Blights on Whites: HBD, Headlines and the Violation of Western Norms

A simple headline. That’s often all it takes to spot HBD — Human Bio-Diversity — at work in a high-trust Western society like Britain. That’s because a headline is often enough to reveal that the norms of such a society are being violated in an extreme way.

Brazen in Bournemouth

The norms were obviously set by mainstream Whites, so they tend to be violated by outsiders. The worse the violation, the more likely it is that an outsider is responsible. For example, one norm in Britain is the ability of large numbers of people to gather peacefully and cooperatively for recreation. That’s why we have holiday-resorts like the coastal towns of Bournemouth and Blackpool, where Whites have gathered for many decades to enjoy sun, sand and sea. But Bournemouth and Blackpool have recently generated headlines about the brutal violation of the norms that formerly prevailed there. When I read the headlines, I immediately thought “HBD!” That is, I thought that outsiders — not British Whites — would be responsible for the crimes in question.

And I was right. At least, I was right about one of the headlines and I’m confident that I’ll be right about the other two. The first headline ran like this: “Man found guilty of raping girl, 15, in sea off Bournemouth beach.” That’s an extreme violation of a British norm and sure enough an outsider was responsible:

A 20-year-old man has been found guilty of the “brazen” rape of a 15-year-old girl after he took her out of her depth in the sea off Bournemouth beach. A jury found Gabriel Marinoaica, of Darlaston, Walsall, guilty of three charges of sexual assault and rape. He was acquitted of a further charge of sexual assault by biting her neck. Judge Susan Evans KC [King’s Counsel] said it was a “brazen thing to have done in broad daylight” on the beach. (“Man found guilty of raping girl, 15, in sea off Bournemouth beach,” The Guardian, 15th March 2024)

Not British but brazen: the possibly Gypsy Romanian Gabriel Marinoaica

Well, it was a “brazen thing” to do by British standards, but Gabriel Marinoaica isn’t British. He has a Romanian surname and could well be a Gypsy. That is, he isn’t genuinely from “Darlaston, Walsall” in the English Midlands. Instead, he is a single footsoldier in the “immivasion” of Britain overseen first by the treacherous Labour party and second by the equally treacherous Conservative party.

I’m confident that the same will prove true of the criminals behind two other headlines from the British holiday resorts of Blackpool and Bournemouth. They run like this: “Woman raped in horror attack on Blackpool seafront” and “Bournemouth beach stabbing: man arrested on suspicion of murder.” In the first case, the police are looking for a “tall Asian [i.e., Pakistani or similar] man in his mid-30s.” And in the second, a suspect has now been arrested and charged. If you’re a hate-criminal like me, you won’t be surprised to hear that his name is Nasen Saadi. He’s described in the mainstream media as being “from Croydon, London.” He isn’t, of course. Whether or not he is found guilty, he’s another footsoldier in the “immivasion” of Britain overseen by our treacherous elite.

Schoolboy slaughters schoolgirl

If he is found guilty, he will become yet another non-White who has imposed vibrancy on the White norms that formerly prevailed in Croydon. This district of London has a name with a beautiful etymology: it’s from the Old English crogen and denu, meaning “valley where wild saffron grows.” But forget wild saffron: in the 21st century, Croydon regularly generates headlines that reek of HBD. Late last year, for example, there were headlines about the “fatal stabbing of [a] schoolgirl in Croydon.” Hate-criminals like me needed only the headlines to begin thinking heretical thoughts. When we read the stories below the headlines, our heretical thoughts got worse. It was a horrific crime, as the Trotskyist libertarian Brendan O’Neill described at Spiked:

Everything about the death of [the schoolgirl] Elianne [Andam] is bleak beyond imagination. It happened during rush hour on Wednesday. Elianne and friends were on their way to school. One of her friends was accosted by a 17-year-old boy, reportedly her ex-boyfriend. He had a bouquet of roses. Elianne stepped in to try to calm things down. The boy allegedly took out a thin, foot-long knife and drove it into Elianne’s neck. She died in the street, next to the blood-spattered roses.

