Blight unto the Nations: Anti-Racism and the Dual Nature of Jewishness

In the Book of Isaiah, God promised the Jewish people that he would make them “a light unto the nations” — that is, to the goyim, or the non-Jewish peoples of the world. Many centuries later, Jews are certainly behaving like light. After all, light famously has a dual nature. Is it a wave or a particle? It all depends on the context.

Denial and darkness

Jews also have a dual nature. Are they an ethnic minority or not? Again, it all depends on the context. Here is the Trump-assassination fan Jonathan Freedland, a veteran Jewish activist, lamenting the anti-Semitism that currently infests the British Labour party:

Labour’s denial of antisemitism in its ranks leaves the party in a dark place

In no other case of minority discrimination would three outside voices be allowed to say ‘nothing to see here’. … The good news is that Len, Ken and Ken all say they have experienced no antisemitism in the Labour party. Which must mean all is well. Surely only a pedant would point out that Ken Loach, Len McCluskey and Ken Livingstone are not Jewish — a fact that might limit their authority to speak on the matter. …

Indeed, Len and Ken Loach go much further. They don’t just tell Jewish Labour supporters that they are mistaken to detect antisemitism around them: they tell them they have made it all up — and that they have done so for sinister, nefarious purposes. “I believe it was mood music that was created by people who were trying to undermine Jeremy Corbyn,” McCluskey told BBC’s Newsnight. (Again, for an avowed progressive to describe an ethnic minority’s experience of racism as “mood music” is quite a break from the usual accepted practice.) … (Labour’s denial of antisemitism in its ranks leaves the party in a dark place, The Guardian, 27th September 2017)

Jonathan Freedland

Jonathan has written on this painful topic before:

My plea to the left: treat Jews the same way you’d treat any other minority

On the left, black people are usually allowed to define what’s racism; women can define sexism; Muslims are trusted to define Islamophobia. But when Jews call out something as antisemitic, leftist non-Jews feel curiously entitled to tell Jews they’re wrong, that they are exaggerating or lying or using it as a decoy tactic — and to then treat them to a long lecture on what anti-Jewish racism really is.

The left would call it misogynist “mansplaining” if a man talked that way to a woman. They’d be mortified if they were caught doing that to LGBT people or Muslims. But to Jews, they feel no such restraint. So this is my plea to the left. Treat us the same way you’d treat any other minority. No better and no worse. If opposition to racism means anything, it surely means that. (My plea to the left: treat Jews the same way you’d treat any other minority, The Guardian, 29th April 2016)

It couldn’t be clearer. Jonathan Freedland, a senior journalist at the Guardian, unequivocally states that Jews are a “minority” in the same way as Blacks, Muslims and the LGBTQ community.

But guess what? In the same paper we discover that Jews are simultaneously not-a-minority:

The Colour of Power: Revealed: Britain’s most powerful elite is 97% white

Barely 3% of Britain’s most powerful and influential people are from black and minority ethnic groups, according to a broad new analysis that highlights startling inequality despite decades of legislation to address discrimination. From a list of just over 1,000 of the UK’s top political, financial, judicial, cultural and security figures drawn up by the Guardian in partnership with Operation Black Vote and in consultation with academics, only 36 (3.4%) were from ethnic minorities (BAME). Just seven (0.7%) were BAME women. …

The numbers betray a grotesque disconnect with the composition of the UK population, almost 13% of which has a minority background. In some sectors — the police, military, supreme court and security services as well as top consultancies and law firms — there were no non-white supremos at all. Equality advocates said the new study shone a light on the glass ceilings, subtle discrimination and “affinity bias” that minorities face as a matter of course in their careers. The toll is severe, on individuals, communities, and society as a whole, they said. …

… Rebecca Hilsenrath, chief executive of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said the research showed that “inequality and unfairness are still entrenched in our society”. “Without real diversity in leadership positions we will never be truly reflective of society, particularly when it comes to public services and bodies which serve our communities. There is absolutely no reason that BAME people should not be able to reach the top of their chosen profession,” she said, calling on the government to put in place a comprehensive and coherent race strategy. (Revealed: Britain’s most powerful elite is 97% white, The Guardian, 24th September 2017)

Rebecca Hilsenrath at the Runnymede Trust

Rebecca Hilsenrath, “chief executive of the Equality and Human Rights Commission,” is Jewish just like Jonathan Freedland (see “The Woman with the Best Job in the World” at the Jewish Chronicle). Why has she failed to spot the dazzling success of her own minority? For many decades a heart-warmingly high proportion of “Britain’s most powerful elite” have been Jewish. Jews like Leon Brittan and David Miliband have filled senior posts in British governments for many decades. The ruling Conservative party is led and funded by Jews like Lord Feldman and Grant Shapps. The British justice system is overseen by Jews like Lord Neuberger and Lord Goldsmith. Official bodies are frequently headed by Jews like Sue Berelowitz, the Children’s Commissioner who did her best to assist Muslim rape-gangs in the UK.

