Strength through Oy-Veh!: How Jews Dementedly Pursue Power by Dishonestly Playing the Victim

Nazis believed in “Strength through Joy.” Jews believe in “Strength through Oy-Veh!” They deceive and manipulate White gentiles by complaining and pretending to be victims (“oy veh!” is a traditional Jewish cry of dismay or lament). You can see this principle at work in a “national billboard campaign” being run by one of Britain’s many powerful Jewish organizations:

Strength through Oy-Veh: Dishonest Billboard by the Campaign Against AntiSemitism #1

Campaign Against Antisemitism has launched Britain’s first-ever national billboard campaign seeking the public’s support against antisemitism after the most recent Home Office figures showed that Jews are 500% more likely to suffer hate crime than any other faith group per capita.

The striking digital billboards can be seen right across the country, including in prominent locations in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and other major cities.

The billboards also challenge preconceptions and prejudices about what it means to ‘look Jewish’ with the models reflecting the diverse backgrounds of Britain’s Jewish community.

All of the Jewish models who appear on the billboards might be targeted for any of the protected characteristics that they possess — or may appear to possess — but what all the models share is that they, like all British Jews, are on average 500% more likely to be the target of a hate crime because they are Jewish, compared to any other faith group.

You can stand with the Jewish community by using the #StandWithJews hashtag on social media. Members of the Jewish community can highlight their own experiences of antisemitism using the #BecauseImJewish hashtag. (#BecauseImJewish, Campaign Against Antisemitism, 10th January 2023)

Strength through Oy-Veh: Dishonest Billboard by the Campaign Against AntiSemitism #2

Strength through Oy-Veh: Dishonest Billboard by the Campaign Against AntiSemitism #3

“Oy veh! We poor, helpless, harmless Jews are under attack again! Please help us, goyim!” That’s the message of the billboard campaign. But it isn’t an honest message. After all, it’s being put out by Jews, who have not become the world’s richest and most powerful group by dedicating themselves to Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Let’s look at the claim that Jews are “500% more likely to be the target of a hate crime.” First of all, it’s perfectly normal that minorities are at relatively greater risk of experiencing a “hate crime.” If all groups commit such crimes against each other at the same rate (they don’t), there will obviously be more hate-criminals in the majority committing more crimes against minorities (in fact, it’s the other way round, as we shall see below).

Less is More

A minority can suffer “worse” even if it is much more likely to be the perpetrator of a hate-crime against the majority than the victim of a hate-crime by the majority. Suppose, for example, that there was a country with 1,000,000 White inhabitants and 1,000 Black inhabitants. If 1% of the Whites were non-violent hate-criminals and 100% of the Blacks were violent hate-criminals, there would be 10,000 Whites committing non-violent hate-crimes against Blacks and 1,000 Blacks committing violent hate-crimes against Whites. Suppose that each Black hate-criminal murdered one White every year, while each White hate-criminal sent a postcard to a random Black saying “BLACKS ARE MUCH MORE VIOLENT THAN WHITES” (by leftist standards, this factual statement would count as a “hate-crime” just as much as the murder of a White).

Now look at the statistics and the relative risk. In the vast majority of years, all 1,000 Blacks would receive one or more post-cards and suffer “hate-crime,” while 1,000 Whites would be murdered. Therefore 100% of Blacks would suffer hate-crime but only 0.1% of Whites would (1,000 / 1,000,000 = 0.001 = 0.1%). Blacks would be one thousand times more likely to suffer hate-crime than Whites. So an anti-racist organization in that hypothetical country would be perfectly accurate, but highly dishonest, if it put up billboards reading “Why am I a thousand times more likely to suffer hate-crime? #BecauseImBlack #StandWithBlacks.”

Who cares about Whites or Christians?

That’s a reductio ad absurdum, but the same kind of statistical chicanery is at work in the claim that “Jews are 500% more likely to suffer hate crime.” And that’s assuming that Jews really are more likely to suffer hate-crime than, say, Christians. I have my doubts. Do you think the traitorous and anti-White Church of England is accurately recording “hate-crimes” by Muslims against its members and property? No, the Church of England is far more likely to conceal the truth and continue to grovel before Islam. Unlike Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) and the Community Security Trust (CST), as run by Jews, there are no well-funded and well-connected organizations to record and publicize hate-crimes against Christians, let alone against Whites. But the following story from the BBC, long-forgotten by leftists, is proof that the group suffering most from “hate” in modern Britain is not the sanctified Jewish minority, but the heavily demonized White majority:

