Blacks Unleashed: It’s Black Rapists All the Way Down

Got Blacks? Then you’ve also got bestial behavior. As the late great Larry Auster once said: “To import a black population into a previously all-white country is to consign a large number of whites in that country, year after year, generation after generation, to violent death at the hands of blacks.” Faced with that irrefutable truth, leftists across the West have worked tirelessly to import Blacks, privilege Blacks, and prevent effective policing of Black crime. In short, they’ve unleashed beasts on ordinary Whites.

Some women don’t matter

They’ve also worked to deny the reality of Black crime and to censor those who speak the truth about it. That’s why British Whites need to put leftists like Tony Blair and Barbara Roche on trial for crimes against humanity. Leftists like those knew exactly what would happen when they opened our borders to Blacks. And it has duly happened, year after year, generation after generation. In “Precious Jews, Worthless Whites,” I wrote about one bestial Black crime among many thousands: the torture, murder, and probable rape of an elderly and isolated White woman called Susan Hawkey by a Black male called Xyaire Howard.

There was no anguished commentary in the leftist media about Susan Hawkey’s death. Although leftists pretend to care about vulnerable women and male violence, in reality most of them care only about themselves and their own advantage. And it’s because they care about themselves that another bestial Black crime has slipped through the cordon sanitaire and provoked anguished commentary in the leftist media. Feminists at the Guardian don’t identify with elderly working-class White women in London any more than they identify with working-class White girls in Rotherham. But they do identify with the woman who was brazenly raped on the London underground by a “depraved” Black called Ryan Johnson. For example, as you read Gaby Hinsliff’s article about the rape in the Guardian, you can almost hear her saying to herself: “My God, this is serious — it could have been me!”

It was broad daylight, and there were other people in the tube carriage. She should have been safe.

She’d fallen asleep, missed her stop, and ended up at the end of the Piccadilly line. But still, on a weekend morning in a bustling city, she should have been safe. And yet, hauntingly, she wasn’t.

Last week, Ryan Johnston was sentenced to nine years in prison for raping a 20-year-old woman on the tube in front of a horrified French tourist and his young son, in a case the detective leading the investigation described as one of the most disturbing of his career. …

Something about this story, which unfolded in the space of just two tube stops, punches through all women’s comforting illusions about when and how we are safe. It has spread like wildfire through female WhatsApp groups, prompting questions about how on earth it could have happened: how could anyone not intervene in a rape unfolding in front of them? (If a woman can be raped in broad daylight on a train, there are tough questions for all of us, The Guardian, 15th December 2023)

Bestial Black Rapist #1: Ryan Johnson

The headline of the article claims that the rape raises “tough questions for all of us.” But the Guardian isn’t genuinely interested in raising tough questions, let alone in answering them. It would never allow a frank and honest discussion of Black criminality and its roots in Black genetics. Given a choice between admitting the uncomfortable reality of racial difference and maintaining the virtue-signaling fantasy of egalitarianism, no good leftist hesitates for a second. It’s fantasy every time. Gaby Hinsliff asks “how on earth” the rape could have happened, but she doesn’t want to hear the truth. And the truth is that it happened because leftists like her have imported Blacks and other non-Whites by the million while demonizing and censoring all those who warned about the inevitable consequences.

Bestial Black Rapist #2: Fiston Ngoy

The further truth is that crimes like that will continue to happen until leftists are removed from power and their non-White pets are sent back where they belong. But there’s also something sickly ironic in the leftist response to this rape. Even as they refuse to admit the truth about Black bestiality and their own collaboration with it, they’re providing further examples of both. Hinsliff says that “The whole thing stirs memories of a notorious attack on a woman on a train in Philadelphia in 2021. … a slowly unfolding horror that began with the attacker trying to strike up an unwanted conversation, then groping his victim, before finally progressing to rape.” Guess what? The rape was carried out by a Black called Fiston Ngoy, an illegal Congolese migrant who’d already committed sex crimes in America and who should have been deported in 2015.

A chain of bestial rapes

The Guardian didn’t mention Mr Ngoy’s Congolese origins, previous crimes or failed deportation in its own coverage of that rape in Philadelphia. But it did mention what it coyly called “the Kitty Genovese case.” Kitty Genovese was a White woman who was brutally raped and murdered in a public space in New York in 1964. That crime is still famous because it allegedly demonstrated the “bystander effect” and how city-life makes us reluctant to intervene in crimes.

