who worked assiduously for the Jews who funded his rise to power and ensured him friendly coverage in the media. It is not honest of Mark Steyn to call Jonathan Greenblatt an “Obama hack” or to say that “Greenblatt is a humbug” for opposing population-replacement in Israel while supporting it in America. By using the weak and inaccurate term “humbug” rather than the strong and accurate term “hypocrite,” Steyn is trying to suggest that Greenblatt isn’t sincere about protecting Israel’s Jews from replacement. But he is sincere – very sincere. Greenblatt applies a typical Jewish double-standard. Or rather, he applies a single standard of “What’s best for Jews?” Mass immigration into Israel would harm Jewish interests, therefore Greenblatt opposes it. Mass immigration into America harms White interests, therefore he supports it.

The ADL’s mission is a mystery

But Steyn was even less honest later in his article. Lachlan Murdoch of Fox had stood by Carlson but assured Greenblatt that “Fox Corporation shares your values and abhors anti-semitism, white supremacy and racism of any kind” and therefore continued to “support your mission.” Steyn commented thus:

As for “supporting your mission”, I have no idea what the ADL’s “mission” is these days: They’re either rubes or just the usual American “activist” grifter racket. But at any rate they had no difficulty giving a genuine Jew-hater, Ilhan Omar, the full hagiographic tongue-bath in an ADL book of “inspiring stories”. If you’re interested in committing immigration fraud, Ms Omar’s story is certainly inspiring – because it doesn’t get more all-in than being willing to marry your brother.” (The Perversion of Public Discourse, 13th April 2021)

There you have it: the highly intelligent and astute Mark Steyn claims: “I have no idea what the ADL’s ‘mission’ is these days.” He’s lying, because he knows perfectly well that the ADL’s “mission” remains what it has always been: to promote Jewish interests and harm White and Christian interests. It’s not as though the ADL has ever made any secret of its support for everything that harms Whites and undermines America’s status as a White Christian nation. Steyn is dishonest to use the term “rubes” of the ruthless, effective and very wealthy ADL. He’s also dishonest to suggest that the ADL might be a “usual American ‘activist’ grifter racket.” In fact, it’s a specifically Jewish “‘activist’ grifter racket.”

Muslims don’t threaten Jewish power

And note Steyn’s use of the phrase “these days.” In the past, he knew what the ADL’s mission was; today, oy, who can say? Again, he’s dishonestly suggesting that the ADL has strayed sadly from its original pure path, corrupted by powerful non-Jewish folk like Barack Obama. This simply isn’t true: the ADL was corrupt right from its inception in 1913, when it used undeniably dishonest and anti-Black means to defend a probably guilty Jew called Leo Frank, who had been accused of raping and murdering a 13-year-old shiksa called Mary Phagan (for further discussion, see Ron Unz’s excellent “American Pravda: the ADL in American Society”).

And what of the ADL’s support for the Somali Muslim Ilhan Omar? Steyn knows very well that the ADL supports Omar because she is anti-White and anti-Christian. She appeared in that “ADL book of ‘inspiring stories’” as a celebration of everything that is bad for traditional America and the Christian Whites who built it. The ADL doesn’t see unintelligent, incompetent and criminally inclined Somali Muslims as a threat to Jewish power, but as an excellent way to further atomize formerly cohesive White nations. Indeed, Muslim misbehaviour strengthens Jewish power by justifying an ever-stronger security and surveillance state. That’s why the Jewish immigration minister Barbara Roche enriched Britain with 200,000 Somalis and counting: “Since most were untrained and would be dependent on welfare, the Home Office could have refused them entry. But they were granted ‘exceptional leave to remain [by Roche]’.”

No, Greenblatt will never abandon Zionism

Steyn is well aware of ethnocentric, anti-White Jews like Roche and their often-repeated claim that “Jews and Muslims are natural allies.” As I’ve said, Steyn serves Jewish interests rather than the truth, so he deliberately lies about why the ADL supports non-Whites like Omar Ilhan. However, Steyn saved his best dishonesty till the end of his article, when he produced this positively pyrotechnic porky:

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the likes of Greenblatt abandon Zionism as a practical matter in the years ahead. His contemptible predecessor certainly had no difficulty abandoning the remnants of Europe’s Jewish community, as I wrote a few years back in “Hath Not a Jew, Eyes?” – after Abe Foxman blamed the Continent’s new Jew-hate on “neo-Nazis” and “neo-Fascists”. … As Laura Rosen Cohen writes of this contemptible nothing of a man: ‘Shame on you, Abraham Foxman. Shame on you. These Jews are a danger to the Jewish people… It’s so cozy to be a professional Jew, fighting the ghosts of WW2 over and over and never facing the real threats to the Jewish people.’ (The Perversion of Public Discourse, 13th April 2021)

