Weapon of Mass Psychosis: Leftist Power-Lust and the Rhetoric of Racism

If you’re interested in war, here’s a question for you. What’s the world’s most powerful weapon? You might come up with some good guesses, but I suspect you’ll miss the right answer. So here are some clues. The weapon can wreck entire nations, not just individual cities. But it’s not a mega-bomb or a death-ray. Millions of people live in daily fear of this weapon. But it’s not a nerve gas or a lab-enhanced pathogen. And despite its power, it’s simple enough to be used by children and very stupid adults. In fact, its use is vigorously encouraged among those groups. And using it doesn’t cost them a thing!

Silence, censor and paralyze

So what is the world’s most powerful weapon? It’s a word. And the word is ‘racism’. Wielded as a weapon by low-IQ non-Whites and the treacherous White left, it has already done huge physical, financial, and psychological damage to the West. It is used to silence, censor and paralyze, crushing the discussion of obvious racial facts and all attempts by ordinary Whites to defend their own interests. By attacking those Whites as “racist,” the left has been able to justify massive transfers in wealth and resources from Whites to non-Whites who are allegedly persecuted and oppressed, even as those non-Whites commit endless violent and acquisitive crimes against Whites. Charges of “racism” have been hurled with powerful effect against anyone who questions the wisdom of mass immigration from the crime-plagued, corruption-rife, disease-ridden and tribalistic Third World. And against all scientists who have tried to investigate and expose the truth about innate racial differences in intelligence, psychology and creative potential.

The word-weapon of “racism” in action during “mostly peaceful” BLM protests

Yes indeed, the word “racism” has been a hugely effective and powerful weapon against White Western societies. And yet it’s a remarkably flimsy weapon, susceptible to some easy and obvious counter-measures. But the mainstream right refuses to use those counter-measures. Everything the mainstream right does in response merely strengthens the left and confirms the validity of “racism.” As I explained in “Jewish Loot and Neglected Fruit,” I don’t think this is because the mainstream right is inept or incompetent. I think it’s because the mainstream right is an ally of the left. It exists to betray Whites and serve the anti-White Jews who fund its politicians and reward them for their treachery. When Republicans in America say that “Democrats are the real racists,” they don’t simply fail to harm Democrats, they strengthen Democrats by accepting “racism” as a valid and coherent concept. It’s as though one side in a war is supplying weapons to the other side.

Stonetoss foresees the future of rightist rhetoric

So how should a sincere and effective right respond to leftist rhetoric about racism? First of all, the right should say that, as ever, the left is not interested in truth, equality or justice. No, the left is interested in power. By “truth,” it means lies. By “equality,” it means enslavement. And by “justice,” it means revenge. All of that is obvious in the endless accusations of “racism” it hurls against Whites and their civilization. The right should stress the incoherence and dishonesty of those accusations. On the one hand, the left claims that all humans are the same under the skin. On the other, the left treats Whites as uniquely and horrifically guilty of racism. But how can guilt attach to behavior that, on leftist principles, is determined by chance and historical contingency? If Whites and Blacks are, as the left insists, entirely the same under the skin, it automatically follows that Blacks are capable not only of exactly the same achievements as Whites but also of exactly the same misdeeds. If the historical and geographic dice had rolled in another way, it would have been Blacks who enslaved Whites and Africa that conquered Europe — just as it would have been Blacks who first walked on the Moon and Blacks who first split the atom.

The moralistic rhetoric of anti-racism

As I’ve pointed out in articles like “Destroy the Goy,” leftists don’t explain human history by genetics but by geography. The Jewish leftist Jared Diamond has repeatedly claimed that White achievements are owed to nothing but the blind fortune of being born on the right kind of continent. He says that “if Africa’s rhinos and hippos had lent themselves to domestication,” then “African cavalry mounted on rhinos or hippos would have made mincemeat of European cavalry mounted on horses.” In fact, as Gregory Cochran has pointed out, horses didn’t “lend themselves to domestication” either. Diamond’s pose as an objective, truth-seeking scientist conceals his real anti-White purpose. When Kevin MacDonald attended a talk by Diamond for the Skeptic Society at Cal Tech in the early 2000s, he saw “the crowd burst into applause” when Diamond “gleefully fantasized about Africa conquering Europe.” As MacDonald says: “it was a good introduction to the anti-White hatred that boils just below the surface of the moralistic rhetoric of anti-racism.”

MacDonald is right: leftists are indeed motivated by “anti-White hatred” and their anti-racist rhetoric is indeed highly “moralistic.” Anti-Pope Francis, the leftist currently usurping the throne of St Peter, announced that “Racism is a virus” on the United Nations’ so-called “International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination” (21 March, 2021). In fact, it’s the International Day for the Demonization of Whites and was chosen to commemorate how “the police in Sharpeville, South Africa, opened fire and killed 69 people at a peaceful demonstration against apartheid laws in 1960.” South Africa and its neighbor Zimbabwe are excellent examples of how effectively the word “racism” has been used as a weapon of mass destruction. They were prosperous and civilized countries under White rule. Then the left began to screech that White rule was “racist” and that Blacks there were being exploited, oppressed and prevented from realizing their sky-high potential.

Slavery is “an indelible stain” on Whites

Blacks duly took over and revealed exactly how much potential they have. They didn’t sustain or enhance the civilizations that Whites had built: they wrecked them. Zimbabwe was once the bread-basket of Africa; today it’s the basket-case. South Africa is a swamp of violent crime, corruption and misgovernance. Except for a tiny kleptocratic elite, Blacks in South Africa and Zimbabwe are now far worse off than they were under White rule. As ever, leftists most harm those whom they claim to care about most.

Leftists will bring the same destruction to Western nations if they can, using the same verbal venom. Anti-Pope Francis is one example; Prince Charles, the leftist heir to the British throne, is another. He first claimed in a speech in Ghana that “The appalling atrocity of the slave trade, and the unimaginable suffering it caused, left an indelible stain on the history of our world.” He then claimed in a speech in Barbados that “the appalling atrocity of slavery forever stains our history.” Note that he chose his words carefully: he meant “British history,” but didn’t say that directly. He’s happy to heap guilt on ordinary British Whites and incite Blacks against them, but he doesn’t want to open the monarchy to claims for reparations. After all, who ruled Britain during the “appalling atrocity of slavery”? Who was enriched by “the appalling atrocity”? It was Charles’ royal ancestors, but he doesn’t intend to hand over any of the abundant wealth and property they bequeathed to him.

