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The Trouble with Trans-Westernism: How Men Can’t Be Women and Jews Can’t Be American

Giftzwerg is a wonderful little German word. It’s pronounced “gift-tsvairk” and it literally means “poison-dwarf.” German-speakers use it of someone who is small but spiteful, especially when that person is spiteful because they’re small. But it was the Anglophone Charles Dickens who created perhaps the greatest Giftzwerg of all time in Daniel Quilp, the evil […]

Rakib’s Retarded Rightist Rhetoric: How Men Can’t Be Women and Bangladeshis Can’t Be British

Thank Heavens for Rakib Ehsan! This insightful commentator on modern Western politics and culture has a Bangladeshi body and a British brain. 100%, innit! He’s a former “research fellow” for the Henry Jackson Society, a neo-conservative lobbying group, and now writes for everyone from the trans-skeptic Trotskyists at Spiked to the monarchophile mensches at the […]

Villains and Victims: An Unexpected Outbreak of Hate-Fact at the World’s Greatest Newspaper

Here’s a nerdy question that packs a powerful political punch: What is the etymology of “slave”? Few people know the answer and that’s just the way leftists like it, because the answer derails one of their central projects. And the answer is this: The word “slave” is derived from the word “Slav,” because the pagans […]

Strength through Oy-Veh!: How Jews Dementedly Pursue Power by Dishonestly Playing the Victim

Nazis believed in “Strength through Joy.” Jews believe in “Strength through Oy-Veh!” They deceive and manipulate White gentiles by complaining and pretending to be victims (“oy veh!” is a traditional Jewish cry of dismay or lament). You can see this principle at work in a “national billboard campaign” being run by one of Britain’s many […]

Nukes for Ukraine, Nix for You Goyim: How Jewish Control Explains the Anti-White Treachery of Western Politics

Little things say a lot. And what they say, in our fallen world, is often very bad. Take the little lapel-badge sported in recent months by the British politician Grant Shapps (born 1968). He’s an elite member of Britain’s woefully misnamed Conservative party. He’s also a crooked Jew. Using the pseudonym Michael Green, he worked […]

Facial, Racial, Spatial: How Human Faces and Brains Have Taken Different Routes through Race-Space

Eyes, nose, mouth, chin, cheeks, brows — all of those words are home-grown English. But when you put them together and view them as a whole, they turn French in the word “face.” That doesn’t happen in German, where home-grown Augen, Nase, Mund, Kinn, Wangen, Brauen come together as home-grown Gesicht. Faces, Races, Spaces German […]

Life Without Jews: The Amazing Adventures of Israeli Trans-Pedophile and Tampon-Fetishist Jonathan Yaniv

Does Clown World issue secret (and separate) awards for Jewiest Jew and Polymorphousest Pervert? If so, then I think one man may well have been bagging both awards for years: the polymorphous Israeli pervert Jonathan Yaniv (born 1986/7), who came to the fascinated and disgusted attention of millions of people around the world when he […]