Dissolving Identity to Destroy the West: The Leftist War on Identity, Nationality and Biology

Emma Raducanu, the female winner of the 2021 US Tennis Open, is half-Romanian and half-Chinese. She was born in Canada and raised in London. She’s definitely a fine athlete, a skilful tennis-player, and an attractive and charming young woman. But here’s something she definitely isn’t: British. And it’s precisely because she isn’t British that lots of other people who aren’t British either have been eager to pretend that she is British and to celebrate her victory.

A strongly ethnocentric Jew

By celebrating Raducanu, they were really celebrating themselves. After all, narcissism is an essential part of leftism. Sathnam Sanghera, an Indian journalist at the London Times, peddled an obvious falsehood: “Half Romanian, half Chinese. Born in Canada, brought up in the UK. Immigration enriches us, and always has ….” Tell that to the White working-class girls of Rotherham and many other places. But who cares about them? Certainly not Sathnam Sanghera. Another Indian, the actor Adil Ray, tweeted: “Emma Raducanu the immigrant from a Romanian, Chinese, Canadian family grand slams the haters. This is the Britain we love.” No, it’s the Britain you love to destroy. And the Jewish comedian David Schneider showed off his comic skill with: “Bloody immigrants! Coming over here, making it from qualifying to win the US Open without dropping a set.”

The anti-White and anti-British Jewish comedian David Schneider

Like Sanghera and Ray, Schneider is not interested in Raducanu as an individual or as a fine sportswoman. No, he sees her merely as a tool for the dilution — and ultimate destruction — of Britishness. He’s a perfect example of the central Jewish role in the war on White identity. Jews hate and feel envy for Whites, Christianity and Western civilization. They feel unsafe in strong White nations with clear identities, because they stand out. That’s why they invented lying propaganda like “nation of immigrants” and “Diversity is Our Strength.” David Schneider seeks to deny ethnic and national identity to Whites while himself being a strongly ethnocentric Jew. According to the Jewish Chronicle, he “studied for a PhD in Yiddish drama at Oxford” and “even performed a Yiddish comedy routine for Jewish Book Week.” He’s written a play about the Moscow State Yiddish Theatre and how its performers fell victim to Stalin’s “absolutely random and brutal” purges. Many millions of people suffered and died under Stalin, but Schneider is concerned about the small minority of them who were Jews.

Which is fine. He’s Jewish and naturally enough he puts Jews first. I don’t object to that. But I do object to strongly ethnocentric Jews like Schneider having any power or influence in White nations. He should be in Israel, not Britain. He isn’t British and his hostility towards White British goyim was apparent long before his unfunny comments on Emma Raducanu’s victory. Like Nick Cohen, another ugly and anti-White non-British Jew, he has never stopped condemning and campaigning against Brexit. He doesn’t want Britain to be independent and in control of its own destiny.

Brexit didn’t go far enough

And in fact I half-agree with him. I don’t want Britain to be like that either. But that doesn’t mean I want Britain back in the European Union. No, for me Brexit didn’t go far enough. I want Scexit and Wexit too. That is, I want Scotland and Wales to become independent nations, free of both European and English domination. But I want an independent Scotland and Wales only if leftist nation-wreckers like the Scottish National Party (SNP) and Plaid Cymru aren’t in charge. They pretend to be nationalist parties, but they would, in typical leftist fashion, destroy what they claim to care about most. The SNP and Plaid Cymru would open the borders of Scotland and Wales to the Third World, flooding the true White Scottish and Welsh with hostile and violent outsiders.

But I can heartily agree with one of their central arguments for independence: that Britishness isn’t a genuine identity and the United Kingdom isn’t a genuine nation. No, it’s an unnatural and unhealthy union of nations. Scotland, Wales and Ireland were “united” with England by conquest and force. And if Scotland and Wales became independent, I think relations between the Scots, Welsh and English would improve. It’s partly because the United Kingdom is indeed an “artificial construct” that leftists have been able to argue successfully for the Britishness of outsiders like Emma Raducanu.

Lying propaganda from Germany: Blacks and other non-Germans are described as “typical Germans”

But she isn’t British in any true sense, as her own Twitter biography openly attests: “london|toronto|shenyang|bucharest.” London is merely where she happened to end up with her Romanian father and Chinese mother after she was born in Toronto. If she’d stayed in Canada and won the US Open, Canadian leftists would undoubtedly have been celebrating her as wholly and authentically Canadian. But Canada is like Britain: it’s another unnatural union, another artificial construct. And so leftists there find it easy to dilute national identity as they move towards their ultimate aim of abolishing White nations. To counter that leftist subversion, I would like Francophone Quebec to become independent of the Anglophone provinces. But that isn’t going to happen soon. Scottish and Welsh independence aren’t going to happen soon either. After all, Britain has a Conservative government and the Conservative party is firmly opposed to what it calls the “break-up” of the Union.

Tory party? No, Torah party!

But “Conservative party” is an Orwellian name, proclaiming one thing while really standing for its opposite. Just as the modern Labour party hates the working-class, the modern Conservative party hates deep-rooted tradition and loves nation-wrecking globalism. That isn’t surprising, because it’s a thoroughly kosher party, funded and controlled by Jews to serve Jewish interests rather than those of British Whites. The former Conservative prime minister David Cameron once joked that “There are so many Jews at the top of Britain’s Conservative party, that it should be known as the Torah party rather than the Tory party.” He also said that “My values are Jewish values.” Cameron is part-Jewish. So is Boris Johnson, the current Tory prime minister. He’s also part-Turkish. Meanwhile, the other three most important posts in government are held by the Indian Hindu Rishi Sunak, who is Chancellor, the Indian Hindu Priti Patel, who is Home Secretary, and the Jew Dominic Raab, who is Foreign Secretary (or he was when I began writing this article).

None of those four is British and only Johnson has any genuine White ancestry. None of them should have power and influence in a White nation, but that’s precisely why they’re at the top of government. They were put there by Jews to serve Jewish interests, because Jews and their money control the Tory party. Here’s a very interesting fact. Since the year 2000, at least six very rich Jews have served as Treasurer of the Conservative Party: Ehud Sheleg (the current Treasurer), Sir Mick Davis (the previous one), Stanley Fink, Sir Stanley Kalms, Richard Harrington and Howard Leigh. I find that a very interesting fact. You probably do too. But the mainstream media in Britain don’t seem to find it interesting. After all, any mainstream journalist who dared mention it — let alone draw any conclusions from it — would first be deafened by shrieks of outrage, then driven into obscurity and poverty.

