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Barbara’s Barbarians: How Jews Import Third-Worlders to Harm Whites, Then Play the Innocent Victim

What is CFI? And who is Ehud Sheleg? Those are two very important questions about British politics, but I doubt that even one in fifty voters could answer them. Which is just the way that CFI and Mr Sheleg like it. They don’t want their activities discussed or their influence analysed. Like all sensible criminals, […]

Swirled World War: Jews Carry on Lying about the Demographic Disaster They’ve Imposed on the West

In 2007 a White Canadian pedophile called Christopher Paul Neil tried to taunt the police. He released photographs of himself abusing Asian boys onto the internet, but he’d concealed his identity by distorting his face into an unrecognizable swirl. He thought he was being clever. He was wrong: he was in fact being very stupid. […]

“Cursed Be He”: Divine Wrath and the Lying Jewish Ideologies of Transgenderism and Trans-Westernism

“Why do they all look like that?” asks Mark Steyn’s resident Jewish mother, the highly ethnocentric Laura Rosen Cohen. She’s talking about a translunatic pediatrician in California who “proposes renaming …  clitorises as ‘dicklets’” and who claims that puberty-blockers are “fully reversible.” Sure enough, the pediatrician in question looks both demented and depraved in typical […]