“Cursed Be He”: Divine Wrath and the Lying Jewish Ideologies of Transgenderism and Trans-Westernism

Why do they all look like that?” asks Mark Steyn’s resident Jewish mother, the highly ethnocentric Laura Rosen Cohen. She’s talking about a translunatic pediatrician in California who “proposes renaming …  clitorises as ‘dicklets’” and who claims that puberty-blockers are “fully reversible.” Sure enough, the pediatrician in question looks both demented and depraved in typical transgender fashion.

The kiddy-doc fiddler Dr Ilana Sherer (image from Jewish News of Northern California)

But he also looks Jewish. That’s because he is Jewish. Very Jewish. Dr Ilana Sherer, who looks male and seems to be a transwoman, plays klezmer violin and proudly acknowledges that “there are a lot of Jews” in the field of translunacy. As he says in an interview with The Jewish News of Northern California, when he decided “to specialize in gender-variant children,” he was directed to “Stephen Rosenthal, who was creating the [Child and Adolescent Gender Center at UCSF Medical Center].” Dr Sherer goes on:

Once, at the center, we were trying to schedule our next meeting and realized that everyone in the room but one person was Jewish. I see it as part of the social justice terrain and my personal responsibility as a queer person and a Jew. These are the kids who need us to support and advocate for them in the way the generation before advocated for me. (“Q&A: A pediatrician who helps trans kids and moonlights playing klezmer,” The Jewish News of Northern California, 23rd March 2020)

Laura Rosen Cohen has put Dr Sherer in the section of “Laura’s Links” called “Left Wing Kooks, Their Priorities and the Results of Their Policies.” But she should have put him in a new section called “My Idiot People.” That’s the phrase Cohen uses when she’s being honest about the central Jewish role in left-wing kookery. Translunacy is a prime example. As I pointed out in “Rhymes Against Humanity,” the Jewish charlatans Gayle Rubin and Judith Butler are the two most important figures in the academic “theorizing” and promotion of translunacy. Rubin has also published a “defense of pedophilia and child pornography.” When the apparently gentile American writer Robert Stacy McCain condemned Rubin and Butler for their demented and depraved labors, he made no mention of their Jewishness. But this section of his essay reads like classic anti-Semitism:

It is fair to say that Professor Rubin and Professor Butler advocate what Matt Barber has called “Sexual Anarchy,” a world in which there are no rules, no laws, no morality governing sexual behavior. What such a lawless and amoral culture would mean for women (and for children) is not a topic these two professors seem to have given much thought; neither of them have children, and why should they care what becomes of our daughters and granddaughters in this no-rules future? (The Butler Did It: ‘Gender Trouble’ and the Academic Roots of the #Transcult, Robert Stacy McCain, 17th July 2018)

McCain is effectively complaining about Jewish subversion of gentile morality and gentile society. Rubin and Butler are trying to erase the sexual borders between men and women, and between children and adults. That erasure of borders is implicit in the term “transgenderism” — trans is a Latin preposition meaning “across, over, beyond.” Transwomen are men who want to cross the border between men and women, invading and occupying female territory to satisfy their sexual perversions and feed their narcissism.

Pedo-porn positive Professor Gayle Rubin

By promoting this erasure of borders between the sexes, Jews like Rubin and Butler have invited the wrath of heaven. And they can’t say they haven’t been warned: the Jewish prophet Moses said this in The Book of Deuteronomy: “Cursed be he that removeth his neighbor’s landmark.” Landmarks establish borders and show where one group’s territory ends and another group’s territory begins. It is a wicked thing to remove a landmark and erase a border, but that is precisely what Jews have been doing for many years. Their wickedness is not confined to erasing sexual borders. As I’ve pointed out before, there’s a strong parallel between transgenderism, the false claim that men can become women, and what I call trans-Westernism, the false claim that non-Whites and non-Christians can become Westerners. And yet the wickedness and falsehood of those two trans-ideologies goes even deeper. Leftism preaches equality and practises hierarchy, so it’s doubly dishonest in its lies that men can become the same as women and non-Whites can become the same as Whites. In fact, transwomen are higher than ordinary women in the leftist hierarchy of virtue and victimhood, just as trans-Western non-Whites are higher than Whites.