Typical English Rosenfeld

In other words, Jews enjoy what I’ve previously called “Booty Without Scrutiny.” They obviously control the not-at-all Conservative government, just as they controlled the previous Labour government. But nobody is allowed to say so or ask whether Jewish control is a good thing. The only acceptable response to Jews in modern Britain is the goy grovel. And all Tory goyim know this: Michael Farmer, who was Tory Treasurer from 2011 to 2015, became “Christian deputy chair of The Council for Christians and Jews in 2016.” In other words, he grovels before Jews (and may be part-Jewish or crypto-Jewish, like many apparent goyim in public life). But Jewish control of the Conservative party extends far beyond the post of Treasurer. A disproportionate number of Tory chairmen have been Jewish, like Andrew Feldman and Grant Shapps. And when the race-realist Dominic Cummings was forced out of BoJo’s government, he was replaced as Chief of Staff by a Jew called Dan Rosenfeld. The leftist New Statesman has called Rosenfeld the “anti-Cummings,” because where Cummings despised and tried to reform the incompetent and heavily leftist Civil Service, Rosenfeld was once part of it, working for both Labour and Conservative ministers. He will never seek to end either the incompetence of the Civil Service or its leftism.

Dan Rosenfeld, Jewish swamp-creature

Rosenfeld is, in fact, what Americans would call a “swamp-creature,” thoroughly at home in the anti-White, anti-Christian and anti-Western swamp of the Deep State, which combines government bureaucracy, the intelligence services, and globalist banking and capitalism. The swamp  bubbles, squelches and stinks on both sides of the Atlantic. After leaving the Civil Service, Rosenfeld spent five years at the Bank of America, then worked as “global head of corporate clients” for a little-known organization called Hakluyt, a “private intelligence agency founded by former MI6 officers.” MI6 is the overseas arm of Britain’s intelligence services and, like the CIA in America, is best described as a government-run crime-syndicate. After working with bankers and spooks, Jewish Dan Rosenfeld became Chief of Staff for Boris Johnson, just as Jewish Ron Klain became Chief of Staff for Joe Biden.

Feminists ignore a horrific femicide

Rosenfeld is no more British than Ron Klain is American. He has always been a strongly ethnocentric Jew, proudly stating that Judaism is “central to his life.” In his youth he belonged to RSY-Netzer, a Jewish youth movement, and he recently served as chair of World Jewish Relief, a charity that works hard to transfer money from goyim to Jews. Now that he’s BoJo’s Chief of Staff, will Rosenfeld work impartially and honestly to serve all the people of Britain? Unlike David Schneider’s comedy, that question should definitely raise a laugh. Rosenfeld will work to serve Jewish interests, which entails that he will work against White and Christian interests.

But there’s an interesting media connection in Rosenfeld’s life. His Jewish wife Jessica is the daughter of Alex Brummer, a senior journalist at the Daily Mail. That newspaper is far from being White nationalist, but it’s one of the dwindling number of mainstream sources that declines to censor or ignore inconvenient facts in the way leftists want them to be censored or ignored. For example, there’s recently been a disturbing news story in Britain about a “controlling and jealous” husband, one Damien Simmons, who murdered his estranged wife, Denise Keane-Simmons, by dousing her with gasoline and setting her on fire. Before that, he’d stalked her and subjected her to revenge porn. You’d expect Britain’s feminists to be all over this horrific murder and the “toxic masculinity” that inspired it, particularly because Denise Keane-Simmons was Black and an immigrant from Trinidad and Tobago. That should make her particularly worthy of solidarity and mourning from the Sisterhood.

A remarkable immigrant whom leftists aren’t interested in: the brutal and sadistic wife-incinerator Damien Simmons and his victim

But it didn’t. Alas, Damien Simmons is also Black and from Trinidad and Tobago, so his toxic masculinity has not been “interrogated” by the fierce and fearless feminists at the Guardian. But the Daily Mail covered the story in detail. The Guardian doesn’t seem to have mentioned it at all. And on the same day that the Mail celebrated Emma Raducanu’s remarkable achievement in the US Open, it covered another remarkable story of immigrant achievement that will never appear in the Guardian or be hailed by narcissistic leftists on Twitter. On September 12, 2021, the Mail serialized part of a book by Colin Sutton, the senior policeman who caught perhaps the most prolific rapist in British history.

Another remarkable immigrant

But the rapist wasn’t remarkable only for the extent of his crimes: he was remarkable also for the age of his victims. The Black Jamaican Delroy Easton Grant was a gerontophile who sexually assaulted “hundreds of elderly [White] victims in their own homes over two decades.” Many of those Whites — Grant attacked both women and men — will have died prematurely from their physical and psychological injuries. All of them paid a horrible and unnecessary price for the non-White immigration so beloved of the left and the hostile elite.

Another remarkable immigrant whom leftists aren’t interested in: the mass gerontophile rapist Delroy Easton Grant

Unlike St Stephen Lawrence, the victim of an extremely rare White-on-Black murder, the prolific gerontophile rapist Delroy Easton Grant is almost unknown among the British public. The Guardian and other leftist outlets would be happy for him to be completely unknown. After all, his horrific crimes destroy the leftist lie about how “immigration enriches us, and always has done.” So does the horrific murder committed by the wife-incinerator Damien Simmons, because Blacks and other non-Whites commit crimes of violence at much higher rates than Whites. That’s why leftists do their best to turn non-Whites like Grant and Simmons into meteor-malefactors, who flash through the headlines and then disappear forever from public consciousness.

First dissolve nationality, then biology

In other words, what begins as a leftist lie about “enrichment by immigration” ends in horrific suffering for women, whose welfare the left claim to care about passionately. The leftist lie states that immigrants can be “just as British” as Whites whose ancestry on these islands stretches back millennia. No, they can’t. The Romanian-Chinese Emma Raducanu isn’t British and nor are the Jew Dan Rosenfeld and the Black Delroy Easton Grant.

Leftist lies about nationality lead directly and inevitably to leftist lies about biological sex. But no, sexually perverted men like the Israeli Jew Jonathan Yaniv are not women and are not lesbians. Borders between races, religions and sexes are good things. They protect the weak and prevent the strong being weakened. That’s why leftists want to destroy those borders. Leftists don’t serve the Good, the Beautiful and the True: they serve the Evil, the Ugly and the Lie. They want chaos and crime in Western nations, because they want to rule the ruins.

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  1. Jimmy Williams
    Jimmy Williams says:

    Just three points:
    1. All European nations in their heartlands or overseas form a collective of similar race and shared civilization facing more than one danger or threat, and must unite in friendly and well-informed self-defense.
    2. The “Daily Mail” is still the target of parrot “liberals” who never actually read it, but it has long been anti-royal especially against Prince Charles; has covered non-white rape stories but led the (albeit then justifiable) campaign for Stephen Lawrence; is conspicuously anti-“racist”, anti-“fascist” and pro-Israel; is very gradually becoming woke, notably with homosexual blind-date full-pages similar to those in “The Guardian”; even Richard Littlejohn paid a tribute recently to the UK’s successful (!) multicultural society (formerly “handcart to hell”).
    3. Per contra, Alex Brummer is a somewhat different kettle of gefilte fish; he has repeatedly campaigned for British control of British assets, and against private-equity and foreign take-overs; and his “Abraham Initiative” has not gone down too well with winner-take-all Zionists.

