Those Gullible Christian Zionists—Again

If you watch Fox News, you see lots of ads soliciting money for Jews in Ukraine from gullible Christian Zionists. This is based on a Mondoweiss article on a film on Christian Zionism. Here’s the trailer, with folks like Yael Eckstein, John Hagee, Trump admin luminaries and more.

“In a classroom where children have collected their loose change for Israel in buckets, [Rev. Boyd] Bingham tells them, “The Jews, they are better than us, all of us. You need to accept that… Every good thing we know, all the things we love about the Bible, they were given to us of the Jewish nation, Israel, their people, the Jews.”

The children understand that their offering will be distributed to Israelis suffering abject poverty by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ). There’s a scene in which a Holocaust survivor in Israel tearfully opens her box of food that a representative of IFCJ has delivered.”

Yael Eckstein heads IFCJ:

“Eckstein—who is featured in the film—attending the Beverly Hills’ annual Friends of the Israel Defense Forces Gala, where IFCJ’s gift contributes to the over $5 million dollars that is raised.”

Here’s a previous article, from 2021, on the IFCJ (“Scamming Christian Zionists: The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews“), including a link to a typical ad showing pathetic Jews grateful to be given a box of food.

Charity Navigator indicates that IFCJ raised nearly $120,000,000, with $15,328,386 in administrative expenses. Yael Eksteine, who inherited her sinecure from her father Yechiel, makes a salary of $710,418/year—doing well by doing good, and having an income that would put her in the top one percent of income earners in the U.S. I’m thinking that Eckstein could afford to contribute a few of those $25 gift boxes.

See also Andrew Joyce’s article “Christian Zionism as a Parasitic Ideology.”

Continuing with Mondoweiss:

  • Pastor Boyd’s handing a church check for $25,000 to Eckstein—“for your blessing of Abraham on us”—against footage of his impoverished coal mining town;
  • the opening of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, accomplished in large part through the lobbying of John Hagee’s multi-million-member strong Christians United for Israel (CUFI)—the largest pro-Israel group in the U.S.—and that of other Christian Zionist pastors seen with Hagee and Trump at the opening; and
  • the head of the Samaria Regional Council of Jewish colonies in the West Bank addressing the Republican Study Committee, the largest caucus of conservative members of Congress.

Re Hagee, TOO has posted several articles on him and his organization.

Christian Televangelist John Hagee is very concerned about Ukrainian Jews. Ukrainian Christians? Not so much.


Back in 2014 Andrew Joyce penned an article on the despicable John Hagee and I wrote one in 2010. Hagee is still at it, now advertising on Fox and who knows where else to raise money for Ukrainian Jews. Not a mention of the fact that Jews are at most 1 percent of Ukraine’s population. […]

Back in 2014 Andrew Joyce penned an article on the despicable John Hagee and I wrote one in 2010. Hagee is still at it, now advertising on Fox and who knows where else to raise money for Ukrainian Jews. Not a mention of the fact that Jews are at most 1 percent of Ukraine’s population. […]

Christian Zionism as a Parasitic Ideology

With Trump out of office, now would be a good time to critically re-examine one of the most remarkable, and ultimately problematic, features of his time as President — the extravagant support he enjoyed from evangelical Christians and the resurgence of Christian Zionism. Back in November, I linked Trump’s popularity among Red State Christians to […]

December 13, 2014, by Andrew Joyce

We live in a truly depressing age — one where groups like the ADL and the Zionist Organization of America can kick back and let Christians do their dirty work for them. Although Pastor John Hagee, the founder of Christians United for Israel, has recently backtracked on his recent claim that Barack Obama is one […]

The saddest part is Pastor Boyd “handing a church check for $25,000 to Eckstein—“for your blessing of Abraham on us”—against footage of his impoverished coal mining town.” Impoverished White Christians donating money to the wealthiest, most powerful ethnic group in America. Truly pathetic.

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  1. Monoculture
    Monoculture says:

    White enthnomasochism occurs in manifold variations. The only thing they have in common is the total self-denial and the voluntary surrender to alien entities. A fundamental dysfunctionality, generated by systematic misprogramming. These creatures are so self-alienated that they even intentionally long for their own abolition.

      • John the First
        John the First says:

        Curious, the comment in question seems to me to describe the very essence of what is described in the article, which of course is the essence of many articles. Instead of it being off-topic, the issue appears to be that it is not elaborating on particularities of what is reported in this specific article.

    • Marcus Baskett
      Marcus Baskett says:

      First: That video is a joke in the real world of things – yet important and tasty propaganda for the masses of immigrants with tendencies to seek ways to popularize THEIR angers.
      KKK is nothing new my friend. Thanks for your candor about your leanings however
      Here’s a poem: (grain of salt if I may) KKK is OK as long as it points down away from the brown at the expense of white skins of They.

      Hers another thought. If that video is to be taken seriously, one glaringly obvious interpretation can be that browns are better at being whites than whites… hmm (kind of along the same lines as that the Germans must be stopped from being Germans in Germany?? …ah yes, Now I get it)
      Though I do not put it passed the Jews to pitch such ridiculousness I doubt any fortitude necessary for mobilization on such mushy logic hardly be up to the task of wiping out a race of people (survivors at this point) who only relatively recently realize that our proclivities for trust truth justice & basic altruism have been violated by an outside alien universally diametric Enemy whose proclivities are diametrically in opposition to those universally internationally attractive values that come uniquely and subtly from White People.
      The best of our peoples still rule the world by attraction of how we behave on the international stage for millennia. The Jews recognize this for millennia yet fail to see that the real goods (yield) cannot be sold for profits but the debris can be and it’s the Jewish industries that collect artifacts uniquely of the white gentiles (even down to debris) and sell it to unsuspecting worlds populations better natures, commanding progressively inflationary trade policies that end up costing blood sweat tears & flesh all under the disguise of free enterprise commerce. Case in point; Google.

