Hamas Are Rapists … and Other Obvious Truths of the Muslim World

You probably missed one of the most horrible stories of 2023. Border-guards in Saudi Arabia were accused of firing on Black Ethiopian migrants with powerful weaponry, including mortars, and leaving the desert strewn with body-parts and corpses. Survivors were allegedly told “to choose a limb to be shot in” and one was allegedly forced to rape another “under threat of execution.” It seems as though the guards were amusing themselves with the murder and mutilation of despised Blacks, knowing that no-one would care and nothing would be done.

Auster on Islam

If so, they were right. No-one did care. The mainstream right are allied with the vile Saudi government and the mainstream left aren’t interested in anything that portrays Muslims in a bad light. And there’s no shortage of news doing exactly that. If that story from Saudi Arabia is one of the most horrible I’ve ever seen, then another from Tunisia is one of the saddest. A young Arab called Mohamed Bouazizi was trying to scrape a living for his family as a street-vendor. But bullying police kept harassing him, confiscating his produce-cart, and humiliating him with kicks and blows. Seeing no means of redress, Bouazizi despaired and set himself on fire in December 2010 outside the office of the local governor. He was rushed to hospital but died in January 2011. His death was one of triggers of the so-called Arab Spring, which was obviously never going to succeed in bringing decent governments to the Middle East. And it didn’t. Instead, it reinforced one of the central truths of Islamic history: that no-one massacres or oppresses Muslims more enthusiastically and effectively than other Muslims. If you have a strong stomach, try reading about the Syrian prison-system and the methods used by the minority Alawite regime to suppress its enemies and retain power.

When it comes to Islam, I think the late great Larry Auster got it right: all dealings with Muslims should start with the simple recognition that Islam is evil. It’s an accurate description of Islam and an acute prescription of how we should treat Muslims. Evil is both dangerous and infectious, so Auster’s insight tells us very clearly that we should not interfere in Muslim nations and that we should not allow Muslims to inhabit our own nations. Which is not at all to say that Muslims can’t be the victims of great evil at the hands of non-Muslims. The neo-con “wars for democracy” in the Middle East should have put George Bush, Tony Blair, and their Jewish controllers in the dock for crimes against humanity. Communist China is currently oppressing and committing atrocities against Uighur Muslims just as it is against Tibetan Buddhists. But Uighur Muslims had tried to slaughter their way out of Chinese control. It wasn’t a wise move: terrorism doesn’t work against totalitarians. I would prefer both Tibetans and Uighurs to be free and sovereign nations, but I also prefer Tibetans to Uighurs. In Muslim nations, the streets run regularly with the blood of animals and less regularly with the blood of humans. As Larry Auster said: Islam is evil.

Unspecified “gangs”

But it’s precisely because Islam is evil that leftists are so enthusiastic about Muslims entering the West in unlimited numbers. Like Blacks, Muslims are ideal foot-soldiers in the left’s war on White Christian civilization. As I described in “The Arch-Invertebrate of Contemptible,” the Church of England once sent missionaries to Muslims to bring them out of their false religion and into the light of Christ. Now Justin Welby, the most senior cleric in Anglicanism, performs the kaffir krawl before Muslims and refuses to even mention the name of Jesus. And when he condemned the kidnapping of Nigerian Christians in March, he blamed unspecified “gangs.” He couldn’t even bring himself to add the weasel-word “Islamist.” He’s a devout leftist who believes in the Guardian, not the Gospel, which is why he collaborates with the evil of Islam.

And although Welby will express concern about Blacks in Nigeria, he won’t express concern about Whites in Britain. Decade after decade, Muslims have been raping, prostituting, and destroying the lives of White working-class girls in numerous British towns and cities. The Labour party, which was founded to defend the White working-class, hasn’t merely ignored the Muslim rape-gangs: it’s helped them carry on their work by suppressing the truth and demonizing whistle-blowers as “Islamophobic” and “racist.” The Church of England, which is tasked by God with defending the innocent and fighting evil, has responded to sexual jihad by bleating that “We all benefit from the many ways that Muslims in their diversity seek to be good citizens and contribute to our common good.” The Church of England no longer believes in the Way, the Truth, and the Light.