    • Jaime Jonas
      Jaime Jonas says:

      Accprding to jews the problem is Racism which root is WHITENESS and logically the only way to end racism is to end whiteness..well the only way to do that is to exterminate WHITEs. Thats CRT, White Genocide studies. Now it no longer a secret ADL/Rosembaum/ACLU/ etc. support and promote a great anti White/Chrsitian Civil Wars, that will end America as one nation. And they are ON the (open) record…

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        The planned Jewish genocide of whites won’t be the end of the matter, because these guys don’t have any limits, their cruelty and hatred is literally a never ending abyss. Even if every last white on earth is killed, it will just carry on, actually it will ramp up even until every last trace of anything any white has ever done is annihilated. Still they won’t be done. The extinct white race will become a phantom to be evoked endlessly as the definition of all evil, much like the poor Amulecks are still being slandered mercilessly 2000 years after their demise. It will only calm down a bit once some new enemy who hates innocent, angelic Jews for no reason become a problem to them.
        This isn’t a prediction, I don’t think it will get that far, but the point stands that there is no objective end point to Jewish hatred and will to destroy. You can prove this in any field they’ve took over, say movies: First it was the Hays Code they got rid of, as films got more violent and sexualised during the 1970, 1980s. By the late 90’s films like American Pie were grossly pornographic, in the mid 00’s torture porn in films like Hostel were mainstream. They’d pushed it basically as far as it could go(excluding that beastiality film that won an Oscar a few years ago), so now we get things Jewish porn fantasies, like Tarantino’s Hateful 8 where Southern Generals are humiliated by black men, as we see their sons raped & tortured by Samual L Jackson. I don’t watch much Holywood, so presumably others could add greatly to this list. Is this the end? No. There is no end. It will just keep getting more and more depraved. Now it’s open hatred of whites, the delight in milling them for sport, bizarro-tranny indoctrination of kids, and God only knows what else.
        Another institution? Money. Through the 20th century any great financial scam/theft was 9x out of 10 Jewish. The Fed at the start of the century set the tone for this, now this multi-trillion upwards transfer of wealth from the middle class to the oligarchs is the beginning of the 21st century. Process is the same, it doesn’t get better, it don’t even stay the same, it just gets worse and worse.
        How about politics? American politics has always been corrupt, but just in the way all elites are corrupt in any system. But a system instituted by Christians and run by Christians will at least provide a check on this, as a check was put on the robber barrons of early 20th century USA, leading eventually to general all round prosperity and contentment by the 1950s. Jews take over the elite round about then, and everything has got progressively worse for the common man. And the longer Jews are in power the worse and poorer everyone gets. Where today you have homelessness(dispossession, a Jewish goal for all goyim) off the charts and worse in the USA than in any Third World nation on earth. That’s because the USA is the most Jewified nation on earth. The only population worse off than the American dispossesd is the Palestinians, for the exact same reasons.
        How about forien policy? Jews take over American foreign policy, and in just 20 years they unleash Hell and death on a near dozen nations and bankrupt and ruin American armed forces, as well as generate everlasting hatred all over the world.
        What about media? It’s always been lies, but at least it was in touch with reality, allowing the average man to be able to follow and believe what he’s been told. Jews take over all media? First Americans lose all trust in it, then they institude mass censorship. Again, this will just get worse and worse and worse. I could go on and on, we all know this.
        If anyone doubts any of this, can anyone highlight anything that Jews have took over and actually made it better? Or failing that, anything that Jews have taken over, and simply just kept it to the standards they received it with?
        Social media? Same. Art? Same. Architecture? Same. Music? Same. Publishing, education, fashion, history, philosophy, health & wellbeing? Same. Everything they touch, they destroy.
        I’d really like someone here, probably some crypto-Jew that hangs around here in an effort to moderate our views, to actually argue that Jews aren’t the spawn of Satan, just like Christ said they were. Just like Martin Luther said they were. Just like so many old saints said they were. Just like practically every known commentor from the ancient world basically said they were.
        How exactly do they then explain why the destroy everything they touch, while being utterly uncapable of actually building anything?

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          …” the point stands that there is no objective end point to Jewish hatred and will to destroy. ”

          Exactly . The Jews of concern have no intention of giving up their celebrations of apparent victory over Christians/Christianity nor giving up on the SOP follow-thru on it . Why should they give up on their cruelties and destructions when Catholic/Protestant Christians and Christianity are themselves both complicit in the soft genocide , against Whites ( especially nonsubmissive Christians ) , by miscegenism which is in turn implicated in low White birthrates ?

          Pious White Christians must realize that severe difficulties of overcoming anti-abrogation religious programming/conditioning will not absolve them of liabilities for that complicity in an impending virtual extinction of the White Christian race
          ( descendents of predominantly EuroMan/Aryan/European/Indo-European/Caucasian peoples ) .

          Eventually the wheels of karmic justice will most likely grind up any historic remains of Christianity .

          Time to consider a new religion such as that associated with

          {{{ The PRIME DIRECTIVE }}}

          for Humanity to thrive-n-survive beyond

          {{ The Solar TOTAL Extinction Event }}

          before it is too late .

        • TJ
          TJ says:

          Emicho- I will tell you. You’ve heard of rock band KISS? Led by one Chaim Witz [Gene Simmons]. . .it’s about genes. I saw Mr. Witz [means wise/witty in German] on a video. A car had its hood open- Mr. Witz pointed at the engine and ejaculated: “That’s for them” [meaning non-Jews- Whites]. Which means- mechanical stuff is by and for Whites, not by and for the Jewish. Which means, I presume, that Jews have low to very low visuospatial skill.

          What is in one’s brain is supposed to correspond to the objective world. Three dimensions in the outer world should be matched by inner world images. I submit that this requires normal to high visuospatial aptitude- the higher this talent, the higher the mental health.
          And vice versa. Jews have high verbal, but this in no way compensates for poor visualization. So Jewish brainpower is stuck in verbal. I think that mental health requires balance- IQ should be the lower score of visuospatial or verbal, not any sort of average. This is based on the idea that a chain is as strong as its weakest link. The most left wing people I know, and the most homosexual, have the least mechanical aptitude.

          But the Jew is not only too low in VS, but too high in verbal. I think that these folks cannot understand objective reality [“that’s for them”]. Subtract the VS score from the verbal score- a big number here is indicative of acute mental imbalance, if not lunacy. Such folks should never be allowed to vote.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            That Mr Witz story is just typical, you can’t really hate folk like that, to feel any strong emotions towards such people is just to engender humiliation in yourself.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            …”Jews have low to very low visuospatial skill.”