It feels incomprehensible. How untethered from morality must a young man be, how unbound by social norms, to slay a girl in the street for the ‘offence’ of suggesting he back off. Elianne was bright and clearly a good friend. She wanted to be a lawyer. And yet on a Wednesday morning, in front of her fellow citizens, her life was ended with a ‘zombie knife’ allegedly wielded by a boy who has not yet reached the age of majority. Not only the people of Croydon but the nation itself feels shell-shocked by this senseless destruction of young, promise-filled life. (“The Croydon stabbing: in the shadow of nihilism,” 29th September 2023)

Brendan is performing a common ritual in the modern West. The ritual involves leftists self-righteously bewailing the consequences of their own preferences, while steadfastly refusing to admit blame or face reality. The “boy” responsible for that “nihilistic” murder was almost certainly Black and living in Britain thanks to the non-White migration so warmly supported by leftists like Brendan. But there is no discussion of race or migration in the article. And when Brendan laments how the “boy” was “unbound by social norms,” he doesn’t raise the highly interesting question of what “social norms” he’s talking about. Are they Black norms? The norms that prevail in Somalia and other parts of sub-Saharan Africa? No, of course not. They’re White norms. And why would we expect Blacks, with a distinct genetic and cultural history, to follow White norms?

From repulsive to ridiculous

Well, if we’re sane and scientifically literate, we wouldn’t. But leftists like Brendan O’Neill aren’t sane or scientifically literate. That’s why they’ve cheered on the immivasion of Britain by non-Whites while simultaneously bewailing its inevitable consequences. For example, Brendan and his comrades also get very heated about Muslims attacking the traditional White norm of free speech. Yes, fancy that. Britain imports people who hate free speech and those people continue to hate free speech on the magic dirt of Britain. This is because the dirt isn’t in fact magic and doesn’t alter the genetics and culture of outsiders.

The magic dirt doesn’t work: Muslims carry on behaving like Muslims

If you want another example of that, just look at the behavior of a group that has lived on British soil not for decades, like Blacks and Muslims, but for centuries and even millennia. Yes, let’s go from the repulsive to the ridiculous. I’ve described how hate-criminals like me can detect HBD in repulsive headlines about rape and murder. But hate-criminals like me can also detect HBD in ridiculous headlines like this: “Couple in Wales jailed for series of ‘dine and dash’ offences.” In other words, the couple were ordering and eating food in restaurants, then leaving without paying for the food. That’s a violation of the high-trust norms of British society, which is why I read the headline and immediately thought: “Gypsies!” And I was right. At least, I was right in the short-hand sense I was using the term “Gypsies”:

A couple have been jailed for carrying out a string of “dine and dash” offences, racking up large bills for food and drink before leaving without paying. A judge at Swansea crown court said Ann McDonagh, 39, and Bernard McDonagh, 41, had “cynically and brazenly” defrauded restaurants and a takeaway in south Wales.

Judge Thomas KC told the court that the couple, from Port Talbot, had ordered more than they could eat — including T-bone steaks — just to see if they could get away with it and got a buzz out of their spree. “It was criminality for criminality’s sake,” he said. The court was told the couple were from a “very large Travelling community” and the judge criticised them for reinforcing negative stereotypes. (“Couple in Wales jailed for series of ‘dine and dash’ offences,” The Guardian, 29th May 2024)

Travellers and Gypsies aren’t fully distinct groups in Britain. They’ve interbred and, although the famous boxer Tyson Fury is a Traveller, strictly speaking, he calls himself the “Gypsy King.” After all, the two groups are both outsiders with similar nomadic cultures. And with similar cultures of violence, criminality, and parasitism. The “negative stereotypes” referred to by the judge exist with very good reason. And note how the judge in Swansea used the word “brazen,” just like the judge who sentenced the rapist Gabriel Marinoaica in Bournemouth. Like Marinoaica, the McDonaghs are marked as outsiders not only by their shameless violation of British norms, but also by their surnames. The surname McDonagh isn’t Welsh but Irish, because Travellers come from Ireland.

