The Arch-Invertebrate of Contemptible: Surveying the Sick Joke of the Church of England

Meet the goy grovel. It’s the most important ritual of modern Western life. Sycophancy and self-abasement are poured out by gentiles before Jews in the hope of social gain and material reward. Goyim grovel with particular energy and enthusiasm at Hanukkah, the minor Jewish festival artificially inflated by Jews to compete with and blur the significance of Christmas. Minor as it is, however, Hanukkah carries the true flavor of Judaism and Jewish psychology, because it’s all about hating and harming goyim.

The kaffir krawl

As part of their eternal quest to harm goyim, Jews have opened the borders of Western nation to the vibrant folk of the Third World. This means that the goy grovel now has a baby brother called the kaffir krawl. It consists of sycophancy and self-abasement poured out before Muslims by non-Muslims, or kaffirs. If you want to see a particularly fine example of a kaffir krawl, I recommend this short video issued by Justin Welby, the so-called Archbishop of Canterbury, in honor of the Muslim holy month of Ramadhan:

Justin Welby performs the kaffir-krawl #1

Justin Welby performs the kaffir-krawl #2

Justin Welby performs the kaffir-krawl #3

If you watch the video or merely look at the three stills I’ve selected from it, you will surely agree with what Andrew Joyce once said of Welby at the Occidental Observer: “At the heart of this disease [of GloboHomo in Christianity] is the Archbishop of Canterbury and leader of the Church of England, Justin Welby, a man who looks [as if] ten minutes of manual labor would actually kill him. He is the definition of all that is wrong in modern Man.” But has Joyce truly nailed Welby there? No, I wouldn’t say so. How could you pound a nail into someone as insubstantial and ectoplasmic as Justin Welby? He reminds me of a pallid and eyeless worm you might find if you dredged a cess-pit or dug deep into a steaming heap of elephant-dung. He isn’t the Archbishop of Canterbury: he’s the Arch-Invertebrate of Contemptible.

Not the Gospel but the Guardian

Welby’s kaffir krawl for Ramadhan is yet more proof of why he is so contemptible. How many times does he mention Jesus Christ? Once? Twice? Thrice? Nope. Try zero, zilch, zip. He’s too busy pouring sycophancy over Muslims and smarmily quoting the scriptures of his real religion. Welby claims to follow “the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” He’s lying. He doesn’t follow the Gospel; he follows the Guardian. That’s why he talks about “Muslims in their diversity … who enrich our society in countless ways.” Diversity and enrichment — that’s the Gospel according to the Guardian alright. Here are words from the real Gospel, which Welby betrays every day of his life:

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (John 8:31)

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you. (Matthew 28:19)

And the gospel must first be published [i.e., proclaimed] among all nations. (Mark 13:10)

“The gospel” is literally the Good News, the knowledge that God descended to earth in the form of a man to save us from sin and death. Christ was incarnated for all mankind, which is why Christians are commanded to preach the Gospel to “all nations.” The logic is perfectly clear: if Christ is the only begotten son of God and no man comes to the Father but by Him, then Islam is a false religion and Christians must seek to bring Muslims to “the way, the truth, and the life.”

The optics of Clown World: Justin Welby has the same demonic left eye as Tony Blair, portrayed here by the Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell, and the Jewish neo-con Nick Cohen

And that is exactly what the Church of England once did. It sent missionaries to “all nations” and sought to bring Muslims and other infidels out of their false religions and into the true religion of Christianity. Now Justin Welby, the highest representative of the church, performs the kaffir krawl before Muslims, pouring sycophancy over them and smarmily celebrating “the huge contribution that Muslims across our nation make to our society.” That’s not Christianity, it’s minority-worship, the lying Jew-devised insistence that non-Whites and non-Christians are paragons of virtue, saintly exemplars of all that is highest and holiest in the modern world. So the leftist fantasy goes, at least. The reality of minority behavior is completely different. Here is part of the “huge contribution” made by Muslims to British society:

700 children born with genetic disabilities due to cousin marriages every year

The problem is worst among children born in Britain’s Pakistani community, where more than half of marriages are between first cousins, and children are 10 times more likely than the general population to suffer genetic disorders. The medical risks of first cousin marriages include higher rates of infant mortality, birth defects, learning difficulties, blindness, hearing problems and metabolic disorders.