            Maybe so . However , Jews have much greater intellectual abilities than White Christians whose religion tends to be anti-intellectual .

            Both KISS band members Witz and Stanley are Jews . The other two members have strong jewish connections . Interesting observation about “genes”.

            Jews on average are much more geneticly astute ( an intellectual nonvisual attribute ) than the average White if for no other reason than Christianity is not as interested in genetics nor race as is Judaism .

  2. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    I find problematic and amusing that the NFL and other professional sport teams in the US, pretend to be associated with cities, such as Chicago, but none of the players grew up there. Why would Chicagoans identify themselves with the Chicago Bears? Yet, they do. Professional sports would be much more interesting if teams were organized around race, nationality or even religion. Imagine the fun of watching let’s say, the New York Hebrews compete against the Alabama Red Necks, or the Detroit Blacks vs. San Francisco Chinese. But, no. It’s all too politically incorrect. The owners of the teams (many of whom are of Jewish ancestry, coincidence?) are either too stubborn, too cowardly or unimaginative.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Jews and Chinese are the most networked people on the planet. They moved into professional sports like p*ss on a flat rock, because it offered a vector and avenue of control and influence over “Whites”, Negroes, and I. Bs. (Indigenous Browns). I remember Bill Gates’ Jewish buddy, Steve Ballmer, buying a sports team for way more than its worth.

      Many do not know that a Jewish wolf took over country music in Nashville. The greedy, stupid, “Judeo-Christian” imbeciles were seduced by the promises of expansion, increased revenue, and megalomania. What happened-as with R and R in the 1960s-is that the music split from its Scots Irish, English roots and became pap popular music, except sung with a twangy accent. IOWs, degraded to excremental nihilism.

      This is but another instance of “our people” catalyzing their own destruction and foundations by aiding and turbocharging The Tribe out of greed, ignorance, and woefully inadequate cognitive and spiritual values.

      If there is no change from within and inside Western Man, then he is doomed to half measures, delusion, and denial. Nothing significant will occur until the Inner World of WM is overhauled and replaced by a superior set of ideas, ideals and template for understanding. The “software” of WM today is equivalent to MS-DOS against The Tribes Unix scalable versatility. Also, the group with the central theme of Collective Consciousness always wins over the agnostic, and narcissistic individuals. Hence Muslim over Christians, the latter but a wheezing engine with a clogged air filter, worn out fuel injectors, and leaking valves.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” Also, the group with the central theme of Collective Consciousness always wins over the agnostic, and narcissistic individuals.”

        Really ? Your appraisal of Marxist collectivism betrays your screen name .

        ” Collective Consciousness ” at base is nothing more than [ herd mentality ] that is especially exemplified by the worldwide multitudes of Covid-19 adherents to the global medical oligarchy sponsored mandates for [ herd immunity ] and which is supported by net historical Christian submissiveness to their chosenhite jewmasterss .

        The only herd animal that has been empiricly documented to often , but not always , defeat its natural predator is African cape buffalo herds against single lions .

        Moreover , the majority of collectivist Jews of Israel are agnostic/atheistic , narcissistic and [ winners ] of the global hegemony tribe/collective . They rule the major part of the world because collectivism is glorified gangsterism at the core ; and because the White Christian majority appear to have been oblivious to crucial socio-political matters of worldly kingdoms and instead tend to default into heavenly kingdom religious fantasies ( at least up until recently ) .

        The South African hapless Christian Whites are sadly discovering that most of Christianity will not support their reasonable worldly expectations for hegemonic control of SA culture because most by far of Christianity does not acknowledge any significance to maintaining racial integrity .

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:

          M.T.>. “Collective Consciousness” is and internal, profound and central tenet of an individual’s psyche, being, and beyond mere Persona. Even “agnostic, atheistic” Jews have internalized and actualized the seminal content of the Torah, even without the extra-worldly stated affiliations and proclamations. In Unix software, e.g., the Apple OS Operating System, this is called the Kernel. Think of it as the Proton Nucleus that controls the electrons and perhaps profoundly influences other quantum particles.

          Muslims function as automatons, driven by strict instructions similar to the Torah: search and destroy, and lie and deceive The Other when necessary. The commonality is the cohesion, adherence, and constancy of the resultant effects, i.e., actions..

          And that is what the Christian West is lacking: The Kernel, the nucleic Protons that manage by >u>underlying centripetal force contra centrifugal forces. Hence, my didactic and exhortative advocacy of Buddhism and its ever increasing vitality and numbers.

          Marxism is a neuro and spiritual toxin which has a singular purpose to deceive and foster concentration of power and resources to the few, aka “The Vanguard”. We all know who that was designated to be.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            Your brief comment above involves psychoanalysis , theology , computer language , physics , religion , and ideology — a formidable smorgasbord for thought . I especially like your political observation __

            ” Marxism is a […] toxin which has a singular purpose to deceive and foster concentration of power and resources to the few, aka “The Vanguard”. We all know who that was designated to be.”

            Apparently , the vast majority of USA Whites ( the largest ethnic group ) are oblivious of the veracity of your very relevant and erudite observation .

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:

          our conception of Collective Consciousness is different than mine. The Individual, via Individuation, is an integral and causative agent. But he is connected-as atoms are to structured molecules-to a wider interstitial and interwoven social fabric. I have written voluminously on this over the past couple of months here on TOO.

          Your confusion seems to stem from Western Thinking of exclusion, discrete categories, digital limitations, and Aristotelian pitfalls.

          I urge you to immediately embark on an immersion of the works and ideas of Carl Gustav Jung. You will find that “contradictions” which the Western Tradition posits and relies on are no only limited but invalid. In short, the Psychic World (beyond the senses) and the Mental World (the one in which we live) are the same.

          The enormous waste of time and the misdirection of fatuous Western Philosophers on The Question of Dualism is a slippery clutch; no useful work or progress, just travels and travails in circles.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            ” Your confusion seems to stem from Western Thinking of exclusion, discrete categories, digital limitations, and Aristotelian pitfalls.”

            I am not going to deny that since half of your comments usually leave me in a state of abundant confusion . However , please note that you have not established that your concept of “collective consciousness” is the correct one ( presuming there is a correct definition for everyone and not just one for psychoanalysts ) .

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      The soccer World Cup provided this clash between the differing races, and you are right, it was fascinating to watch. Well it used to be, most teams have been basterdised by now, the only team at the least European Cup that was purely home grown was the Italians, who actually won the thing. Though I’m sure it was just a coincidence.

      • George Kocan
        George Kocan says:

        The closest thing to home-grown teams is the typical high-school sports team. Such teams are not allowed to have players from other schools. See the film, “Hoosiers,” with Gene Hackman.

