Meet Blobamacron: Three Gentile Narcissists with One Jewish Agenda

Mutato nomine, de te fabula narratur. That’s a Latin saying that applies to a trio of once-great Western nations: Britain, America, France. The saying means “With a change of name, the tale is told of thee.” So let’s tell the tale. It goes like this:

A young and charismatic politician dazzles the electorate with promises of change and national renewal. He rides a tide of popular acclaim into the highest office in the land. Now he has the power he sought, but national renewal is slow to arrive. Critics begin to charge him with narcissism and deceit. Rumors circulate about his sexuality. He seems to be happily married, but his wife is peculiar and there are persistent whispers that he’s secretly gay or bisexual. Whatever the truth of that, one thing is certain: he’s deeply in love with the sound of his own voice. Luckily for him, he still has the media with him and he wins big again when he stands for re-election. Alas, his second term proves no more effective than his first. His promises have definitely lost their shine. When he leaves office, the voters he once dazzled are now deeply disillusioned.

Meet Blobamacron: the three narcissistic shabbos goyim Blair, Obama and Macron (images from Wikipedia)

That is, of course, the tale of Tony Blair in Britain. But it’s also the tale of Barack Obama in America. And the tale of Emmanuel Macron in France. These three politicians are so similar that you could give them a single name: Blobamacron. It’s as though Clown World has applied the same script three times in three different countries and found three almost identical actors to play the leading role. A deceitful narcissist rumored to be secretly gay first dazzles, then disillusions. After that, he leaves office and becomes very rich. The script isn’t quite finished in France, because Macron hasn’t left office, but he’s already deep into the stage of disillusion. The voters he once dazzled now understood that they were deceived.

Tony Blair performs the goy-grovel overseen by Jewish supremacist and alleged child-rapist Greville Janner (image © PA Wire/Press Association Images)

That’s why Whites in France may react to Clown World’s script in the same way as Whites in America did: by next electing someone that Clown World hates. In America Barack Obama promised racial healing and an end to national division. He delivered the opposite. So Whites elected Donald Trump. In France, Macron promised the same as Obama and, like Obama, has delivered the opposite. Like Blacks in America, Muslims and other non-Whites in France are preying on Whites worse than ever. So disillusioned French Whites may next elect the “far right” Marine Le Pen (born 1968) as president. I hope they do, but I fear that Marine could prove as disappointing in office as Meloni has in Italy. That’s Giorgia Meloni, the “far right” leader who entered power loudly promising to reverse the tide of non-White migration and has instead allowed it to rise even higher. She was called a fascist tiger; she’s proving to be Clown World’s lapdog.

The world’s most important question

Will Marine Le Pen prove the same? We shall see. One thing is certain: she’s done her best to distance herself from her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen (born 1928). He was a tough ex-paratrooper who spoke his mind when he was leader of the Front National. That’s what destroyed his chances of becoming president, because one of the things he spoke his mind about was the Holocaust. He said that it was a “detail of history.” Demonized as an antisemite, Jean-Marie was destroyed as a politician. His daughter got the message loud and clear. She knows that she has to appease Jews to have any chance of power. That’s why she’s been so determined to prove that her presidency will answer the world’s most important question in the affirmative.

And what is the world’s most important question? Simple. It runs like this: “Is it good for Jews?” Marine Le Pen wants Jews in France to look at her renamed party and say “Oui!” In other words, she’s been performing the goy-grovel:

When more than 100,000 people marched in Paris against antisemitism on 12 November [2023], one participant attracted particular notice: Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-Right Rasssemblement National (“National Rally”). As many recall, the party’s founder, and her father Jean-Marie, was himself a notorious antisemite, and counted veterans of the Waffen SS among his early cadres. Was it possible that Marine’s party had showed up for the wrong march?

In fact, the RN leader has been denouncing a “new antisemitism” for many years, and trying to build Jewish support for the party. She instigated the party’s greatest rupture with its own past in 2015 when she expelled Jean-Marie from it, and has increasingly sold herself as French Jews’ “shield against Islamist ideology”, in the words of her co-leader, Jordan Bardella. But for much of France, the far-Right is still built upon and tainted by antisemitism. Le Pen’s change of position is certainly strategic; whether it is a genuine change of heart is a different question. (“Will Marine Le Pen defend French Jews?,” Unherd, 23rd November, 2023)

There has been a “march against antisemitism” in Paris for the same reason as there has been a “march against antisemitism” in London. As I pointed out in “Israel über Alles,” Jews imported Muslims and other non-Whites as “natural allies” in the Jewish war against the White Christian West. Since October 7 and the Hamas attacks on Israel, Jews have realized with dismay that their “natural allies” are in fact their natural enemies. Antisemitism has risen to horrifying levels all over the West and the political elite in Britain, America, and France have been denouncing it more loudly than ever. Because Marine Le Pen wants to join the political elite, she’s been denouncing it too.

