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Great-Replaced: Half of Newborns in Belgium Have Foreign-Origin Mothers

First bar: births in 2020 by origin of the mother. Second bar: women of childbearing age by origin. Orange: native Belgians; blue: Belgian citizens of foreign origin; grey: foreigners.

The Great Replacement is a “discredited conspiracy theory,” but it also an empirical reality, wherever governments and agencies deem fit to publish the relevant figures.

France has long been loathe to publish such statistics, but neighboring Belgium — which has a similar history of recent immigration — is not so circumspect. The Belgian Federal Bureau for Planning recently published a highly interesting fact sheet on the national origin of mothers in Belgium.

The figures for 2020 show that Belgium now has a historically-low total fertility rate of 1.58 per woman. Of these, barely half of births (52.3%) are to native Belgian mothers. The rest are more-or-less evenly split between mothers who are Belgian citizens of foreign origin and foreign mothers.

Fertility rates differ drastically by origin, with native Belgian woman at a mere 1.38 and foreign women at 2.05 (48.5% higher).

Belgian citizens of foreign origin have a fertility rate of 1.58, suggesting a convergence of birth rates over time. Admittedly, interpretation is difficult as it is unclear what is included in this category. What proportion of these are Italian-origin Belgians (significant waves came from 1945 onward, now numbering around 450,000)? What proportion are Arabs or Congolese with Belgian passports? We don’t know.

Proportion by origin and age of women of child-bearing age, (orange: native Belgians, blue: Belgian citizens of foreign origin, grey: foreigners).

The replacement of the Belgian population will only ratchet up over time. Significantly, among 15-year-old girls, foreign-origin Belgian citizens and foreigners outnumber native Belgians more than two-to-one!

One struggles to find any previous examples in European history of population substitution on this scale. Probably one has to go all the way back to the Indo-European conquests circa 5000–4000 years ago.

The Belgian statistics are frustratingly unclear concerning the national origin of mothers in Belgium. “Citizens of foreign-origin” and “foreigners” indiscriminately include southern Europeans, eastern Europeans, Middle-Eastern Muslims, and Africans. There has been substantial European immigration to Belgium from Italy, Romania, and elsewhere.

It seems highly probable that European-origin mothers will have lower fertility rates than Africans and Muslims, though conceivably the latter converge somewhat in fertility with the natives over time.

Figures from the Belgian Statistics Agency revealed that in 2021 the proportion of native Belgians had fallen to a mere 67.3% of the population (from 74.3% in 2011 and 81.8% in 2001). The collapse of native Belgians is real, drastic, and ongoing.

Among Belgian citizens of foreign origin and foreigners, 48.3% are from neighboring or other EU countries and 51.7% from non-EU countries (mostly from the Maghreb, Turkey, and Black Africa). The proportion from non-EU countries has increased, being 38.4% in 2001 and 47.6% in 2011.

Thus, foreign-origin people in Belgium make up one third of the population, about evenly split between Europeans and non-Europeans. I suspect non-Europeans make up about a third of births in Belgium, similar to France.

Whatever one makes of all this, the Belgian population is being irreversibly transformed beyond recognition within a single lifetime.

The consequences for the native population have often been dire. In France, recent figures show that foreigners (not including citizens of foreign origin) make up 7.6% of the population but are two to four times more likely to commit crimes such as theft, sexual assault, and murder:

This does not even factor in French and Belgian citizens of African or Muslim origin. During a trial of the French-Jewish pundit Éric Zemmour for “hate speech,” the Socialist politician Jean-Pierre Chevènement came to Zemmour’s defense. He testified that as interior minister he received a daily list of crimes in France and most of the criminals had African or Muslim last names.[1] Note that Chevènement was Minister of the Interior from 1997–2000! The situation is no doubt even more stark today.

Beyond the decline in social capital and well-being, there are also plenty of signs the population change is leading to a collapse in any common values within the society. A recent poll by the respected agency IFOP found that 65% of young Muslim high-schoolers in France considered that “the norms and rules” of Islam “are more important than the laws of the Republic.”

The right is often faulted for being alarmist on immigration. Part of the reason for this is that the consequences of these trends take time to become apparent but also have tremendous momentum. The most extraordinary political courage will be necessary to hold back the tide, let alone roll it back. In any case, wholly preventable ethno-religious conflicts among Europeans, Blacks, and Muslims will continue to be facts of life in Western Europe for the foreseeable future. There is every likelihood these problems will worsen and, if nothing is done, will indeed become overwhelming.

[1]Éric Zemmour, La France n’a pas dit son dernier mot (Rubempré, 2021), p. 127

Germany Rises as ‘Eurostan’ Looms Closer

The new ‘Eurostan’ in the making: Countries impacted by the migrant crisis

The writing is on the wall. The old Germany of our Christian ancestors is in the process of being destroyed. And after Germany, Europe is the target.