In other words, Charles wasn’t sincere: he was posturing in typical leftist fashion. He was also being dishonest in typical leftist fashion. In his speeches he didn’t mention the extensive and continuing history of slavery and human sacrifice in Black Africa. And he didn’t raise an obvious question: How can Britain and other Western nations be “stained” by something that, on leftist principles of history, they could just as easily have been victims of as the perpetrators?

Censure for Whites, sycophancy for Jews: leftist traitor Prince Charles (right) lights Hannukah candles under the supervision of Britain’s Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

Indeed, Western nations were the victims: Muslim ships raided coastal settlements everywhere from Italy to Iceland and carried Whites off to perpetual slavery. But it was ordinary Whites who suffered that horrible fate. Charles’ royal ancestors were safe from abduction in well-guarded palaces, just as Charles himself is safe from Black and Muslim criminals today. He’s a traitor, but no-one on the mainstream right condemned his treachery or exposed the anti-White rhetoric in his speech. As I’ve pointed out before, while the European slave-trade is endlessly condemned and publicized by Western journalists, politicians, academics, film-makers and authors, the Muslim slave-trade, which was bigger and longer-lasting, is almost ignored. Even the leftist author Jeremy Black, in his book Slavery: A New Global History (2011), is struck by this contrast in attitude: “[The] period of Mamluk rule [in Muslim Egypt] was roughly equivalent in length to that of slavery in the USA, and it is an interesting sign of relative concerns that the attention devoted to slavery in the Mamluk empire and the USA is as a drop of water compared to an ocean.” (ch. 1, p. 33)

Self-righteous psychosis

Has anyone ever claimed that “the appalling atrocity of slavery forever stains Egyptian history”? Or Muslim history? Or Jewish history? Of course not: that kind of moralistic rhetoric is applied only against Whites and Christians. But the rhetoric is not just self-righteous: it’s self-gratifying too. A certain kind of White leftist obviously derives great pleasure from public displays of anti-Whiteness. Here’s a good example:

Glasgow authorities have apologised for the city’s role in the Atlantic slave trade, saying the “tentacles” of money from the practice reached every corner of Scotland’s biggest metropolis. … “Follow the Atlantic slavery money trail and its tentacles reach into every corner of Glasgow,” council leader Susan Aitken [of the SNP] told colleagues at a meeting on Thursday. “It’s clear what this report tells is that the blood of trafficked and enslaved African people, their children and their children’s children is built into the very bones of this city.” …

A total of 62 Glasgow streets are named after slave owners who built their fortunes on tobacco plantations. These include Buchanan Street and Glassford Street, named after the “tobacco lords” Andrew Buchanan and John Glassford. James Watt, whose improvements to the steam engine drove the Industrial Revolution, was personally involved in trafficking a black child for sale to a family in north-east Scotland, the report said. …

Glasgow council’s chief executive, Annemarie O’Donnell, said the city acknowledged that black, Asian and minority ethnic citizens wished the council to “recognise the historic legacy of chattel slavery based on the exploitation of enslaved Africans”. The report, by the University of Glasgow academic Stephen Mullen, who has written extensively on the city’s links to slavery, was “a step towards healing the anger and frustration” felt by these citizens, she added. (Glasgow apologises for role in slave trade, saying its ‘tentacles’ are in every corner of city, The Guardian, 1st April, 2022

The overweight and unattractive SNP politician Susan Aitken poses with two non-Whites

That story appeared in the Guardian on April 1, 2022, but it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke. The overweight and unattractive leftist Susan Aitken was entirely serious in her overwrought rhetoric: “the blood of trafficked and enslaved African people, their children and their children’s children is built into the very bones of this city.” Indeed, I detect psychosis in that kind of language. As I’ve said before: leftism is better regarded as a psychiatric disorder than as an ideology. That’s why you can describe the concept of “racism” as a weapon of mass psychosis. It induces irrational and destructive behavior in millions of White leftists, who work to destroy their own race and nations on behalf of non-Whites.

They’ll kill us to cure us

Susan Aitken is one small but significant example. She’s a member of the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP), which defends Scotland in the same way as the bigger Labour party defends the working class. That is, the SNP betrays and harms Scotland just as Labour betrays and harms the working class. Look at how Aitken accepts and amplifies a report that attacks the Scottish hero James Watt. He has traditionally been celebrated as an emblem of the hugely disproportionate contributions made by Scots in the fields of engineering, science, medicine, literature and philosophy.

Scottish hero James Watt, a giant hated by modern pygmies

That’s precisely why Scottish leftists like Susan Aitken want to drag him down and besmirch his memory. He was a giant; they are pygmies. He could create; they can only destroy. By traducing the giants of Scottish history, they gratify their own power-lust. Just like leftists everywhere else, leftists in Scotland need to pretend that their nation is diseased in order to justify the cure of leftist control. As in South Africa and Zimbabwe, the cure will prove far worse than the alleged disease.

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  1. Ovidiu
    Ovidiu says:

    “Guilt and shame will keep them tame”. It is the Whites who are the losers of mass immigration and globalization, their lives and jobs have been ruined, and thus they are first and foremost those who may revolt and crash it. The elites know that, they are afaraid precisiely of that, so they support this discourse. The use of this rhetoric is strategic, imagine the opposite : the whites as victims whose anger is legitimate.

    • antivax
      antivax says:

      as long the haves are separating themself from the poor white majority and have
      no identity feeling with the majority, this is a competing class society, they will
      perish later after the majority ! THE RICH ARE THE TRAITORS BECAUSE
      THEY HAVE NO TRIBAL INSTINCTS ! so white culture + history will go into
      the abyss !

