The War on Whites: Harold Covington’s Northwest Novels

The War on Whites is moving to a higher level — fast. Signs are everywhere; they are undeniable. First and foremost, understand and accept that this is happening. For many, there will be no escape. If you are White and don’t yet grasp what is happening, quickly find out from someone who does. Lives will depend on it.

In my previous TOO article, I reviewed “collapse” novels by Matthew Bracken as a means to put average Whites in the frame of mind needed to accept that “our” government is now fully ready to attack us. All institutions are now arrayed against the White Christian founding stock of the United States of America: from the government, to the media, to education, to corporations, to the military, to the churches — all of it. And I know many of you readers see this. Some, however, don’t.

To me this is highly perplexing, as it is to TOO writer Thomas Dalton, who recently addressed this puzzle. “How,” he asked about such people, “can they be in denial of what is, from a rational and objective standpoint, surely one of the major problems facing civilized humanity?” Deny it they do, which is why I’ve tried a variety of approaches here at TOO over the last dozen years or so. For instance, in my Bracken review, I did something new in my writing: I deliberately crafted my account for normies, with no reference whatsoever to Jews. Surely long-time readers noticed this. While I did it in part to allow TOO readers to share my ideas and Bracken’s descriptions with those Whites not yet awake, my primary purpose was to create a sudden shock when this current review appeared, for the central message, the key to understanding the War on Whites is this: This war is being waged by the mainstream, organized Jewish community. This cannot be denied.

To my amazement, however, a hefty majority who correctly write about the danger facing the White race either fail or refuse to take their analysis to its obvious conclusion: Who is behind this vast swath of anti-White activism? I would have thought that with the release of Kevin MacDonald’s trilogy on Jews in the 1990s and its subsequent filtering into the growing culture of the Dissident or Alt-Right, the matter of who is on the attack would be settled. Unfortunately, it is far from settled, with a growing retreat from the obvious since Charlottesville in 2017 and the rise of “cancel culture” and deplatforming since.

Take, for instance, this typical headline: “These Key Similarities Between Lenin’s Red Terror and America’s Woke Culture Reveal Left’s Blueprint for Complete Takeover.” Shouldn’t that alert most educated people to the group we are discussing? I mean, right here in the opening of that blog, the author puts this in bold: “Cancel culture is the prelude to the rape, torture, and murder of the American people by a resentful underclass goaded on by a parasitic globalist ruling class.”

Say those last four words slowly: “parasitic globalist ruling class.” That sounds a lot like reporter Matt Taibbi’s excellent introduction to his essay “The Great American Bubble Machine,” where he wrote these immortal words: “The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it’s everywhere. The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.” Aren’t we talking here about some rather obvious, reliable identifiers here?

Readers, we are talking about the organized Jewish community. And it does no good to cleverly try to avoid saying this, mainly because Americans can’t figure it out if it’s not asserted in plain language. Thus, we have Andrew Joyce in “Vulture Capitalism is Jewish Capitalism” with his entreaty to “Strike through the mask!” Name the Jew. Joyce asserts that “the problem presented by these cabals of exploitative financiers will only be solved if their true nature is fully discerned.” Such a sentiment was immediately echoed by John Q. Publius when he wrote that the role of writers at TOO is “to shoulder our way into the conversation and show plainly the architects of this modern horror show,” be it in Washington, Hollywood or on Wall Street.

This present essay names Jews as “the architects of this modern horror show,” the sponsors of this War on Whites. In fact, throughout my entire adult life, I have seen (and experienced) an escalation of the Jewish War on Whites, something that was so thoroughly documented for us in Kevin MacDonald’s trilogy on Jews, culminating in his 1998 Culture of Critique. Since then, MacDonald, E. Michael Jones, writers on this site, and many others have added trenchant commentary on this existential threat to Whites. One indefatigable pro-White activist was the late Harold Covington, who wrote novels that began as The Northwest Trilogy, became The Northwest Quartet, then finished as The Northwest Quintet. Every man just listed insists on naming the Jew.

I wrote about Harold Covington and his Northwest novels precisely ten years ago here, and the uproar over that has been unmatched by anything I’ve written since. The late Harold Covington (he died on July 17, 2018) had many enemies in “The Movement,” but that is not the point that now concerns me. Rather, I’d argue that Covington’s premises in his Northwest novels concerning a Jewish War on Whites are more relevant now with a new Democratic administration in office than they were when I wrote about him ten years ago. So much in those five novels is what we are actually living through today that I want readers of TOO to imagine a world in which the United States Government is essentially at war with a huge proportion of the White population (and can later mop up the surviving “useful idiot” liberal Whites acting as foot soldiers in this larger War on Whites).

Because Covington was such a contentious figure, I will offer a brief defense of using his prose by turning to former editor of The Occidental Quarterly (who now runs his own site, Counter-Currents) Greg Johnson, who, in late 2009 or early 2010, wrote:

So, for the sake of argument, let’s accept that everything you and the other Covington and Duke detractors who have contacted me say about these men is true. So what? I am not entrusting them with the virtue of my daughters, or the control of my trust fund, or the keys to my home. I am reviewing and discussing their ideas because I judge them interesting and relevant to White Nationalism.

Further, one of the premier former writers in TOQ and C-C stables, Michael O’Meara (now sadly missing in action), gave an intelligent and rousing endorsement of Covington’s early Northwest novels, writing:

Political fiction has one overriding purpose: to reach those who can’t be reached through rational discourse. In this, Covington’s Trilogy is superb. It is full of memorable characters — classic American types (daring, two-fisted White men) who remind us of our ancestors and not the ridiculous creatures we see on nightly television. It abounds with actions and adventures that evoke our earliest racial memories and reveal what we can be once free of the Jews’ lunar spirit. It conveys the ideals of our movement in a language and style accessible to those who might otherwise ignore them. It tells an exciting story that is both entertaining and didactic. But above all it imagines a course of action — perhaps the one possible course of action — that will ensure our existence as a people. Whatever one may say of Covington the activist, it has to be acknowledged that he’s made a work of art of his separatist vision, and it deserves a hearing.