Steyn knows very well that “the likes of Greenblatt” will never abandon Zionism, because Zionism is absolutely central to their identity as strongly ethnocentric Jews. Steyn and the similarly dishonest Laura Rosen Cohen also know that Abe Foxman was not a “contemptible nothing of a man,” but a very powerful Jewish activist with a perfectly coherent and well-applied anti-White agenda—the same agenda as Greenblatt. Foxman sought to blame Muslim “Jew-hate” on Whites not because he was mistakenly fighting old battles, but because he was (and is) anti-White and anti-Christian. Foxman and other Zionists don’t fear incompetent and unintelligent Muslims. Rather, they fear the competent and intelligent Whites who have, down the centuries, so often recognized Jewish misbehaviour and expelled Jews from their territory.

That’s why the hostile Jewish elite and its treasonous gentile collaborators have imposed Muslim immigration on unwilling White nations. By atomizing the West, they seek to reduce the chances of a collective White response to Jewish misbehaviour. That’s also why members of the hostile Jewish elite have so often announced that “Muslims and Jews are natural allies.” Against whom? Against bigoted White Christians, of course. Mark Steyn collaborates with that anti-White campaign. After all, who is he addressing in dishonest articles like “The Perversion of Public Discourse”? His large audience of far-too-trusting goyim, that’s who. He’s piping a seductive tune of Greenblatt as an “Obama hack,” Foxman as a “contemptible nothing,” and the ADL as a formerly decent organization corrupted by gentile leftism.

Liar, liar, pants on fire

He doesn’t want his goyish readers to recognize the truth about Carlson’s dispute with the ADL. The truth is that the ADL is a strongly ethnocentric Jewish organization that hates Whites and seeks to suppress any expression of support for White interests. And Steyn is happy to lie and lead his readers away from the truth about the ADL. In effect, he’s defending Greenblatt and Foxman even as he pretends to criticize them.

I conclude, therefore, that Steyn is a liar and his metaphorical pants are most definitely on fire. If he happens to read this article and wants to disagree, I invite him to take on a simple bet. Let’s give “the likes” of “Greenblatt” five years to “abandon Zionism as a practical matter.” If they don’t do so, Steyn’s forfeit will be to re-publish at his website Larry Auster’s excellent and incisive critiques of his dishonesty and trickery. If, on the other hand, the likes of Greenblatt do indeed abandon Zionism, my forfeit will be to do whatever Steyn thinks suitably chastening for a contemptible nothing of an anti-Semite like me. But I’m sure Steyn will decline the bet. He knows the truth as well as I do.

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  1. RonaldB
    RonaldB says:

    This article seems to me to be shooting yourself in the foot.

    The Steyn article and Tucker Carlson are agreed: the Anti-Defamation League is encouraging anti-Euro-American behavior and sentiment; the ADL is embracing replacement philosophy, the idea that the Euro-American population should be replaced by colored minorities; Obama supports the ADL and its replacement philosophy; the ADL is being hypocritical by supporting an ethno-state in Israel, but opposing it in the US.

    In other words, Steyn is an ally in opposing replacement of Euro-Americans, in opposing and exposing the ADL, and in castigating the ADL head, Jonathan Greenblatt.

    You: Steyn is a liar. Pay no attention to him. He downplays the Jewish influence on Obama and shades the fact that the ADL was always against Euro-American domination of the US.

    If Steyn is a powerful voice, you just denigrated any support he gives the cause of protecting Euro-American influence and dominance. The ADL as a prime purveyor of internet censorship, and Obama as a likely engine driving the socialist Biden Presidency, are a much more immediate threat than the instinctive leftism running through most American Jewish organizations. My own feeling is you would be far better off by writing your corrections to Steyn’s article without branding him a liar. Because you also denigrate the support he actually gives for your empirical positions.

    Write a separate article attacking Steyn, without associating the charge of liar with positions you actually want support for.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Write a separate article attacking Steyn, without associating the charge of liar with positions you actually want support for.

      A curious, indeed virtually incomprehensible, comment.