  3. William
    William says:

    This neo-communistic, nation destroying globalism – orchestrated by “god’s chosen people” – is so obvious in its intent that it should not be allowed to exist in any country that values its traditions and identity. How does it get away with its intents and be able to dominate?

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      You can answer your own question by looking back and reading archived, past articles here, and the comments therefrom.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Superb observation .

        These comment sections of T.O.O. reflect the overall condition of the USA White population — conflicted and fragmented . There is no actionable consensus among commenters nor among Whites in aggregate . For just one example out of many , some are proponents of a move to initiate a WN ethnostate starting with Idaho while others are more interested in another attempt for a Southern secession and so on .

        There is still a raging controversy over whether
        [ The Protocols of the ILLuminati } is fraudulent or not . Here is an example of just one out of many controverted century-old Protocols taken verbatim from the link below it __

        “” PROTOCOL No. 5

        COALITION OF THE “GOYIM” OF ALL THE WORLD: but from this danger we are
        secured by the discord existing among them whose roots are so deeply seated that they can never now be plucked up. We have set one against another the personal and national reckonings of the GOYIM, religious and race hatreds, which we have fostered into a huge growth in the course of the past twenty centuries. This is the reason why there is not one State which would anywhere receive support if it were to raise its arm, for every one of them must bear in mind that any agreement against us would be unprofitable to itself. We are too strong – there is no evading our power. THE NATIONS CANNOT COME TO EVEN AN INCONSIDERABLE PRIVATE AGREEMENT WITHOUT OUR SECRETLY HAVING A HAND IN IT.””

        Full text of “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “How does it get away with its intents and be able to dominate?”

      Good question.

      This book provides an answer.


      It’s one of the most important books I’ve ever come across regarding the JQ, if not the most important. And to think it was first published in 1956.

      In any event, it’s hard to walk away from that book not convinced that Reed was one of the greatest journalists, if not the greatest, in the history of that profession. He’s certainly one of its most courageous. But, above all, he can write. It’s just a great book.

      • Jimmy Williams
        Jimmy Williams says:

        Douglas Reed was an interesting writer but a complex character. To get a rounded view, put “Douglas Reed against Hitler” in your Bing & Google search engines, and read the entries.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      “How does it get away with its intents and be able to dominate?”
      That’s a good question, and if we reckon we have a rough idea of the answer, we should be able to sum it up in a paragraph or two. Although signposting what to read is also helpful.
      For me, Jews are like harmful bacteria humans carry about them, they are always with us, it’s only when we become decadent and weak that they appear to be on the verge of destroying us. Yes, they accentuate, even initiate everything that weakens and destroys us, but only in the sense that a disease a young, fit man can brush off, can & will easily kill an old, decayed feeble person.
      A semi-illiterate peasant like me can look at them and their effects and say, man, they are like the minions of Satan. And a learned scholar who’s studied the subject for 60 odd years, studying their basic texts, can basically come to the same conclusion.
      The bright side is they can’t build, only destroy. So they aren’t going to run the world for centuries running all other human beings into misey, as everything they touch turns to ashes.
      Just like in Revelation it mentions the Devils time, when He comes, will be short, so Jews are always in a hurry, a hurry before they are found out, a hurry before whatever they’ve hijacked crumbles beneath them.

  4. Erich Y.
    Erich Y. says:

    Dude like this article would have been better if you wrote “most jews” or a majority of jews instead of clumping together all jews by writeing “jews don’t want…”.

    It’s just not true and also unfair to jews who do not share these views.

    Personally I think the mixture with africans and arabs are mein factors behind why many jews or even a majority act the way they do and why we see the policies they agree in within their often global organizations as such indeed.

  5. Chet Nixon
    Chet Nixon says:

    My younger sister has spent nearly half her life in Germany; she arrived as an illegal immigrant, just got on an airplane, and showed up to Europe without so much as a US passport (which is something only a pretty, young white girl could get away with back then), and then backpacked across the continent until she ran out of money in Germany, a place she had no interest in going to, even though we’re part-German; one of our great grandmothers came from Saxony, raised two American sons, went back to help her family and avoid being a burden on them during the Great Depression, and was immolated in the ruthless firebombing of Dresden, her home town. That entire branch of our family disappeared, and nobody knew about the Allies’ terror bombings for years thereafter, so they just vanished.

    When my sister arrived in Germany, she didn’t speak a word of Deutsch, and had no real interest in learning, arrogantly believing that “everyone speaks English anyways.” She soon learned that that wasn’t true, and people would be cold to you (and wouldn’t give you a job) if you didn’t at least make the effort to adapt. After a couple years, she was fully fluent, and loved it there so much she decided to stay. Berlin was an international city; her best friend was an Australian; she was once married to an Armenian who had German citizenship; she worked in a bookstore owned by a tranny; one big, happy, multi-culti-family that my German ancestors would have no doubt found horrifying.

    Now, after more than a decade, she’s noticing that the neighborhoods that she used to live in when she arrived are full of people who do not speak German, and horror of horrors, they don’t even speak English! Furthermore they’re openly hostile to Whites, hurling insults and invectives at her in strange and foreign tongues, occasionally throwing things at people like her, chasing them from the area, mugging them, randomly attacking people, including sexual assaults. These no-go zones are nothing new, and were easily avoided, but now she cannot travel in the areas OUTSIDE of the no-go zones, because everywhere you go that isn’t controlled by hostile Muslims and North Africans is controlled by Jews who require you to show your “Vaccine” Status, wear a mask, social distance, and remain under house arrest. The apartments there are VERY small, more like the cabin on a ship than a studio apartment. Now she wants to move back to America.

    “Don’t come back if you haven’t learned your lesson” I told her. “I have; you were right about alot of this. I’m coming back, and I want you to teach me how to use guns!” Wonders never cease. With Europe and America, there’s more termites than there is house; the outline of what was once a structure is the shell that remains from decades worth of lead-based paint. But if even a degenerate like her can learn, maybe there’s hope.

  6. Bobjeanjesus
    Bobjeanjesus says:

    Facinating. I’ve actually participated in a sex change therapy…so I know all about it .Most people are not transgender…i maybe see a few here and there…it’s usually a phase…I did it for seven years. Just throwing that out there as people see the propaganda everywhere disproportionately to reality 🤠 could be the same with multiculturalism…it’s heavily broadcast but most people stick with their own kind .

  7. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    Excellent.Looks like the Jews are taking over Britain as with the USA these days.The US Government is now Jewish controlled.Trump recently commented on his son in law’s allegiance to Israel vs the US.

