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State-Supported Extreme Individualism in Sweden

The following are excerpts from my forthcoming book (now in the final stages), Western Individualism and the Liberal Tradition: Evolutionary Origins, History, and Prospects for the Future. Extreme egalitarianism is especially apparent in northwest Europe. The “Jante Laws” of Scandinavia are paradigmatic: 1. Don’t think you are anything; 2. Don’t think you are as good […]


The Puritan Intellectual Tradition in America, Part 3: Was the 1924 Immigration Law Too Little, Too Late?

Go to Part 1 Go to Part 2 Concluding Thoughts on the Puritan Intellectual Tradition in America An interesting feature of Puritanism is the tendency to pursue utopian causes framed as moral issues—their susceptibility to utopian appeals to a ‘higher law’ and the belief that the principal purpose of government is moral. New England was […]


Foreword to “The West and Its Enemies”

Editor’s note: The Swedish publisher Logik.SE has published a collection of my essays translated into Swedish. These essays originally appeared in The Occidental Quarterly or The Occidental Observer. The foreword by Daniel Höglund is interesting in its own right because of its discussion of Jewish media influence in Sweden — a truly remarkable phenomenon given the small number of […]


Douglas Murray’s Warning to the Jewish Community

Douglas Murray has written a very nice column on the Paris attacks: “Paris attacks: Leaders in two minds while Europe burns.” He points to the “multiculturalism has failed” statements of Angela Merkel and David Cameron—and that, despite no progress on integrating Muslims, Europe is now doubling down on a failed experiment. He points out that even […]


On the HBD Chick Interview

The following is from an interview of HBD Chick that appeared on the Hoover Hog. I should say that I am an admirer of HBD Chick and follow her on Twitter. Hoover Hog: I think it’s fair to say that one of the most polarizing figures in the HBD-o-sphere is Kevin MacDonald, whose work is […]