      Tobias Langdon takes pains to say that he considers Steyn’s support at best worthless and indeed likely to be harmful to white and Christian interests. Langdon says in effect that Steyn sabotages the cause he pretends to support by deliberate analytic misdirection, an activity whose primary beneficiary is the Jews, whom Steyn prefers that we not see as what they in fact are: the engines of destruction of every white (formerly Christian) society in the historical West.

      Do you think that white interests can be or will be advanced by Steyn either by means of or despite what Langdon calls Steyn’s “dishonesty and trickery”? Or to look at the matter differently, do you think that Langdon’s analysis misses the mark entirely; that is to say, that however two-faced Steyn may be, he ought to be considered an asset by supporters of white interests?

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      01 Formal logic obliges me to agree with you. Personally I find the very title unnecessarily offensive as well as unproven.

      02 Previously, several, self-attributed especially astute commenters opined, that Carlson was controlled opposition. One can only hope, that the within FOX clips have disabused them of that nonsense.

      03 Carlson courageously and unmistakenly took Greenblatt et. al. to task, with elevated emotion, passion and even vehemence.

      04 As if that were insufficient, the present author now accuses Steyn similarly. I watched and studied Steyn innumerable times and read his cited article. His comic-relief sarcasms presuppose a very deep and broad familiarity with our present existential problem.

      05 In the mid-60s I had a brilliant professor of Russian History at UNC grad school. With a single joke he would convey more information and insightful, hitherto unrecognized connections, than a week’s hum-drum lectures by another. Similar to Steyn.

      06 If one were to apply the same standard of proof as used by the author against Steyn, also against the author, then one could ” prove “, that he as well belongs to the controlled opposition; by denigrating Steyn, and, by implication, FOX. Our only sales-window to the broader world.

      07 We rightfully criticize the other side for their ad hominem statements, then do the same.

      08 F minus !

    • KeepTheChange
      KeepTheChange says:

      Full disclosure … I did not hear or read Steyn’s comments, or Carlson’s, for that matter. So, I’m solely going off of what’s written here. Having said that, I respectfully disagree, i.e., I agree with Tobias.

      His issue with Steyn is that Steyn downplays the influence of Greenblatt and the ADL. It’s kind of like Steyn is saying, “Oh, you know that ole crazy Greenblatt … he says the damnedest things”, and then he hastily pushes Greenblatt off the stage.

      It’s a way of disarming everyone and giving them false reason to not take the ADL seriously. Then, after throwing shade to his ethnics, he then puts on his White-face and rails against the “situation” … it’s all fairly transparent and predictable, right?

      But, please, whatever credence you may graciously give to Steyn, consider that even his so-called diatribe is just superficial posturing. It’s main-stream media, so nobody is going to say that … “the Jews are trying to replace White Americans because the Jews are afraid that White Christian patriarchy will cause another White man with a small mustache to emerge from the fog”. That’s what is really in play here, and until someone actually says it, its all just useless posturing. Read what Freud, Horkheimer, and Adorno all said … it’s all about preventing anti-semitism by the only group of people that they know to take seriously.

  2. Robert Keith
    Robert Keith says:

    Jonathon Greenblatt says he is fighting “hate”, but the truth is that he is “projecting”, because he is the biggest “hater” going. He advocates against “racism” here in America, yet he supports the “Apartheid State” of Israel. Jonathon, what is it about the word, concept, and reality of hypocrisy that you don’t understand? You’re not misinformed. You’re not stupid. Is it that you are malicious, the only option left. And, what is it about the idiotic American public that allows Jonathon to keep believing that he has a valid message?The reality is that we have to listen to Jonathon because our next door neighbor is too busy watching TV to not notice what his going on outside.

  3. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    Why pick on just Steyn? Controlled Opposition members are a dime a dozen.
    How do you detect a CO? Simple – their main mantra is DaLeft-DaLeft-DaLeft. It’s always some undefined amorphous blob – never anything that anyone can define or focus on.
    In fact, there are countless pundits and sites who feed off the general obtuseness of Conservative voters who are incapable of serious critical thinking or discernment – I know, I was one! Still know too many who think I’m now wacko about my conspiracy theories.
    Mark Steyn is just the tip of the iceberg, but they serve a large receptive audience which has been mind controlled to believe they’re smart and morally upright, therefore having no need to actually do anything.
    Antonio Gramsci – remember that name – we are now living in his utopia – – but it will fail…..eventually and at great cost.