As adults, the children born from first cousin marriages are at increased risk of miscarriage or infertility. A third of children affected die before their fifth birthday. An investigation by Channel 4’s Dispatches programme found that although more than 70 British studies have proved the risks, and 700 British Pakistani children are born with associated genetic diseases every year, many people deny the dangers. Ann Cryer, the former Labour MP for Keighley, suffered abuse for trying to highlight the problems.

“It’s a public health issue and we deal with public health issues by raising awareness, by talking about subjects such as obesity, such as drug addiction, such as alcohol,” she said. “But for some reason we’re told that we mustn’t talk about cousin marriages because this is a sensitive issue. I think it’s absurd, we have to talk about it in order to find solutions.”

Research shows the number of cousin marriages has risen dramatically in the UK over the last three decades, mainly between British Pakistanis, but also between first cousins in the British Bangladeshi community in which nearly a quarter of people marry their first cousins, and in some Middle Eastern and East African communities. (700 children born with genetic disabilities due to cousin marriages every year, The Daily Telegraph, 22nd Aug 2010)

“Cousin marriages” – and the horrible genetic disorders that go with them – have “risen dramatically” in Britain thanks to Muslims and their revolting but religiously approved customs. Something else that has “risen dramatically” in Britain is child-rape and child-torture. The brave Labour MP Ann Cryer has also tried to combat those two things, despite the opposition of her fellow leftists:

Labour MPs: Left ignored sex abuse

A culture of Left-wing political correctness led politicians and officials to ignore the plight of young girls who were being sexually abused by Asian men, Labour figures have warned. Ann Cryer, an MP from 1997 until 2010, told The Sunday Telegraph how she had feared being called “racist” when, in 2002, she exposed a sex-abuse scandal involving Pakistani men in her constituency of Keighley, West Yorkshire. A “politically correct Left just saw it as racism”, she said.

At the same time, Simon Danczuk, the Labour MP for Rochdale, revealed that even now some of his colleagues disapproved of his efforts to uncover child abuse, because some were “obsessing about multiculturalism”. It follows the exposure last week of the scale of child sexual abuse in Rotherham. An inquiry estimated that at least 1,400 girls as young as 11 were assaulted and raped by gangs of Asian men over a period of 16 years. Some had guns pointed at them or were doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight. Mrs Cryer recalled how there was a politically correct Left that saw her fight as racism. “At the time I was dealing with this, 2002-04, political correctness was playing a big part. The Guardian at that time hardly mentioned these things… because it was so politically correct.” (Labour MPs: Left ignored sex abuse, The Daily Telegraph, 30th Aug 2014)

By “Asian men” and “Pakistanis,” the Telegraph meant Muslims. So there is another part of the “huge contribution” made by Muslims to British society: decade upon decade of child-rape and child-torture. And how does Justin Welby respond? He joins the atheist and secularist left in maintaining both silence and sycophancy. He’s sycophantic about Muslims even as he’s silent about the enormous evils they commit on British soil. Unlike Ann Cryer, he lacks two essential Christian virtues: courage and honesty. He doesn’t combat evil: he collaborates with it.

Judas as performed by Adam Sandler

That’s why he’s the perfect man to head the modern Church of England. Anglicanism used to be merely a joke. Now it’s become a sick joke. Welby embodies both the sickness and the smallness of soul so prevalent in modern Anglicanism. He’s a spiritual, intellectual, and ethical pygmy compared with a figure like Thomas Cranmer (1489–1556), one of his predecessors as Archbishop of Canterbury. Cranmer founded the Church of England under Henry VIII and wrote one of the greatest works in English, the Book of Common Prayer. The modern church, of course, has done its best to suppress the sonority and sweetness of Cranmer’s words. After all, the Book of Common Prayer preaches the Gospel and the modern church believes in preaching only the Guardian. Alas, after founding the new church, Cranmer betrayed Anglicanism under the Catholic queen Mary. But he ended his life repenting and recanting that betrayal, thrusting his right hand into the flames of his execution-pyre and dying with these words: “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit. I see the heavens open and Jesus standing at the right hand of God.”

