The Pale Male Paradox: How White Men Achieve Most And Are Vilified Worst

It’s one of the most interesting, enlightening and eye-opening books I’ve ever read: Simon Winchester’s Exactly: How Precision Engineers Created the Modern World (2018). Winchester tells a story of astonishing ingenuity, intelligence and effort from the steam-engine (44) to the “extreme ultraviolet” laser (296). And it’s almost exclusively a story of stale pale males—of White men from northwestern Europe. They’re the ones who have created the modern world, whether living on ancestral soil, like the English ironmaster John Wilkinson (1728–1808) and the Swedish machinist Carl Edvard Johansson (1864–1943), or transplanted to the United States, like the manufacturer Henry Ford (1863–1947) and the space scientist Roger Easton (1921–2014).

Pale precision: the front cover of Simon Winchester’s Exactly (2018)

 Logocentric lawyers vs exotropic engineers

If only one of those names is familiar to you, then you’re not alone. Before I began this book, I had heard of James Watt, John Harrison, Henry Ford, Sir Frank Whittle and “Rolls-Royce.” And that was pretty much it. Although precision engineering has shaped the lives of every human being on the planet (with the rare exception of stone-age tribes like the Andamese Islanders), precision engineers have not usually become household names. That’s partly because engineers in general aren’t interested in becoming household names. Instead, they’re interested in engineering, in solving technical problems, in overcoming the challenges posed by gravity or heat or cold or drag or pressure or vibration or chemical attack or any combination thereof.

The joys of Jewish ideology: a satirical diet-ad about the famines caused by communism

But the anonymity of engineers is also partly due to what you might call the logocentric snobbery of Western culture. As Ron Unz has pointed out, the typical training for a Western leader is that of lawyer, while the typical training for a Chinese leader is that of engineer. This may give China a decisive advantage over the West in the century ahead. Or rather, it may give China another decisive advantage, because China’s racial majority, the Han Chinese, is not under ideological and demographic assault by a hostile elite of Jews and by non-Chinese immigrants eagerly applying the Jewish culture of critique. There would be plenty of material in China for a hostile elite to work with — the brutal subjugation of the Tibetans and Uighurs, for example — but the Chinese don’t intend to surrender control of their homeland to anti-Chinese outsiders. They’ve suffered the calamities of Jewish ideology all the same. Marxism has afflicted them with famines, concentration camps and a high-tech surveillance state, but they remain unrepentant in their ethnocentrism and probably unstoppable in their eugenics.

“The west was built on racism”

Things are very different in the West. Shortly after completing my latest re-read of Simon Winchester’s book, I came across two articles in the Guardian celebrating the work of Kehinde Andrews, the “first UK professor of Black studies.” Professor Andrews claims that he’s “probably done permanent damage to [his] mental and physical health establishing this Black studies course [at Birmingham City University].” But fear not: the sacrifice of his Black body and Black brain has not been in vain. Professor Andrews has spoken harsh truth to hegemonic power and established that “the west” (no capital letter, naturally) “was built on racism” — “that the US was created ‘in the founding fathers’ image of white supremacy’ and Britain’s wealth accumulated through centuries of African enslavement.”

Speaking harsh truth to hegemonic power: Black Studies Professor Kehinde Andrews (who is part-White)

Well, you can be sure that there are no anti-Chinese or anti-Jewish equivalents of Kehinde Andrews in Chinese or Israeli universities. And you can also be sure that Professor Andrews is even more ignorant about engineering than I am. Yes, Britain did indeed accumulate some wealth “through centuries of African enslavement.” But so did the Muslim world and African slave-kingdoms. And slavery was neither necessary nor sufficient for the rise of Britain as an industrial and technological giant. Black slaves effectively played the role of horses and oxen: their muscles powered mechanisms and economic systems created by White ingenuity and foresight, but Blacks had no intellectual or creative role in what they powered.

White men aren’t obsessed with themselves

And “racism” does not explain why White men were necessary (and would have been entirely sufficient) for the creation of precision engineering. But evolution and genetics do, as Kevin MacDonald has described in books like Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition: Evolutionary Origins, History, and Prospects for the Future. Nevertheless, Kehinde Andrews exposes one half of what I call the pale male paradox. White men have achieved most in all manner of fields, from engineering and mathematics to exploration and mountaineering. But they are also the most vilified group on earth and are held responsible for all manner of evils, from slavery and pollution to systemic racism and police brutality. Why does the highest-achieving group also receive the greatest opprobrium? That seems like a paradox, but I’d suggest it’s easy to resolve. The same factors behind the achievements of White men also explain the vilification of White men.

High amongst those factors is the fact that White men aren’t obsessed with themselves and their own interests. Simon Winchester himself is a good example. I could detect no trace of racial or national pride in Exactly. He didn’t write the book as a White man to celebrate the greatness of White men: he wrote it because he delights in engineering and ingenuity. More generally, you could say that he delights in external reality and humanity’s efforts to understand and control it — he’s written books about everything from maps and skulls to earthquakes and the Pacific Ocean. But he isn’t an autistic technophile and although he describes the astonishing achievements of Henry Ford in Exactly, he also begins the book with a series of quotations from the technocritic Lewis Mumford (1895–1990), including the line: “Forget the damned motor car and build cities for lovers and friends.”