Bestial Black Rapist #3: Winston Moseley

In fact, it didn’t show that at all. But it did show something else that the leftist media never want to talk about: the bestiality of Blackness. Surprise, surprise — that public rape was committed by a Black called Winston Moseley, who did so while his victim was dying from the stab-wounds he’d inflicted on her. So there’s a chain of bestial rapes in public spaces: London, Philadelphia, New York. And the rapes were all committed by Blacks. I’m reminded of a story about the great White psychologist and philosopher William James (1842-1910), who was supposedly told by a little old lady that the earth rested on the back of a giant turtle:

“If your theory is correct, madam,” he asked, “what does this turtle stand on?”

“You’re a very clever man, Mr. James, and that’s a very good question,” replied the little old lady, “but I have an answer to it. And it is this: The first turtle stands on the back of a second, far larger, turtle, who stands directly under him.”

“But what does this second turtle stand on?” persisted James patiently.

To this the little old lady crowed triumphantly: “It’s no use, Mr. James — it’s turtles all the way down.” (See “Turtles all the way down” at Infogalactic)

In the three bestial rapes, it’s Blacks all the way down. And super soaraway sub-Saharans like those will continue to plumb the depths of depravity in White nations until they become sub-Saharan not only in genetics but in geography too. In other words, Blacks have to go back to sub-Saharan Africa. They’ll continue to commit bestial crimes in the Motherland, of course, but that’s a problem Blacks have to fix for themselves.

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  1. Realist
    Realist says:

    Thanks Mr Langdon,
    Your description of the situation in Western countries is spot on. One must ask why the avaricious megalomaniacs, also known as elites, have aided and abetted this attack on white civilization. It is part of acts of societal disruption with the intent to destroy white countries to Build Back Better, as Biden and his puppeteers are fond of saying, to subjugate the 98% further.

  2. Alan
    Alan says:

    Incredible clarity in this Article.Riveting. Almost..spell binding.We remind young people..and all sentient moral decent folk…. get armed ”
    its the Jews crowdfunding,micromanaging, organizing, insisting on importing and reimporting all of Africa ,especially north Africa,middle east ,India, and south America of lowest class uneducated ,often unassimilateable criminal,venal,uneducated, Folk. Non Christian people’s generically to be sure.”..these dregs of the earth…jew funded recidivist types..are provably primarily military aged males…non white peoples.” Call true speech racist as much as you like while your mother , sister or little brother is raped and beheaded,…beaten senselessly…but you
    know you Jews responsible are Damned.” Retribution is coming… Seek tactical firearms training,.networked .neighborhood militias….
    Be advised ,new readers..young folk.its .Jew agencies…all Tikkun olam hyper Jew agencies behind all imposed immigration ….Hias..zoaa,,jfs..ADL..splc..zoa..jdl.soros………. b.b.specter…..too many Jewish agencies culpable to relist here..but there you have it..”Jews”…Solution is deportation,and for the skivey smell recidivist super predators,circular firing squads,and public hanging on city and town lamp posts.”We Americans didn’t vote for any of this poisonous invasion…. obvious Hebrew -african monopolist political cartel agenda,now imposed by the ultra Jewish Wef -blackrock luciferian leftwingnut Jews.

  3. Flavia
    Flavia says:

    This was well done. I can’t help but think that until well-meaning people recognize the difference between the “individual” and the “average,” no change will ever occur.

  4. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    Sorry to post this very disturbing comment, but it’s related to this article :
    One horrific murder, in october 2023, worthy of the atrocities committed in South Africa, and once again in France…
    Haven’t you heard of it ? Of course not. It’s total censorship and we can see why :
    Fabienne a beautiful woman for her age, 67, and with 9 grandchildren , was raped with a knife, her throat slit, scalped, her 2 hands cut off, by a 17-year-old black Muslim, a fake refugee who had broken into her house during her absence ( so it was not an idiot who welcomed a “migrant” but an innocent woman…).

    When will the scum who inflict this on white countries be punished?

  5. Alan
    Alan says:

    When non jews realize that jewish Rothschild relative gay jew Macron over there in occupied France loves sex with black males,as Macron is quite open about it.,.the extreme relevance of the term “Gay Zio mafia” makes complete sense.
    Mordor indeed.
    “JEWS,..especially Gay Zio Mafia Jews are absolutely aligned with tikkun olam open borders. “JEWS .” pushing.for open borders …that is,…every country except isreal…..”that s who is ultimately responsible for the primarily black,Muslim crime wave horrors.

  6. Franz
    Franz says:

    Bless you for keeping the DEBUNK light on that old, filthy lie of the “bystander effect”. Thanks to the scumminess of the New York Times, nearly three generations of sociology students have been fed a toxic fantasy blaming bystanders who didn’t even exist.

