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From Stolen Cakes to Swinging Machetes: The Sick Joke of Third-World Enrichment

George Orwell wasn’t a saint and wasn’t infallible. But he got some big things right. Animal Farm (1945) and Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949) are classics of political satire, analysis and prophecy. Orwell also got some small things right. For example, in his pioneering essay on “Boys’ Weeklies,” he said that a magazine called The Magnet had […]

The Ministry of Liberty: How an Open-Borders Cult Will Ride Brexit into the European Parliament

All good-thinking leftists in Britain simultaneously love non-White immigration and hate Nigel Farage. This is entirely logical, because Farage is the hate-filled bigot who exploited White racism and xenophobia to win the Brexit Referendum back in 2016. Brazen realism As part of his successful campaign, Farage unveiled a “vile anti-immigration poster” called “Breaking Point,” which […]

Hyper-Whites with Hyper-Privilege: Jews Are Losing their Status as Persecuted Victims

Jonathan Portes is a Jewish economist and a big fan of mass immigration. In collaboration with the Jewish immigration minister Barbara Roche, he was central to New Labour’s successful conspiracy to open Britain’s borders to Eastern Europe and the Third World. The conspiracy was very bad for Labour’s traditional supporters in the White working-class, but […]

A Flat, Gray, Silent World: How PC and Minority-Worship Cripple the Intellect

One of the strangest and cleverest books I’ve ever read is Edwin A. Abbott’s Flatland, a Victorian fantasy first published in 1884. It’s about what happens when two worlds collide. One is our own three-dimensional world. The other is a literally two-dimensional world called Flatland, where there are only two dimensions to move in: north-south […]