(I can’t resist noting that O’Meara himself wrote at least some things in a way that paralleled the Northwest narratives of war and violence. Frankly, I’ve always been surprised that no one has raised any eyebrows at the thrust of O’Meara’s thrilling book  Toward the White Republic [Counter-Currents, 2010] a used copy of which still lists for over $1,000 on One of the last chapters is [literally] an incendiary account titled “The Hotrod of the Apocalypse,” which can be read here. The point is that O’Meara has an unusually deep understanding of Covington’s intent in writing the Northwest novels.)

Again, we hear all manner of advice on how Whites can move forward, far too much of which never names the elephant in the room. A man writing as “Chechar” does not have that problem, and he also recognizes the value of Covington’s thought as transmitted through fiction. “The notion that racialists follow the left’s Gramscian ‘march through the institutions,’” writes Chechar, “is equally unserious. Covington’s Northwest Volunteer Army is a hundred times more realistic than the thought of re-establishing the integrity of White life through elections or an expanded media.” The left dominates the universities and the media, and they will not surrender it. Academic hiring is rigidly policed, and the media is hopelessly anti-White.

If people do not realize the futility of hoping for elections or changes in universities or the media to improve the White condition, then they need to read TOO more regularly. We’re in a totally new environment here. Covington’s character Mr. Ekstrom knew this: “Things must change,” said Lennart Ekstrom slowly. “Every White man and woman in America knows it, deep down inside of themselves. This isn’t America anymore.” Now let’s see how one of the Northwest Novels handles this.

Covington’s novels appeared in this order:

The Hill of the Ravens, 2003
A Distant Thunder, 2004
A Mighty Fortress, 2005
The Brigade, 2008
Freedom’s Sons, 2011

In my estimation, the crown jewel among these five novels is the fourth, The Brigade, so I will address only that novel here. The Brigade encompasses all of what Covington was trying to accomplish in these novels, makes the outlines of the War on Whites clear, and situates it all in engrossing action.

My contention is that Covington gauged accurately the situation in America during his lifetime and correctly projected where that situation would lead. Events since the The Brigade’s publication in 2008 have uncannily mirrored Covington’s fiction and are therefore of great use today in putting our White selves into the drama and its inescapable dynamics. Thus, I fervently hope readers will enter not into the “What if?” realm of fantasy but into the more pressing “This is it, guys” scenario offered by a true visionary like Covington. The choice offered in all five Northwest novels is a stark “Fight or Die.”

Having relied on Michael O’Meara to boost the Northwest novels, I’ll crib from O’Meara’s synopsis of the Northwest Imperative. Covington believed that remaining Whites in America (and to some extent elsewhere) must separate from the irreparably anti-White remaining core of the United States, gathering in Oregon, Washington State and parts of adjoining states to fight for and preserve their existence by establishing a White homeland. Having dedicated this book to the memory of David Lane, Covington implicitly endorsed Lane’s enduring fourteen words: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.” The Brigade is a fictional but believable account of how that could be done.

To achieve this, Covington believed that “the present situation is such that any hope of reversing America’s ‘de-Europeanization’ or replacing the Judeo-globalist regime in Washington responsible for it is no longer feasible.” These novels as well as years of weekly broadcasts pushed the imperative for a White migration of “racially aware Whites to the Pacific Northwest — the Whitest section of the United States — to create there the critical mass that will be needed once the time comes to wage an anti-colonial war against the Washington regime.”

This rebellion begins with a puzzle, one that has endlessly intrigued me, and must have puzzled Covington as well: What would it take to get today’s Whites to wake up and defend themselves?

Covington was as mystified as I am, so in his novels he writes of how “Whites in Coeur d’Alene Idaho finally rebel, when they spontaneously resist federal agents attempting to carry off the children of a politically incorrect but well-regarded family.” This ignites a local reaction, and neighbors intervene. “They help arm, organize, and lead several hundred Coeur d’Alene Whites against the troops sent in to crush them. Their rebellion is quickly quashed, but, like Ireland’s Easter Uprising, it ignites a war for national independence.”

In short, Covington creates a story about the “Northwest Volunteer Army” (NVA)

as it leads an IRA-style terror campaign against the Judeo-globalist forces in control of the United States. The NVA’s struggle is greatly facilitated by the fact that in this future period American society and the US government have become even more incompetent than they are today. The US military is bogged down in endless Mideastern wars fought on Israel’s behalf; its social system is increasingly dysfunctional, balkanized into rival racial-ethnic interest groups; an ever-growing part of the White population, unable to compete with coolie labor, is condemned to unemployment or conscription; and the material prosperity that has long served as a race-obliterating opiate has given way to the growing impoverishment and alienation of the White masses.

Covington’s rendering of this White war for survival is gripping, compelling, and prescient beyond measure. I’ve read the book three times and without fail the 517 pages flew by as if it was only a few hours of reading. Remember, political fiction must engage the reader by methods other than the rational. Greater numbers of Whites can be reached by music, by public demonstrations, by humor, by political cartoons — or by fiction. Covington chose the latter. For the sake of our race, I want him to succeed posthumously, which is why I am resurrecting my original review of the Northwest novels through a focus on The Brigade.

Ironically, this war story begins with an account of a heterosexual couple with children, all of whose lives are sundered by the wife’s decision to divorce her blameless husband and begin a new life with her lesbian lover, just as Matthew Bracken’s second Enemies novel had begun. Here we meet some of the main characters as they carry out their decision to prevent this by executing both women. It is far from the first bloodshed in the book.

Next we begin to see the budding structure of the NVA, where one man says, “I look back at all the crap our people have put up with over the past century and I am still astonished that we never picked up a gun before. Why the hell has the White man never fought?” Correctly, this character notes with respect to the brewing War on Whites, “This isn’t an overnight development. This has been going on for 50 years. What the hell was wrong with us back in the 60s and 70s? Or even earlier? Why didn’t we fight?”

Group leader Red Morehouse zeroes in on the answer: “The White man can still show physical courage, yes. Lots of it. That courage gene is definitely still there in our makeup. But what we can’t seem to do is to be brave on our own, for our own interests, without the Jewish seal of approval. We have developed a poisonous symbiosis with the system. It needs us and we need it, psychologically. White males are addicted to social approval nowadays.” In other words, White people only act when their actions are consistent with the attitudes of the moral communities they relate to. And right now, the moral communities that are dominant in the West are created by elites that are totally and irrevocably anti-White. The Northwest Volunteer Army aims to establish a moral community that would approve of White rebellion, including military action, and provide the means to achieve independence.