“The first Jewish president”

She learnt the necessity of appeasing Jews from what happened to her father. But she could also have learnt it from Blobamacron. Tony Blair, Barack Obama, and Emmanuel Macron all won high office by serving Jewish interests and performing the goy-grovel eagerly and often. Blair’s thuggish and Machiavellian press-secretary Alastair Campbell once told the Jewish Chronicle that Blair “was conscious of the need to have very, very good relations” with “the Jewish community.” Blair was surrounded with Jews both before and after he won high office, just like Obama in America:

Writer Toni Morrison famously dubbed [the eminently blackmailable — because of his close association with Jeffrey Epstein] Bill Clinton “the first black president” — a title he fervently embraced. [A theme here is that Blobamacron are eminently blackmailable by the Mossad; the same goes for Clinton because of his close association with Jeffrey Epstein and Joe Biden because of his financial corruption with the Chinese.] Abner Mikva, the Chicago Democratic Party stalwart and former Clinton White House counsel, offers a variation on that theme. “If Clinton was our first black president, then Barack Obama is our first Jewish president,” says Mikva, who was among the first to spot the potential of the skinny young law school graduate with the odd name.

“I use a Yiddish expression, yiddishe neshuma, to describe him,” explains Mikva. “It means a Jewish soul. It’s an expression my mother used. It means a sensitive, sympathetic personality, someone who understands where you are coming from.” … “As Jews got to know him, they recognized a kindred spirit, not someone who came down from Mars,” Mikva said. Rabbi Arnold Wolf, of KAM Isaiah Israel synagogue across the street from Obama’s Chicago home, was another early backer. Like Mikva, he sees what he called Obama’s “Jewish side.”

“Obama is from nowhere and everywhere — just like the Jews. He’s black, he’s white, he’s American, he’s Asian, he’s African — and so are we,” Wolf said.

Certainly, Obama is comfortable with Jews, especially Jews from Chicago. Axelrod will remain at his side as senior adviser, and Rep. Rahm Emanuel will be White House chief of staff. Billionaire Penny Pritzker, who has known Obama since the mid-1990s and served as his campaign finance chairwoman, was said to be under consideration for commerce secretary until she took herself out of the running. (Barack Obama: The first Jewish president? Chicago circle nurtured him all the way to the top, The Chicago Tribune, 12th December 2008)

And as Obama schmoozed Jews in America, Macron was doing the same in France: in 2008, he became an investment banker at Rothschild & Cie Banque. He performed the goy-grovel and was rewarded with the presidency. He’s never stopped grovelling. Indeed, he grovelled so hard in December 2023 that even some Jews were embarrassed by it. In blatant disregard of the long French tradition of secularism, Macron stood beside the chief rabbi of France as the rabbi lit a Hanukkah candle in a ceremony at the Elysée Palace, home of the French president and supposed heart of French democracy. Yonathan Arfi, the president of the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions (CRIF), joined the storm of protest that followed. Arfi said that Macron had committed an “error” and that “It’s not the place, within the Elysée, to light a Hanukkah candle, because the republican DNA is to stay away from anything religious.”

Mossad and Macron

In other words, Arfi was worried that Macron was making his subservience to Jews too obvious. Yiddish has a phrase for it: shande far di goyim, “shame in front of the gentiles.” It means that something harmful or embarrassing for Jews has been revealed to gentiles. But Jewish control of Macron may reside precisely in their ability to shame him before the world. As I pointed out above, one of the similarities between Blair, Obama, and Macron is that all three are rumored to be secretly gay or bisexual. That similarity may be essential, not incidental, because being secretly gay would make the three goyim highly susceptible to blackmail. Macron’s wife Brigitte is 24 years older than him and a documentary on BFM, “France’s most popular TV news channel,” has said that she once “received an anonymous telephone call alleging that her president husband Emmanuel Macron was with a gay lover.” Whether or not the allegation was true, Israeli intelligence has almost certainly done the same in France as it has done using Jeffrey Epstein in America. Epstein gathered blackmail material on the American elite for Israel. That’s part of why Jewish control of American politics and media is so complete.