Until the mid-nineties, the government’s British Crime Survey only asked ethnic minority groups whether they had been the victim of a crime which was racially motivated. Since then, all victims are asked and the picture has changed dramatically. The most recent analysis shows that in 2004, 87,000 people from black or minority ethnic communities (BME) said they had been a victim of a racially motivated crime. In the same period, 92,000 white people said they had also fallen victim. Focusing on violent racial attacks, 49,000 BME were victims. Among whites, the number was 77,000. Of those that involved wounding 4,000 were BME. Among the white population it was 20,000. (“Racism and Race Crime Redefined,” BBC News, 8th November 2006)

If non-White minorities were committing more “racially motivated crime” — that is, hate-crime — against Whites, and in particular more violence, then those non-Whites must have been hugely more prone to hate-crime than Whites. And even prone to hate-crimes of violence. That anti-White hate and violence will only have gotten worse since 2006, because the non-White share of the population has increased dramatically thanks to traitors like Tony Blair and goyophobes like Blair’s Jewish immigration minister Barbara Roche.

Jews wail about a self-inflicted problem

But does the very serious problem of non-White violence against Whites receive any attention in the mainstream media or raise any concern in mainstream politics? Not in the slightest. It’s minorities like the poor Jews who receive all the attention and sympathy in the mainstream. Which brings me to a very interesting and important question. Who precisely is committing so much “hate-crime” against the poor beleaguered Jews of Britain? That question goes entirely unexamined by Jewish organizations like Campaign Against Antisemitism and the Community Security Trust, because the answer is entirely unsuitable for their strategy of “Strength through Oy-Veh!” Jews are trying to manipulate and induce guilt in the White majority with their claims of victimhood, but it isn’t the White majority who are committing most hate-crimes against Jews. It is, in fact, the racial and religious minorities imported by Jews into Britain and warmly welcomed by Jews as “natural allies” against the alleged bigotry and violence of Whites. In other words, Jews are wailing about a problem they have created for themselves.

Dark Secret: The most active anti-Semites in Britain and America are non-White

Take the two biggest stories about anti-Semitism to agitate the Jewish Chronicle in the past couple of years. In May 2021 a “Convoy for Palestine” drove through “heavily Jewish areas” of London broadcasting insults and threats against Jews, including a call to “Fuck their mothers, rape their daughters.” As you might guess, the convoy wasn’t run by White Christians. No, it was run by Pakistani Muslims from the heavily enriched northern town of Blackburn, where the rape of daughters on racial grounds has often been reality rather than rhetoric. But the daughters are White rather than Jewish, so the Jewish Chronicle is not concerned in the slightest. Muslim misbehavior only counts when it is directed at Jews, and even then, Jews try to maximize the “misbehavior” and minimize the “Muslim.” Jews followed that maxi-min strategy again in November 2021, when “four men kicked, punched and spat at a Chabad tour bus” full of Jews who had been celebrating Chanukah on London’s world-famous Oxford Street. The four men also shouted “Free Palestine,” made “obscene gestures,” and banged on the windows of the bus “with their shoes.”

Anti-Jewish hate-criminals in the heart of London

This hate-criminal tried to murder a Jew in London. Please contact the Campaign Against Antisemitism if you recognize him

Striking people or property with a shoe is a well-recognized sign of contempt and disrespect in the Arab world. And guess what? Images of the hate-criminals showed that they were dark-skinned and of fully vibrant appearance. But there was no discussion of their appearance and their undoubted Muslim identity in the Jewish Chronicle or any other mainstream Jewish venue. Jews were shouting “Oy veh!” and playing the victim once again, but they didn’t want any discussion of precisely who was victimizing them. This is because the Jewish principle of “Strength through Oy-Veh!” runs in parallel with the Jewish principle of “Jews and Muslims are natural allies.” Jewish campaigning and political control have played a necessary, though not sufficient, part in mass migration by Muslims into the West. And Jews campaigned for non-White immigration with malice aforethought. An anti-White Iranian based in Germany has recently described how Einer seiner israelischen Freunde habe ihm einmal gesagt: „Die Araber sind die Rache der Juden an den Deutschen“ — “One of his Israeli friends once told him: ‘The Arabs are the Jews’ revenge on the Germans.”’