  4. Some White Guy
    Some White Guy says:

    Thank you for illuminating the trickery being waged. I’ve had people in the past chastise me for quoting Steyne, saying he was a “neo-con”, but never explaining their dislike further.

    And this article also put another piece in place in my mind, answering the question of why the Jews support flooding our countries with Muslims, when it seems like it’s not in their interest to do so. Clearly it IS in their interest to do so because it’s anti-White and anti-Christian. How simple, but that little piece was missing in my head.

  5. Will W. Williams
    Will W. Williams says:

    “Abner Mikva, the Chicago Democratic Party stalwart and former Clinton White House counsel, offers a variation on that theme. ‘If Clinton was our first black president, then Barack Obama is our first Jewish president.’”

    My wife is Russian. In 2008 we were subscribed to the popular weekly Russian print newspaper, “V Novom Svete” (In the World). That paper astutely characterized Obama’s election as a “victory of the Chicago Jews over the New York Jews.”

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      (Smile). I know what you mean. We have a small Russian community where we live. I speak some Russian and enjoy reading the Russian news sites. They are extremely interesting reading, and it makes me realize how much is censored in the American ‘free press’. Хорошего дня!

  6. Hillary Goldberg
    Hillary Goldberg says:

    I got tired of Steyn’s schtick a long time ago.
    I stopped watching Fox on election night.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      We immeasurably regret your departure and wish you the best of luck with the luminary effluents of the residual MSM.

  7. Jay tormall
    Jay tormall says:

    And Rush Limbaugh listeners got an earful of Mark Steyn, as he was a regular fill-in on the Rush Limbaugh Show.

    Poor Rush, he never figured out the jewish angle. And the vast majority of his listeners were the equivalent of uneducated, emotionally attached housewives.

    • MohelsForRoyals
      MohelsForRoyals says:

      Rush knew full well the Jewish angle as his two pieces of silver depended heavily on promoting the endless wars for Israel, mostly starting with the Iraq invasion.
      Rush used to call out the foreign agent Jewish lobby in the 80’s then naturally was bribed by them.
      5:25 of this clip:
      He says: “Jewish Lobby.”

      He says: “You can say ‘Jewish Lobby’ anywhere but New York, and nobody will notice.”

      That’s the world of American conservatism that he inherited and became the standard bearer of. It was a culture where you could say “Jew.” And at his death, if you say “Jewish Lobby,” people do a lot more than notice.

  8. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    I’ll defend Steyn because I do like him. He was I believe, the very first mainstream personality to draw attention to the average reader of what wasn’t then, but is now, called ‘The Great Replacement Theory’.
    He has been a brilliant virtuoso in demolishing the Global Warming garbage.
    He took on and won an important free speech case in Canada(now sadly obsolete, but he held the line at the time).
    He was basically ‘ride or die’ in opposing the election steal, whereas Tucker was an incredible let down.
    Isn’t it the case that they are allowed to tell the truth about *some* things, but not everything, to stay on TV and keep their kids in private schools? I could obviously make a list just as easily of all the areas where he’s been missing in action, but that just proves the above.
    He’s also made bizarre mistakes, no more than so than when he sympathetically interviewed a presumably psychopathic CIA torturer. But we’ve all done that one!
    Mark is half Jewish or whatever anyway, is he not? The “Y” in his second name confuses, but he’s not a crypto.
    Mark has a deep love of Western Civilisation, he pains over it’s destruction as much as any of us, and has done more to prevent it than 99.99% of all who will read this article.
    He also has I believe a large Jewish following, and considering he’s always getting sued, not just by ‘hockey stick’ Mann, but by a horrible Jew who made his multi-millions putting students in debt, over some CTV gibberish.
    Plus he seems to have a low-level running feud with Mark Levin, so it’s obvious that Organised Jewry pull no favours for him.

    These guys are between a rock and a hard place, we all compromise. It’s no secret Mark isn’t ‘one of us’, but if we are ever to do anything, our coalition will need to be broad enough to include those who have done good work on our behalf.
    The article was far too hard, in my opinion.

    • Dave Bowman
      Dave Bowman says:

      he pains over it’s destruction as much as any of us, and has done more to prevent it than 99.99% of all who will read this article

      He has done a great deal, for sure – by which I mean, he has certainly written a prodigious volume of copy for million media outlets, and supported his weasel words with a million media appearances. In that sense, he has certainly “done” almost everything.