Not interested in truth or reality

And he ends the book celebrating both the precise technology and the imprecise artistry of another group of pale human beings: the Japanese. He describes how, in Japan, meticulous electronic engineers co-exist with craftsmen devoted to “wabi-sabi, an aesthetic sensibility wherein asymmetry and roughness and impermanence are accorded every bit as much weight as the exact, the immaculate, and the precise.” (p. 314) In other words, Winchester is objective and able to understand opposing ideas and points of view, quite unlike the rabidly ego- and negro-centric Kehinde Andrews. And Winchester is highly intelligent and scientifically knowledgeable, again unlike Kehinde Andrews.

Winchester and Andrews are therefore excellent representatives of their respective races: over-achieving, gift-bestowing Whites and under-achieving, grievance-bearing Blacks. Furthermore, Winchester trained as a geologist and has worked with advanced engineering. He’s a writer who’s rooted in reality. Kehinde Andrews isn’t rooted in reality, which you might suppose a fatal disadvantage for a historian and cultural commentator. But Andrews’ career flourishes regardless, because the culture of critique is not interested in truth or reality. Instead, it is interested in political and social power. It’s effectively an ideological parasite that has, so far, done an excellent job of subverting the nervous system of the West and taking control of its economic, technological and cultural muscles. That’s why the Black drug-abuser and criminal George Floyd is vastly better known than, for example, the White engineer Henry Maudslay (1771–1831).

Screw you, BLM!

Again, I hadn’t heard of Maudslay and his “formidable skill in delicate engineering” (p. 54) before I read Exactly. Unlike George Floyd, Maudslay exerted himself to defeat crime, not to commit it. He helped perfect the effectively unbeatable locks of his mentor Joseph Bramah (1748–1814). He then went on, in Simon Winchester’s words, “to become the founding father of precision toolmaking, mass production, and the key engineering concept of perfect flatness.” (p. 62) Among much else, he invented a lathe that could “efficiently, precisely and [quickly]” make something that contributed far more to Britain’s wealth than “centuries of African enslavement.”

The humble but hyper-important screw

What was the something? It was “that most essential component of the industrialized world, the screw.” (p. 63) Henry Maudslay, unlike George Floyd, helped hold Western civilization together — and literally so. In a sane world, his story would embolden Whites to say “Screw you!” to inane and self-righteous anti-White groups like Black Lives Matter. But we don’t currently live in a sane world. Maudslay was an undoubted achiever, Floyd was an alleged victim. And the culture of critique “valorizes” Black victims while anathematizing White achievers. That’s why most of us heard endlessly about Floyd in 2020 and not at all about Maudslay.

Horrific hate-crimes against the Jewish community

Nor did we hear about a Swedish engineer who contributed immensely to perhaps the most important part of precision: measurement. But Winchester points out that the Swedish engineer has been unjustly forgotten for a long time: “Carl Edvard Johansson died in 1943, respected and beloved in Sweden, and forgotten elsewhere.” Johansson (1864–1943) invented measuring instruments known as gauge blocks or Jo blocks, which come in varying sizes and can be fitted together to measure, for example, “any of the 1000 lengths from 3.000 to 3.999 mm in 0.001 mm steps.” Winchester writes that Jo blocks are “machined with such precision that there [are] no asperities whatsoever on their surfaces that might allow air to get between and form a point of weakness. They [are] so perfectly flat that the molecules of their faces [bond] with one another when they [are] joined [and it becomes] impossible to break them apart. … They can only be slid apart.” (p. 3)

Winchester adds that scientists still don’t fully understand the physical mechanism behind the bonding of Jo blocks. In a sense, White ingenuity is still defeating White ingenuity: Johansson’s measuring blocks created a mystery. But another mystery was vigorously probed by the man who employed Johansson after he moved to America. That man, Henry Ford, is perhaps the most interesting and important figure in Exactly. Winchester cleverly contrasts Ford’s success in mass-manufacturing and popularizing the motor car with the elitist engineering and marketing of the Rolls-Royce partnership in England. But he doesn’t say anything about one horrific aspect of Ford’s story: his prolonged hate-crimes against the Jewish community.

Cohesive, in-bred and hyper-ethnocentric

As Kevin MacDonald has described in “Henry Ford and the Jewish Question,” Ford devoted substantial time and money to the mystery of how the tiny Jewish minority has been so influential in — and pernicious for — the Western world. He backed a newspaper, The Dearborn Independent, that tried to alert gentile Americans to what Ford saw as Jewish conspiracies against the West. And he published an infamous book called The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem (1920), which MacDonald describes as “an amalgam of dark speculations on Jewish conspiracy combined with some interesting and, on the whole, accurate information on Jews and perceptions of Jews during the period.”

It’s plain today that Ford succeeded mightily at mechanical engineering and failed miserably at social engineering. His attempts to expose Jewish conspiracy and defeat Jewish power were fruitless, but that’s hardly surprising. Like the other engineers and inventors in Exactly, Ford was a remarkable White male individual, not part of a cohesive, in-bred Jewish community bound by hyper-ethnocentrism and the ruthless pursuit of collective interests. White men are certainly remarkable for their ability to cooperate, but not in pursuit of their own ethnic and genetic interests. Instead, they direct themselves outwards, creating ingenious and awesome machines, scaling the earth’s heights, plumbing the ocean’s depths, and landing in person or by proxy on the Moon, Mars and Venus.