Living outside the state

Not that the McDonaghs will regard themselves as outsiders, of course. From their perspective, they’re insiders who are entitled to prey on the out-group of non-Travellers. The McDonaghs preyed on the Welsh out-group in typical Traveller fashion because that is the evolved norm in their “community.” Travellers have lived on British soil for many generations, but they haven’t adopted British norms of high trust and low criminality. In other words, they look White in the broad sense but aren’t White in the narrow sense. If Travellers and Gypsies were taken out of the crime statistics for “whites” in Britain, the stats would fall even further by comparison with those for Blacks and other non-Whites. Indeed, in some ways Travellers are closer to Blacks than to mainstream British Whites. For example, they have lower average IQs than British Whites and regard education with disdain and contempt. Although they’re undoubtedly far closer in genetics to us than Somalis or Pakistanis, they remain a distinct group.

The McDonaghs are Travellers who look White but don’t act White

It’s clear, for example, that they haven’t undergone the process of genetic pacification that applied to the White British majority. For centuries, a strong state and efficient system of justice suppressed genes for violence and criminality by the simple means of executing and imprisoning criminals. The law-abiding had more children than the lawless and the result was high-trust, low-crime White Britain. But nomadic Travellers lived outside the state and did their best to evade its laws. It isn’t anomalous that an exceptionally good boxer like Tyson Fury should have come from such a tiny minority, because violent and aggressive males among Travellers weren’t weeded out by the state and the hangman.

The double whammy of immivasion

On the contrary, they were rewarded with reproductive success. Having lots of children is another Traveller tradition. Fury himself has seven. The “dine and dash” McDonaghs have six. In contrast, the birth-rate of mainstream British Whites is at a historic low. It’s below replacement level. There are many reasons for the fall in White births and some of them are freely discussed in the mainstream. Here’s one reason that isn’t: the overcrowding that is now prevalent in cities like London. Unlike some races, Whites don’t like living in crowded, noisy environments. And they don’t like being unable to ensure a safe and secure home for their children. That’s why so many White couples postpone children or refrain from having children entirely.

Jewish migration-maven, the lovely Barbara Roche, spinner of ludicrous lies

Groups like Travellers and Somalis, who live much more in the moment, don’t follow those norms, which is why their birth-rates remain high even as their behavior helps suppress White birth-rates. And that’s exactly the way our hostile elite like it. They’ve imposed the immivasion on the West not simply because it floods us with outsiders, but also because it suppresses our birth-rates. Of course, HBD is also at work in the hostile elite. I’ve regularly described the central role of the Labour immigration minister Barbara Roche in organizing the immivasion of Britain and propagandizing for its non-existent benefits. Roche is Jewish. So were the plutocrats who funded the treacherous Labour party as it opened the borders and waged war on its traditional supporters in the White working-class.

No respect for White norms

The plutocrats who presently fund the treacherous Conservative party are also Jewish. And when, as seems highly likely, the Conservatives lose the next election, they will replaced by the Jew-funded Labour party under Keir Starmer, who has a Jewish wife and is firmly committed to following a Jewish agenda of open borders. In America, as Kevin MacDonald has carefully documented, the 1965 Hart-Celler Act that began national-wrecking immivasion was a thoroughly Jewish project. But the project was fronted by Irish Catholics like Teddy Kennedy, who also regarded themselves as outsiders to the White Protestants who had created America and established its norms. Teddy’s brother John F. Kennedy had already put his name to a book about America with the lying and ludicrous title of A Nation of Immigrants (1958). Again, hate-criminals will not be surprised to read that the book “was written as part of the Anti-Defamation League’s series entitled the One Nation Library. In the 1950s, former ADL National Director Ben Epstein was concerned by rising xenophobia and anti-immigrant rhetoric, so he reached out to then-Senator Kennedy to write a manuscript on immigration reform.” The ADL also supplied a historian, Arthur Mann (a doctoral student of historian-Jewish pro-immigration activist Oscar Handlin at Harvard) for the project, and it was ghost-written by Myer Feldman who was influential in the Kennedy/Johnson administration.