      Everything EXCEPT… ever once, in a 40-year highly-visible media career, in public or in private, EVER ONCE placing the full moral responsibility and blame for the collapse of the west under a tsunami of corrupt, diseased and violent Black and Moslem third-world filth where it belongs – with the racist, anti-White, Christian-despising and utterly remorseless machinations of his media-controlling friends and employers – international Jewry.

  9. lynn young
    lynn young says:

    Alexander Pope wrote ” Damned by faint praise”. Mark Steyn in a similar but inverse of that
    “elevates by deflection and re-characterization “. Steyn essentially functions as ” controlled opposition ”
    but Tobias Langdon takes what Mark Steyn portrays and shields as ineptitude ,
    misdirection , misguided intentions or ineffectiveness ,anything but what it is .
    A relentless informational ethnic aggression and assault on white people by the likes of
    Greenblatt , Foxman , Obama etc.

    • Skip Robinson
      Skip Robinson says:

      You’re probably closest to being right. I’ve watched the two-party system orchestrate as you state, controlled opposition for decades, for the pure purpose of pilfering the taxpayers. From the local road contractor to defence contractors like Martin Marrietta, it’s all about taxing the majority into poverty and redistributing it to their special interests. They are literally destroying a huge number of countries around the world using out-of-control central banking and government and few understand how they are doing it. If you think the World Economic Forum can create some sort of single domineering centrally planned government and economic system you are poorly educated in economics and human nature. It can’t be done or it would already have been. FYI; there is no such thing as Jewish blood or any other ethnic kind of blood. That’s all religious lies and nonsense. There are genetic characteristics, but everyones blood is the same. As a goyim, I’m feeling some discrimination, from such phrases as “not one of us” and “how much jewish blood does he have in his veins” on this site. If you were going to elaborate on the various Jewish psychological and physical genetic characteristics, both good and bad, what would they be? Remember what Henry Kissinger said in a cable, “the illegal we do all the time, the unconstitutional takes a bit longer”.

      As an example, Peter Schiff used to be asked on CNBC and when his economic prognostications turned out to be correct with events of the Great Financial Crisis, he hasn’t been asked on since. They don’t want anyone telling the truth about how serious the world’s debt based fiat currency system is in and you see what they do to almost all the whistle blowers.

  10. Ned J. Casper
    Ned J. Casper says:

    Steyn has been attacked by the liberal-left for opposing Muslim mass-settlement in Europe, and accused of scare-exaggeration regarding replacement numbers and western suicidal masochism (cf. Pascal Bruckner). Should he stop, or carry on? How much Jewish “blood” is in his “veins” anyway?

  11. JR
    JR says:

    Steyn is a bit like Ben Shapiro. He won’t cross certain lines, but he gets it mostly right and does very well at it. And if he did cross those lines, he wouldn’t have his platform to reach the masses. Sometimes it’s best to just appreciate what you can get, instead of dismissing it as controlled opposition.

  12. Andrea Ostrov Letania
    Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

    All said and done, Steyn is a good dog. But see it this way. Better to be a good dog than a dead dog.

    In the current Jewish-supremacist order, white people are not human beings anymore. They are soul-slaves of Jews and regarded more like cattle, sheep, or, at best, dogs. If you’re a dog, wouldn’t you prefer to be a good dog than a dead dog? Granted, Steyn is something of a bad dog as well. He’s good dog enough to suck up to Jews and blame ‘Mooooslims’ and to frame matters so as to absolve Jews and blame any group other than the Tribe. But to the extent that he’s so servile to Israel and Jews, he is ultimately a good dog, or a bad good dog. In a way, white dog must try extra harder to be a ‘good dog’ in regards to Zionism when he’s tarnished as a ‘bad dog’ in regards to Jewish Agenda for white goyim. Steyn’s partial resistance to the Globalist Agenda makes him a ‘bad dog’ in Jewish eyes. Now, this wouldn’t matter if Steyn were wholly liberated in his soul, but a part of him clings to the hope of Jewish benediction(as another part of him whores out for professional reasons in his reluctance to burn all bridges and be exiled into dissident-right-sphere). So, his ultra-Zionism is a means to gain some ‘good dog’ points to balance out the ‘bad dog’ deficit due to his growling at the globalist program. But was Donald Trump any different?

