Villains and Victims: An Unexpected Outbreak of Hate-Fact at the World’s Greatest Newspaper

Here’s a nerdy question that packs a powerful political punch: What is the etymology of “slave”? Few people know the answer and that’s just the way leftists like it, because the answer derails one of their central projects. And the answer is this: The word “slave” is derived from the word “Slav,” because the pagans of Eastern Europe were once routinely enslaved by the Christians of Western Europe. So routinely that the name of the nation became the word for the status.

Fair skin and beauty

It’s easy to see how this history derails one of the central projects of the left: to assign all villainy to Whites and all victimhood to non-Whites. Blacks are not unique in being violently seized and cruelly enslaved. Whites from Eastern Europe suffered the same fate. So did Whites from Western Europe. One of the most famous stories of early British history is — or used to be — that of how Pope Gregory the Great (540–604 AD) saw a group of beautiful children with fair skin at a slave-market in Rome. He asked what tribe they were from and was told that they were Angli, “Angles.” He replied: Non Angli, sed angeli, si forent Christiani — “Not Angles, but angels, if they were Christian.” Later in history, the fair skin and beauty of Whites were prized by the Muslim slavers who raided coastal settlements everywhere from Italy to Iceland. Muslims also obtained White slaves from greedy and unscrupulous Jewish slave-traders, as Andrew Joyce has described at the Occidental Observer.

Muslims enslaved Blacks in even greater numbers. And Muslims still enslave Blacks. But none of that history — the etymology of “slave,” the continuing Muslim enslavement of Blacks — helps the leftist project of assigning all villainy to Whites and all victimhood to non-Whites. So leftists do their best to ignore and censor it. As the liberal author Jeremy Black noted in his book Slavery: A New Global History (2011): “[The] period of Mamluk rule [in Muslim Egypt] was roughly equivalent in length to that of slavery in the USA, and it is an interesting sign of relative concerns that the attention devoted to slavery in the Mamluk empire and the USA is as a drop of water compared to an ocean.” (ch. 1, p. 33)

Jeremy Black is right: it is interesting. For example, it’s an interesting example of the left’s doublethink. One of the core principles of leftism is that we’re all the same under the skin. Blacks and Whites, men and women, gays and straights are all equally competent and capable and cognitively gifted. Only chance and historical contingency explain why a Polish woman called Marie Curie working in France made such seminal contributions to physics rather than a Shona woman called Timukudzei Machingaidze working in Zimbabwe.

High achievements and heinous atrocities

But the leftist principle of isohypodermatism — “sameness under the skin” — is used only to excuse non-Whites for their failure, never to exculpate Whites for their felony. On leftist principles, it’s also only chance and historical contingency that explain why Whites enslaved Blacks rather than vice versa. If we’re all the same under the skin and Blacks are capable of the same high achievements as Whites — as leftism insists they are — it inexorably follows that Blacks are also capable of the same heinous atrocities as Whites. At least, it follows by the laws of logic, but not by the strategies of leftism. However loudly leftists proclaim that they have principles, they are always and only pursuing power. They proclaim equality and pursue hierarchy, with themselves at the top and their enemies at the bottom. Among their chief enemies are ordinary Whites and Christians, whom they want to thrust to the bottom of society, far below non-Whites and non-Christians.

As I pointed out in “The Logic of Leftist Lies,” when leftists talk about “white supremacy” and the need to smash it, they really mean “white autonomy” and the need to strip ordinary Whites of freedom and enslave them. At the heart of this hidden leftist project is belief in the innate evil of Whites. Of course, this implicit belief in White evil contradicts the explicit leftist principle of equality and sameness-under-the-skin, but so what? A frogfish camouflages itself as a clump of seaweed, which contradicts its true identity as a voracious predator. This is because a frogfish needs to fool those it wants to eat, just as the left need to fool those they want to enslave.

“White people are cannibals”

And high-ranking leftists do sometimes abandon pretence and openly say that Whites are innately evil. Think of the egomaniac Jewess Susan Sontag (1933–2004) and her claim that “The white race is the cancer of human history; it is the white race and it alone — its ideologies and inventions — which eradicates autonomous civilizations wherever it spreads, which has upset the ecological balance of the planet, which now threatens the very existence of life itself.” Where Jews like Sontag have led, the non-Whites imported by Jews into the West have eagerly followed. This story, reproduced at American Renaissance, is about a White being righteously condemned by non-Whites for his innate evil:

A former Seattle city employee has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit alleging he was a victim of anti-White discrimination due to a “racially hostile work environment.” … As part of his RSJI [Race and Social Justice Initiative] training, the lawsuit alleges, Diemert was required to attend a two-day workshop in 2019 called “Undoing Institutional Racism,” during which facilitators declared, “white people are like the devil,” “racism is in white people’s DNA,” and “white people are cannibals.” … “Mr. Diemert’s colleagues used their work emails to berate and entertain violence against him, referring to him as ‘some a—hole,’ the ‘reincarnation of the people that shot native Americans from trains, rounded up jews for the camps, hunted down gypsies in Europe and runaway slaves in America,’ noting that it was not worth addressing his concerns because he would ‘just come back with more stupidity,’ and that someone should ‘get a guy to swing by when Josh is in the restroom and beat him bloody,’” the lawsuit alleges. (Seattle City Employee Sues Over Anti-White Discrimination, ‘Racially Hostile Work Environment,’ Fox News, 29th November 2022)

Remember: like the sexual enslavement of White girls in Rotherham and elsewhere, this is what is happening when Whites are still the majority of the population. If Whites don’t resist, much worse will follow as they slide inexorably towards being a minority of the population. What can we expect from non-Whites who believe that “white people are like the devil,” that “racism is in white people’s DNA,” and that “white people are cannibals”? Those statements utterly contradict the loudly proclaimed egalitarianism of the left but are being made by people whom leftists seek to set above Whites in their hierarchy of virtue and vice. Under leftism, non-Whites are innately virtuous and at the top of the hierarchy, while Whites are innately vicious and at the bottom of the hierarchy. There will be no nonsense about “minority rights” when Whites are the minority.

Triumph of the Villains

Instead, Whites will be punished for their success and their soaring achievements. After all, for leftists those achievements represent only the Triumph of the Villains, because Whites have stolen everything and invented nothing. The White West rose to unjust supremacy by enslaving and exploiting non-Whites. Or so leftists and their non-White footsoldiers believe. In reality, as I pointed out in “The Pale Male Paradox,” the invention of the screw does far more to explain the supremacy of the West than the enslavement of Blacks. If slavery were the key to success, one of the leading nations in the modern world would be Ethiopia, because until recent times slavery “was everywhere” in Ethiopia. And it wasn’t just everywhere: “It was the backbone of labour; it was the source of everything. It was not only landlords and the court of the emperor keeping slaves, but also rich peasants. If you had money, you had [slaves].”

Those quotes come from Ahmed Hassan, a “professor of history at Addis Ababa University” who’s talking about Blacks enslaving other Blacks without any White involvement or encouragement. Indeed, the article quoting him explicitly notes that Ethiopia was “the only African country to have successfully resisted European colonisation.” And where did the article itself appear? Was it in some web of white supremacy like American Renaissance or at some hub of heresy like the Unz Review? Not at all: much to my surprise the article appeared in the Guardian. It was what I call a Guardianista Goosestep — an eruption of hate-fact amid the general anti-White dishonesty and pro-Black deceit of the newspaper.