The central role of Jews

But Jews have sought the same “revenge” against American and British Whites, who fought against “the Germans” in World War Two. Here are some headlines describing how Jews in America and Britain welcome non-Whites and non-Christians as “natural allies” against the White and historically Christian majority:

Despite such headlines, there are still far too many deluded Whites who refuse to recognize the central role of Jews in mass migration by Muslims and other non-Whites. Headlines like those simply “bounce off their consciousness,” as Orwell put it in his excellent study of self-deluding ideologues. My late father, for example, deeply admired Jews and deeply despised Muslims. He refused to accept that admirable Jews could have had any role in the mass migration of despicable Muslims. “Muslims are enemies of Jews,” he always insisted to me. “And Jews would never be so stupid as to import their enemies into the West.” Well, if my father were still alive, I would no doubt still be emailing him stories like the following, which clearly explains why Jews support and facilitate Muslim immigration:

The most specific threat as a group we Jewish people face in America is the omnipresent threat we Jews will always face, the threat of Christian nationalism, including forms of Christianity that are deeply and sophisticatedly based on Christian teachings. It’s Christian nationalism that maintains that Jews must play a subordinate role in the workplace and elsewhere to Christians. These forms of Christianity have for countless centuries been our most dedicated ideological enemy. (What I tell my Black Jewish children about Kanye West, antisemitism and race, The Guardian, 20th January 2023)

If my father were still alive, I think he would have read that story and then once again insisted that “Muslims are enemies of Jews. And Jews would never be so stupid as to import their enemies into the West.” But just maybe that story would finally have convinced him of the truth: that Jews have imported Muslims and other non-Whites as footsoldiers in their war against the White Christian West. Maybe he would even have begun to accept that Jews are not the highly intellectual and admirable creatures of his fond imaginings. After all, there’s little intellect in the claim that “Christian nationalism” is an “omnipresent threat” to Jews. Yes, Christian nationalism is at work in Russia, which is why Jews have engineered the war in Ukraine and are now happy to risk nuclear war in pursuit of their Christophobia. But Christian nationalism isn’t at work in Russia’s allies of communist China, Muslim Iran, and Hindu India.

Hysterical with Hate

The Jew who wrote that article in the Guardian used hyperbolic phrases like “omnipresent threat” and “countless centuries” because he was hysterical with hatred of Christianity and Whites. And there you can see yet another dishonesty in the Jewish principle of “Strength through Oy-Veh!” Even as they insist that they are the powerless victims of hate, Jews themselves are motivated by hate. And they have enormous power to translate that hate into action. Just ask the White “daughters” of Rotherham and many other towns and cities across the West.

Muslim rape-gangs are in the West because Jewish rhetoric has brainwashed Whites into accepting their own destruction. As the old Polish proverb so wisely says: “The Jew cries out in pain as he kicks you.” But Jews are overplaying their hand, as they have done so often in history. Their recent Krushing of Kanye has shown to the world once again that they are tyrants, not victims. That’s why I think that “Strength through Oy-Veh!” will soon have had its day.

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  1. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    I have given extensive thought to this issue and concluded that the big, critical social problem of today is anti-Christianism or more succinctly Christophobia, the persecution and suppression of everything Christian in society. This includes overt physical attacks and murder of Christians around the world along with indirect attacks such as legalized abortion, the LGBT craze, the “Holocaust” narrative, Abstract Expressionism, Twelve Tone Rows, the Drag Queen events, the Critical Race Theory and even the war in Ukraine where Christians are killing Christians. While Christians can recognize persecution that occurred 2000 years ago and honor scores of martyrs, they cannot or will not recognize it today. Christian leadership has failed in this area. Certainly, those bill-boards with Jewish victims should inspire Christians to do a similar publicity campaign, but of course they won’t do it.

    • Ed Sheridan
      Ed Sheridan says:

      Hear, Hear. I love critical thinking with common sense humans who do their own research (and not via Google) to seek the truth and facts hidden from us as we grew older. Bless you/be protected.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Well and succinctly said. Although I doubt the two ladies posing as Jewish victims on the billboards are in fact racial Jews.

      • Lady Strange
        Lady Strange says:

        Plastic surgery helps. by the way, they won’t choose Greenblat or some hideous jewess as tender victims for their propaganda tools.

        • Tim Folke
          Tim Folke says:

          (Laughing). I just came in from working in the snowy freezing woods and saw your comment.

          If indeed plastic surgery is what makes homely women beautiful, then that profession has come a long way.

          It is quite possible you are correct regarding plastic surgery. How else explain Nancy Pelosi being an enduring testament to the advancements in taxidermy?

          It is my impression you are new to this site. If so, welcome to the family!

          • Lady Strange
            Lady Strange says:

            Thank you. I’ve been reading this excellent website for a long time but I recently decided to express myself and post comments, my francized english must be comical, though…

  2. Robert Penman
    Robert Penman says:

    They may well have played into your hands with this. Firstly, they are asking why they are so hated, thus giving people like us to explain why. Secondly, many people, for whom the issue of Jews has somehow gone under the radar, will come to realise that there is an issue with these people!
    Time to use this opportunity to your advantage.