      First: That video is a joke in the real world of things – yet important and tasty propaganda for the masses of immigrants with tendencies to seek ways to popularize THEIR angers.
      KKK is nothing new my friend. Here’s a poem: KKK is OK as long as it points away, and at the white skins of They.
      Hers another thought. If that video is to be taken seriously, one glaringly obvious interpretation can be that browns are better at being whites than whites… hmm. I do not put it passed the Jews to pitch such ridiculousness but I doubt any fortitude necessary to mobilize on such mushy logic would hardly be up to the task of wiping out a race of people (survivors at this point) who only relatively recently realize our proclivities for trust truth justice basic altruism have been violated by an outside alien universally diametric Enemy whose proclivities are diametrically in opposition to those universally internationally attractive values that come uniquely and subtly from White People. The best of our peoples still rule the world by attraction of how we behave on the international stage for millennia. The Jews recognize this yet fail to see that real goods cannot be sold for profits but the debris can be and it’s the Jewish industries that collect artifacts uniquely of the white gentiles (even down to debris) and sell it to unsuspecting worlds population commanding flesh as prices.

      • Monoculture
        Monoculture says:

        “‘Brother Louie’ is a song about an interracial love affair between a white man and a black woman, and the subsequent rejection of both by their respective parents because of it.”

        A capital crime against mankind to want to prevent an intercontinental race mixing! Finally these love-hostile times are over once and for all! “Alexis Korner has a spoken word part in this version of the song.”

        The “founding father of British blues” brought the perfect conditions with him: “Alexis Andrew Nicholas Koerner was born on 19 April 1928 in Paris, France, to an Austrian Jewish father and a mother of Greek, Turkish and Austrian descent. He spent his childhood in France, Switzerland and North Africa, and arrived in London in 1940 after the start of the Second World War. One memory of his youth was listening to a record by black pianist Jimmy Yancey during a German air raid. Korner said, ‘From then on all I wanted to do was play the blues.'”

        “A key figure who brought the blues to Europe”. One cannot acknowledge and honor this lifetime achievement highly enough. What an invaluable enrichment would have been lost to the blinded Europeans, if jazz, blues, soul, but also hiphop and gagsta rap were unknown to them until today!

        • Marcus Baskett
          Marcus Baskett says:

          Love Blues!
          Thank goodness* for electricity, electric lighting, the piano, the western major & minor scale -based on A 440-, English language… etc
          Black people are beautiful their (generally) expressions of western functioning is unique to them most of the cases but it doesn’t spread along the platform of life’s general day to day practical necessity. They have their rightful places in modern society with which they rule, but it isn’t the world and it doesn’t permeate the ages. …remember, lights, water & toilet paper? Try going a day without those

          • Space Cowboy
            Space Cowboy says:

            But your beloved “blues”, dripping with consternation, sadly still seems to be an Afro-American specialty, not yet fully understood in the homeland of all Negroes themselves, whose general joie de vivre and leisureliness are kinda incompatible.

            It may be concluded from that fact, that this “blues” thus arose exclusively and solely as a “justified reaction to the (at least) millennia-old oppression by the white conqueror and exploiter”, claim serious well-meaning Jewish “social researchers on the basis of their in-depth studies”!

            In the meantime, the whole subsaharan continent prepares itself intensively with the consumption of Irish folk music for the large-scale settlement of the green island with the red-haired natives. This may confidently be interpreted as a friendly welcome gift.

            Once there, Negroes will also finally have a decent and meaningful occupation, just like their sympathetic sweaty bros in Jew York, who present an inimitable performance in Adi Dassler uniforms to Teutonic machine music, while recovering from their criminal activities.

            That is, of course, exclusively as long as the Irish supermarket shelves are still sufficiently filled with fresh chicken meat, otherwise the demand would have to be expressed forcefully through public collective unrest as in America.

            We undiscerning “white racists, fascists and colonialists”, on the other hand, are making a serious effort to finally learn the distinguished dance skills of the Africans and to move in public according to their insistent “beatz”.

            Finally, history books for white school beginners will also show that Africa, as inventor of all technical progress, already provided for interstellar peace in the age of the flying pyramids, while Europeans still lived in mud huts and rode on donkeys. Therefore, arrogant Saxons, prick up your ears and be on your guard!

          • Space Cowboy
            Space Cowboy says:

            In other words: “When the Saxons began to dance and make Lova Lova to the wonderful smiling Negroe” (and not hate!), this will be the coming paradise in Earth! The friendly Judenmann will take on the selfless role of mediator between the cultures, as he always has!

          • Monoculture
            Monoculture says:


            Hell no! Imagine: 5 million dollars is to be given to each Negro because he has been “systematically oppressed”.

            For 5 million dollars you can buy a lot of sneakers, drugs and weapons. A real contribution to integration, Negroes never have to work again.

            This inconceivable madness seems to be an endless nightmare from the witch’s kitchen of the Jews. How is it possible that America puts up with this nonsense without a fight?

          • Space Cowboy
            Space Cowboy says:

            Eth/n/ological seen, the “Robotic Dance” (electro-funk, moonwalk & the like) with which American Negroes try to imitate a flawless machine reminds strongly of the “Cargo Cult” of their Third world brethren, with which the latter imitate the white man’s objects from the material at hand (such as scrap metal).

            Which, however, serves no further function than pure puerile imitation. (It seems also related to their “voodoo” superstition, where a wooden doll quasi takes on the representative role of an evil cursed demon.) After all, the dancing robots don’t make products like the real ones on a Japanese production line.