Secularism shmecularism: Emmanuel Macron looks shifty as France’s chief rabbi lights a Hanukkah candle at the  Elysée Palace (image from BBC and Mendel Samama)

Does Mossad have videos and recordings of Macron travelling on the Hershey Highway? If it does, that would certainly explain his slavish dedication to serving Jewish interests. Mutato nomine, “with a change of name,” the same would be true of the rumored-to-be-secretly-gay Blair and Obama. Spying and blackmail are Jewish specialities. That’s part of why so many people are suspicious about the “surprise attack” by Hamas on Israel. Before the attack, the Gaza Strip was one of the most closely surveilled and monitored territories on earth. Israeli spying agencies like Unit 8200 have routinely spied on homosexual Palestinians and blackmailed them into working against their own people. Has Israel applied the same blackmail techniques to Blobamacron? I suspect so. I also suspect that Israel applied those techniques to one of Tony Blair’s predecessors as British prime minister and leader of the Labour party. During the Jewish hysteria about Jeremy Corbyn’s “antisemitism,” a Jewish historian called Robert Philpot published an article in the Times of Israel that looked back to a happier era:

Harold Wilson may be less well-known internationally than Margaret Thatcher or Tony Blair, but he dominated British politics for much of the 1960s and 1970s — and remains the only modern-day prime minister to win four general elections. … Famously pragmatic — critics claimed unprincipled — the former prime minister’s name became for a time synonymous with the wheeler-dealing and political game-playing in which he undoubtedly reveled. As one contemporary newspaper columnist suggested, Wilson’s image was “a dark serpentine crawling trimmer, shifty and shuffling, devious, untrustworthy, constant only in the pursuit of self-preservation and narrow party advantage.” For the historian Dominic Sandbrook, Wilson was “a brilliant opportunist.”

There was, however, a limit to Wilson’s alleged opportunism. As the left wing and veteran Zionist Labour MP, Ian Mikardo, once argued: “I don’t think Harold … [had] any doctrinal beliefs at all. Except for one, which I find utterly incomprehensible, which is his devotion to the cause of Israel.” Wilson’s leadership arguably marked the high point of the relationship between Labour and British Jews, a bond which has today been strained by Jeremy Corbyn’s strident anti-Zionism and the allegations of anti-Semitism which continue to rock the party. (“When the UK’s left-wing prime minister was one of Israel’s closest friends,” The Times of Israel, 30th March 2019)

Harold Wilson, “devious,” “untrustworthy,” and a staunch Friend of Israel (image from Labour Friends of Israel)

Why did the “veteran Zionist” Ian Mikardo think that Wilson’s “devotion” to Israel was “utterly incomprehensible”? Mikardo was himself Jewish and presumably realized that Wilson wasn’t a natural philosemite. But perhaps that unshakeable Zionism was only “incomprehensible” to those without the full facts. But if Israel was blackmailing the “devious” and “untrustworthy” Wilson, his devotion becomes perfectly comprehensible. Tony Blair is also “devious,” “untrustworthy,” and a staunch Friend of Israel. And like Blair, Wilson had a close Jewish associate who became involved in a financial scandal. Blair’s associate Lord Levy was investigated, but not prosecuted and jailed, for allegedly selling honors to rich Jews who made secret donations to the Labour party. Wilson’s associate Lord Kagan actually was jailed for fraud when he was “forced to return to England” after seeking refuge (can you guess where?) in Israel.

The parallels between Blair and Wilson don’t end there. Both of them became leader of the Labour party only after the unexpected and premature death of the previous leader. As Wikipedia puts it: “The shock of [Hugh] Gaitskell’s death [in 1963] was comparable to that of the sudden death of the later Labour Party leader John Smith, in May 1994, when he too seemed to be on the threshold of [becoming prime minister].” Fancy that! Those staunch Friends of Israel Wilson and Blair both reached the highest office in the land thanks to a lucky accident. Of course, it wasn’t lucky for Hugh Gaitskell or John Smith. But it was lucky for Wilson and Blair. And even luckier for Israel, which had warm friends in power instead of the more distant Gaitskell and Smith.

