Christopher Donovan: Attention, NRA Members: It Isn't Just 'Liberals' Out For Your Guns

Christopher Donovan:  I receive “American Hunter”, a monthly publication of the NRA (along with “American Rifleman”, which is much of the same editorial material).  Its political writer is one Chris W. Cox, executive director of the NRA’s lobbying arm.  Cox does a pretty thorough job of reporting the details of anti-gun efforts in the United States, and his most recent target is Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City.  I can’t seem to find a web version (send me an e-mail if you find a link), but the special report in the April 2010 issue is headlined “Bloomberg to Obama:  Take ‘Federal Action’ on Guns”.  He emphasizes that Bloomberg is putting his own enormous wealth behind the agenda for firearm restrictions.

Nowhere, of course, does Cox mention that Bloomberg (or Frank Lautenberg, or Frank Luntz, or any of his allies) is Jewish.  (Amusingly, the illustration in “American Rifleman” shows a puppetmaster Bloomberg pulling the strings on various federal officials — the puppetmaster is a recurring illustrative theme of Jewish power.)  But the ethnic motivations here are too overwhelming not to mention.  Bloomberg, like many Jews, views guns as the nasty tools wielded by potentially anti-Semitic whites, who must be divested of this irrational vestige of white power.  That’s what makes him a “man possessed”, as Cox puts it.

Meanwhile, I attribute much of the force behind the gun rights movement to implicit whiteness.  Conservative, male and/or rural whites have had pretty much everything else stripped away from them, and hanging on to guns is a way for them to channel frustration and “make a last stand.”  So far, it’s worked.  A white man can be as full-throated as he wants on the gun issue, and nobody can call him a “racist.”

I don’t really see any other explanation.  The truth is that guns are inanimate objects, and I don’t see much danger of hunting rifles being banned.  In an all-white society, some sort of restriction on firearms probably wouldn’t be seen as controversial.  There would not, for instance, be the need for a handgun in case a black home invader broke in.

It’s the race issue that motivates the gun issue.  The racial and ethnic conflicts that we aren’t allowed to hash out directly are instead channeled into a proxy war:  rich and powerful Jews on the one side, conservative whites on the other.  We need more whites to understand this.

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist. Email him.

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