All Blacks Who Ever Lived

If the minds of White men weren’t directed outwards like that, they wouldn’t be so vulnerable to parasitic ideologies like the culture of critique and Critical Race Theory. But White men also wouldn’t have achieved astonishing things like those described in Simon Winchester’s book. So is it ironic that Kehinde Andrews and countless other anti-White ideologues go through life relying absolutely on White male invention and ingenuity without acknowledging the debt they owe, let alone expressing any gratitude? No, I don’t think it is. I think it’s entirely predictable. One could hardly expect Kehinde Andrews to admit that merely one tiny White group like the Swedes have contributed more to science and technology than all Blacks who ever lived.

Indeed, the single Swedish male Carl Edvard Johansson contributed more to science and technology than all Blacks who ever lived. As did each of the other stale pale males described in Simon Winchester’s Exactly: How Precision Engineers Created the Modern World. Winchester didn’t write this book to refute the culture of critique and the inanities of “anti-racism,” but I think it provides a highly effective refutation all the same. It wasn’t written as a celebration of White male achievement and in fact I didn’t impose that interpretation on it as I read. After all, I’m a White male myself and like Winchester I can rejoice in engineering and ingenuity for their own sake.

“A work of staggering genius”

And Winchester also speculates whether the Industrial Revolution could have happened more than two thousand years ago. He begins the first chapter of this book writing about the Antikythera mechanism, a “lump of calcified bronze and wood” (p. 24) recovered from a shipwreck in the Mediterranean in 1901. It turned out to be “a mysterious computing device of unimagined mechanical complexity … that had evidently been made in the second century B.C. and was clearly a work of staggering genius.” (p. 25) It was White genius, but not in northwestern Europe: rather, the mechanism was made by another incredibly talented European group, the ancient Greeks. And why did their genius not bear greater fruit? At the moment we can only speculate, but cliodynamics and historical genetics may soon be able to tell us why Exactly was published in 2018 and in English, rather than two millennia ago in Greek or Latin.

A work of staggering genius: the 2100-year-old Antikythera mechanism, an ancient Greek analogue computer and orrery used to predict astronomical positions and eclipses for calendar and astrological purposes (modern reconstruction)

If the Industrial Revolution had indeed started in the Ancient World, White men might have reached the stars by now. It didn’t and it’s the Chinese who seem best-placed to carry on the legacy of the White engineers described in Winchester’s book. Unless White men start devoting some of their genius to the problem of self-defence, they won’t have a future. Or even perhaps a past. The culture of critique is already proclaiming that Black women “played a crucial part” in the Moon Landings and the creation of GPS, the global positioning system whose genuine White male creators are described in Winchester’s book.

Proud Black wimminz in, hate-filled honkies out

As Black women are written into the history of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), White men will be written out. Our hostile elite aren’t really following the script of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949), but they might as well be: “In his own schooldays, Winston remembered, in the late fifties, it was only the helicopter that the Party claimed to have invented; a dozen years later, when Julia was at school, it was already claiming the aeroplane; one generation more, and it would be claiming the steam engine.”

The steam engine, the aeroplane and the helicopter are all products of White male genius. The parasitic Party had already claimed two of them for its own in Orwell’s novel. In our reality, the parasitic culture of critique is beginning to assign the products of White male genius to Black women. That’s false history, but lies power leftism and it’s precisely because White men have flown so high that the culture of critique intends to bring them so low. Simon Winchester’s Exactly: How Precision Engineers Created the Modern World describes the heights of White male achievement and serves as an excellent, if implicit, refutation of the anti-White ideologies now infesting and undermining the West.

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  1. Odessa Choppo
    Odessa Choppo says:

    I see there are two versions of this book available – one with “Exactly” and another with “The Perfectionists” – are these the same book? There are not sufficient details on Amazon to tell.

    • Flo
      Flo says:

      They are the same book. Titles and cover art are often changed from one region to another for marketing reasons, to suit a particular audience. I’m in the U.S. and I have the hardbound edition of “The Perfectionists: How precision engineers created the modern world.” It’s outstanding, fascinating.

  2. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Our people are indeed a creative people.

    The interesting thing about lying is that a lie cannot stand on its own, but needs to be supported by a bigger lie, ad infinitum. Eventually the whole thing will collapse, and hopefully sooner rather than later. But things take time, like communism in the USSR which took 70+ years to be rejected.

    In regards to Black inventions, yes, there have been some notable Black inventors. But it only takes a cursory examination to note that many, if not most, of the inventors touted as ‘Black’ were/are of significant White ancestry, usually mulattoes.

    • jv
      jv says:

      regretably tim you are a product of your society.
      there are no ‘black’ inventors. with significant and in-depth research you will find it is all historical lies by tptb which began the demonization of the white race, and that most of the accredited ‘inventions’ were already in the works by whites, usually in europe. like the airplane — the so-called ‘wright brothers’ were not the first. by the time the ‘brothers’ began to figure it out, they were already doing better in europe.
      BUT, you like all the others love lies and so-called equality so that you can ‘get along’ and have no real desire for truth.
      and that is why we find our society so screwed — you love the lies of certain ethnic groups who control all media.
      so go back to your social media and back to sleep so that you can continue to get along

  3. JM
    JM says:

    Thank you for this superb analysis. Reminds me of a quote I read as a youngster attributed to the Persian poet Zoroaster: “Tell the truth and shoot straight.”

  4. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    I’m watching the Perseverance Rover land on Mars. Every race on Earth is at NASA working on this and being shown on camera. It’s weird seeing a Chinese man when so many Chinese in the United States spy on us. What does this mean for white people?

