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Malik’s Moral Compass: A Free-Speech-Loving Indian Ethicist Ignores Brutal Censorship-by-Murder

Kenan Malik is a British-based Indian intellectual who has written a “remarkable and groundbreaking book” called The Quest for a Moral Compass (2015). He claims to be passionately in favor of free speech and secularism, and just as passionately opposed to censorship and authoritarianism. Alas, he’s lying. And it’s very easy to prove that. Just […]

The Lethality of Liberty: How Fanatics for Freedom Help the Cause of Tyranny

Marxism belongs with necrophilia, bestiality and listening to Elton John. In a well-ordered world, indulging in any of those things would exclude you from respectable society for life. And would ensure that no-one ever took you seriously in any discussion of politics and morals. Elton John, homosexual purveyor of musical horrors (image from Wikipedia) Alas, […]

Preach Equality, Practise Hierarchy: How Leftism Elevates Translunatics above Women and Trans-Westerners above Whites

The political parties that most loudly proclaim their love of Celtic languages and cultures are crystal-clear about their vision for a better future. They believe that those languages and cultures need to be marginalized much more and driven much faster into oblivion. They also believe that the people who speak the languages and practise the […]

The Island of Slave-Keeping Cannibal Saints: Neglected History and Anti-White Ideology in New Zealand

I love islands. Real ones, metaphorical ones. I’ve spent happy holidays on Iceland, Malta, and Hawaii. I’m fascinated by linguistic isolates like Basque and Sumerian, which are islands in a sea of unrelated languages (“isolate” is from Latin insula, meaning “island”). And part of my interest in groups like Jews, Gypsies, and homosexuals comes from […]

Nick’s Pics: The Amazing Atheistic Adventures of Sleazy Semitic Sex-Pest Nick Cohen

Nick Cohen is a Jewish journalist who loves atheism, neo-con wars, and non-White migration. Naturally enough, he also hates Russia, Brexit, and White nationalism. While pursuing his loves and hates at the staunchly feminist Observer, sister-paper of the Guardian, he became notorious as a serial groper and sex-pest. For decades, the newspaper’s management did nothing […]

Bow Before Blackness: Non-Stop Black in Brave New Britain

Chuck the Cuck is at it again. Our so-called king Charles III, who lives in luxurious palaces built by Whites and enjoys a millionaire’s life funded by Whites, has once again spurned Whites and sanctified Blacks. The staunchly republican and anti-monarchist Guardian approvingly reported how Chuck has “hailed the pioneers of the Windrush generation.” Seventy-five […]