“Racism is a Crime, Not an Opinion”: Jewish Goyophobia and the War on White


It would sound better in Russian or Chinese: Le racisme n’est pas une opinion, le racisme est un délit – “Racism is not an opinion, racism is a crime.” It doesn’t sound good in French, language of liberty and the Enlightenment. But I’d guess those words come from an outsider who is both Francophone and Francophobe, hating the native White French and eager to destroy their country, culture and lives.

Contre le Racisme et l’Antisémitisme

There are many Francophobes in France and the most successful are Jews, as Guillaume Durocher has described for the Occidental Observer in articles like “Jewish Influence and Ethnic Networking in France.” Just as in Britain, America, Australia and Sweden, Jewish groups like SOS Racisme and LICRA (Ligue Internationale Contre le Racisme et l’Antisémitisme) have worked tirelessly to close debate, criminalize resistance and punish dissidents. Here’s that line again: Le racisme n’est pas une opinion, le racisme est un délit — “Racism is not an opinion, racism is a crime.” It sounds very Jewish to me, not just for its implicit aggression, but also for its dishonesty. What it really means is this: Le racisme est un délit par la pensée — “Racism is a thought-crime.”

But that would be too blunt, too clearly a statement of totalitarian mindset and liberticidal intent. So the mindset and intent were expressed indirectly instead, with a pretence of respect for freedom of speech. They don’t want to crush opinions, you see, they want to crush crimes. And other crimes automatically suggest themselves: “Sexism is not an opinion, homophobia and Islamophobia are not opinions — they’re all crimes.” The left pretend that we could create paradise if we could just stamp out hate and stop nasty people thinking nasty things. In fact, the left don’t want paradise: they want power. The torturer and ideologue O’Brien put it like this in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949): “It is intolerable to us that an erroneous thought should exist anywhere in the world, however secret and powerless it may be.”

Ideology trumps reality

But the left define “error” by reference to ideology, not by reference to reality. That’s as true for real leftists in 2018 as it is for the fictional O’Brien in Nineteen Eighty-Four. Take the question of biological differences between human beings. There is more and more scientific evidence that different human populations followed different evolutionary paths in different environments, whether it was the warmth and humidity of fertile Africa or the cold and thin air of infertile Tibet. And some of us have interbred with other human species: the Neanderthals and Denisovans in Europe and Asia, unnamed archaic species in Africa. In short, reality says that race exists and influences every aspect of psychology, culture and achievement. But cultural Marxism denies this reality. It blames all bad outcomes for non-White groups on White racism, which is an eldritch, unspeakably wicked force occupying the same ideological niche as witchcraft once did. The hostile elite have even created martyr-cults to insist, incessantly and incontrovertibly, that vice and virtue are evenly divided between Whites and non-Whites.

Whites have all the vice and non-Whites all the virtue. What could be fairer than that? In Britain, the chief martyr-cult worships the Black teenager Stephen Lawrence, who was killed by White racists in London. In America, the chief martyr-cult worships the Black teenager Emmett Till, who was killed by White racists in Mississippi. In both countries, far more Whites are murdered by Blacks than vice versa. Worse still, Black-on-White murders can involve prolonged sadism and sexual violence: the White American couple Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom were raped, tortured and murdered by Blacks; the White English schoolgirl Mary-Ann Leneghan was raped, tortured and murdered by Blacks. These horrible crimes are unknown to the vast majority of Whites in America and Britain. The martyr-cults of Emmett Till and Stephen Lawrence are designed to reverse the truth about inter-racial violence, not to reveal it. But the American cult is bigger and more influential and its martyrology is regularly aired in the British media.

Ever Mind the Ballads

That’s why Emmett Till recently got an hour of airtime on Radio 4, the BBC’s most prestigious and politically important radio channel. The summary of the broadcast on the Radio 4 website is oddly addicted to ampersands (the symbol &), but that doesn’t disguise the anti-White politics:

The Ballads of Emmett Till

Emmett Till, 14 & black, was put on the train from Chicago by his mother Mamie in August 1955. She got him back in a pine box. His corpse mutilated & stinking. He had been beaten, shot and dumped in the Tallahatchie River for supposedly whistling at a white woman. His killers would forever escape justice.