  3. Ed Sheridan
    Ed Sheridan says:

    Known it through years with my high school only, yet self read and taught Army veteran father, RIP.
    In thirty years of business the most conniving, difficult and ruthless customers have been from two cultures. Muslim and Jewish culture.

  4. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    This excellent article reminds me of this case that happened in Paris. You won’t find a link in my commentary because this case was so quickly forgotten that there is no trace of it anymore.
    Like all Parisian nightclubs, which used to be relatively safe places (except for the hazards of the nightlife), now there is intense competition between groups of Africans, North Africans and…Jews for the few white women that can still be found there. Obviously the Jews are quite well received and the Africans not at all because they cause chaos, assault people, steal. Note that the majority of these nightclubs are owned by Jews.
    One evening, 3 North Africans made a fuss because they were refused entry. They used broken bottles to intimidate the staff . A Jew appears. He is not very good looking , imagines the ” happy merchant ” but bald and over weight.
    He wants to calm down the 3 North African victims of racism. This was not specified in the article, but this Jew being a lawyer, one can imagine that he felt allied to these thugs and planned to launch them legally against the evil French racists and anti-Semites. ( Even if the owners are Jews ? )
    Unfortunately for him he overestimated the intelligence of the 3 future rocket scientists he helped to import – those only seeing an intruder trying to disrespect them – and 30 seconds later our paternalistic Jew is lying on the sidewalk, dead, his skull smashed.
    If the 3 murderers had been white, the case would have had a national coverage. But in this case a simple article and then nothing. Fortunately, I stumbled upon it.

    The two sisters of the deceased interviewed in the article, after having praised their brother always at the forefront of anti-racism , end up deciding to create an association against racism and … for the reception of migrants (in France, of course not Israel, hehe), I’m not kidding. They want more murderers like the ones who killed their brother !

    Some thoughts, even if it means paraphrasing Mr. Langdon, sorry:
    Even the Jewish victims of non-whites are forgotten because of the great danger of awakening the goyim. I was surprised myself to see this story so quickly memory holed.
    When we see the blindness of the 2 sisters of the victim, we really doubt the so-called high IQ of their tribe, I never believed in it, on the other hand, the mental illness exacerbated by consanguinity (as in the case of the Muslims) can explain many things… because we are dealing with hysteria, jealousy and a permanent fear of the whites, without limits and insane, even if it means being destroyed in the process.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      That’s a good story but the sisters’ behaviour doesn’t surprise me at all.
      We need to imagine if all the refuges pouring into our nations were submissive, South East Asian females, aged 15-25, instead of similar aged aggressive Muslim males.
      Does anyone think you could get normal white men to oppose a never-ending, unlimited supply of this thing? Even if three of them murdered your own sister.
      It’s not going to be a big enough thing to rearrange a worldview that is so appealing to you on every possible level, which mass immigration is to white females.
      Be like trying to convince children to stop having chocolate for lunch every day because one of the kids blew up so fat he died. His brothers and sisters would likely start a charity to encourage chocolate for dinner as well as lunch.

      • Kniggeldi
        Kniggeldi says:

        Chat a bit in IR porn chats and u soon find out, it’s white gays in all variations and black men and very few women.
        And I guess the Breitbart comment section as a whole.

  5. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    Disgusting, repugnant..Victims? of what? poverty/famine/wars/illnesses/crime? show me the numbers?? I said and I repeat it the origin/base/roots of JEWISH great fortunes/power is always a huge crime/s against the goyim..wars/drugs/frauds//etc…It almost explodes my liver their open display of impunity legal/moral/public etc. The biggest cryptocrime of the century completely erased from the public mind..FTX/Soros/Epstein/Banking Bail/PALESTINE how can the jews burnt little babies to death and claim they are the….VICTIMS…. BS…

  6. Mr M
    Mr M says:

    Good article and it begs the question –
    Are these particular jews being targeted because they’re jewish?-
    or because they treat other people poorly in business deals or other situations?
    This is what so many jews don’t understand – that their bad/usurious behavior is
    what causes so many “anti-semitic” incidents.
    It’s easier to blame us goyim than to take responsibility for their own actions.

    • Birhan Dargey
      Birhan Dargey says:

      bad behavior.!!..ILLEGAL Fraudulent immoral illegitimate they don’t steal a cookie they steal TRILLIONS$$$…an we called them financial gurus..

  7. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    “The most specific threat as a group we Jewish people face in America is the omnipresent threat we Jews will always face, the threat of Christian nationalism . .”