Not natural allies after all

Instead, it believes in the waste, the trash, and the lie. That’s why it won’t speak the truth about the evil of Islam or the central Jewish role in importing that evil into the West. When Denis MacShane, the Labour MP for Rotherham, was jailed for fraud in 2013, he was hailed by the Jewish Chronicle as “one of the [Jewish] community’s greatest champions.” Of course, MacShane wasn’t elected to champion Jews: he was elected to champion the White working-class. Naturally enough, he betrayed the White working-class, ignored the Muslim rape-gangs in his “beloved” constituency of Rotherham, and worked for the rich Jews of far-off London. Like all sensible leftists, MacShane knew that genuinely championing the White working-class is a sure and swift route to obloquy and oblivion, not riches and repute. And his refusal to confront the evil of Islam was part of his work as a shabbos goy (or possible crypto-Jew). Jews have often hailed Muslims as “natural allies,” although they’ve tactfully declined to name the shared enemy of the supposed alliance. They don’t need to name it, because it’s obvious: Jews and Muslims are natural allies against White Christian civilization.

“Open borders for Israel!”: lying Jewish propaganda is turned back on its Jewish creators

Alas, those “natural allies” of Jews have turned out to be natural enemies. Since the atrocities of October 7, Jews have watched with dismay as Hamas-fans have flooded the streets of Western cities week after week, siding with the oppressed non-White Palestinians rather than the oppressive White Israelis. Part of Jewish dismay comes from the fact that they don’t see themselves as “White.” Whites are wicked and Jews, being saintly victims, cannot be part of the White race. QED. But that simple logic isn’t getting through to the Jew-trained left, who think that Ashkenazi Jews like Benjamin Netanyahu are hyper-whites with hyper-privilege. I think this is an example of what observers of the lunacies of Western foreign policy have long called “blowback.” The West supported the Taliban against Russia, then the Taliban turned against the West. Jews trained the left to hate Whites and worship Muslims, then the left sided with Hamas against Israel.

Faithful to Muhammad’s teachings

As for me, I don’t support either Israel or the Palestinians. All the same, Israel is much closer to my ideal for civilization than Gaza is. Palestinians are dedicated to marrying close relatives, not to mastering calculus. But I don’t think my preference for Ashkenazi intellect over Islamic inbreeding has stopped me recognizing the truth about the Hamas invasion of October 7. Yes, Jews are among the world’s greatest hysterics and most enthusiastic liars. And yes, some of the stories about October 7 — the baked or beheaded babies, for example — seem to be hoaxes. But I don’t think the reports of sexual violence by Hamas are hoaxes. Rape of infidel women is sanctified in Islam, not forbidden. The founder of Christianity is not reported to have ever married or had a sexual relationship of any kind with a woman. It isn’t plausible that he never married and never had sex, but Christian texts are silent on the matter and no Christian could ever justify rape or sex-slavery by Christ’s example. That isn’t true for Muslims. The founder of Islam is extensively reported to have had sexual relations not merely with numerous adult women, willing and otherwise, but also with a nine-year-old girl. When the Muslim warriors of Islamic State turned Yezidi women and girls into sex-slaves, they were not rejecting Muhammad’s example, they were being faithful to it. Why would Hamas be any different?