What Mamie did next helped galvanize the Civil Rights Movement & make Emmett the sacrificial lamb of the movement. From the very first Till’s death was both a call to political action & the subject of songs, poetry & prose. Gwendolyn Brooks, Langston Hughes, James Baldwin, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell & many more have been drawn to tell his tale-his [sic] is the never ending ballad of a black life that mattered.

His disfigured image from the legendary photograph in Jet magazine is seared into the memories of generations of Black Americans. And now Till has returned to haunt America. Taken up by the mothers and fathers of the slain in the Black Lives Matter movement, the subject of new documentaries, a trio of forthcoming Hollywood films & a new FBI investigation as the search for justice continues. His coffin lies at the heart of the Washington’s new museum of African American history-a secular shrine & symbol of the enduring pain of American racism.

Maria Margaronis draws on archive from Washington University St Louis, home to the interviews for the groundbreaking series Eyes on the Prize & rare recordings of the Till family conducted by filmmaker Keith Beauchamp. She travels through landscape & memory across Mississippi & Chicago, listening to historians, poets, writers & Till family members as she grapples with the many layers of meaning & the many, many ways Emmett’s story has been told & retold. These are the Ballads of Emmett Till. (“The Ballads of Emmett Till,” Archive on Four, BBC Radio 4, 25th August 2018 — produced by Mark Burman)

Cultural Marxist Maria Margaronis

Maria Margaronis has also written about Emmett Till for BBC History Extra. Her discussion of the “cheeky Chicago boy” and his murder is more than 2,500 words long. It’s detailed and often florid: “Emmett Till’s story lives on in literature, music, art and film, in commemorations and museums, in activism and the unfinished search for justice. Those streams converge and cross like the rivers of the Mississippi Delta, so that it’s hard to say where one ends and another begins; the waters began to flow at once, and still flow on today.” Margaronis harps on a simple theme of “racism” and “white supremacy.” But she doesn’t find space to mention that Till’s father, Louis Till, was executed for murder and rape in 1945. However, she does find space to plug some fake news:

In a way, Till’s funeral never ended. His story echoes every time the killing of an African-American person by a white man goes unpunished – especially when the victim is young, as Trayvon Martin was when he was shot by a neighbourhood watch volunteer in 2012 at the age of 17, or when the body is left in public view like that of a lynching victim, as 18-year-old Michael Brown’s was in Missouri in 2014. The wound is raw, and regularly reopened. As Till’s mother used to say, “You must continuously tell Emmett’s story until man’s consciousness is risen. Only then will there be justice for Emmett Till.” (The legacy of Emmett Till: the murder that reshaped the American civil rights movement, BBC History Extra, 28th August 2018)


George Zimmerman is not “a white man”

Trayvon Martin was shot by George Zimmerman, a dark-skinned Hispanic who cannot be described by any honest person as “a white man.” Obviously, then, Maria Margaronis has either never seen a photograph of George Zimmerman or is not an honest person. I think it’s the latter. But who is she and why is she so dedicated to promoting the themes of White evil and Black innocence? Well, she’s a “Greek journalist” who is “London correspondent for The Nation, the oldest political weekly magazine in the United States.” Back in June 2016, she wrote an article for The Nation entitled “With MP Jo Cox’s Murder, Britain’s Campaign to Leave the EU Turns Toxic.” The article described how “The demons of xenophobia, resentment, and rage unleashed by Brexit informed the killer’s act.” The month before, she had written an article entitled “The EU Has Turned Greece Into a Prison for Refugees.” The article described how “The grief, frustration, and need that have washed up on these shores is overwhelming.”

