Israel über Alles: The Rochdale By-Election Exposes the Zionist Control of British Politics

There’s only one problem with opposing identity politics. All politics is identity politics. Anyone who says otherwise is either a fool or a fraud. For example, the American pseudo-conservative Ben Shapiro (born 1984) is a fraud. He’s a strongly identified Jew and Israel-Firster who tells his White followers to eschew identity politics. He wants them to ignore race and emphasize character. He promotes the lie that America is based on ideas, not on identity. As he famously said: “I don’t give a good damn about the so-called ‘browning of America.’ Color doesn’t matter. Ideology does.” But would Shapiro be indifferent to the “browning” of Israel? Of course not. When he says he opposes identity politics, he means he opposes the wrong kind of identity politics: anything that threatens Jewish interests.

Ben Shapiro fights for Israel by fooling goyim (cartoon by Jinjer Zilla)

There are many other frauds like Shapiro. And even more fools who believe what the frauds say. You can’t escape identity. In a mono-racial society, politics is a struggle between different classes or religions, with relatively small genetic differences playing an important but largely unrecognized role. In a multi-racial society, politics is a struggle between different races, with much larger genetic differences playing a decisive role. Sometimes racial politics will be disguised as class politics, as they were when the disproportionately Jewish Bolsheviks won power over the old Tsarist empire and proceeded to slaughter and tyrannize millions of White Christians.

“Same as the old boss”

In formerly mono-racial Britain, the Labour party was founded in 1900 to champion the interests of the working-class. The White working-class, of course, but that didn’t need saying in the early twentieth century. Now it does need saying, because Britain has become multi-racial and Labour has become a dedicated enemy of the White working-class. White Labour-supporters completely opposed the mass migration by non-Whites that subjected them to violent crime, huge financial losses, and ethnic cleansing. But the Labour elite ignored their wishes and betrayed its most loyal supporters. That’s because Labour had been taken over by Jews and turned into a vehicle for Jewish interests. Jews espouse identity politics for themselves and anti-identity politics for Whites. That’s why they welcomed immigration by non-Whites and by Muslims in particular, because they saw the newcomers as “natural allies” against the White Christian British. Tony Blair’s so-called New Labour might as well have been called “Jew Labour,” because Blair was a narcissistic gentile front-man for Lord Levy and other Jewish plutocrats.

Tony Blair performs the goy grovel overseen by Jewish supremacist and alleged child-rapist Greville Janner (image © PA Wire/Press Association Images)

When Levy was forced out by a scandal over hidden donations to Labour by Jews like Sir David Garrard (born 1939), he was replaced as Labour fundraiser by the Jewish plutocrat Jonathan Mendelsohn, who was described by the Telegraph as “steeped in the north London Jewish community” and “a close friend of Lord Levy, who was at the heart of Labour’s cash for peerages affair.” As Roger Daltrey of the Who has often sung, it was a case of “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” However, Jewish control of the Labour party was threatened in 2015 by the unexpected election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader. Corbyn was very popular with ordinary Labour supporters and party membership increased sharply during his leadership. But he wasn’t popular with Labour’s Jew-controlled Zionist elite. Jews didn’t object to Corbyn championing the interests of non-Whites and Muslims, because that meant that he continued to betray the White working-class. But Jews certainly objected to Corbyn refusing to make Jewish interests his first and overwhelming priority. Indeed, he didn’t want to make Jewish interests a priority at all. This was completely unacceptable, so Jews made an example of Corbyn first by vilifying him for years in the mass media, then driving him out of the party after he was toppled as leader.

A dedicated shabbos goy

Unlike Corbyn, the present Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, is thoroughly kosher. He has a Jewish wife and belonged to a radical Trotskyist sect at university. Like Tony Blair, he intends to be a dedicated shabbos goy. Blair’s thuggish and Machiavellian press-secretary Alastair Campbell once told the Jewish Chronicle that Blair “was conscious of the need to have very, very good relations” with “the Jewish community.” That “community” is small in numbers but gigantic in power, influence and wealth. Starmer knows about Jewish power as well as Blair did, which is why he intends to govern Britain as Blair did: in strict obedience to Jewish orders. This is what Peter Hitchens, the insightful brother of the neo-conservative gasbag Christopher Hitchens, has said of the impending Labour victory in the general election: “Sir Keir [Starmer], whose hard left political roots are in a revolutionary movement called Pabloism, comes from the same stable as the 1997 Blairites. He will try to manipulate the voters with populist slogans, but his real programme will be miles to the left, concentrating more and more power in a left-wing state.”