Cranmer was a giant in the early days of Anglicanism; Welby is a pygmy in its final days. But that shouldn’t fool us into mistaking the enormity of Welby’s offence against the religion he claims to follow. He’s a pygmy, yes, but he’s committing gigantic sins. By his own standards, he’s betraying the Lord of the Universe and re-crucifying Christ. Don’t let his manner fool you into forgetting that. Welby is Judas as performed by Kenneth Williams or Adam Sandler. He’s evil and seems merely effete. He’s a monster who behaves like a mouse. You can see his effeteness in that video of the kaffir krawl he performed for Ramadhan. His evil isn’t so obvious: it’s there by omission, by what he refuses to say about the unique truths of Christianity and the egregious evils of Islam. But just look at the phrase with which Welby ends his kaffir-krawling. He signs off with “Ramadan Mubarak,” which means “Blessed Ramadhan.” At the end of Ramadhan comes Eid Mubarak, a “Blessed Festival” that precedes another Eid Mubarak later in the year. At the other Eid, Muslims slaughter sheep at home by slitting their throats in traditional Islamic fashion — and in clear contravention of Western laws on animal welfare. Has Justin Welby ever protested against that annual festival of grotesque animal cruelty and blatant illegality? Of course not. That would mean criticizing a minority, which is a mortal sin in the eyes of devout Guardianistas like Welby.

Martyr with a machine-gun

And Welby doesn’t protest against genuine mortal sins, as proscribed by his pretended religion of Christianity. Peter Hitchens, the insightful conservative brother of the neo-conservative gasbag Christopher Hitchens, has suggested that do-it-yourself sheep-slaughter prepares Muslims psychologically for jihad and the slaughter of human beings. I think he’s right. Slaughtering humans can be literally sanctified in Islam, as you can see from the word mubarak in another context. It appears on the poster issued by a mainstream Muslim mosque in Maryland to celebrate the life of an Islamic saint and hero:

A poster in celebration of Mumtaz Qadri, who murdered for Muhammad in Pakistan

The most prominent words on the poster read عرس مبارك, urs mubarak, meaning “blessed commemoration.” According to Wiktionary, an urs is “the death anniversary of a Sufi saint, usually held at the saint’s dargah (shrine or tomb).” The bearded man on the poster is the saint in question, a ghazi-shahid or “hero-martyr” called Mumtaz Qadri. And how did he become a saint? What heroic deed did he perform before his martyrdom? Simple. Mumtaz Qadri is the “Martyr with a Machine-Gun” who riddled a Pakistani politician with bullets in 2011 for trying to help a Christian woman called Asia Bibi, who was rotting on death-row after a grossly unfair conviction for blasphemy against Islam. That nifty work with a machine-gun is how Qadri became a hero in the eyes of millions of perfectly mainstream Muslims around the world, from Maryland in America to Middlesex in England.

The One True Faith of Justin Welby

Qadri became a martyr to the same mainstream Muslims when he was hanged by the authorities in Pakistan for his heroism. After that, his admirers founded shrines to celebrate his sainthood and heroic deeds. In 2014, the Guardian reported that “A mosque named in honour of the killer of a politician who called for the reform of Pakistan’s controversial blasphemy laws is proving so popular it is raising funds to double its capacity.” When Qadri was hanged, the Guardian had reported that “One of the largest mosques in Birmingham said special prayers for Qadri, describing him as ‘a martyr’, as did influential preachers in Bradford and Dewsbury’.” Later on, Qadri-fans from Pakistan toured mosques in Britain and praised his heroic defence of the Prophet. And heroism in Pakistan begat heroism in Britain: Qadri’s shining example inspired another ghazi called Tanveer Ahmed, who stabbed and stamped the heretic Asad Shah to death in Glasgow in 2016.