        • John the First
          John the First says:

          When I was young, I had to go to church, and the Zionist lobby (as I later learned) had already worked on the church authorities to convince them to make propaganda for Israel. It is quite imaginable that being fed with this propaganda, it is hard to get rid of, especially if you remain a believer.

          I remember though a small article in a ‘Christian’ newspaper (between quotes because they also push progressive ideology…), it said that members of the congregation had asked critical questions about why Israel was mentioned so many times during gatherings in the church, they justifiable asked what contemporary Israel had to do with their faith. The preacher replied that he would explain it by using passages from the bible…
          I thought it would be better if these members of the church would be sent some books explaining the Zionist lobby and its power in that protestant church…. Hopefully they will find out on their own.

  2. Pat Kittle
    Pat Kittle says:

    As God’s therapist, I’m obliged to keep what He confides in me confidential, but I can tell you this — the beleaguering expectations imposed on Him are taking their toll.

    Please assume some responsibility for solving your own problems.

  3. John D. Alder
    John D. Alder says:

    Those incredible christians ! Blind, gullible and foolish sheeple having embraced a suicidal religion now grovel and debase themselves before vermin. It could only end that way. Our people must get off their knees and toss that nonsense into the trash bin where it belongs .jews must be rolling on the floor laughing it up over how stupid those christians are.

    • Pat Kittle
      Pat Kittle says:

      Yes indeed, we can imagine how Jews mock their Christian servants behind closed doors.

      And for their part, the Zio-Christians figure Jews will be tortured for all eternity if they don’t convert to Christianity when the time comes.

      This deadly serious mutual contempt calls itself the “International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.”

      • Aidan Lake
        Aidan Lake says:

        Fundamentalist Christian Zionists support Israel and Jewish Zionists blame the fundamentalist interpretation of the New Testament as ultimately responsible for “The Holocaust”. The irony seems to escape the collection box.

        • Captainchaos
          Captainchaos says:

          The only people that care about Christian Zionism or muh Holocaust anymore are collecting Social Security.

    • Paul White
      Paul White says:

      You aren’t Christian if you back those who killed Christ. I’m fine with fair criticisms of Christians, but Pharisees and Pharisee-lovers are headed straight to hell.

      • Pat Kittle
        Pat Kittle says:

        I had Christians in my family. Really decent folks who I loved. Grandma Kittle wanted so much to save my soul, and I hated disappointing her.

        But whatever experience makes you feel the need for a deity simply never happened to me. I appreciate much of Christianity, including Christians, but I’m not going to pretend to be something I’m not.

        I hope you have a satisfying life.

        I’m OK with you thinking I deserve to be tortured forever — IF you think I can be a decent person without a deity.

        • John the First
          John the First says:

          You heathen (synonyms: barbaric, uncultivated, primitive, wild, rude, crude, coarse), you will not go to hell, but you are still not and equal among the non heathens (synonyms: humane, polite, sophisticated, enlightened, cultured), who, enlightened and humane as they are, wish nowadays only Pharisees and Pharisee-lovers an afterlife in hell.

  4. quasi_verbatim
    quasi_verbatim says:

    How did those 100,000 previous generations of humankind manage before the advent of the world’s three great Semitic religions? Only the last 80 generations or so can be thought of as being truly blessed.

    • @ quasi-verbatim
      @ quasi-verbatim says:

      According to traditional Christianity, the Creator of the cosmos became a “man” and suddenly appeared as an apocalyptic exorcist-teacher, in ancient Galilee and Judea, for a mere three years before being killed by the leaders of the nation he purportedly intended to “save” from the eternal torture, to which millions, during many centuries before, during and since are presumably consigned.

    • John the First
      John the First says:

      There has been some curious delay since creation and the distribution of methods of salvation, are all the former generations wasted, or maybe they will get free absolvation? It becomes even more troublesome if we take into account that the modern methods of fast and global distribution were not yet available, so everything went very slow, and by far not all people had the chance to obtain the knowledge.
      Who cares? not the Christians, for some time they even made money out of the methods of salvation, and their circle of empathy is often very limited.

  5. Céline Lagacé
    Céline Lagacé says:

    The Evangelics are a very «huge» sect. I knew Catholics who convert. Since I am very curious, I went to their church a few times to find out who they were. Very well organized. They made collects for Israël while I was there. Even if I was a fan of Israël «at the time» because I had friends who were Jews, I figured they were richer than I am. I did not give! I remember reading an article that was saying that they were almost thrown out of Israël because they wanted to convert the Jews to their doctrine. A disgusting sect!

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      My experience is also that they are obsessed with Israel.

      They love proclaiming how Christian they are, how they love Jesus. However, they also believe they must serve Jews.

      I explained to one that they are serving people who rejected Christ, that these “Jews” aren’t necessarily the Biblical Jews, and it’s almost no success.

      Their whole community or society, the whole structure of what they involve themselves with, is pro-Israel. It’s amazing. They’re fine with destroying MidEast Christians, not that they understand well that region.

      • John Alder
        John Alder says:

        I met a 700 Club member who told me when you are a born again christian you become a completed jew. I met a Catholic who refused to read the Spotlight newspaper because it was anti semitic and he believed jews are the chosen ones. A local police officer told me jews are gods chosen people. The list of such nonsense is endless. Such examples are why I avoid churches and religion.