    I think the Jew is being truthful here. Of course Christian Nationalism is the only thing they fear, it’s they only thing that’s ever worked.(the ‘nationalism’ just means ‘political’ for his & our purposes)
    Look at the Ukraine. Instead of taking Orthodox Christianity and Jewing it into some radical gibberish to turn the peasants into Russia-haters, they chose Nazism. Because they simply don’t fear this.
    If the Jew has brain-washed our people for near 100 years now how terrified he is by Nazism, is it maybe time we stopped believing this?
    ‘Jews’ aren’t a normal tribe that normal methods might work on, like you can develop some goofy ideology like neo-Nazism, inject it with all sorts up to & including satanism, and turn your peasants into hating his neighbour. Again see Ukraine.
    Jews are at bottom defined by their worship of devils, so the only defence against them must be based on God.

    • Stig
      Stig says:

      No, they did not choose nazism. National Socialism was by Germans, for Germans and for that specific time and was not applicable to other people. This is not my word, this is his…
      The fact that back then OUN hitched their wagon to the german train heading east, had troops under SS banners and now their descendants stick a Hakenkreutz or SS-runes to their uniforms, does not mean they are ‘nazis’, or national socialists.
      Yes, russian propaganda uses this word as a rallying cry, but you can hear from russian
      comentators, that this term is just that, a codeword to remind the populace of the past Vaterland War and make them ready in case it needs repeating. And ukies dusting off their granpas insignia? Hey, SS was a formidable fighting force, pan-europaean at that, so maybe the ukro-cannon fodder gets misty eyes and thinks they are one as well…
      And do not forget that the ones in command there, appear to be the chosen people and their shabbos and they would be the first to object if the ‘nazi’ thing was somehow becoming real.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        “And do not forget that the ones in command there, appear to be the chosen people and their shabbos and they would be the first to object if the ‘nazi’ thing was somehow becoming real.”

        It’s my opinion they feel much safer creating a fanatical ‘Nazi’ based group armed to the teeth, than creating a Christian Nationalist version. The latter may get out of hand and spread to Europe, or at least give people ideas.
        Making it this lunatic neo-Nazi thing with animal sacrifices and satanism et all, just guarantees it won’t go anywhere and will never become *real*.

        I know about the way the Russians use the word ‘Nazi’, to them William the Conqueror was a proto-type ‘Nazi’. As was Napoleon, as were the Teutonic Knights and everyone else who invaded Russia from the West.
        Nazis were the losers in the war that the current world political order is based on, so of course the word has just come to mean ‘something bad’.
        Like Hitler is a sort of Richard III of Shakespeare’s day, an archetypal villain. It’s just propaganda for the masses.
        Although obviously, because Jews are involved in this it’s way more extreme, intense, and schizo than any Tudor would dream of making it.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” Jews are at bottom defined by their worship of devils, so the only defence against them must be based on God.”

      Full stop .

      You finally admit

      there ultimately is no Christian defense against Jews and all of their chicanery and treachery

      since the God of Christianity is identical to
      the God of Judaism ;

      otherwise JC could not literally be the Son-of-God .

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Then what should the defence against them be based on, logic? Argument? Rationalism? Fairness? Begging them to be nice?
        White skin? Something pagan? Whatever the Greeks, Romans or Vikings worshiped?
        Historical Christianity’s record against Jews isn’t perfect, but what is better?
        Why is the Talmud so filled with this stuff attacking Jesus specifically? Why do they wince at the sign of the cross like vampires?
        And ‘Jews’ worship all sorts of demonic entities, when they aren’t negotiating, tricking or scamming them.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          ” Historical Christianity’s record against Jews isn’t perfect, but what is better? ”

          Realism since Christian faith has lost it to the jews .

          There are only three conditions that must be satisfied for something to be a PRIME concern for ALL of humanity worldwide ___

          1 ) a total extermination of humanity event which is guaranteed to occur at some finite time in the future

          2 ) the event must occur before the current ONE and ONLY guaranteed extermination event called ___

          {{ The Solar TOTAL Extinction Event }}

          when Helios-the-Sun BURNS-OUT and ALL of extant humanity here on planet earth will perish forever into the abyss of the

          DOOM of OBLIVION

          3 ) the event must be guaranteed
          to exterminate
          ALL of humanity worldwide .

          Physicists whom claim that

          “space is an illusion”

          is an instance of intellectual anarchy
          since it necessarily implies they are an illusion because their three dimensional physical being
          would be an illusion and not be real .

          A new religion
          to facilitate sufficient adherence to the

          {{{ PRIMAL – PRIME Directive }}}

          for humanity to thrive-n-survive beyond that [ one and only ]
          of ALL humanity worldwide
          would perhaps be required
          for the progeny of humanity
          to escape an inevitable and real extermination .

