For Heidi Beirich and the SPLC, hatred of White America trumps environmentalism and everything else

We’ve known for a long time who the real haters are—organizations like the SPLC and their operatives, Heidi Beirich and Mark Potok. A glimpse of the depth of their hatred toward White America can be seen in a blog by Jerry Kammer of the Center for Immigration Studies (“More on the Environment, Population, Immigration, and the SPLC“).  Kammer has done excellent work on the SPLC, in particular showing that it depends on Jewish donors—that essentially it is a Jewish organization in all but name.

Kammer’s recent blog is based on the work of journalist Tom Horton who is worried about the effects of immigration on the environment (“Is immigration killing Chesapeake Bay?“). But efforts to save the environment by restricting immigration come up against charges of racism by organizations like the $PLC.

To put it candidly, the typical immigrant these days is brown and poor; the typical environmentalist is white and doing relatively well. It’s easy to come off as racist—in fact it’s almost guaranteed. A recent blast from the liberal Southern Poverty Law Center equated those who talk about the human carrying capacity of ecosystems, or the need to reduce growth in the name of the environment, to racists in disguise.

This recalls the notorious donations north of $100 million by David Gelbaum to the Sierra Club on condition that they not oppose immigration. Read more

More evil from Heidi Beirich

Our friend  Heidi  Beirich of the  SPLC has another  outrageous gem about me (“Long Adored by Anti-Semites, California Prof Now Glorifies Violence“). A couple of factual issues: I am not a “co-host” of David Duke’s program and have never used the phrase “Zionist gun-grabbers,” although I have noted that Jewish publications have pointed to the central role of Jewish activists and  organizations in the gun control movement.

Worse, she sent an email to university colleagues stating I was a  Holocaust denier. As everyone knows, I have I never endorsed Holocaust denial or permitted Holocaust denial ideas to be published in outlets that I control. She is perfectly well aware of this (perhaps accounting for avoiding that charge in her article). As usual, it’s guilt by association.

In the email she also called me a “White supremacist”—leftspeak for Whites who think that Whites, like all other human groups, have interests. I am waiting for a statement by the ADL and the Jewish Studies Department that Jews have no moral or practical reason to attempt to remain a demographic majority in Israel. And a statement from the SPLC condemning American Jewish groups that support apartheid in Israel.

My blurb for Kyle Bristow’s book was confined to the main point of the book which is a fictional account of the Salutrean hypothesis (which has its scientific defenders) and the suppression of this idea by the forces of political correctness. Being a busy person, I did not read the passage she complains about and certainly don’t endorse violence against Mark Potok despite his evil behavior.

And if you look at the offending article “Heidi goes to heaven,” Heidi’s death is simply a setup for the satire, nothing more. There is no plot in which she is assassinated because of her (loathsome) activities. Her death is the result of a defective bomb  built by a “greasy wannabe terrorist … who asked the $PLC to lay out one hundred grand for a so far undisclosed false flag ploy, but knew as much about building bombs as pigs about flying.”

In order for the satire to work, she had to die somehow; the accidental detonation of a bomb certainly didn’t raise any red flags with me.

However, we at TOO certainly don’t want to tread on the sensibilities of sensitive souls like Beirich. I am advised that  Colhaze may bow to this pressure and revise the article to have her die of a  surfeit of donuts—which somehow seems more plausible anyway and has the virtue of being self-induced.  Read more

Learning from the SPLC

It may enrage most all readers to hear it — but I like the$PLC. Let me revise that statement — I like the website of the $PLC. I have never, and will never give them a dime. I have never, and will never buy any of the junk they sell on their stupid corner of Cafe Press. Though I would certainly buy a t-shirt with the $PLC logo on it should I ever bump into one at a second-hand shop or some such — the irony of it would be too rich to pass up.

