The Golden Globalists: MacShane and Macron vs Marine Le Pen

Slugs are remarkably resilient creatures. If a snail falls from height onto a hard surface, it might well crack its shell and perish. A slug falling the same distance will absorb the impact in its springy flesh and slither away unharmed, eye-stalks jauntily re-extended.

A Fraudster Bounces Back

Did Denis “The Slug” MacShane draw inspiration from his molluscan namesake? I like to think so. Metaphorically speaking, this veteran socialist, a former Minister for Europe and policy advisor to Labour Friends of Israel, fell from a great height in 2013, when he was jailed for fraud amid much gloating by his unsavoury fascist and anti-Semitic opponents. Decent folk will rejoice to learn that Denis has absorbed the impact and slithered away unharmed — and unimpoverished. This is currently his resumé at the Euro-lobbyists Avisa:


Nationality: British

Dr Denis MacShane is Britain’s former Minister of Europe and served on the Council of Europe and NATO Parliamentary Assembly, representing the UK as a Member of Parliament. …

Denis knows many of the key EU ministers in national government and parliaments as well as most senior people in Brussels[.] Denis has one of the best address books for key European political, media, policy and official deciders. He counts several European Commissioners and key MEPs from multiple countries and parties as personal friends, and is one of the few senior policy experts in the UK to speak up for the European Parliament.

He still writes regularly for European and US media outlets including the Financial Times, Le Monde, Libération, Die Welt, the Globalist and Slate. In addition to his native English, Denis speaks French and German. Areas of expertise: Brexit; External Relations; Security and Defence (Dr Denis MacShane at Avisa)

Hither and Slither: Denis “The Slug” MacShane

The resumé tactfully omits his conviction for fraud and the name of the constituency he served as an MP. It was Rotherham, of course. And it’s now infamous around the world for the sexual abuse that took place there. Hundreds of White working-class girls were being raped, prostituted and beaten by brutal misogynists who regarded them as nothing but objects for their own pleasure and profit. This was a horrifying example of Patriarchal Oppression, so what a stroke of luck for the girls that they had a Labour MP and a Labour council to defend their interests. Rotherham was overflowing with feminists, anti-rape activists and child-welfare workers.

Virtue and Vibro-Vice

Alas! In a shocking dereliction of duty, the Labour council ignored the girls’ plight because their abusers were vibrant brown-skinned Muslims. But surely the abused girls could rely on their MP, the staunch socialist Dr Denis MacShane? Alas again! Despite his unshakeable commitment to child welfare and feminism, Denis failed to spot what was going on. Remember that slugs, although resilient, are also myopic:

Denis MacShane: I was too much of a ‘liberal leftie’ and should have done more to investigate child abuse

Denis MacShane, the former Labour MP for Rotherham, has admitted that as a “Guardian reading liberal leftie” he shied away from the issue of the oppression of women in the Muslim community. Mr MacShane, who resigned in 2012 over an expenses fraud for which he was later jailed, insisted no-one came to him with child abuse allegations during his 18 years in Parliament, but admitted he should have “burrowed into” the issue.

He told the BBC: “I think there was a culture of not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat if I may put it like that.” Admitting he had been guilty of doing too little, he said he had been aware of the problem of cousin marriage and “the oppression of women within bits of the Muslim community in Britain” but: “Perhaps yes, as a true Guardian reader, and liberal leftie, I suppose I didn’t want to raise that too hard.” … (Denis MacShane: I was too much of a ‘liberal leftie’ and should have done more to investigate child abuse, The Daily Telegraph, 27th August 2014)

On his account, Denis was too virtuous to investigate the vice taking place under his nose for all those years. But his insistence that “no-one came to him with child abuse allegations” is flatly contradicted by Jane Senior, a whistleblower in Rotherham who says she sent him “a briefing paper on the issues, ahead of a conference they both attended on child grooming.”

