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Thomas Friedman on the current Israeli government

Writing in the New York Times,  Thomas Friedman is clearly among the liberal Jews who have become intensely critical of the current Netanyahu government. It’s a problem that will only worsen as time goes on because the fanatics will only get stronger because they are the ones having the babies. But despite all the hand-wringing, I […]

John Mearsheimer on Ethnic Cleansing in Israel, and Mearsheimer and Philip Giraldi on Israeli power in the U.S.

Mearsheimer: It’s getting harder and harder for Israel to win the propaganda campaign, but support for Israel remains solid in Congress and the President. When Netanyahu comes to the U.S. soon, “the only question is how many standing ovations he will receive.” From Philip Giraldi in Unz.com: Israel’s Control Over America Grows Ever Stronger US […]

Uncensored: Punished for Supporting Donald Trump?

KM: Trump made a lot of bad appointments but Christopher Wray’s appointment as head of the FBI and its continuing impact has got to be the worst. Imagine creating a law enforcement organization supporting one party. In what used to be an America I recognized. Video for members. Tucker [00:00:00] So the FBI is the most powerful […]

Was the 1924 Immigration Cut-off “Racist”?

Patrick Cleburne at VDARE has written an article on Jewish pro-immigration activist Ilya Somin (“Volokh Conspiracy’s Ilya Somin Smears 1924 Immigration Act—For Contemptibly Selfish Reasons). His theme of the selfish reasons immigration enthusiasts like Somin present is certainly an important one. As Cleburne notes, Somin is “openly ethnocentric,” and I have come to believe that […]

AfD co-leader slams Italy’s Meloni, says she has allowed open borders and supports pro-war policies with Ukraine

TOO has posted quite a bit on Meloni, most quite negative, but some hopeful. This one is pretty much the end of all hope: “Migration has actually doubled there under Prime Minister (Giorgia) Meloni. Open borders instead of blockades.” From Remix: “I want to make it clear that this Melonization will not happen with us” Tensions […]