Shah belonged to a Muslim sect called the Ahmadis, who are cruelly persecuted in Pakistan and denied the most basic civil rights. Mainstream Muslims in Britain are doing their best to import that persecution to join the cousin-marriage, child-rape, and political corruption they’ve already firmly established here. But does any of that bother Justin Welby, the Arch-Invertebrate of Canterbury? Is he concerned that mainstream Muslims in Britain regard the murderer Mumtaz Qadri as a hero-martyr and the murderer Tanveer Ahmed as a hero? Not in the slightest. After all, if Welby criticized Muslims for accepting murderers as saints and heroes, he would be breaking the central tenet of what is, in his eyes, the One True Faith. Not the Gospel, but Guardianism, which insists that non-Whites and non-Christians are paragons of virtue, saintly exemplars of all that is highest and holiest in the modern world.

A billion pounds for Black paragons

The corollary of minority-worship is majority-whipping. Guardianism also insists that the White and historically Christian majority in the West is responsible for all that is worst in the world, from the evils of enslavement to the horrors of homophobia. Because the Church of England now follows the Guardian, not the Gospel, it is eager to denigrate and destroy itself:

The Church of England will aim to turn a £100m financial commitment into a £1bn fund to address the legacy of slavery in order to reflect the scale of “moral sin”. The church should work in partnership with other organisations to create the fund that will be used to invest globally in black-led businesses and provide grants, says a report from an independent group of advisers commissioned by the C of E. …

The Church Commissioners, the body that manages the C of E’s huge financial assets, accepted the report in full. However, the commissioners are not increasing the £100m investment but are aiming to attract co-investors to increase the fund’s value. … Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury, said the report was “the beginning of a multi-generational response to the appalling evil of transatlantic chattel enslavement”. …

The fund will be black-led, and will invest in members of disadvantaged black communities, said the report. It “will aim to back the most brilliant social entrepreneurs, educators, healthcare givers, asset managers and historians. It will not pay cash compensation to individuals or provide grants to government bodies.” … It also recommended that a “significant share” of the Church Commissioners’ extensive property portfolio “increases socioeconomic mobility across racial lines by launching and expanding initiatives to provide competitive and/or below-market leases to black businesses”.

It called for a fresh apology from the C of E for “denying that black Africans are made in the image of God and for seeking to destroy diverse African traditional religious belief systems”. The Right Rev Dr Rosemarie Mallett, the bishop of Croydon and the group’s chair, said: “No amount of money can fully atone for or fully redress the centuries-long impact of African chattel enslavement, the effects of which are still felt around the world today.” The impact of slavery persisted today, she said, and was “measurable and apparent in everything from pregnancy and childbirth outcomes to life chances at birth, physical and mental health, education, employment, income, property, and the criminal justice system. We hope this initiative is just the start and is a catalyst to encourage other institutions to investigate their past and make a better future for impacted communities.” (“C of E hoping to create £1bn fund to address legacy of slavery,” The Guardian, 4th March 2024)

The Black pseudo-bishop Rosemarie Mallett

It’s no surprise that the “report” was overseen by a Black female pseudo-bishop or that the Church Commissioners have “accepted the report in full.” The Black pseudo-bishop, one Rosemarie Mallett, looks more masculine than Justin Welby does. But she’s no more fervent in her devotion to Guardianism. I particularly like her demand that the church apologize “for seeking to destroy diverse African traditional religious belief systems.” In other words, she wants the church to apologize for Christianity and for following the Gospel. In the past, missionaries sought to bring Blacks out of paganism and into Christianity. Yes, blinded by bigotry, warped by white supremacy, the missionaries objected to “belief systems” that involved (and still involve) such things as human sacrifice, ritual cannibalism, and infanticide.

The waste, the trash and the lie

How dare they? How dare the Church of England follow the Gospel when it should have been following the Guardian? That’s what the report says. And Justin Welby responds by groveling that the report is just “the beginning of a multi-generational response to the appalling evil of transatlantic chattel enslavement.” Will he ever have anything to say about the even more appalling evil of intra-African “chattel enslavement,” as committed by Blacks themselves in sub-Saharan Africa and by Muslims from the north? The Muslim slave-trade lasted longer, kidnapped and killed more, and was crueler in its practices. Christians did not routinely castrate male slaves or turn female slaves into sexual playthings. Muslims did all that with the full approval of their religion.