  6. guest
    guest says:

    I find the contention that “Jews are at most only 1 percent of the Ukranian population” rather questionable. When I first learnt that 85% of Jews comprised the leadership of the Bolshevik Party, and 67% of their government’s terror organs, and then of how they deliberately starved between 8-12 million Ukranian Christians with their Holodomor, I naturally assumed that, just as they gave all choice positions in their government and its administrators to their fellow Jews, they would of course also pass on all those farmlands of the genocided Ukranian Christians to Jews. They would hardly have left them to lie fallow. Surely the population of Ukraine, until the devastation of WWII, would have seen a marked increase in the Jewish population? I also seem to recall that the Soviets engineered the return of millions of Jews from Europe during the war and Ukraine, as the major wheat source, would have been the logical place for them. As with that infamous “Jews comprise only 2% of (fill in the blank)”, and their known reticence to have their numbers correctly assessed, I think there is a greater likelihood more than a minority of them are even now in the Ukraine. Aren’t all but one of the oligarchs controlling Ukraine Jewish? And the bloodlust against ethnic Russians in Ukraine from 2014 onwards was certainly begun by them and no doubt supported by their numbers in the State Dept. who funded the coup d’état of the legitimate government.

    • Aiden Lake
      Aiden Lake says:

      The figures regarding the %age of Jews in the Bolshevik party and administration [e.g. Andre Gerrits], and the actual numbers killed in the Holodomyr [Rudnytskyi], are open to dispute, but then so also are the numbers of Jews during and after WW2 [Walter Sanning].

      • B. Rockford
        B. Rockford says:

        @ Aiden Lake

        A surprisingly interesting article on “Judeo-Bolshevism” is “Was the Russian Revolution Jewish?” by Seth J. Frantzman, “The Jerusalem Post”, February 17, 2018, still online. Of course, Jewish attraction to communist conspiracy is not quite the same as a Jewish conspiracy that attracts communists. On this we should not simply dismiss Anthony Sutton, Sharman Kadish, Richard Pipes, &c.

        It has always amused me that Jewish communists in Britain were violently attacking the so-called “kosher” fascism of Oswald Mosley who simply spoke against Jewish war incitement and financial corruption – at the same time that their beloved Joseph Stalin was actually killing Jewish communists in Russia.

    • Ron Chapman
      Ron Chapman says:

      G’day guest,
      Arguably Jews are much less that 1% of the Ukrainian population today. Although Jewish US bankers and International Jewry organised and funded the Maiden Coup as they did with the Bolshevik COUP in Imperial Russia in 1917, there were very few Jews in Ukraine at the beginning of the SMO and many appear to have left Odessa shortly thereafter. Those who were there were, as usual, heavily involved in ‘white anting’ and plundering Ukrainian society, as typified by Koloymoiski who not only organised and funded ‘Nazi’ battalions to kill Russians but was also probably responsible for organising the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17.

      Jews generally don’t “farm” or dirty their hands with mundane physical toil and certainly their leaders, the Talmudists, (the Khazarian Mafia -KM) don’t. Jews tend to use corporations and other subterfuges to conceal their ownership and control of land, buildings and obvious physical assets. Ever heard of Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street?

      As the Ukraine was a covert major HQ for the KM’s nefarious activities (child sex trafficking, adrenochrome production, bio-weapons research, drug and gun running, money laundering etc, the Talmudists instigated and organised the Maidan coup, funded by the US, covertly hoping to make it their “homeland” again.
      As Jews constituted less than 0.2% of Ukraine’s population the KM coup leaders had to use neo-Nazi, Western Ukrainian anti-Russian thugs as “muscle”. Victoria Nuland, a Jewess, boasted that the US spent over 5 billion USD to overthrow Ukraine’s government.
      Jewish COUP leaders included:
      President-Poroshenko (Vlatsman) – Jew
      President Turchinov (Kogan) – Jew
      Prime Minister – Yatsenyuk (Buckeye) – Jew
      Minister of Finance – Alexander Shlapak – Jew
      Secretary of national security and Defence – Andrew Parubiy- Jew
      Vice Prime Minister – Vladimir Groisman – Jew
      Interior Minister Arsen Avakov – Armenian Jew
      Minister of Culture – Sergei Nischuk – Jew
      Mason – Director of the National Bank – Stepan Kubiv – Jew
      Head of the Administration of President – Sergey Pashinskiy- Jew

      The main presidential candidates in the opposition were:
      Yulia Tymoshenko (Celia Kapitelman) – Jewish
      Vitali Klitschko (Etinzon) – a Jew by his father
      Oleg Tyagnibok (Frotman) – a Jewish mother
      Dmitry (Avdimou) Yarosh – Jew Hasid

      For eight years after 2014 the KM COUP leaders attempted to genocide or otherwise eliminate most Russians in Donbas and Odessa and enslave the rest.
      The Talmudists headed by Kolymoiski wanted to rename Dnepropetrovsk as Jerusalem on the Dnieper.—Jerusalem-on-the-Dnieper.shtml

      Arguably, other than in Israel, Talmudists have historically manipulated and used goyim as the visible controllers of their ’empire’. Even Talmudists who publicly exercise power usually attempt to conceal their KM origins. Covert nepotism is the KM’s most effective weapon. The average goyim doesn’t even realise their nations are controlled by “Jews” let alone the KM.

      A measure of the ignorance of the goyim is that they readily believe that SIX MILLION of the total Jewish population of THREE MILLION Jews actually IN German occupied Europe during WWII, were Holocausted by the ‘perfidious’ Germans.

      Biden once said that he was a Zionist and that you don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist. More relevant though, is the fact that you don’t have to be of Khazarian extraction to be a TALMUDIST. By their fruits you will know them.

      Peace and Blessings,

    • Paul White
      Paul White says:

      While I would not argue that communism nor Stalin were perfect, while Lazar Kaganovich was allowed to commit incredible atrocities unknown in human history against Ukranian people, Stalin did turn against the enemy later on. The enemy knew that they had better prospects to control the regime that rules over America, and they fled in droves from the USSR to America and America’s puppets like Canada and Australia. It was mainly those enemies that had not left, and had secretly burrowed their way into the institutions who profited after the destruction of the USSR, although some enemies who had been born in America like Larry Summers- or temporarily fled to America- did temporarily travel there to steal money.

