The Rule of Lawyers: The Labour Party is Eager to Resume Its War on the White Working-Class

“A lawyer is the larval stage of a politician.” It’s a good line, but whose is it? I’ve seen it attributed to Ambrose Bierce, but I can’t confirm that. Whoever came up with it, he wouldn’t have won the approval of the late, great Jewish writer Larry Auster. We shouldn’t liken human beings to animals and other lower life-forms. That’s what Auster thought.

Charles Dickens foretells Joe Biden

I can see his point, but do lawyers and politicians count as human beings? Well, yes, of course they do. But they don’t count as normal human beings. Psychopathy and narcissism are more common among lawyers, for example. This is what that acute and astute observer Charles Dickens says of the lawyer Mr Kenge in his novel Bleak House (1853): “He appeared to enjoy beyond everything the sound of his own voice.” What Dickens observed in the nineteenth century is still true well over a hundred years later. Here’s an anecdote by the Jewish journalist John Podhoretz about the lawyer-politician Joe Biden, currently the senile pseudo-president of the United States:

A quarter-century ago [i.e., circa 1985], Sen. Joseph R. Biden of Delaware, then in his third term, came in for a lunch with a few editors and reporters at the newspaper where I worked. Its editor welcomed Biden and asked him a question about whatever story was at the top of the news agenda that day.

Biden started talking. And talking. And talking. He spoke and he gesticulated. He wandered off into secondary subjects, and secondary subjects of the secondary subjects. He conjured up a memory of his childhood, and then told a tale from his first campaign.

After 20 minutes without so much as a breath, it was clear to me and others around the table that there was something wrong — that our guest simply did not know how to conclude his peroration.

We shifted in our chairs. Someone coughed. Someone else sighed. The door loomed behind us, tormenting us with the blessings of an escape we simply could not make.

It was not until 45 minutes after he had begun that Joseph I. Biden simply ran out of gas. He came to no conclusion, no closing thought. He just stopped talking, looked down, and at last took a bite of food and drank some water.

I had never been through anything like it. Biden had displayed a literally clinical display of logorrhea, a term Google defines for me as “pathologically incoherent, repetitive speech.” (“The incredible lightness of Biden,” New York Post, 19th August 2012)

Like Dickens’ Mr Kenge, Biden “enjoys beyond everything the sound of his own voice.” Biden also follows Kenge in casting a blight over those he’s supposed to serve and protect. Bleak House is aptly named and Dickens rightly identifies lawyers as highly corruptible and hugely malignant.

As lawyers, so politicians: what allows someone to succeed in law translates perfectly to success in politics. Or in Western politics, at least. Ron Unz has contrasted the engineer-politicians of China with the lawyer-politicians of the West. The contrast is entirely in favor of China. Engineering and law inculcate quite different habits of mind in those who practise them. Engineers succeed or fail by manipulating matter; lawyers succeed or fail by manipulating words. Engineers rely on mathematics; lawyers rely on Machiavellianism. To see the contrast at its starkest, just compare the highly intelligent and capable Chinese engineer-president Xi Jinping (born 1953) with the devious and disaster-sowing Western lawyer-politicians Barack Obama and Tony Blair.

Gentile law-pol Tony Blair performs the goy-grovel overseen by Jewish law-pol Greville Janner, an alleged child-rapist (image © PA Wire/Press Association Images)

But there’s another factor at work. Chinese politicians aren’t selected for their hostility to the native Chinese majority and to Chinese civilization. That’s because Chinese politics isn’t funded and controlled by an alien group of inveterate Sinophobes. That is, there is no equivalent of the Jews in China and no equivalent of AIPAC or Conservative Friends of Israel working behind the scenes. In the corrupt Western sense, China isn’t a democracy; in another sense, it is much more of a democracy than any of its critics in the West. That’s because the leaders of China are drawn from the demos of China, the native Han Chinese, and work in the best interests of the Han Chinese. They’re not only engineers: they’re autoethnophiles. They love their own people and would never open the borders of China to mass migration by non-Chinese.