  8. Tom
    Tom says:

    Sure, when migrants do not identify with the discrete attributes of a particular nation, yet still desperately wish to live there for reasons of safety, comfort, and convenience – relative to the dystopias they originate from – it’s quite natural for them to want to remake their adopted nations in their own image. And the image of course is a generalized alienation from anything, or any things, specific to the nation as it once existed unadulterated and uniform. While this is not a good situation for previously self-identifying nations, and in fact quite saddening, it is quite understandable for migrants, given the tipping point of substantial numbers, to desire this. The belief is: if we migrants can’t identify with your nations, we also wish to prohibit you nationals from doing the same. Hence, the current focus on fake silly things like global citizenship and abstract humanity.
    For me however, the most shocking and incomprehensible thing is that western nationals apparently and voluntarily have ceded control of their nations to outsiders. And they repeatedly continue to do so by voting in the same exact power structures that are responsible for their dispossession. Lunacy is a transmittable disease, I guess.

  9. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    Here is a link , by a decent Canadian Jew , to a thirty second video showing Australians protestors today kineticly pushing back violently against unfortunate Australian police lackeys ( for the international communist leftist wet-worker minions of “creative destructions” of the Western World ) whom are ultimately sponsored by the City of Satan within London England chosenhite jewmasterr banksters , British Royalty , various Secret Societies , intel agencies such as the USA CIA , British MI6 , Israeli Mossad ; and The RCC Vatican Occult Jesuits __


  10. bruno
    bruno says:

    Wow, what an article. Around 1974 I was at a scholarly conference pertaining to ethnicity. I think it was in Kraków. Anyways, what I remember is sitting in a café with the fellow from Scotland and way back then he was angry and talking about Scottish nationalism and the Scots having a right to their own country just as the Poles did during the partitional era. He thought the British were fine people, but were being flooded by the third world. He was an extremely fascinating fellow and I took his address and name. Unfortunately, during all the running around, it was lost and I was too occupied with other things.

    The article was heartbreaking. I sincerely believe that we of EuroMan’s family are facing a tragedy. You can see it not only in once-GB and Amdom, but W. Germany, the Benelux countries and, of course, France. The author has a fine grasp of things and he hit the nail on the head by referring to everyone having a right to their own family (nationality).

    Unfortunately, we are living in the age of monopoly control and gangster Deep State departments. Thus, thoughts are not allowed. Just recently I heard an excellent theory by retired Prof. Jan Ciechanowicz. Jan was a dean at a university in Vilnius, Lithuania. He is the author of dozens of books and a retired journalist and world traveler. In his YouTube discussion he inferred that it was no accident that $93 billion in weaponry was left behind in Afghanistan, that no one is that stupid and (2) that Afghanistan is filling up with the Chinese. I translated a bit of his YouTube conversation and tried to forward it to about 200. Immediately it was blocked. The fact is, like our fine author indicated about M13, criminalistic giants and monopoly networking can decide what thoughts are wrong. Wow, what an article. Around 1974 I was at a scholarly conference pertaining to ethnicity. I think it was in Kraków. Anyways, what I remember is sitting in a café with the fellow from Scotland and way back then he was angry and talking about Scottish nationalism and the Scots having a right to their own country just as the Poles did during the partitional era. He thought the British were fine people, but were being flooded by the third world. He was an extremely fascinating fellow and I took his address and name. Unfortunately, during all the running around, it was lost and I was too occupied with other things. Mr. Langdon’s touching the topic hit a soft spot in my heart.

    The article was also heartbreaking. I sincerely believe that we of EuroMan’s family are facing a tragedy. You can see it not only in once-GB and Amdom, but W. Germany, the Benelux countries and, of course, France. The author has a fine grasp of things and he hit the nail on the head by referring to everyone having a right to their own family (nationality).

    Unfortunately, we are living in the age of monopoly control and gangster Deep State departments. Thus, “wrong” thoughts are not allowed. Just recently I heard an excellent theory by retired Prof. Jan Ciechanowicz. Jan was a dean at a university in Vilnius, Lithuania. He is the author of dozens of books and a retired journalist and world traveler. In his YouTube discussion he inferred that it was no accident that $93 billion in weaponry was left behind in Afghanistan, that no one is that stupid and (2) that Afghanistan is filling up with the Chinese. I translated a bit of his YouTube conversation and tried to forward it to about 200. Immediately it was blocked. The fact is, like our fine author indicated about M16, criminalistic giants and monopoly networking can decide what thoughts are wrong. Sto lat to Mr. Landon (May he live a 100 yrs.)

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Someone said America left more $ worth of weapons in Afghanistan than they’ve given to Israel since 1945, but this can’t be true. They won’t be able to work most of them so presumably the Russians or Chinese will just buy all those planes and helicopters cheep.
      It does remind me of the last time a massive hoard of weapons was left rather unsecured, during the fall of the Soviet Union. They say those small arms got to all the ends of the earth, slaughtered millions and dislodged dozens of governments. I believe that. This has a similar feel to it.
      Its hard to think of a more irresponsible thing possible than to dump a ginormous arms cashe right bang in the middle of an unstable area, with ancient trade routs running all through it.
      The Devil Himself couldn’t come up with a more diabolical scheme.
      These kind of things just keep on happening, and we are always told whoops, it’s just a mistake, move along now, nothing to see here.
      As our rulers are such confirmed liars, I would be more tempted to believe this wasn’t a deliberate act of sadistic malice against normal people if they just came out and said, actually we meant to do this. The idea is to get guns into as many hands as possible and destabise the entire area. Basically make the place ungovernable in the hope that as little civilisation survives as possible.
      Only if ZOG came out and stated all this would I even consider that it was all just another operation FUBAR.

      HUGO FUERST says:

      Three words on Afghanistan from me – “hasbara” pre-eminent (!), according to M. Pierre de Connerie:
      1. Heroin.
      2. Lithium.
      3. Mass-migration.

  11. 9593
    9593 says:

    There was a time when travel was on foot, horseback, canoe, or small sailing vessels, that people lived mostly in a 20-mile radius within essentially tribal limits on breeding, intellectual isolation enforced by regionality of language and lack of printed word.
    We cannot expect to maintain isolation and uniqueness of “indigenous” populations today with such easy transportation, and communication. Any country is benefited by the immigration of smart people with an assimilationist attitude. The challenge is to enforce standards for admission, like any enterprise looking for productive people to employ.
    I am impressed by an excellent Irish dancing group composed of Chinese, in China, that I saw on television. Ethnic culture can be appreciated by others. How many Italian restaurants in Syracuse NY?

    ” There’s 20 italian restaurants listed in Syracuse, New York. This is 5% of total 405 restaurants listed in Syracuse. Use the category list on the right column to find businesses of other types listed in Syracuse.”