      • ATBOTL
        ATBOTL says:

        “Stalin did turn against the enemy later on.”

        False, Stalin served jews until the end. Jews have worked to create a false impression of friction between Stalin and jews to conceal Stalin’s hyper zionism.

        • Jim Watts
          Jim Watts says:

          @ ATBOTL
          Evidence of Stalin’s HYPER-Zionism?
          Why did he support the Arabs against Israel after 1949?
          What was the Doctors’ Plot all about?
          How did he die?
          Just asking.
          The problem with some Jewish conspiracy theories that they resemble the ever-complex false-assumption Ptolemaic epicycles rather than the simple Copernican explanation of stellar movement.
          Why gratuitously lend substance to claims that “Judeophobia” is basically a mental illness embedded in the goyishe kup (Bruno Bettlelheim, Max Horkheimer, Marie Jahoda, David Nirenberg, Robert Robins, Renee Garfinkel, Avner Falk, Jonathan Myers)?

          • Aiden Lake
            Aiden Lake says:

            @ Jim Watts
            As for psychosis and neurosis, see Louis Jacobs, “Judaism & Mental Illness,”; Beryl Benderly, “Jewish Genes & Anti-Semitism,”; & “What are Jewish genetic diseases?” @ My Jewish Learning, online. Such kosher scientific sources are a better guide to what’s what than some old crackpot pamphlet from (say) the KKK, the Britons Publishing Company, or Gerald L K. Smith.

  7. Milan
    Milan says:

    @ Dr. Kevin Macdonald,

    Here is a copy of a letter I sent to an Evangelical Pastor!!!

    Dear Pastor ‘removed,’

    About Ezekiel 38 and 39 want to know what is even worse than the errors of Hagee and the Christian Zionists? It is chapter 37 of Ezekiel about the Valley of Dry Bones and how it has come to represent a reborn nation in Palestine. Nothing could be further from the truth, nothing! How could we know that for sure? I’d argue well its really quite simple for when the scripture says “I am going to open your graves and bring you up from them” verse 11 we already have that in the resurrection of Christ. Ezekiel 37 is about the actual resurrection from the dead and a great army is none other than the ten of thousands returning with Christ in the last final battle against the antichrist and the setting up of the Millennial Kingdom. It’s all there in the Book of Revelation. What is an analogy is not just an analogy for heavens sakes. How it came to represent a nation reborn is an error on such a frightening scale, i mean really look at this astounding piece of political incredulity:

    In 1818, President John Adams wrote, “I really wish the Jews again in Judea an independent nation”, and believed that they would gradually become Unitarian Christians.[54]

    In 1844, George Bush, a professor of Hebrew at New York University and the cousin of an ancestor of the Presidents Bush, published a book titled The Valley of Vision; or, The Dry Bones of Israel Revived. In it he denounced “the thralldom and oppression which has so long ground them (the Jews) to the dust,” and called for “elevating” the Jews “to a rank of honorable repute among the nations of the earth” by allowing restoring the Jews to the land of Israel where the bulk would be converted to Christianity.[55] This, according to Bush, would benefit not only the Jews, but all of mankind, forming a “link of communication” between humanity and God. “It will blaze in notoriety …”. “It will flash a splendid demonstration upon all kindreds and tongues of the truth.”[8]

    Herman Melville expressed the idea in a poem, “Clarel; A Poem and Pilgrimage in the Holy Land”:

    the Hebrew seers announce in time
    the return of Judah to her prime;
    Some Christians deemed it then at hand
    Here was an object. Up and On.
    With seed and tillage help renew –

    Help reinstate the Holy Land

    This is shocking and truly unbelievable!!!! It sets off all of the alarm bells in my heart and mind like nothing else!!!

    What is even worse than this is what follows with that incredible unbelievable man William Blackstone!!!!

    The tycoon William Eugene Blackstone was inspired by the conference to publish the book Jesus is Coming, which took up the restorationist cause. His book was translated and published in Yiddish. On November 24–25, 1890, Blackstone organized the Conference on the Past, Present and Future of Israel at the First Methodist Episcopal Church in Chicago where participants included leaders of many Christian communities. Resolutions of sympathy for the oppressed Jews living in Russia were passed, but Blackstone was convinced that such resolutions—even though passed by prominent men—were insufficient. He advocated strongly for the resettlement of Jewish people in Palestine. In 1891 he lobbied President Benjamin Harrison for the restoration of the Jews, in a petition signed by 413 prominent Americans, that became known as the Blackstone Memorial.[56] The names included the US Chief Justice, Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Chair of the House Foreign Relations Committee, and several other congressmen, Rockefeller, Morgan and famous industrialists.[56] It read, in part: “Why shall not the powers which under the treaty of Berlin, in 1878, gave Bulgaria to the Bulgarians and Servia to the Servians now give Palestine back to the Jews? … These provinces, as well as Romania, Montenegro, and Greece, were wrested from the Turks and given to their natural owners. Does not Palestine as rightfully belong to the Jews?”

    Blackstone? Wow, why this man wasn’t stopped will be the question for the ages and i’m afraid a terrible stain upon the Christian Church.

    Satan? The power that creature wields to even deceive our christian leaders is astonishing, it really is. I’m reminded of the words of Christ, that if it were possible the very elect could be swept away. Matthew 24:24 Know how i interpret that Pastor ‘removed?’ The very elect would be of course the very members of the Last Supper. He’s saying even a St. Paul could be swept away!!

    lol? You know Hagee better be right!!! About what? about the premillinial return of Christ which i have never seen or believed in Holy Scripture. If he and his kind aren’t raptured out before the arrival of the antichrist do you know what the Jews will do to all of us Pastor ‘removed?’ They will do to us what they did to Russia and her Czar. They will look upon their arrived false messiah as their king now come finally and to find Hagee and his ilk still around, well just imagine?

    lose more sleep I’m afraid


    And Dr. Macdonald how is it that God bypassed every single PhD in every Seminary and University in North America for a housewife an uneducated housewife from South Africa named Anton Sawyer to whom He gave a message Ichabod or Revival.