Diversity + Proximity = War

Even more to my surprise, the article went further than admitting that Blacks could be villains. It also admitted that diversity is weakness rather than strength. It didn’t explicitly quote Chateau Heartiste and say that “Diversity + Proximity = War.” But it might as well have done. Here is some of the article, so you can see the hate-facts and hate-history for yourself:

‘If you had money, you had slaves’: how Ethiopia is in denial about injustices of the past

Nothing hints at the dark past of the marketplace at Dalbo, a town in southern Ethiopia. Today, it is a thriving hub that draws farmers from the surrounding countryside each week, and doubles as a sports pitch on non-trading days. There are no plaques, monuments or inscriptions revealing that enslaved people were once sold here alongside livestock and cereals. Local people will often shut down the conversation when the subject is raised.

“They are hiding the story because they feel ashamed,” says Zerfe Argaw, who lives on a farmstead a few miles outside Dalbo. “It is seen as a closed subject; people don’t want to talk about it.” Zerfe is in her 50s, too young to have seen people being sold in the market, but she was told about the trade by older relatives. “I heard different stories,” she says. “Slave owners owned [entire] households as slaves and would sell whole families to buyers, including the children.” …

Histories of the country gloss over slavery and the subject rarely surfaces in public discourse. At the National Museum of Ethiopia in the capital, Addis Ababa, none of the exhibits deal with domestic slavery, while in Dalbo the chains once used to bind slaves have been melted down to make knives and farm implements. Little has been preserved. “Slavery is a controversial issue,” says Nigussu Mekonnen, a guide at the museum. “There is limited evidence and information about it.”

Most history is hotly contested in Ethiopia, a patchwork of 90 ethnic groups prone to outbreaks of inter-communal violence. The nation was forged through violent conquest in the late 19th century by Emperor Menelik II — whose empire was based on the culture of the northern highlands — and resentments from that era still smoulder. Later came famine, revolution and civil war. Today, the country is grappling with the fallout of a bloody civil war between the northern Tigray region and the federal government that has killed hundreds of thousands of people, and a simmering insurgency marked by ethnic killings in Oromia, Ethiopia’s largest state.

“We tend to ignore certain kinds of history that would shape the negative image of the country,” says Kiya Gezahegne, an assistant professor in the social anthropology department at Addis Ababa University. Instead, official narratives focus on Ethiopia’s ancient Christian civilisation and its reputation as the only African country to have successfully resisted European colonisation.

“We are taught to be proud of our identity, and bringing in this narrative of slavery would be a challenge to that discourse,” says Kiya. Yet slavery was once widespread in Ethiopia. Stretching back centuries, slaves served as soldiers, domestic servants and labourers, who were put to work at royal courts, in churches and fields.

Many were born into servitude. Others were captured in raids and during wars, or sold into slavery after they failed to pay debts. Much of the trade was domestic, although Ethiopian slaves were also sold across the Red Sea to Arabia and Turkey, where they were prized as concubines and servants.

Historical data on the slave trade is patchy. Ahmed Hassen, a professor of history at Addis Ababa University, says the number of enslaved people ebbed and flowed, especially during times of war, but estimates that up to one-third of Ethiopians were enslaved at different points in history.

In some districts, the proportion was likely even higher. The sociologist Remo Chiatti calculates that 50 to 80% of people were slaves in parts of Wolaita, a southern kingdom centred on Dalbo that was absorbed into the Ethiopian empire in the 1890s. “Slavery was everywhere,” says Ahmed. “It was the backbone of labour; it was the source of everything. It was not only landlords and the court of the emperor keeping slaves, but also rich peasants. If you had money, you had them.” …

Today, the impact of slavery is [still] keenly felt. After abolition, many slaves became part of the families of their former masters, but in some areas the descendants of enslaved people are seen as impure and are marginalised, barred from participating in ceremonies such as funerals or marrying into other clans. In Addis Ababa, it is common to hear light-skinned highlanders refer to darker-skinned people from southern Ethiopia as “bariya” (slave). … The polarised environment has made it harder to discuss issues such as slavery. A teacher in Addis Ababa, who did not want to be named, says he grew up with “zero knowledge” that slavery was once so widespread.“People are too preoccupied with ethnic-based politics,” he says. “If you talk about slavery, you are accused of trying to divide your group.”

He says: “I see a lot of posts online about George Floyd, talking about how racist America is, and of course that’s an issue. But we also need to talk about inequality here. There are still ethnic groups looking down on others.” (‘If you had money, you had slaves’: how Ethiopia is in denial about injustices of the past, The Guardian, 18th January 2023)

The article is typically leftist in the way it tries to incite resentment, induce shame, and sit in judgment on history. But it isn’t at all leftist in the people and places it targets for those things. Rather than condemning Whites for the way they’ve treated Blacks, it’s condemning Blacks for the way they’ve treated other Blacks. And it’s also admitting that reality does not conform to leftist lies about diversity being strength. Ethiopia is “a patchwork of 90 ethnic groups prone to outbreaks of inter-communal violence.” And it “was forged through violent conquest in the late 19th century” by the Black Emperor Menelik II. And later it suffered “famine, revolution and civil war.”

A curse, not a strength

How on earth did those hate-facts get through the heresy-filter at the Guardian? I don’t know and I don’t expect it to happen often in future. But the article itself is enough. It explodes the leftist myth of White villainy and Black victimhood. In Ethiopia, Blacks were both villains and victims. But the article doesn’t actually use the word “Black” and that would be too broad a word in any case. Although the article is full of hate-facts and does constitute a genuine Guardianista Goosestep, it doesn’t reveal the full complexity of Ethiopian history and “inter-communal violence.” I would predict that the “90 ethnic groups” in Ethiopia are genetically distinct in highly important ways. The “light-skinned highlanders” from the north are likely more intelligent and more cognitively equipped for waging war than the “darker-skinned people” from the south.

Compare the mountain-dwelling Alawites of Syria, who have come to dominate the country despite being a despised and once-persecuted minority. Syria too has suffered “civil war” and “inter-communal violence,” because in Syria too diversity is not a strength but a curse. That article about Ethiopia in the Guardian couldn’t have put it in those words, but it did let the hateful truth emerge. Diversity is not strength and Blacks are not virtuous victims.

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    • Al Ross
      Al Ross says:

      Yea , they do and they are pleased , in private at least, to call it Marxist Social Inversion.

      The traditional Aryan ethos which encouraged men to strive for superiority and greatness has been replaced , through systematic , Jew – promoted menticide by the low – minded malice of Marxism’s purported desideratum, Equality in degradation for Goyim.

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        Jews just aim to reduce others to slavery. Their actions do make sense somewhat if attempting global conquest.

        A slave is ugly. A master is beautiful. Slaves have no heritage, no identity, nothing but what the master defines them as. A slave is dependent, unable to thrive independently from the master.

        Jews, today, seem to want to make themselves more beautiful and to generally make themselves into global masters. That’s not to say they’ll succeed, but you see it.

        Also, Jews try to make the low great, and the great into low caste. That way, those newly in power are loyal to those who gave them wealth, status, and power. It does make sense. It’s just how pagans competed. It is logical.

  1. Servenet
    Servenet says:

    There is no reason to imagine that Whites will ¨resist,¨…none whatsoever. I have been witnessing the snowballing of anti-White animus FOR SEVENTY YEARS. And it has increased EXPONENTIALLY (like said snowball) over that time. These past two years have demonstrated like a slap-in-the-face that THERE IS NO ABUSE, NO LEVEL OF INSANE ABUSE…that the White population will not quietly suffer under. Best thing that can be said – the percentage of Whites who remain ¨comfortable¨ must diminish by leaps and bounds. Holding my breath.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Two things:

      1. Internet has been big for only a short period.
      2. Mass media is the greatest population control ever created.

      Anyway, whites might just need to adapt. Jews clearly thrive in the current environment. White Gentiles needn’t copy Jews entirely, but some aspects are probably good. The Parsi in India are also worth looking at, maybe the Brahmins (some) in India also?