“Ropes of sand, chariots of soup”

The double dishonesty of the two trans-ideologies is literally embodied in Richard Levine, the repulsive Assistant Health Secretary in the Democratic government supposedly headed by Joe Biden. Actually, Levine is triple trouble, because he’s both a transwoman and a trans-American,  and on the basis of his background as a professor of pediatrics and psychiatry, he was deemed eminently qualified to be commissioned as a four-star admiral in the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. In truth, he can’t be a woman because he’s a man and it’s at least questionable that he is an American or that he has any loyalty to American interests given his role in subverting traditional American culture.

Triple trouble: the fake woman, fake admiral, and fake American Richard Levine, Assistant Health Secretary

There are many other trans-American Jews in the Democratic government, of course. All of them are dedicated to erasing America’s borders and allowing “huddled masses” and “wretched refuse” to pour into America. Those phrases come from a famous poem by the Jewish writer Emma Lazarus (1849-87), who joined the Jewish writer Israel Zangwill (1864-1926) in a highly mendacious and highly successful campaign to portray America as a “nation of immigrants.” That ubiquitous term has all the coherence and honesty of “rope of sand” or “chariot of soup.”

“Borders are bad for you, goyim!” The ethnocentric Jews Emma Lazarus and Israel Zangwill begin the lies

“Borders are bad for you, goyim!” The ethnocentric Jew Barbara Roche continues the lies

Nations are built on bonds of blood and shared history, as the very etymology of the word nation reveals: it comes from Latin nasci, meaning “to be born.” A “nation of immigrants” is a complete contradiction in terms. But after Jews saw the success of their lying propaganda in America, they began using it in Britain. The Jewish immigration minister Barbara Roche claimed in 2000 that “Britain has always been a nation of migrants.” It’s no coincidence that Roche attended the same school in London as Israel Zangwill had decades before. It’s called the Jewish Free School or JFS, because ethnocentric Jews like Roche and Zangwill do not smoke their own supply of lies about migration.

Jews as helpless and hapless nebbishes

That’s why there is one country where Jews have been very careful not to remove landmarks and erase borders. It’s called Israel, of course. Jewish trans-Westerners in America, Britain, France and all other Western nations have worked hard to erase borders and allow barbarians to flood in. Now they’re working even harder to strengthen Israel’s borders against the barbarians of Hamas. Jews have had two diametrically opposed policies on migration governed by a single principle: what’s best for Jews? At least Jews thought they were doing what’s best for themselves when they opened the borders of Western nations to non-Whites and non-Christians.

The trouble with trans-Westernism: Jews bewail the effects of their own policies (images from Joseph of @israel_advocacy)

Trans-Western Hamas-fans pour across Westminster Bridge in London, 2023 (image from Sky News)

Now that they’ve seen Hamas-fans flood onto the streets of cities across the West, some of them are starting to re-consider. And some are even starting to admit the Jewish role in their own misfortune. As I pointed out in “A Masterclass on Mendacity,” the neo-conservative writer Mark Steyn has habitually portrayed Jews as helpless and hapless nebbishes wringing their hands on the margins as they’ve watched foolish gentiles import millions of anti-Semitic Muslims into the West. Now Steyn is edging towards the truth:

To be fair, the Official Jews deserve some of the blame for disastrous western immigration policies: I think of the ADL’s blustering bully Abe Foxman, either a know-nothing or a liar, confidently blaming the mysterious resurgence of Continental Jew-hate on “nationalists, anti-government people, neo-fascists, neo-Nazis”. If American Jews had any self-respect, they’d have hounded Foxman out of public life just for that. But even John Podhoretz, a far saner fellow on most subjects, turns into an Ellis Island sentimentalist sob-sister when it comes to immigration … and now seems surprised he’s being advised to stay in the attic. Sir Simon Schama, who was full-blown open-borders and drooling about his splendid Muslim newsagent when he was debating me on stage in Toronto, is now stunned to discover his country is full of people who want him dead. (“The Great Transitioning,” SteynOnline, 3rd November 2023)

That’s from an article by Steyn called “The Great Transitioning.” There’s that Latin preposition again: trans. Steyn is referring to the impending transition from a White-majority Christian West to a Black-and-Brown-majority Muslim West. And he’s admitting that Jews “deserve some of the blame for disastrous western immigration policies.” In fact, they deserve the central blame for those policies, which have sought to erase borders and pretend that Western territory belongs to all the world. So let’s recall those divinely mandated words from Deuteronomy: “Cursed be he that removeth his neighbor’s landmark.” Was the Hamas attack on Israel a sign that the curse has now begun to fall on Jews for their transgressions against truth?