    In that prophecy God tells her “there is a tidal wave of deception flooding into the Church and my people do not know the difference between truth and error anymore.” and so much more!!!

    I however will end with those words “if it were possible the very elect could be swept away” meaning the very leaders like a St. Peter and or a St. Paul.

    Truth is will prevail!! Please make sure Dr. Joice sees this!!!!!!

    By the way what the world really needs to see is not CUFI but rather CUFC Christians United for Christ !!!!!!! YES, DR. Macdoanld!!!!!

    A Call for Board members??????????????

    • ATBOTL
      ATBOTL says:

      Anglo-Saxon Protestants have served jews since Cromwell’s time. Hyper-philosemitism is deeply embedded in WASP culture. The good news is that most white American’s today are not WASP and they have none of this cultural sympathy for jews.

    • Steve Bushert
      Steve Bushert says:

      Reading the actual scriptures in the KJV, and not reading what someone says about them, it appears you are mistaken.

      In context, picking up in chapter 36, we see that this is about the people currently captive and disheartened about it. They are being told to buck up and that their future is to be brought back to “…the land which I gave to your fathers…”. The land promised to their fathers is a little bitty postage stamp of a thing, relatively speaking. It’s 150 miles from Dan to Beersheeba, which is a significant portion of the north to south lay of that promised land.

      Ez 36:24 For I will take you from among the Gentiles, and will gather you together out of all the countries, and will bring you into your own land.

      Ez 36:28 “And you shall dwell in the land which I gave to your fathers, and you shall be my people, and I will be your God.”

      This is not about some far off thousands of years in the future. One gigantic error that The People keep perpetrating on everyone is that the entire globe is being spoken of every time “the land” of Canaan is mentioned in prophecies. It’s sort of understandable, considering who wants that little outhouse of a patch of land over there? Not when the alternative is to simply “interpret” the language to mean every damned thing on the globe.

      Then your quote from verse 11 of chapter 37 is — unfortunate. It’s not that long of a verse. Here, I’ll include verse 12 right here:

      Ez 37:11,12 “And he said to me: Son of man: All these bones are the house of Israel: they say: Our bones are dried up, and our hope is lost, and we are cut off. 
      Therefore prophesy, and say to them: Thus saith the Lord God: Behold I will open your graves, and will bring you out of your sepulchres, O my people: and will bring you into the land of Israel.”

      So, this metaphorical, of course, and explicitly. See where it says, “…All these bones are the house of Israel…”? That is a metaphor and we don’t have to wonder what the metaphor is, because the text states it. The All Seeing Eye notes the Sad Sack disposition of his Chosen, and perhaps some were saying exactly as he claims using the dry bones expression pertaining to their desperation at being captive in a foreign land, and no remedy evident. So their Lord answers in kind that he’s going to take them back. All of them, and soon. Soon is not thousands of years later. Their bones is not Jesus, and it’s not Hagee’s disciples.

      Really, this stuff is simple reading skills. They translated it into English for crying out loud.

  8. Aiden Lake
    Aiden Lake says:

    Some devastating critiques of New Testament credibility have come from Jews, e.g. Paul Winter, Geza Vermes, Joseph Hoffmann, Hyam Maccoby, Stephen Pinker.

  9. B. Rockford
    B. Rockford says:

    A mention should be made of the persecution of the erudite and amiable clergyman Stephen Sizer by the woke officials of the dwindling “Church” of “England” at Jewish lobby insistence because of his scriptural criticism of Christian Zionism and his sympathy for Palestinians.

  10. Lily
    Lily says:

    90% of these Christian “evangelicals” don’t give a hoot about Christians in the Middle East.

    All they care about is Israel. This is a mental illness and a case of corruption and bribery.

    Even for Christian people near the Middle East, these American “Christians” care little (with some exceptions).

    As but one example, Christian Armenia is under existential threat by the 90 million Turkics of Azerbaijan and Turkey.

    It is very difficult (as I say, with minor exceptions) to find any evangelical, and certainly ZERO Christian Zionist, support or even expressions of sympathy.

    When are we Americans going to take back our country from the neo-cons, usurpers, and atheists?

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” When are we Americans going to take back our country from the neo-cons, usurpers, and atheists? ”

      As soon as enough Nordics get onboard with a new religion designed to facilitate and accommodate efforts of humanity to provide means for all generations of progeny to
      thrive-n-survive continuously into the future .

      Predominantly established Christianity , both Catholic and Protestant renditions of it , are in the last stretch at the end of their historic two thousand year run to offer humanity a fantasy opportunity to achieve a faith-based personal immortality .

      Perhaps it is time to consider matriculating into a new reality-based religion that rationally assumes everlasting life is a real theoretical possibility at least for humanity in aggregate . Reasonable , scientificly astute , humane , and common sense leaders are necessary . However , a crucifiable Messiah is not an organizational requirement since dramatic gravity needs of humanity would be satisfied in other ways .

      It would be easier and more simple to first establish a WN ethnostate sanctuary for Nordics
      in the USA Pacific Northwest
      before even thinking about taking
      “back our country from
      the neo-cons, usurpers, and atheists”.

  11. Robert Penman
    Robert Penman says:

    My blood runs cold whenever I read about these Zionists Christians, just imagine how these Jews must laugh at them behind their backs! Obviously, at some point the Jews must have infiltrated fundamentalist churches with all this stupidity. The biggest problem with Christianity IS that it has this link to Judaism via The Old Testament, and is therefore always vulnerable to this sort of insanity.