      In the US, we’ve had two divides:

      Left wing says genetics mean nothing.
      Right wing says genetic mean everything.

      The truth is probably in the middle: Genetics mean something but not everything. So, cultural/structural adaptation.

      Christians would have just forced Jews to convert or expelled them. That’s what happened to the pagans. So, that’s another strategy, but I don’t see it happening.

      • Captainchaos
        Captainchaos says:

        Ulster Scots Loyalists in Northern Ireland actively practice a workable strategy this very day. Ethnonationalism, religious conservatism and paramilitary political gangsterism. They are Protestants of Northwestern European descent who do their thing right in the very bowels of clown world. You cannot say it cannot be done, they are doing it. It could be replicated in America on a much grander scale under the auspices of Red State secession.

        We need a plan capable of achieving revolutionary objectives that at the same time can be presented in a way that doesn’t scare off boomers and bourgeois conservatives (because they are gigantic pussies and you’ve got to lie to them). So the answer is clear: just promote Red State secession legally and through the democratic process as wide spread support for the more hardcore stuff doesn’t presently exist.

      • Captainchaos
        Captainchaos says:

        Think about this. We could have tens of millions of ideological adherents to Red State secession spread out across Dixie and most of the northern half of the contiguous United States. That is Red State territory. Such a movement could potentially produce hundreds of thousands of fanatical political soldiers.

        But here’s the thing. You CAN get away with promoting Red State secession on the basis of milquetoast civic nationalism on social media and in casual conversation without being branded a Nazi monster. This really is low hanging fruit. Why the official intellectual gurus of WN won’t back this plan is a mystery to me.

        • Weaver
          Weaver says:

          RamzPaul talks about it. LoS used to. Canadian secession might become a thing, though technically not allowed there, as I understand. However, I also know:

          1. Big data is used against us.
          2. False flags are used against.

          Lately, I see claims of scary whites marching around. One couple supposedly wanted to ruin Baltimore City, and there are angry Ukrainians in Europe who might use or sell guns from the war there.

          Sam Francis wrote that the “managerial elite” is at least as (I forget the word he used) strategic/conniving as any in history. Whether we’re up against that or just Jews and intelligence agencies… it’s challenging either way.

          4th gen war involves individuals and small groups doing what they can. The primary goal of 4th gen war is survival, as I recall. When Trump ran, I tried to push it towards Buchanan. I don’t know how much, if any, influence I had; but I think his election had a positive impact. Elections might not matter as much now.

          A problem with any sort of activism is the results can be unpredictable. The mass media and Google shape interpretations.

          Anyway, if you ever lose hope, move to Hungary maybe. I get that they’re not Nordic, but East Europe might be a sort of European stand at some point. I hope you have kids.

          The problem with Ulster, as I understand it anyway, is: fewer kids than the Catholics. Ireland is filling with foreigners also. I still feel like if the closed border movements are against the foreign policy, they’ll be more successful. I like both the orange and green also, if they’d quit bringing in foreigners. Ethnically I guess I’m orange, but increasingly I just want to save anything European.

          A negative of writing out anything strategic is the midbrows who hate us better understand how to attack. I’ve always felt like sites like this have more antagonistic readers.

          For what it’s worth, the ideology I vaguely promote is for smaller societies. Ideology changes with the situation, isn’t meant to be revered.

  2. Jack
    Jack says:

    Great article.
    Rule #1: Never repeat the enemy’s propaganda.
    The Hoax, White Supremacy,
    People need to be stopped cold, and NOT ENGAGED when they start whining about the plight of blacks or #sadjewstories
    It works. ‘Why are we talking about stuff eighty (or 160) year old when we have so many dying of Sackler Opioids today?’
    Try it on the next normie. Shuts them right down.

    Thanks again for the article

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      I just promote UBI as a means of ending poverty in the US, reducing the wealth gap. Really with UBI the minimum wage could be removed, and unemployment should be potentially zero, except where people choose not to take a job. It would reduce the wealth gap, remove the need for all of these social workers. Payroll taxes could be ended. Nearly all of the government could be cut if replacing it with UBI.

      If all the government bloat were just replaced with UBI, you’d have a much more right wing society. There’d be no “ring giver” deciding who gets what.

      The primary opponents of UBI seem to be whites. But it at least counters the BLM stuff. Flat consumption tax > income tax, mostly.

  3. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    We need another book: The Myth of White Villainy.
    For those unfamiliar, I am referring to the classic book of revisionist history The Myth of German Villainy by the late Benton Bradberry.

  4. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 Too many decades ago I read Nikolai Gogol’s DEAD SOULS.

    02 If memory serves, the plot, or at least sub-plot involved a young, impecunious, but well – born gentleman courting a daughter of a wealthy family.

    03 To feign wealth to her parents, he presented ownership papers for a great number of indentured, Russian slaves, without disclosing, that they had all passed away long ago.

    04 In 57 and 58 I attended grade 12 and first year junior college at Gordon Military College in Barnesville, Georgia. I recall writing a term paper on the historically predominant Atlanta Cotton Exchange; including the cost per standardized bale at various times.

    05 At the end of said paper I ruminated about the eventual, real future costs of the slavery-subsidized cotton prices of that era.

    06 Sixty years before demands for RESTITUTION.

  5. Servenet
    Servenet says:

    Here is a historical FACT…that is never ¨brought up¨ – that the history of MANKIND is simply one people DISPOSSESSING AND DISPLACING another. It had been ongoing from the mists of time. It was never fretted over or even ethically relevant. It just was. That was when human kind was essentially sane if brutal. But the story of humanity is NOTHING if not brutal. The 20th century taught us that above all other matters. How many in brother wars and world-wide collateral? 100 million? More than in any other era…I´m told.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      I like to think of Polynesians raiding neighboring islands. If the island men look weak, the invaders attack, eat them, and take their women.

      I don’t believe such ethics works now, though. To give one obvious problem: nukes.

      Also, it would have been sad if whites had replaced every other group. I actually do like having a diversity of groups. It’s like specialization in rainforest niches. If one niche is lost, the others still exist. So, however the world changes, there are many alternatives waiting to fill the new opportunities with new adaptations.

      What we’re moving towards instead is just all of humanity intermarrying. We’ll eventually see eugenics applied to mixed populations such as “Latinos.” That’s probably why the heterogeneous category “Latino” was created. The managerial push is towards regional states and then to a global state. Many “whites” in the US already have some Amerindian, as I understand it. So, the boundaries are already blurring beyond how we expect.

      But adaptation should be possible.

  6. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    LEIBEIGENSCHAFT or serfdom / slavery existed in Germany as well. The nobles’ farm workers were not allowed to marry nor move without permission. They were bought and sold.

    Extremely sorry for robbing the celebrated victims and their stokers of their exclusivity !

  7. Klars
    Klars says:

    Cong. Ilhan Omar was just kicked off a House committee by the GOP mostly for criticizing Jews and Israel.

    But notice that she and her ilk all, including Jews, over the country can say all the anti-White things they want with barely any repercussions.

    Folks, how can we get the news out about those types of Jews and Jewish groups that are complicit in wrecking our country?

    Op-eds? Demonstrations? Flyers? Candlelight vigils? Bumper stickers?