Covington effectively shows how the federal government, as depicted in The Brigade, now very much sees the White man as an enemy. For instance, a Vietnam vet shows a photo of several young naval officers on the flight deck of an old carrier, and his friend says, “You mentioned once that [it] was taken when you were on the Kitty Hawk launching air attacks against North Vietnam.” “Yep,” replied Fields nostalgically. “That’s me on the left, Al Vitelli on the right, and Bret Halsted in the center. Al died of cancer a few years ago, and Bret died in Atlanta federal penitentiary. He … got five years for hatespeech. Judge went light on him because of his age. He was 64. The first day the guards simply turned him into the yard and the Black gang members beat him to death.” Is America heading into the summer of 2021 so different?

Turning to new member Bert, Fields imparts a point far more Whites must understand: “Bert, the America that we once knew, that we were born into, the America that you fought for in ‘Nam, that America is now gone. It doesn’t exist anymore. It is gone forever. It will never come back. I need to know if you understand this, if you accept it. Because if you don’t, then there’s no point in my continuing with what I have to say.”

If I were to give you five narrow-lines pages of notepaper and let you loose on the Internet, how long would it take you to fill those pages with examples of how America is now lost to us? Not long, I suspect. And the main reason for this state of affairs is spelled out in MacDonald’s Culture of Critique and other works. We face a Jewish War on Whites.

Media Silence and Distortion

Being a media specialist, I’ve known since the early ‘90s how awful the media is with respect to race—and I’ve known why: The media is overwhelmingly in the hands of Jews, and Jews are a hostile elite in White countries. One result is that the media has inverted reality and convinced many millions of Whites that Whites are savagely attacking Blacks, when the evidence overwhelmingly proves just the opposite. What a testimony to the power of media! What a tragedy that Jews control the majority of it, and even conservative media like Fox News completely avoids the issues so central to our survival and well-being as Whites.

Covington shows this in various places, such as in a conversation between two NVA rebels, one of whose daughters was brutalized by Black crack addicts:

“She wants me to take her out to the range shooting all the time. She always wears long-sleeved shirts and dresses or slacks, and never a swimsuit or a halter top. She broke off with Brad Gibbons, and she won’t date now. Ever wonder why? In Portland, she came home one night and found a couple of … crack addicts who had broken into her apartment waiting for her. When they had finished with her, they tried to stab her to death with a broken wine bottle. They didn’t kill her, but not for lack of trying. Her body looks like she was fed into a McCormick reaper, inch by inch. It was never mentioned in the papers or on TV because of the press censorship laws Hillary Clinton rammed through on her first year as president, the ones that forbid what they call racial incitement, such as reporting Black crimes against White people.”

Most readers of TOO know about this perverse inversion of reporting on interracial crime, as this blog and photo both show: “33 Whites Die (And ONE White-On-Black Murder!)”

Murdered White Victims

The truth is maddeningly simple to verify, but human nature crumples in the face of media power. Reality itself wilts when the vile power of the media blasts it at a billion watts a second. The truth, however, is constantly out there and can in fact be readily found. Just turn to Paul Kersey or revisit one of the greatest hidden Black-on-White crimes of the century, The Wichita Massacre. The truth is not hard to find—but paradoxically, it is impossible to see. Well, it seems paradoxical only to those who do not know about the evil surrounding the Jewish Question.

This media curse against Whites transcends the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, too, as shown below, where but one Black victim of White violence has become a martyr in Britain, endlessly commemorated in the media, while the enormously greater number of White victims died in obscurity (see “Black Saints, White Demons: The Martyr Cult of Stephen Lawrence”).

Contemplate how one-sided this murderous violence is. Yet the majority of Whites, it seems, side with the narrative that Whites are overwhelmingly killing Blacks. Of course, the media is to blame—but can the media have that much power over the White mind, even when the truth is so obvious?

Covington ventures an explanation for this by creating a dialogue between a bereaved father and daughter. The father’s only other daughter, a beautiful young girl named Jan, fell in with a Black crowd at school, got involved with drugs, and started sleeping with the star basketball player, a Black youth who supplied her with drugs. In time, she got pregnant by him and was of course spurned. Not seeing a way out, she took her own life. The father, a quite affluent banker, tries to rationalize why the family must quietly accept their loss, but the surviving daughter objects to this rationale: “So we’re all nothing but a bunch of hogs slopping at the great American trough, and every so often the big Black butcher comes among us and drags one of us away squealing, and we just look the other way and accept it as the price of all that lovely swill and jam our snouts back in deep, so we don’t hear the screams? Is that it?” Sad to say, Covington is on to something here.

Another way the choice of fiction serves Covington well is in his ability to present a scene rather than make an argument. For example, instead of explaining how bizarre it is that American Jews are well above average income yet unceasingly claim to suffer from anti-Semitism, Covington uses a dinner to make the point. The Goldmans are a wealthy Oregon couple who will have a special $60,000 dinner flown in from Jerusalem, while a working-class White who hears about this gasps, “I’ve never even seen $60,000 in one place. My family has to make do with meat twice a week, and that’s with me and my wife both working. My boys will never enter the door of a college because they’re males with White skins, and we’ll never be able to afford to send the girls either.”

In The Brigade, the Goldmans have to pay for being part of this unspeakable crime syndicate, and two NVA members approach the Goldmans as they head for that dinner from Israel. “The two gunmen said nothing, but Jacob Goldman gasped out in a strangled cry, ‘You!’” Here Covington provides a philosophical—even cosmic—description of what this war entails: the biblical brothers Esau and Jacob forever in conflict, but this time Esau gaining the upper hand:

All four of them understood what Jacob Goldman had said. He did not know or recognize the men who were about to put him to death. They had always been far beneath him, part of the scenery he saw from the window of his luxury car or a plush office suite, animals who through some accident of nature resembled God’s Chosen People in outward form, but whom the sages of Torah assured him were beasts without souls. Yet he knew who they were, and why they were here. Four thousand years of racial instinct crackled in a moment of cosmic, hideous recognition and knowledge. A timeless drama was once again about to be played out, an ancient debt was once more to be paid, and blood was about to be spilled once more in humanity’s longest war. The men before Jacob Goldman could have been wearing Roman armor, or Crusaders’ chain mail, or Cossack leather and furs, or the Black tunic of the SS. Now they wore denim jeans and ski masks, but oh, yes, he knew them. Now he was going to die, because they knew him as well, knew him for what he was.