    How does justice work on dogs in relation to humans? If a dog viciously attacks a man and if the man uses violence(that might even kill the dog) to defend himself and loved ones, the man’s action is acknowledged as necessary and justified. The man isn’t charged with anything. All the blame goes to the dog(and the master if it had one). However, if the situation is reversed, it is the dog that must pay the ultimate price. If someone provokes a dog to violence and if the dog attacks in retaliation and mauls the person, it gets the blame and is put to death. That’s dog-justice. Even if the dog is wronged and only reacted to being abused, it is deemed dangerous and unfit to live among people. Indeed, it isn’t even allowed to live away from people. It is condemned to death. So, the dog is ‘wrong’ even when it is in the right. And man is in the ‘right’ even when he did the wrong that triggered the dog’s violence.

    In this light, recent events make more sense. Jews and whites are like humans and dogs. Because whites are deemed as dogs, education over the years has become more like canine obedience schools. Whites aren’t so much taught to think freely and be critical; they are conditioned to obey, follow orders, and surrender their agency(because apparently whites-being-free is akin to dogs being feral and whites-being-proud is akin to dogs being rabid). Learn to sit, fetch, and roll over. No wonder so many so-called ‘millennial’ whites are such dogs of PC. They swallowed the dog-ma and roll over to the Power and bark accordingly. Millennial ‘journalists’ are trained to bring slippers to their masters. They work for status-doggy-biscuits. They are good dogs.

    In a way, white police are good dogs too. After all, they operate to protect Jews and urban elites from crime and thuggery. Still, they are dogs in the eyes of Jews. They aren’t seen as human. So, even though white cops, like white soldiers, try their best to be good dogs, they are deemed as bad dogs and ‘put to death’ when Jews are displeased. Derek Chauvin is a good example. He joined the police force and was a good dog for the Jews and urban elites of Minneapolis. He worked day and night to make the city safer for the have-lots against the have-lesses. Indeed, over the years, Jews and urban elites have trained white cops to be better Attack Dogs against crime in order to restore cities and to further gentrification.
    But in 2020, Jewish Power needed the black vote and black collusion against Donald Trump. And it decided to overload whites with ‘white guilt’ about ‘systemic racism’ and blah blah because any stirring of white consciousness(under Donald Trump) was anathema to Jewish Supremacism. Jews were committed to defaming white wish for independence from globalism as ‘white supremacism’, and they figured on marshaling all their forces to promote ‘white guilt’ to the hilt. And so, blacks, who’d relatively been ignored in favor of homos, trannies, and immigrants(legal or illegal), were given that election-year shine. Sack-the-election for the Jews. Everything was expendable in appeasement to Negrolatry so that blacks would do their thing and vote for Biden and cheat against Trump. Also, as white folks had been inculcated with Magic/Noble/Badass Negro tropes for so long, so many whites went along with the charade, if only to signal their ‘anti-racist’ virtue-credentials against Trump. The Narrative went as follows: In Trump’s America, saintly blacks are hunted down by ‘racist’ white cops who routinely murder innocent minorities for no good reason. Jews found it useful, blacks loved it, and white libby-dibs couldn’t resist it(as they could pretend to be the GOOD WHITES onboard with BLM against ‘racist’ whites who cheer on police brutality against blacks — never mind Minneapolis is a totally ‘blue’ city with a Jewish mayor and that the Democratic Party since Billy Boy Clinton spearheaded the get-tough policy on black criminality, not least to save Democratic-run cities from the real problem of black thuggery). 2020 had to fit the Jewish Narrative and Agenda. So, homo stuff had to be delayed. Immigrant businesses were sacrificed to black arson and pillaging. Law-and-Order had to be suspended. All the things that had been implemented by Democrats against the black problem had to be suspended to appease blackness so that blacks would deliver the goods in the 2020 election, and of course, total corruption in black areas tipped the results.

    In 2020, Jewish masters decided white cops are bad dogs in order to flatter and appease the blacks. So, it didn’t matter what blacks did and what the cops did in reaction to black behavior. Even if blacks acted violently or crazily and white cops reacted in accordance to training, blacks(as ‘fellow humans’ along with Jews and Homos) were in the right whereas white cops(as ‘dogs’) were wrong.
    Derek Chauvin didn’t kill George Floyd. Initially, it may have seemed that way, but it was soon quite apparent that the ghastly Negro died not from the knee on his shoulder but from drug overdose. But Jews wanted a Narrative to rile up the Negroes and used their media control to spread the message of ‘Bad White Dog mauls and kills Noble Negro Human’. And the Deep State, a cucky-wuck tool of the Jews, went along and did precious little while the US capital burned. (Why does the cucky-wuck deep state stick with Jews? Partly, it’s indoctrination as most people there were educated and informed by Jewish-dominated academia and media. Partly, it’s cowardice as even those who are skeptical of Jewish Power are far too wary to stick their necks out. Partly, it’s because Jewish Power allows the deep state to amass and use gangster-like power, at least against certain targets. People join the deep state to exult in the POWER, and Jews allow deep staters to go full gangster in ‘new cold wars’ with Russia, against the Middle East, and after ‘domestic terrorist’. Deep State loves playing ‘gangsta’ and took umbrage at Donald Trump’s platform of a less aggressive foreign policy.)