The EU, as we all know who have eyes to see, has now become the United States of Europe in all but name — an undemocratic and despotic confederation of states without borders whose primary aim appears to be White Genocide — the slow and systematic destruction of the white indigenous people of Europe by means of uncontrolled mass immigration and mongrelisation.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been the main force behind the ongoing destruction of the Europe of our ancestors, the Europe of traditional values firmly rooted in its Christian ethos.

Under Angela Merkel’s auspices, Germany has heard its death knell. It has seen its great cities with their shimmering Gothic spires, and its peaceful towns and villages nestling in the green countryside, invaded by well over a million uninvited guests from lawless lands who have turned their nation into a multicultural zoo. German women are being raped and sexually assaulted literally every day of the year by migrants. And still Frau Merkel sits there smiling complacently amid the ruins of her country, making no attempt to turn back the tides of mounting terror. Read more

Science and the Suicide-Cult: The Irrationalism of Richard Dawkins

The basis of science is the same as the basis of life: pattern-recognition. Even plants recognize patterns in the weather and the attacks of insects. The difference between scientists and trees, or scientists and sharks, is that scientists use reason and method, not instinct and other forms of biological automation.

Mathemodels of reality

Scientists try to identify and understand patterns in the world by creating patterns of their own: they perform experiments, they model and analyse data using mathematics, trying to create symbolic patterns that behave like real ones. Astronomy is the paradigm of this endeavour. There was sufficient regularity and permanence in the heavens for the ancients to predict lunar and solar eclipses. Ptolemy had an effective mathemodel of the solar system in the Second Century A.D.; Copernicus put forward a better one in 1543; Newton refined and expanded it in 1687. The power of Newton’s mathemodel was confirmed by the successful predictions it made: there were undiscovered planets out there. Neptune was mathematics before it became matter.

Stale pale male Charles Darwin

Biology proved much more difficult than astronomy and other branches of physics. The great pattern of evolution escaped the notice of Aristotle before Christ and Linnaeus long after, and when Darwin and Wallace recognized it in the nineteenth century, their description was linguistic, not mathematical. Their logic was good and their evidence substantial, but evolutionary biology didn’t become a proper science until it had a solid foundation of mathematics. Stale pale males like Ronald Fisher (1890–1962) and W.D. Hamilton (1936–2000) built mathemodels of biological systems that behaved like the real thing and made good predictions. Indeed, biology turned out to have a mathemodel of its own: the three-dimensional double helix of DNA carries a two-dimensional genetic code, which synthesizes proteins, evolves, and protects itself from error in ways that are illuminated by the human mathemodel of information theory.

Digital Dawkins

As Richard Dawkins puts it: “The essential difference between classical Darwinism (which we now understand could not have worked) and neo-Darwinism (which does) is that digital genetics has replaced analogue.” Dawkins will need no introduction. He’s much more famous than Fisher or Hamilton and a much better and clearer writer than his late rival, the Jewish Marxist Stephen Jay Gould (1941–2002). Dawkins’ line about Darwinism comes from the lecture “Science and Sensibility,” which is collected in a new book of his called Science in the Soul: Selected Writings of a Passionate Rationalist (Bantam Press 2017). I’ve enjoyed the book and it’s reminded me again both of what I admire about Dawkins and of what I deplore.

Powerful pattern: The DNA double helix

Read more

Born in Britain: Mass Immigration and the Twilight Zone

If you think that the recent attack by a Black terrorist in London says anything about the harm done by mass immigration, then think again. A great liberal intellectual called Matthew D’Ancona has crushed such racist nonsense with these lines in the world’s greatest newspaper:

As we now know, the attacker, Khalid Masood, was British, born in Kent and brought up as Adrian Russell Elms. His story is one of radicalisation, the question being when and how he embraced extremist Islamist ideology: the path that led him to an act of murderous violence has nothing to do with immigration. (The Brexiteers’ immigration promises are unravelling fast, The Guardian, 27th March 2017)

“Nothing to do with immigration”: A Black terrorist

See? The terrorist was born here. He was 100% British. Immigration had nothing to do with his terrorism. Somehow the concept of second-generation immigrants is far too complex for these intellectuals, so that the ill effects of policies in place for 50+ years can only be discussed within the context of recent immigrants not born in the UK.

Voila! Crime, terrorism and academic failure by second-generation immigrants have nothing to do with immigration. Believing their own propaganda, these intellectuals imply that second-generation immigrants have been entirely shaped by mainstream British culture, so that the cultures immigrants bring with them to the UK are completely irrelevant. It’s the same with personal traits like IQ: Mental ability has nothing to do with the ethnic/racial/religious heritage of immigrants after the first generation. Whatever their performance, it is due to having been born in the UK, with low performance likely due to White racism. It’s like saying that Masood would have been born in the UK even if his parents had stayed overseas. Read more

While (Western) Europe Slept, Part 2

Part 1.