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      You do know that when you mention immigration, and your mind instantly wanders towards what sort of exotic food you can stuff your face with in some fancy restaurant, you are showing yourself to be the definition of a stereotypical elite buffoon?
      Maybe you think your pleasure at seeing Chinese girls perform Irish dance routines compensates for working class children bullied into sexual slavery, the destruction of schools, the rape, knife, gang, drugs or murder epidemics, that this immigration ‘enrichment’ brings us all?
      This “but I just want the good immigrants” is nowt but an embarrassing cope to mentally distance yourself from those willing to tell the truth about the horrific catastrophe of immigration, who you agree are your moral inferiors, because that’s easier mentally than going completely against fashionable opinion.
      Your point is dumb as well. For every ‘talented’ immigrant you lionise, all you are doing is preventing some native kid from reaching his potential, AND robbing the Third World of talent that it needs. This ability the F over both sides while posing as righteous, is a hallmark of leftist thinking, which just means Jewish thinking, which in itself is simply Satanic.
      I don’t know if you’ve posted here much, but if you are a Fed or a hasbara merchant trying to moderate the readers here you have no chance. If you aren’t, you must just be dumb.
      Probably you aren’t, you just havent thought this through.

  12. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    What ties the male Jews together- globally – is the teaching of the Talmud in Hebrew Schools at around 13 years of age.

  13. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    The jew’s love for diversity is completely cynical as well. Perhaps that’s even the worst part of this. None of this is borne out of any kind of genuine affection for these people, since jews, regardless of religious observance, do their best to live nowhere near the chaos their policies cause. No, this incessant desire for diversity is cynically rooted in creating cover, that’s all. Jews want a raucous. circus like atmosphere in every nation outside of Israel so they can hide behind the inane goings on and use them as a shield to perform the disappearing and reappearing acts they love to do so much.

  14. JeSuisAmalek
    JeSuisAmalek says:

    Non-Jewish Whites must learn to play dirty like the Jewish Whites. Enough with the radical individualism. Culture can change and genes will follow.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” Enough with the radical individualism.”

      Whites simply do not on average have adequate organizational intelligence to resist their jewmasterss and much less adequate intelligence to defeat them . Whites need to realize there is only one indispensable principle of individualism — the inalienable supremacy/sovereignty of the person with regard to any explicit or concealed ad hoc and not formerly agreed to demands , of an organizational leader/head/commander/official , for involuntary sacrifice of any kind . All other formally explicitly/implicitly agreed to sacrifices would not normally be fatal to individualism .

      In other words , involuntary/coerced/nonjudicial sacrifices of any kind are a violation of the inalienable right of personal supremacy/sovereignty to reject such a sacrifice that has nothing to do with a lawful penalty .

      In particular , the historicly and normally presumptuous right of a collective leader/head/commander/official to obtain involuntary sacrifices from members is illegitimate under individualism .

      Specificly , under individualism the state has no right to confiscate personal property without due process of law .

      For example , taxation is generally lawful whereas involuntary sacrificial demands “for the greater good” is generally a violation of an inalienable right to due process of law .

      Doubt it not , statists/collectivists/communists/marxists believe that individuals have no inalienable supreme/sovereign right to refuse any involuntary sacrifice demanded by a state/collective/commune/organization which they hold is supreme and above any individual right to a due process of law requirement . In other words , a leader/head/commander/official is granted , under collectivism , a priori supremacy/sovereignty over each and every member of the group/organization with regard to involuntary sacrifices of any kind and for any member .

      The only indispensable principle of individualism — the inalienable supreme/sovereign right of a person to refuse involuntary sacrifice ( “for the greater good” ) of their property or person without due process of law — is a moral principle . Therefore , any statist/collectivist/communist/marxist rejection of that principle is profoundly immoral .

  15. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Our folk have the facts on our side. We have science on our side. We have truth, morals and family values on our side. Most important of all, we have Nature on our side.

    One thing we do not have, never had, and never will have is an insatiable love of money and the power and debauchery it can buy. The enemy has that.

    No, I do not like being broke – nobody does. But I realize I can enjoy only one meal at a time. A long walk with my dogs is more attractive to me than a Caribbean cruise. A cabin in the woods is to be preferred to a penthouse in the big city.

    I am finally coming to the incontrovertible conclusion that we – as a people – need to reach out to that Higher Power that gives the wolf his howl and the bear his growl, Who makes the flowers bloom in Spring and leaves fall in Autumn. And we need to meet this Power on It’s terms, by extolling Natural Law, good morals, loving good and hating evil. And, prayer is needed.

    I think this whole thing is much, much more than just a struggle between races.

    • Bobby
      Bobby says:

      Well said Tim.

      Yes, it is ‘much more than just a struggle between races,’ as you say. It is a struggle between good and evil, between bowing before the creator and righteousness, that’s what ‘we’ do and it’s what our ancestors did. But it is not what the enemy does. The enemy dances with Satan and his rule is the opposite of God’s rules. His rule is 2+2=5, or whatever the Jews want it to be whenever they want it to be. Like Tobias said, Emma R., is a great gal in many ways but she is not ‘British,’ – 2+2=4. She is whatever the Jews want her to be so that they can use her however they want to use her whenever they want to use her.

      John 8:44

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” His rule is 2+2=5, or whatever the Jews want it to be whenever they want it to be.”

        Another superb observation .

        • HUGO FUERST
          HUGO FUERST says:

          @ Bobby & Mr money talks
          Jewish math?
          See Stana Remus, “Mathematics in Nazi Germany,” online; Abraham Fraenkel, “Recollections of a Jewish Mathematician in Germany” (1967); “Jews in Mathematics”, JFINO.ORG, 2021, online

          John 4.22

          Matthew 10.30, 13.8,23, 18.21-28
          Luke 12.52, 14.28
          Revelation 7.1-11, 9.16, 11-1-3, 13.18, 21.16-17

    • Anne C
      Anne C says:

      Moderator: Why was this comment posted? It slanders one of the finest writers on TOO and contributes absolutely nothing to the discussion. I suggest removal.

      [Mod. reply: I see your point, but I think it’s funny. Its intelligence, literacy and respect for the LGBTQ+ community suggest to me that it was written by a member of the Black community upset at what the article says about the Black community. But perhaps it was a white 12-year-old instead.]

  16. sea nettles
    sea nettles says:

    Excellent article. That said, I’d like to offer an edit to “half Chinese” “half Czech.” Nope – when you mix, you’re not 2% this and 5% that – she’s not half Chinese or half Czech. She is completely something else. And being something else, identifying with not very many others like her, she will inevitably become one who justifies that type of non-history, non-belonging, non-culture. If she needs a transplant, good luck. This is evidence in itself that she is something else. She is lovely, yes – but she is not half Czech – and she is not half Chinese. Her mother or father, and I assume it was the father, threw away his very rare, very minority today, genes. That girl, even if she married a Czech, will have kids dominated by their Han or whatever ethnicity those genes are from China. There are over 50 ethnicities in China, which has been overtaken by the Han. Over half the world is East Asian. That Czech didn’t care that his blood doesn’t belong to him. “Civilization is a pact between those who has passed, those alive today, and those yet to be born.”