    It MUST be possible.

    Suggestions please.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Bumper stickers only if you can afford daily repairs to your vehicles and home; perhaps family members and your source of income.

      Anonymously sent DVDs, articles, etc., addressed regularly to authorities connected to them, is much more effective. Schoolboards, assinine local administrators, Congress critters.

    • Marcus Baskett
      Marcus Baskett says:

      Despite the scariness of it no one’s in any real danger besides what could result from their own behaviors acted upon loss perspective, anger, stress & belligerence. White gentiles we’re about as free as we’ve ever hoped to be right now. Seize it! Look up meditation & fasting and apply. (I wouldn’t mess with any religions at this time however) We have a future -not a past- to demonstrate, teach (by silent example if only) and prosper in. Judgment is not ours. otherwise it would be called Gentilement*. Not how we roll. Our success to developing further to who we set out to become has yet to be realized – we’re Far from done! …and “convenience” will kill us faster than a mosquito in a bug zapper. Don’t you see the nucleus issue used against us is to cause us to stop being us by fighting each other and the elusive power (anti-power) driving it by just being who they are (Jews) over crumbs about the floor beneath the banquet table. If it’s a war, it’s between who can be more like themselves. Furthermore there’s no hurry in any of this especially when you hold your future (material situation notwithstanding) in your own hands! What if we turn one day and thank the jews(?) (not in sappy subservience but secure in ourselves) what if we being ourselves cause their extinction(?) …we’ll, we know their answers to such questions so tag! your it.

  8. Chris
    Chris says:

    Yes. And of course the other red pill you could add is that slavery is not that bad. Usury, which is crypto-slavery, is often worse. Not paying a just wage can be worse. Other sharp practices regarding “free” labor can be worse.

    Having a society of free-laborers offering their skills to the highest bidder and the contract between laborer and boss being backed up by a readily-accessible judicial system … is a luxury of modern societies… which of course Jews tried to wreck at every opportunity.

    (The article is especially useful in pointing out that enslavement is akin to rape. And who would you rather rape: an “Angelic” nord or some bush woman from darkest Africa? Who would be more pleasant to have around the house??).

  9. Nikolay
    Nikolay says:

    Good article.
    As slav by birth, much pleased that my predecessors. my distant relatives made important contribution into human culture, human civilization. By means of their hardships, by the fact of their existence and suffering in captivity they helped to coin the term “slave”. It is notable that slavs themselves never turned into slavery others, albeit there happened bloody battles with their neighboring tribes. Until Christianity came from the West…and turned them all into slavery. It is long story, much changed in the course of time, including the essence of slavery, which was explained by Epictetus, ancient Greece philosopher (who himself once was a slave):
    “Slavery doesn’t mean to work for someone else, slavery means that you prompted to think ‘right way’.”

  10. Ron Chapman
    Ron Chapman says:

    G’day Tobias,
    Thank you for your interesting analysis.

    Here is another perspective.
    Arguably the Talmudists’ current vogue for using the cultural Marxist bashing of ‘whites and Christians’ with racist, exploitation and enslavement slurs etc is just the next logical projection of their diabolical, materialistic anti-spiritual program to enslave humanity and this planet. For Talmudists, cultural Marxist WOKEist rhetoric has the added benefit of concealing the fact that in Anglo-US nations (and probably most European nations other than Russia) the Talmudists have already superseded history’s overt physical enslavement mechanisms by implementing their criminal, Strawman financialist slave mechanism based on pseudo-legal, undisclosed financial enslavement from birth, first implemented in the UK in 1666. See eg: Democracy, Deception, Deceit – they’re all the same

    When the Talmudic bankers orchestrated the misnamed British ‘Glorious Revolution’ a few years later in 1688-89, they had already replaced feudal serfdom with covert exploitation and control of the British population using the legal fiction that the living population wasn’t.

    Then in 1694 the Talmudic banksters got King William III to grant them the right to establish the Bank of England and to fraudulently emit loans at interest (usury).

    Thereafter the covert “Strawman” mechanism combined with acceptance of the money meme and fraudulent money emission by the Bank of England facilitated the adoption of the Talmudic banksters’ capitalism and pseudo democracy ideologies that they used to morph our world into today’s mental and physical societal enslavement system.

    The next step in transitioning our world away from the traditional slavery and serfdom models occurred with the UK Enclosure Acts used to expel the serfs from their lands making them cannon fodder for the Industrial Revolution.

    Having gained the privilege of issuing usurious loans to the monarchy in 1694, the Talmudists then pressured King George III in the early 1770s, to abolish and replace the Tally Stick English money system with gold. Tally Sticks had been successfully used as currency by the English monarchy since around 1200 AD. The abolition of the use of Tally Sticks and the requirement to pay taxes using gold caused the American War of Independence because it also eliminated the Colonial Scrip money system which was very successfully used to make the British US colonies prosperous. After the abolition of colonial Scrip the US colonies suffered severe economic depression and unemployment. Sound familiar?

    The underlying ideological reason for replacing serfdom with free range wage slavery was enunciated in the British bankers’ Hazard Circular’ to US bankers in 1863 during the American Civil War, which they created. The Circular stated that British and European bankers (i.e. the Rothschilds and other Ashkenazis) considered chattel slavery should be replaced by free range wage slavery because it relieves capitalist owners of the responsibility to house, feed, clothe and care for slaves and their families, including the sick and ageing.

    Lincoln freed US slaves as a means to assist the Union to win the Civil War, but his freeing of the slaves ushered in the free range wage slavery mindset globally. Although Britain had earlier moved to end slavery and handsomely compensate British plutocratic slave owners; and Tsar Alexander II liberated the serfs in Imperial Russia before Lincoln freed US slaves, Lincoln’s action can be seen as Pied Piper of Hamelinesq, since it dramatically modelling the change for the rest of the world, psychologically, ideologically and practically.

    The change to free range wage slavery unleashed much energy and innovation because, as the bankers realised, the most productive enslaved individuals are those who think they are free; and free range wage serfdom gives people that illusion.

    In the UK; and later in the US in 1933, the Strawman mechanism was surreptitiously implemented so that today most people in the US are secretly enslaved for life. See eg: An Investigative Report Re the US Strawman UCC/Redemption Process By Barton A. Buhtz –

    The same mechanism has been used in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and many other places around the world.

    Everyone, except the bankster controllers of governments and their oligarchic corporatist mates and other privileged insiders, is enslaved at birth wherever the Strawman mechanism is implemented. There are none so enslaved as those who think they are free and that has become the norm in Western civilisation as the Strawman mechanism and free range serfdom has taken over from chattel slavery.

    The resultant slave mentality is obvious today in, for instance, the voluntary mass social acceptance of governmental and health authority’s imprisonment of whole populations in their homes and popular mass acquiescence to wearing masks (typical of slaves) and being raped by healthcare workers injecting unknown, experimental substances into their bodies and inserting and rotating lethal ethylene swabs up noses to penetrate the cribrimform barrier that protects the human brain.

    The Talmudists’ “belt and bracers” approach to enslaving humanity on this planet is evidenced by the fact that they are not satisfied with using the Strawman mechanism to enslave us, they also use usurious fiat fractional reserve banking to steal the fruits of our labours, thereby impoverishing us and making life a miserable ‘dog eat dog’ existence for almost everyone.

    Apart from reducing us to a legally lifeless slave status from birth and forcing us into a lifetime of free range serfdom, the Talmudists who control our world compound the felony by unlawfully taxing the fruits of our labours via personal income taxation AND, at the same time, they steal even more of our free range slave wages by fraudulently imposing usurious interest rate charges on all currencies they pretend to create and issue via loans despite the fact that government treasuries should emit all money and currencies free of charge.