  2. John Alder
    John Alder says:

    When somebody calls me a racist I say that I am indeed a White racist and proud of it, Now tell me something I don’t know. White people must overcome this irrational fear of being called a racist. On another note I regard all so called right wing organizations that aren’t openly and boldly pro White to be nothing more than leeches that siphon off funds that could go towards a real White peoples movement. Donald Trump is the latest example of a leech.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      “Whites” (Indo-Europeans) should have an information basis printed and widely disseminated to counter lunatic progressives’ unhinged, unfounded, hysteria, and pejorative, putative attacks. Most are made with a very shallow basis of knowledge and a lack of knowledge of source or contemporary evidence or facts about slavery.

      But we don’t get organized, plan, stand up, attack, get nasty, and get even. Every Christian church, besides the cruse a fix, should have an image of a hominem bent over or in supplication to a crematorium.




      https://natall.com/adv/98/012498.txt. – William Pierce

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      Yes, you have the right take on the matter. Racism is nothing more than valuing and treating people differently on the basis of race. It’s discrimination based on race. As such, it can be either love-based or hate-based. It can benefit persons in view of their race, OR harm them. Racism and racial bigotry are not identical lol. While all racial bigotry is racism, not all racism is racial bigotry.

      That it’s valuation and/or behavior hinging on race is what characterizes it as racism–not that it’s hostile or hateful. Hostility or hate can be racist ONLY if it discriminates, if it’s directed at one race and not at another. A person who hates all races equally bears an INdiscriminate hatred. He’s not a racist but a misanthrope. In fact, in his way, he’s an egalitarian.

      Because all groups aren’t the same to me, I’m a racist and proud of it. I do discriminate. I do prefer the Caucasian mega-cluster. What I feel for it I can never feel for the other ethnic/genetic clusters; and I’ll do things for it that I won’t ever do for the others. If I were captain of an ocean liner with 100 Whites aboard, 100 blacks and lifeboats accommodating no more than 100 people, I wouldn’t be averse to ensuring that under ordinary conditions the blacks would enjoy equal amenities; but if the ship hit an iceberg, only a successful uprising by the blacks could prevent my reserving for the Whites all 100 places in the lifeboats. And that wouldn’t be because I hate blacks but because I prefer Whites.

      Racial in-group preference is necessarily and intrinsically racist. And it’s about the healthiest thing there is.

      The phobia which people have vis-a-vis racism is imputable to their associating it with things like lynching. It CAN have such an aspect, but has no necessary connection therewith. It can as easily be love-based.

      Because almost everybody conceives racism as criminal, nobody bothers to analyze the reality. Or almost nobody: here’s a pretty painstaking effort: “The Reasonable Racist.”

      The self-professed Rightists who have a problem with the term “racism”–foolishly thinking it a hostile Jewish invention (it isn’t: it was coined by Richard H. Pratt)–suffer from the same notion that racism is intrinsically a “bad” thing. They go to such absurd lengths as to say racism doesn’t exist, when one of the clearest realities is that people are treated differently because of their racial or ethnic heritage. Hilariously, these Rightists also go on and on about Jews’ bigotry toward non-Jews, whose guilt consists in non-Jewishness.

      Well, since this weird Rightist phobia is connected with a mere word, the sufferers thereof might be cured with a phrase like “race-related bias,” or “race-related hostility,” which even they can see denotes something that does occur.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Pretty much the same here. When I am called a racist, I thank the accuser for the compliment.

      If the accuser(s) is in a mood to listen, I then explain I prefer my wife over other women, and I prefer my kids over other people’s kids. So what is wrong with preferring my race over other races?

      • Lucius Vanini
        Lucius Vanini says:

        EXACTLY. As your wife and children bear a special nearness to you, must not also the ethnic/genetic heritage of which they’re part?! Indeed must not Whites be your extended family?

        Y’know, after hearing Tucker Carlson repeatedly suggest that family is the most important value, I emailed his Fox address to pose these same questions to him. He plays the part of Mr. Civic Nationalist, but if his wife and children are different from other people by reason of nearer relationship, how can the race of whom they’re part NOT also be different from all other races–NOT special to him? I said that his thinking his nuclear family infinitely special, while holding that all Americans outside it are at an equal distance from him, is absurd.

        After a couple of messages I suddenly was unable, technically, to post any more to him. I wasn’t surprised. Our enemies are trying to get him fired, and they’d be strengthened if it were noticed that he was willingly receiving such messages as mine.

        I believe he already understands and agrees with the WN perspective. That he’s the only MSM commentator to exalt Orban all but declares that. He’d love to see an Orban regime in every Western land—exactly what I want.

        He’s the best MSM political commentator we have, and I guess I should be glad he doesn’t do things endangering his position. For the most part, his assertions don’t actually clash with White advocacy, which is often implied. He’s quite good in attacking anti-White bias and bigotry, and if the price is that he must categorically condemn valuing people unequally because of how they look (one of his standard expressions), it seems acceptable at this point. I hope, of course, that at some point someone like him can go full White advocacy. But don’t we all.

  3. Karlfried
    Karlfried says:

    To the readers of the Occidental Observer some remarks about this subject watching the situation in Germany.
    We Germans receive a pro-multikulti-propaganda around the clock, from the state, the mass media, the churches, the education system, from the major political parties, from television, from the advertisements.
    Also the legislation is made in such a way, that there is a right to say your opinion only in the case that your opinion is pro-multikulti.
    If you are against it, the punishment may be three or five years in prison. If you say it again, than the action repeats, again three to five years in prison. It is § 130 – Strafgesetzbuch (StGB)

    Despite this combined propaganda-power, ongoing for several decades now, many Germans prefer to live as Germans in Germany und they want to have this country as their country. For many Germans the Multikulti-Society is something that they detest.

    There is no need to say that we have good reasons for our feelings: It is enough to say that
    we have these feelings deep inside. These inner feelings and the will to live are a very strong power.

    The pro-multikulti-promotors will kill the Völker (folks, people). They will lead the world into hell. We must stop this.