Affirmative Action

Another area Covington addresses is affirmative action and its negative consequences. In The Brigade, his examples might have gotten ahead of the real world, but the real world has certainly seen fit to catch up. For example, we just had the headline that “United Airlines Wants To Train More Female, Minority Pilots,” with this intro: “United Airlines, the only major U.S. airline to own a flight school, has kicked off a plan to train 5,000 new pilots by 2030 – at least half of them women and people of color.” If this 50 percent goal pans out, and worse, spreads throughout the industry, it isn’t going to work out well, as Covington’s delicious narratives demonstrate.

The first one involves Rabang Miller, a Filipina who has judiciously used affirmative action and a willingness to sleep her way to the top to become fairly senior in the FBI, lording it over competent and straight-laced White male agent Brian Pangborn, who is forced to endure Rabang’s untouchable status. Unfortunately, Rabang’s incompetence gets them quite killed in an encounter with the NVA.

Because Rabang and Pangborn are agents of the American government, the Northwest Volunteer Army considers them enemy combatants. As such, they are stalked by some volunteers. The White male’s warrior instincts tell Special Agent Pangborn something is amiss, so he turns off the highway to observe the behavior of the SUV behind him. All of a sudden, however, a Toyota Camry pulls out in front of them, and “Pangborn saw two men in ski masks leap out of the car. He heard the stuttering of the Uzi, saw the muzzle flash and heard the pop pop pop as the 9-mm slugs slammed into the windshield. The polycarbonate glass held, but big ugly White splotches blossomed on the windshield before him. ‘It’s them!’ screamed Rabang in terror.” Minutes later, both agents were dead thanks to the Filipina’s consistently foolish choices.

Covington’s tour de force depiction of an affirmative action disaster comes later in “The Battle of Sunset Beach,” which beautifully details the predictable consequences of real recent changes in the military such as this: “Obama started the process of turning the military into a social justice institution.  While Trump managed to slow the process, Biden’s administration, with help from a highly partisan Pentagon, is purging the military of people expressing views with which Democrats disagree while doubling down on race, radical feminism, and transgenderism.  Defense is an afterthought.” Here is the new face of the United States military:

28th United States Secretary of Defense

Covington imagines a battle of the new military vs. White male former soldiers. In order to end the “racism” of the “domestic terrorists” trying to create a White homeland in the Northwest, the U.S. government has sent a flotilla of ships to Oregon. Loaded with 1,400 FATPO troops (federal soldiers), the team is led by a Black general named Roland Rollins, who plans to make a MacArthur-esque beach landing to be used as a photo op. At the same time, the commander of the Coast Guard cutter protecting the convoy is a Hispanic woman, who reached her position as an affirmative action appointee. Unsurprisingly, she is woefully incompetent. Meanwhile, the Freedom Fighters of the Northwest have laid an ambush on the beach.

General Rollins’ landing plans involved grounding the ferry he is on, then lowering the door and wading triumphantly onto the beach as cameras roll. The result was “what happens in a system when you promote people into important jobs and positions based on the color of their skin or the fact that they’ve got tits on ‘em, instead of on their ability to do the job.” As such, Rollins waded off the ship, the powerful guns of the NVA opened up from the beach, and “Rollins whirled away into the air flapping like a scarecrow in the wind.”

The Coast Guard cutter commanded by the Hispanic woman could have been a very effective deterrent, but this affirmative action captain was a huge liability. In a priceless scene, she manages to single-handedly destroy and sink her own ship. And Covington makes it all sound plausible, so much like what today’s America has actually become.


As epic as The Battle of Sunset Beach is, however, one of the most important sections of the book is without a doubt Chapters 17–26 (excluding Ch. 25, which is the culmination of The Battle of Sunset Beach). The idea begins as “Taking Down Tinsel Town,” where the NVA hatches a mission to mete out some justice to Hollywood. The commander of the volunteers explains:

“After a lot of consideration, the Portland brigades have been selected to put together a special active service unit for a series of highly sensitive and risky operations, the first extensive campaign the NVA has mounted outside the Northwest Homeland itself. The name of this unit will be Task Force Director’s Cut. Its mission will be to neutralize one of the prime weapons that ZOG has in this war, which is the Hollywood movie, media, and entertainment industry, and to render that industry as useless to the enemy as we can possibly accomplish. Put bluntly, we are going down to Hollywood, and we are going to take the Dream Machine apart at the seams.”

Covington’s writing shows that he understood the disastrous impact Hollywood has had on the White world, as a commander of the NVA sums it up:

“Gentlemen, I don’t have to tell you that ever since the invention of the motion picture over a century ago, the movie industry has been the most completely Jewish field of private enterprise in the world, with the exception of international banking and the stock exchange. Even today, Yiddish is considered to be Hollywood’s second language…. Every crucial, non-technical job on the business and creative end of any major movie is either held by a Jew or is in the power of a Jew, from the studio heads, the producers and the directors, down to the scriptwriters, the casting directors, the agents, the accountants, and anything to do with the money…. This control by the Tribe is pervasive and complete, and it extends into television as well …

I do not need to tell you of the terrible and largely irreversible damage that Hollywood has done to the White race and to Western civilization over the past century. For four generations, the international bankers and the corrupt politicians have committed unspeakable crimes against humanity, especially the war after war after bloody war they have plunged our people into for Jewry’s sake, but it is Hollywood and Hollywood’s mutant bastard spawn television that has made the White people of America and the world swallow these atrocities and actually support them with enthusiasm. It is Hollywood that has spent the past 50 years pushing every conceivable kind of perversion of body and mind down the throats of White people. It is Hollywood that has turned the loathsome practice of homosexuality into something cute and trendy, the subject for silly jokes, when it is in fact a poison of the very soul. It is Hollywood that has turned White women as portrayed on film into either mindless sex objects, or else de- gendered, masculinized, man-hating neurotics. It is Hollywood that has poisoned the minds and broken the spirits of generation after generation of White children who are now beyond recovery, and turned them into whiggers. The bankers have stolen our money. The federal government of the United States has stolen our lives and our freedom and soaked the earth with Aryan blood, spilled to save a filthy race of Asiatic parasites. But Hollywood has stolen our peoples’ minds and souls, and in some ways that makes Hollywood more evil to my mind even than the sinks of iniquity centered in New York and Washington, D.C. Comrades, we will go down to southern California, we will grip this monster by the throat, and we will cut its heart out!” There was a cheer from around the table; the men found the project to their liking.

