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Toxic True Confessions of a Facial Fascist

I’m fascinated by faces. In part, this is because I’m an ignoramus who has to gather information by instinct and intuition rather than by intellect. Faces are fruitful for me in a way that lots of other things aren’t. But then you’re an ignoramus too. You’re human, after all, and no human can look at […]

In Clown They Trust: The Farce and Foulness of Clown World

The Jewish genius Hannah Arendt was wrong about “the banality of evil.” Evil is often entertaining and interesting, combining both farce and foulness. That’s why the term “Clown World” was invented. It’s used by thought-criminals like Vox Day to describe governments, corporations, and churches in the modern West. We’re ruled by Jew-designed ideologies – black […]

Chuck the Cuck: The Shabbos-Goy Charles III Will Be A Worthy Successor to his Mother Elizabeth the Evil

This article will be brought to you by the letter “M.” It will feature meteor-malefactors, malign monarchs, and moral masturbation. First up: meteor-malefactors. That’s the term I give to criminals whose serious misdeeds flash through the media like a meteor before disappearing into oblivion. Why does this happen? It’s very simple: because meteor-malefactors reveal the […]

Luscious Lesbians with Female Phalluses: More on Transgenderism, Trans-Westernism and Jewish Subversion

“Preach equality, practice hierarchy.” That’s the hidden core commandment of leftism. It’s mendacious and malevolent, but so what? Like a clown offering to shake with one hand while concealing a cream-pie behind his back in the other, the left have defeated the right with it again and again, decade after decade. “We believe in equality!” […]

Blasphemy and Bullshit: Muslim Migration and Leftist Malice Fuel Islamic Intolerance, Not “Liberal Cowardice”

Regicide — the killing of a king — is at the heart of chess. But most people don’t know that. When a victorious player announces “Checkmate,” he’s really saying “Shah mat,” which traditionally means “The king is dead” in Persian. Slater self-slaughters The Trotskyist libertarian Tom Slater has recently got it the other way around. […]