The Denis Dilemma

So whom to believe? The convicted fraudster Denis MacShane or the proven truth-teller Jane Senior? It’s a tough one, but I can suggest other reasons for Denis’s failure to spot the rape-gangs. It wasn’t just that he was a “true Guardian reader” during his time as Rotherham’s MP. As his resumé at Avisa shows, he was also working hard to build up “one of the best address books for key European political, media, policy and official deciders,” and ensuring that he could count “European Commissioners and key MEPs from multiple countries and parties as personal friends.” With important people to meet and lots of money to make, was it any wonder Denis let his attention wander from what he called “my wonderful constituency” of Rotherham?

He was also working hard on behalf of Europe’s tiny Jewish community: among much else, he was chairman of the European Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism. He has never admitted any Jewish ancestry, but some conspiracy-minded folk have suggested that his late Polish father was a Jewish communist sent to Britain to work for the KGB. If so, his father would have been deeply saddened to see how Denis failed the proletariat of Rotherham. Many working-class girls there will never recover from what happened to them while Denis was schmoozing with the Euro-elite and campaigning for Europe’s Jews.

Gold from Globalism

On the upside, Denis himself has fully recovered from his unfortunate jail-sentence for fraud. He’s back schmoozing and back earning big money. His work for the European Union might not have been good for proles in Rotherham, but it was always good for Denis’s bank-balance. His loyal support for the EU and globalism has showered him with gold. And his loyalty has been returned. Since his emergence from prison, he has been writing for a publication actually called The Globalist.

In his writing there, he warns against the dangers posed to the glorious European Project by “populism” — or democracy, as it’s sometimes also known. He attacks the Front National leader Marine Le Pen and her even more extremist niece Marion, who “wants to restore ‘the Christian identity’ of France.” Note the sneer-quotes: to Denis and his fellow globalists, France is a piece of real estate, not a nation shaped by many centuries of Catholicism. And note the wisdom he dispensed after the recent vibrancy in London:

Of note, the terrorist criminal who carried out the attack was born in Britain, raised in Britain and is as British as Prime Minister May or David Beckham. Khalid Masood was not an immigrant. Moreover, he has nothing to do with “Europe.” His mother was British, he was born and grew up in south England and has nothing to do with recent immigration movements in Europe. (London Terror and Poland’s Utter Disgrace, The Globalist, 25th March 2017)

I’m sure he will say the same about Salman Abedi, the son of Libyan refugees and murderer of 22 children, mainly young girls, in Manchester. As I pointed out in “Born in Britain,” the idea that simply being born here makes one “British” is a liberal fantasy designed to conceal the harm done by mass immigration. Denis was promoting this fantasy to attack the Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo: “That Mrs. Szydlo lowered herself to the level of linking the Westminster terror atrocity with the EU’s immigration policy is a matter of true disgrace.”

Wisdom from the East

If Mrs. Szydlo’s accurate linking of immigration with terrorism is a “true disgrace,” what does that make Denis’s failure to protect his young female constituents in Rotherham? Mass immigration by Muslims into Poland would inevitably lead to a big increase in sex-crimes against Polish women — and against Polish men, to judge by some vibrant sodomites from Libya who raped a man in Cambridge while “training” with the British army. Denis MacShane claims in his article that “Today’s terror threat from Islamist ideology financed by the Gulf states is the negation of everything Europe and Poland stands for.”

In that case, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and other ethnically unenriched countries in Eastern Europe are very wise to reject mass immigration from the Third World. Unlike Britain, France and Germany in Western Europe, they haven’t had big problems with mass murder, rape-gangs, dead cartoonists, honour killings, female genital mutilation, grope-festivals, cousin-marriage and exotic diseases. And without mass immigration, they will never acquire those problems (although Poland’s AIDS rate did rise thanks to Simon Moleke Njie, a hard-working Black anti-racist from Africa).

Heir to Voltaire

Denis MacShane’s failure to understand simple logic is nothing new. In 2012, he celebrated a book in defence of free speech, saluting its author Nick Cohen as heir to Voltaire and other “giants of the 18th century.” But in 2006 he had chaired the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism, which recommended that it be made “an offence to download … material which could incite racial or religious hatred.” Such a law is now well in prospect whoever wins the next election in Britain.