So a highly coordinated attack was launched on Hollywood, one which forced Jews there to stop their subversion of goyische society. It was an ugly mission, but a necessary one. And fitting, given that Covington ends The Brigade with the motto:

Ex Gladio Libertas — Freedom comes from the sword


Now here comes an odd circumstance: I’ve spent a lot of time describing a book called The Brigade, but it appears we can no longer get our hands on a hard copy of the book at all. I guess Covington was catching serious flak because he was flying directly over the right target.

I used to own all five Northwest novels but left them behind when I moved, thinking “I’ll be able to pick up used copies later for next to nothing.” Not in today’s world, however. While I haven’t done an exhaustive search for The Brigade, I have searched far longer than I normally do for something I really want.

Then again, maybe the lack of a hard copy is not that much of a hindrance, and the majority of those now interested in the book will download an e-version. Perhaps these sites will suffice: here, here or here. Otherwise, readers can assist us in the comments section.

We’ve come full circle. I began this essay by insisting that 2021 is the year that serious physical assaults on Whites begin. I then took readers through a fictional reply to what people might do to counter such an assault. In Covington’s novel, Whites fought and won. What about now, though? In the real world of the Spring of 2021, the tension is thick but no real action has yet broken out. What to do, then? Greg Johnson’s recent advice is no doubt good: “What should White normies do? Batten down, because a great wave of chaos is coming, and your skin will be your uniform. You may not want colored people as your enemies, but sometimes your enemies choose you.”

Or learn from the analysis of Andrew Anglin, whose coverage of BLM, government shenanigans, and the overwhelming role of Jews in it all has been exemplary: “What we are witnessing here, right out in the open, is a build up to a mass killing of White people. That is why they are trying to remove the police – they want nothing standing in the way of these Blacks and you.”

And still, I feel something is lacking, for a population as used to victory as Whites has become incurably indifferent. Thus, I am convinced of the need for a mental stimulus that will break enough Whites out of their stupor and false sense of prosperity and get them to envision doing something—and how to do it. And soon. To me, Harold Covington’s Brigade, along with the other Northwest novels, is possibly that stimulus. Before we stand up again for our own survival, we need the proper mental conditioning. As Michael O’Meara concluded, “Only myths can galvanize the collective unconsciousness of a nation.” The Northwest novels provide one such myth.

In another column I wrote in 2011, commenter “Trainspotter” sagely averred that “People don’t man barricades, they don’t risk life and limb over statistics. They need a vision, a sense of destiny. Our cause is far greater, deeper and more beautiful than any scholarly tome. The intellectuals are developing the vision, but the artist must give it life and spread it. People must feel it, not just think it.”

He’s right. Covington understood that as well, which is why I will close this long essay with the words Covington put into the mouth of one of his Freedom Fighters:

“Our goal is not to kill people, it’s to free people, our people, White people, from a government and a society that have become absolutely intolerable and morally indefensible, and to build something new and better in its place. What this will turn into, what it’s already turning into, will be a civil war between White people, maybe as bad as the one in 1861. But we’re going to win.”

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    James Bowery says:

    The war between whites results from the centralization of social policy. It is a historic rhyme with The Thirty Years War more than 1861: Adherents to different belief systems are intermingled geographically and forced to cram their respective beliefs down each other’s throats via the central government — rendering each other mortal enemies. That such centralization favors more collectivist peoples than whites in the war for control of this malign power is an inevitable consequence of the continuation of war by other means known as “politics”.

    The individual needs the ability to “vote with your feet”, which is how the Thirty Years War ended with the Treaty of Westphalia’s doctrine of Cuius regio, eius religio that originated with the Treaty of Augsburg.

    A similar Treaty must be put in place once we have killed “Blob”: The superorganism that is incorporates individuals by degrading their integrity to make them its component parts serving its search for more such food.

    But this new Treaty must repair a critical flaw in the doctrine of Cuius regio, eius religio that rendered the Westphalian nation state untennable:

    Reallocation of territorial value when an individual votes with his feet thereby sorting proponents of social theories (religious faiths) into governments that test them.

    As with any treaty, it serves to separate those who are part of a Pax from those who are to be excluded from it — and suffer the consequences. Choose the terms of the treaty wisely, and we can peel-off a sizable chunk of whites from Blob to kill it.

    • Jacobite
      Jacobite says:

      Yes, it’s insane to hope for changes resulting from elections or expansions in media. But those hopes look pretty realistic compared to imagining any kind of treaty with Jews. The standard Jewish attitude towards dealing with the Akum is: “You can’t reason with Hitler!!!!” Of course, Jews did reason with Hitler for years, arranging Jewish immigration to Israel upon surrendering large sums as ransom. Just as Israel paid for the immigration of Russian Jews by selling US secrets obtained by Israeli espionage — so much for America’s Number One Ally. Even assuming some treaty settlement, what’s the enforcement mechanism? “Better to throw your child to the ravening wolf than to trust the word of a Jew.” Who gets the nukes, the surveillance satellites, the NSA, the Navy, etc.? The “Lindemann Plan” is in some drawer, ready to be pulled out and updated on a moment’s notice, I’m sure. I’m being impressed by the use of imaging technology to track down the demonstrators of January 6. Almost as impressed as I am by the betrayals of family and friends. Either way, these developments make success by any imagined underground movement seem far-fetched. Maybe these books deal with these considerations — I’d be glad to be reassured. But the last 4-5 years have raised a lot of questions in my mind about the degree of totalitarianism possible in the high-tech world (where Silicon Valley is more like Western Israel than California).

  2. John
    John says:

    How can anyone STILL not know we European Peoples aka White Peoples r being targeted for destruction. Read this “Close to 40% of the population of Montreal is currently nonwhite” in an article on the website:
    Council of European Canadians
    “Montreal Schools Were Euro-Canadian Before Arrival Of Immigrants In 1970s.”