I must also admit that I loathe the $PLC itself a great deal. Trust me, I write under a fake name and they would love to reveal my real identity to the whole world in attempt to make me as destitute as possible. Jared Taylor, Wayne Lutton, and many others have commented on how vile the group is, and how they seem much more interested in financially destroying those who disagree with them as opposed to convincing in any way. Even staunch leftists have written about how the group is a shamelessly self-promoting money racket. Read more

Dr. Virginia Abernethy’s Response to USA Today article

Editor’s note: Dr. Virginia Abernethy is running for Vice-President for the American Third Position. (Merlin Miller is A3P’s presidential candidate.) The following is her response to an article on her, also reprinted below, that appeared in USA Today and The Tennessean (Nashville). Dr. Abernethy has also given two video interviews on these issues, link below

Dr. Virginia Abernethy

The Tennessean and USAToday ran the same article about me. I write in hopes that one or both papers will print my comment.

The article is accurate in several respects, but inaccurate in others, and thus disturbing. The SPLC’s negative and hateful characterizations of people like me who oppose mass immigration are factually untrue.

The SPLC has upped the ante by adding the false charge of neo-Nazi to the tired old [and incorrect in my case and in most cases] label of racist.

Organizations like the ADL are complicitous in these hateful smears and, at the least, do themselves a disservice by repeating charges designed to tar people who disagree with them.

Apparently, their ideal for the United States is to be part of a borderless world, while Israel, they think, is entitled to secure borders.

The SPLC clearly hates patriots like me. This demonstrates that their “anti-hate” stance is merely a cover for their globalist Marxist agenda. They want Europeans-Americans to “tolerate” their own dispossession. This suicide of a whole people is the goal of their ‘Teaching Tolerance’. Read more

Profits of Hate: The SPLC goes for the gold in the Sikh Temple Shooting

As soon as authorities identified the alleged culprit in the Sikh Temple shooting spree near Milwaukee, which left six worshipers dead, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) wasted no time capitalizing on the tragedy.


Mark Potok and Heidi Beirich, the dynamic duo of “hate,” fanned out across the airwaves after a search of the SPLC “database” struck gold.

Wade Michael Page, identified by police as the alleged shooter, was no ordinary tattooed musician or gang member. Page wasn’t merely a disgruntled bigot, but a “frustrated” neo-Nazi skinhead who led his own “racist white-power band.” According to Potok and Beirich, “we have been following him since 2000” when he attended “Hammer Fest” — described as the Lollapalooza of skinheads.

The profile of the shooter wasn’t the garden-variety sociopath, such as the alleged Aurora, Colorado, shooter James Eagan Holmes, or Jared Loughner, who recently pleaded guilty to murder charges in the Tuscon, Arizona, shooting that injured Rep. Gabby Giffords, or Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech mass-murderer who single handedly killed 32 and injured 25 others on April 16, 2007.

Under surveillance supposedly for a dozen years, the alleged Sikh killer was a known entity. He was, according to Potok, a major player on the skinhead “scene.”

Not to be outdone by the SPLC, the ADL posted a photo of Page in front of a Nazi flag. The ever-vigilant monitors of “hate” were busy feeding news organizations what they wanted to hear: this alleged killer was special, a lone-wolf terrorist on a hateful killing spree. He may indeed have been just that, but thus far the authorities have been unable to substantiate the shooter’s motive. Read more

The Menace of the New “McCarthyism”

On June 25, the Huffington Post “reported” that a Cambridge University academic “responsible for mentoring students” has “come under pressure” to resign his position. Guess which allegations resulted in Martin Sewell, a supervisor in the Faculty of Economics at Cambridge University, coming under intense scrutiny:

(a) Rapist
(b) Pedophile
(c) Serial killer
(d) Flash-mob thief
(e) Cannibalistic predator
(f) Racist, sexist, “pro-Hitler” eugenicist

If you guessed (f), you are correct! Critics are horrified that Sewell, an accomplished academic and incisive observer of human differences, has bucked the forces of political correctness and some how remains gainfully employed.