I don’t know. But I do know that Jews are the worst possible group to allow power and influence in a civilized society. As it is, they currently hold central power and influence in the West, which is why the West is riddled with demented depravity and heading straight for demographic disaster. I think Whites will easily survive what lies ahead. But when I survey the many Jews in high places, I don’t think they will remain at those heights for very much longer. Here’s another warning from the Jewish Bible: “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!”

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  1. Gnome Chompsky
    Gnome Chompsky says:

    Mr. Langdon,

    Always like your articles.

    However, Levine is not U.S.N.

    For some reason, members of the U.S. Public Health Service
    Commissioned Corps dress up in naval officer uniforms.

    Levine is an ‘admiral’ of that, not the U.S.N. As you say, it does make for a triple-trans status.

      • Gene H
        Gene H says:

        Always good to see you here in the comment section Professor. I am in fact, off this morning to hand your book (C.O.C) to a fence sitter. A good man who needs a gentle nudge. Hopefully your book will be more like a 2×4 to the back of his melon.

    • AnonMaster
      AnonMaster says:

      I’ve seen a lot of Orthodox Rabbi youtubers oppose transgenderism. Of course, they are a minority of American Jews, and they are not the ones with the power.

  2. willful knowledge
    willful knowledge says:

    Levine is not an admiral in the USN. He is an admiral in the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.

    • James J O'Meara
      James J O'Meara says:

      At least that rank actually exists, silly as it is. I recall John Ashcroft, who belonged to a Christian sect that held dancing to be “demonic possession,” thought that being “Attorney General” was a military rank, and although he did not commission a uniform, he did insist on his subordinates addressing him as “General Ashcroft.”

      Levine reminds me of Lipnick in Barton Fink, who, like Harry Cohen at Warner Bros, was commissioned as part of the war propaganda effort. (Cohn reputedly hated Zionists and would say “Save me from all these Jews!”


    • Captainchaos
      Captainchaos says:

      As concerns herding the masses in one direction or the other propaganda is more valuable than honest sperging.

      Besides, if the claim was made that “lol hey look a Jewish queer controls the navy lol” would that REALLY be so far off the mark? What, like Jews don’t ultimately control the navy?

  3. Alan
    Alan says:

    Fabulous riveting article but quoting Moses ,who himself was fed up with the golden calf bisexual baby murdering baphomet – types in his era..600bc…won’t stop these demon possessed lunatic Talmudic bolshevists Jews … ,it has no bearing. ,by no fault of the author, on the vast
    majority of biblically illiterate talmud-torah-or..pentatuch misquoting Jewish sociopaths ,inverted,skewered..sclerotic.bloodlusting….as they were and are in our era…currently leading misinformed deceived -christian Zionists around by the nose..As well written,objective as vital as this fine article is..Dr Sheva …Vivek .. and all non Jews need to be crystal clear on milenia of jew subversions,Talmudic and then Talmudic bolshevists extreme sabotage,subversions- vile seditions,poisonings,adulteration s of every nation state they have
    squatted…parasited.. drained and moved on to..occupy…terrorize…asset strip..we l hope. as ISREAL exterminates thousands…that millions will put this righteous article under a microscope of pure truth.. and applaud The Occidental Observer and this writer for exposing the pristine unarguable fact that .. there is no low too low for the sociopath malefactors of the Synagogue Of Satan..these Jews are ruthlessly fanatically reprobate,absolutely wrong on so many
    intersectional.. internicene levels *So much…for increasing Jewish censorship.and all…

  4. Gnome Chompsky
    Gnome Chompsky says:

    Mr. Tobias Langdon,
    I always enjoy your articles, this is one of the narrower, but good.

    Levine is a member of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, and for some reason they get to dress up in naval officer uniforms and play at having naval ranks. So, Levine has as much to do with the U.S.N. as a Scientology Seaorg member does: that is, nothing except the clothes, and with differences in cap badge, etc.

    On detailed examination, you will notice a kind of sigil above Levine’s admiral’s stripes.

    Any photo of Barbara Roche is like a glimpse through the gates of hell, first instinct is to spell her surname ‘roach.