    How bloody stupid because the Quebecois People have fought so hard for being recognized as a Distinct People, Distinct Society only to b headed in becoming a minority(unless they wake up) in a few short decades.

    U know what!? Millions of words have been written to explain what is happening to us European Peoples from Russia to Australia, whether it’s the Québécois, the English, French, Dutch, Canadians, Americans, Germans, etc. etc. etc., &, it takes a special kind of stupidity & suicidalness to give away what our ancestors gave us & what we r supposed to give to our posterity. It is because of our stupidity(as a collective) that this is happening.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” How can anyone STILL not know we European Peoples aka White Peoples r being targeted for destruction.”

      Author Connelly gives the answer in the second paragraph of the article :

      ” All institutions are now arrayed against the White Christian founding stock of the United States of America: from the government, to the media, to education, to corporations, to the military, to the churches — all of it.”

      The establishment system is ensuring that Whites remain stupefied about any war against themselves . Moreover , Christianity overall will not support any WN movement based on race when push gets to shove . A few small churches or Christian groups do include White racial preservation as an inextricable part of their faith whereas the vast majority of Christian groups have not in the past and do not now support it when push gets to shove .

  3. Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton says:

    I have been saying it for years, “One will either die fighting on their feet or they will die groveling on their knees, begging for mercy from merciless enemy that has never given quarter to an enemy. Either way face the fact – you are going to die.

    And the time draws nigh, the war has begun! The white race is under all-out attack on all fronts! As I said months before his election, Trump was being put in office to start WWIII.
    And now I say

  4. Michael Fury
    Michael Fury says:

    Even as rising, rain-redolent wind

    And the distant trembling it carries portend

    For the wary the coming of storms

    Whose energies the most terrible bombs

    Cannot rival, so for men in those days

    With sense intact the time to agonize

    Was past, the facts these lines belabor

    Unmistakable signals to prepare.

    As a man prepares his family home

    To face the hurricane, their wisdom

    Shaped all that remained in their favor

    For that imminent, momentous war

    That would decide the future, the fate

    Of the infant not yet risen to his feet.

  5. Heartland Separatist.
    Heartland Separatist. says:

    In other words, the Ethno-State resolution is the only solution. The Northwest Republic was doomed to failure because 2 of the 3 proposed states were liberal blue states. (Idaho, Washington, Oregon.) Only Idaho was red.

    • Kris
      Kris says:

      I’m not sure how much of Washington anymore, although eastern Washington is pretty based, but outside of some infamous metros, Oregon is pretty solidly on the right. If you could carve out something like Jefferson state (, even that would likely be a solidly “red” state. The NW is still pretty white and right, outside of the condensed, notable exceptions.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Geographically only a very small portion of Oregon and Washington are blue. And, quite honestly, given enough time they will self-destruct.

      Having a thousand rats in your home is not pleasant, but when they are all contained in a small box one can just put one’s thinking cap on and smile.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      One other thought on geographical location, HS. An ocean border is necessary to survival. No sovereign state can survive landlocked by enemies.

  6. TheOtherGeorge
    TheOtherGeorge says:

    “we just had the headline that “United Airlines Wants To Train More Female, Minority Pilots,”
    – This should work out interestingly, since the non-White % of pilots in the Air Force, which would love to boast of a large number of minority pilots, is less than 5%. This being due of course to those “applicants of color” being unable to cope with the mathematics and abstract concepts which are a necessary part of flight school training. Henceforth, this will be a good reason NOT to “fly United”.

    • John
      John says:

      “Most Europeans realize what is happening they just don’t see a solution to the problem.”
      The solution is OBVIOUS, all the Québécois People have to say is – Quebec is the homeland of the Québécois People. The English People say – England is the homeland of the English People. The French say – France is the homeland of the French People. Etc. etc. The overwhelming majority of non-European Peoples r not tongue tied when it comes to their nation, &, they r not afraid(unlike us) of words such as ‘racist’. Remember that name calling is merely a tool of a loser because they cannot defend their position, OBVIOUSLY, because their position is w/out merit. Or as Tim Murdock of White Rabbit Radio likes to attack back with – “you’re just saying that cause I’m White, anti-racist is a code word for anti-White”.

      • SG
        SG says:

        “The solution is OBVIOUS, all the Québécois People have to say is – Quebec is the homeland of the Québécois People. The English People say – England is the homeland of the English People. The French say – France is the homeland of the French People.”

        Unfortunately, not so simple. The Nationalist Irish spent many decades proclaiming that Ireland is the homeland of the Irish. What do they do once they finally take control of their own country (both North and South)? They start giving it away on the same agenda as the rest of white civilisation. All those years fighting and dying for their own country only to dispose of it down the same trash can as the USA et al. The Scots clamour for independence from the UK, but they can’t wait until then – the SNP are pushing for more immigration and anti-white laws right now.

        With sub-titles for non-Scots.

        • Anne C
          Anne C says:

          SG, your erudite comment reminds me of something Rudolph Steiner said in 1917 about the spread of “democracy”:

          “Concepts are taken for reality, and as a result illusion may take the place of reality where human life is concerned by lulling people to sleep with concepts. They believe the fruits of their endeavours will be that every individual will be able to express their will in the different democratic institutions, and they fail to see that these institutions are such that it is always just a few people who pull the wires, whilst the rest are pulled along. They are persuaded, however, that they are part of democracy and so they do not notice they are being pulled and that some individuals are pulling the strings. Those individuals will find it all the easier to do the pulling if the others all believe they are doing it themselves, instead of being pulled along. It is quite easy to lull people to sleep with abstract concepts and make them believe the opposite of what is really true. This gives the powers of darkness the best opportunity to do what they want. And if anyone should wake up they are simply ignored.”

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      Maybe ate to many Doh! nuts!

      “. . .Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so. . .”

      Bertrand Russell [1952]

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        Russell said that in 53 as a Liberal critiquing the Right. How very apt now in the other direction.

  7. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    At this point we need to focus on one thing – winning. Accordingly, even if Covington’s novels have but one viable piece of advice, let us concentrate on that, and not on attacking the author. I realize many of the things some readers have against Covington are quite legitimate, but at this point we do not have the luxury to kill the messenger, no matter how much it may be deserved.