    • Aiden Lake
      Aiden Lake says:

      @ Robert Penman
      Quite apart from a few verses in Matthew, John, Acts and I Thessalonians, Jews regard the supersession idea of Christianity, i.e. the messianic fulfilment of OT prophecy, as itself antisemitic and “therefore ‘race’ hate”. Hence e.g. the refusal of rabbis to enter a church and their description of Jesus as the “false prophet” of Deuteronomy 18.20.

      • Gerry
        Gerry says:

        The problem with supersession is that it ignores completely some very important words that addresses a future Israel in the Old Testament. A future that the Jews pin their hopes upon. Where everything goes wrong unfortunately is the Council of Nicea. O how i wish they had never condemned the Doctrine of Chiliasm!!! That was a mistake of huge gargantuan proportions! I haven’t the time to go into it all here suffice it to say Christian Zionism stands or falls upon Ezekiel 38 and 39. Get those chapters interpreted correctly along with its sister scriptures in the Book of Revelation and one will effectively destroy the Christian Zionists! O wait look I actually did it writing the only book on the subject Lies all Lies which proves conclusively the errors of their ways. But I’m just an uneducated like that housewife Anton Sawyer of whom the two of us fulfilled the scripture in 1 Cor. 1:26-27!!!

        As for an Israel:

        Isaiah cries out concerning Israel:

        “Though the number of the Israelites be like the sand by the sea, only the remnant will be saved. 28

        For the Lord will carry out
        his sentence on earth with speed and finality.”

        that “speed and finality” one can find in the words of Zechariah when that remnant will see Christ and cry and mourn as thousands of years of history comes crashing down upon them.

        Can you imagine the scene? They curse and persecute Christ and treat Him with such disrespect, Him and his mother, to then see Christ and realize He is indeed their Savior, well yikes and more yikes or ouch more like it!!! The crying and wailing will be most bitter.


    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” The biggest problem with Christianity IS that “…

      IS that the vast majority of Christians do not realize their Christianity is a sheeple-oriented religion of self-enslavement to chosenhite jewmasterss ; more than just a link to the Holy Jewish Torah .

      • Gerry
        Gerry says:

        @ moneytalks

        I love, so love this statement when looking up the subject of Bioluminescence:

        “Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism. Bioluminescent creatures are found throughout marine habitats, from the ocean surface to the deep seafloor.”

        That we find this in nature tells me the truth of what I have come to learn that Adam and Eve weren’t naked in the Garden of Eden but were themselves luminescent with the very light of God. They were clothed in light!! And guess what moneytalks? In the book of Daniel 12 we find that Father wants to return us to that state of being.

        Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake: some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt. 3 Those who are wise[a] will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever. 4 But you, Daniel, roll up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge.”

        I pray moneytalks that with your “increase knowledge” you won’t fail to find the fountain of youth which does indeed exist. Or you can maybe try to go for a swimn with the Creators luminscent sea creatures and see if that will do it for you? Or you could visit His Crop Circles have a camp out and wait for the FIST to arrive! Your choice no?


        Sheep lol? Try a Son of Thunder!!!!

        Ask Dr. Joice about who and what a Son of Thunder is and perhaps he will tell you about John Wesley? Or Charles Finney or an innumerable amount of heros who came before us.

        And O for you moneytalks a song:

      • Robert Penman
        Robert Penman says:

        I simply cannot believe in the idea that “God” had people write a book and that you must study that book over and over, with many people coming to different interpretations of it, and the few who “get it” go to heaven and the rest go to Hell. That is obviously stupid.

        God can be found in the natural order of the universe of which we are part of.

        • Aiden Lake
          Aiden Lake says:

          @ Robert Penman
          The Bible is a selection of books made by the RC church by the end of the fourth century. It is not “a book”. But your general point is totally valid and needs to be put to all Christian groups. The “ministry” of Jesus was just a brief local blip in the history of mankind.

    • Gerry
      Gerry says:

      @ Robert Penman

      ‘all this stupidity’

      It must be remembered and understood that a large part of this belief didn’t start with the Jews but was the result of war. 2 world wars to be precise but it goes back to the American Civil War. Is it so hard for you to grasp that a people who were forced to suffer so much loss and death and suffering looked to the Bible and especially to its prophecies for an understanding to their lives, their future and what lies ahead ultimately. Then came the rise of Fascism and Communism especially and with it the destruction of the Christian faith and the horrors of the Bolshvism. That people of faith wanted needed answers is well only logical is it not? I was one of those and for a very good reason. I’m of Croatian descent and at 62 years old I’m a victim of that bloody war and continue to be though born and raised in Canada after the fact as I’d imagine many on this blog are to!? I’d go so far as to argue a victim of even the first world war! My father was an orphan and then became a DP person in Canada and my mom not much better.

      America was a Christian nation and to find their sons and daughters going off to Europe to fight in a war only drove them to find answer in their faith. Then came the Iron Curtain and with it the fears of a nuclear exchange which some argue is foretold in the Bible. That a belief would arise about Ezekiel 38 and 39 and the end of the world was very much on the mind of many. in fact for many of that time period the world did indeed come to an end for them all did it not?

