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The KosChertified? App is Here!

Many in our movement are often heard complaining on podcasts and in the comments sections of too much talk, but no action.  Sure, it would be both practical and effective if our politicians represented our interests and took action on our behalf,  but that’s a pipe dream!  Also, it is certainly unreasonable to expect most […]

Dr. Daryl G. Smith’s Imperative for Diversity (Part 2 of 3)

Part 1. The Q and A The first questioner noted that at a recent student meeting Whites who advocated an all-inclusive Student Union were “shouted down as being racist.  Clearly on campuses across the nation the White European-Americans have been disenfranchised and marginalized to the extent that these are now the students with poor self-esteem, […]

Free Speech on Campus, Student Organizations and our Future

Editor’s note: This article on establishing student organizations that are explicitly for White students is reposted with permission from the National Youth Front website. They also have an article on a story from Canada where someone claiming to represent the Students for Western Civilization distributed the above poster around the campus at Ryerson University, the […]

Letter from a reader to his Congressman

February 25, 2015 Dear Congressman: With the impending speech to congress this March 3 by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, I respectfully submit one of your constituent’s opinions regarding this presentation.  I hope you’ll entertain a small morsel of levity in my following introduction, but in all fairness this is a letter of serious context. […]