    In 2020, no one cared about all the real victims of black thuggery, criminality, and violence. No politician ‘took the knee’ for cops who lost their lives to black murderers. No one spoke out for the countless non-black victims of black crime. According to the dominant Jewish Dogma, blacks are ‘fellow humans’ of Jews, therefore precious. Meanwhile, whites and non-blacks, especially if attacked by blacks, are merely dogs and not worth anyone’s concern, that is unless the victim happens to be Jewish. It’s a common spectacle that when blacks abuse white people verbally or physically, Jews are either silent or approving. Black nastiness becomes an issue ONLY WHEN it involves Jews as belonging in the category of whites-worthy-of-abuse. Also, on the occasion when Jews need to address black attacks on non-blacks, such as Asians, they resort to ‘scapewhiting’ and find some twisted way to blame ‘white supremacism’ for black violence. In the currently demented US, when blacks attack Asians, whites are blamed; and when Jews rig the election and silence free speech, ‘China’ is blamed. And ‘Russia’ is blamed when any honest person should know that the main foreign interference in US politics comes from Israel and Jewish globalist power. Under Jewish domination, US has turned into an empire of lies. With a democracy like this, who needs tyranny?

    In the eyes of Jews, ALL whites are dogs. And this goes for ‘leftist’ Antifa and Proggy types too. After all, before the Jewish War on White Police to rouse up the blacks was launched, Jewish Power waged a low-level war on white libby-dibs. White urbanites who called the police on bad black behavior were smeared as ‘Karens’. (The ‘Karens’, no longer allowed to report on bad black behavior, channeled their frustrations on shrieking about Covid non-compliers.) And white proggy-wogs were fed a regular dose of ‘white fragility’ pills. It was like giving dogs de-worming medicine. Jews see whites as dogs. It’s like the Sam Fuller movie WHITE DOG, a pernicious piece of garbage that makes no sense as allegory. Ostensibly, it’s about the evils of ‘white racism’, but the real racial bigotry is that the Jewish Sam Fuller, a tribalist lout, looked upon whites as worthy of comparison to dogs. (It’s ‘anti-semitic’ to say Jews are weasels, but it’s okay to compare whites with dogs.) Even Antifa is seen and handled like dogs. If white patriots are bad white dogs(or even rabid white dogs that must be killed liked Ashley Babbitt or quarantined like Nick Fuentes), Antifa whites are good dogs trained to attack the bad dogs.
    So, whereas blacks and homos have ‘fellow human’ status along with Jews, even ‘leftist’ whites are dogs who must constantly be trained, conditioned, commanded, and reprimanded when deemed necessary. Jews allow blacks to promote racial pride and dignity worthy of humans, whereas the message among whites is “you are bad doggy, and if you want to be good doggy and earn doggy biscuits, you must learn to fetch faster and roll over better.” Of course, in truth, your average white patriot is far more civil, kind, and decent than blacks who are prone to nastiness, viciousness, & savagery and the Antifa types who wallow in degeneracy, ugliness, and dementia. BUT, one’s worth in the Jew World Order of Current US boils down to “Is is good for Jewish Supremacism?” So, your behavior counts far less than your usefulness to Jewish Power. So, if you’re good but useless or threatening to Jewish power, you are ‘bad’, but if you’re bad but useful to Jewish Power, you are ‘good’. It’s morality as utility in service of tribal supremacism.
    To the extent that White Cuckery is the main support system of Jewish Hegemony, Jews feel that their #1 priority must be to browbeat, control, and dominate whites. And since Jews don’t have the numbers and guns to achieve this physically, they rely on the power of pens, cameras, and mallets to manipulate ideas, information, and idols to turn whites into soul-slaves. If you can’t enslave them physically, do it psychologically.
    In Jewish eyes, whites can never be fully human, no more than David can be a ‘real boy’ in A.I.: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. At most, whites can be good dogs, but that means endless submission to the master’s training sessions on ‘white fragility’, ‘white privilege’, ‘white supremacism’, and etc. White worth doesn’t derive from pride, freedom, agency, or dignity. At best, there’s ‘dognity’ derived of slavish and servile desire for approval from the ‘fully human groups’ made up of Jews, blacks, and homos. (Being homo or tranny is the only quality that brings whites closer to human-hood in the Jewish Order.)