Jews and the Whitey Bomb

The anti-White Jew Barbara Roche used the same lying and ludicrous propaganda when she claimed in 2000 that ““Britain has always been a nation of migrants.” The phrase “nation of migrants” has the same stupidity and illogic as “rope of sand” or “brick of water.” That is, it’s a complete contradiction in terms. The word “nation” itself comes from the Latin nasci, meaning “to be born.” In other words, a nation is a bond of blood, created by a distinct group that shares genetics, culture, and language. Immigration means the destruction of a nation, not its creation or consolidation. When Jews like Roche claim otherwise, they’re brazenly violating the White norm of respect for truth and objective reality. But Jews don’t respect White norms any more than Blacks or Travellers do. And with their much higher IQs and powers of organization, Jews are much more dangerous to White societies than imported minorities. Brazen rapists in Bournemouth and stabby schoolboys in Croydon are the footsoldiers of the immivasion. Jews are the generals and military theorists who have organized and directed the war on the White West.

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  1. Ed Welch
    Ed Welch says:

    Local UK problems? Bunker-busters to the CoL would make a good start.
    On this side of the Pond, we need to cut the “J” out of JUSA.

  2. Konrad
    Konrad says:

    While millions of foreign continental invaders are taken in as “refugees” in the EU (without ever being sent back), they are housed in hotels and new apartments are constantly being built for them, the number of homeless people among the EU’s own citizens is exploding. What an inhuman cynicism. The figure is now said to be almost one million. As expected, the countries with the highest import rates of “asylum seekers” have the highest numbers of homeless people. I wonder if there is a correlation between the two? Next weekend there are “EU elections”, but in order to vote you have to prove your residence.

    • JM
      JM says:

      “The figure is now said to be almost one million.” (JM: that’s “for all the EU”).

      Australia with our relatively tiny population is getting that every year and most of the invasion comes from India. I suppose It would be worse if most were to come from Africa…

      If ever a solution is applied (it is noe a very unpopular policy), it will have to be very nasty indeed.

    • WCH
      WCH says:

      Solution, whites need to create their own country. The perfect model is Israel. The question is where.

      • Hairy Iranian Dude
        Hairy Iranian Dude says:

        Pipe dream. Zimbabwe fell. SA fell. Europe is falling as is America. Whites here can’t even keep the PNW White. Realistic and honest solution? Brazil will be the White future.

      • JM
        JM says:

        @An Actual White Man

        “Solution: Racism Is Taking Your Own Side In Darwinian Struggle.”

        No matter how it is framed, Darwinian or otherwise, “racism” today is not only justified, but the only solution to the problem. “THEY MADE IT SO”.

    • Odin's left eye
      Odin's left eye says:

      Hairy, you’ve said what gazillions of us think. I no longer comment on nationalist-type sites for exactly the reason that you stated. Problem-solving involves (a) identifying the problem and (b) constructive action. Endless whining about the problem as we see across all the White interest-type sites is sick. I believe that there are more useful things for a person to do with his/her remaining time in this realm than whine.

      Prof KMac, for clarity, I greatly value the education in jew psychopathy of you and your contributors. It is not your fault that we have not moved on from talk to effective action.

      • Hairy Iranian Dude
        Hairy Iranian Dude says:

        The first honest and respectful response I’ve received on this site.

        Yes, everyone knows what needs to be done, but everyone is, correctly, scared $hitless. So logical result? More of the same moribundity.

    • Lady Strange
      Lady Strange says:

      You don’t understand that the author presents the issues from a literary and symbolic point of view. For me, TOO is a site for reflection, not a meeting place for activists.
      But if you have a solution to dislodge a thousand-year-old parasite that has monopolized all Western centers of power, and if you’re stronger than a certain Germanic leader of the 40s, feel free to create your own website and taskforce for our own edification.

      • Hairy Iranian Dude
        Hairy Iranian Dude says:

        There are no “meeting places for activists”.

        No one has the power here or elsewhere to do what needs to be done. All I’m calling for is honesty, self-reflection, and self-criticism.

        If I opened up my own website it would do the same as this one: edification (most of it being repetitive) as everything continues to collapse.