    • Forever Guilty
      Forever Guilty says:

      Yes. There appears to be almost no White men in this NASA mission. Some Indian woman commenting on situation etc. I think there is a deliberate anti White agenda in NASA.

      I’m curious how successful that mission will be.

    • Flo
      Flo says:

      Yes, the Mars rover coverage is jam-packed with women and minorities. This is simply the usual force-feeding of PC fashion, and NASA is no exception. If you skip the jabbering commentary and seek out the comment-free closed-circuit feeds from the control room you’ll see it’s staffed by the usual slave-owning white guys. Or browse NASA’s foto galleries of the design, building and testing phases and you’ll see more of those white devils. And yes, all of the Chinese techs can be assumed to be spying for the CCP, even as they’re contributing to the project.

    • Cindy
      Cindy says:

      It’s all theatre & props, Barbara. Surely you don’t believe what you’re seeing.
      NASA is just an extension of Hollywood.
      (Have you never watched the laughable fake “Space Station” film clips on YouTube, the ladies with their heavily hairspray stiffened hair to make it look like they’re really in zero gravity,…& other tricks ?) They’ve been these films “inclusive” for some time now, so no surprise you’re noticing Chinese.

  5. Robert von Riemeers
    Robert von Riemeers says:

    Whites invented like most stuff.

    Asians are doing great stuff also.

    The tendency from people of other races to steal from WHITES is troubling and probably partially due to their nature and envy, hatred and feelings of inferiority compared to WHITES.

    I mean WHITES were etno centric they enslaved n-words people (probably initiated by racemixed “jews” to make us racemixed though), and used imperialism to control most of the world.

    But for most whites, there were no if only a few non whites around and in the USA they were kept in place with segregation and the KKK (that probably mostly punished n-word rapists and the like). So the need for etno centrism and etno centric getting togethers was minimal.

    Like the jews have b’nith b’rain or whatever, their secret business club for doing business and colaborrating with other “jews”.

    As for the future, only 18 % of Ivy League Univeristy students are christian white. Hence whites will become poorer less educated and a smaller group compared to other. Also the totall hatred towards WHITES will increase as will the aggressive anti white WAR PROPAGANDA spewn out by our enemies.

    Hence whites will probably have to form networks based on ethnicity to survive.



  6. Valerivs Antoninvs Pretorivs Gælicvs
    Valerivs Antoninvs Pretorivs Gælicvs says:

    I cannot wait till Humans are not longer in charger, just to see everything crumbling down over non-whites.

  7. William Bruce
    William Bruce says:

    What an outstanding article by Mr. Langdon. It teaches, differentiates, illustrates and cautions all in just a few paragraphs. As an avid fan of history and human achievement I am now motivated to purchase a copy of Exactly: How Precision Engineers Created The Modern World. And I sheepishly admit that I too know more about George Floyd than the unheard of (for me) and unheralded, Henry Maudslay.

    Perhaps I can blame that on cultural marxism (no capital M) and the hijacking of all media by the culture of critique. But I am also well able to get myself to the library and check out and read some relevant books or take a community college course on engineering. But can anything be done about the over-hyping of the presence of certain individuals of color,. whose actual contributions to the noted event, creation or discovery, were minimal at best?? They say the “facts” of history are written by the victors. I didn’t know the war had already been lost.
    Kudos, Mr. Langdon.

  8. Franklin Ryckaert
    Franklin Ryckaert says:

    #1 “…White men have achieved most in all manner of fields, from engineering and mathematics to exploration and mountaineering. But they are also the most vilified group on earth and are held responsible for all manner of evils, from slavery and pollution to systemic racism and police brutality. Why does the highest-achieving group also receive the greatest opprobrium..?”

    Answer: JEALOUSY.

    #2 “…And Winchester also speculates whether the Industrial Revolution could have happened more than two thousand years ago…”

    “…It was White genius, but not in northwestern Europe, but the product of another incredibly talented European group, the ancient Greeks. And why did that genius not bear greater fruit..?”

    The usual answer is that the Ancient World (both Greece and Rome) were SLAVE SOCIETIES. All heavy work was done by slaves, who were available in abundance. Thus machines were not necessary for mass production. If machines were invented at all, then only for “hobby”, not necessity.

    • Ronald von Suuders
      Ronald von Suuders says:

      Also aren’t many Greeks atleast the old Greeks who were not mixed but only white atleast the elite very very smart but also a bit lazy?

      Also without being an expert on innovation history, I do think there was continued building of knowledge and science and the like and also a contionuous building of capital and wealth and you need that to some degree to start companies based on innovation.

      But it was a bit the sane with composed European music, the Italians invented it but they really only had one dude who wrote catchy melodies, Vivaldi and then came the Germanic regions and just kinda crushed all competition in the area.

      Or maybe the Greek became mixed before they had a chance to build upon their achievements.

      Really one would have to have a comprehensive walk through of the science and math that inventions used and how and when it was developed to know what happened.

      Also it’s unique individuals that invent.

      Maybe it’s also WHITE evolution through selection and what they call genetic mutation. Also the development of universities and the like.

      Also wars tend to push innovation due to WHITES getting more money for innovation and invention and pressure.

      Maybe it has something to do with 100 % Israelites marrying 100 % other whites (they were probably Italian & indo European befor mixing with semites 75 % of them now…).