Labour hates White workers

The West is entirely different. Jewish money and Jewish priorities control politics everywhere from Britain and France to America and Australia. The lawyer-politicians of the West are selected for their hostility to the rapidly dwindling White majority and to Christian civilization. And despite all their high-flown lawyers’ rhetoric about “democracy” and the “will of the people,” those law-pols refuse to allow the people any say whatsoever about mass migration. The great White engineer and manufacturer Henry Ford joked that his cars could be of “Any color the customer wants, as long as it’s black.” Western politicians think that White voters can have any kind of immigration policy they like, so long as it involves open borders for the corrupt, criminally inclined and exotic-disease-bearing tax-eaters of the Third World.

Traitorous Labour lawyer-politician Sir Keir Starmer and his Jewish wife (image from The Daily Telegraph)

That’s because Western politicians follow a Jewish agenda. And all of that — the evils of rule by lawyers and of Jewish control — brings me neatly to the man who seems highly likely to be Britain’s next prime minister. Sir Keir Starmer, leader of the Labour party, is a slippery lawyer with a Jewish wife. As you can tell from its name, Labour was founded in the nineteenth century to champion the working-class. In those days, it went without saying that the working-class was White. But Labour long ago betrayed its founding principles and became the dedicated enemy of the White working-class. The traitorous Roy Hattersley, former deputy leader of the Labour party, has openly boasted of how he betrayed his White working-class constituents:

How are politicians to behave when, having listened, they find themselves in fundamental disagreement with what they have heard? Should I, in 1964, have called for what a clear majority of my constituents, and most of the country, undoubtedly wanted — the repatriation of all Commonwealth [i.e., non-White] immigrants? [His answer: “Not in a million years.”] (Politics should be guided by principles, not populism, The Guardian, 5th May 2013) … For most of my 33 years in Westminster, I was able to resist Sparkbrook’s demands about the great issues of national policy — otherwise, my first decade would have been spent opposing all Commonwealth immigration and my last calling for withdrawal from the European Union. (Ideology’s our life, Esther, The Guardian, 31st July 2013)

Like Keir Starmer, Hattersley has a Jewish wife, the literary agent Maggie Pearlstine. She is responsible for Hattersley’s great wealth just as other Jews are responsible for Hattersley’s anti-White, pro-migrant ideology. Keir Starmer will enjoy the same great wealth thanks to his embrace of the same ideology. After the abominable aberrations of Jeremy Corbyn, who wasn’t interested in money and refused to allow himself to be controlled by Jews, Starmer has returned Labour to the paths of righteousness. Jewish money once again dictates Labour’s policies and Labour’s priorities. Corbyn was no friend of the White working-class, of course, but he wasn’t a friend of Israel either. He would have opposed rather than supported the vicious Israeli war on Gaza. The so-called Labour leader Starmer supports that war as slavishly as the so-called Conservative leader Rishi Sunak does.

The Third-Worlding of Britain

The geeky Indian Sunak and his party look set to be heavily punished at the next election for their own betrayal of their founding principles. Just as Labour hate the White working-class, the Conservatives hate tradition and don’t conserve anything. Tory prime minister David Cameron, who is partly Jewish and was wholly controlled by Jews, has boasted that his one of his proudest achievement whilst in office was the introduction of “same-sex marriage.” Cameron wasn’t able to achieve something else, however. He promised to reduce migration and instead oversaw a massive increase. Each of his successors has done the same: promised to reduce immigration and instead overseen a massive increase. The Tories have betrayed White voters, so some of those voters will switch to Labour at the next election. It will be a very stupid thing to do, because Labour will perform the remarkable feat of being even more treacherous on migration than the Tories. Under Starmer, the Third-Worlding of Britain will accelerate even more.

