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Ukrajina jako model Evropského jara

http://deliandiver.org/2014/04/ukrajina-jako-model-evropskeho-jara.html Role geopolitiky a zájmů mocných národů a skupin  – zejména když se navzájem dostanou do konfliktu nebo naopak rovnovážného stavu – je v národně osvobozeneckých, nacionalistických a dalších podobných politických zápasech trvale podceňována. Například Kurdové – navzdory tíživé potřebě, spravedlivým požadavkům na vlastní stát a zjevným třenicím mezi jejich sousedy – dosáhnou nezávislosti jen velmi […]

The Ukraine as a Model of a European Spring

The role of geopolitics and the interests of powerful nations and groups — especially where they coincide or enter into a kind of equilibrium — are constantly underestimated in self-determination, nationalistic, and other political struggles. The Kurds, for example, despite an overwhelming need and just cause for their  own state, and the apparent divisions of […]

The Blankout Game versus the Knockout Game

The Knockout Game, as the whole world is starting to learn, is an activity engaged in by groups of Black “youths” whereby they attempt to sucker punch a lone victim, usually someone of another racial group and therefore White. It is fascinating to see the way in which the mainstream media is now sidling up […]

Jobbik’s Unholy Alliance

It seems that these days hatred, and the right to use it, even in defence of one’s nation, race, and culture, has to be offset by plenty of misplaced love. This is the take home message from Gábor Vona’s recent trip to Turkey, where the president of the Hungarian nationalist party Jobbik has been declaring […]

The Gas Cloud of Western Intervention

“Gas! Gas! Gas! Nasty, wicked pois’nous gasssssssssss!!!!!!!” There, is your knee-jerking yet? Have you started to salivate and get sweaty palmed and developed the requisite insatiable craving for moralistic war against the media designated demons responsible for such unbelievable, unique, and unprecedented evil? No? Then, your conditioning will have to be continued, the voltage upped, […]

In Defence of Anjem Choudary

The death of Gunner Rigby, mown down by a car driven by two Sub-Saharan Muslims and then cruelly butchered in the street, is not going to go away. And thank god or Allah for that, for the sooner Gunner Rigby is forgotten the more valueless his death becomes. There are powerful interests working day and […]