  9. Carl
    Carl says:

    As certain minorities gain demographic dominance in America (this is happening already), I am wondering who the scientists will be, and whether the US can sustain itself scientifically and keep the country’s infrastructure running.

    How will America come up with the next medical miracles and great scientific inventions?

    Will it be by importing smart minorities rather than relying on certain of America’s own minorities?

  10. Careful Reader
    Careful Reader says:

    it’s worth mentioning that this book was published in the USA under the title The Perfectionists.

  11. the watcher
    the watcher says:

    Interesting piece, although I disagree with your assessment of the alleged “brutal” treatment of the Uighers by the Chinese. For a start, who says so? The UN, The EU and various Zionist Occupied regimes and their lackeys within the msm – hardly trustworthy! If pro-Whites start to accept the narrative from the news media regarding various issues, then what right do we have to call them out for their lies and duplicity? On the broader issue of “White” engineers: I am surprised there wasn’t a mention, of perhaps the greatest engineer of the twentieth century – Werner Von Braun. National Socialist sympathizer or not, the man’s genius cannot be underestimated!

  12. Kris
    Kris says:

    The White ‘hetero’ normative, normative, etc. endures in this particular zeitgeist —one so overtly antagonistic to his presence — in many ways because he is indeed so resilient to such circumstances. No other group would (or, one might dare say, could) endure long in such a state without a demographic insurrection, an open rebellion against such conditions. Whereas the White man (for better or worse) typically meets such adversity with little more than a shrug of indifference. In this sense, the White man does not merely display a rugged individualism, the White man IS, in many ways, rugged individualism incarnate. Whether this trait may underlie his ultimate doom or further ascendence, remains to be seen. Regardless of his end state however, for the moment, and those who believe that ‘good times creates weak men’, this popular opposition may in some ways be a boon, inasmuch as it is a curse, sharpening his edges that much further.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      …” ‘good times creates weak men’,”…

      That does not appear to hold for “the jews,” who own/control virtually all the world via their money monopoly .

      The prevailing individualism of Whites lacks the perpetually enduring drive of Jewish collectivism, and especially of Ashkenazim financial tribalism, to acquire dominion over all of everything.

      Whites are astonishingly bereft of the creative financial genius that only The Jews seem to have and which is indispensable to the success of the technological genius of Whites.

      Also, it should be noted that “money” is a collectivist technology — not individualist.

  13. Gilbert Huntly
    Gilbert Huntly says:

    Very glad to now be able to more precisely name this sick culture into which we’ve now descended: “The Culture of Critique” is definitely appropriate!

  14. bruno
    bruno says:

    If at all possible, read school papers from children in your family or environment. You can also read the trash from indoctrination of those in gifted classes. If you do that, this article will be so depressing it’ll screw up your day. We are lucky to have TOO. Will the children of our grandchildren be so lucky? I thank the author. Those of us who have traveled have known about what he has composed since we were children. Sad to see how it has metastasized.

  15. ChilledBee
    ChilledBee says:

    It took “the greatest Physicist ever”, Albert Einstein, around 3 months to figure out how “The Drinking Bird” worked.
    Strangely, even though Wikipedia mentions Einstein in their “Drinking Bird” article, they make no mention of this. Even more strange is that many of the birds that are now manufactured are called “The Einstein Theory Dipping Bird”.

  16. Ned J. Casper
    Ned J. Casper says:

    Latest news from “England”:
    A campaign to honour war heroes with statues has been attacked by “feminists” because only 1.5% VC & GC holders were women! Ms Terri-Bell Halliwell, founder of “inViSIBLEwomen”, a campaign for “gender equality” in civic statues, complained that even if every famous suffragette, female author, and factory girls who campaigned for better conditions were given civic plinths, “we would still not have come close to gender equality”!! One attempt at “rectification” has been a proposal to erect statues to a couple of female pirates, murder and theft on the high seas obviously more respectable than some connection with slavery. Note for M. Pierre de Craon (pseud? – q.v. Wikipedia): Yes, I got this from a British “rag” not the Catholic Truth Society or the “Catholic Herald” which are shadows of their former pre-Vatican-2 selves under the present libtard Nincompope.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Out of the closet at last, Ned? No more pretense about “independent thought and research,” eh? You’re just another Wikipedia reader—and if something isn’t to be found there, it’s a closed book to you.

      • Ned J. Casper
        Ned J. Casper says:

        @ Pierre de Craon
        Your reply conveniently and almost perfectly illustrates my point, while the Wiki bio of your medieval namesake suggests a similarity of temperament. Almost every book to which I have alluded in this TOO site are in my own library of some 5,000 volumes, excluding documents, magazine runs and clippings collected over many years, especially those relating to “race” and “religion”.

  17. A Mayer
    A Mayer says:

    Thank you Mr Langdon for this well-crafted well thought-out article. Some years ago. Iheard two unintellectual girls taking a black studies course, one of whom said to my utter disbelief and distaste, I wish I were black’. The media boast about the growing Black and ethnic minority numbers. In this case. did someone note this “We need a soft subject, nothing technical for these people.Let us dignify this idiotic subject by appointing a black lecturer with the designation ‘Professor;’ Studies for simpletons.

  18. Karlfried
    Karlfried says:

    We white people do our work and we live our lifes and we do no care to much about others.
    In case that you have 5 Minutes time, please look at the film:
    The film shows an 55year old combine harvester and a danish woman and a danish man driving it. The beautifulness and the harmony of these pictures are heartwarming for us, but I can imagine, that it will give envy from nonwhites towards us. Our normal existence on earth is a provocation for some of them. The best thing for the future is if they live in their lands and in we live in our lands.

