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Helmuth Nyborg on the Genetic Decline of Western Civilization: Denmark as a Case Study

Prof. Helmuth Nyborg

The Danish psychologist Helmuth Nyborg has an academic paper soon to be published in Personality and Individual Differences (“The decay of Western Civilization: Double Relaxed Natural Selection“). Nyborg is well-known for his work showing a sex difference in IQ favoring males, a paper which resulted in an investigation of his work and a reprimand from his university. (Nyborg describes the “witch hunt” he endured  here.)

Nyborg’s latest paper charts past trends and projects IQ changes in Denmark as a result of two trends: relaxation of natural selection among the traditional Danes, and an influx of low-IQ immigrants. These two trends together amount to what he terms a “double relaxation of natural selection” (DRNS).

Relying on Richard Lynn’s work Dysgenics: Genetic Deterioration in Modern Populations, the relaxation of internal selection is thought to have begun around 1850 as the fertility of the lower classes exceeded the upper classes because of improvements in hygiene and reduction in diseases. He cites Lynn’s estimate that England lost 6.9 IQ points over 90 years (1920-2010) and estimates that Denmark’s average IQ dropped around 10 points since 1850 due to internal relaxation of natural selection. Read more

A. M. Burovsky on the Jewish “Empire of the Intellect”

Andrei Burovsky's "Are the Jews the Most Advanced People on Earth?

Professor Professor Andrei Mikhailovich Burovsky, academic, writer, slaughterer of sacred cows, and, it must be admitted straight off, a hyperactive revisionist, has a cornucopia of interests ranging from archaeology, the interaction between nature and societies, the formation of the noosphere, and cross-cultural contacts, right up to the Jewish question in Russia and worldwide. On all of these topics the professor has taken strong, minority opinions. Politically, Burovsky is a member of the All-Russian Socio-Political Eurasia Movement and has authored several very popular books about Siberia.[1]

Burovsky writes about Jews in the way H. L. Mencken wrote about certain Christian sects and pompous celebrities, i.e., boldly and without fear of consequences. Like Mencken, Burovsky is a well-known disturber-of-the-peace, iconoclast, and a prolific writer on subjects both profane and sacred. But whereas Mencken dealt with the relatively venial offences committed by members of what he called the ‘Boobeoisie’, Burovsky deals with much heavier issues with far more serious consequences. Unfortunately, Professor Burovsky lacks the literary skill and sense of humor of the Bard of Baltimore and has attracted many enemies from the ranks of his literary targets.  But, most importantly, it must be said that so long as the likes of Mencken in America, Burovsky in Russia, and their like elsewhere are permitted to write and be published, it is proof enough that freedom of speech and of the press truly exists.

Burovsky does not write in the style of an academic but as a populist. He does not try to convince by patient logical argument but by hammering home his message. Sophisticated readers find his style rough and sloppy while the common folk enjoy it. Read more

Superman Shrugged

The recent release of a film adaptation of Atlas Shrugged has brought Ayn Rand’s fantasy of the world’s supermen abdicating from the role of stewards and leaders to a much wider audience. Within her frame, these men are noble and their decision to retreat into “Galt’s gulch” is an honorable response to the indignity and exploitation they’re exposed to. As others have noted, this fantasy doesn’t jibe with the current situation. While elites of yesteryear may have actually created wealth as titans of industry or ambitious innovators, today’s elites don’t make wealth, they take wealth.

To borrow from another book by Ayn Rand, today’s elites are Ellsworth Toohey, not Howard Roark.

And the “shrugging” that our White American elites are doing is less of a principled boycott than a manic fit of self-glorification. In the animated blockbuster Megamind, the presumptive hero “Metro Man” abandons Metro City to become “Music Man”, leaving the city to burn in the hands of the villains while indulging his juvenile hobby. This is a much better metaphor for the collective decision by our overlords to turn their backs on their stubborn and myopic White American minions. They’re not buckling under our burdensome demands as John Galt had been. They’re hellbent on making minions of the entire world, of upgrading from mere American elites to global elites.

Superman renounces his citizenship

In an emblematic case of art imitating life, Superman will be renouncing his U.S. citizenship in the upcoming edition, stepping up from the lowly post of being the steward of a nation (and thus an implicit nationalist) to becoming an exciting new global superhero. He doesn’t answer to us — he answers to the United Nations. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Barack Obama, and the rest of America’s elite have preceded Superman in their own quests to take the wealth and power they amass in America and pour it into the “developing” world. It’s a truly bipartisan effort, with Former President George W. Bush and his wife lobbying for the Middle Eastern women they haven’t buried alive or vaporized to have more “women’s rights“.

