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Jewish Control of US Presidents #1: Woodrow Wilson

As many now note, and as certain Jewish organizations have themselves boasted, the current Biden administration is stocked with Jews at the highest levels. Significant numbers of the most powerful cabinet positions are filled by Jews, as well as various department leadership positions, the White House Chief of Staff, and throughout the administrative structure. Here […]

World Economic Forum Meeting Convenes on MLK Day: Be Prepared to Participate in This Year’s WEF Conference By Studying the Agenda

The World Economic Forum is convening its annual Meeting in Davos Switzerland starting tomorrow, January 16, Martin Luther King Day in the US, through January 20th. This year’s theme is Cooperation in a Fragmented World. The WEF is keen to exploit perceived and engineered “critical inflection points,” “triggers,” a “brittle global system,” “precarious disequilibrium,” “heightened geo-economic […]

How Jewish is Azov?

In the essay “Why ‘Nazis’ in Ukraine?,” I looked at the historical basis for significant remnants of interest in National Socialism as a political ideology in Ukraine. That essay was not the place to evaluate whether the famous—or infamous—Azov Regiment (formerly Battalion) is National Socialist in any sense. We will evaluate that here. The Azov […]

The Outrageous Statements of Jewish Israeli Homosexual Transhumanist Vegan Yuval Noah Harari

In a recent The Occidental Observer essay titled “Life Without Jews: The Amazing Adventures of Israeli Trans-Pedophile and Tampon-Fetishist Jonathan Yaniv,”  author Tobias Langdon recounts the grotesque and perverted—and typically Israeli Jewish—behavior of this being who had the “attention of millions of people around the world” for just one of his/her vile acts. Inspired by […]

CDC: Vaxxed and Unvaxxed on Equal Footing

On August 19th, in its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), among the most shocking statements ever made by any government agency in  US history was issued by the CDC. In its “Summary of Guidance for Minimizing the Impact of COVID-19 on Individual Persons, Communities, and Health Care Systems — United States, August (19) 2022,” […]