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Goy Figure: How Gentiles Just Don’t Get It — #1

Definitively Dull Goyishe kop is a Yiddish phrase that literally means “gentile head” (goyishe is pronounced like “goy-isha”). According to the Jewish English Lexicon, it can be defined as “Someone who fails to use his/her head; a dull mind.” It also means: “Someone who thinks like a non-Jew.” I have a goyishe kop in all […]

Gasbags Are Not Great: Christopher Hitchens as Crypto-Rabbi

Georgians and Genomes The independent socialist George Orwell (1903–1950) was, it’s said, a central influence on the neo-conservative Christopher Hitchens (1949–2012). But this claim puzzles me. I’ve been reading Orwell all my life and I’ve failed to notice that he was a tedious, self-righteous, self-important gasbag who never used one word when six not unpolysyllabic […]

Damning Indictment: Lying Liberals and Liberal Lies

So okay: Britain’s got rape-gangs. This is not so good from the feminist point of view. But look on the bright side: the ludicrous excuses about the rape-gangs are being made by powerful women. In “The Blessings of Diversity”, I looked at the weasel words of the glass-ceiling-smashers: Sue Berelowitz, Joanna Simons and Laura Johnston. […]

The Blessings of Diversity: Sex-Crimes 101 with Statistical Sue

V is for Vibrancy You know how it goes. You wait months for a depraved-gang-rape-and-child-prostitution trial —and then two come along at once: Asian grooming gang convicted of appalling acts of depravity on children Police and social services have apologised for the failings and missed opportunities that allowed a gang of men to carry out […]