    • Karlfried
      Karlfried says:

      You can compare the Danish film with another film, showing the harvesting in the USA.
      That film is 2 minutes long and it shows the large scale modern harvesting in the USA.
      That kind of giant high tech machines will make the population on the agricultural land thin because there is very little men-work-hours in this system.
      We shall give all our thinking and doing into the surviving of our white folks. High tech and high culture and scientific excellence sometimes help and sometimes they are negative.

      • Barkingmad
        Barkingmad says:

        Yes, in all things there’s a point of diminishing returns. We are not better off for mega-farms and their giant machines.

  19. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Great piece, Tobias. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will get that book.

    “But Andrews’ career flourishes regardless, because the culture of critique is not interested in truth or reality. Instead, it is interested in political and social power. It’s effectively an ideological parasite that has, so far, done an excellent job of subverting the nervous system of the West and taking control of its economic, technological and cultural muscles. That’s why the Black drug-abuser and criminal George Floyd is vastly better known than, for example, the White engineer Henry Maudslay (1771–1831).”

    That says it all.

    I do love your use of abstraction to tie it in to such a large issue as to why- ‘we’re screwed.’

    It always seems to take a charismatic leader to shake all of us Anglo’s up to take action for our own survival, since, we are always too busy thinking and creating things to notice the other races hurl their hatred and destruction at us. It is good to see that we currently at least have some noise makers in congress; Lauren Bobert and Marjorie Taylor Greene. And yes, we are currently getting creamed but there is still a lot of hope.

  20. ForeverGone
    ForeverGone says:

    I can’t say I know very much about the negro “professor” of black studies, Kehinde Andrews. Except that he consistently proves he’s not a professor if you define this noun as: “A person that teaches or professes special knowledge of an art, sport, or occupation requiring skill, decorum and intellect”.

    Black studies, or Africology, pertains, I take it, to the study of the origins and history of sub-Saharan negros. I don’t say “histories” here, because all the so-called “racial groups” in sub-Saharan Africa have an identical history. They are all the one.

    To paraphrase what one of the earlier explorers of sub-Saharan Africa said about the natives: They’ve been here for 10 thousands years watching leaves, feathers and other bits of debris being blown across lakes, rivers and seas, and yet it never occurred to them to fix a sail on a boat or raft.

    The British have history, though, in sucking-up to blacks by creating cretinous disciplines for them in their universities and then bestowing totally undeserved and unwarranted titles such as “professor” on them.

    Here’s a perfect example of what passes for a well lauded black genius in Great Britain: David Lammy is his name. He’s black and currently a member of Her Majesty’s Opposition in the British Parliament.

    He has served as Shadow Secretary of State for Justice, and as Shadow Lord Chancellor, in the UK Labour Party’s Shadow Cabinet since 2020. He also served as a Minister under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. In Gordon Brown’s parliament he served as Minister of State for Great Britain’s Universities.

    This Minister of State for Universities once appeared as a contestant on a TV quiz show.

    As a contestant on this quiz show David Lammy was asked to give the married name of Marie and Pierre who won the 1903 Nobel Prize in recognition of their joint research on the radiation phenomena.

    The answer Lammy gave was “Antoinette”.
    This “Antoinette,” Lammy was referring to was Marie Antoinette, the last queen of France before the French Revolution. He seemingly assumed that because the name Marie had come up, and because the question had a historical setting, the answer had to be Antoinette.

    The correct answer to the question was Curie. Marie (nee Skłodowska) had married Pierre and taken his surname, Curie. And together they won the 1903 Nobel Prize.

    It might somehow be alright for a Minister of State for Universities in the UK not to know this. But even a very drunk White wino in the gutter would have the rationality to be aware that it would have been impossible for Marie Antoinette to have won a Nobel Prize for physics in 1903.

    David Lammy was also asked to name the building that was used in France by Cardinal de Richelieu as a prison. Lammy answered, “Versailles”. As in the Palace of Versailles, the principal residence of French Royals until the French Revolution.

    The correct answer was the Bastille. A barely literate school child would immediately connect the Bastille to any question about historical French prisons. Anybody with even a comic book grasp on European history would know that the Palace of Versailles was connected to French Royalty and the governing classes, not prisons.

    This British MP and Minister of State for Universities then went on to inflict a coup de grace on himself.

    When Lammy was asked who succeeded Henry VIII to the English throne, he answered, “Henry VII”. A Minister of State for Universities that gets tripped up on very basic arithmetic? Go figure!
    David Lammy also at one time criticised the BBC for asking a question on whether white or black smoke would be emitted from the chimney in the Vatican. This question was asked by the BBC because the Vatican’s cardinals were in the process of electing a new pope.

    Lammy jumped in with his criticism because he assumed the BBC host that asked about the white or black smoke was being slyly racist.

    When it comes to black low-intellect “professors” like Kehinde Andrews, the United Kingdom has lots of previous. And they are going to keep pushing this idiocy until it blows up in their faces.
    It’s now at the stage in the UK where normal everyday people are encounting dumb cretins (guess the colour) in their everyday lives. Deal with the Health Services or local authorities and you’ll have to endure an endless line of them. The colour of your skin qualifies or disqualifies you for a job in the UK.