Starmer is heading for victory because he has returned Labour to the paths of righteousness after the blasphemies of Corbynism. The party continues to betray the White working class, of course, and it continues to champion non-Whites, Muslims, and the “transgender community.” But all that is secondary, because Starmer now runs Labour as all decent and respectable parties should be run: as a vehicle for Jewish interests. However, this isn’t proving as easy for Starmer as he would have hoped, because Muslims aren’t being the “natural allies” that Jews fondly imagined they would be. To the dismay of Jews around the world, the war in Gaza has prompted Muslims in the West to side with Muslim Palestinians rather than with the poor persecuted military superpower of Israel.

Typical Muslim duplicity

And so, even as Keir Starmer has allied Labour with the completely Zionist and Jew-controlled Conservatives, Muslim members of the Labour party have been campaigning not of behalf of Jews but on behalf of their fellow Muslims. Look at the by-election in the solidly Labour constituency of Rochdale, where Muslim rape-gangs have preyed on White working-class girls for decades just as Muslim rape-gangs have done in the solidly Labour constituency of Rotherham. Because Labour is now the enemy of the White working-class, it did nothing to stop the rape-gangs either in Rotherham or in Rochdale. On the contrary, it sided with Muslims and helped the sexual jihad to continue. It’s still siding with Muslims, which is why the official Labour candidate in the Rochdale by-election was a fat and sleazy-looking Muslim Pakistani called Azhar Ali. With typical Muslim — and Pakistani — duplicity, Ali pretended to be an ally of Jews as he rose in the party. But his real allegiance was revealed in words he uttered in a meeting of the Lancashire Labour party shortly after October 7, the day that will live in infamy when Hamas terrorists invaded Israel to murder and rape the wrong kind of people.

The fat and sleazy-looking Azhar Ali, former Labour candidate in the Rochdale by-election (image from The Daily Mail)

And who are the wrong kind of people? Jews, of course. Jews have never cared about Muslims and other non-Whites murdering and raping Whites. Indeed, many Jews see this as well-merited payback for historic persecution of Jews in the West. That isn’t openly stated in the Jewish media, but nor is any regret for what Muslims and Blacks are doing to Whites. Jews have overwhelmingly ignored the Muslim rape-gangs of Rochdale and Rotherham. But they certainly condemned the Rochdale candidate Azhar Ali when he espoused a “vile conspiracy theory” at that meeting of the Lancashire Labour party. Ali said that Israel was warned by Egypt and America about a Hamas attack, but “deliberately took the security off.” According to Ali, Israel wanted to ensure the “massacre that gives them the green light to do whatever they bloody want.”

“Deeply offensive, ignorant, and false”

Ron Unz has convincingly argued that the conspiracy theory espoused by Azhar Ali is very probably baseless. Yes, Israel is happy to sacrifice unlimited numbers of goyim to secure its own interests, as it did in the false-flag attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 and as it intended to do in false-flag bombings of Egyptian targets in 1954. But the Hamas invasion of 2023 seems to have succeeded because of Israeli incompetence and arrogance, not because of Israeli complicity. All the same, why shouldn’t Azhar Ali be allowed to express his views? In a genuinely pluralist Labour party, there would be debate about the war in Gaza, not defenestration of all who disagree with the Zionist line. But Keir Starmer’s Labour party isn’t pluralist. It exists to serve Jewish interests and oppose White interests. That’s why Azhar Ali was forced to make a grovelling apology in words that were clearly dictated to him by Labour’s Zionist elite:

I apologise unreservedly to the Jewish community for my comments which were deeply offensive, ignorant, and false. Hamas’s horrific terror attack was the responsibility of Hamas alone, and they are still holding hostages who must be released. October 7 was the greatest loss of Jewish life in a single day since the Holocaust, and Jews in the UK and across the world are living in fear of rising anti-Semitism. I will urgently apologise to Jewish leaders for my inexcusable comments. The Labour Party has changed unrecognisably under Keir Starmer’s leadership — he has my full support in delivering the change Britain needs. (“Outrage after Labour candidate claims Israel deliberately allowed 1,400 of its citizens to be massacred on October 7 in order to give it the ‘green light’ to invade Gaza,” The Daily Mail, 10th February 2024)

Ali wasn’t sincere in his apology, of course, but like countless other ostensibly leftist Muslims in the West, he entered politics deciding that, for the time being, it’s better to submit to Jewish authority in public. However, what British-based Muslims intend to do in the future can be seen in Germany, where the Turkish president Recep Erdogan has set up “a political party for ‘people with foreign roots’ in Germany that will ‘stand against anti-Muslim racism’.” Indeed, what Muslims intend to do in future can also be seen in Rochdale, where the former Labour MP and eternal exhibitionist George Galloway is standing in the by-election for the far-left Workers Party of Great Britain. Galloway is pursuing Muslim votes and his campaign foreshadows the arrival of one or more permanent Muslim parties. In the meantime, the Labour party, formed to champion the White working-class, is the scene of a struggle between Jews and Muslims for supremacy. Here is a Jew responding to Azhar Ali’s comments and openly admitting that Jews are interested only in themselves:

Mike Katz, the national chairman of the Jewish Labour Movement, said his group would not campaign in Rochdale because Ali had “destroyed his past record of allyship with the Jewish community” with his “totally reprehensible” comments. But he stopped short of calling on Labour to drop the candidate, warning that the “alternative in Rochdale is George Galloway”, whose victory would “harm the Jewish community far more than electing Ali”. (“Labour’s Rochdale byelection campaign engulfed in antisemitism row,” The Guardian, 12th February 2024)

Katz isn’t bothering to hide his ethnocentrism and his belief that Labour exists first and foremost to serve Jewish interests. However, he’s unable to admit that Ali’s past “allyship” with Jews was never sincere. Ali simply recognized that Jews currently control Labour and that he had to pretend to care about them in order to get on. Now his mask is off and he’s been suspended from the Labour party while an “investigation” is carried out into more of his comments, this time about Jewish power in the media.

Hidden in plain sight

Again, in a genuinely pluralist Labour party there would be debate about such topics, not defenestration of anyone who raises them. But Labour isn’t pluralist. It’s run for Jews by shabbos goyim, so Azhar Ali has been defenestrated, not debated. The trouble for Labour is that Azhar Ali holds the same views as the vast majority of Labour’s Muslim supporters. There are far more Muslims than Jews in Britain, so why does the party leadership side with Jews and Israel rather than with Muslims and Palestine? What hidden factor is at work?

In fact, it’s not hidden at all. It’s simply unmentionable in the mainstream: Jewish wealth and Jewish power in the media. Jews finance British politics and naturally enough dictate the pro-Jewish, anti-White agenda for British politics. Jewish interests must come first and White interests must come nowhere. The Rochdale by-election is a perfect example of Zionist control. It’s also a perfect example of how all politics is identity politics.

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  1. Adam Hiley
    Adam Hiley says:

    Labour can be prevented from being in Government there’s no appetite for Starmer’s shifty opportunistic crew to be in office,the Conservatives will remove the diminutive Indian Sunak soon there’s still hope for the UK, more British People are beginning to wise up to the Lib-Lab-Con-SNP crooks

  2. Gnome Chompsy
    Gnome Chompsy says:

    Think I failed, but perhaps if I go and buy some frozen youghurt, it will show up as an image and not a link

      • Gnome Chompsky
        Gnome Chompsky says:

        Thank you doc. This roach sure covers the photos of ugly her (many strategies). Sorry to trouble your helpers or you, but I would appreciate it if all of my posts on this thread, except this one, were deleted.

        a.m. for me, work, try again with better techniques in the evening.

        I was careful, sow clearly doesn’t want direct links, loads of camouflage, too.

  3. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    RT has a story on costumed “Nazis” marching in the US. We’re supposed to identify as uniting as “people of color” athwart the inbred, scary Nazis. Inbred here means white, not marrying a sibling.

  4. Kevin MacDonald
    Kevin MacDonald says:

    From Matt Goodwin’s email list: There’s a new third force in British politics. And it’s going to have a major impact on the country’s rapidly approaching general election.

    That’s the key message from the by-elections last week, which saw the insurgent Reform party, led by Richard Tice and overseen by honorary president Nigel Farage, surge into third place, well ahead of the Liberal Democrats and the Greens.

    Critics will note Reform is nowhere near as strong as its two main predecessors, namely the Brexit Party, which polled 30% at the 2019 European Parliament elections, and the UK Independence Party (UKIP), which averaged 38% across the final by-elections before the 2015 general election. And they have a point.

    Reform’s 10% of the vote in Kingswood and 13% in Wellingborough, alongside its average rating of 10% in the national polls, pale in comparison. And these numbers don’t bode well. Put it this way, if Nigel Farage and UKIP could only win one seat in 2015 after polling nearly 13% of the vote and four million votes, then what chance does the Reform party really have?

    It’s a fair question.

    Yet, even still, Reform is clearly on the up. Once you remove Britain’s undecided voters from the polls, the party is already attracting one in four of the people who voted for Boris Johnson and the Tories in 2019, and one in four Brexit voters. My own polling, meanwhile, finds at least 16% of all voters would consider voting for Reform this year, suggesting this new revolt on the right has not yet peaked.