      So all this stupidity is in my eyes understandable. Growing up i had many questions on my mind and looked for them everywhere. To find people like Dr. Willard Cantelon an Oxford University educated professor who was an advisor to the President of the US and was at all of the important meetings all over the world he believed that Russia and Germany were the nations spoken about in Ezekiel 38 and 39? How could he not be otherwise given he worked and taught at the height of the Cold War and saw many things go down. Here is just one paragraph of his book on the subject:

      “Little do the anti-God armies of Russia realize as they march toward Palestine, they they are marching toward their own destruction. Lucifers reign as Prince of this World is about to end. His time has finally run out. The prophet Ezekiel tells how God views this final act and says:

      He follows with the scripture from chapter 38::14-16 of Ezekiel!!!

      and then closes with this:

      Two verses, later the prophet describes God’s fury and in verse 22, he tells of the fire from heaven that destroys the armies of Russia and her allies.” pg. 141-142

      That a man of his caliber and education reputation believed this how could I and others not follow along? I however, never stopped asking questions and when communism fell the real hard questions surfaced and I find we were in fact in error and lied to big time and these errors and lies have to end. I believe the Russian Orthodox has been informed because of my work and are horrified that the Western churches teach this nonsense in our Churches.

      It wasn’t the Jews who started us down this path but two world wars. The Jews only opened their ears when people like William Blackstone came along and gave them what they wanted to hear and so the mess we are in today! They did however, finance C. I. Scofield and that his bible was published by Oxford University Press only solidified that nonsense in the hearts of millions of duped Christians. Get it? The Jews saw an opportunity to use Christianity and boy did they do it to full effect!
      Ah, the word of St. Peter:

      He writes the same way in all his letters, speaking in them of these matters. His letters contain some things that are hard to understand, which ignorant and unstable people distort, as they do the other Scriptures, to their own destruction. 2 Peter 3:16

      For me though the entire mess can be traced all the way back like I said to the Council of Nicea and their condemnation of Chiliasm.

      Beyond that there is a saying i cam across years ago from who I forget but it went something like this

      “there is something going on so diabolical that it repels the mind that it could even be possible”

      what would be your thoughts Robert Penman hmmm?


      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” For me though the entire mess can be traced all the way back like I said to the Council of Nicea and their condemnation of Chiliasm.”

        At least you admit you are shortsighted .

        For those whom take a longer and less zealous or less religiously dogmatic look at history ,

        …” the entire mess
        can be traced all the way back “…

        to about ten thousand years ago

        when a tribal
        shaman/(medicine man)/(witch doctor)

        was the first human to realize that

        his tribe could be personally controlled
        by what is now technicly known as
        a “psy-op” or psychological operation and commonly known as
        [ authoritative bs ] .

        Ever since then ,

        preachers ( the spawn of shaman )
        and politicians ( the spawn of preachers )

        both have been more or less

        lying to a naive and gullible part of humanity ,
        cheating a naive and gullible part of humanity ,
        stealing from a naive and gullible
        part of humanity ,
        and killing a naive and gullible
        part of humanity

        in an endless series of psy-ops to acquire resources

        ( including control over the resource known as “humanity” and where [ war ] is a most vigorously kinetic psy-op )

        and thereby accumulate evermore
        spiritual and/or political power as they either implicitly or explicitly ultimately claim a

        morally superior right-of-dominion ,

        above and beyond
        virtually all other worldly persons/groups/tribes/nations ,

        over their acquired resources .

        It was not until just recently about a hundred years ago when world renown British historian Lord Acton proclaimed the first political truism known to humanity as ___

        ” Power corrupts ;
        and absolute political power
        corrupts absolutely ”

        which is based on an historic observation made by USA Founder Alexander Hamilton more than two hundred years ago .

        The inordinate slaughters of humanity
        to acquire resources

        ( includes power struggles to attain dominion over a resource genericly called “humanity” )

        will continue until enough leaders of humanity wise up to that political truism and and realize their ability to accumulate and exercise inordinate amounts of political power is contingent on enough of humanity remaining ignorant of that truism , proclaimed just recently by Lord Acton , and remaining ignorant of a way to rationally and properly distribute political powers in order to minimize inevitable abuses
        ( especially such as those resulting in death and destruction )
        from governmental exercises of political power upon humanity themselves .

        Religious Christian zealots seem to be stuck in the historical mud about sins of humanity which have NOTHING to do with the political corruption of the minds of powerful leaders since that truism is not explicated anywhere in The BIBLE .

        Remaining smug about myopicly applying ancient biblical understandings to contemporary reality is at your own peril .

  12. FujianXiamenGuo
    FujianXiamenGuo says:

    Christian Zionists = Ignorant Protestants in the hinterland – heartland farming communities + ranchland + corn and wheat growers, and urban-poor-and-ignorant both Whites + Blacks + Hispanics… Mostly sincerely pathetic… Theologically, all over the map… They can’t even agree among themselves, but every damn one of them are “Bible Experts”…

    • Céline Lagacé
      Céline Lagacé says:

      If you say they are «Bible experts» it is because you don’t understand the Bible yourself. They take the Bible literal i.d. in the sense of the word without any consideration to the history which makes a huge difference. Have a nice day!

  13. Chris Moore
    Chris Moore says:

    Jews make a joke of every non-Zionist entity they touch, including Christianity. They got to Christianity big time through the Anglo Reformation; from then on, the Zionist Rothschilds/Cousinhood cabal took control of the Anglo Empire, including America.

    They’ve made the entire world is a clown show, with abstract Zion the only “serious” ideology. But of course, Zion is an insane enterprise because Jews are insane, destructive, and parasitic flimflam men who believe their own self-serving lies.

    The Jewish war on Christian/Western Civilization has destroyed modern human civilization the world over, because insane Zionists are in control and running everything into the ground.

    • Aiden Lake
      Aiden Lake says:

      @ Chris Moore
      “Insane Zionists are in control [of] everything”.
      If true, we have all had it, there is no point in resistance, and we might just as well inscribe the Noahide Laws on the millions of our tombstones.
      In fact, it is an exaggeration of reality, a perspective blinded by hatred, and a gift to our enemies of all stripes.
      The Zionist “lobby” is largely a reaction to WW2 and Arab hostility to Israel, and it is the “Jew” who conflates it with the “conspiracy trope” of the post WW1 decades.

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