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Feminism and Women on the Right (Part 2)

Leni Riefenstahl (1902-2003)

Writing about any aspect of National Socialist Germany, or for that matter about women in Europe of the mid-thirties of the last century, poses an insurmountable problem for any objective contemporary researcher. Whether one wants to tackle the subject of horse breeding in Bavaria or the number of caged canaries in Schleswig Holstein during the Third Riech, the effects of the Gulf stream on the Spanish coast of Galicia during Franco’s rule, or the quality or wine in Tuscany during Mussolini’s rule — their prose must be subject to a strict polarity of “good democracy vs. evil fascism.” Read more

Feminism and Women on the Right (Part 1)

Antigone, by Frederic Leighton

Antigone, a young woman in Sophocles’ drama was sentenced to death by Creon, the king of Thebes, for breaching the law of the land. Her “historical revisionism,” her individualism, her free spirit bordering on stubbornness, prompted her to challenge the positive laws of her times. She viewed divine laws of justice and her own moral integrity as more important than her own fleeting lifespan.

I know all too well I’m going to die—
how could I not?—it makes no difference
what you decree. And if I have to die
before my time, well, I count that a gain.
When someone has to live the way I do,
surrounded by so many evil things,
how can she fail to find a benefit
in death? (460-520) Read more

‘Death to America’: A new poem by Osama bin Laden?

A puzzling new poem, reportedly written by Osama bin Laden in the wake of 9-11, is here presented to the world for the first time in an edited translation. The reader is asked to decide whether the poem, prophesying Armageddon and the coming destruction of America, is an authentic bin Laden poem or an imitation.


On May 16, 2007, on my twenty-ninth birthday, a beautifully written manuscript in calligraphic script fell into my hands in India. This was simply a series of sentences separated by diagonal strokes (/) which purported to be a literal, word-for-word paraphrase in English of an extended poem written in Arabic by Osama bin Laden in the immediate aftermath of 9-11.

Bits had been added to the manuscript (in the broad margins) over the intervening years. These served as commentaries and clarifications. The poem was divided into several parts, each headed by a symbol which I took to be a letter of the Arabic alphabet.

The scary title of the manuscript: DEATH TO AMERICA. Read more

The Evil Among Us: Liam Neeson in “Taken”

Israel is (in)famous for its “false flag” operations, covert provocations meant to create blame for innocent parties or nations. For instance, in the 1950s Israelis propagated the Lavon Affair, in which Jewish operatives in Egypt attempted to blow up American- and British-affiliated buildings and place the blame on Egyptians. In theory, this would have compelled the Americans and British to take punitive action against Egypt. As it turned out, the agents were captured before the bombs went off.

A far more subtle technique aimed at achieving goals surreptitiously is called “laying the mental threads” for a form of unconventional warfare employing game theory to get others to fight your enemies for you. Relentlessly, people’s minds have been exposed to scenarios of Arab enemies and terrorists, a signal example being the broad attention given to Harvard historian Samuel Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” thesis. A major element of that clash is the West’s struggle against Muslims. America’s (mistaken) response to 9/11, some have claimed, illustrates this. Read more

Merry Christmas from the Folks at TOO!

The Picower Madoff settlement: A $7.2 Billion Whitewash

On Friday the astonishing news broke that the estate of Jeffrey M. Picower had agreed to cough up $7.2 billion to the liquidator of the Bernard Madoff fraud and the Federal Government. (See Zachary A. Goldfarb, “Madoff investor’s widow to return money, The Washington Post, Dec. 18, 2010.)

This news was astonishing because the amount — including a $2.2 Million payment to the Feds — was said to be “the largest single forfeiture in American judicial history.” It represents a considerable 35% of the amount thought to have been paid into the Madoff Ponzi scheme, raising the prospect of material compensation to some of the victims. And also because the Picower lawyer had been freely telling the press earlier this year he expected to settle for only $2 billion. All apparently was not well on the Picower legal front in 2010.

What was not astonishing was the rush to present what was in fact proof that Picower was a huge looter of the Madoff victims as evidence of noblesse oblige on the part of his widow, and to cover up what actually happened. CNN reports that

Picower withdrew $7.8 billion from Madoff’s investment firm since the 1970s, even though he only deposited $619 million, according to the trustee. Read more

2010 TOO Fundraising Appeal: Tax-Deductible Contributions Now Possible

There have been several changes at TOO. The new look seems to be working out with most people. We are certainly grateful to Matt Parrott and his anonymous helpers who have uploaded the hundreds of old TOO files to the new site.

Another major change is that donations to TOO are now tax deductible through the Charles Martel Society, the same organization that sponsors The Occidental Quarterly. TOO and TOQ remain separate entities (even though I am editor of both TOQ and TOO). However, money donated to TOO is now routed into a separate account at the CMS.

The ability of American donors to write off their contributions should be a breakthrough in our ability to securely fund TOO.  We have certainly achieved quite a bit on a relative shoestring but we need additional funds to consolidate and expand. To a considerable extent, our success has depended on the good will of our contributors. Several of our stalwarts are providing material gratis, and others (including those involved in the website redesign) are underpaid in terms of their situation in life and need for income. Whereas there are hundreds of well-paid professional ethnic activists working for our enemies, White advocacy is all about personal self-sacrifice and enlightened self-interest of people who understand the importance of our project for the long term prospects of our people. Read more