    A sound amount of racism is the thing without which no normal life will be possible in the future. So a sound amount of racism is not only a good thing (contrary to the pretended opinion of the pro-multikulti-promotors) but it is a thing of the kind that you can not do without if you want to live, therefore similar to water, air, and food.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      I note that Karlfried doesn’t use the word “White” even once in this comment. He speaks only of “Germans,” of whom he knows and is one. This gives his words both power and clarity, imo.

      He states that “many Germans prefer to live as Germans in Germany und they want to have this country as their country.” A specific race of people can say that. How can ‘White’ Americans say the USA is THEIR country? What, who is an American?

      Here is the specific, necessary “RULE” Karlfried gives:
      “A sound amount of racism is the thing without which no normal life will be possible in the future. So a sound amount of racism is not only a good thing (contrary to the pretended opinion of the pro-multikulti-promotors) but it is a *thing of the kind that you can not do without if you want to live, therefore similar to water, air, and food.*”

      Only someone who knows who he is can say that. We should be attacking those who have robbed us of our national identities [post WWII world leaders, the victorious Allies with their ‘new International rules-based Order’ under their control], not praising them.

      • Karlfried
        Karlfried says:

        Thank you, Carolyn Yeager, for your words. I add some words of a former German Kanzler:
        “But the most precious possession in this world is one’s own people and for this people and about this people we want to wrestle and we want to fight and NEVER flag down and NEVER tire and NEVER lose heart and NEVER despair”
        (translated from the German language)

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 Could you, in a Reply here, give us a brief rundown on the fate of Dr. Frey’s Munich domiciled DEUTSCHE NATIONALZEITUNG.

      02 I vaguely recall a paler version similar to his, which, if memory serves, was short lived. ???

      03 What can you say about the ” conservative ” FOCUS ?

      04 Is there a current truly conservative paper in Germany ?

      05 Circa seven months after Reunification, I gave a lift to a stranded journalist, with car problems, entering Berlin at its eastern limits, and drove him to work in the center of town.

      06 An exceedingly bright and personable fellow. Among a dozen of fascinating comments, he mentioned, that crime in the reunified Berlin, as indeed in all of Germany, had more than tripled since the addition of East Germany, with its approximate population of 16 millions.

      07 Lacked the time to question him about his own observations to explain this disproportionate and sudden increase.

      What do you think ? This was before the post ’91 bulk of Soviet/Jewish immigrants, but they had quite a contingent of Vietnamese and Middle Easterners, primarily among their student bodies, but also in their workforce.

      • Karlfried
        Karlfried says:

        Hello Charles Frey,
        some decades ago the Deutsches Nationalzeitung had 120.000 pieces printed per week, in 2019 some tenthousand and the last print was no.52/2019.
        The “Focus” is not conservative.
        There are two conservative parties in Germany, both small in size, with their websites with some news. —— https://npd.***de/ ——-https://der-dritte-weg.***info/
        There is a weekly newspaper, half-conservative —https://jungefreiheit.***de/—
        There is the author Manfred Kleine-Hartlage —http://korrektheiten.***com./—
        – ——————-
        Your question about crimes in the years after the German (part-)unification. After 1990 many foreign organized criminals came from the east on the autobahn, stole some cars and went out.
        You speak about Berlin, that city is only 80km away from Poland. So for some years the number of stolen cars made the crime numbers higher. For those who lost their car a negative thing, but in an overall view a little thing.
        Thank you having put these questions.

        • charles frey
          charles frey says:

          01 Thanks. Your reply jogged my crowded memory.
          02 Easterners came to Berlin in mainly Polish buses, on day trips, to fulfil their wildest consumer dreams. Most buses towed cargo trailers.
          03 On their evening return trip to the border at Frankfurt an der Oder, they unpacked their purchases and threw the wrappings and cartons out of the buses at every stop. Imagine some skyscrapers and you could envision NYC.
          04 Your car thefts remark reminded me of that huge problem causing insurance to skyrocket. They stole cars pursuant to the model and color preferences by those ordering the cars, in the Near East, ie Turkey and particularly points east, over the bridge in Istanbul.
          05 Others were shipped by boat, as scrap, after having been gutted and, after customs, having been reassembled.
          06 The State Police of the Land [ province or state ] Brandenburg was forced to use Porsche 911, white convertibles, with two helmeted officers, in white leather coats, brandishing sub-machine guns; dubbed White Mice.
          07 Western photojournalists were hiding in the crowns of trees, overlooking the main Red Army airport of Sperenberg, serving their Red Army’s HQ at Wuensdorf: north of Vlassov’s former main barracks at Camp Dabendorf.

          They published photos of stolen luxury cars being loaded into Red Airforce freighters.
          08 Upon return from my two Auschwitz trips, I chose Frankfurt and der Oder to re enter unified Germany, because I wanted to look at the famous Oder Heights, the last large scale defense of the Reich in the East, overlooking the Oder River lowlands.
          09 There were two guards at the Polish exit point but absolutely none to be found on the German entry point across the bridge. Like stretches along America’s southern ephemeral border.
          10 Thanks to your car thefts remark I found an explanation 31 years later.

          PS Along the corridor Berlin – Warsaw, there was a rash of bank robberies in small, off route towns in Germany. Towns and villages that had previously been under the watchful eye of local police, backed up by the omniscient STASI: and no place to run.

  4. Tim
    Tim says:

    Wonderful article and so true.

    Whenever I browse books at a bookstore, I am always suspicious of anything written by a Jew on sociology or having to do with civilization or the origins of humankind.

    Jews subtly put down Whites and European civilization and boost non-Whites.

    Liberal Whites do the same thing.

    You know whom I blame for a lot of this?

    White conservatives, including pro-Israel evangelicals, who are scared to confront Jewish propaganda and take down the Jewish lobby.

    They’re cowards and frankly most Americans are too. Sorry.

  5. Numan
    Numan says:

    A thought that just occurred to me: Isn’t it strange that paranoid so-called “truther” like Alex Jones believe in a “globalist elite” that is “only out to deceive” – but at the same time consider the “Holocaust” to be “unquestionable reality”? They will probably advise their terminally ill relatives against any medical treatment, because doctors are after all also “all in cahoots with Bill Gates and the WHO”.