    It isn’t with just with dogs that humans maintain a system of unequal justice. It’s the case with all animals. So, if hunters go into the woods to kill but if an animal fights back and kills a human, the state authorities go into the woods to track down and kill that animal… even though it only reacted in self-defense in its own realm. Humans are always right, even when they hunt animals. And animals are always wrong, even when they’re hunted and fight back for survival. In the US, blacks are the main predators and behave like hunters. They enter other neighborhoods and hunt for easy prey among the weaker and milder races. They attack people, rob people, rape people, and even murder people.
    But as this most savage of races is cynically regarded as ‘fellow humans’ by the dominant Jewish Power, they hardly get the blame. Even blacks that act like lynch mobs are always presented by the Jewish-run media as a bunch of Emmett Tills whereas even white victims of black violence are treated like lynch mobs. (When blacks murder whites, the Jewish-run New York Times’ primary question is almost always “Were the whites a bunch of ‘racists’ who deserved to be attacked and killed?”) But if whites, especially white cops, use counterforce against black criminality and if the black gets killed, the Jewish-run media run a ‘white animal killed a black human’ narrative.
    This is all the more disgusting because it was the Jews who spearheaded the ramping up of law-and-order in ‘blue’ cities to suppress black crime that had turned too many urban areas into neo-savage jungles. In actual deed, the New Jew Way was to use the good white dogs of law enforcement against the savage black baboons running wild and out of control. But in official creed, Jewish Power elevated blackness to near-divineness, if only to use it to milk ‘white guilt’. The result has been downright schizo. Jews telling white dog cops to control feral black predators while, at the same time, elevating blacks to saint-victim-status. Ordering white dogs to bite black baboons messing up cities but then berating the dogs for making the baboons bleed. And the contradictions blew up in 2020, which actually gave us a 20/20 vision into the madness of Jewish Power. Jewish mayor of Minneapolis who, like other Jews across the US, had used increased police power to clamp down on black violence and thuggery, kneeling at the coffin of thug Fentanyl Floyd and bawling as if the saintliest of humans was mauled to death by satanic white dogs of hell.
    It recently came out that the Jewish-controlled Biden’s administration was going to arrest Derek Chauvin if he were acquitted. In other words, it was going to be dog-justice for Chauvin no matter what. He’s a ‘dog’ whereas Floyd was ‘human’, and therefore, the dog must pay the price no matter who was really in the wrong. Of course, the injustice is even greater in this case because Chauvin didn’t even kill Floyd who died of drug overdose. But then, just ask the Palestinians. Just ask the Syrians. Just ask the Iranians. The Jewish Narrative has gained Great Replacement over reality and truth.

    Sadly, whites are now mostly useless. Proggy-doggies are total pets of their Jewish masters. Conzo-wonzos are essentially envious pets that will do anything to win more love from their Jewish masters. Look how conzo politicians cannot even defend women’s sports from tranny-tyranny lest they upset their Jewish masters who hold all the doggy biscuits. And so-called dissident-right types continue to wet their pants over the prospect of a few more Jews sidling up to their side; they’re basically David French with a bit of realism about IQ differences; all said and done, their First Emotion comes down to “Jew is my master”. Pathetic.

  13. scaredycat
    scaredycat says:

    Langdon is correct to envy Steyn’s writing. If Steyn wrote this he would have made readers laugh at the Jewishness of Omar’s marriage. Start with Abraham who married, impregnated and prostituted his sister, then quote the Talmud, which mandates incest to preserve the holy seed pure and then mention that cultural marxist who wrote a book about masturbating on his mother and sister. maybe a few words about Freud… Greenblatt must see Omar as one of their own truly.

  14. Skip Robinson
    Skip Robinson says:

    Wow, the comments are as interesting as the commentary. It has got to be hard taking sides in their war to rule the world. Those in power have pretty much corrupted every institution in the western world and surely have helped the Marxists in Asia. To me a scary moment in history, as we see signs of economic failure starting to rear its ugly head, as they did during the Great Financial Crisis.

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