  3. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    This is a timely article, because my family (in Illinois) just enjoyed a holiday at a resort on a lake inhabited by 99% White people (my eye-ball estimation). We witnessed no crime, no riots, no drive-by shootings, no arsons of police stations, no shootings of cops, etc. I enjoyed seeing little blond boys and girls with parents of various complexions, yet still in the White range. I also enjoyed watching young blond women even though I could tell their blondness came out of a bottle. I do think however, that dark races can follow and enjoy the same norms that we do. But, many do not because they are encouraged not to. In the US, the Democrat Party has an agenda which involves openly mocking and suppressing the traditional norms of White behavior, that is, Christianity. Their goal is the inversion of all values, anarchy, chaos, revolution, censorship and dictatorship. Donald Trump has become a credible candidate for the Presidency and he has proposed an obvious solution: deportation (I actually prefer the term, ‘repatriation,’ sounds more friendly) of the millions of illegals who have streamed into the US at the instigation of the UN and billionaires such as George Soros and of course of the Dem party.

  4. Jackie Pratt
    Jackie Pratt says:

    “But Jews don’t respect White norms any more than Blacks or Travellers do. And with their much higher IQs and powers of organization, Jews are much more dangerous to White societies than imported minorities.”

    Instead of ‘high IQ and organization’, I would reason that for the jews it is attributable to their horrible morals/ethics, their own nomadic (diasporic and globalist) tendencies and their insidious in-group practices. The others are a cancer; jews are very dangerous parasites.

    What I cannot figure out (not by doing research, mind you, but just a lot of reading) is how the jews have not been obliterated (israel) by their neighbors. But I feel their byzantine wall is the USA and britain.

    • Lady Strange
      Lady Strange says:

      Idem. I’m not impressed by their intellect.
      But as parasites they are incomparable

      • SomeDude
        SomeDude says:

        Just because you’re not impressed does not mean it’s not impressive. Leaving everything else aside, just the staggering number of Nobel prizes–which is even more impressive when you exclude the BS ‘peace’ prize–ought to command your respect.

        But, alas, you’ll invariably dismiss this fact as part of the ‘international jewish conspiracy’, or some such nonsense.

        You’re unimpressed because you hate jews. It’s as simple as that.

        • JM
          JM says:


          Not all that impressive when it comes to subversion, given that the founding people are so flatfooted in seeking their rights. As one commentator here has pointed out, with a constant, sustained,application of a broad idea, incremental change in roughly the right direction, secures success over enough years.

          The European peoples have to claw back their losses using such methods, or otherwise. Whatever it takes.

      • What’s up Skip
        What’s up Skip says:

        Jews have a suite of characteristics which prime them for success in the modern cosmopolitan system.

        Number one is that they mostly grow up in an environment where each young Hebrew knows that he is one of God’s chosen people, not a poor sinner.

        Number two is chutzpah, complete absence of guilt or shame when dealing with others, mainly goys.

        Number three is superior linguistic capabilities allowing new language acquisition, mimicry, self-promotion, networking and fluent lying.

        Number four is drive and determination to be materially or socially successful. The work is not its own reward. Although it might be enjoyed it is a means to an end. Too much money is never enough. Too many honours ditto.

        Number five is, of course, the exceptional clannishness and the ever-ramifying international support network.

        Many Jews are very smart people and no doubt many have well earnt the honours and the wealth they have accumulated according to the rules of the present system. However the above characteristics certainly help them to make the most out of their intellects.

  5. Alan
    Alan says:

    Reportage of pure objective facts..cannot be minimized by hasbara trolls i.e. mossad unit 8200 thought assasins or other sewer rat tribal denizens.Lady strange has again spoken truth.We do not view TOO here as loser white proletarian whiners. *.Ever. *…in actual fact….TOO has the highest level of online intellectual literacy and elegant impeccable exposing both the protocols and ..the squaminous pathologies of the mentally il..jew..**..or in current parlance,the dysphoric jewish mind.Certainly a strong case can easily be
    made…that ..the tribe are super parasitical lost souls. in self suiciding rebellion to God …opponents of all truth..evaders of all real morals .. poorly hidden fierce haters of all non jews..however…. TOO illustrates and highlights facts ..not bias leading….while simultaneously permitting free speech..mostly by truly erudite commenters.Sometimeas we compare the fabulous commenter of TOO with RT.
    We encourage young people and new readers.. really think things thru…fact check more with TOO. RT is after all a Russian government jew pro putin outlet.TOO is largely American and European intellectual s..and true scientific. ..genuine..very particular objective and
    highly accomplished real folk.**Again…a very fine no nonsense ,no pretense article .**

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