Warring on Whiteness: Stale Pale Males vs Vibrant Varicolored Vixens

Chutzpah is a Yiddish word meaning brazen effrontery or impudence. You could say that someone who displays chutzpah is spitting in the face of morality and logic. Appropriately enough, the very word sounds like an expectoration: the ch is pronounced as in German “Bach,” or Scottish “loch,” and the u as in English “sugar.”

“Pity the Poor Jews”

Chutzpah comes in many forms and has many practitioners. In “Power to the Perverts,” I described Jonathan Yaniv, a “trans-identified” Canadian who sued sixteen women for refusing “to wax his balls.” Now that’s chutzpah. The journalist Mark Steyn is another Canadian and another practitioner of chutzpah. He has just got his violin out for a heart-rending rendition of his old favourite song “Pity the Poor Jews.” According to him, there are “Two-Mile Tailbacks at Jew-Hate Junction”:

As Laura Rosen Cohen likes to say, everyone meets at Jew-Hate Junction: excitable young Mohammedans, secular polytechnic Euro-lefties, anti-globalist conspiracy theorists. … Young Muslims do not like Jews: that is a simple fact, and it’s a waste of everybody’s time denying it. Where Muslims predominate, Jews vanish — as in Molenbeek, across the canal from downtown Brussels. …

Ethnic Continentals, on the other hand, do not like Muslims, and they see where this is headed, and it’s easy to blame Jews. The logic is not difficult: ’Tween-wars Europeans would never have entertained for a moment the construction of mosques in every corner of their countries. But then the Holocaust happened, and “nationalism” got blamed, and mass immigration was instituted as a form of penance, and in one of history’s blacker jests the principal beneficiary of Holocaust guilt was Islam. So, in the newest variant of the oldest hatred, Jews get hated for the Islamization of Europe. (Two-Mile Tailbacks at Jew-Hate Junction, SteynOnline, 6th March 2019)

Steyn goes on to discuss the “Jew hate” of Ilhan Omar, the “savvy Somali” Congresswoman who is a rising star of the Democratic party in America. He condemns the Democratic “House Leadership” for failing to put Omar in her place and defend America’s beleaguered Jews: “Like Corbyn in London, it [the House Leadership] can no longer even insist on its anti-Semitic bona fides without weaseling and equivocating.”

Innocent victims of Islamization

When Mark Steyn condemns someone for “weaseling and equivocating,” you should pay attention. He knows what he’s talking about, because he himself is an expert practitioner of those essential political arts. His article about “Jew hate” is replete with them. Take his assertion that “mass immigration was instituted [in Europe] as a form of penance [for the Holocaust]” — exactly the sort of off-the-cuff explanation that has a certain surface plausibility that will pass scrutiny in the mainstream media but completely fail any serious attempt at getting to the roots of what actually happened. Why did Steyn say “was instituted,” using the passive voice? Well, Steyn himself is “weaseling,” because he wants to avoid the questions of precisely who “instituted” mass immigration as penance for the Holocaust and precisely how Jews reacted to this penance.

The answers to those questions are not at all helpful for Steyn’s portrayal of Jews as innocent victims of the “Islamization of Europe.” For example, why does Britain have so many of Ilhan Omar’s fellow Somalis? It’s thanks to the Jewish Islamophile Barbara Roche, the Labour immigration minister who “entered politics … to combat anti-semitism and xenophobia in general.” (See also Andrew Joyce’s “The SS Empire Windrush: The Jewish Origins of Multicultural Britain.”) As part of Roche’s combat, she granted “more than 200,000” Somalis “exceptional leave to remain” in Britain despite the fact that “most were untrained and would be dependent on welfare.”

“Jews and Muslims are natural allies”

Roche wasn’t doing “penance” for the Holocaust but working to atomize Britain for the benefit of Jews. After all, Dr Richard Stone, Jewish high priest in the martyr-cult of Stephen Lawrence, says that “British Jews and Muslims are natural allies.” This is not a “fringe” or minority view among European and American Jews, but absolutely mainstream. In the New York Times, the Jewish journalist Bari Weiss has shaken her head in disappointment over Ilhan Omar’s missteps:

The particular challenge in the case of Ms. Omar is that she is exactly the kind of politician a vast majority of American Jews, who overwhelmingly vote Democratic and who have long aligned themselves with liberal causes, want to celebrate: Here is a refugee, a mother, a Muslim and a woman of color — the first woman of color to represent Minnesota in Congress. It’s no wonder she has already landed on the cover of Time magazine and in front of Annie Leibovitz’s camera. Who wouldn’t want to cheer her on? … It may be more difficult to call out those who ought to be our friends and political allies, but alas for the Jews, not all anti-Semites carry tiki torches. (Ilhan Omar and the Myth of Jewish Hypnosis, The New York Times, 21st January 2019)

As you can see, Jews in America don’t see mass immigration by Muslims as “penance” for the Holocaust, but as a way of recruiting “friends and political allies.” Jews “want to celebrate” Ilhan Omar because she is the antithesis of the stale pale males who founded and shaped America. She is Black, not White; Muslim, not Christian; female, not male.