Labour’s toxic transformation

So did Israel assassinate Gaitskell and Smith to clear the path to power for its shabbos goyim Wilson and Blair? Well, I started this article with some Latin, so I’ll end it and answer the question with some Italian: se no è vero, è ben trovato. That roughly means: “If it’s not true, it should be.” History clearly proves that Wilson and Blair displayed slavish “devotion to the cause of Israel.” But it also proves that neither displayed any devotion at all to the cause of the White working-class. Under Harold Wilson, the Labour party, founded to champion the White working-class, began to turn into a dedicated enemy of the White working-class.

By the time Tony Blair entered Downing Street, that transformation from champion to enemy was complete. The transformation was overseen by Jews and carried out by shabbos goyim. That’s why it would make a perfect story if Israel did indeed assassinate Gaitskell and Smith to put Wilson and Blair into office. Jews hate Whites and their shabbos goyim know that they have to harm Whites once they get into power. Harming Whites is precisely what Harold Wilson and Blobamacron have done.

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  1. Alfons
    Alfons says:

    [mod. comment: this is all absolutely fascinating and highly important stuff, but why are you posting it here? your own blog will get you a much bigger audience.]

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Northern Chinese are Confucian and conservative. Northern Europeans should be the same. Southern Chinese are individualistic. Europe is so strange.

      Similarly, Nordics like to imagine we’re superior for our individualism, but we’re actually just as group oriented as the others. And I hope Dr. MacDonald is wrong that certain positives associated with us are linked with individualism. I want all the positives.

      • Rudolf
        Rudolf says:

        That’s an interesting note, Weaver, thank you for that. As an Aquarius-born person, I understand when Mr. MacDonald addresses his theme of “group-individual”, whereby this duality, which is nevertheless conditional, does not only mean contradiction, but synthesis.

        I believe that what Prof. MacDonald meant was that individualism has enormous power in terms of spiritual development. For example, it was only thanks to his independent thinking that he was able to uncover his theory of the group dynnamics of the Jewish collective.

        Individualism as a strength is only non-destructive if it serves a goal that is beneficial to the group. Individualism solely for its own sake floats in a vacuum and therefore has no unifying quality whatsoever. A collective framework should therefore be established to give individualism the place it deserves, but not in the sense of worldly destructive phantasmagorias.

        For example: If a car as an invention fulfills a rough form and function, it should exist in individual tastefully coordinated further developments. A car is a means of transportation that serves many needs. And so national diversity can also exist. The fixed boundary is naturally where the car begins to intermarry with the airplane or the Negro with the Aryan.

        (Or “music” merges with the noise of the big cities.)

        I am currently reading the book “Mystery Man” by a certain Kurt Umland from 1956. It is already infested with Jewish psychoanalysis, but still largely based on logic and simplicity of thought. There is also a topic on urban mass man, which I will first translate into English (to shed more light on your very legitimate question) in the coming days.

  2. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    Sorry for the long comment, but there is a lot to say for France :

    We also have this expression “mental Jew” and Macron is
    100% a mental Jew. There’s no need to blackmail him with such natural-born submission. From secondary school onwards, he assiduously consorted only with Jews and those who could serve his interests. Particularly a North African Jew called Drahi. Drahi is the epitome of Jewish behavior and evil. Starting from nothing,
    parasite from Morroco, his modus operandi is always the same: acquoquine with the non-Jewish elite, or rather pseudo-elite, and obtain public contracts destined to make a quick fortune based on racketeering and revolting practices (while corrupt goyim and associates like Macron receive their share): this is how this North African Jew obtained the installation of low-cost cable TV in the “banlieues” (read African enclaves) all over France, spending nothing because everything was financed by the white taxpayers who, of course, would never benefit from low cost TV.

    AND strangely enough, Drahi became one of France’s richest men, while the mediocre Macron began his ascent up the social ladder. Of course, the cable TV was terribly dysfunctional, and service was reduced to a minimum. But we’re still seeing the same pattern: parasitism and misappropriation of state funds, privileged non-whites (no matter how rotten the service, that’s the principle), white taxpayers robbed by the parasites from above and below, goy shabbat traitor like Macron ( Biden, etc ) also profiting. The same modus operandi is at work with the solar panel and turbine scam: Jewish swindlers, state collusion, white taxpayers robbed, goyim traitors rewarded, dysfunctional (or useless, e.g. COVID vaccines) services.

