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Alain Soral FAQ, Part 1

Alain Soral has become an influential presence on the French political and cultural scene. The following attempts to shed some light on this complex and fascinating figure. Part 1: What are Alain Soral’s political positions? What is Alain Soral’s influence? How has Alain Soral become so successful in building an audience? Part 2: What is […]

Look Who’s Coming to Brussels: Analysis of the Nationalist Victories in the EU Elections

Editor’s note: Comments are open for this article.  The leaders of the European Alliance for Freedom, the biggest coalition of nationalist parties in Europe. From left to right: Matteo Salvini (Italy), Harald Vilimsky (Austria), Marine Le Pen (France), Geert Wilders (Netherlands) and Gerolf Annemans (Flanders, Belgium). Prior to last week’s European elections, a French Socialist […]

“As Happy as God in France”: The state of French Jewish elites, Part 2

Part 1 Raymond Aron on Jewish ethnocentrism It is effectively illegal in France to suggest that over-represented Jewish elites are ethnocentric, have dual-loyalty problems with regard to Israel, and that this has an influence on the way power is wielded in the country. Two men who do so, the nationalist essayist Alain Soral and the […]

“As Happy as God in France”: The state of French Jewish elites, Part 1

The Jewish community in France, as in most Western countries at least since the Second World War, has been remarkably successful. This very success however has brought on backlash as other groups — Whites, Blacks and Arabs — feel their interests and honor are not as well-respected by the French politico-media system. There are an […]

Race in France: A Sketch based on First- and Second-Generation Immigrants

France, notwithstanding its monarchist, Republican and Gaullist traditions favoring a centralized and sovereign Nation-State, is subject to the same globalist tendencies as other Western countries. There is the same trend towards borderlessness in all spheres, notably demographic, economic and political. The result is the constant undermining of the French nation. These trends are interlinked and […]

Letter to the Editor on Alain Soral

Dear Dr. MacDonald, I stumbled upon your work today which, by a strange coincidence, is the same day you published a blog post about Alain Soral and the Dieudonné affair, issues I know a little about, having explored a good deal of Soral’s work and movement. A small correction: it is not quite accurate to […]