Now turn to the media. The BBC’s senior posts are filled by Jews like Alan Yentob, Danny Cohen and Jenny Abramsky. Jews like Michael Grade (now a Lord) and David Abraham run other parts of British broadcasting. The Guardian is currently edited by a Jewish woman, Katherine Viner, and the paper employs a disproportionate number of Jewish journalists like Jonathan Freedland and Hadley Freeman (born in New York). Anyone exposed to the British media will constantly see, hear and read Jews offering their expertise on such topics as why the UK should bomb Syria, open its borders to vulnerable refugees and kneel in the martyr-cult of Saint Stephen Lawrence.

The dual nature of Jewishness

But none of this Jewish success is mentioned in the Guardian’s attack on the pernicious Whiteness of “Britain’s most powerful elite.” By Jonathan Freedland’s criterion, it simply isn’t true that “Only a tiny handful of top leaders from the worlds of politics, media, finance and more are minority ethnic.” In fact, a hugely disproportionate number of those “top leaders” are Jewish.

What’s going on? How can Jews be simultaneously a minority and not-a-minority? Well, how can light be simultaneously a wave and a particle? It’s the dual nature of Jewishness. Jews are a minority when they wish to present themselves as victims. But Jews merge seamlessly into the White majority when it’s time to bash Whites for racism, prejudice and discrimination. After all, as more under-qualified and over-entitled minorities enter “top leadership,” it will be native British Whites who are displaced, not Jews.

The same applies across the Western world. Discussing Jewish success in America, Steve Sailer points out: “It’s perfectly reasonable for Jews to want to have no quotas restricting their personal ambitions. But it’s not reasonable for Jews to insist upon quotas limiting whites, of whom Jews make up only 3% (so that affirmative action barely affects them), while simultaneously censoring all analogous discussion of their own over-representation.”

Realism is racism

The Jewish strategy is easy to understand: they want to preserve and extend their own power while undermining the power of gentile Whites. Central to their strategy is the cult of anti-racism, which is based on the ludicrous and irrational idea that Race Does Not Exist and that all human groups have exactly the same potential. One of the high priests in the anti-racist cult was the Jewish Marxist Stephen Jay Gould, who taught us that the human brain was miraculously shielded from evolution as widely separated groups of Homo sapiens occupied very different environments for many thousands of years.

If we are all the same under the skin, as Jewish Marxists like Gould have always insisted, then the failure of non-Whites in a White nation can be explained only by White racism, not by the innate qualities of non-Whites. It’s a simple explanation with obvious appeal to minorities, because it means that Whites can be blamed for everything and praised for nothing. If a non-White group like Blacks fail in America, that’s because of White racism. If a non-White group like the Chinese succeed in America, that’s despite White racism. But the cult ignores all success by minorities and concentrates on demonizing Whites for racism. You could also say that it demonizes Whites for realism. One consistent message of the cult is that Whites must not trust their lying eyes:

Tory men who voted leave more likely to be racially prejudiced

Britons who are men, voted leave in the EU referendum and support the Conservative party are more likely to describe themselves as “racially prejudiced” than others, according to new research. The study — Racial prejudice in Britain today (pdf), released by the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) — also found there had been little change in attitudes to race and ethnicity over the past 30 years.  …

Also published in the report was new data from the European Social Survey conducted in 2014, which revealed that 18% of Britons thought “some races or ethnic groups are born less intelligent”. A total of 44% of the 3,000 Britons involved in the European Social Survey also said some ethnic groups were naturally harder working.