Read more

Strategies for White Advocacy

Do not employ or accept the terms of your enemy

Never accept the defamatory phrase “non-Hispanic White.”  White men must never be defined by what they are not, especially not in their own White nations.  Never pass up an opportunity to publicly hoist an anti-White activist by his own petard by vociferously condemning the use of any White racial slurs.  The time of White tolerance of petty racial attacks is over.  Whites must strategically take advantage of the emotional minefield that racial taboos present.

Excoriate and humiliate any anti-White, especially one who is not White, foolish enough to make reference to “crackers,” “rednecks,” “honkies,” “White bread,” “White boys,” “White trash” (Jay Leno does this routinely) or any other term demeaning to White men or women.  Not only will this tactic instantly drain the credibility of the anti-White person, it will energize and inspire any observing Whites in the crowd to do the same thing in future opportunities.  It is extremely rare to find a White man fighting back against attacks on the White race, so seize every opportunity to demonstrate that it can be done from a position of strength and that it carries moral weight. Read more

The “West” should be forgotten

Zeus and Europa

(Translated from the French by Tom Sunic)

The “West”? Raymond Abellio observed that “Europe is fixed in space, that is to say, in geography, as opposed to the West which is “portable.” In fact, the “West” has continued travelling and changing directions. In the beginning that term meant the land where the sun sets (Abendland), as opposed to the land of the rising sun (Morgenland). Starting with the reign of Diocletian in the late third century AD, the opposition between East and West came down to the distinction between the Western Roman Empire (whose capital was Milan and then Ravenna) and the Eastern Roman Empire in Constantinople. The first one disappeared in 476 AD, with the abdication of Romulus Augustulus. After that the West and Europe merged for good. However, starting with the eighteenth century the adjective “Western” came to light on nautical charts referring to the New World, also called the “American system,” as opposed to the “European system,” or the “Eastern Hemisphere” (which then included Europe, Africa and Asia). Read more

Selfish Bastards: A Review of “Atlas Shrugged, Part I”

I saw Atlas Shrugged on Saturday, April 16th. It was a sold-out showing to an all-White audience in a predominantly White area. The audience contained a large contingent of Tea Party people, mostly Christian, as well as libertarians and Objectivists. There was geeky anti-government banter as we waited for the movie to begin. There was applause after the movie ended, but I did not join in. In fact, I found this to be a deeply disappointing adaptation of the first third of Ayn Rand’s epic novel about the role of reason in human existence and what would happen if the rational and productive people—the Atlases that carry the world on their shoulders—were to shrug off their burden and go on strike.

Atlas Shrugged could be a spectacular movie. It is certainly a spectacular novel, although not a perfect one, primarily because it is deformed by the grotesque excess of Galt’s Speech, 60 odd pages in which the novel’s hero John Galt explains Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism. But I have to hand it to Rand, because at least for me, she managed to make even Galt’s Speech a page-turner. In truth, although I reject Rand’s individualism and capitalism and would not have lasted five minutes in her presence, Atlas Shrugged is one of the most audacious and enthralling novels I have ever read—and I have read most of the classics—and even it does not equal Rand’s earlier novel The Fountainhead. Atlas Shrugged is the greatest mystery novel of all, for it is about what makes civilizations rise and fall. It is the greatest adventure of all, for it tells the story of a man who stopped the world. Read more

Tea is for Tribe: It’s About Race, Stupid!

The Long Racial History of the Tea Party’s Deficit Trojan Horse

It's About Race, Stupid!

Back when only the founding population had suffrage, the opposing political factions were often organized around alternative philosophies of government. Even then, ideologies were often stalking horses for individual, regional, occupational, or denominational agendas. Within the past century, both these sincere ideological differences and parochial interests have been overshadowed by a new force in American politics: tribalism. The concomitant empowerment and demographic explosion of identity groups competing and conflicting with White American interests created a series of tectonic shifts in the fault lines beneath the surface of the American political landscape.

White Americans have a taboo against pursuing their group interests and an affinity for ideals and abstractions. They also retain the fiction that their representatives are beholden to them, despite a wealth of evidence to the contrary. In light of these factors, the ambitious politician seeking White votes is beset with the task of parroting a rhetoric that is rooted in abstract ideology, yet aligned with White American group interests. Once elected, it’s then in his interest to renege on both his implicit and explicit promises, as the lobbyists swarming around him pay more and pay more attention. Read more