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Blight unto the Nations: Anti-Racism and the Dual Nature of Jewishness

In the Book of Isaiah, God promised the Jewish people that he would make them “a light unto the nations” — that is, to the goyim, or the non-Jewish peoples of the world. Many centuries later, Jews are certainly behaving like light. After all, light famously has a dual nature. Is it a wave or […]

Exterminate Hate: A Modest Proposal for Mossad

To paraphrase Wordsworth: “Mossad, at this hour England hath need of thee!” Vile anti-Semitism is again being peddled in a national newspaper here and again the British authorities are refusing to act. Mossad needs to step up to the plate with some of the strategic assassinations for which it is justly famed. Working very hard […]

Silent Sisterhood Revisited: Another Vibrant Rape Gang, Another Liberal Lie-Fest

When you’re studying the behaviour of animals, it’s pointless to look for motives like “truth-seeking” and “compassion.” Animals aren’t interested in discovering the truth and Making the World a Better Place. They’re interested in survival — in eating and not being eaten. “All white women are only good for one thing…” Something similar applies when […]

The Silent Sisterhood: How Feminists Collaborate with Rape and Murder

In one of the most famous passages of his Summa Theologica, the great Catholic philosopher Thomas Aquinas (1225–74) considers this delicate question: “Whether the blessed rejoice in the punishment of the damned?” He concludes that, yes, they do: “the saints will rejoice in the punishment of the wicked, by considering therein the order of Divine […]

The Egomaniacs’ Ball: Chutzpah, Ethnocentrism and the Separation Solution

“You can never be too rich or too thin.” That’s a memorable line from Wallis Simpson, the American divorcée who turned Edward VIII into an ex-king. It’s a self-aware joke about female psychology, but its humour also comes from the incongruity of the adjectives it uses. Wealth and weight are different kinds of variable. It’s […]

The Pyromaniacs’ Ball: The Grenfell Tower Disaster as a Metaphor for the West

I hate TV, so I usually hear the news rather than see it. This gives me a lot of chances to put my Evil White Racism to work on predictions. Mostly I’m right, occasionally I’m wrong. When I heard that a disgruntled ex-doctor had shot up a hospital in New York, I assumed that the […]

Science and the Suicide-Cult: The Irrationalism of Richard Dawkins

The basis of science is the same as the basis of life: pattern-recognition. Even plants recognize patterns in the weather and the attacks of insects. The difference between scientists and trees, or scientists and sharks, is that scientists use reason and method, not instinct and other forms of biological automation. Mathemodels of reality Scientists try […]