The study concludes that: “While it is true that a majority of the public do not consider themselves racially prejudiced, a considerable minority describe themselves as prejudiced, and there are sound reasons to believe both that the actual prevalence of racial prejudice is likely to be higher, and that some of this prejudice is of a very significant nature, such as believing that some races are born less intelligent.” (Tory men who voted leave more likely to be racially prejudiced, The Guardian, 29th September 2017)

You see, it’s a “very significant” prejudice to believe that some races have lower average levels of intelligence, despite the very good scientific evidence that this is in fact the case. Instead, the cult comes up with excuse after excuse for non-White under-achievement. Why do Blacks fail in Europe and America? Because of White racism and the legacy of slavery. Why did Blacks never invent writing or the wheel in Africa? Because the climate and landscape weren’t suitable, as the Jewish scientist Jared Diamond explained in Guns, Germs and Steel (1997). Occam’s razor alone might say that the persistent under-achievement and criminality of Blacks are best explained by the innate qualities of Blacks, but who was William of Ockham? A stale pale male, that’s who.

The depths of American bigotry

And anyway, not all Blacks are under-achievers and criminals. For example, the British-Barbadian Gary Younge is one of the ethnic jewels in the Guardian’s journalistic crown. Only a White racist like me would suggest that his writing is as mediocre as his intellect. And anyway, even if his intellect is mediocre, that would not affect his work for the cult of anti-racism. As I explained above, the cult has a very simple message: “Whites are to blame for everything.” After the Orlando massacre, Younge claimed that the deaths had nothing to do with non-White immigration because the gunman, an Afghan Muslim called Omar Mateen, had been born in America: “Whatever compelled him to commit such a terrible act cannot be laid at the border of a foreign nation. His hatred was home-grown.”

The Bloody Reality of the American Dream

Younge is also a passionate supporter of Black Lives Matter and its struggle against the alleged murder of innocent Blacks by the American police. He has a stark message for his fellow anti-racists: “Remember this about Donald Trump. He knows the depths of American bigotry.” Younge is deeply concerned about rescuing Blacks from the “racial obscenity” of Whites like Trump, who is an “unvarnished racist” and “shameless xenophobe.” As part of his fight against White racism, Younge recently published a book called Another Day in the Death of America (2016). The sub-title of the book is: “24 hours. 8 states. 10 young lives lost to gun violence.”

The sub-title describes what he did to write the book: he took a single midnight-to-midnight day, “Saturday 23 November 2013,” and researched the deaths of every “child and teen” who died on that day from “gun violence.” All ten were male and seven were black. As the Guardian’s review of the book noted: “This powerful study tells the stories of 10 children killed by firearms on an ordinary day in the US, providing insights into the issues of poverty, race and gun culture.”

Stale Pale Fail

Younge knows exactly who is to blame for the “gun violence” that strikes so disproportionately at the Black community in America. The deaths are a Stale Pale Fail, as the cover of his book emphasizes. A beaming White couple and their happy child represent the false American Dream; ominous red stains represent the bloody American reality. How fortunate, then, that wise and compassionate Blacks like Younge have recently had so much influence on policing in America. Or is it so fortunate? By taking to the streets in righteous protest, Black Lives Matter have succeeded in lifting the police jackboot from the necks of oppressed Black communities across the nation. As the police have stepped back, something else has stepped forward:

We’ve been repeatedly assured over the last two years that there is no such thing as a Ferguson Effect, that Black Lives Matter couldn’t possibly be contributing to a higher homicide rate. We’ve also been assured that it’s all very complicated and it will take years to disentangle.

Also, the homicide spike isn’t at all national, it’s just in a few cities like Baltimore and Chicago. As I point out below, the latest Chicago surge in murders began in January 2016, immediately after or coinciding with four BLM-driven triumphs of liberalism over the Chicago Police Department from late November 2015 to early January 2016.

But Chicago is murky compared to Baltimore, where the current high rate of homicides can be dated to April 27, 2015, the day of the BLM riot over Freddie Gray’s death. This may be the single most clear-cut case in the history of social science. … (Well, There’s Your Problem Right There, Baltimore, Steve Sailer, 28th September 2017)

Are Gary Younge and Black Lives Matter going to admit that their self-righteous ideas about “white racism” have caused thousands of unnecessary deaths? Of course not. Like the cult of feminism, the cult of anti-racism is not interested in truth and does not admit error. The cult is not self-correcting: it is self-serving.

The rancour of anti-racism

But Blacks, with their mediocre intellects, could never have invented and inflated the cult by themselves. It took Jews like Stephen Jay Gould and Jonathan Freedland to do that. Jews are the theoreticians of anti-White hatred; Blacks and other non-Whites are the footsoldiers.

That’s why Eastern European nations like Poland, Hungary and Slovakia are very wise to reject mass immigration from the Third World. They avoid not just riots and rape-gangs, but also a permanent culture of rancour, as non-Whites blame all their failures on native Whites and demand ever more money and privilege. Anti-racism truly is a blight to the nations.

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