These same fears were clearly articulated over a decade ago by Bruce Bawer in his prescient book
. Bawer argued then that Europe’s democratic traditions and open society face a growing demographic and cultural threat from Europe’s Muslim immigrant communities who reject Enlightenment values and resist integration.

He blamed this trend primarily on the “self-destructive passivity” among Europeans, whom he regards as “appeasing” essentially incompatible philosophies like radical Islam in the name of religious tolerance.  Unlike the former American ideal of “melting pot” integration of immigrants within the wider society, Europe generally fails to integrate Muslim immigrants and instead tends to marginalize and isolate immigrant communities in the name of multiculturalism.

According to Bawer, Western European governments subscribe to the worst kind of political correctness. From Sweden to France, governments shower immigrants with benefits, install them in ghettos, while turning a blind eye to Muslim attacks on women, Jews and gays.

Writing in 2006, Bawer hinted at a coming cataclysm. “Immigrants to Europe bring with them many tribal customs that are flagrantly inconsistent with a Western understanding of human rights,” he writes. “These customs represent flashpoints of latent or potential conflict between the Muslim immigrant communities and their host societies.” And in a multicultural society, we are expected to simply tolerate them even though they conflict with the most basic values of historical Western societies.

Response to the book was predictably ideological. Bawer characterized the leftwing criticism as symptomatic of one of the very problems he had sought to address in the book:

One of the most disgraceful developments of our time is that many Western authors and intellectuals who pride themselves on being liberals have effectively aligned themselves with an outrageously illiberal movement that rejects equal rights for women, that believes gays and Jews should be executed, that supports the coldblooded murder of one’s own children in the name of honor, etc., etc.

Unintegrated Muslim Communities: The Case of Sweden

Remember all of the recent furor and Swedish denials caused by Trump’s listing of Sweden as one the Europe’s countries negatively impacted by the influx of refugees? It seems that almost daily since then there are reports of riots and conflict in most of the urban areas where refugees have been settled.

The danger is so great to police in the notorious Swedish No-Go Zone of Rinkeby that they will not be allowed to use public transportation to get to work and may have to be driven to the station daily for their personal safety. Rinkeby was the site of a riot which saw looting and car burnings less than 48 hours after Trump mentioned the impact of mass migration on Sweden.

The heavily migrant-populated Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby is just what Bawer predicted 10 years ago. It is a textbook example of a No-Go Zone where police and even the liberal media are constantly under threat of attack from residents. To deal with the danger, the police have planned a new fortified police station, at the cost of 380 million Swedish Krona (£35 million). It will look like and be designed as a fortress with bullet proof windows, steel reinforced walls, and surrounded by security fence. Security is the police’s main concern in the area following attacks against them by residents while out on patrol. Police in Rinkeby now rarely venture on foot into the area without backup.

Christoffer Ersenius, local union president of the police district of Rinkeby, said many officers who police the area are still afraid for their safety.  There are also safety concerns for those contracted to build the new police station.  Earlier this month, it was revealed that the police had put the project on hold as contractors were reluctant to take on the work for fear of their workers’ safety.

But remember, despite all this, diversity is our greatest strength.

The General Pattern

It is not possible in such a brief essay to describe the deplorable conditions in all the European cities where similar problems are evident, but what I will do is provide an overview of the extent of the problem in more general terms.

In recent decades, the Muslim share of the population throughout Europe grew about 1 percentage point a decade, from 4% in 1990 to 6% in 2010.

This pattern is now accelerating because of the refugee crisis and many millions more have entered Europe since the Pew Forum documented the following statistics: the total number of Muslims in Europe in 2010 was about 44 million (6%), excluding Turkey. The total number of Muslims in the European Union in 2010 was about 19 million (3.8%).

Using the 2010 map we can see a stark divide between Western and Eastern Europe. Western European members like the UK, France, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Sweden all now have very significant Muslim populations ranging from 4–8% of the total population. In Southern Europe the percentages can be even higher in Bulgaria (13.7%) and Greece (5.3%). However, in the Eastern EU countries, the percentages are negligible, far less than 1% in the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. This is why the EU, dominated by Western Europe, wants to impose quotas on the Eastern EU countries.

The map however does not begin to tell the whole story.

This is because Muslims concentrate within major cities. Many EU cities including Amsterdam, Brussels, Birmingham, Manchester, Cologne, Marseille, Stockholm, etc. have swelled to a 15–20% Muslim population (again 2010 figures).   However many areas within a city are majority to nearly all Muslim. (Similarly, In the US the NYTimes estimates the Muslim population in New York City from 600,000 to one million). So we go from 4–8% in the nation, to 15–20% in the city, to 50–100% in a given neighborhood. This is why police need military strongholds from which to conduct sorties in the no-go-zones that are proliferating throughout Western Europe. Because of the concentration of its population in cities, Muslims can now elect one of their own as mayor of London, and other European cities.