  6. Tom
    Tom says:

    During the PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain) crisis several years ago, I asked a former Danish girlfriend of mine what she thought of the idea of a million Portuguese migrating to Denmark as economic refugees. In less than a millisecond she giggled and replied that such a suggestion was “grotesque”. But when I asked the same question about a million Muslims, her face got serious and she looked upward as if trying to frame an adequate answer. The reply then came down to the impossible logistics of Denmark absorbing so many people.
    I’m afraid that the problem with contemporary white societies is that half, or more, of the populations are basically stupid.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      CANZUK is about freer movement between the 3 countries, period. The promoters don’t even want to distance themselves from their US masters or slow down immigration. They care naught that the freer movement could be 90% from those whose roots are in the Indian sub continent or Africa.

  7. Veronica
    Veronica says:

    Thank you for this brilliant and incisive penetration into the heart of the matter. We are indeed living in a time of utter insanity. The absurdity would be laugh-out-loud funny if it wasn’t so terrifying. Jared Diamond is a smug popinjay as are his comrades; Ms. Aitken is an absolute disgrace and a traitor to Scotland.
    The leftist doublespeak is as you noted, mad. They want to have their cake and eat it too when it comes to race: race doesn’t exist and yet blacks are simultaneously superior to us and deserving of our utmost empathy, pity, and guilt.
    I recently entered the terms “history of slavery” and “history of slavery in the ancient world” into a search engine and it turned up virtually nothing but results related to the Atlantic Slave Trade. It’s as if we have been hypnotized into believing that the Atlantic Slave Trade is the ONLY instance of slavery in human history which is preposterous. WE know that slavery as an institution has been around since humans began recording events (and probably before that,) and that myriad white people are the descendants of various slavery enterprises as well as other races and ethnicities and yet they persevere in claiming that black slavery is an anomaly and the most egregious instance of “man’s inhumanity to man” the world has ever known. What IS peculiar about the descendants of black slavery is that they are the only demographic group to have failed to improve their own lot on their own. Leftist pretzel logic has it that black underachievement and criminality is proof that they are still being oppressed instead of facing the fact that black underachievement and criminality is due to racial differences and that abilities have not been distributed evenly among racial groups. That is in no way the fault of whites and we are in no way obliged to try to make their outcomes equal to people who are their superiors in the most important ways (read: not sports.)
    I picked my 12-year-old granddaughter up from school today and when I asked her what she had been reading, she said that she had read 7 books in the month of February, all which were narratives designed to make her empathize with blacks. I was compelled to give her a little lecture on world history, propaganda, indoctrination, slavery, etc. I told her that she did not have to feel guilty or ashamed for being white and that the only people she should apologize to are people she has hurt. We do need to teach our children the difference between earned guilt (which is healthy, rational, and moral) and unearned guilt (which is irrational, immoral, and sick.)

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      Actually, the demonization of Europeans over slavery isn’t just misleadingly selective. It stands truth on its head. No other people anywhere rivals Europeans and Euroamericans in “humanitarian” achievement. As America’s most venerated black scholar, Thomas Sowell, says in his essay re multiculturalism, it was Western Civ ALONE that abolished slavery around the globe–in the teeth of African and Asian resistance.

      So your granddaughter is being lied to in nothing less than criminal fashion.

      And so why isn’t she homeschooled? Quality homeschooling is easy now with online resources like School of the West. No doubt you’ve already considered the option, and perhaps there’s a reason why your girl has been left in one of those FOUL prisons where White self-alienation and sexual perversion are taught. (Another grave mischief of public schools is that they integrate White children with natural racial enemies like blacks: homeschooling maximizes de facto segregation, a precious thing always in our power to promote.) Yet if you decide to find a way after all, there’s “School of the West” in TOO and/or “Quality Homeschooling Made Easy,”

      You know, I suspect it’s a bad sign that School of the West’s article in TOO got only seven comments, of which two were mine. If that’s any indication of reader interest, it suggests an unseemly want of practical sense. In its place, an article about Jews would’ve drawn a mountain of comments: that’s understandable enough—the Jews are a central problem, but aren’t we adequately acquainted with their crimes? In homeschooling we have in our power an essential means of self-preservation—education!—something which doesn’t depend on a government hijacked by anti-White Marxists. And that’s a thing of uncommon value.

      P.S. Re your implying that blacks are better in sports, consider that even that isn’t true. In sports requiring speed, and speed with size–yes. But not in swimming, diving, pole-vaulting, gymnastics, weightlifting, Olympic wrestling, baseball, ice hockey, bicycling, tennis, speed skating, figure skating, golf, javelin, shot-put, powerlifting, surfing, winter sports, rowing, kayaking, European football (most followed team sport on the planet), marksmanship, archery, pentathlon, decathlon, Ironman triathlon.

  8. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    ” As I’ve said before: leftism is better regarded as a psychiatric disorder than as an ideology.”

    Superb revelation .

  9. Foot Soldier
    Foot Soldier says:

    Why does the Russian army choose as its distinguishing mark
    the Z, of all things, which suggests an association with Zion?

  10. dink
    dink says:

    “Has anyone ever claimed that “the appalling atrocity of slavery forever stains Egyptian history”? Or Muslim history? Or Jewish history? Of course not: that kind of moralistic rhetoric is applied only against Whites and Christians.”

    Plenty of people have claimed that the appalling atrocity of the Indian caste system has forever stained Hindu history. That rhetoric is very common. Even the previous Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh likened the caste system to the apartheid regime.


    It is correct that Egyptian and Muslim history of slavery is almost never publicized in contrast to slavery in America. But the rhetoric that such White suffering (due to the media bias) is unparalleled and exclusive reminds one of the rhetoric that Jewish suffering unparalleled and exclusive.

  11. Menetekel
    Menetekel says:

    Deeply rooted in the German soul is the conviction that man does not change through reward, but through avoiding punishment. As a rule, we act only when we can no longer avoid punishment. Reward promises respite. But punishment brings you back into contact with the laws of life. It is said of the Jews that the Third Reich was a system of terror.

