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Clown-Cults Big and Small: Transgenderism Is Evil But Unimportant Beside Trans-Westernism

The cracks are getting wider in the ugly and evil idol of transgenderism. A report has just been published in Britain pointing out some big flaws in the ideology that governs the “care” offered to confused children and adolescents. It’s added to the doubts increasingly being expressed about translunacy. For example, sixteen-year-olds aren’t allowed to […]

The Arch-Invertebrate of Contemptible: Surveying the Sick Joke of the Church of England

Meet the goy grovel. It’s the most important ritual of modern Western life. Sycophancy and self-abasement are poured out by gentiles before Jews in the hope of social gain and material reward. Goyim grovel with particular energy and enthusiasm at Hanukkah, the minor Jewish festival artificially inflated by Jews to compete with and blur the […]

The Sweet Smell of Head-Chopping… And the Stench of Silence from Libertarians

Enlightenment enthusiast Kenan Malik is at it again. So are Kenan’s Komrades, the fanatical Furedite freedom-fighters at the libertarian journal Spiked Online. Or rather, Kenan & Komrades aren’t at it again. The problem is not what they’ve done, but what they’ve yet again failed to do. A fascinatingly horrible story about censorship has been in […]

Israel über Alles: The Rochdale By-Election Exposes the Zionist Control of British Politics

There’s only one problem with opposing identity politics. All politics is identity politics. Anyone who says otherwise is either a fool or a fraud. For example, the American pseudo-conservative Ben Shapiro (born 1984) is a fraud. He’s a strongly identified Jew and Israel-Firster who tells his White followers to eschew identity politics. He wants them […]