    It was somewhat alright when native Whites were only seeing these cretins on TV quiz shows or reading about them on blogs. But now these same Whites can find themselves standing across a desk from them as they completely mess-up their planning application for the 20th time, or look on as they endanger their kids or elderly parents in a hospital.

    Then it becomes a little bit much. Then reality starts to hit home.

    • Al Ross
      Al Ross says:

      How splendid . Many thanks.
      It is mere pouncing pedantry to notice the ” dumb cretins” tautology and I hope you will forgive me.

  21. anonym
    anonym says:

    Someone should write a book summing up the great jewish contribution to the world. A book written in the same celebratory style, without obvious sarcasm, where the jewish brilliance in inventing religions, political ideologies, cultural and artistic movements, international banking, financial instruments, hollywood storytelling, psychology, theoretical science etc etc. A bit like “The Jewish Century” by Slezkine, but from a gentile and much more comprehensive. Would be interesting to see the reaction…

    • ariadna
      ariadna says:

      “Someone should write a book summing up the great jewish contribution to the world.”
      That’s easy but it would be a poster, not a book: Uri Geller

    • Patrick White
      Patrick White says:

      They have a modicum (i.e.. schlock is what they do best) of success in cultural and artistic institutions created by whites (using artificial leverage and nepotistic networks in order to now dominate certain industries), but they are known more for historical usury and mendacious political dabbling than a dedication to arts and engineering.

      Sodastream is Israel’s most well-known technological accomplishment, and that’s after decades of that country milking trillions from White people in the form of ‘reparations’.

      Hitler’s need to expel them from his country wound up becoming the greatest political advantage jews had ever been handed – but their skills and contributions before and since him have been greatly oversold.

  22. JM
    JM says:

    “Or rather, it may give China another decisive advantage, because China’s racial majority, the Han Chinese, is not under ideological and demographic assault by a hostile elite of Jews and by non-Chinese immigrants eagerly applying the Jewish culture of critique. There would be plenty of material in China for a hostile elite to work with — the brutal subjugation of the Tibetans and Uighurs, for example — but the Chinese don’t intend to surrender control of their homeland to anti-Chinese outsiders. They’ve suffered the calamities of Jewish ideology all the same. Marxism has afflicted them with famines, concentration camps and a high-tech surveillance state, but they remain unrepentant in their ethnocentrism and probably unstoppable in their eugenics.”

    This begs the question that, if the Chinese are so afflicted by “Jewish Marxism”, why aren’t the “Communist elites” subverting the race and culture.

    I’d suggest that the answer to the question is that it isn’t communist or even Communist, but another social ‘mode of production’. In the interstices of Marx’s works (which was long suppressed by the Russians for good reason) we have a description of another social formation called ‘Oriental Despotism’. I think that this more or less fits China, from the time of the Revolution to the present. The ruling caste is a continuation of Asiatic forms of the state and economy. The ‘party leaders’ that run China effectively ‘OWN’, not just this or that asset (and among them there are many who ‘individually’ hold enormous ‘privately owned’ assets), but the accumulated assets of the nation, including the latter, this reality being a microcosmic and dramatic demonstration of the bigger picture. Their totalitarian repression has two likely – related – aims: i)protecting the national treasure against – vain – attempts at domestic capitalist ‘restoration’ – really innovation; ii) more importantly, against the use of domestic would-be compradors hiding under the mask of i), to act as agents of Western Finance Capital, like the late unlamented Boris Yeltsin (the experience of which China has obviously learned a lot). Thus there is no real moving room away from the two real options: the horror show of today, which nevertheless has certain critically important consolations…or a comprador regime/s administering the Chinese treasury on behalf of the Western Money Power.

    China’s present alliance with Russia is an alliance based on the Oriental-Despotic regimes observations of the pillaging of the USSR and subsequent unrelenting hatred for their failures in this – and their common ground with Putinism. It is only apparently ironic that the “Fall of Western Communism” set in chain processes that, rather than forcing China and Russia even further apart…brought them closer together.

    But in China and Vietnam, even in the extreme of Cambodia under Pol Pot, the despotic regime acted as an effective bulwark against foreign pillage. This alone gave and gives the government a stability, without which it would otherwise be short lived. Also China derives its stability from its ‘unlimited’ army of coolie labor, continuously replenshed by the peasantry in the hinterland, producing commodities for markets that (for some decades – at least till the breakdown of the West logically ensues) reward them at near western market prices.

    The existence of ‘free markets’ and capitalist like exploitation with the appropriation of profit from labor, in all cases in no way negates the fundamental character of the state. After all, even in Slave Society, such forms throve, often to a considerable extent, though always contained by the dominant form until it caused collapse arising from its its extension beyond its capabilities to contain its contradictions.

  23. Patrick White
    Patrick White says:

    Absolutely superb writing. There is not one single mainstream-legacy or other leftist platform offering erudite and razor-sharp analysis of the calibre offered here and on American Renaissance.

  24. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Highly informative article, Mr. Langdon.

    Is there an invention extant to measure and gauge the incredulous expression on the face of our venerable Prof. Kehinde Andrews?

    Perhaps, like me, he cannot comprehend why (hate-platforms) like the BBC fall hook-line and sinker for this not-so skillfully engineered claptrap he ceaselessly produces.

    Why aren’t mobile phone young Jamaican male ‘cinematographers’ celebrated for their contribution to a vibrant city life in London 16 years ago: assaulting people and having an associate film it, euphemistically called “happy slapping”?