    Yet their Bolshevik empire in Russia was precisely this, which despised its own people and plundered only for its own benefit. The Third Reich was focused on the prosperity of the people, that was its maxim. That everything that hindered this goal was persecuted was not a shortcoming. The Germans knew from World War I who was behind all the divisions.

    Not a single “government” of the West represents the interests of its people. On the contrary, they terrorize everything that stands in the way of destruction. The Jews have thus established their ultimate system of power and all kneel before them, promising the salvation and eternal good of Israel. Even our youngest children are being indoctrinated.

  12. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    “After all, who ruled Britain during the “appalling atrocity of slavery”? Who was enriched by “the appalling atrocity”? It was Charles’ royal ancestors, but he doesn’t intend to hand over any of the abundant wealth and property they bequeathed to him.”.
    The problems of the current Royal family aside, Mr. Langdon perpetuates a false narrative. The yet to be large Atlantic slave trade may have started under the Stuarts, but no monarch has ruled Britain since Charles I was executed by the loonies led by Cromwell, who took his 30 pieces of silver from his (((backers))) in Amsterdam.. Cromwell sold off the wealth of Charles’ ancestors, other than land, for which they received nothing. Even Thomas Arne understood that 100 years later when writing “Rule Britannia”, Britannia was the British government. Washington also understood that the real power in Britain was not the monarch, but the King’s ministers, which is why, even during the revolutionary war, the King’s health was toasted.
    The last member of the Royal family who showed any real interest in the British working class, is now labelled a Nazi stooge,

  13. Carolyn Yeager
    Carolyn Yeager says:

    I hope this comment will not be rejected on the grounds that it “fails to add value to the site,” in the opinion of the moderator, or because its message is too “snarky”. My intention is only to encourage people who may agree with me.

    This article by T. Langdon uses the word White and Black; a few times Jew, never anything more specific such as European or even British or English. In one instance he does use ‘British Jew’ — to distinguish from Brits and Jews apparently. In the accompanying photograph, the Rabbi Mirvis looks whiter than the future King Charles, who is red-faced. The most villainous creature, according to the author, is the “overweight SNP politician Susan Aitken” — it’s always a woman given that role by the mysoginist Langdon. It never fails that if it’s possible to make the entire female race suspect & responsible, he will do it.

    But my ‘message’ that I’ve expressed many time already, is that ‘White’ is not a race in spite of the fact that U.S. and Western demographers use it as the preferred label. ‘White’ is incredibly imprecise and that’s probably why it’s used. For most people, Jews are White. For many, western Asians and even central Asians are White. Certainly there are White Hispanics. There are even White Negroes. “If the White shoe fits, you can wear it.” As a libertarian (most people associated with this site), one cannot put EVERY person of an identified group into that group because of possible, perceived INDIVIDUAL variations. This has always been the Jews’ salvation in “White” homelands: ‘We are very diverse, we can’t be lumped together as one.’

    Where does that leave us? Talking to the wind? Expressing nothing but hot air? There are never any clear steps to take — or god forbid, rules to follow. NS Germany devised the Nuremberg Laws to make it all very clear and legal. No White Nationalist or White Advocate would advise such a racist action! We rely on appearance only. T. Langdon is like a machine churning out article after article following the same formula, to the approval of people who are satisfied with complaints and hand-wringing and little else.

    It’s all because of a failure to get down to specifics.

    • Frater Grabton
      Frater Grabton says:

      “The most villainous creature … it’s always a woman given that role by the mysoginist Langdon. It never fails that if it’s possible to make the entire female race suspect & responsible, he will do it.”

      Is this a parody of a mentally unstable leftist being hysterical about non-existent “hate”? Apparently not. Some advice, Ms Yeager:

      * Calm down, dear.
      * Learn how to spell “mysoginist”.
      * Supply examples of Langdon making “the entire female race suspect”. If you can’t, you may want to consider an apology.
      * Check Langdon’s archive and see if you can spot any articles in which “the most villainous creature” is male.

    • ariadna
      ariadna says:

      I can accept that to a Brit Susan Aitken may seem like “the most villainous creature.” I would, however, object if the author would claim that she is the most villainous creature in the whole White (oh, sorry, should I say Western or Euro-American?) world, because in the US the contenders are thick on the ground.
      Overweight she is, so I don’t see what bothers you about that observation unless that’s a personal sore spot for you. He would “make the entire female race suspect & responsible”??? Absurd. Furthermore, the Whites are not a race but women are? It seems you have a chip on your shoulder that weighs you down.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Picky, picky. “Overweight she is, so I don’t see what bothers you about that observation unless that’s a personal sore spot for you.”

        That’s the point. We see her in the photo so why point it out in the caption, too? We can also see that she’s unattractive. But to a misogynist (spelled right?) like Langdon, and a substantial no. of others’ here, the only purpose for women is to do as men wish. But yet, what are these men doing? I’d really like to see a current picture of T.L. to see if it pleases me.

        BTW, I am thin and there’s nothing personal about it at all. How about you?

    • Raeto West
      Raeto West says:

      Since the invention of photography, many organizations, from schools and cricket teams to graduation classes and members of well-known groups, have published group photos. If you look at these before 1945, you’ll see hundreds of faces of people looking into the cameras.
      Are you seriously saying that the people had nothing in common? They didn’t call themselves ‘white’ because there was no need for a collective word for what they all looked like. ‘White’ is a clumsy expression, like ‘yellow’ for Chinese or red for ‘redskins’.

  14. Menetekel
    Menetekel says:

    “Democrats” promise before the election.
    “Nazis” keep their word after the election.

  15. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Great piece – thanks Tobias.

    Andrew Torba, posted this on Gab a few days ago:

    “The online rights lexicon is boiling over into normal cultural discourse and the importance of this cannot be understated.”

    I don’t know if it’s ‘boiling over.’ I think it’s safe to say that there’s some, ‘droplets,’ from the steam dripping over. Let’s hope that one day it does reach the boiling point.