Strong circumstantial evidence

And there are lots more where those came from (including praise for Jeremy Corbyn). Maria Margaronis is obviously a highly partisan cultural Marxist with no concern for objectivity, balance or “alternative narratives.” It’s unsurprising, then, that she’s just made an hour-long documentary for the BBC. And I made a prediction to myself when I heard her documentary on Emmett Till for Archive on Four. “I bet she’s Jewish,” I thought (or words to that effect). Well, I haven’t been able to prove it for sure, but the circumstantial evidence for her Jewishness is strong. She behaves like a Jew, looks like a Jew (see above), and is married to an “American”-Jewish writer called Don Guttenplan, who wrote a book called The Holocaust on Trial (2002) about David Irving’s libel-case against Deborah Lipstadt. She called the Jewish Trotskyist Savvas Michael-Matsas an “old friend” in an article for the Guardian supporting him and attacking the pro-White Greek party Golden Dawn as “black-shirted skinheads” who are “driven by fear and hate” and “must not be allowed to win.” She and her husband have a son called Alexander Guttenplan, who was celebrated by The Jewish Chronicle for his exploits on a British quiz-show called University Challenge.

I conclude that Maria Margaronis is very probably Jewish or part-Jewish. She is certainly a dedicated commissar in the War on White, the incessant campaign in politics, academia, the media and popular entertainment to demonize and dispossess Whites while sanctifying and sacralizing non-Whites. I think that Ms Margaronis would heartily agree with the slogan I discussed above: “Racism is not an opinion, racism is a crime.” Someone else who would heartily agree with the slogan is a sociologist in Sweden called Jerzy Sarnecki (pronounced Sarnetski). He has recently done his best to dismiss crime-statistics showing that migrants and their offspring are hugely over-represented as rapists in Sweden and form the “vast majority” of gang-rapists.

In Sweden but not Swedish

According to Breitbart News, Sarnecki has “claimed that the reason for so many migrants being convicted of gang rape was because of discrimination by the Swedish justice system, [saying] that police were more likely to investigate migrant crime.” He thinks that the statistics are corrupted by “an old right-wing conspiracy theory which purports that foreign men are coming to Sweden and raping Swedish women and that the establishment — a politically correct elite — attempts to conceal these crimes.”

Jerzy Sarnecki: in Sweden but not Swedish

Sarnecki is wrong. It’s not a “conspiracy theory”: it’s an accurate portrayal of a highly unpleasant reality. But Jerzy Sarnecki doesn’t care about reality or about the decades of sexual violence inflicted on Swedish women by non-Whites who should never have been allowed to bring their misogyny, anti-White hatred and low average IQs to a peaceful, prosperous First-World nation. Sarnecki is “Swedish” only in the sense that he is based in Sweden. He is Suedophone but Suedophobe, that is, he hates native White Swedes and, like the Swedish-based Jews Peter Wolodarski, Barbara Lerner-Specter and David Schwarz, he wants to destroy Sweden with “diversity.” Like Maria Margaronis, Jerzy Sarnecki behaves like a Jew and looks like a Jew. I can’t prove Jewishness in her case, but I can in his: according to his Wikipedia article, he’s a Jew from Poland. Breitbart News says that he “prominently features in the [Swedish] media as an expert on all things crime-related,” just as the Jewish bureaucrat Sue Berelowitz used to “prominently feature” in the British media “as an expert on all things child-welfare-related.”

Gatekeepers for the goyim

Berelowitz was the “Deputy Children’s Commissioner for England and Wales.” When news of the huge over-representation of Pakistani Muslims in gang-rape and child-prostitution began to emerge here, she did her best to downplay it, spinning the line that abuse happens in “every community.” Like Sarnecki in Sweden, Berelowitz in Britain was playing a classic Jewish role: that of gatekeeper. The Jewish journalist Nick Cohen has openly used the term as he complained about the “new anti-Semitism” on the left. He’s angry that “Labour MPs” failed to maintain their “gate-keeping role” and keep Jeremy Corbyn off the ballot in the Labour leadership election. It doesn’t matter that Corbyn is very popular with ordinary Labour members, you see. He isn’t popular with Jews and that’s what matters to Cohen.

Sue Berelowitz, gatekeeper for the goyim

Cohen thinks that Jews like himself should have had the “gate-keeping role” in Labour instead. After all, they have that role in many other places across the West. Again and again, members of the tiny Jewish minority occupy positions in governments and bureaucracies that enable them to control flows of personnel and information. They give free passage to people and ideas that are “Good for the Jews,” while blocking people and ideas that aren’t. Barbara Roche, the Jewish immigration minister under the traitorous shabbos goy Tony Blair, told the Guardian in 2001 that she “entered politics … to combat anti-semitism and xenophobia in general.” As minister, she thought that opening the borders was a good way to meet those ends. That’s why Britain has been burdened with 100,000s of low-IQ, high-crime Somalis, to name only one of the hostile and unassimilable groups that flooded in under Roche and Blair.