    Furthermore, it could also be argued —as I’ve done so— that in many ways there is more space today for a party like Reform than there ever was in the early 2010s. As I’ve pointed to time and time again, look around Britain today and you will find an enormous reservoir of public anger with issues Reform is now targeting.

    With unprecedented levels of mass, legal immigration. With spiralling numbers of illegal migrants on the small boats. With Britain’s inability to remove illegal migrants and foreign nationals who commit serious crimes from the country —like convicted sex offender Abdul Ezedi. With a broken economy which we’ve been told time and time again needs mass immigration yet is still not growing.

    And, more generally, with a politics and national conversation that are still shaped far too heavily around the socially liberal if not radical woke beliefs, tastes, priorities, and lifestyles of the new elite who, at best, represent just 20% of Britain.

    The obsession with Net Zero. The obsession with ‘diversity’ in all its forms. The obsession with looser if not open borders. The obsession with branding anybody and everybody who doesn’t play ball as ‘racist’.

    And the way in which they impose their luxury beliefs on the rest of society, simultaneously advocating policies which bring them few costs and more kudos from other elites while imposing enormous costs on everybody else.

    All of which raises an important question.

    If I’m right, if Reform does have space to cut through and have a major impact on the outcome of the next general election then where, exactly, might this happen? Which seats will be most receptive to this growing grassroots rebellion? And where, exactly, might Reform hit the Tories and also the Labour Party hardest?

    We can answer these questions by drawing on something I’ve used in the past to successfully identify the most ‘UKIP-friendly’ seats during the early 2010s, and the most ‘Brexit-friendly’ seats at the 2016 referendum.

    This analysis, I’ve since been told by well known campaigners, was used to identify not only key target seats but also help push Brexit over the line in 2016 (though I should add this information was made available to both sides of the referendum).

    The key difference this time around is I’ve updated everything.

    To identify the most ‘demographically favourable’ seats for Reform, I use the latest 2021 census information to find seats filled with the very kinds of people who are most likely to vote Reform —who are mainly, though not exclusively, working-class, older, white voters who usually avoided university and live outside the cities.

    We can then rank all seats in the country based on how receptive they are. For example, the seat of Wellingborough, where Reform polled a record 13% of the vote last week, is ranked 85th in the list, suggesting there are much better options.

    So, in short, what follows is a list of fifty seats where, if Reform invested money and manpower, the party would likely be met with a welcoming response from local voters. And this list also points to something else, to the potential longer-term strategy Reform might be thinking about and which I’ve written about before.

    This is not just about where Reform might do well this year; it’s also about where, if the party was serious about mounting a long-term challenge to the big two parties, perhaps even trying to replace the Tories over the longer-term, it could do even better in 2028 or 2029. This ‘two-election strategy’ would see Reform establish itself as the main opposition in dozens of seats this year before then going on to make much wider gains at the election to follow.

    For example, while Labour look set to do very well this year it is also significant that of the fifty most favourable seats for Reform nine are held by Labour while many of the new seats that have been created by boundary changes have also historically been dominated by the Labour Party. So, this list is as much about a party that is looking toward the late 2020s as it is about the general election this year. …

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 In September, a Greek oil drilling company is scheduled to start drilling for oil off the coast of Lebanon, for Israel, in its endeavor to become Europe’s new $upplier.

      02 Lebanon and Hezbollah, backed by a purportedly imminently nuclear Iran, have already expressed their opposition to what they consider theft; in addition to their current exchange of rockets and tank fire with Israel.


  5. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    The author is right. The UK Labour Party, which started out as a working-class party in 1900, has evolved into its opposite. It is now a tool of the Jews. It is now “a dedicated enemy of the White working-class.” What caused this complete reversal of loyalty? Jewish money & chutzpah. Jews threated & bribed Labour leaders to betray their own people. Race-traitors run the party now.

    I don’t like George Galloway, but I hope he does well in his longshot effort in the Rochdale by-election, because that would really piss off the Jews and their lackeys.

    As for Azhar Ali, he’s a clown. He’s the future of Britain, however, because Britain has evolved into a clown-country.

  6. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Heard a brief interview with Bernie Sanders on BBC Radio 4 Monday morning expressing his disgust at the ‘Far-right’ Israeli government and asserted that his objected to the USA senate giving additional billions on top of the $3 billion annual donation to the purveyors of land grabbing, and blood-letting Zionists.
    Violence begets even more violence and so the un-ending cycle continues with no resolution in sight because of the hubris of settlers from outside Palestine.
    When I look at the demographic make-up of my East London borough in 2024, how much of it could I attribute to the political machinations of ‘British’ Jewry. Would I fear the answer would engender more critical of the migrants from Russia/Germany in the late 19th century into the 20th Century?

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