    Christ Jesus warned us two thousand years ago about the Pharisees (today’s neoPharisaic Talmudists) saying their father was the father of lies. And so it is. Our history and almost everything we think we know is a LIE.

    Fortunately the coming transition will remove the Talmudists from our world and enable us to start developing and using the ideas and technologies of Nikola Tesla and many others with the result that the thought of using anyone as a slave will seem absurd because use of technology, AI and electromagnetic energy harvesting from space and the planet make needing to force others to work for us unnecessary.

    Peace and Blessings,

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      Do you really believe most people could ever really be free ? The heroin addict? The lottery addicts? The alcoholic? It’s a nice idea and that’s all it will ever be . I’m free because I’m a good manager of my money. And believe me… there’s just enough to be poor and happy.

    • Ron Chapman
      Ron Chapman says:

      G’day Gerry,
      Thanks for that reference.

      That was what was intended by the Talmudists and their lackeys and goyim enablers BUT it ain’t gonna happen.

      Arguably the coming changes will not result in a world of digital currencies in the way the WEF intended. Cash will continue to exist despite the existence of genuine, secure, asset backed electronic banking.

      Money and currencies will be backed by gold and precious metals and created and emitted by national treasuries whose operations will be scrutinised and supervised by the unhackable electronic Quantum Financial System (QFS), however described. The QFS and all national monetary operations will be oversighted by the International Treasury Controller and safeguarded by an international global Space Force that will constantly monitor its proper performance. The integrity of the Space Force will also be constantly monitored.

      The GLOBEC will replace the Petrodollar as the international trading currency.

      The global socio-political systems being implemented to replace the current Khazarian Mafia (KM) corporate government and usurious fiat banking control systems will eliminate all corrupt KM pseudo democratic, centralised political and bureaucratic governance arrangements everywhere. Political power in all nations will be devolved to local and regional councils elected by mature adults who will vote for POLICIES, not representatives.

      Council representatives at all levels will be required to properly implement the policies approved by electors and they will be subject to RECALL by those who elect them if they fail to properly do their duties.

      Money creation and emission will become the responsibility of national treasuries and their performance will be scrutinised and controlled by the unhackable QFS system. Money and currencies will be emitted free of interest based upon the intrinsic wealth of each nation. That will immediately provide for almost instant elimination of poverty, scarcity and want because the KM bankster’s fraudulent, usurious pseudo currency creation system not only doesn’t create money, BUT it also drains up to 40% of all wealth from the economy and into the pockets of the hidden controllers of banks.

      If a UBI is introduced anywhere it will not be used as a control mechanism but as a genuine means of redistributing the wealth produced by the industries that produce goods and services using AI and technologies, including previously repressed Tesla and other technologies, the use of which will rapidly produce abundance while reducing the need for human labour. In other words, the KM’s lies about ‘trickle down economics’ etc will be thrown into the dustbin of history along with the KM created pseudo sciences of “Economics” and “Psychiatry”.

      It follows that all of the KM’s lies about life, the universe and everything and our history will be exposed for what they are and all aspects of life and governance will have to be rethought and retaught. Those who don’t want to participate in this glorious process will be leaving this planet.


      It’s true that many people in the US and the West generally, have been sooo dumbed down by factory schooling and MSM propaganda etc that their indoctrinated mentality readily accepts enslavement eg. the widespread acceptance of the absurd COVID-19 narrative and mandates etc; BUT that episode has also at least partially awakened lots of sleepers such that perhaps 85% of USans no longer accept the “jab”. That implies that they will be open to the arguments of Catherine Austen Fitts and others who realise that she expresses the truth as regards the future the KM intended for us.

      Sources like the Solari Report and And many others evidence that the WEF’s NWO program is being increasingly understood for what it is and hence it cannot come to fruition.

      Peace and Blessings,

      • Gerry
        Gerry says:

        Thanks for the positive comment and I do hope it so but I go down a different road of understanding and since it appears you are a computer wizard of sorts Ron Chapman may I direct you to a website and to a work which for many is seen mostly as a fiction?

        Beyond that some interesting history to ponder from a Dr. Cantelon:

        ln 1944 a World Bank was born, an infant that soon grew into a mighty giant. The national problems that had brought into existence a National Banking Act and the Federal Reserve System were identical in many respects to the problems that brought about the establishment of the World Bank. In the early pioneer days, men could do business with a local bank because few traveled far from home and seldom crossed the borders of another state. Even by the turn of the century, few men had traveled more than three
        hundred miles. Overnight, the entire scene changed. With the age of automation, world travel became common. Men traveled across the oceans as easily as across the street. In a single year,

        108 million Americans
        took 360 million trips
        totaling 312 billion miles

        International Monetary Fund

        In Europe, I watched the frustrations of people moving from one country to another carrying in their pockets a variety of currencies, each with a different value and a changing exchange rate from day to day. From the Bon March 6 of Brussels to the American Express Office of Frankfurt or the Hilton Hotel of Rome, I have heard angry voices at the cashier’s window declaring their currency to be worth more than the exchange rate they were being quoted.

        If the inconveniences and the frustrations of the individual were obvious, the merchants of the world were a
        thousand times more agitated. They dealt in multi-million dollar transactions. If they bought or sold on a given day when the exchange rate was at one figure, only to find days or hours later the exchange rate had varied, they might face either exorbitant profit or total bankruptcy.

        They cried for an International Monetary Fund that would guarantee stabilization and protect them against
        the daily fluctuations on a violent scale. Just as the local pioneers wanted their local banks to be governed by a national banking act, now various nations of the world were asking for some form of international control. They turned their eyes to the United Nations and to the agency that had been established within the UN called the International Monetary Fund.

        The International Monetary Fund was established in 1944 at the Bretton Woods Conference in the United States.At the outset, it was viewed with suspicion by some of the countries reluctant to forego their national sovereignty. At first the membership was only 27 nations, then it grew to 45. finally to 100, and on to 124. Certain rules were laid down and nations were expected to follow them.

        The Fund, for example, refused to lend to countries that could alter their exchange rates by more than l0% without the approval of the International Monetary Fund. With the formation of the IMF, other names began to appear prominently in the world arena, names such as the World Bank, the G-10 (standing for Great Ten), and the Gold Pool. It was a spokesman from the latter, on March 31, 1968, who introduced “paper gold.”

        “Paper gold” – the name was indeed intriguing, but it was a misnomer. It was neither paper nor gold but only a number placed by the name of the nation. The amount of that number was called a “drawing right” and was abbreviated, with three initials “SDR” standing for “Special Drawing Right.”

        With the announcement of paper gold, and the proposal that some $10.5 billion of it be issued in the first
        sixtv–month period, the spokesman for the world body emphasized it was only for international use.
        Behind the closed doors of the conference room, however, other world leaders reputedly said it would be the system in the near future for every individual on earth.

        Only 12 months and 17 days prior to the announcement of paper gold, I was flying into Denver, Colorado. I was scarcely conscious of the plane touching the runway, for I found myself engrossed in an article in the February 14, 1967. issue of the U.S. News & World Report. The article was written by George Mitchell of the Federal Reserve System. It pictured a telephone in every home attached to a computer that carried the owner’s name or number. The phone was not installed for social or business reasons. It was merely a connecting line to the computer or the data center which carried the home owner’s number, and also
        his drawing right. When a personal need arose for himself or for his family, the owner would pick up the phone and learn from the computer at the other end what he could or could not have. This was called his special drawing right.

