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Comment on ZMan’s blog: “Cofnas Versus MacDonald”

The ZMan wrote an interesting blog on the conflict between Cofnas and me. My comment: I completely agree that Cofnas is a sophist who cares nothing for the truth and keeps making the same arguments while ignoring my counterarguments. But re group selection: My perspective is cultural group selection which is entirely in the mainstream […]


The Cofnas Problem, Part 3 of 3

Go to Part 1 of 3. Go to Part 2 of 3. Jewish Ethnocentrism Cofnas rests his argument against MacDonald on three grounds: (a) the evidence suggests Jews are not particularly ethnocentric, (b) liberal Jews typically advocate similar policies for Jews/Israel and gentiles/gentile countries, and (c) the West was on a liberal trajectory with or […]


The Cofnas Problem, Part 2 of 3

Go to Part 1. Argument by Anecdote As one might suppose given the extensive range of data provided above, testing the Cofnas default hypothesis on contemporary involvement in immigration took a number of months to carry out, and involved a thorough survey of very many organizations and individuals. It was labor-intensive, but stands as an […]


The Cofnas Problem, Part 1 of 3

Shortly after Nathan Cofnas published his first article on Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique in 2018,[1] I spent a few weeks sketching out a quite extensive ‘skeleton’ for a rebuttal I intended to flesh out and publish at The Occidental Observer. The speed and extent of replies from MacDonald,[2] and, later, Ed Dutton, eventually made […]


Yet another exchange with Nathan Cofnas

Nathan Cofnas has replied to my critique of his comments on Ed Dutton (see list of my three previous exchanges with Cofnas in the References section; I realize this is getting confusing). There is nothing new here. Again, there is the tendency to ignore critical passages of Culture of Critique (CofC) as well as my […]


Another reply to Nathan Cofnas

I have made another reply to Nathan Cofnas, this time on the Genetic Literacy Project website (“Kevin MacDonald responds to criticism of his theory of Jewish ethnocentrism and influence.”) This is an excerpt: Cofnas claims that “Almost all the Jews MacDonald says advocated multiculturalism in order to subvert gentiles advocated multiculturalism for Jews and Israel, […]