    Anti-civilization at work once again.

    By the way, this Drahi now also officiates in Israel as internet provider, where his Israeli “clients” also complain about the horrible quality of his services.

    As for Marine Le Pen, she’s an idiot who will make Méloni look like a paragon of virtue. I don’t even want to talk about this cretin. To sum up, this repulsive idiot is also courting the Muslim electorate in France, declaring that Islam is entirely part of France. I’m not joking. Well, it changed a little since the 7 October, but you see the picture.
    His buddy Bardella has a large amount of North African blood, and from Italian or other south European country, which perfectly illustrates the complete racial decomposition of France…

  3. Gnome Chompsky
    Gnome Chompsky says:

    Educated by the article. John Smith was certainly a loss.

    Blair is a disgusting creep, former Trotskyite, plastic smile, likely a secret homosexual, but his wife is a woman.

    In the cases of both Obama and Macron, arguments that their wives were actually men have been persistent, entertaining, and while not entirely convincing, both cases have enough evidence to raise doubts.

    Macron is the most ridiculous of the three for two reasons.

    His ‘wife’ is his senior by 25 years.

    Soon after the film Nymphomaniac by Lars von Trier (yes, I like many of his films but avoided that one) was released, Macron made a homosexual re-enactment of one of the publicity photos for the film by posing between two shirtless, sweaty, and arrogant negroes, just as in the publicity shot for the movie, where a French woman was posed in precisely the same way.

  4. michael
    michael says:

    Perhaps the Israeli big, bad threat of the Samson Option was deployed at various but closely align times and from Dimona: Pop! Whatta get? Tony, Barack and Emanuel. Maybe a second was shot out as well and whadda get? Joe “I’m a Zionist!” Biden and Kwanzala “I’m ready to lead America!” Harris. No less toxic, and just as owned for the first and dumb for the latter. The latter’s as much owned as all of them. Imagine her as President and her choice as Vice President…

  5. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    The Latest Marketing Narrative “invented” by the DEM/Blue/Woke machine is American (White) RURAL RAGE, the new white Christian Nationalist mob deplorables. This is the new marketing narrative which seeks to disqualify the RED MAGA Conservatives as being Nazis, racists hate/full hordes on UNamericans cultists. This is completely detach from REALITY..those same RED States populations voted for Clinton/Obama more than 2xs in a row, back then they were not racists. MAGA remains an amarphous movement of multidiverse conservatives which are being painted as Neo/Nazis that deserve to die, inciting groups like BLM/ANTIFA/SPLC/ACLU and Blue DEm states to LYNCH them, mass arrests, mass incarceration. The NYTimes has gone as far as suggesting that Bklue DEM hordes have the moral duty to KILL (white) MAGA/GOP TRUMP voters/supporters…Ironically those evil White MAGA RED TRUMP supporters that are full of hate that the NYTimes called rural rage hate mongers are also the core of the Christian Zionists movement…Most MAGA RED TRUMP supporters are the millions of poor, jobless, urban workers as well as small bankrupted farmers, whose children are dying of Fentanyl overdoses…they are AMERICANS also…

  6. Alan
    Alan says:

    The more insidious overt Jewish influence predominates over the west the more the true horrors of the Holodomor and all previous Jewish communist genocides
    resurface..ghost like..phantom like….the bad dream s come true..thanks Jews! . The western hemisphere is now an enervated decapitated shadow of itself. Instead of great art art music..true science medical progress…..beheadings and 3rd,4th and 5th world immigrant hordes like demon locust swarms are ubiquitous.. leaving devastation and favela style reimposed poverty everywhere. Young readers of TOO..know that Jews did this .They smirk and vote to do more of this…,they prevaricate, they mock and continue to try to justify the ongoing Holocaust extermination of Gaza and strive to bring that very skivey smell nightmare scenario here…The other day 5000 people marched down 6th avenue in Manhattan chanting” free Palestine..stop the genocide ,ceasefire now .”Our people in the dead city,Jew York city saw it from a window ledge above the drum beating crowds.We greatly respect this article and almost every article on TOO. Remember that nowhere else ..really…but here.. the scintillating intellectually real…verified level of real truth accessible sans appeasement of any kind… Great article.Great comments.

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