        So the system introduced on March 3 1, 1968, would indeed expand until it became universal and all-inclusive. As I pondered the fearful possibility of the financial control of men and nations in the hands of an international committee, I found myself remembering again the words of Meyer Amschel Rothschild:

        Give me control over a nation’s economy and I care not who writes its laws.

        And the words of Lord Gladstone:

        The government . . . in the rnatters of finance must leave the money power supreme and unquestioned.

        And the words of Chancellor Reginald McKenna:

        They who control the credit of a nation direct the policy of the governments and hold in the hollow of their hand the destiny of the people.

        And Karl Marx, who said in his Manifesto,

        Money plays the largest part in determining the course of history.

        Who WiIl Control the Money?

        Communist or capitalist, banker or president of the nation, all men seemed to agree that those who controlled the finance of a nation represented a power greater than any other legislative body.

        I recalled an afternoon in Brussels when I addressed an international group in the Metropole Hotel. Apart from John Bains of the Brussels-Phoenix Press, the audience were strangers to me. Most of the men present held highoffice in various departments and were favorably disposed toward the new system on which I was to speak. I concluded my luncheon address by saying, “Gentlemen, you look with approval upon this coming new order and the new system it will bring. You believe it has the answers to some of the
        frustrations and unanswered problems of the present moment, but I, in all sincerity, would like to ask you one basic question before leaving you today: who will control it?”

        A hush fell over the room. I looked from face to face in search of an answer. On one side sat a four-star general, on the other, an attorney. None offered to speak.

        “Perhaps,” I said, “you feel that none of us has the answer to this question: Who will hold in his hand your
        future in this new international government with its new world money system? But there is an answer. It is spelled out clearly by a man who lived 2,000 years ago and described these very days.”

        Opening my Bible, I read once again the familiar words of John, the prophet, who wrote concerning a world government and its leader who would hold power

        over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations . . . and causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free
        and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell,
        save he that had that mark . . . or the number. (Rev. 13:7, 16-17)
        pgs 55-62 of The Day the Dollar Dies by Dr. Willard Cantelon Logos International

        and so Ron Chapman as a Bible believing Christian technology especially computer tech has given Satan the greatest gift to enslave all of humanity. Looking at the QR code makes me wonder if that isn’t what St. John was reffering to? I would highly recommend looking into this and as for a Space Force wow are they the ones being spoken about here in Revelation 19:

        And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army.

        What kind of people would go to war against their very Creator?

        Cheers sir!!

        • Gerry
          Gerry says:

          I would imagine such history and words are valuable information on a website like this so in addition to the above two names Dr. Cantelon mentions with their history Guido Carli and Pierre Paul Schweitzer. pgs 49-51

          Too Much or Not Enough

          In spite of the fact that the U.S. government had in_creased its money supply 47% in a five-year period, and other nations were doing the same thing, still there were those who cried it was not enough. Between 1954 and 1965, world trade had doubled. I sat with a thousand delegates in
          the International Board of Trade in the Walldorf Astoria Hotel of New York listening to the speakers struggle with their unsolved problems. World trade had reached the staggering figure of $159.2 billion. The currencies and credits with which they had to carry on this volume of trade was little more than $67.3 billion. By 1973, the volume of trade in the free world was $367 billion. I talked with
          Mitchell Sharpe, then Minister of Finance for Canada, and some of the American leaders. These men realized that the currencies being used were outmoded and insufficient for the modern day. They pointed out that the system was medieval, serving acceptably in the olden days when communities were small and self-contained, but thoroughly inadequate for the present. The leaders of the nations involved in trade spoke of the nightmarish task of trying daily to ad-iust the varying exchange rates between the currencies from country to country on a day-to-day basis. They
          clamored for a single system of standardized value large enough in volume to allow world trade to move forward in an orderly fashion.

          ln 1967, two years following that International Board of Trade meeting in New York, the world leaders met in Rio. In discussing the inadequacy of the present world money systems to carry on world trade, Guido Carli from Rome suggested ersatz money which would resemble paper gold which was to be presented to the world the following year. I was back in America when the announcement came.

          It was March 31, 1968. Most of the world reacted with amazement at the announcement that came from Europe stating that the nations of the world were ready to transact business with a new medium of exchange known as “paper gold.” But to all who follow the trend of monetary matters, the announcement was no surprise. For days there was a feeling in the air that something momentous was coming. An editor wrote in the Financial Times,

          Something sinister is going on.

          With great interest, I followed the comments and reactions of world leaders. Carl Schiller, Germany’s financier, stated,

          There’s a worm in the apple somewhere.

          Pierre Paul Schweitzer seemed pleased. Schweitzer, the nephew of Albert Schweitzer, was an elite Protestant, born in Alsace-Lorraine, who had served as number-three man in the Bank of France, and had been elected managing director of the International Monetary Fund. Some declared that when paper gold was presented to the world on that March morning, Schweitzer declared,

          Gentlemen, we are right on schedule.

          72% of the nations in the IMF were considered under_ developed. Schweitzer seemed especially dedicated to the task or policy of taking from the rich to give to the poor. This naturally made him popular with the majority in the IMF, who were elated at the prospect of acquiring some of America’s wealth regardless of the measures.

          Why the Announcement from Europe?

          Many Americans, startled by the announcement of paper gold, were asking, “Why has this declaration come to us from the bankers of Europe? Why did we have to hear it first from the lips of the spokesmen representing the gold pool so integrated with the World Bank and the Inter_national Monetary Fund?”

          The attitude of the average man on the street was one of absolute helplessness. In olden days, banking had been a rather personal matter between himself and a trusted friend. It had changed with the passing of time until it was with an institution equally trusted and respected. The local banker was indeed his friend and would discuss with sincerity the personal financial needs of any of his clients. But banking had become much more than a localized or even nationalized institution. In a single lifetime it had seemingly taken on an ominous new form of world control.

          A question began to arise in the hearts of millions of Americans. “Why can’t we retain our financial destiny in our own hands? Why can’t banking be a personal matter between man and his banker as in the past? Why must it be in the international courts and the arenas of the world?”

          In searching for the answers to those questions, I seemed lo find a twofold answer. Logic and wisdom could explain with clarity the reasons for a world bank. But there was a dark side, which, when properly considered, revealed an invisible government with an amazing power that planned world control in a sinister fashion.

          History eh? history! and what the Bible provides or warns us about our future?

        • Ron Chapman
          Ron Chapman says:

          G’day Gerry,

          Sorry I haven’t replied sooner, I have only just read your comments. Thank you for your detailed explanation of the general situation and, in effect, the development of the Khazarian Mafia’s actions and their intentions concerning their desire to totally control the creation and emission of money (currency) globally.

          The site you refer me to appears to be an advert for a book – The New Money System 666. I haven’t read it but have spent many years researching and thinking about the money meme and the Khazarian Mafia’s usurious fiat money creation monopoly and the effects of their diabolical fractional reserve banking system.

          Arguably the words of John that you quote were a warning that humanity needs to heed and in my view it has, belatedly, been heeded since Trump was elected. The global wealth holders (“Governments of the World of Legal Decadency”) that funded the Bretton Woods arrangements authorised the US, UK and France (the Western Allies) to equitably distribute the enormous real wealth assets the historical monarchies had set aside in their Global Accounts for use in post WWII reconstruction and for the benefit of EVERY nation on this planet.