    • Will W Williams
      Will W Williams says:

      Tim Folke says: “… I realize many of the things some readers have against Covington are quite legitimate, but at this point we do not have the luxury to kill the messenger, no matter how much it may be deserved.”

      Covington was a fraud and his fantasy “message” was fraudulent. I have the luxury of killing this fraudulent messenger, thank you, having battled the lying SOB for decades as he did his best to undermine legitimate White leaders and their organizations with his outrageous lies and black propaganda. I will continue holding my post for as long as you lovers of his fiction try to rehabilitate him.

      Character counts in our Holy Cause. Truth counts. So what if Tubbington had a talent for writing fiction when he was so thoroughly exposed by so many for more than 50 years as having no character and being the biggest liar to ever claim to be pro-White?

      I won’t keep harping on the fraud’s history in the “Movement” here on TOO. This warning will suffice. Those interested can get an eyeful more about him, here: and at Hadding Scott’s blog that features much of the SOB’s rap sheet, here:

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Character counts in our Holy Cause. Truth counts.

        It’s sad that you feel the need to include this reminder, sadder still that the reminder is sorely needed.

  8. Forever Guilty
    Forever Guilty says:

    I have some probably non rational feeling, that stolen election was one step way too far. Its like stepping toward cliff edge, one step, one more and suddenly its becoming irreversible. There would be not much forgiveness, not compassion for the Tribe in the future.

    Perhaps in 20 years time there would be some kvetching of “victims” – “And then suddenly for no reason at all Whites gone completely mad…”

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      We have all witnessed with our own eyes the numerous election irregularities. Together they produced the fabricated majority.

      However, the greatest irregularity was presenting pre-[s] election Biden as a ” moderate “: with foreseeable accolades by Valley-girl AOC.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      I fear that the answer is “less than Derek Chauvin got.” I hope I’m dead wrong about this, however.

  9. Noel Pineiro
    Noel Pineiro says:

    There is a content maker on Bitchute that produces content under the name Asha Logos. This person produces wonderful content on the true history of the European. Find this person. Their work would be invaluable on instilling a lineage of European identity with young White people. They are hungry for it. We will Win.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Thanks for the link .

      The deep insight you give in “About” __

      ” No political website/blog is more profoundly racist than The European Family nor farther from racial bigotry.”

      is golden . Most USA Whites likely would not fathom that with regard to their typical highly conflated way of political thinking .

    • John
      John says:

      Thank you Kevin for the link.

      A note to all:
      This quote on page 35:
      “For one thing, we’d have to slaughter over one hundred million non-whites, or drive them back south of the Rio Grande in the most massive refugee wave ever seen, and that simply isn’t feasible with what we have or what we are likely to get.”
      Violence is not required, read “The Slow Cleanse aka Restoring White Homelands” by Greg Johnson.

  10. Nigel Fields
    Nigel Fields says:

    I found the citation of a commenter interesting in this article:

    “They need a vision, a sense of destiny. Our cause is far greater, deeper and more beautiful …”

    A subsaharian african in the USA in the movement for blacks in the 60s and on wrote somthing interesting regarding blacks, that they need to develop their own culture, or else there is nothing to fight for.

    At the present we do not have a WHITE culture. It is effectively crushed by race-mixed anti white thieves and their control over surveilance and a lot of “secret service”.

    Of course the goal is to replace all WHITE culture by stealing from WHITES mainly and thereby hasten the genocide of WHITES.

    It’s a multi fronts war so to speak, culture (music, art, movies, books), politics (ending democracy in the USA in the coalition of race-mixed, chinese commies and latino commies and subsaharians “counting” votes and so on), control over information (media control, controlling news and “narratives”) and anti white sentiments and affirmitive action in education, crimes against WHITES, policies such as massimmigration lies about race differences…

    I do find it interesting that the review of this book does not mention the central role a hooker that is slightly racist that is recruited by the police/fbi/cia due to her child being in their control and the like, then she turns in a lot of resistance members to the police working undercover. In the end she does a good thing also. She is hailed a hero in the new etno state, because they do not want to something. This is an absolute weird thing to me. She got people tortured and killed, true heroes, but still they do this. Very weird. Are we supposed to understand her and her situation. Is she a reference to a former porn prostitute Covington worked with and had in his podcasts / radi things? Or is she a reference to himself? I.e. was he a hostage to the fbi/cia in some way and did he try to break loose.

    And then probably killed.

    He died the same day he was going to meet Nazzaro of the Base. The Base BK is the name of a Brooklyn antifa bookstore by the way. Nazzaro had a private company focusing on infiltration, psyops, … Doing contracts for the state most probably. Did he do the dirty work the fed’s/cia could not do themselves due to regulations? Quite possible…

  11. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    01 I couldn’t suppress a smile when I read the initials of the Northwest Volunteer Army: NVA.

    02 Firstly I was reminded of that other NVA, the North Vietnam Army. Then the Nationale Volks Armee of the mercifully defunct DDR; the first Paradise for Peasants and Laborers on German soil.

    03 A 57 eye injury, on my draft card, kept me from contact with the Vietnamese, but I had countless contacts with the Volksarmee.

    04 They manned Checkpoint Charlie, between West- and East Berlin, from 61 to 89.

    05 Their guard detachments were exclusively drawn from NVA units located mostly in Saxony and Thuringia, with unmistakably local, back country dialects, sometimes to the point of incomprehension.

    06 They were rotated every six weeks in order to avoid any chance of forming a collegiality with any frequent crossers, like myself.

    07 Often, in the absence of their interpreter, they asked me to fill in for him, which earned me the unspoken privilege of crossing with luxury goods exceeding their quota, even those hermetically sealed, which were entirely forbidden.

    08 Throughout they were good guys when they knew you were not to be influenced, which indeed grew into a certain congeniality.

    09 When I read my 71 pp Stasi file in 91, I was horrorstruck when I realized, that they had an All Points Bulletin out on me, calling for my arrest, BEFORE I ENTERED AND EXITED THE LAST TIME.

    10 I often wonder whether their soldier who allowed me to exit, simply ignored the APB in force. He had previously and often made jokes which I perceived as being directed against his own regime. We both were Germans, of similar age and would ordinarily have played on the same soccer team.
    So much for State Security.