  17. sea nettles
    sea nettles says:

    *I’d quickly add that if you are mixed Korean and Japanese, obviously you’re in harmony with yourself and people for the most part – although, culturally, that could be difficult – biologically, however, you’ll have kids like your ancestors. If your grandparents were from Denmark and Scotland and Germany – well, they’re all very, very closely related – so there are differences.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      I’m sure you know what you are talking about, but that was not made clear by your comments. I don’t disagree, because I don’t understand what you said. I grade your submission as “Incomplete”.

      Having lived over 70 years, raised in a military family, attended K-12 in schools in Japan, Hawaii, and other states, lived in different foreign countries, married a South America woman from a high placed family, and travelled through my life, I would like to add the following:

      What really matters for the Info-European continua of genetic preservation, expansion, and /b>identity is the genetic quality-intelligence, temperament, stability, and the correct <iWa. In fact, strive to marry above yourself. If your best choice is an Asian, an Eurasion, or a Western Hunter Gatherer Descendent, then breed with that. Having first seen “mixed” marriages since the 1950s on military bases between Service personnel and “warbrides”, I can testify that the results equal or very frequently exceed a Caucasian to Caucasian production of offspring. The progeny go on as BOTH NOT HALF AND HALF and they function as fully accepted Into-Europeans. I have personally observed this, from within my own family, to friends, to observations close and afar.

      One can argue that, if God reveals himself through the Natural World, then it must be noted that study after study reveals Caucasian men find the Asian females facial and body and persona features more attractive than Caucasian women.

      As for Caucasian women-of North America and Western YourRope, tough luck Honey; you made your bed, got a cognitive remake, allowed yourself to be warped, bent, and distorted into a grotesque, ugly and undesirable piece of protoplasm. You and the other “protected minorities’ are the the tip of the spear that pierced the Heart of The West. For lower IQ Indigenous one can begin to understand, but you, Western Woman, the more educated you became, from a higher IQ base, the more toxic and poisonous you became.

  18. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Emma Raducanu: I really don’t see (was) what’s particularly Canadian about her let alone ‘British. I still think of Canadians as French, Scots and English creating a modern Western society and the rest being indigenous people. How out of touch I am (in one sense)?
    Fellow tennis player Novak Djorkovic had the Serbian ethno-nationalist pride to reject the offer of a British passport deal -all because the Global British Elite are desperate for some iota of sporting pride.
    Because Raducanu is so weaponised for reasons Mr.Langdon points out; if the girl was so ‘great’, would she achieve anything like the success she has if she was raised in Romania or China? I think I know the answer to my own question.
    The meteoric news of black/Jamaican crime is worthy of ‘Sky at Night’ program with Sir Patrick Moore. One offender of Jamaican heritage was jailed for 14 years on Friday for 3x counts of male-on-male rape; 2x counts of robbery and a count of blackmail: Aaron Goodey, 23 ‘Man jailed for raping two men he met on a dating site’.
    Last month when a 64 Hassidic Jew was punched so deftly by a 2nd generation Pakistani there was an eerie silence from the ‘anti-racist’ commentariat. How strange!?

  19. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    We need to be wide awake to these pro-immigration scams. When the Jewish media promotes some hot little tennis player to glorify the wonders of open borders, it’s not aimed at the women & ggay/leftists, the usual suspects. In fact this pretty-as-a-picture honey is aimed squarely at exactly the type of people who read this site.
    It’s never mentioned, but when boatloads of fighting-age Arabs and blacks pile in on dinghies across the Channel, we have to remember that it’s not instictive to everyone that this is not a positive development. We have to imagine how we would feel if instead of hulking, bearded ‘children’ invading us, what if it was boat after boat of slender female Philipinnas or Latinas, aged like, 16-26?
    My bet is instead of faggots, Jews and cat ladies helping them out, manning the NGOs, it would be like the most popular job in the country. The locals would emptying out the pubs and piling on down to the beach to make sure all the little darlings were OK.
    There is without doubt a massive sexual ellement used to sell the invasion of our nations, they use sex to sell everything else, and its the same people selling it, so why wouldn’t they! My point is proved absolutely by the fact that this sexual aspect is never mentioned. As well as being treasonous, money-grubbing and shameless, they are all monstrous liars to a man.
    But if the public starts pointing out the obvious sexual aspect to their schemes, they will admit it, they will have to, just like they now admit they’ve been infusing sexuality into everything else they’ve got their grubby hands on, films, TV, art, advertising, media, sport, the news, etc, etc. . .
    Once this sexual aspect is pointed out, it will lose some(though not all) of it’s power over these moronic women, who support this scam with their votes.

  20. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    No doubt there are okay Jews depending upon one’s definition of good and bad, right and wrong. I’ve trusted and believed Sephardim were a better bet. Some of our experience simply suggests that one should consider the odds or better-yet no “make book” on it.

    http://www.renegadetribune.com/edgar-j-steele-never-trust-a-jew/ (audio)The late Edgar J. Steele was a politically-incorrect attorney who died in Federal custody at Victorville for allegedly having conspired to murder his wife. His terrorized wife claims otherwise and that he was targeted for his articulate anti-Semitism. He told me he’d been indoctrinated a Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) as a child by his mother. Ed and I met as a result of a challenge by a “conservative” or “‘historical ‘Seventh-day Adventist”, to explain to her what was meant by the term, the noun, Jew. That woman was a typically philo-Semitic SDA from keeping the Jewish Sabbath (Saturday) to extreme exclusiveness. An autographed copy of Steele’s magnum opus, Defensive Racism on my shelves convinces there was motive & opportunity to Epstein him, if more slowly. Download and pass it on: https://archive.org/details/DefensiveRacismByEdgarJSteele

    Nikola Tesla Quote: Never trust a Jew!” – Source/Notes: To a secretary, as quoted in Tesla: Man Out of Time (1998) by Margaret Cheney, ISBN 0743215362, p.165 (footnote)

    • Jimmy Williams
      Jimmy Williams says:

      Tesla was one of many pre-WW2 thinkers who also espoused radical eugenics (“Liberty,” February 9, 1935).
      As an “antisemite” he must be added, I suppose, to the extraordinarily long list of famous exponents of the puzzlingly “longest hatred” as industriously catalogued by David Nirenberg, Anthony Julius, Dan Cohn-Sherbok, Leon Poliakov, Nancy Harrowitz.. &c.
      Roald Dahl has lately been added to the collection, from Chaucer to Chesterton, via Shakespeare and Dickens, in the English “Hall of Infamy” – no doubt facing mention in the proposed HMG-subsidised new “Holocaust Museum and Education Centre” to be erected deliberately “right next to Parliament” in Westminster.

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