Jewish control is very bad for the West, but  Israel is not uniquely evil

And does it matter in the slightest to the left whether the rape-reports are true or not? Of course it doesn’t. Even if we suppose that Hamas didn’t commit any rapes on October 7, Hamas certainly execute homosexuals. Hamas will continue to execute and the left will continue to turn a blind eye. Leftists insist on seeing Palestinians as saintly non-White victims and Israelis as evil White oppressors. Which isn’t to say that the Israelis aren’t committing evils against the Palestinians. But Palestinians are not saintly and I genuinely do not believe that Israel is behaving towards them with unusual savagery and cruelty. Israel is certainly not committing “genocide” against the inhabitants of Gaza. Saudi Arabia has been waging a war against Yemen since 2015 that is much more deserving of the epithet “genocidal.” But how much outrage has Saudi Arabia’s brutal war on Yemen generated in the West? Not a hundredth as much as Israel’s much briefer and no more brutal war on Gaza. Saudi Arabia is worse than Israel by any objective standard and receives far less condemnation. As I said above: The mainstream right are allied with the corrupt Saudi government and the mainstream left aren’t interested in anything that portrays Muslims in a bad light. Meanwhile, some on the dissident right seem to have abandoned reality when it comes to the war in Gaza. This is what Ron Unz has said:

So in retaliation for perhaps 100 to 200 killings of unarmed civilians, the Israeli government has now gleefully slaughtered tens of thousands of helpless Palestinian civilians while apparently seeking to raise that body-count into the millions. (“American Pravda: Gaza, Jewish Power, and the Holocaust,” Unz Review, 19th February, 2024)

I think Ron makes a good case that most Israeli deaths on October 7 were actually the fault of the IDF, not of Hamas. But I also think that his final claim about Israel’s intentions is hysterical and hyperbolic. I see no “appearance” that Israel wants to kill “millions” of Palestinians. I do, however, see not merely the appearance but the reality that Israel wants to deport millions of Palestinians to the West. Donald Trump’s Jewish son-in-law, the deeply sinister Jared Kushner, has said that it’s “unfortunate” Europe “isn’t taking in more Palestinian refugees.” Does Ron seriously think that Israel would prefer to exterminate millions of Palestinians rather than deport them? And if Palestinians do begin entering the West in large numbers, would Ron be happy for his female friends and relatives to test whether they receive the same “decent and respectful treatment” from Palestinians that he alleges Hamas bestowed on their female captives after October 7?

I hope that he wouldn’t. I also hope that Ron wouldn’t be happy to allow Palestinians unsupervised access to his male friends and relatives either. Not if he knows anything about the long Muslim tradition of male rape, at least. But I will of course apologize to Ron if he turns out to be right and the Israeli military does do what it’s perfectly capable of doing and so far hasn’t done, namely, exterminate Palestinian civilians by the million. Hamas isn’t capable of exterminating Israeli civilians by the million, but is there any doubt that it would if it could? Hamas is a death-cult that is yet more proof of Larry Auster’s simple truth: Islam is evil.

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  1. John White
    John White says:

    Absolute nonsense. There is no possible plausable reason to think that the heroes of Hamas, having broken out from the (very real) extermination camp in which the jews confined them, would risk their mission and their health by raping diseased jew whores.

    To claim that the jews do not seek to exterminate the Palestinians, just as they do whites, is absurd. I will support anyone fighting our enemy, the jews, especially those as heroic as the Palestinian people. Just as Adolf Hitler did. Just as George Lincoln Rockwell did. God bless the martyrs.

    [mod. comment: oy veh, my fellow aryan, vot sensible things you say.]

    • KT-88
      KT-88 says:

      I never thought we would be on the same side as muslims but it really is everyone against the Zio-Satanists. Even Africans are kicking them out.

    • K M Landis
      K M Landis says:

      I agree. I don’t believe the atrocity stories either. It’s just more brazen Jewish lies. The purpose of the Hamas raid was to get hostages, to trade for Arab prisoners unjustly held by Israel. The Hamas fighters were clever, brave and lucky. They wouldn’t endanger their mission and disgrace themselves by taking time out to rape women and behead babies. The released Jewish hostages have all stated that they were well treated.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Hamas is very capable of lying. However, Israel is also so-capable. So, the stories we hear from Israel are false, but Hamas is also dishonest.

      I strongly doubt there were beheadings. However, rape is much more believable, though doubtful.

      The Hamas goal was supposedly to hit military targets. Regardless, I just want the US out of the conflict. I don’t have a side really.