    Then again, she’s almost certain to gain a peerage at some time, I would suggest for obvious reasons, Lady Bulltoad of Toad Hall.

  5. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    The great merit of Tobias Langdon’s articles for TOO is that he never sugarcoats bitter facts, never offers false hopes.

    … [Mark] Steyn is edging towards the truth.

    The sentence above might not constitute a false hope, but it does seem to be a lapse into unwarranted optimism on Mr. Langdon’s part. The fact that Steyn can, with a straight face, characterize the rabid goy hater John Podhoretz as being sane on most subjects suggests that though Steyn’s lookout has spotted the lighthouse on Truth’s headland, Captain Steyn himself is of two minds about putting his ship in to shore.

    At bottom, despite the kvetching, Steyn, like Schama and Podhoretz, still seems quite prepared to accept a modicum of probably temporary discomfort as the price of having destroyed the coherent racial and ethnic unity of a score of Western nations.

    • Gnome Chompsky
      Gnome Chompsky says:

      Steyn is interesting in his knowledge of older American pop music, brave in criticism of climate alarmists, and on several other points.

      He is at the same time a rabid Zionist, and with his ‘Mark Steyn Club’, has set himself up as the leader of a small cult. I suppose it is more a cult of personality than religion, although the Zionism factor blurs the line there.

      People pay to be members of the club and members pay a lot of money to go for cruises on his hired ocean liners.

      It is almost as if he tears a leaf out of the Layafette Ronald Hubbard playbook, except that he doesn’t pose as captain of the ship, just as the master of on-board ceremonies.

  6. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    What’s interesting is how some Jews seem to want to help whites. It would be nice to have “good Jews” take power over the anti-whites in their communities. I don’t know if that’s even possible, but it’d be nice, if acting as a hammer.

    The usual additional concern: There are problematic trends that would exist even without Jews. However, if a smaller polity were to come into existence that had an elite protected from external influence, a middle class with real powers and freedoms, and the positives of nationalism (ie. an elite motive to serve the whole), maybe we’d be fine.

    It takes so much time for the young to get started in life that they can’t afford families. People wait until their 30s, and childbearing isn’t always possible by then.

    Immigration should be banned though. And employers want it. Managerial elites want it. Ah, skilled workers even want cheap housekeepers. Similarly, outsourcing is wanted by those professions that are protected from it (eg. lawyers.)

    The state shouldn’t provide for citizens other than via something like UBI. There are enormous inefficiencies currently, caused by a lack of a market. Ah, markets need regulation though. We’d have more children without so much lost to fraud, parasitism, and waste.

  7. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    There are dimensions to life which most normals never even see, much less experience. For example, lots of folks read the Bible – yet, their comprehension of it varies all over the place.
    I have come to realize that a plain statement by Apostle Paul goes right over most peoples’ heads – it was over mine until just a few years ago, when the biblical structure of history became real to me as never before. I began to see how today’s events were literally playing out as prophesied in PRINCIPLE. No, I don’t mean the whacko false prophets we see all the time, but the visible signs all around us. Note that Jesus told the Pharisees they were able to determine the weather by signs in the sky, but they couldn’t interpret the signs of the times. 40 years after that Israel was destroyed and the old covenant ended.
    The Pharisees were blind guides! It was all over in 70 AD. It was a state deeply into corruption not unlike ours and religious leaders were in on it.

    There is a spiritual side to life that most folks never see -https://crushlimbraw.blogspot.com/2022/09/the-gap-in-understanding-world-affairs.html?m=0

    Here is the problem: Which giver of gifts do we serve? One author does an excellent job here –

    Yes, there is a God……and there also is dagod of this world…….and your article, while not mentioning it, shows me again that much of what we ‘know’……ain’t necessarily so.

  8. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    This Mark Steyn bears a striking resemblance to Harvey Weinstein and that Israeli minister, Amichai Eliyahu… further proof of strong inbreeding.
    An adipose, pallid face with no beauty, porcine eyes, very hairy like some Middle Easterners and semi-negroid, vaguely reddish hair.
    This suggests a strange mix of disparate genes: must be difficult to be a well-balanced individual with such genetic incoherence reinforced by inbreeding.

  9. Sursumcorda
    Sursumcorda says:

    In the words of St Paul: they are the enemies of all mankind. Our Lord called them children of Satan. Do we really need any higher authority to warn us against this albatross around our neck? These people are a caution.

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