Nick’s Pics: The Amazing Atheistic Adventures of Sleazy Semitic Sex-Pest Nick Cohen

Nick Cohen is a Jewish journalist who loves atheism, neo-con wars, and non-White migration. Naturally enough, he also hates Russia, Brexit, and White nationalism. While pursuing his loves and hates at the staunchly feminist Observer, sister-paper of the Guardian, he became notorious as a serial groper and sex-pest. For decades, the newspaper’s management did nothing to help his female victims or stop his sexual predation. When the scandal finally got too big to hide any more, they bade farewell to Cohen with lavish praise for his journalism and a “big cash payment.” Can you believe it?

Sleazy Semitic sex-pest Nick Cohen finds a new home

If you can believe it, you won’t be surprised to learn which other newspaper gave him a new home after he left his happy hunting ground at the Observer. Sex-pest Cohen is now nursing regular columns to life at the Jewish Chronicle. Maybe the Chronicle is nostalgic for the good old days:

Dodging the pests at the JC [Jewish Chronicle]

Gloria Tessler recalls life at the JC in the 70s when “so many editors were lunging, touching and smooching”. … Girls had to manipulate, charm and edge their way out of sexual harassment at the JC. Yes, the JC! When I started here in my 20s, back in the 1970s, I was the only woman reporter and I could not imagine lasting out the week, so many senior editors were lunging, touching and smooching. If you were not agile enough to manage a pre-emptive escape, life would be a true battlefield.

… the way to stave off these men’s unwelcome advances was to keep talking about other things, reminding them of their wives and children, praising their brilliant articles, charming them, until they slowly — very slowly, if ever — began to see you as a human being and not a sexual plaything. …

But worst of all, was the day when I walked into one senior executive’s office. His door bore a red light, so I politely knocked. Once inside, I turned to face him — to find he had exposed himself. Shocked and disbelieving, I offered some gibbering excuse about the editor needing to see me, and made a quick getaway. This was something you read about in the papers; half-dressed blokes leaping out of bushes in the park, not something you expect in a newspaper office. …

Working freelance in Fleet Street proved easier, apart from a publication where I tried offering stories to a scarily lascivious, Czech-Jewish editor with a mordant wit. He suggested lunch and the harassment began in the taxi and ended in a restaurant where he had booked a private room. With his hands groping everywhere except the salmon en croute, I managed to free myself and flee in time, lamenting later that I hadn’t sold a single story. (Dodging the pests at the JC, The Jewish Chronicle, 9th November 2017)

Why did “working freelance” elsewhere in the British media prove easier for the Jewish woman? I’d suggest it’s because she encountered fewer Jewish men. Of course, some Jewish men behave with complete propriety towards women and some White gentile men don’t. But the pattern is clear: there is a much stronger tendency towards sexual predation among Jewish men. It’s not a coincidence that prolific sex-criminals like Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein are Jewish. Nor is a coincidence that prolific fraudsters like Bernie Madoff and Robert Maxwell are Jewish. Fraudster and Mossad agent Maxwell, who was born Hyman Binyamin Hoch in Czechoslovakia in 1923, was also a sexual predator. He was very likely the “scarily lascivious, Czech-Jewish editor” mentioned in the article above.

Jewish women support Jewish sex-criminals

Maxwell should have gone to jail for stealing huge sums from the pension funds of goyim who had worked for his media empire. But he escaped justice. His daughter Ghislaine hasn’t been so lucky. She was jailed in 2022 for working with the Jewish sex-criminal Jeffrey Epstein to exploit under-aged shiksas. The Jewish sex-criminal Harvey Weinstein also had the support of Jewish women. His Jewish lawyer, Lisa Bloom, worked with the Israeli company Black Cube to spy on the shiksas who were trying to bring Weinstein to justice. Now Jewish women have rallied to the defense of Nick Cohen. Tanya Gold tweeted that his alcoholism explained his bad behavior and made him just as much of a victim (if not more so). Hadley Freeman tweeted that he “has apologised,” so it was unfair of the New York Times to report that he had repeatedly groped junior female colleagues, had “pressed his erection” without invitation against one woman’s thigh, and had “repeatedly offered to send … explicit photographs” to another woman.

I wonder how Tanya Gold and Hadley Freeman would have reacted if Vladimir Putin or Donald Trump or Nigel Farage were proven to have pressed unsolicited erections against unsuspecting women and offered to flood the ether with mega-pixel dick-pics? I’m sure that Tanya and Hadley wouldn’t have been so forgiving. But Vlad and company are right-wing goyim. Nick is a fellow leftist Jew. And a very powerful leftist Jew too. The mainstream British media have barely covered the Nick Cohen scandal and even in the fringe media no-one has discussed obvious patterns of Jewish ethnocentrism and Jewish power. One example of that power appears in the fact that Nick Cohen, champion of free speech and doughty defender of the powerless, used his wealth to issue legal threats against his victims:

“Literally everyone knows about it, but nothing ever happens,” a sympathetic coworker reportedly told one of the women abused by Cohen.

