Anti-White Hatred Is Mainstream in the Media and the Schools

A while ago I commented on Lee Siegel’s horror about Mitt Romney being so egregiously White. I mean, his whole family is White; and there are lots of children. And they’re rich and good-looking. A veritable nightmare for a card carrying member of the hostile elite.

NYTimes caption from Siegel's blog: Mitt Romney, a Republican presidential candidate, with his extended family in 2007.

Now  another well-connected member of the hostile elite, Michael Tomasky, continues the theme.  According to Tomasky, Romney may try all he wants. He can choose a Latino VP candidate (likely to be Marco Rubio who, as Pat Buchanan phrases it, recently “took his final vows as the newest neoconservative”). He can change his tune on immigration. But he can’t overcome his fatal disability: “Romney is just sooooo white. Even whiter than the Osmonds.”

Whiter than the Osmonds!! The horror!

The Osmonds

Not only is Romney disgustingly White, Tomasky also accuses him of never having listened to Tito Puente. And then the clincher: “Has he ever known a Latino person, outside of those who clean his houses and trim his lawns? It’s quite possible that he does. But he sure doesn’t look like he does.”

Tomasky’s clairvoyance is amazing. He can tell that Romney has never listened to Tito Puente just by looking at him. This brings to mind Siegel’s complaint that Romney “is nearly always in immaculate white shirt sleeves.” When White people wear clean white shirts it’s a sure sign of pathological Whiteness. A sure sign that the person wearing them represents “the bygone world of Babbitt, of small-town Rotarians” and would have no idea who  Tito Puente is.

The hatred of Siegel and Tomasky for White people is palpable. You can feel it in your bones. The media is full of them. People like Menachem Rosensaft, Jonah Goldberg, Steve Weinberg, and Arthur Goldwag. Or Harold Meyerson who wrote in The Washington Post in 2008 that “the Republicans now more than ever are the white folks’ party . . . the party of the American past. Republican conventions have long been bastions of de facto Caucasian exclusivity, but coming right after the diversity of Denver, this year’s GOP convention is almost shockingly — un-Americanly — white. Long term, this whiteness is a huge problem.”

The hatred we now see in the mainstream media was of course prefigured by anti-White intellectuals, writing in rarified academic settings or little literary magazines.  Susan Sontag‘s famous “The white race is the cancer of human history” first appeared in The Partison Review, the flagship journal (along with Commentary) of the New York Intellectuals, in 1967.  Or Freud and the Frankfurt School; the list is endless. It’s the story of the rise of Jews as an elite hostile to the traditional people and culture of America. It’s a culture that pervades the academic world.

The problem is that these attitudes are not fringe elements. They are entirely mainstream.

But Tomasky is right that Latinos won’t vote for Romney. And it’s not just because Romney is quintessentially White or because he isn’t in favor  of every last Mexican being able to immediately immigrate to America. It’s also because Latinos as a low-IQ, low-achieving group naturally want a big government with lots of entitlements and government sinecures.

What should frighten every White person is that the hostility toward Whites is mainstream among the non-White constituencies of the hostile elite—Blacks and Latinos in particular. Just recently there are two reports where school officials have explicitly condoned anti-White attitudes and, in the case of the Kansas City school system, even anti-White behavior.

Writing in The American Thinker (“Was Boy in K.C. Fire Attack a Victim of His School’s Racist Teaching?), Selwyn Duke shows that the Kansas City school system tolerates teachers who encourage harassment of White students and who provide a constant stream of anti-White propaganda in their classes. This is occurring at a school where 13-year-old Allen Coon was subjected to “a vicious racial attack … in which two older black teens doused him with gasoline and set him alight, saying, ‘This is what you deserve.  You get what you deserve, white boy.'”

The tow-headed Allen looks like “the classic all-American white boy,” says his mother, and “after the first week [of school] he was nothing but racially harassed.”  She says that “he was called every racial slur you can imagine,” such as “honkey,” “cracker,” “whitey,” and “guero” (a Spanish slang term for whites that can be used in a derogatory way).  He was, she reports, pushed into lockers and was jumped in the bathroom.  And even before the recent attack, he was sometimes menaced by groups that would follow him part of the way home.

Even more damning, though, is that multiple educators were complicit in the harassment.  Mrs. Coon related an incident in which a teacher she identifies as Ms. Carla Kinder called Allen “Casper” and then “got all the students to get involved.”  Other times, the students would initiate the harassment, and the teachers would pick up the baton.  “They would tease him; people would make fun of him, and they’d chime in,” said Coon.

Of course, there was a media blackout of the explicitly racial assault against Coon which occurred around the same time as the wall-to-wall coverage of the Trayvon Martin shooting where the attempt by the media and Black activists to portray Martin as an innocent victim of a racially motivated killer gets more and more ridiculous the more we know about Martin and Zimmerman.

While Kansas City tolerates Black teachers spewing hatred toward Whites, the Los Angeles school system encourages Latino hatred toward Whites. Writing in American Renaissance, Mary Morrison (a pen name, for obvious reasons) is on ground zero with the failed educational system (“White Teacher in an LA School“). As a teacher, she is in a system where students come to school with Ipods and Iphones, but no books, no paper and no pencils. It’s a system where teachers are routinely blamed for the failures of their low-IQ, low-achieving students:  “And what is needed? More teacher oversight, more professional development, better, newer methods of teaching, and textbooks loaded with photos that reflect “changing demographics” so ‘students of color’ can see ‘others who look like them.’” Right.

But the main point  is that the system is quite tolerant of hatred toward Whites—precisely the concerns motivating the Arizona ban on ethnic studies courses in the K-12 curriculum (see here and here). Students at East LA’s Roosevelt High School enter the school by walking by a 400-foot mural “depicting Europeans hanging and burning Mexicans, smashing their babies’ heads against rocks, and feeding the flesh of Mexicans to their ‘war dogs.’” The anti-White LA Times is quite happy with such depictions (while ignoring Latino ethnic cleansing of Blacks from many areas of Los Angeles), noting that the mural “‘presents a colorful depiction of the rape, slaughter and enslavement of North America’s indigenous people by genocidal Europeans.’ When the board of trustees of the Los Angeles Unified School District was asked whether this was an appropriate sentiment for high school students, its official response was that the mural ‘merely presents a different perspective’ and that there was ‘no intent to remove it.’”

Imagine their response to a mural with messages promoting the achievements of Whites and the legitimacy of having  a sense of White identity and interests. Just a different perspective, right?

What we are seeing now are just the faint glimmerings of the future of White victimization as Whites become a minority. However bad it is now, it will be vastly worse in the future. When there are officially condoned anti-White propaganda and actions at a time when Whites are still 2/3 of the population, imagine what it will be like when Whites are less than half. The hostile elites who control the media and who already condone government-facilitated anti-White hatred will be increasingly powerful as their constituents become an ever larger component of the population. At present there is a facade of official multicultural utopianism. First promoted by Horace Kallen and representing the bedrock attitude of the organized Jewish community since World War II, the future is depicted as a glorious harmony of races, all working together in pursuit of moral perfection.

But the gloves are coming off. Beneath the utopian optimism there is a real hatred that will ultimately endanger all Whites. Those who most effusively promote utopian multiracial harmony are those with the fiercest racial hatreds.

Millions of Whites are walking zombie-like into this future, with no mainstream political option that will do anything to save them. (Mitt Romney’s Whiteness may trigger the atavistic hatred that people like Tomasky and Siegel have toward Whites. But Romney will do nothing to alter the situation.)

Unless White Americans fundamentally restructure the  Republican Party or begin to listen to the American Third Position, there will be many more Allen Coons in the future.


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