    In the next few days, the head of homeland security in the US, Alejandro Myorkas, who is of Sephardic Jewish descent, will completely open the southern border of the United States due to all restrictions being lifted on entry. There is an actual law in regards this, I think it had to do with covid restrictions being lifted. It is estimated that upwards of 18,000 or more illegal immigrants will be entering the US every, single, day.

    Will four more years of Trump, then eight of DeSantis remedy this disaster if millions are then sent back? We’ll have to see. But for right now, the end is pretty much right at our doorsteps.

  16. Raeto West
    Raeto West says:

    Tobias Langdon’s article, though good, falls short of revealing the full pressure of Jews.

    * The word ‘Racism’ was only coined in the early 1900. It’s not a weapon; it’s only the forces behind it that make it seem so, just as ‘heretical’ or ‘German’ are only weapons when backed by control of beliefs on a large scale. This is the preserve of Jews.

    * It’s wrong to ignore the effects of large-scale funding, at present mainly controlled by Jews through their control over money-printing. ‘BLM’ is funded by Jews, the money going to those who need money, care nothing for truth, and can just about read scripts and repeat them.
    The ridiculous Aitken is presented as a ‘politician’ because she’s funded secretly, and can parrot a script. She is no more an activist than a played-back recording tape is a thinker.

    * As far as I’ve been able to discover, Jews were behind Islam just as much as behind Christianity. When it suited Jews, official Christianity was as bloody as Islam. It’s because of the technical strength of Christianity for a few centuries that Anglo-Saxons got the money.
    The whole Kahal secret system needs to be understood, along with the Freemasonic and other secret treacherous groups.

    * It’s a mistake to believe that funded ‘left’ people and funded ‘right’ people are very different; each set only exists because they are paid by Jews. The original meanings are submerged; ‘left’ no longer means supporting some sort of equity in a largely homogeneous community; ‘right’ no longer means some sort of conservationist outlook.
    White ‘leftists’ in the Jew-controlled sense are destructive, but not irrational, at least in the short term, since they are paid to do what they do.

    * Slavery was common in a world where there was little machinery; how could it have been anything else? There are many fine gradations. Note that when ‘slavery was abolished’ slaveowners were compensated out of taxation, the lump sum coming from Jews who were then repaid at interest. But the slaves were given nothing. And Landon doesn’t mention that the ‘European Slave Trade’ was run by Jews.

    * Some anti-white comment is justified; and Jews, who were generally responsible, know it. Think of white-on-white killings in the World Wars. If this sort of thing isn’t faced squarely, a huge gap is left in white advocacy.

    * This site seems to have a self-denying ordinance, omitting some good sites: Miles Mathis has a piece on Piracy and Port Royal and Jews, for example. This might keep the site away from mythologies such as ‘moon landings’.

    I have to say it’s wonderful to see Charles ridiculed as a posturing hireling traitor, puzzling over lighting candles. I loved the bit about “the appalling atrocity of slavery” while, of course, offering no recompense of his own.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” The whole Kahal secret system needs to be understood, along with the Freemasonic and other secret treacherous groups.”

      Superb observation . Unfortunately , it is easier said than done . They have assassins and assassination teams to prevent anyone or group from finding out too much about their perfidious trade . However , whenever one of those secret society or intel agency luciferian-satanist demons can be positively identified , then it would be justified to anonymously and safely release viciously embarrassing viral potential and expert deepfake character assassination videos of any positively known crypto-demons . It is called
      “fighting fire with fire”.

  17. Easyway
    Easyway says:

    Everyone stares spellbound at this flat screen standing in the middle of the room. It means promise, but also condemnation. We have to realize that it is a predator. It is there to look “into the world”, but to neglect our own roots. Every second we spend with it, we are its mental slaves. Our children get big eyes, want more of it. Who can all this serve?

  18. Anne C
    Anne C says:

    “Holocaust denial is to be outlawed in Canada, in a further effort to stamp out rising antisemitism. The federal government is set to make it a criminal offence to make a statement denying the Holocaust took place or condoning or downplaying the killing of Jews by the Nazi regime, except in a private conversation.”

    “The move to outlaw Holocaust denial comes as MPs and anti-hate groups warn about the rise of white-supremacism and antisemitism in Canada.”

    The penalty is likely to be “up to two years in prison.”


    The good news in this little gem is that obviously more people are waking up, or they wouldn’t need to sneak this through (“Ministers plan to use a bill enacting the [upcoming] budget to swiftly change the Criminal Code”).

    The bad news is that the fools running Canada think they are above the laws of nature – like, say, the Law of Thermodynamics.

    I take heart in Karlfried’s comment earlier in this discussion, in the related matter of multiculturalism: “It is enough to say that we have these feelings deep inside. These inner feelings and the will to live are a very strong power.”

  19. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    Dear Carolyn, I was surprised by your statement of the imprecision of the term “White” for what is generally known as Caucasian. So many times, across different venues, I have endeavored to elucidate from a genome grouping and similar genetics the commonality of the INDO-EUROPEAN. That’s in caps so that you and others don’t let it slip by. Genetics count, quality matters.

    Also, we are not evidently smart enough or savvy to substitute “Racialist” instead of “Racism” in today’s palaver and public gibberish. The differences are marked.

    I believe most people today, “Right and Left” are greatly uninformed, ignorant, intellectually lazy, composite cowards, overly concerned with comfort and convenience, with very short memories, and mnemenic
    disfunction and retention and relation. See any patterns? Does this seem incomplete or unverifiable? Brain hurts from the discontinuous, dissonance, intuitive alarms?

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Dear P. Marx, I am NOT surprised that you believe that those who read your words should automatically consider them the FINAL WORD on the subject (all caps so you don’t miss my meaning). I have to confess that I am not persuaded by you, even though I have read plenty of your comments.

      How precise is INDO-EUROPEAN? The Indo part is the unknown (therefore meaningless) for Europeans of today. As a practical matter, we are the result of what is found in our parents and grandparents bc going back any farther is already too distant to be really useful trait-wise, but necessary for establishing a bloodline.

      I have a feeling I would not include you in my racial group of European, but since you don’t share your DNA nor even your name, I can’t say anything for sure, can I? Indo-European is a language group. I suggest you define what YOU mean by Indo-European so all can judge/decide from that specific definition.