They may have been intimidated when they learned that another person encouraging them to go public received a legal threat from a high-priced law firm acting on Cohen’s behalf. The lawyers warned that individual of “inevitable bankruptcy” unless they issued a full retraction, made a public apology, paid Cohen’s legal costs, gave a £1,000 donation to charity, and ominously, disclosed the identities of his accusers. In one particularly twisted passage, the legal threat asserted The Observer columnist was “a long established advocate of free speech.” (British media protected pro-war serial sex pest Nick Cohen for decades, The Grayzone, 8th June, 2023)

But Cohen has had support before from “high-priced” lawyers. When he wrote a book on free speech, he received a glowing review from his fellow Jew Anthony Julius, deputy chairman of the shekel-seeking law firm Mishcon de Reya. Back in 2013, Andrew Joyce discussed Julius’s extreme ethnocentrism and ability to find anti-Semitism in the most surprising places. I too have discussed him at the Occidental Observer. In “High-Voltage Hate” I described how he had lavished praise on Cohen’s anti-censorship polemic You Can’t Read This Book (2012), which he said “stands alongside” libertarian classics like “Milton’s Areopagitica (1644) and Mill’s On Liberty (1859).” But it’s clear that Julius has no genuine belief in free speech. Particularly not when Jewish interests are threatened. He was the lawyer for Ronnie Fraser, a Jewish academic who made a pro-Israeli, anti-Palestinian claim against the University and College Union in 2013. The claim was dismissed by a panel of judges as “an impermissible attempt to achieve a political end by litigious means.” The judges condemned Fraser and his supporters for betraying “a worrying disregard for pluralism, tolerance and freedom of expression.”

The chutzpah of Anthony Julius

As I described in “Gas-Chamber Blues Re-Visited,” that attack on free speech by no means exhausted the appetite of Anthony Julius and Mishcon de Reya for censorship. In the 2010s, the firm acted against a female Maltese journalist called Caruana Galizia, who was trying to expose the activities of corrupt businessmen and politicians on Malta. Her campaign ended when she was blown up by a car-bomb. After trying to silence that brave journalist in Malta, Anthony Julius then had the chutzpah to join the board of trustees at the “writers’ campaign group English PEN,” whose “mission is to defend writers and freedom of speech.” Caruana Galizia’s sons complained to English PEN about Julius’s appointment, saying that his firm Mishcon de Reya “sought to cripple her financially with libel action in UK courts. … Had our mother not been murdered, they would have succeeded.” Nick Cohen condemned Julius by name and denounced the “unsavoury alliance between oligarchs and London’s top lawyers,” then had the chutzpah to use the same tactics against his own victims.

Anthony Julius loves money, not free speech

The law firm acting for sex-pest Nick Cohen also threatened to “cripple” one of his accusers financially, even as it boasted of his credentials as “a long established advocate of free speech.” It’s clear that Jews like Nick Cohen and Anthony Julius have no real belief in free speech. It’s also clear that leftists like Nick Cohen and the Guardian News and Media group have no principle but the pursuit of power. Even as the Observer and Guardian were publishing endless articles about #MeToo and the horrors of patriarchal oppression, senior management were ignoring Cohen’s sexual predation.

Solidarity with sexual predators

But Nick and his dick-pics won’t be high on the list of indictments when managers, editors, and journalists at the Observer and Guardian are put on trial in a future White nationalist Britain. What will be high on the list is the way they have ignored the much worse and much longer-lasting sexual predation of non-White men in Rotherham and many other British towns and cities. Nick Cohen himself should face a charge of collaboration with sexual war-crimes, because he was damned by his own words in a pro-migrant article he wrote in 2015. Describing the so-called Jungle, a refugee-camp in Calais, he noted that “women sleep in a separate enclosure because they fear being raped.”

Cohen knows very well that male illegal migrants are far more likely to be sexual predators. But he still condemns all attempts to keep them out of Britain. Perhaps he feels solidarity with them, as a fellow predator. He certainly feels solidarity with them as a Jew. They don’t belong in Britain any more than he does.

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  1. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    Great article. I had never heard of this Nick Cohen before. He sounds like a regular Jew. He loves atheism, neo-con wars, non-White migration. He hates Russia, Brexit, White nationalism. For decades, he has been a well-known sex predator. Let’s take a look at his photo … Yup, he’s a Jew alright. He checks all the boxes. Britain is plagued with too many of such Jews. Even one is too many.

  2. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    I went looking for the picture of this Nick Cohen.
    With a gargoyle’s head like that, nothing was surprising.

    ” This was something you read about in the papers; half-dressed blokes leaping out of bushes in the park, not something you expect in a newspaper office.”

    It’s the Marilyn Monroe treatment, I’ve read that the exact same thing happened to her when she went to see one of those Hollywood moguls, only this time she’d had the full-naked one. Of course, this schmuk was physically awful.

    We notice that when there’s no shiksas around, Jewish women get the same treatment, but these same Jewish women write a lot of books about the ravages of non-jewish white patriarchy.

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