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Christian Nationalism fades in importance to Christian Zionism. 60M people in the US are Christian Zionists (Evangelicals), and most of them vote. They love Israel and worship Jews as “god’s chosen people” thanks to the Scofield Bible Supplement written by a petty criminal and adulterer funded by the powerful Jew Samuel Untermeyer. Jews have nothing to really fear from Christian Nationalists with Christian Zionists on their side. How to pry them apart?

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        All true.

        “Jews have nothing to really fear from Christian Nationalists with Christian Zionists on their side. How to pry them apart?”

        Good question. And it’s the sort of thing we should be thinking about. At least Christian Zionism is a sort of boomer thing, the youth and the energy is with Christian Nationalism, all is not lost.
        The White Nationalists should give it up, it’s never worked, never gained any traction anywhere, ever, so presumably never will.
        All their stated goals can so obviously be achieved through CN.

        • George Kocan
          George Kocan says:

          Christians learn early in their catechism to ‘love their enemies.” That includes Jews. But, as the war against Christianity grows and Christianity declines, incidence of anti-Semitism will increase. However, this does not seem to worry the Jews who keep pressing their war on everything Christian.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            The ‘loving your enemies’ bit is based on the ‘hate the game, not the player’ philosophy.
            Michael Corleone said it best in Godfather III, “never hate your enemies! It clouds your judgement”.
            Good advice. I’ve never known known Christianity to be wrong about anything.

  8. Mort
    Mort says:

    Not an intellectual observation but I love how they used two attractive women in their billboards 🤣🤣🤣

    • T.Gilligan
      T.Gilligan says:

      An observation that the poster campaign is nonetheless designed to elicit much sympathy and admiration, with the first lady whose beauty would put to shame the Kardashian girls.
      It was announced in Parliament by our carpet-bagging Prime Minster that he has decided to overrule the objections to proposed hollowcost ‘museum’ building in Victoria Tower Gardens in central London. The rendering of this structure resembles something the contestants in ‘Squid Games’ had to survive. Prime Sunak bellowed this out in the house chamber with a survivor of the camp present to hear his bleating.
      A friend of mine whose appearance is mistaken for a muslim, but in reality is a slacker, with mixed-race heritage, told of a Pakistani commenting to him that the ‘enemy is jews’.
      Tobias, I am sure your wise father would be persuaded by the overwhelming truth and an embarrassment of riches vis-a-vis evidence.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        The Jews ruining the site of Parliament is obviously outrageous, but it might actually be good in the long run. Such are the things that can open people’s minds as to who really rules us.
        British politicians of today don’t deserve to work in such a building anyway, it should be turned into a museum and an example of what our ancestors’ built and of the kind of men they were.
        Let today’s worthless, treacherous politicos have their little ‘debates’ in some soulless modern monstrosity, the sort of thing they inflict on us. It would more suit them and better reflect their level.
        But of course they won’t, they want to use the lingering power of Christian inspired buildings to complete the destruction of Christianity and British people themselves:
        Personally, I’d prefer if they just went the whole way and put a dagger through the thing, like they did with that German military site:

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        Thank you as well, since I vowed never to reply to him again, after he called me a STALKER; with all the disgusting, ad hominem connotations of that term.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        I wrote my above reply to you BEFORE I came across HIS reply to KM below.


        I’ll spare you the translation from his habitually elegant German !

  9. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    Disgusting and nauseating. This art represents another example of Christophobia. It mocks the great artistic achievements of the Christian tradition as exemplified by Michaelangelo.

  10. John
    John says:

    Give the indigenous people part of Australia [of USA, Canada, NZ) to live among themselves.
    With no White inventions or White technology.
    Create the same environment they had before the White man came, after a couple of hours, they will be running back to the other side, the racist White side.”
    This is another example of why we are in our destructive trajectory, we do not want to go our own way, we do not want to break away, to 100% separation. The correct course is to break away completely & in perpetuity. If we do not think this way, then, we are doomed, we will go extinct.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” This is another example of why we are in our destructive trajectory, we do not want to go our own way, we do not want to break away, to 100% separation. The correct course is to break away completely & in perpetuity. If we do not think this way, then, we are doomed, we will go extinct.”

      Superb observation .

      Christians ,
      which includes both Catholic and Protestant varieties of Nordics/Whites ,
      are unwittingly religiously programmed to be ,
      in effect ,
      political imbeciles with regard to the fact
      the Jewish God and Christian God are the same one .

      • George Kocan
        George Kocan says:

        The Christians worship a God who is the ultimate Creator and exists outside of time and space and has three persons. The Jews worship themselves, as discussed in Michael Hoffman’s book, “Judaism Discovered.”