      P.S. Latest research shows that inherited DNA from (two) parents accounts for a full 50% of our physical AND psychological traits. A huge breakthrough and game-changer in understanding human differences. https://www.amazon.com/Blueprint-How-DNA-Makes-Press/dp/0262039168

      Indo-Aryan according to Merrium Webster:

      1 : a member of one of the peoples of the Indian subcontinent speaking an Indo-European language
      2 : one of the early Indo-European invaders of southern Asia
      3 : a branch of the Indo-European language family that includes Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, and other languages spoken primarily in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      You view the matter rightly, in my estimation. Yours is the rational ethnology or anthropology. It embodies the recognition that greater relatedness, not monolithic sameness, is the stuff of race. OF COURSE one is being less specific in speaking of a race, or of a family like the Indo-Europeans, because it’s a general grouping of sub-groups.

      Yes, the Indo-Europeans, especially the European branch (the Indo-Europeans who migrated to South Asia have been heavily admixed with very dark South Asians, though Reich et al, 2009 established that North Indians still bear much genetic affinity with Europeans), are closely related. Genetic studies are unanimous on that. According to Coop et al, 2013, people in one end of Europe share millions of relatively recent “genealogical ancestors” with people at the other end.

      Is there variation within the Indo-European or, pardonably, the WHITE family? Of course! A race’s homogeneity is relative, not absolute. A race is not a monolithic island of humanity but a mega-cluster. It’s a group of approximating ethnicities, peoples much more closely related to certain other peoples than they are to any others.

      If one insists on absolute homogeneity, then one won’t ever find a race. And if one thinks that nothing else can characterize a race, then one must join the race-deniers, mustn’t one. Well, as far as I can make out, race-denial is a tactic of anti-Whites, and one reinforces their narrative and agenda by endorsing race-denial. Seems to me like an excellent way to divide clearly related peoples, to make their numbers small and thus to decimate their political weight.

      And guess what? If we look for absolute homogeneity in a European nation, we don’t find it there either. In my own European nation, Northerners are far from identical to Southerners! Milanese tend to be less like Calabrians and Sicilians, both genetically and phenotypically, than like people beyond the northern border, in France. In terms of Y-DNA, an overwhelming majority of men in parts of my ancestral region bear the same haplogroup, R1b, as most men in Spain, France, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. The same can’t be said of Southern Italians. The Calabrians and Sicilians are more related to the Greeks.

      Other European nations which may have less variation, like Germany, are not without significant variation. Are South Germans the same as North Germans? There certainly are some genetic differences, with the North Germans bearing more of the haplogroups I1 and R1a and the Southerners more R1b. And aren’t East Germans more likely to have Slavic admixture than West Germans? Perhaps “German” isn’t specific enough and one should speak only of Bavarians, Swabians, Saxons, Schleswig-Holsteiners? I’m not for that, but that’s where the quibble about being “specific” seems to lead. If it can be used to deny race or an Indo-European family, it can be leveled at the nation of Germany too.

      And, phenotypically, is a blond, blue-eyed, leucodermic German as much like a dark-haired, brown-eyed German as like a blond, blue-eyed, leucodermic Italian (who might well be descended from the ancient German tribe of the Lombards, who settled in Italy)? I don’t think so.

      Actually, there’s no total genetic sameness except among siblings in a nuclear family. But look how siblings can differ, both physically and mentally! There’s diversity even among them; they’re not as alike as peas in a pod; they’re just more related to each other than to the rest of the species. Similarly, members of an ethnic/genetic mega-cluster do vary, but they share more affinity than they do with members of the other clusters. Again, it’s RELATIVE DISTANCE that distinguishes the near from the far.

      The anthropological distance between Milanese and Calabrians, and between Bavarians and Saxons—and indeed between Italians and Germans—is very small relatively to that between Milanese and Sub-Saharan Africans, and that between Bavarians and the Chinese. Milanese, Calabrians, Bavarians and Saxons are relatively part of the same branch of the human tree, whereas, clearly farther off, Sub-Saharans and East Asians are other branches.

      Oh and you recognize, I see, that “Indo-European” validly denotes people and not just a language family. Indo-European languages were spoken by people who migrated from the Pontic-Caspian Steppe to the rest of Europe and to Western Asia and India (hence the INDO part of the name does have a clear meaning, signifying that the I-Es and their languages became established in India as well as Europe). That the languages have been linked with certain people is corroborated by genetic science, which again reveals great affinity between I-E peoples.

  20. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Tobias, You make some greats points and observations in which lead to further elaborations and speculations.

    Great Britain without the current Monarchy is one particular point. Prince Charles was the feature (‘Prince of Fools’) on nationalist ‘Liberty GB’ webpage a few years back because said he was the “leader of faiths”, plural, meaning the all the faiths that seek to undermine the indigenous status of the people of this country.
    This also touches upon previous articles of yours that illustrate the non-English (British) character of the Conservation government cabinet and their treasurers.
    Great Britain was great and their might be a slender chance it could be again if it disposed itself of the treasonous cretins who preside over it people.

  21. Robert Henderson
    Robert Henderson says:

    The throwing over of Western history, the blaming of present day whites for slavery, the fanatical placement of blacks and Asians in positions of authority within public bodies and the general belittling of Western culture are all attacks on white people which consciously or unconsciously amount to anti-white hatred.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Once upon a time prior to the International Jew sponsored 1965 USA Immigration Reform Law , White Christians were more than ninety percent of the domestic population , had the highest ethnic average IQ ( which is not the same as intelligence ) and had dominion over the USA .

      Today USA Whites are less than sixtyfive percent of the population , have a slightly lower ethnic average IQ , and have unwittingly surrendered their dominion to a zionist Jew based socio-political hegemony .

      Clearly , USA Whites are typically politicly retarded as a result of their traditional nonpolitical cultures , and their anti-intellectual Christian religion which is too often fantasy friendly and reality averse about vital affairs of life , and the consequential result of an inveterate lack of adequate political intelligence .

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