Works by Voltaire, Dickens, T.S. Eliot and many other literary greats would then become potentially illegal, because Voltaire & Co. all said disobliging things about Jews. Denis MacShane pretends to support free speech while actually working with Jews like Moshe Kantor to destroy it. Kantor is a billionaire from Russia who was given the Légion d’Honneur, “the highest decoration in France,” by François Hollande in 2015:

Moshe Kantor is honoured by President Hollande

You are an inspiring person in the Jewish world, a great figure of the Jewish People in Europe, heading a major institution, the European Jewish Congress, which today represents 42 communities,” President Hollande said before bestowing the award. “You and the EJC are promoting Jewish culture, interfaith dialogue and tolerance, fighting Antisemitism and racism and preserving the memory of the Holocaust. Because all of these reasons, all of these values — your fight against Antisemitism and for peace, and for your love of France — we honor you here today. (Dr. Moshe Kantor Awarded Legion of Honour by President Hollande, European Jewish Congress, 30th June 2015)

Liberalism as Death-Cult

Kantor loves France so much that, like Daniel Finkelstein in Britain and Barbara Lerner Spectre in Sweden, he wants it to be flooded with Muslims and other Third-World folk even as the surveillance state is strengthened and free speech is crushed. Like other Jews based in Europe, he opposed Marine Le Pen in the recent French presidential election and supported Emmanuel Macron, the vacuous Blair/Obama-hybrid who was repeatedly called an “independent centrist” by the media. In fact, as a former banker with Rothschild & Cie, Macron is a wholly owned subsidiary of Globalism Inc.:

Franco-Israeli billionaire Patrick Drahi

Nearly all of the French private media sector is controlled by investors and corporate entities with highly diversified business interests and no historical attachment to the principles of journalistic independence. BFMTV, the country’s most-watched television news station, is owned by Altice, a multinational telecommunications group founded and run by the Franco-Israeli billionaire Patrick Drahi. In October, an Altice media executive left the company to join the campaign of Emmanuel Macron. Before running for the presidency, Macron had served as a senior aide to the president and then as economy minister, and had shepherded Altice’s acquisition of a major French telecommunications operator. The Front National has taken note of all this, and has cited it repeatedly as evidence of BFMTV’s alleged collusion with the Macron campaign.

Macron shakes hands with François Hollande

These accusations of partisanship and collusion are only bolstered by the long traditions of both in French journalism. As the country’s daily paper of the right, Le Figaro might be expected to show sympathy for Le Pen’s positions on immigration, say, or French identity. But the newspaper is owned by an industrialist who also happens to be a senator from the traditional right, to which the FN is a threat, and Le Figaro’s editors have been discouraged from covering Le Pen “so as not to harm the republican right”, according to Philippe Goulliaud, who served as the paper’s politics editor for a decade. The paper’s opinion pages remain all but closed to Le Pen. Libération, on the left, refuses to publish either op-eds or interviews with Front National officials. (The paper is also owned by Altice.) (How Marine Le Pen played the media, The Guardian, 20th April 2017)

The “Franco-Israeli billionaire” Patrick Drahi got his way. He and other Jews around the world celebrated when Macron swept to victory over Marine Le Pen. So did the Guardian cartoonist Martin Rowson, who mocked Le Pen in this cartoon:

Martin Rowson mocks Marine Le Pen

Now compare Rowson’s reaction to some less happy news from France, the Charlie Hebdo massacre in 2015. In an article for the Guardian, he said that “we mustn’t stop laughing this latest bunch of murderous clowns to scorn.” In a cartoon, he failed to follow his own advice:

I don’t see any scorn there. Instead, I see fear and a refusal to fight back. But Rowson feels safe to mock Marine Le Pen, who wants to defend France from the Muslim terrorism that murders cartoonists like him. As I’ve said before, liberalism is better regarded as a psychiatric condition or criminal conspiracy than as a political ideology. For liberal narcissists like Rowson, it’s a suicide cult. For members of the hostile elite like Denis MacShane, it’s a self-enrichment cult. For ordinary Whites across the West, it’s a curse that needs to be lifted.

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