    But the lying press achieved the goal it wanted: In creating the non-existant effect, it threw attention away from the fact that poor Kitty was just an early case of Polar Bear Hunting — an urban sport the NYT may as well claim credit for creating.

    • Rudi
      Rudi says:

      Since savages only respect the law of the jungle, white civilization is still supposed to protect them from themselves, which in turn is condemned as racist.

      The only way out of this endless spiral of madness for all involved is the inalienable and unalterable complete divorce of the white race from these “participants” incapable of culture-creating civilization.

      Until this clear and logical realization is finally accepted, however, a high blood toll seems to be necessary to make this simplicity comprehensible to the last idiot of our species.

    • Uncle Bill
      Uncle Bill says:

      They’re ugly people inside and out. They’re also –generally– of lower IQ. Just saying that is illegal in many so-called “advanced” countries.

  7. Sam J.
    Sam J. says:

    I want to remond you people I did a little siomple math elsewhere. The response to the constant refrain that we can’t do anything about these people as they are already here is false. In fact in less than a year at a cost over a few years we could save a vast amount of money by deporting the whole lot. And to make it perfectly clear, I used a number of deportees of 100 million.

    I was told once that we had all these rapeugess and illegal aliens here and so there was no way to get rid of them. Here’s what they said and my reply.

    “…But it’s all over now so you’re feeling blue–but it’s much too late…”

    No it’s not. I hear that,”We can’t do anything about the illegal aliens here or the rapeugees or any of the immigrants that have moved here since 1965 but are public charges and are just fucking the country”, so I decided to do a little math.

    Let’s say we decided to deport all the of the above named.

    Let’s call it 100,000,000 aliens or public charges or rapeugees or whatever we want to get rid of.

    wikipedia,”…747 carries, With a typical three-class configuration, the Boeing 747-400 can hold 416 passengers. With a typical two-class configuration, it can hold 524…”

    Let’s call it 500.
    1,554, 747’s built
    So we only use 1000 keeping in mind there’s a shit load of other planes we could also ship people out on.

    cargo area of a 747
    Cargo 3,900 cu ft (110 m3)
    500 passengers\3,900 cu ft = 0.1282 passengers\cu ft

    We have,
    131 C-5 Galaxies
    We use 100 planes.

    I used the cargo area of a 747 to get passenger capacity if we built some sort of cheap plywood seating to cram people in the same capacity as a 747 in the C-5 cargo bay. C-5 cargo compartment was 17.2 ft (5.24 m) wide by 13.5 feet (4.11 m) high and 100 ft (30.5 m) long with front and rear access doors.
    17.2 x 13.5 x 100 = 23,220 cu ft
    23,220 cu ft x 0.1282 passengers\cu ft = 2,977 passengers

    747, 500 passengers x 1000 planes = 500,000 passengers at one time.
    C5, 2,977 passengers x 100 planes = 297,700 passengers at one time.

    747(500,000) + C5(297,700) = 797,700 alien passengers at one time.

    100,000,000 aliens/ 797,700 passengers at one time = 125 trips to get rid of aliens.

    Say we have two days per trip for each plane then in less than a year we could ship out every single alien, rapeugee or public charge. Copy this and save it somewhere and next time someone says we can’t deport these people. Tell them we can. Cut and paste this in the reply and see what they say. Knowing something is possible is the first step and now we know it is.

    Of course someone will say we can’t afford it but, I have that covered also.

    Ok I looked it up and I figured 100 million aliens deported at $2000 a piece, could probably be less, would cost us $200 billion and could be done in less than one year. It would be a godsend to the US airlines and I bet they would give us much cheaper rates as they could pack them in and be assured of full planes lowering cost to the very least. I see links that say this $200 billion is exactly what the total cost of illegal immigration alone cost us every year. It’s much more because this is only the money put out in taxes. The cost in wage losses for Americans is high as hell. Even if you dispute this number we have solid numbers for public schools cost, $59.8 billion to educate the children of illegal immigrants so the whole thing would be paid for in 4 years. Also I’m figuring the very worst at 100 million deported. Assuming we attempt to get these cost from the aliens and deportees by confiscation many of them, maybe most, would self deport and not cost us anything.

    It confounds me why everyone believes that all the problems we have are completely unsolvable and when I look at what we are spending on a lot of theseproblems, with no direction and no result it seems I always find if we use a clear direction and cost it out it’s always cheaper to meet the problem head on with a single minded direction and scope.

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