Geeky trans-Western Rishi Sunak performs the goy-grovel at Conservative Friends of Israel

That won’t just apply to a further increase in the already disastrously high rates of immigration. Labour will pass more laws to privilege non-Whites and to punish any White resistance to the invasion of their homeland. In other words, Labour will resume the war on the White working-class that was interrupted when Gordon Brown, the last Labour prime minister, was defeated by the not-at-all Conservatives in 2010. Sir Keir Starmer, the slippery lawyer with a Jewish wife, will be a perfect figurehead for Labour’s continued and enthusiastic betrayal of its founding principles. Like Blair and Obama before him, Starmer embodies the evils of rule by lawyers and of Jewish control. And always remember that the rule of lawyers is not at all the same thing as the rule of law. In some ways it’s the complete opposite. In America, the legalized crucifixion of VDare and the legalized persecution of Donald Trump are proof of that. Proud Black female lawyers are wielding arbitrary and unaccountable legal power without any regard for genuine law. If a lawyer is the larval stage of a politician, then the rule of lawyers is plainly the prelude to leftist tyranny.

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  1. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    Coincidentally, all the leaders of the French Revolution were lawyers, most of them failed lawyers with no clients: Danton, Desmoulins, Robespierre, all of them. A useless and unproductive class. Too lazy for real work and envious of the nobility. I’m not sure about the Russian Revoluton, but I think it was the same plethora of lawyers (mostly Jewish?).

    • notbe mk 2
      notbe mk 2 says:

      By the time of the Russian Rev a professional class of revolutionaries emerged. Lenin was indeed a lawyer (which explains his grounding in unreality) but in Switzerland he largely lived off the proceeds of bank robbing back in Russia which financed his lifestyle (which truth be told was modest-a dedicated crazy professional revolutionary not needing much material affluence)

  2. Stelios
    Stelios says:

    I believe the rule by lawyers or judges is very much jewish and of longstanding. Our goy laws and regulations are subject to the exact same pilpul, the same twisting and turning to extract the desired outcomes and justifications from words, suggestions and inferences as the Talmud is by the rabbis.this is why they thrive in our high trust, open face culture.

  3. Swiaszczyslaw
    Swiaszczyslaw says:

    Polish historiosopher Feliks Konieczny in his opus magnum , “Jewish civilization” ,wrote: “unlike Western civilization, in which law was created from morality, Jewish civilization had to do the opposite for its immoral people” ,
    According to Koneczny, a Rabbi among Jews is not a priest but a legal advisor. He shows ordinary Jews how to navigate the maze of legal/moral norms to benefit.
    I think that what Mr. Langdom describes in his essay is the effect of what Koneczny called “talmudiation of the Western politics,,

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 Financial disputes and divorces between Jews, by mutual agreement, not open to public appeal, are resolved by their private Beth Din courts; in all major centres.

      02 Judges are not necessarily legally trained, but generally trusted and experienced members of their community.

      03 At least that prevents the rest of us from being made aware of the actual number of Sam Bankman-Frieds.

      04 I could reproduce, in detail, the CNN shots covering the arrest of Bernie Madoff, handcuffed and being marched off to an FBI sedan.

      05 One day prior, it was disclosed, that he also stole assets from Jewish charities.

      06 A circa 60 year old, facially typically Jewish woman of modest birth and lesser attire, excitedly exclaimed into the CNN camera: ” Imagine him, stealing from his OWN PEOPLE !!! “.

      07 She certainly remembered the dicta of her Talmud !

  4. Adam Bodkins
    Adam Bodkins says:

    Millionaire-rewarded Phony Bliar has been a marionette of Zionist interests, friends and funds from beginning to end – the documentation is mountainous.
    Some of our Muslim immigrants have pointed out this connection and the subsequent influence of Jews on UK foreign, defence and domestic policies, with one result being that vocal pro-Israel Jews have now discovered the problems of woke, anti-colonialism and critical race-theory.
    That said, I can’t see how Israel interests are served by sending millions of angry Palestinians into Europe – can Mr Langdon explain?

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