        • JewBoy
          JewBoy says:

          Nice try. Christians worship a charismatic con-artist first-century Jewish rabbi, who was rejected by the only people in a position to determine the veracity of his claims. Then Paul–another Jewish con-artist–figured he’d have better success selling the incoherent Christian message to the low-IQ gentiles. Theodosius ultimately adopted it as the official religion of the Roman empire, and the rest is history.

          Ironically–lots of irony here, no?–Christians also worship another con-artist with a similar message to that of their so-called ‘savior’ or messiah. Jesus claimed he was ‘the way, the truth and the light’. Another narcissist claimed, “I alone can fix it”.

          I think we all know who said that.

          • George Kocan
            George Kocan says:

            Yes, here it is, the war on Christians and Christianity. : “Christians are allied with Hell and Christianity is worse than incest.” (Babylonian Talmud, Avodah Zarah 17a)….”Going to prostitutes is the same as being a Christian.” (BTAvoda Zarah)….”Those who read the Gospels are doomed to Hell” (BT Sanhendrin 90a)….”When the Messiah comes he will destroy the Christians.” (BT Sanhendrin 99a) This stuff has been going on the 2000 years and yet Jews claim to be the persecuted ones.

  11. charles frey
    charles frey says:


    01 When I clicked on TOO at the above time, I got this essay.

    02 Feeling certain, that there would be a new essay, I clicked on January and found the Pfizer story.

    03 This is not to be interpreted as a complaint; but I had to resort to my above approach numerous times.

    04 I live in Canada and a jew owns some intersection before I reach the net. Is this chicanery or a TOO internal problem ?

      • Strange World
        Strange World says:

        [mod. comment] ah, some on-topic stuff at last from Strange World! Danke, mein Freund!




        [p.s. there are several moderators at TOO and this one is not KMac.]

    WEFHURE says:

    The campaign should be about Whites. They are the most discriminated and victims of hate crimes.
    And who is behind most of the false flag ‘terror attacks’ and daily hate against Whites?

    The jew media, jew controlled government, jew associations etc…

    And who organize the invasion of the West by Muslims, Africans and Asians who are the biggest Jew haters and who commit 99% of the crimes against Jews?

    Soros is not Muslim last time I looked.



    Russian proverb

  14. Devon
    Devon says:

    I saw one of these billboards on my way into Birmingham City centre and almost choked laughing, I couldn’t believe the audacity of it. The Chutzpah!

  15. Sturm Bringer
    Sturm Bringer says:

    “Indeed, the reason we are made
    to feel racially guilty, and to abhor the use of force and violence,
    is to ensure that we will lack the spirit and will to defend ourselves
    against the mountingly flagrant forms of genocide that are being
    employed against us.”

  16. JewBoy
    JewBoy says:

    The irony is pretty thick here, friends, don’t you think? The very people incessantly whining and playing the ‘victim card’ about some imagined ‘replacement’ conspiracy are now whining about Jewish victimhood. Give me a break.

    And the irony doesn’t stop there, because the idea that a group of people who claim to have ‘discovered’ a ‘new world’, but actually annihilated and literally replaced the indigenous population–and subsequently built the nation on the backs of slave labor, but that’s another conversation–constantly whining about being ‘replaced’ would be hilarious if it wasn’t so moronic.

    Anyway, as I’ve said previously, Occam’s razor is your friend. This all boils down to an IQ problem, which is not easily fixed in the short term. I’m honestly not sure how to solve that problem, but in the meantime I’d suggest focusing on education, self-improvement both mentally and physically, stronger family units, and most importantly, getting your young men off internet porn, methamphetamine and Chick-fil-a.

    Because while your young men fixate on imaginary Jewish conspiracies, and pseudo-intellectual websites, like this one, which espouse them, the Chinese and Indians have their eyes on the ball, working hard, getting educated, and fixin’ to eat your lunch.

    So as you obsess over an ancient grudge predicated on a mountain of incoherent nonsense that’s nearly as high as the grudge is long–i.e. the rejection by the Jews of the ridiculous claims of a charismatic first-century rabbi–the Indians and Chinese are on the cusp of dominating you demographically, economically, culturally, militarily and politically.

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

      • JewBoy
        JewBoy says:

        Except it’s not funny, and here’s why…

        The decline of White people is bad for the Jews. Think about it. A parasite needs a healthy host. Without a healthy fish population, lampreys will die off. Same with Jews in relation to Whites.

        A quick look at video from any Trump rally tells the story quite clearly. Basically filthy, obese, retarded mouth-breathers with bad teeth. And the best of you are antisocial narcissistic incels like Dylan Roof, and Nick Fuentes. Hell, effing Kanye West is your hero for eff’s sake. This is decidedly NOT a healthy host.