But will Western Europe ever awaken from its comfortable dream state of denial? The next evidence, for or against, will come from France, which has one of Europe’s largest Muslim populations.

Marine Le Pen, the presidential candidate for France’s populist National Front (FN), is now leading the fight. She is calling for the German-dominated euro to be scrapped and France’s membership of the EU to be put to a referendum unless the open-borders Schengen Agreement is abandoned and the EU reconfigured as a much looser association of sovereign nation-states.

“People are waking up,” confirmed FN deputy leader Florian Philippot immediately before one Le Pen’s recent speeches. “They see Brexit, they see Trump and they’re saying to themselves: ‘It’s worth going to vote.’”

This idea of an impending sea-change in world politics is one of Le Pen’s key talking points:

The people are waking — the tide of history has turned. What is at stake in this election is the continuity of France as a free nation, our existence as a people. … The French have been dispossessed of their patriotism. They are suffering in silence from not being allowed to love their country. … The divide is no longer between the Left and the Right, but between the patriots and the globalists.

While (Western) Europe Slept, Part 1

“Women of different faiths, races and backgrounds joined together on London’s Westminster Bridge, forming a human chain to show their solidarity for the victims [perpetrator?] of Wednesday’s terrorist attack in the city. Sunday’s demonstration, organized by Women’s March on London, covered the length of the bridge, with participants wearing blue as a symbol of hope and peace.” (here)

Shortly before the knife and vehicle attack Wednesday on the streets of London, Turkish President Erdoğan warned Europeans worldwide of dire consequences if Europe continued to resist his ability to appeal to the Turkish diaspora there. While President Erdoğan has threatened the safety of Europeans before, this latest threat appeared to be a call to action.

If you continue to behave like this, not a single European, not a single Westerner will be able to take a step on the road safely anytime in the world,” Erdoğan said at a press conference adding: “We as Turkey are calling on Europe to respect human rights and democracy. (Note the irony here.)

Many Turks living in countries like the UK, Germany and the Netherlands have expressed massive support for Erdoğan following the failed coup attempt last year.

Shortly after the coup, tens of thousands of Turkish expats attended a rally in Cologne, Germany, to express support for Erdoğan. Then, last week, when two Turkish ministers were refused entry in the Netherlands a week ago, hundreds of Turks flooded the streets of Rotterdam and rioted.

Erdoğan has suspended high-level diplomatic relations with the Dutch calling them “Nazi remnants,” and the pro-Erdoğan Turkish press depicted German Chancellor Angela Merkel as a Nazi on the cover of newspaper Gunes.

In still another threat to Europeans, Erdoğan said the EU can “forget about” the migrant deal and that it is, for all intents and purposes, dead anyway. This threat appears quite real as a recent report showed an abnormal increase in the number of migrant arrivals over the past week. Read more

“Child refugees” are coming to the UK. Why is the Jewish community so determined to bring them in?

Citizens UK Private Sponsorship Chanukah Video from Charlotte Fischer on Vimeo.

The dismantling of the Calais “Jungle” refugee camp has been marked by huge scenes of disorder with rioting, at least one gang rape, and much of the camp going up in flames. But there has been uproar in Britain too since the realisation that most of the thousands of “child refugees”, which the Prime Minister had agreed to accept, were neither children nor refugees.

From the moment these healthy, strapping adult male migrants stepped off the bus in London it was obvious that the British people had been subjected to yet another massive immigration deception. Those who enabled and organised this “child refugee” scam are brazening it out, safe in the knowledge there will be no comebacks for them.

First they attempted to prevent any more embarrassing pictures by throwing blankets over the arrivals so they resembled state witnesses at a Mafia trial. Then a screened walkway from the bus alighting point to the door of the reception centre was erected overnight for the same purpose. Dental tests to determine the real age of these youths were ruled out as an “invasion of privacy.” And there is no question of having them deported, so nothing can be done now. They’re here. Get over it.

But of course, it all works better if there is no clamour from the public. So the powers-that-be have resorted to the tried and tested method of stifling dissent. Anyone who sticks his head above the parapet to raise doubts is subjected to stern lectures about their moral shortcomings. BBC TV presenter Gary Lineker chastised his fellow British for their “shameful” attitudes, while Labour shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott attacked those who wanted to carry out dental tests to assess their age as “racist.” Pop singer Lily Allen became a media darling when, on behalf of the people of Britain, she made a tearful apology to the refugees for causing their plight.

Let that sink in. Britain caused the plight of the refugees. Read more