Introducing goyophobia

Barbara Roche and Sue Berelowitz are Anglophone but Anglophobe, hating the native White British and wanting to destroy them with “diversity.” But there’s a quicker way of saying terms like “Francophobe,” “Suedophobe” and “Anglophobe.” To the Jews, French, Swedish and British Whites are all goyim or goys, as non-Jews are called in Hebrew. Jews who hate goyim are therefore goyophobes. And goyophobia is by far the most serious and harmful form of prejudice at work in the West today. The most effective vehicle of goyophobia is mass immigration, because it allows Jews to demonize Whites as racist and hate-filled merely for defending their own territory. That’s why rare murders by “white racists” are turned into endlessly promoted martyr-cults while the much frequent murders of Whites by non-Whites are quickly forgotten.

You can see another rare murder being publicized by the Jewish goyophobe David Rosenberg at the website openDemocracy (which is an Orwellian name if ever I saw one). In May this year, Rosenberg was eager to stir anti-White resentment in London by reminding non-Whites of “The racist killing of Altab Ali 40 years ago today.” How many Whites have been murdered, raped, wounded, robbed and defrauded by non-Whites in those 40 years? Rosenberg doesn’t care. Indeed, he scarcely troubles to conceal his gloating at the ethnic and cultural cleansing of Whites in London:

Just east from Whitechapel High Street in the London borough of Tower Hamlets, there is a garden with an ornate entrance. A tubular-framed arch merges with a Bengali-style, orange-coated metal structure. Altab Ali Park is London’s only park named after a Bengali. Previously called St Mary’s Gardens, it was one of several green spaces in Tower Hamlets named after saints. (The racist killing of Altab Ali 40 years ago today, openDemocracy, 4th May 2018)

In other words, a piece of Britain’s Christian past has not merely been erased, but replaced with an anti-Christian, anti-White message. And there’s nothing saintly about Tower Hamlets today. It’s been flooded with Bangladeshi Muslims and become a Third-World colony in a First-World nation (see my articles “Back with a Bangla,” “Whole Lotta Lutfur” and “Truth, Honesty and Faith in Allah”). To the bafflement and distress of liberals, mass immigration has created “third-world village politics” and rampant homophobia at the heart of the British capital. Tower Hamlets is a microcosm of what awaits the rest of Britain if present trends are allowed to continue.

Trends have to end

They won’t be, but we have more to deal with than the relentless rise in the size and hostility of non-White populations in the West. Mass immigration, ethnic cleansing and White dispossession are the physical expressions of an abstract ideology: Jewish goyophobia. We don’t just have to stop and reverse Third-World immigration: we need “to combat” its architects, overseers and apologists (as Barbara Roche might put it). The BBC was founded by Whites, uses White-invented technology, and is funded by a compulsory television licence paid largely by Whites. And guess what? The goyophobe Maria Margaronis is employed by the BBC to broadcast anti-White propaganda, inciting Britain’s non-Whites to yet more resentment, hatred and violence.

This is a crazy situation. Does any broadcaster in Israel employ anti-Semites to attack Israel’s Jewish majority and demonize Jews for one or another of the many crimes they have committed against Arabs and other non-Jews? Of course not. Israel isn’t insane and isn’t run by a hostile elite who hate its Jewish majority. So let’s borrow a line from The Sound of Music (1965) and ask: “How do you solve a problem like Maria?” The first step is to point out what she, Jerzy Sarnecki, Sue Berelowitz, Nick Cohen, David Rosenberg and many other Jewish goyophobes are up to. The next step is to ask them to stick their goyophobia where the sun regularly shines. In other words, they need to accept Benjamin Netanyahu’s heart-felt invitation: “I want to tell every Jew in France and in Europe that Israel is your home.” Jews have a home of their own on the shores of sunny Mediterranean. They need to go there and stop wrecking the homes of other people.

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