        So get your sh*t together, White people. Parasitic Jews need a healthy host.

        Wait, or are you deliberately degrading your entire race in order to starve the Jews of a host?

        Maybe I need to rethink my thesis….

        • George Kocan
          George Kocan says:

          Some of those Trump supporters in sitting in prison without a trial, thanks to the militant attention of Merrick Galand, a usual suspect.

        • charles frey
          charles frey says:

          Sorry, but this is my last exchange with you. Your reply was self contradictory, illogical and you made our point for us; probably without realizing it.

          Goodbye lampray !

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            Jewboy made an appearance a couple weeks back, I thought *finally* we had a Jew with the wit & cajones to defend his people. At last they produce someone willing to debate us, which is all we ask.
            But he ran away after the gentlest push-back, so he’s obviously just a pathetic troll.
            All the decent Jews actually agree with us, we can all name half a dozen.
            Ignore him.

    • George Kocan
      George Kocan says:

      As I indicated, the social problem to be solved is the war on Christians and Christianity, in which Talmudic Jews play an important part. The war began with the crucifixion of Jesus and continues to this very day.

      • JewBoy
        JewBoy says:

        I love this line of reasoning. So you think Jesus was a Christian?

        I’m no New Testament scholar, but didn’t Jesus actually NEED to die that way in order to fulfill the Old Testament prophesy? And furthermore, if so-called ‘God’ is all he’s cracked up to be, he would have had to know that’s how things would play out since, well, the beginning of time.

        There is no war on Christianity, but there’s definitely a war on religion, and justifiably so. Because you religious folks can’t just leave well enough alone. You just can’t help yourselves. You have to shove your preposterous fairy tales down everyone else’s throats.

        • George Kocan
          George Kocan says:

          Do not confuse theology with history. Jews have declared war on Christianity and it continues till this day. Christians do not force anything down anyone’s throat. Jew came here, to the US, to a Christian country and worked to turn it into a Jewish colony.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” This all boils down to an IQ problem , which is not easily fixed in the short term.”

      It is much more of an [ intelligence ] problem
      than an “IQ” problem
      which is NOT a measure of [ intelligence ]
      that the vast majority conflate with “IQ”.

      Nordics/Whites are mostly descendants of typically NONpolitical ( except for relatively trivial voting enthusiasms ) rural cultures which normally have very little if any need for intellectualism , world history , psychological sciences , social sciences , high finance , global economics , foreign languages , and so on , compared to their cosmopolitan jewmasterss whom must be competent in at least some of those listed domains of intelligence for them to continue to be the primary and/or predominant authors of large scale economies worldwide . In other words , by far most Nordics are culturally politicly inept since they are normally deficient in all those listed domains which coalesce into political intelligence .

      Nordics were never taught and never culturally transmitted a political truism first proclaimed by the jewess author Ayn Rand ___

      You can ignore politics
      and you can ignore the consequences
      but you cannot avoid the consequences

      which is a clarifying paraphrase of what she asserted in her 1950s book “Atlas Shrugged” .

      Nordic/White cultures will soon be extinct
      if they cannot accomplish
      a USA Red State secession of emancipation ,
      from their cosmopolitan jewmasterss ,
      and subsequently establish
      a WN ethnostate sanctuary ,
      for Nordics especially ,
      in the USA Pacific NW region ,
      beginning in Idaho .

  17. Redpill Boomer
    Redpill Boomer says:

    Has anybody done statistics of these alleged anti-Semitic incidents:
    1. How many were trivial (e.g., some young hooligan painting swastika graffiti)
    2. How many are fraudulent – like the young Israeli who called to threaten American synagogues
    3. How many committed by Islamic or African immigrants?
    4. How many committed by blacks (some of which may simply be anti-white attacks?)
    5. How many committed by white nationalists/supremacists?

    • George Kocan
      George Kocan says:

      Reported incidents of “anti-Semitism” distract from the on-going war against Christianity, which involve an abundance of incidents.

    • T.Gilligan
      T.Gilligan says:

      I can attest from the news reports that all of the attacks, be they physical assaults or threatening behaviour or tirades have been (on film) by Africans, West Indians and Middle Easterner; and as Tobias mentions, pakistanis living in the North of England.
      Unlike the secularly attired poster boys and girls, the orthodox jews (two middle-aged males) who were attacked by ,presumably an, African in North London. In Stamford Hill area the jews are just ‘white’ they are distinctly religiously dressed: white shirts, long-black jackets, homburg hat and shylocks dropping past their ears and jaw-line.

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