          The Allies didn’t do that. They abused their responsibilities and stole for their own national purposes huge quantities of that wealth that had been preserved in huge foundations established by the ancient monarchies of the entire world since the days of St Germain and the American Revolution. That wealth has been distributed around the world in secret depositories with no nation actually having a depository of its own accumulated wealth but many hosting depositories of the wealth of other nations.

          Because the Allies led by the US, hijacked large quantities of the wealth held for the benefit of the whole world, their authority to distribute that wealth was withdrawn in 1995 and placed under the control of the Office of the International Treasury Controller. That individual was attacked and compromised in the early years of this century and so he was replaced. The new International Treasury Controller was assassinated by the usual suspects some years ago and for security reasons the organisation has taken a reduced profile while the Global Alliance military is removing the remnants of the KM from power globally. As is their wont, the usual suspects have largely removed information about these matters from public records for obvious reasons.

          The Federal Reserve System (The Fed) was originally intended to be used to facilitate the proper distribution of the wealth meant to be distributed pursuant to Bretton Woods arrangements but instead it was used by the Allies to facilitate the stealing of that wealth. President Trump folded The Fed into the US Treasury and so it is now being required to properly assist the International Treasury Controller to complete the distribution of the wealth controlled by that Office. The result of that activity will eventually surface as a worldwide Jubilee that some label as GESERA while others call it the Quantum Financial system (QFS). However the name isn’t important.

          Gerry, I am not a computer wizard or a Bible believing Christian. I’m computer illiterate and only accept information about Christ Jesus and what he reportedly said if it accords with my rational analysis and resonates with my limited knowledge of life, the universe and everything. I do believe that Jesus was a real godly individual and that he did incarnate to reveal divine truths that had been lost over millennia and corrupted by Pharisees and others. In other places I have explained how the Pharisees were not satisfied with forcing the Romans to crucify Jesus but then influenced Roman Emperors to establish the Christian religion in order to try to eradicate his teachings. Jesus didn’t incarnate to start a religion. He came to reveal divine truths lost over millennia and corrupted by Pharisees and others.

          Arguably we live in a free will universe and so each of us is free to think and believe whatever appeals to us. I find the money meme unappealing and anti-human and I think that the usurious fiat ‘money creation’ system is absurd. Certainly the fractional reserve banking system’s placement of worthless bookkeeping electronic digits in borrowers’ accounts while pretending it is money is both criminal and ridiculous.

          The popular acceptance of electronic digits placed in borrowers’ accounts by banks as intrinsically valuable is the reason we live in a dystopia plagued by poverty, scarcity and want. National treasuries should issue asset backed (ie. backed by the full faith and credit of the whole community) money free of charge i.e. interest free. THAT would almost immediately result in abundance for all.

          Governments, banks and the MSM pretend that inflation is a problem and that banks must increase interest rates to prevent inflation. The “in joke” is that the term “inflation” actually refers to the DEFLATION of the value of the debt tokens falsely called ‘money’. Prices of goods and services don’t ‘inflate’, what actually happens is that the banks’ fractional reserve system constantly ‘inflates’ the quantity of currency being issued which necessarily ‘deflates’ its value so that more of it is needed to buy stuff.

          Governments mandate that everyone must use currency issued by privately owned banks and pay them for it. Governments claim and use an exclusive right to use force and violence to make everyone exclusively use private bank issued currency under the threat of prosecution and imprisonment if they seek to use commercial bartering or asset backed money or any other method for the exchange of goods and services other than fiat debt notes issued by private companies for which the banks charge compound interest.

          THAT is the only reason inflation is an intractable problem. Governments have built permanently escalating currency (pretend money) emission into economies, thus guaranteeing that currency constantly decreases in value. That decreasing value consistently increases the prices of all commercial exchanges of goods and services. Ordinarily the cost of goods and services would tend to decrease with economies of scale as populations increase and as technological and electronic developments reduce the cost of production and distribution.

          The reason why the fractional reserve system must continually increase the currency (money) in circulation, thus necessarily deflating its value, is that the banks’ loan mechanism for currency creation cannot create any currency to pay the interest charged on it by the banks. That ensures that there is never enough currency in circulation to keep the economy going. For the scam to continue to function the banks have to issue ever more currency via loans so that some of it is available to pay bank interest. BUT those loans also incur liability for interest payments and so the shortage of currency continually grows making the problem worse. Historically such schemes only last 50-55 years before collapsing. The current global monetary system commenced in the US in 1971.

          The banks use this inherent defect in their usurious fractional reserve system to create the BOOM/BUST business cycle which they pretend is an inevitable economic reality although it is merely the result of their usurious currency loan scam. That scam also involves having the Central Banks periodically lower official interest rates which enables the banks to increase the amount of currency in circulation because low interest rates encourage increased borrowing of currency, flooding the economy with debt notes. That has been done ‘in spades’ prior to the recent series of interest rate hikes. THEN the Fed or relevant Central Bank officially hikes interest rates whereupon the retail banks increase the interest rates they charge borrowers causing bankruptcies.

          Many bank mortgage contracts specify that the bank can unilaterally increase the interest rate stated therein at its discretion. THAT clause giving the bank a unilateral right to change a fundamental condition of the contract vitiates it, making it null and void for uncertainty. However, governments, judiciaries and banks ignore this legal nicety and pretend that the banks can legally change that fundamental contract condition and so the banks routinely do that.

          When a Central Bank dictates an increase in interest rates the banks invariably increase rates on all non-fixed rate mortgages. That further curtails bank lending because fewer borrowers are able to afford to pay those increased interest charges.

          When existing borrowers default on their interest payments banks terminate their loans and mortgages and acquire and sell the collateral. Mortgage terminations result in the currency lent ceasing to exist because it is only a digital book entry. That means there’s less currency in circulation. That snowballing effect results in more existing borrowers being unable to acquire sufficient currency to pay their loan repayments and interest. That causes recessions and depressions wherein banks foreclose on mortgaged properties acquiring them for ‘pennies on the dollar’. Governments then exacerbate the problem by instituting austerity measures such as reducing government services and increasing rates, taxes and service charges.

          The owners of major private banks covertly control both aspects of this process because governments have improperly granted to those privately owned banks the right to lend to governments at all levels as well as to the general population. See eg: Prof Richard Werner ‘ discussions at:


          Apart from banks causing poverty by syphoning off community wealth via interest payments during normal times, the ‘BUST phase ’ of what the banks misleadingly label as the business cycle, reduces economic activity and increases unemployment and underemployment causing recessions and depressions that are exacerbated by government austerity programs. Governments and the MSM then blame the general population for having been greedy and imprudent. The resulting poverty, scarcity and want is then blamed on the ignorant population which is encouraged to blame the poor, the most obvious victims of the scam.

          Eliminating the unlawful and counterproductive private creation and emission of currency (pretend money) by banks would eliminate poverty and interminably misleading public rhetoric about inflation and wages, including gender wage gaps. Wages could remain stable and equitable while prices and hence living costs would fall. Moreover, the need for improperly levying income taxes would cease because each government Treasury could issue the asset backed, interest free money required to satisfy governance (i.e. community) needs calibrated to accord with available human labour and physical resources. Unemployment would cease to exist.