  2. JohnnyRapid
    JohnnyRapid says:

    This is profuse nonsense. There’s no lack of evidence for Jews taking pleasure in killing others–recall ‘Sterilize the Germans’ by Antone Kaufmann. Israel is downright run by truly genocidal sadists, and they have the support of the majority of the population as well as American Jews. What’s more, all in all, the ultimate plan is not just driving those in Gaza out (into Egypt or, maybe, into Europe), but also those in the West Bank (which would most certainly happen if they succeed in Gaza). On the long term, Jews want to eat up their neighbors, too, which really wouldn’t work well for Europe.
    And while I’m no fan of Islamofascism, there’s so far no evidence Hamas raped anybody, and all claims that they did have either been unsubstantiated or completely debunked (see the NYT article and UN report).

  3. JohnnyRapid
    JohnnyRapid says:

    Plus I generally wouldn’t take any western MSM on Assad. They’ve lied several times about the chemical attacks shit, not once did they show anything to prove it. The whole Syria ‘civil war’ (code for CIA-funded terrorist riots) is one Jewish neocon job to import millions of Syrians into Europe–which obviously worked–and then toppling Assad to replace him with a western puppet to remove Iran from Israel’s doorstep and perhaps easing Israel’s future mission of annexing the remaining of the Golan Heights. If you see where the US bases are located in Syria, and the sheer funding the US provides for Kurdish separatists (Israel’s best friends) who want to break away with a country of their own, you’d see where this shit’s going.

    • K M Landis
      K M Landis says:

      The US military should not be in Syria. It is against our national interest.

      Bashar Assad was always pro-West, before we launched the “civil war” against him. He had nothing to do with those chemical attacks. No evidence was never produced to show he did, and he had no credible motive to do it.

      The USA is the total puppet of the Israel and AIPAC. That is the greatest foreign interference in our elections.

  4. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    I have read that it was a Jewish “scribe” who wrote the “Quran” because the Arabs themselves were not educated or capable enough. I wouldn’t be surprised, as the Jews are constantly putting “ideologies” into the world, which they later claim to want to get rid of. But in all these ideologies they have immortalized their origins forever, so that they can identify themselves as their originators at any time. Even communism was born and flourished on their filth. Everything that is sick in the world comes from their brains. These are pathologies put into “commandments”. In Germany, for example, the institutions for the disabled are overcrowded with mentally disturbed children (DNA defects) inbred in Mudslim families. These entire Semitic clans are the only clubfoot and cost factor for Western societies, which also believe they have to care for and provide for this backward brood of snakes, of course because of their oh-so-“Christian” conscience (“original sin”), which is of course also Jewishly infected.

  5. Joe
    Joe says:

    This site gets more ridiculous by the day. Also, there are millions of Whites in Eastern Europe who are Muslims. Islam is not the problem, non Whites in White nations are a problem. At least Muslims have shown a willingness to fight, something that can’t be said of White Christians unfortunately.

    • Kevin MacDonald
      Kevin MacDonald says:

      Muslims for the most part–the ones destroying Europe, are not White. And yes, they are willing to fight–against Europeans as they attempt to take over Europe.

  6. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    The author provides the correct perspective to the Gaza conflict. Both Jews and Muslims are anti-White. In this case, although Muslims are the victims of Israel’s genocide against them, they are still not our friends.

    However, I wish they were stronger in Gaza, and could fight back against Israeli drones and other high-tech weaponry. This struggle is too one-sided. It’s a turkey shoot. It shows the Jews to be genocidal, hysterical and dishonest, and it shows the abject subservience of the USA & UK to Jewish money. It is certainly useful to expose the true nature of Jewish influence and to discredit Israel, but it still would be better if the Gazans could fight back more effectively.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      The conflict is portrayed as if Israelis are white and a Colonial power abusing nonwhite Arabs. And Israel is portrayed, with Ukraine, as a dangerous example of what nationalism can lead to.

      So, we get blamed, as always, for what Jews do. And whites are blindly serving them like slaves, as always.

      But this is a huge blow to Jewish power.

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