  12. Kevin Alfred Strom
    Kevin Alfred Strom says:

    Harold Covington worked ceaselessly and shamelessly to lie, slander, and destroy the lives of many good people. It was he who first planted the lying suggestions that ultimately were used by the System to devastate me, my family, and my children, and set back my work for our people for many years. He published forged letters over my signature (and others’, too) in an effort to destroy the life’s work of William Pierce. He published at least one (well-written and legitimate-sounding) false obituary and spread it across the ‘Net, causing who knows how much grief and anguish to the family and friends of the man involved. To slander Will Williams with the untrue accusation that he was “John Doe Number Two” and involved in the Oklahoma City bombing, he forged a wire service report (also “well-written” of course) and released it on the Internet. (Mr. Williams, now Chairman of the National Alliance, proved his case in court and won a substantial judgement against the forger.) Covington published fake “revelations” claiming that his targets, including William Pierce, were “FBI assets.” He falsely accused Ben Klassen (a totally innocent, selfless family man who dedicated his life to the welfare of our race) of a homosexual rape/murder spree. All these lies and fabrications he seeded into forums and email discussion groups and newsgroups under at least a dozen pseudonyms, some of which were the names of actual people he was impersonating, putting words into their mouths, using their reputations to destroy his targets. All these lies and fabrications were repeated literally hundreds of times, with different bylines, variations, and purported “sources.” Harold Covington had innumerable innocent victims.

    The truth about Harold Covington is more important than his novels. We already have books as good as his, and we will have many more. There are many novels — but there is only one truth, and there is only one correct response to a malicious liar and destroyer of innocent White lives, who specifically targeted pro-White achievers with his venomous skill. That correct response does not include the rehabilitation of his reputation.

    • Pierre Simon
      Pierre Simon says:

      Why would he write such novels defending our race and behaving like he did against Whites in real life? I don’t get it.

      • Kevin Alfred Strom
        Kevin Alfred Strom says:

        Good question. I do not claim to know the answer. I have heard that a recent FOIA request for the FBI’s files on the con man was denied, so make of that what you will.

        One theory is that there was some sort of mental quirk or psychopathology that made him so vicious, hostile, and amoral — whatever his political beliefs might have been. Extreme narcissism, for example, could make a man believe that anything was justified to eliminate competition to his “leadership,” since only he could save the race. Evidence for a psychological disorder would include his estrangement from his family and a general lack of any long-term working relationships — in great contrast to Dr. Pierce, for example. (Despite one of Dr. Pierce’s sons’ recent “literary” betrayal, I met that son — and, on other occasions, Dr. Pierce’s brother and their elderly mother — on The Land; and he had quite a few associates who worked closely with him for decades.)

        Another theory is that he was an agent, paid by our enemies to sow doubt, fear, uncertainty, and discord among dissident Whites. If so, he certainly earned his pay. To be effective, such an agent would need credibility, and to gain credibility he would have to do something that appeared valuable to the cause.

        Of course, the two theories are not mutually exclusive, and neither precludes the possibility that he sincerely believed he was helping our race — “playing” whatever agency was paying him, and “really” just “purging the movement” of “bad leaders” anyway (“bad” presumably meaning “not Harold Covington”). For a real-world example of the perversity and complexity of a troubled mind, consider that admitted FBI informant Hal Turner now claims, using some really impressive leaps of illogic, that he was sincere in his political views — even as he was sending information on his listeners and supporters to the regime in Washington.

  13. Brian USA
    Brian USA says:

    Elite Jewish extremist have successfully pushed massive immigration of non-Whites (for decades) along with demonizing Whites with the absurd Critical Race Theory, thus it’s easy to see how White Americans (obsessed with Internet porn, Facebook and YouTube) don’t realize Elite Jewish extremists are getting close to extremely marginalizing them.

    If more Whites discover Jewish terrorists from Israel and the USA did the evil false flag 911 event will they open their minds to the notion elite Jewish extremists are deceptively marginalizing them? Maybe.

    Interestingly, Chinese Americans and other Asian Americans tired of dealing with discrimination against them in admissions in higher education and increasingly in the workforce due to perceived as “White adjacent” may actually help Whites during their battle to stop discrimination against Asians (although they probably won’t mention Jewish power).

    Several White School administrators and teachers fighting against Critical Race Theory in their school districts thanked me for sending them an insightful prospective on Critical Race Theory from a non-White organization, the Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater New York (CACAGNY). The media can’t dismiss them as White supremacists.

    A vital text:

    Title: CACAGNY Denounces Critical Race Theory as Hateful Fraud

    From the article: From its very roots, CRT is racist, repressive, discriminatory, and divisive.

  14. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    While I haven’t read the Covington books discussed in this excellent article, I did read his book ‘The March Up Country’, years ago, and was indeed impressed.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      I’m curious: can you recall whether Covington’s book owes more to Xenophon’s Anabasis than just its title?

  15. A Lecomber
    A Lecomber says:

    Super article by Edmund Connelly, Ph. D. Like him, I’ve also read HAC’s quintet several times. Although I’ve always kept the original hardcopies to hand. Speaking of which, both the Brigade and Freedom’s Sons are so heavy that over a couple of hours reading, you can really feel it. I also agree that when reading, the time flies by – they’re all of them a good read.
    I do not agree, however, that anything serious will be done by publicising them. The reason being that this is no longer 1960. People barely read anymore. It has to be visual. HAC realised this and was on the look out for someone to illustrate comics. Now those would work. I remember Tom Metzgers’ WAR paper had a cartoon strip in it. It was very effective. If someone could be found to illustrate The Brigade, that would be something of note – but only if there was a way of mass distribution. Probably electronic.
    Can’t say I know of the crimes committed by HAC against Kevin A Strom, but the thing about HAC is that he would point a finger. KAS doesn’t mention several people who were pointed at and HAC was right on the money. It may be that he made the mistake of listening to bad news from poor character judges and what little ‘evidence’ there was seemed to substantiate it. One thing that is nearly always present is that when someone gets accused of anything, no one approaches them for their side of the story.
    In any case, as Connelly said, HAC is dead and HAC needs to be judged on what he has left us with that is positive – and that is the best WN fictional literature in existence. It’s not true, as KAS has said, that there is better out there. Not so.
    HAC gave believable characters, a realistic backdrop, certain ‘how to’ elements, a good philosophical base and realistic WN political points. My only criticism is that sometimes the character monologues went on a bit.


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