  25. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Listening to Sky news business hour one morning last week, the British female host began to discuss the topic of ‘diversity in tech’; one guest pundit was Piers Linney, who again is bi-racial: British father; Bajan mother, and who appears clearly an indoctrinated proxy warrior – I concluded this when he used the disgusting phrase “pale,male and stale”.
    Apparently, it’s all about creating “pipe-lines for members of the ‘black and minority ethnic (bame) community” and the non-declared-(it’s still non-verbal), procedure to supplant ‘whites’ from the wage-earning economy of the UK.

  26. FrankD
    FrankD says:

    I call it “victim signaling”. Parasitic negroes need whites to survive. Same reason many races flee from countries run by their race to a white country. They know it, but they can’t admit it. So they victim signal, depending on white altruism.

  27. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    I really enjoyed this article.

    The Marble Machines/Musical Engineering.

    Now, this might not be the Antikythera, but pale Swedish musician-engineer Martin Molin’s first Wintergatan Marble Machine will be followed by the Marble Machine X, which hasn’t been completed yet. Martin’s efforts are to be seen regularly on youtube as he develops and refines this second marble-driven music machine. His many videos show the sweat and effort, despair and hope, involved in inventing. His countless fans give him bits of advice here and there when he feels stuck. We all eagerly await each new video (me, too, though I’m not an engineer or inventor).

    Here is his original, small, hand cranked, marble music box, which he constructed from the ground up.

  28. Andrea Ostrov Letania
    Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

    White men were masters of making things of convenience. But Jews dominated the power of conversion, the struggle for Big Ideas. Even Christianity is the product of Jewish prophetic power. And blacks are the masters of convulsion as they dominate sports and music that fill people with thrill and excitement.

    When you watch TV, you don’t think of the geeks who made it. You focus on the athletes and pop stars. TV, like other electronic appliances, offer convenience as a piece of machinery, but its main appeal is entertainment, and geeks are not entertaining.

    At one time, Japan was the #1 TV maker in the world. Sony was almost synonymous with high-quality TV. But people around the world who bought Japanese TV didn’t watch Japanese geeks but black athletes and heard black music. So, even though white(and to a lesser extent yellow) geekery created the global gadgets, the gadgets served to transmit blackness, which rode atop the horse of white genius for convenience.

    And it’s natural that whiteness would be most vilified precisely because it’s most valuable in maintaining the modern world and western hegemony. One reason is sheer envy among non-whites, but the bigger reason is Jews rule the West, and Jewish supremacist power requires whites to serve Jews. White pride would mean whites serving their own identity and interests. Thus, Jews need to fill whites with guilt and shame. This way, whites can no longer serve white interests and must serve something higher, like ‘diversity’, but then, Jews manipulate ‘diversity’ to really mean whites must suck up to Jews. It’s bait-and-switch. Make whites denounce and reject ‘white supremacism’, paralyze them with guilt, and then make them seek redemption by serving something higher… which is usually Jews Uber Alles.

    Jews and whites are like a man and horse. A man prizes the horse as a big strong animal that is very useful. But if the horse is free and proud, it will run free and not serve the man. So, the man must break the spirit of the horse so that the horse’s purpose of existence will be in serving man.

  29. Andrea Ostrov Letania
    Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

    Because there are many more white goyim than Jews, there may be more smart whites than smart Jews. But on average, Askhen Jews are surely smarter than, say, your average Irishman or Polackian.

    That said, there are enough smart whites that the white race can surely create effective defenses against Jewish Power. So, why have whites have failed?

    Because Jews attacked with all three forms of power: Wynandian, Roarkian, and Tooheyian. According to Ayn Rand’s THE FOUNTAINHEAD, the three forces are opposed, but Jews have shown they can all work in concert with Jewish Identity serving as the intersectionality.

    There have been great Jewish individuals who insisted on doing their own thing in the arts, science, and philosophy. The Roarkian Jews. There have been Jews who did whatever necessary to make tons of money and buy up stuff. Wynandian Jews. And there have been Jews who used the power of media and institutions to instill the populace with the New Narrative and the new gods. The Tooheyian Jews.
    According to Rand, these forces should be antagonistic, but Jews forged a formula of power where the Jewish cRoarkians, Wynandians, and Tooheyians are united by ethnic pride and sense of history, tragedy, and destiny. As important as individuality is to Roarkian Jews, Jewishness is higher. As important as money is to Wynandian Jews, Jewishness is higher. (Sheldon Adelson was stinking super-rich, but put Jewishness uber alles.) As important as the Justice Narrative is to Tooheyian Jews, it must be made to serve the higher priority of Jewish power. So, Jews have their Toohey in the form of Joohey.

    In contrast, white Roarkians, Wynandians, and Tooheyians have no unifying theme. White Roarkians put their individual pursuit above all else and don’t care about the white race as a whole. White Wynandians just care about money and have no higher value. And white Tooheyians, because they are earnestly committed to the cult of justice, don’t think to manipulate the narrative to favor white interests.

    Without race-ism, a people are over. When Jews denounce ‘racism’, they really mean “You goyim reject your race consciousness to better serve OUR racial consciousness as only we Jews are deserving of racial identity and pride.”

    Without race-ism, you lose the race. It’s really that simple. This is why anyone who uses ‘racism’ as an epithet is a darned fool.

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