          Orwellian doublethink rhetoric about inflation is pumped out day and night by governments banks and the MSM. The insider’s joke is that interest rates seemingly turn fiat currency into a hoardable store of value which it isn’t. It has no intrinsic value.
          Interest rates also increase the cost of each unit of currency thus increasing the price of everything. Moreover, increasing the cost of each unit of currency multiplies the costs incurred in every transaction at every commerce level throughout the economy. The cumulative effect of that repetition constitutes a bankers’ multiplying surtax on everything. In previous times when the system was not on the brink of collapse and interest rates were not near zero or very low, as they were recently, that bankers’ ‘tax’ represented approximated 40% of the total value of production. That continuous escalating percentage ‘rake-off’ accrues to the private banking industry and its owners. This improper wealth extraction process creates enormously counterproductive banking, accounting and taxation work as well as economic and societal dysfunction. It also riddles society with poverty, scarcity and want. This explains why young families cannot afford to buy a home and why both parents typically have to work for wages outside their home just to make ends meet, or live ‘on the street’.

          This process can be entirely avoided if governments properly carry out their primary function which is having the community’s Treasury issue asset backed interest free money into circulation to ensure that the community’s available labour and physical resources are adequately and properly utilised. That process eliminates the BOOM/BUST business cycles engineered by the banks which causes endemic poverty, scarcity and want. THAT result will happen under the QFS (however described). The QFS is an unhackable system which will be oversighted by a global Space Force which will itself be properly monitored to ensure integrity.

          Ramping up concern about the mark of the beast etc is fear mongering. The criminal processes above described are well known and will be eliminated along with the KM and its minions and enablers.

          Peace and Blessings,

  11. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    I have been following Bill Kristol (Neocon) on Twitter. I have never read such absurd twitts ever. He said that, (regarding the chinese balloons) that IF they were antiabortion/antiCRT/racists balloons the GOP/MAGA would wordship them as gods. This insulting/condescending/patronizing comments of the WHITE RED Maga deplorables. A string of racist comments from one of the leading JEWISH Neocons, whom claims to be an American Conservative(GOP) ,really. I read his twitts with both disgust and deep sense of disappointment. He sound so comical, with child like thinking. How on earth is he regarded as the one of the leading Intellectual luminaries of the Neocon ideology,? He seems to follow the Neocon pattern of child/like/marvel comics foreign policy for America in the world.. Now, one can understand why USA/America FAILED in Irak,Afghanistan, Syria. The Neocons foreign policy looks like a marketing plan for legoland, the script for the Avengers movies saga. Kristol is far, far beneath men of great Stature such as : George Kennan, Zniew Brezensky, George Schultz etc..Next to them Bill Kristol sounds like a pre/adolescent nerdy college Freshman. It is inexplicable to me why these Neocons had been the architects of USA Foreign Policy for the last 50yrs (of massive failures). The latest Neocon fiasco is the Ucranian War, Nato si bailing out, Zelensky seems erratic, with a govt in freefall, and Putin is closer to Kyev. More than 50yrs of Neocon failures, close to $20TRillions+ wasted, and countess dead young Americans…why are they not push OUT of the USA Dept of State..completely.? They dont have the decency to resign, they must be purged OUT. America ca NOT afford$$, can NOT withstand another 50yrs of Neocon Holocaust traumatized jewish led world policies..a bottomless black hole of unsophisticated/childlike/mediocre over/rated ideologues.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Irving Kristol, his father, was an open Trotskyite. You can be certain Bill Kristol hates you.

      Regardless, he wants an immigrant “ideological nation” founded around loyalty to people like him. If you’re loyal, he wants you in. If you’re disloyal, he wants you out. That’s just how he thinks. When Kristol talks about “Americans,” he means only those loyal to him and his empire.

      He’s ultimately for global US empire. It’s very similar to what Trotsky wanted.

  12. Bob
    Bob says:

    The sociopath seeks out a willing victim. Some people will try to get away when they realize they are in a relationship with a psychopath. I think that’s basically what runs totalitarianism. They give you a few choices, like hard left or hard right ☺️

  13. Tony W
    Tony W says:

    This is another great column from Mr. Langdon.

    Allow me to share an anecdote that is unrelated to this piece other than it also involves a newspaper. The online rag for Cleveland ( published an article this week on how a New York landlord was refusing to fix the heating system and repair water damage in an apartment building occupied by black tenants. The piece helpfully included the name of the owner, who is notorious enough to have his own Wikipedia page which reveals him to be the son of Jewish parents from Morocco. The outlet shut down its comments section years ago, but I did post this useful information to the story’s links at the reporter’s and the newspaper’s Twitter accounts. I also encouraged the clueless hack to do some research on what percentage of slumlords share this one’s ethnicity. Needless to say, I have not been thanked for helping to give more context to the story.

  14. Slav-ko
    Slav-ko says:

    marvel comic foreign policy? lol

    The day I came across the words of President Lyndon Johnson about the creation of a weather satellite to control the world lol get it “the world?” left me truly gobsmacked.

    Now there I guess is slavery for you on a truly global scale? lol?

    I suppose those 10,000 days of rain over Vietnam didn’t prick his mind about the book that he placed his hand upon when sworn into office. How it mentions the use of weather as a punishment tool in the hands of its Creator? Or for that matter the strange circumstances surrounding 147 tornado’s striking America over the course of one day, Easter of all things, when America vacated Vietnam? I guess in his mind to be able to create that kind of climate change is the truly best way to control entire nations? The next best thing to godliness? But O look the date today is what 2023 and no weather satellite to punish Russia for its disobedience? What happened Lyndon? Need a red suit of steel instead?

  15. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Firstly, thank you for reading with scrutiny that sanctimonious chip-paper the Guardian. One news piece in the world section circa 2009 was a Pakistani army major who was justifying deporting Afganstanis back over the border to their own country, “They are not like us; they have different customs and habit” No criticism for that comment.

    ‘Artist’, in the looses sense of the word, is Grayson Perry who ouvre is as mendacious as the above ‘news’paper with his faux-naive style ‘art’, but his whole purpose is to “expose how English people are so fragile about their ‘whiteness’ and that because the English welcomed Ukrainians and not Afghanistanis and African asylum seeker it proved that there was a racial hierarchy at play”. Some very grateful Ukrainian women even joined in the commentary of the censorious tone towards the host county. For research purposes I failed; I had to turn-off this excrescence. The programme is called ‘The Full English’ (funny, huh?).
    Strange how no other group of homogenous people are mocked and attacked?
    According the Global Slavery Index, the list of countries with the most woeful response to slavery is:N.Korea, Eritrea, Central African Republic, Iran, Equatorial Guinea, Burundi, Republic of the Congo, Sudan and Mauratania. Most of those countries have thrown off the yoke of colonial European imperialism many decades ago.

  16. Yuri Andamasov
    Yuri Andamasov says:

    The answer was contained in the word’s etymology, everybody knows the word slave comes from Slav except maybe the moronic hordes of brainwashed idiots who live in the west.

    Talking about Slavs, there is a war going on, manufactured by the US deep state an dits globalist masters:

    Please help us to defeat the globalists assault on Ukraine, remove the US deep state agent Zelensky from power and expel the EU and NATO forever from Ukraine.

    The stooge zelensky has been pillaging Ukraine for his puppet masters since he’s installed in power, they have exterminated countless Ukrainians with their neo-Nazi partners in crime.

    Time to stop these criminals!


    In the mean time, while courageous Ukrainians are facing these events in their country, countless have fled and are now living in the West on taxpayer money while Europeans are struggling to meet month end.
    The so-called ‘refugees’ (most coming from places where there is no fight in ) are driving brand new Mercedes and BMW taking houses, jobs and money from natives. The criminal globalist regimes in Europe are using the crisis they created to let countless other ‘migrants’ invade our lands, they come from Africa and the middle east and are there to bleed social systems dry and to replace Europeans.

    It’s time to stop this madness, stop the NATO/US aggression against Russia and Ukraine and have these ‘refugees’ back to their own lands.


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