But Justin Welby will never ask Muslims to repent the evils of Islamic history. Instead, he will continue to shower Muslims with sycophancy even as he works night and day to destroy his own religion. As I said above: he doesn’t combat evil, he collaborates with it. He claims to follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ while betraying it with every waking breath.

Appendix: The full transcript of Justin Welby’s kaffir krawl

Greetings to Muslims at the start of the month of Ramadan. I wish you peace and joy as you begin this extraordinary and special time of prayer, fasting and spiritual reflection. Thank you for the huge contribution that Muslims across our nation make to our society. We all benefit from the many ways that Muslims in their diversity seek to be good citizens and contribute to our common good. Over the last year, I’ve met Muslims working and contributing to a variety of different sectors. The National Health Service, academic, members of Parliament, local authority, chaplains, youth workers, teachers, as well as religious teachers, to name but a few. I am so grateful to all of them, and to all those who enrich our society in countless ways. And I’ve also witnessed such great hospitality during Ramadan, especially at the iftar meal when the daily fast is broken. Last Ramadan, I was privileged to host a small iftar for Muslim friends in the new library at Lambeth Palace. It was memorable and beautiful. This year, I hope to be able to join an iftar as a guest. And I warmly encourage all who are invited to take up the opportunity to visit and get to know the local Muslim community. Ramadan is beginning as Christians are on their journey through Lent, our own month of spiritual renewal. I’m aware of the preciousness of making my Lenten journey while Muslims are seeking to orient themselves towards God. May we continue to grow our bonds of friendship and work together for peace and justice. May that be especially true at this time, for we are in the midst of times of stress and tension. May Ramadan and Lent be moments of renewing relationship, deepening our faith, and walking forward together for the common good. I wish you all a peaceful and flourishing Ramadan. Ramadan Mubarak. (See Justin Welby’s official video for Ramadhan at Twitter)

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  1. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    Good Friday calls for reflection. Isn’t our misfortune to be far too self-righteous?
    “Yes, that’s right!” says the Jew. “You un-Christians finally come to your senses!
    Take a shining example from us, who brought forth your Jesus in the first place!
    Fortunately, we have no such holiday. We had no ulterior motives whatsoever!”

  2. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    As I have said before, it is only the 98% of the Christians that make the rest of us look bad.

    BTW, is it just coincidence that Negros come from Africa and look like monkeys?

  3. Patrick White
    Patrick White says:

    What an utterly marvelous piece. Tobias Langdon started off brilliant… and just gets better.

  4. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Thanks to Tobias Langdon for another splendidly forthright essay. To all who follow the Gospel rather than the Guardian, I offer a sincere wish for a happy and holy Easter.

  5. Devon
    Devon says:

    Welby will clearly be a happy Dhimmi in the future and pay the Jizya to his Muslim rulers. Truly pathetic worm of a man.

  6. Chris Martel
    Chris Martel says:

    “£1bn fund to address the legacy of slavery” That is doublespeak for reparations. The amazing part of this is that people will contribute and grovel at the feet of their new masters. This is a direct result of attempting to appease fools and charlatans to attend “the good church”, unlike the one down the street who preaches biblical standards. Jesus told us this would happen, he even warned of us about our so called “shepherds” who couldn’t wait to deny Christ.

  7. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    At Easter time, you don’t wish everyone a “Happy Ramadan.” That’s for Muslims, not Christians. Welby can do that later, if he wants to be nice to foreigners, but not during his official Easter blessing. It proves he doesn’t believe in his own religion.

    Justin Welby is a really just a satanist. It’s people like him who have led the Anglican Church to extinction. Too bad. It was a good religion, once. Now it’s just a front for satanism.

  8. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Wet Welby hardly looks convinced of his own sanctimonious stance on the religion of peace (on our terms).

    Perhaps Wet Welby would care to read ‘The Silks Roads’ by Peter Frankopan that in the 7th century three of the four successors to Muhammad were assassinated by their fellow Islamic believers.
    Or care to note that even a rabbi at the time is quoted as saying that “prophets don’t come with swords.
    Useful idiot that Welby is, his exposure to the majority of secular English with his toading up to the growing demographic of Pakistani/Islamic believers won’t be adding more re-born Christians to his dwindling flock.

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