Sewell, a 43-year-old native of Reading, has posted summaries of “taxonomies of race,” which include notable (hint: notorious) sources: John R. Baker’s Race, a landmark study published in 1974 by Oxford University Press; Michael Levin’s seminal work Why Race Matters; Herrnstein and Murray’s bestseller The Bell Curve; Arthur Jensen’s The g Factor; Frank Salter’s On Genetic Interests; Richard Lynn’s Race Differences in Intelligence; and Kevin MacDonald’s A People That Shall Dwell Alone.Sewell’s Website postings have driven his adversaries raving mad. Surely a “responsible” mentor of students should know better than to risk one’s academic position by favorably citing such radioactive literature on race and ethnicity. Acknowledging that race is a valid scientific taxonomy and that race differences are natural biological realities will generate accusations of “racist” faster than Heidi Beirich can inhale a tray of donuts. After all, “responsible” mentors know better!

"Hideous Heidi" loves to get people blacklisted and fired.

The fact that an academic with Sewell’s laudable record is under such scrutiny speaks volumes as to the nature of the infraction. From whence does this “pressure” come?
Left-wing critics have worked tirelessly over decades to make it dangerous to espouse such views—positions that are now rendered career-sacking offenses. How this has come about is worth closer scrutiny.

Read more

The Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman Affair: Enter the SPLC (and CSULB) Thought Police

Mark Potok of the SPLC apparently thinks that my comments on the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman affair present an opportunity to at last get me fired from  my position at CSULB (“Anti-Semitic California Prof Now Attacking Black People with Lies“). (Good grief! What a title! Potok could have written headlines for The Daily Worker.) This latest effort is part of a long campaign against me, dating back to 2006; and yes, Virginia, the $PLC should be seen as a Jewish activist organization.

I have indeed appeared on the David Duke radio show in recent weeks and intend to do so in the future. The SPLC continues the tired practice of labeling Duke “the ex-Klansman”—the usual guilt by association argument. After watching David Duke’s videos and reading his writings, I decided that I agree with the vast majority of what he is saying. His main mantra that he repeats at the beginning of every radio show is that all peoples have a right to a homeland and to have sense of peoplehood—what Frank Salter terms “universal nationalism.” The problem, of course, is that only White people of European descent are enduring a suicidal wave of non-White immigration that will make them relatively powerless minorities in areas they have controlled for hundreds, and, in the case of Europe, many thousands of years.

As do I, Duke repeatedly calls attention to the hypocrisy involved in the mainstream Jewish community and activist organizations. In the Diaspora in the West they  advocate multiculturalism and massive non-White immigration, while steadfastly promoting Israel as a Jewish ethnostate where Jewish racialism is alive and well.

While people like Duke must live with the label of “ex-Klansman” in the mainstream media, supposedly reformed far left radicals and even terrorists like Bill Ayers are welcomed into polite society and have positions at prestigious universities.

In their attack on me, the SPLC exonerates Martin by noting that he had no juvenile criminal record. But let’s have a little common sense here. The Miami Herald (but not the New York Times or any other elite media)  (see “Multiple Suspensions Paint Complicated Portrait of Travvon Martin) reported that

the officer reported he found women’s jewelry and a screwdriver that he described as a “burglary tool,” according to a Miami-Dade Schools Police report obtained by The Miami Herald. Word of the incident came as the family’s lawyer acknowledged that the boy was suspended in February for getting caught with an empty bag with traces of marijuana, which he called “irrelevant” and an attempt to demonize a victim. Trayvon’s backpack contained 12 pieces of jewelry, in addition to a watch and a large flathead screwdriver, according to the report, which described silver wedding bands and earrings with diamonds. Trayvon was asked if the jewelry belonged to his family or a girlfriend. “Martin replied it’s not mine. A friend gave it to me,” he responded, according to the report. Trayvon declined to name the friend. Trayvon was not disciplined because of the discovery …

So you have a non-wealthy male high school student with a whole lot of valuable women’s  jewelry, no credible explanation of how he got it,  and what is described as a burglary tool in his backpack. I never said or wrote that he was convicted, but if you believe that Martin got the jewelry legitimately, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you. It’s certainly legitimate to bring this up when addressing the issue of media bias in how it has presented Trayvon Martin.   (Now a neighbor of Zimmerman is saying that all eight recent robberies in the housing complex were committed by “young black males.” Hmmm.)