In short, mass immigration isn’t “penance” by European Whites, but revenge on European Whites. Barbara Roche and Bari Weiss are goyophobes, or haters of White gentiles, in the same way as Sabrina Rubin Erdely, the Jewish journalist who created the hate-hoax about “gang-rape on broken glass” among “the toned, tanned and overwhelmingly blond students” of the University of Virginia.

Snarling in triumph

That gang-rape hate-hoax ran in Rolling Stone, the hipster magazine published and co-founded by the Jewish homosexual Jann Wenner (born 1946). The magazine paid millions in damages to some of those it defamed in the hoax, but its goyophobia is as strong as ever. Rolling Stone didn’t simply “want to celebrate” Ilhan Omar, but actually and unequivocally did so by placing her on its cover for March 2019:

Vibrant varicolored vixens: Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rolling Stone #1323

Omar appeared on the cover with the senior Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi and Jahana Hayes, and with another new and vibrant Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has claimed “Jewish roots that span back 500 years to the Spanish Inquisition.” It’s interesting to compare the facial expressions of the older and newer generations of female Democrat. Pelosi and Hayes are smiling moderately, but Omar and Ocasio-Cortez are almost snarling in triumph. Their canine teeth are fully exposed and their nostrils are raised. Their message for their older colleagues seems to be: “We’re the future, you’re the past!”

A message for core America

And their message for what Steve Sailer calls “core America”? I’d say it’s this: “We’re coming for you, Whitey!” No wonder Bari Weiss is so disappointed in Ilhan Omar. Why hasn’t this “Muslim” and “woman of color” embraced Jews as her “friends and political allies” against White Christians? You can see the same Jewish belief in Muslims as “friends and political allies” back across the Atlantic in Britain. The Jewish Chronicle has repeatedly run headlines like “Jewish and Muslim women pledge to work together to combat hate” and “Former CST boss will help Muslim group battle Islamophobia.” The CST is the Community Security Trust, which has been called “The Guardian of Israel” that “doesn’t slumber or sleep” and “the gold standard for … responses to all forms of hate crime.”

The former “CST boss” is called Richard Benson and the “Muslim group” he has been helping since 2014 is called Tell MAMA. The organization was very happy to welcome a Jewish expert on “hate crime” into its hierarchy. As Fiyaz Mughal of Tell MAMA put it: “CST has been the trailblazer in recording hate crime for the Jewish community and has set the benchmark. Richard spent 12 years building CST and his governance, leadership and support will take Tell Mama through its founding stages to a much higher level, and build confidence with the public.” In fact, it’s not “the public” that Tell MAMA want to appeal to, but the politically correct leftist elite. Tell MAMA want to present Muslims as victims of White hate, so their propaganda concentrates on Muslim women rather than Muslim men, who have an embarrassing tendency to commit gang-rape, run child-prostitution rings, and blow themselves up at pop-concerts.

Multiple Muslim murderers

Muslim men also regularly commit horrendous crimes against Muslim women, like the double-murder in Birmingham, the double-murder in Wakefield and the rape-murder in London that I discussed in “Murder and Misogyny.” And it was a Muslim man who drove hundreds of miles from the English city of Bradford to murder a liberal Ahmadi in the Scottish city of Glasgow. Tell MAMA don’t want to talk about any of that, because it reveals the truth: Muslims are predators, not victims, and they present a huge and growing threat to Whites, not vice versa. Under the guidance of Richard Benson and the CST, Tell Mama have been careful to deal in propaganda, not reality. Below you can see a summary of the Tell MAMA Annual Report for 2016. Note the use of left-wing sociological jargon like “gendered” and “intersectional”:

Tell MAMA’s annual report (2016) highlights the gendered nature of anti-Muslim prejudice at a street level and the need to fully understand the intersectional nature of anti-Muslim hatred where race, gender and anti-Muslim prejudice intersect within cases.

Given the impact of anti-Muslim hatred on the mobility of Muslim women and on the personal life choices that they make [rather than Islam itself as the root of Muslim women’s limitations], the impacts are also felt within the family and have implications for integration and social cohesion. Tell MAMA re-enforces the need for greater awareness within police forces about the intersectional and gendered nature of anti-Muslim hatred at a street level and the negative perceptions that it can build within victims and their families, around their place and future in communities. …

Commensurate with our 2015 annual report, 56% of victims in in-person or street-based incidents were females. A majority of perpetrators are male 66%, and where identifiable, 69% of perpetrators for such offences are white males. The language of some perpetrators also had misogynistic overtones, meaning that women were abused for their gender and religious identity. (A Constructed Threat: Identity, Intolerance and the Impact of Anti-Muslim Hatred, Tell MAMA Annual Report, 2016)

George Orwell accurately prophesied the modern surveillance state in Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949), but the thought-police of Airstrip One worked on behalf of Big Brother, a virile male “with a heavy black moustache.” The aspiring thought-police of twenty-first-century Britain work on behalf of Little Sister, a victimized female in a hijab. The motto of Orwell’s fictional Britain was “Big Brother Is Watching You.” The motto of real Britain in 2019 is “Little Sister Is Reporting You.” Here is a Tell MAMA propaganda poster with a young Muslim victim in a hijab phoning in details of White hate:

Little Sister Is Reporting You: A Tell MAMA propaganda poster

Note the logo used at the bottom of the poster, where the first “A” of Tell MAMA is turned into the weeping face of a Muslima in a hijab:

Tearful Tell — details from the Tell MAMA poster

There’s a blatant appeal to sentimentality and schmaltz, like the loving-mother-hen-and-chick used as a logo for Kids Company, the hugely wasteful and dishonest children’s “charity” run by the megalomaniac narcissist Camila Batmanghelidjh. As I described in “Hearts of Darkness,” Batmanghelidjh received many millions from the liberal elite by exploiting its thirst to virtue-signal about Black children. Tell MAMA exploit another aspect of this “telescopic philanthropy,” the term invented by Charles Dickens for the liberals of his day. Dickens said that liberals ignored their “own natural duties and obligations” and “swept the horizon with a telescope in search of others.”

However, the sentimentality of Tell MAMA belies a very sinister totalitarianism and hostility towards the White British. That’s why the Jewish Community Security Trust are so willing to work with Tell MAMA. As Dr Richard Stone put it, “British Jews and Muslims are natural allies.” They’re natural allies partly because neither group is in fact British. They live here, but they owe no loyalty to Britain’s White Christian culture, history and traditions. Indeed, they despise these things as much as the Bolsheviks despised the White Christian culture, history and traditions of Mother Russia. The Bolsheviks, led by the part-Jewish Lenin and the fully Jewish Trotsky, Zinoviev and Kamenev, overthrew Christianity in Russia and created a mass-murdering police state. Many Western communists, a disproportionate number of them Jewish, watched with envy and admiration, and sought to create revolutions of their own.

New troops for Marxism

But the Leninism that was so successful in backward Tsarist Russia failed to work in advanced industrial democracies like Britain and the United States. That’s why Western Marxists developed new tactics and sought new groups to fight for revolution. In Main Currents of Marxism (1978), the Polish philosopher Leszek Kołakowski (1927–2009) described how his Jewish colleague Herbert Marcuse (1898–1979) developed an “ideology of ‘global revolution’ in which sexual liberation played a prominent part, and in which the working class was rudely displaced … to make way for students, racial minorities, and the lumpenproletariat.”

In modern Britain, students and “racial minorities” are still the powerhouse of the Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party (SWP), which was founded by the Israeli-Jewish Yigael Gluckstein (1917–2000) under his gentile nom de guerre of Tony Cliff. As I described in “Comrades and Cannibals,” the SWP was badly damaged by a rape scandal in 2014, losing large numbers of members and almost all its prestige. It is now trying to worm its way back to favour and influence through front organizations like Stand Up To Racism (SUTR). Like Tell MAMA, the SWP try to exploit victimhood culture by using images of Muslim women in hijabs. Here’s one example on a leaflet announcing a “National Demonstration” in London on 19th March 2019 at which SJWs will “Stand up to Islamophobia & antisemitism,” proclaim “Refugees welcome” and affirm that “Black lives matter”:

Calling for comrades: A Stand Up to Racism leaflet

Many of those who join the “National Demonstration” will not know that it has been organized by the SWP, a totalitarian Trotskyist cult that wants to set up a communist police-state. But there’s a big clue on the leaflet, where the Muslim woman in a hijab is calling out and gesturing in an interesting way. I think her pose is a clear reference to a famous Bolshevik poster by the “constructivist” designer Alexander Rodchenko (1891–1956):

Calls compared: poses on a Bolshevik poster and the SUTR leaflet

The original poster was an advertisement for LenGiz, a communist publishing company in Leningrad. The woman is shouting Книги!, Knigi!, or “Books,” which are available по всем отраслям знания, “in all branches of knowledge.” That hijab-exploiting image on the SWP/SUTR leaflet isn’t schmaltzy like the weeping hijab-wearer used by Tell MAMA, but it’s an expression of the same anti-White and anti-Western intent. Like the rest of the hostile left, the SWP want Muslims to serve as troops in a war on Whiteness. Even as Muslim terrorism justifies the surveillance state, Muslims are presented as victims by Tell MAMA, which demands ever-harsher laws against “hate.”

The antithesis of White Christian America

And even as so-called anti-Jihadists like Mark Steyn try to pretend that Jews are victims of “Islamization,” the Jewish journalist Bari Weiss proclaims in the New York Times that Ilhan Omar is “exactly the kind of politician a vast majority of American Jews … want to celebrate.” This is because Omar is “a refugee, a mother, a Muslim and a woman of color.” In other words, she’s the antithesis of White Christian America. “Who wouldn’t want to cheer her on?” coos Bari Weiss.

Anyone who supports Western civilization, that’s who. Quite clearly that doesn’t include the “vast majority of American Jews.” Or the “vast majority” of Jews in Britain and Europe, who see Jews and Muslims as “natural allies” against Western civilization. But it’s not chutzpah when leftist Jews behave like that. The chutzpah comes from so-called conservatives like Mark Steyn, who pretend that Jews are the innocent victims of “Islamization” rather than its instigators and supporters.

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